Ie8 Browser Configuration Error 102

Just upgraded to ie-8 on 3/19. One banking site could no longer log-in. I tried everything within the tools, internet options under security and privacy settings to get cookies enabled. It showed cookies to be enabled?  Ie-7 was not causing this problem and this is only on one site. I even tried deleting the temporary internet files that had built up but did not help. I even listed the web site under trusted sites to allow all cookies but also did not word. The following is the error message: browser configuration error  #102

The browser that you are using is not properly configured for using this site your browser is not accepting cookies. Please first enable cookies in your browser settings and then try logging in again. If the problem persists, please contact your financial institution's customer service for assistance with browser configuration.

I've never seen this type of error code. I downloaded the mozilla firefox browser and had no problem logging into banking site. Other than this one problem with ie-8 so far it appears to run faster than the ie-7. From what i can see, browser cookies are working ok on the other web sites. This is my first attempt at contacting someone, anyone that may have an answer or point me in the right direction. Additional details can be given.

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Error - Ie8 Browser Does Not Support Inline Frames

Error on my university's website (portal & blackboard) since upgrading to ie 8 "browser does not support inline frames". I'm getting an error since upgrading to ie 8 using my university's website (www.Pace. Edu). One i sign in for "current students" to our "portal"  there are a number of frames based on preselected contact. Each frame now has the message "browser does not support inline frames" and i must open each frame in a new window. I find this very very hard to believe so i'm trying to figure out what setting i must have wrong.

I'm also having a problem with the university's blackboard. When i go to take a test, there is a timer side right page with the elapsed time. For some reason the window right frame with the timer, now expands all the way to the end of the page covering the "submit button". Unfortunately you can only take the test once, so i'm screwed, but need to figure out what is going on since i've move to ie 8 if anybody used blackboard for online classes.

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Pnrpsvc Error 102

In my event system log it shows that i am getting pnrpsvc error 102. I don't think i really do any networking, i do have a router to connect my home computers to the the internet, but not to each other. I just normally surf the internet and play online games. As the title says do i need this and if not how do i turn it off? I noticed it because i am getting bsod with the dxgmms1.sys error, i don't think it has anything to do with this as that i have searched and may have found the answers to clear this error.

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Configuration Parser Error

I have an error that wont allow a new game to open. The error states: error parsing c:windowsmicrosoft.netframeworkv2. 0. 50727config. Machine.config parser returned error 0xc00ce556.

The only option is to select ok and another window pops up and displays: launcher has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I have a hp dv7-1245dx on vista. I contacted hp and there only suggestion was to perform a system restore which i did but the problem still continues. Any suggestions to correct this error is greatly appreciated.

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Error Message - Local Area Connection Doesn't Have A Valid Ip Configuration

Just got a new netbook. I am trying to set it up and got this error message "local area connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration". I have no clue what that means or how to fix it. I thought this was going to be easy. I plugged in my laptop so i could as someone what to do?

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Ram Configuration

I have an intel desktop board g33fb that supports :

Four 240-pin ddr2 sdram dual inline memory module (dimm) sockets
Channel a slot 0 and slot 1
Channel b slot 0 and slot 1
Support for ddr2 800 mhz, or ddr2 667 mhz dimms
Support for up to 8 gb£ of system memory

Here's the motherboard link :
I have two 2 gb ram sticks
Transcend 2 gb ddr2 667 mhz
Kingston 2 gb ddr2 800 mhz

I have plugged the 667mhz ram stick on channel a slot 0 and 800mhz ram stick on channel b slot 1. Would it make a difference in the performance of the computer if i use 2 ram sticks on different channels or shall i get ram sticks with similar speed.

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Raid Configuration Failed

Raid configuration (which is something that is recommended by microsoft) failed>>>> be carefeul - they hung up the phone on him b/c it was after business hours.

We had a redundant hard drive on my husbands computer so we could make sure we didn't loose any files on our computers. Well, within our home network we could not see each others computers which happened just recently and so we decided to do a system restore. My computer has windows 7 and my husbands does too. My system restore performed flawlessly . My husbands. Not so much - he cant even boot his computer let alone get to safe mode. We had been on the phone with microsoft for 3 hours, and i guess they wanted to send us to a different department - well they hung up on him and closed! I personally work for a customer service department and we try our hardest to get things done for our customers.

