Installing Win 7 Oem To Macbook

Im a pc and mac user, my laptop is a macbook pro. My work requires me to use windows to run windows specific programs so on the way home i dropped into a pc store and asked for a copy of windows 7 premium. They handed a "no frills" copy used for once only installs oem. Got home, reading the pack, looking on the net.confused. This oem eula is not as clear as it could be really. I want to install it on my mbp in boot camp, the guy at the shop said its alright. I have seen it writtenoem versions of windows 7 are identical to full license retail versions except for the following:

- Oem versions do not offer any free microsoft direct support from microsoft support personnel

- Oem licenses are tied to the very first computer you install and activate it on

- Oem versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard

- Oem versions cannot be used to directly upgrade from an older windows operating systemso, microsoft. Can i install this legitimate windows copy i just bought on my new machine (clean install, never ran windows before) or do i need to get a technician to do it for me at the shop before its legal? It seems a bit silly to me. Seriously. When i bought my car they didn't tell me which roads to drive on and not to drive on.

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Installing On Mid 2009 Macbook Pro

I'd like to install the 64 bit edition on win7 profession on a macbook pro. I've got 4gb of ram and i'd like to use the most of it when using applications like cad. I'm currently running the rc (32 bit) on osx 10. 5, but plan on zeroing out my hd (due in part to some osx software issues) and reinstalling snow leopard.

I was wondering if there are any problems associated with installing the 64 bit edition on bootcamp 3. 0. I know that while 7 isn't officially supported, installation is possible. However, i have heard about issues occurring with 3. 0 that i do not experience with the rc and bootcamp 2. 1.

I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and has a course of action to suggest. Should i install 64 bit on 3. 0, or 2. 1? Or, should i opt for the 32 bit version instead? Again, does one release of bootcamp work better than the other?

Another thing, should i install now and wait for the (now late) windows 7 support, or not install until support is officially released?

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Intelligym Problem With Macbook

So , i recently purchased windows 7 for my macbook and its been working fine, until i tried to open this old basketball program i bought in 2003, its supposedly compatible with xp or 2000 but when i try to change it on compatibility mode to either it does the same thing, it opens up, asks me for my password and after i input it the screen goes black the resolution changes for a split second goes black again, resolution returns and the intelligym app is closed, i tried updating the driver, and still no help. Please if you got some advice for me i would love to hear it cuz i really need to use this program again

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Upgrade From Xp To 7 On Macbook Pro

Upgrade from xp to 7 on macbook pro, without loading bootcamp or the apple os. I have a macbook pro with leopard 10. 5. 1, and i was running windows xp pro service pack 3 on the windows side. I updated to windows 7 , but did not do anything on the apple side. Big mistake, windows 7 works fine but! I have no apple. In order to get the apple working again, what do i need to do? Will i have to restart my upgrade, and use bootcamp with the leopard. If you could provide or direct me to someone who could, step by step instruction on this please do so.

My windows data is still on carbonite and i have no issues with having to lose my apple side memory. I have a external drive if needed i also have 37. 3gig free space common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

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Cannot Use Wireless Internet On Macbook

Cannot use wireless internet on my macbook when running windows 7 through boot camp. I have no problems at all when i use the same laptop to connect to the internet wirelessly using the mac os x operating system. My older laptop running windows xp also has no problem connecting. I've tried going to the control panel, then network and sharing center, then connect to a network, and it shows that no connections are available.

When i click on change adapter settings, only two options are shown: the bluetooth network connection, which is not connected, and the local area connection, which would be the wired connection because it says the network cable is unplugged. My router does not have a bluetooth connection. I made sure all the drivers were installed.

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Mic Not Recognised On Macbook

External mic not recognized by windows 7 installed on boot camp of macbook (snow leopard). External mic not recognized by windows 7 installed on boot camp of macbook (snow leopard). The sound system(via control panel ) shows internal mic (cirrus logic cs 4206a-ab01 ) as default, & on right-click to see disabled/disconnected devices, nothing shows up. I also installed the realtek driver from the mac installation cd, nothing works.

When i plug in the headset though, i get sound output from the only jack on the macbook in the headset & the headphone shows up in the sound system too, but mic doesn't show up (not recognized). I also uninstalled the cirrus logic device (not driver) & did restart. Windows 7 installed the device on restart, but the non-recognition of mic persists.

Please guide, how can the windows 7 recognize the external mic. I don't want to use the internal mic (for speech recognition software).

