Mail - Verify User And Password Not Accepting

Last night for no reason that i can see - my windows mail account started asking me to verify my user and password details in a panel titled - windows security - when i verify this information emails are still not sent through. I have a call in to check if any changes have been made to the email server.

I can send emails and people sending emails to me are not getting boucebacks. I did get a security message in the last couple of days. Can anyone help?Here's the error report: account: 'mail. Au', server: 'mail. Au', protocol: pop3, port: 110, secure(ssl): no, error number: 0x800ccc17

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Problem: User Account Control - No Place To Enter The Password

While trying to load a game for my granddaughter i couldn't get autoplay to work so i switched to admin user and tried loading the program there but was unsuccessful. So i thought i'd go back and delete the admin acct. Which i did. I then tried to load the game again but couldn't. Now when i go to "add or manage user account" i get a uac window stating the following: to continue, type an administrator password, and then click yes". The problem is there is no administrator acct and no place in the window to enter a password. Yes is currently grayed out, no is available. How do i get rid of this request window. I deleted the administrator account while in the "safe" mode per some other questions in this forum.

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Setting Up Live Mail For Password First Then Open Email

I would like to know if i can setup my windows live mail email account in such a way that it it may first ask for password and then open the email account. Currently, the program opens and is in full view before asking for my password.

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Not Accepting Key Code

Okay. I have the upgrade version of w7 pro. I am upgrading from xp pro. Xp pro is installed currently, as is w7, but w7 will not take the key code for activation. W7 is saying that xp is not installed. I checked the code a plenty of times, and i did type it correctly. I am stuck here, and i refuse to pay 50 dollars to e-mail microsoft to get a response. I have no idea what to do. I have checked all of the similar things posted by others, but the factors causing the errors for others i have solved.

Xp installed
W7 says xp is not
Key code not accepted in w7

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Anytime Upgrade Not Accepting Key

I just purchased a system todayfrom the local store, and it came with windows 7 home premium (64). I have a cd for windows 7 professional (64)that i got through my college. However, when i went to use the dvd to upgrade from windows 7 premium to professional it told me to use windows anytime upgrade. But, when i do that and choose, "i have a key", then enter the key i have, it runs a bit and comes back with an error telling me that the key i have cannot be used for anytime upgrade. ? Why not? And if it can't then why can't i just do an upgrade from the cd? I know the key is valid, i got it from my college msdnaa site.

And, yes, i have verified that i am typing the key correctly. I even tried copy and paste, but still no go. What am i doing wrong, and what can i do to upgrademy windows 7 home premium 64to windows 7 professional 64?

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Verify Licence Key

Can you give me an idea how to check if a license key i have is totally above board as i am not all that surer that it is legal and do not want to corrupt an file on my deck top.

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Windows Cannot Verify The Digital Signature Of This File

Windows update appeared today when we started one of our machines, informing us that there were a few updates to install. After reviewing the updates, we clicked the "install now" button, and it immediately failed with the error code above. I tried to run regedit for an unrelated reason, and it came up with an error dialog with "windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file.

A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. "After some research here and elsewhere on google, and not finding anything appropriate, we put in the win7 disk, started the recovery tools and tried to roll back to a previous system restore point (3 days old). The restore went ok, rebooted, but the problem persists. Next we've just tried to install some anti-malware software, but on trying to run the installer we get another error message stating "shellexecuteex failed; code 577" and then the same message about verifying the digital signature.

The computer was running fine all of yesterday, and has been running fine since just after the new year when it was upgraded to windows 7. No hardware changes have been made, and no software changes were made by users over the last week. The computer is an amd athlon ii x4 with 4gb of ram on an asus m4a78-em motherboard, running from a 64gb ssd, with a 250gb sata drive for data/programs.

Gpu is an nvidia 260, and it has a cd and dvd drive as well. It's connected to our router via the motherboards gigabit ethernet interface. It was running windows 32 bit xp sp3 until just after the new year. When we fitted the new ssd to replace an older hard drive we did a clean install of xp (slipstreamed with sp3), and then used the upgrade version of 32 bit w7 home premium dvd to upgrade the system. Since then the system has run flawlessley. On the machine is ms office xp, firefox 3. 6. 3, avg 8. 5 and a few games such as turbine's ddo.