If there is a problem where we know we cannot fix before our "shift" is over, we make sure we transfer the situation to someone like a manager/expert to make sure the customer gets taken care of. Thats what customer service is all about. I am severely disappointed. By the way, the system restore erased both hard drives in the computer and now we have none of our files or programs.

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No System Protection Configuration

My computer (only a few months old) has been acting kind of glitchy, and i wanted to perform a system restore to try and solve the problem. When i got to my sytem properties, and click the system protection tab, it tells me that system restore has been disabled by my system administrator. Problem is, i am my system administrator. My user accounts tells me so. To boot, i created another user account with administrator privileges, yet still cannot configure my system protection, and therefore can't perform a system restore.

I am at a loss. Nd just btw, in case someone can help me out with this without system restore (though i still want that situation remedied), some of the issues i have been having are: normal run-of-the-mill programs (ie, solitaire) not opening, despite my system resources being otherwise unoccupied; weird restarts where i'll manually restart, it crashes in the process, and then re-restarts and everything seems dandy; regular browsing links causing unwanted windows to open, but only to google analytics something or other, and then redirecting to yahoo, as well as certain websites lagging unendingly (in mozilla firefox only) due again to some sort of conflict with google analytics.

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Halo 2 Pc Keyboard Configuration Problem

I just purchased halo 2 for the pc and the game refuses to allow me to re-assign my keys. For example, if i try to re-assign forward to e, the game tells me: "that key has already been assigned to another action. Please clear that action and try again. " However, i cannot clear the action. The only actions i can clear are the secondary actions in the right-most column (by pressing delete when the action is selected, or x on my controller).

Also, entering the product key that came with my halo 2 pc in the ms support site doesn't work - it only tells me that there is a problem with the key, which i have confirmed and had another set of eyes confirm, is the correct key. The key worked when i installed and activated halo 2 pc, it just doesn't work at the support site i reached via the links in the halo 2 readme file.

If there's no fix for the keyboard configuration, i want a refund. Maybe i'm doing something wrong, but i've tried everything i can think of to clear the default keys without success and via google i've found others reporting the same problem. There's simply no excuse to release a pc fps with a broken keyboard configuration.

Update: i managed to re-assign almost all of the keys by simply re-assigning them to other keys first instead of trying to delete them first. However, i cannot re-assign forward to e. Attempting to assign any key to e always results in the same message about it already being assigned, even though e shows up nowhere in the list of key assignments. Kinda makes the whole thing pointless.

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Configuration Issue With Family Safety

I have recently installed a mail server and created new email addresses and new live id's for my family. I went to family safety (running on windows 7 ultimate - 64 bit)and linked my new live id as a parent and deleted the original id. Now whenever family safety is invoked it requests the old original parent id to logon. Of course logging on with that id fails. What can i do to repair this situation? During my desperate attempts to find a solution to this problem i have come across the warnings not to do what i have done - but of course it's too late now.

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Problem Installing Win 7 With Raid Configuration

I'm trying to dual boot windows 7 and windows xp on a system using raid. I have the windows 7 dvd and a cd with the raid drivers for my motherboard for w7 (i got the drivers from here:http://www.Gigabyte. Us/support/motherboard/driver_model.aspx?Productid=2424&ost=windows+7+32bit#anchor_os).

When i start up the windows 7 installation dvd, i make it to the screen where i choose a location to install w7. My hard drive does not show up, so i click the button that says something to the effect of "install drivers", and insert the cd with raid drivers for windows 7.

I then browse to the location where my drivers should be, and i get an error message telling me that no signed drivers can be found. I got the drivers from the official motherboard website, so i assume they're the right ones, but w7 doesn't seem to like them. Can anyone tell me what might be going wrong?

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Bios Boot Configuration Changes After Installing Win 7

I installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit and every since then. My bios boot configuration changes. I have a1tb hd and an external western digital book. The change will often change swap the wd book to the 1st configuration. This does not work because it does not have the operating system on it. Once it changed the 1st boot to be the cd-rom drive.

The first time, i called dell and they told me that windows 7 changes it and to press the f2-setup key and go into the bios and there is a f9 key to restore to defaults. I did that and f10 to save it. It worked great for a couple of days and then something changes it back after the computer is shut off overnight and i reboot the next day.

One thing i did notice is that when i go into the system configuration under tools in windows 7 . Under the "general" tab. The use "original boot configuration is checked. I don't know how that got checked off but it will not let me uncheck it. The other setting under this tab are "load selected items" and load system services. Those are checked. The load startup items shows blue but not checked. I don't know what that means.