The main user account used for trying to resolve these problems, and for running windows update and trying to install programs is a member of the administrators group. Firefox runs fine, as does office, and it plays the installed games just fine too. Avg reports being up to date, with no problems and has detected no threats. However, trying to view the registry with regedit, or start compmgmt. Msc or event viewer all bring up the "cannot verify digital signature" message. Can anyone offer an advice on what might be wrong with this installation please, and how we might go about resolving it?

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Error - Windows Cannot Verify The Digital Signature For The Drivers

Wireless cannot verify the digital signature for the wires adapter driver - after an automatic software update. We downloaded an auto update to our hp pavilion laptop running windows 7. This somehow disabled the wireless network adapter.

Error reads; "windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious from an unknown source. (Code 52)". We attempted 2 system restores - problem persisted.

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Converting Outlook Mail Folders To Windows Mail

I copied my outlook express messages files to my new win7 pc and imported them into windows mail. After hours of running overnight, all of the messages were copied into one folder! I have over 100 folders but the windows mail did not replicate this structure.

Question 1- did i miss something or is windows mail incapable of converting over my outlook files properly (e.g. Into their respective folders).

Question 2- if this is something that cannot be done with import, can i import one dbx message file at a time into windows mail so that i can move each cluster or messages to a folder manually.

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Importing Outlook Express 6 Mail Into Live Mail

This has been addressed many times before, but i'm hitting errors each time i try to perform an import. I've pointed win7's live mail in the direction of a perfectly-good folder contain both xp's outlook express 6 *. Dbx files, and have imported these files into outlook and exported them to a *. Pst file (into the same folder).

When attempting either import i'm receiving the same message: "no messages can be found in this folder or another application is using the files".considering the process is so simple i can't work out what i'm doing wrong.

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Live Mail And

I am an 69 year senior citizen and when i try to use windows live mail it doesn't recognize my webmail password saying it is invalid. I tried reading the posts but they are soo tech oriented that i don't understand what they are saying. Do you have simple instructions on how to make mail. work, link or merge with with windows live mail program. I have a computer running windows xp home edition sp3. At shutdown i get winlogon.exe-application error the instruction at "0x5ad71375" referenced memory at "0xffffffff". The memory could not be read.

Click on ok to terminate the program click on cancel to debug the program i then get blue screen with stop:c000021a{fatal system error} the windows process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x0000005 (0x00000000 0x00000000) the system has been shut down. At start up i get a window to view details. Winlogon.exe error signature szapp name:winlogon.exe szappver:0. 0. 0. 0 szmodname:uxtheme.dll szmodver:6. 02900. 5512 offset 00001375. I really don't want to go through the daunting task of doing a complete system restore. Is there a hotfix for this problem?

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Process Of Upgrading Windows Mail To Live Mail

I am ready to upgrade from vista home premium (64 bit) to windows 7. My computer is a hp pavilion elite e9107c desktop i purchased in sep '09. I use windows mail for email and understand i need to migrate to windows live mail for email with windows 7. Do i need to download windows live mail before upgrading to windows 7? What are the steps for a successful conversion?

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Lost All Of Imported Mail In Live Mail

On my windows xp laptop i used outlook express through my gmx account. My computer crashed so i bought a new one with windows 7. Since oultook express was no longer available i used windows live and imported all my folders and emails and synced to my gmx account. Everything was there and working fine now today all my read emails in my inbox are gone and all my folders. Years and years of work on several projects. The account is still working and bringing in new emails from gmx and hotmail but everything that was there, except unread emails, is gone. Can i restore it from somewhere? I no longer have the original backup.

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Live Mail - Only Get Mail As Administrator

I have a hp desktop that came with vista and was upgraded to windows 7. I had a hard job getting any windows live mail. I can only get mail if i log in as an administrator. I think it has something to do with permissions and parent permissions and a few other things i don't understand. I have tried to change a few settings in the properties box and a couple of them have told me if i continue with the change i fooled with i would never see e-mail again. If i just try to start it normally it says it is configuring mail and just disappears. The only thing it really screws up is that i can't send articles and papers via e-mail.

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Password Reset

I just purchased dell inspiron 1545 and set up my user name and password. I've ordered my modem. I bought a transfer cable to connect my older pc to this one to transfer my files. The problem is that i can't log on because it won't accept my password. I just set it yesterday when i took it out of the box. I've checked everything i know such as caps lock and possibly transposing my password. The password i set up is the same one i've been using on my other pc for years, so i know i didn't forget it.

I need to find out how to bypass the log in to reset the password.

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Password Lockout

I have just set up my new toshiba satellite l450d-11v 15. 6 purchased this morning. I set the password on set up and re-entered it and it was accepted. I later turned off the power and when i turned it on again it asked for password and accepted it fine. I decided i did not really need a password and went to control panel to remove it. It is telling me that the password is incorrect, i have tried several times and still will not let me remove it and now after switching it off it will not let back in to windows.

I know that what i am typing is correct. Surely i could not have made an error in the spelling then done the same thing on the re-enter and the next log in. I have a recovery disk with the laptop. I wondered if i should use it.

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Forgotten Password

I made the mistake of setting up a laptop for my grandmother using win 7, and set her account as the admin/user account. It was working when i left two weeks ago, and she logged in twice since then. However she said she was not sure what she did, but now i can not log into her account using the password i set for her. Since it is the admin account i can not go in and blow it away, and the only other account on the system is 'guest'. Which in vista and earlier versions is limited. What are my options on getting back into the main account?

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Incorrect Password

Just today, i went a bought myself a nice hp laptop, windows 7, 64-bit operation system, and so on. And after i created the 5 recovery disc's, i restarted my computer. Before i had created the discs, i set up a password and account and such, but when i restarted my computer. It said the password was incorrect, for some odd reason. I am wondering how i could bypass the password? In the old system, all i had to do was go into the administrator account and reset it from there, but i didn't set up the administrator account, and i swear i'm typing in the same password, i even tried using the fn key, and ctrl+shift stuff, as well as caps lock.

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Power On Password

I pushed the power on, just as i normally do. But found out displaying this: "power-on password". The last time i use it was like the usual thing i do. I do now know the password and how i ended up with this. I tried some of these: i tried to remove the battery for a meantime and hoping it will turn on normally but still shows the same result. Everytime i click enter, it shows the same until 3rd time. Everytime i click f11 or any function keys, it still shows the same. I just purchased windows 7 9 months ago but haven't experienced any negative things until now.

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Network Password

Have networked a new windows 7 system to looks good, but when trying to share files i get a prompt for a network password. When setting up, the software generated a ten digit network password. The system now does not recognize the password it generated. When i view in the vault i noticed that it is expecting an eight digit password? Why does it generate this password in the first place if i am an administrator? If i want one i will slot it in myself surely. Am not a regular windows user and i now remember why!

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How To Login Without Password?

In windows 7 i have a computer named hal. Hal has an account named dave which has the password daisy. On hal i share a folder, in the sharing options i allow "everyone" read/write access. Dave remains owner and is unchangeable.

On another machine i try to access hal, it requests credentials to access the share. I already stated that i want everyone to be allowed without a password, but it still will not let me access the share when i type "everyone" as the username. It will only let me access the share if i use dave/daisy but this is a problem as i would then have to disclose my personal password to everyone.

That is issue number one, issue number two:

I have remote desktop setup to access pc2 from pc1, pc2 has a username and password dave, and daisy
I can access remote desktop this way but i decide i would rather just be able to login to remote desktop without the use of a password. I disable dave's password and try to login but it tells me that i cannot login with blank passwords " login failure: user account restriction. Possible reasons are blank passwords not allowed, logon hour restrictions or a policy restriction has been enforced. "

Why are these annoyances in place and how do i disable them so that i do not require a password for the simple act of sharing folders and logging in via remote desktop?

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Incorrect Network Password

I have recently upgraded to win 7 and have a problem connecting to the password protected part of my file server (hard disk router accessible via network router). After login procedure all i get is an alert box claiming "incorrect network password" (retranslated message, sorry if it's not the literal english expression). From the other two computers in my network, still running on xp, i have no problem to login. If i temporarily discard the password on the file server i have no problem to access my files. So, it seems that win 7 has some sort of problem with sending the password. I have tried every tip and trick in windows help to no avail. What is this, and how can i solve the problem?