I am trying to figure this out. All the post tests on the system pass. And it is a new system (less than 1 year old). It is a dell xps 435t. Dell did recommend that i update the bios with their file. And actually did that before upgrading to windows 7. I have the newest updates on the system in total.

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Wireless Network Connection Does Not Have A Valid Ip Configuration

We've been using wireless internet for our laptop for approximately 7 or 8 months without any problem. In the past week or so, internet connection has become intermittent, becoming worse and worse. Troubleshooting either tells me to turn off the devise or it will tell me that the wireless network connection does not have a valid ip configuration. What does this mean and how do i fix it?

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Local Area Connection Doesn't Have A Valid Ip Configuration

Having upgraded to windows 7 from vista , when i switch on my pc it cannot connect to the internet until i use the troubleshooting program i get this message every day "local area connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration".

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Kworld Usb Tv Tuner - Unable To Determine Tv Signal Configuration

Kworld 399u usb tv tuner "unable to determine tv signal configuration" windows 7 media center (64 bit) i have just upgraded my 64 bit vista machine to windows 7 and am no longer able to use my kworld 399u usb tv tuner in media center.

It worked fine under vista, however after upgrading i was asked to set up my tv signals again. After media center runs "examining tv signals" for several minutes, it displays the message "windows media center is unable to determine your tv signal configuration".

I have tried downloading and installing the latest windows 7 drivers from http://uk., but this does not make a difference.

I rolled my machine back to windows vista and the tuner works perfectly again, even after installing the latest drivers.

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Browser Does Not Open

Intermittent problem: sometimes ie8 does not open after clicking on the icon. Hourglass for a few seconds, then nothing. Afterwards, if i hit ctl-alt-del and the task manager window comes up, the browser will open too. Sometimes hitting ctl-alt-del does not bring up the task manager and nothing happens. I can use the controls to turn the pc off or to reboot, but that doesn't solve the problem. The problem persists for several minutes, goes away and then returns intermittently.

I'm running xp, sp3, 32 bit version on an compaq amd64 with 2gb of ram. The system is five years old and has worked flawlessly until now.

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Unable To Use The 32 Bit Browser

I am having the problem of not being able to access many sites after upgrading to windows 7. I understand that i need to use the 32 bit browser for the flash player to work but i am unable o use the 32 bit browser. My 32 bit browser gives me an error message when i try to open it. Runtime error! Program: c: program files (x86)internet exploreriexplore.exe

This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

So 64 bit doesn't work for me very well and 32 bit won't work for me at all. Please let me know what i can do to gt 32 bit ie working.

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Opening Browser Size

When i open a new browser on ie8 it opens into 2" x 13" window, when it used to open into around a 5"x3" size give or take. This is only an issue in a new browser window or a link, not a tab. When it opens into the 2x13 size obviously i can't see any content until i open it to full size. How do i reset it to open to a size that allows me to see content before opening it to full size.

Hopefully this makes sense.
I'm using vista, ie8 on a laptop.

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Internet Browser Issues

I'm using ie8 and when online, my search history show's web pages visited that i have not run's with hesitations and short freeze up's. I believe this has been happening ever since installing google chrome tv installation. Most of the web pages that search history shows seem to be advertisement and/or commercial related. I've uninstalled this program obviously and also tried running a malicious software removal utility but without success. It could be a virus but no indication of infections reported. Any ideas?

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Keyboard Recognition Issues In Browser

Frequently when i am using internet explorer 8 with add-ons enabled (don't know about add-ons being disabled) the keyboard doesn't respond when i am posting a question/answer in adobe's forums or when i am using yahoo!Mail. I don't use hotmail that frequently so i wouldn't be able to troubleshoot to see if this problem persists in all email applications. (And i don't have accounts for every email provider. ). So far in posting this question i haven't really encountered any issues. Furthermore in adobe's forum as i type the cursor jumps to a new line in the middle of my sentence. What is going on in my web browser? Is there a bug in ie 8 ?

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No Flash Player With Ie Or Msn Browser

Flash player quit working with ie and msn explorer on my toshiba laptop in late '08 but worked fine with safari and firefox, so i didn't miss it much. I recently upgraded to win7 and assumed that would finally allow me to get my flash player back working with msn and ie, but no joy. Any ideas how i can resolve, i'm paying for qwest msn but can't watch youtube or any of the other vids requiring flash and it's kinda annoying. Adobe infers it might be a registry problem.