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Admin Password Recovery

I bought a samsung r519 laptop today with windows 7 installed, i done all the set up and everything works fine i set up the admin account it asked me for my name and a password which i entered correctly twice, now when it asks me for the password for the admin account it wont accept the password that i have for the account. I need to reset the account somehow and reset the password otherwise i will have just wasted £400 on a laptop i can not actually use. Any ideas would be helpful asap as i want to use it within the next few days?

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Forgot Admin Password

My daughter just got a new computer with windows 7 accounts setup: her (admin), hubby (user), kids (users)she changed  her password (only admin acct) and can't remember it (lol, very dumb thing to do)now she can no longer logon is there anyway to recover or change the password?Or create a new admin acct (without having admin access)?Being the computer is only 5 days old and not wanting to reinstall windows. I'm a vista ultimate 64 user and xp pro user. Never played with windows 7.

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Password Disk Problem

The question is 2 parts. Trying to create a password reset disk. The drive choices i get are my removable card drives g through k, i can't get it to show me a choice of either of my dvd drives e & f. I want to use a cd disk to make the reset disk. #2. In addition to this in "computer" it only shows my c, d, e & f drives. For whatever reason it never has shown my g, h, i, j, k drives in  computer, it looks like they are not installed yet if you put in a compact flash card or an sd card you can download the pictures with no problem?

If you go to device manager & look under disk drives you see this.

Disk drives

Generic – compact flash usb device
"                 Ms/ms pro usb device
"                 Sd/mmc usb device
"                Sm/xd –picture usb device

Hp photosmart 8200 usb device
Maxtor  stm3500  ata device

If you look under portable drives you see  all the card drives;


Why in "computer" doesn't it show the card reader drives? Next how do i get to my dvd drives to make a password reset disk?

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Homegroup Password Failure

I have 5 computers(all win 7) and i have created a homegroup from 1 of them. When joining from the first 3 computers, the password takes in seconds and the pcs link as expected. When trying to link the 4th pc, it gets stuck on the password verification screen. I have checked all the settings i have found on other threads and synched the clocks using a gov server to no avail. I have also deleted and recreated the homegroup; trying to link the affected pc first instead of last and it still generates the same issue.

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Homegroup Password Problem

I’m using window 7. I was setup the printer for share between my desktop and laptop. It’s worked fine in the beginning. The issue occurred when i re-install the window 7 on my desktop which is direct connected to the printer. After re-installed window 7 my printer is no longer worked on my laptop (wireless). I try to reset the home group password and the following error popup: " windows no longer detects a homegroup on this network. To create a new homegroup, click ok, and then open homegroup in control panel. " 

So i click ok and open homegroup from control panel (control panel > homegroup). Then system popup message that the home group password has been changed, i try to enter the new password which is same at the homegroup password that was entered in desktop but same error above popup. Note: the answer i found from this forum is "it was the date and time that was off. The network sync to windows was not updating so i changed the settings to where is was pulling the updates from. " Can you please describe step by step how to change the date time setting to where network windows update as you mention above?

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Windows 7 Password Retrieval

I have recently given my daughters netbook with windows 7 installed. They are users and i set an admin account for myself to control there access. I have been hacked before and now it seems my admin password has changed. The kids couldn't have done it so either i've been a muppet and forgotten both or i've been messed with again. I don't want to force a new admin password as i'd like to know if someone has changed it. I know or think i do what it should be so i'd like to have the password cracked to confirm one way or another my assumptions. I have contacted a specialist forensics company who can do this for me but before i spend hundreds on this i would like to know if anyone has any suggestions.

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Hotmail Password Reset

I have extensively researched a way to get in contact with the tech support team at hotmail but unfortunately no email address or phone number. I twice filled out a validation form and no response from hotmail. After blogging i noticed people with the same or similar problem also have not heard anything back since sunday to reset my password for my windows live account. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone know if living people look at the password reset forms we send? 

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Resetting Password On Account

One day, i wanted to change the password on my account, the admin account by the way, and you need the password you are already using, so i tried it and it didn't work, so i shut down my computer, and turned it back on, and i couldn't log into the admin account, and the other account has parental controls on it, so i couldn't do just about anything on that one without the admin password. So anyway, i tried to change it and it told me i needed a floppy disk or a usb flash drive, and i don't have the disc to reset it so what do i do from there? How do i get the disc?  All i want to do is log on that account.

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