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Whenever I Click Any Video Online The Browser Freezes

I have windows 7 professional and whenever i click any video online the browser freezes and only way to close it is shut the program down as it just freezes up and program says not responding. It does the same thing in both firefox and microsoft explorer. I am not trying to watch it with any unusual media players and it does the same thing even when i went directly to youtube and tested opening any movie as i figured youtube is the most common video site/file format so if i cant open youtube i have a problem.

I bought this computer 1 month ago and haven't installed any media players and the only software i installed/updated since purchase that runs thru the internet would be acrobat, picassa, quicken, and filezilla ftp. I have the most current updates versions of microsoft windows 7 os, windows explorer, and firefox . What is going on ?

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Internet Browser Locks Up When Play A Video

Since installing windows 7 ultimate my internet browser locks up whenever i attempt to play a video. It also does it when i'm just trying to play a video already saved to my hard drive. What should i do?Windows 7 is not playing any of my videos.

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Cannot Download Flash Player On 64-bit Browser

Cannot download flash player on 64-bit browser or on 32-bit that i installed. I am unable to get flash player because of a 64-browser. I installed a 32-bit browser and it still didn't work. Then i tried a suggestion from this forum about the shortcut and that also didn't work. I need this flash player for my job.

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Microsoft Update Giving Browser Choice

Having decided to install google chrome from the above update, i did so but i didn't like it so uninstalled it and continued to use ie8, making it my default browser as before. Though i can open the browser, links from emails to websites and email addresses no longer work. The message "this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" appears and it will not connect to the site. Any ideas as to how to rectify this?

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Microsoft Browser Choice Screen Update

I came about this update by using a broadband privacy feature that is offered from my anti-virus software. Since the proxy server is located in the eu, the update automatically assumed i was located there! This update was necessary but it punishes everyone else that doesn't live in the eu because it doesn't apply to anyone else! Why not include an "accept/deny", feature and eliminate all the confusion! It really does impede on ones privacy and is not necessary. It fails to be an update, when you don't have a choice!

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Web Browser And Live Messenger Pausing

I have recently upgraded to windows 7(clean install) however i have been getting very frequent pausing from google chrome and windows live messenger. It pauses while i type and then a few seconds later all the words just appears. This happens on both chrome and on windows live messenger, i have tested on ie and mozilla and still the same thing.

The most easiest way to test if the problem still exists for me would be to just open a contacts on wlm, it will pause for a second, the contact screen being completely white and then it will appear. Does anyone have any solutions? So far i have tried reinstalling and also another thing to note is that recently i accidentally changed a background for a contact during a pause and now i cant seem to change it back, as everytime i try, the screen goes unresponsive for a very long time and eventually crashes.

Here are my active programs: avira antivirus, ad-aware, comodo firewall, winamp, skype. I will post my dxdiag if you guys need it, but so far i have tried many forums and no one seems able to help me. I truly hope this forum can solve my problem once and for all.

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32-bit Browser Not Working After Win 7 Upgrade

I have upgraded from windows vista to windows 7 from the dell free upgrade disk. Since then my 32 bit version of ie 8 no longer works. The only reason that this is bad is because i can't connect to the internet through any programs such as norton windows live or windows media player. The 64 bit version works but i can not make it my default browser and link it with those programs. Does anyone have any ideas. I have tried using the advanced trouble shooter and reseting internet explorer and nothing has worked for me.

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Resizing - Browser Windows Are Too Big For Monitor

I use mozilla firefox for my windows xp but i had to take it to a computer repair shop for work and i just got it back today. But the browser windows are way too big for my monitor. Can i get some help resizing them? I have a 15 inch to a 17 inch monitor. What can i do to resize my windows so they look normal?

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21997 Error In Ie8

Javascript is enabled in all my browsers (i'm using windows7 home premium x86) and jre1. 6 is also installed in my system , though a particular website i'm trying to access (requires jre) , shows 21997 error in a pop-up window everytime i try to login into that website. But no problem is faced when i access it from other computers or even windows xp from my own ! Can anyone tell me what's wrong ? Please help me asap :( . Oh, btw, i've also tried opening that same page using the ie addon for firefox and chrome but to no avail:(. I prefer accessing it from windows 7 as ie8 in win7 has 256 bit encryption security and dont wanna take chances :)

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