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Reinstall On Dual Booting Macbook

I installed a recently purchased full version of windows 7 ultimate on my dual booting macbook pro laptop but am unable to install the xp compatibility module. Apparently there is an authenticity issue. The problem may be due to the fact that when i partitioned the disk and installed windows, i inadvertently corrupted the mac os x system. So i reinitialized the disk and installed os x again. Windows 7 apparently installed successfully. But when i downloaded the windows xp compatibility module it failed to install. The message indicates that there is an authenticity issue.

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Genuine Win 7 On Macbook Pro

Genuine windows 7 on macbook pro running in bootcamp partition with vmware fusion 3. 1. I am having a problem with windows 7 ultimate 32-bit. I installed windows 7 on my bootcamp partition and until recently it worked fine as well when i ran it in vmware fusion. When i boot into my windows 7 on the bootcamp partition everything is ok. But then when i run it in vmware fusion it says my copy is not genuine. I just went through the automated phone system and entered the codes and so now while i'm running in fusion windows is genuine.

I fear though that when i go back to running from the bootcamp partition, windows will say it isn't genuine again. I only have one copy of windows 7 and can only run it either from the bootcamp partition or from vmware fusion at any one time. How can i resolve this so windows no longer says it's not genuine when i switch between bootcamp and vmware fusion?I need to be able to run windows while i am on the mac side at times.

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Macbook Does Not Detect Wireless Network

Window 7 installed on macbook - does not detect any wireless network/connection at all only on windows os system side. I have installed windows 7 on my new macbook, so my macbook operate both on apple macos and windows os. However, my windows os side does not detect any wireless network at all. When i switch back to apple os, there is no problem connecting to the internet and there is no connection problem at all.

But for some reason, my windows 7 does not detect or show any available wireless network. I use linksys wrt-110, and i don't think it is my router problem because it works perfectly on apple macos system. Does anybody have any solution? I am not very tech-savvy, i.e. , I need step-by-step explanation as to how to tackle this.

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Macbook Pro Sound Driver Issues

I own a macbook pro, one of the new 15 inch unibody models, and since installing windows 7, i have not been able to properly use the onboard microphone (in windows) and the sound has been acting quite odd.

The osx installation cd included with my computer is supposed to install the required drivers on the windows side, and it seems to have done that, for the most part, except i could not use the microphone in a multitude of applications. The 'sound' control panel recognizes the microphone, and shows that the microphone is receiving sound. The little green level bar next to "microphone" moves when i make noise, yet no application seems to get any sound from it.

After a little research, i gathered that the sound card in these is actually a realtek hd card, and not a cirrus logic card, which is what i had drivers for. So i tracked down the realtek driver i thought i needed, uninstalled the cirrus logic driver, and installed the realtek one. However, that realtek driver did not seem to do anything, as the driver is now just listed as high definition audio device, which is the standard windows driver.

Other issues i've been having with the cirrus logic driver - once i plug headphones in, i can't get sound out of the laptop speakers again unless i restart windows. Also, if itunes is playing, the sound in all other programs in gone and doesn't come back unless i restart the program.

I guess i need to know if a) i'm correct about the realtek driver being the right one, b) the cirrus driver is actually correct and there's another solution to the microphone and other problems or c) there is no hope.

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Directx Problem Bootcamp On Macbook Pro

So i installed win7 64-bit on my macbook pro (intel dup 2. 66 ghz, nvidia gt 9400m, 4gb ddr3) using bootcamp wanting to play games. I kinda want to go pick up starcraft 2 but i don't want to buy a mac version of a game especially since i might be getting a pc desktop within the next year sometime. Nyways, so when i launch games, usually they just won't launch without saying anything or it will give me some message about direct3d. So, when i go in the directx diagnostic tool, it lists directdraw, direct3d, and tgp texture acceleration as 'not available'.

I checked and made sure that the hardware acceleration was at the fullest level, which it was. Next, i went online to see what others were doing, and i found in a few places where people were installing directx 9. 0 alongside directx 11 that comes with win7. I tried to install it and i get the following error message:"internal system error. Please refer to dxerror. Log and directx. Log in your windows folder. "From there i just wanted to post a few places and see if anyone else has ran into these issues running win7 on a mac or anything like that. I know these laptops are supposed to run games over bootcamp pretty well, but i can't seem to get over this issue. Just looking for a next step.

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Unibody Macbook Pro Erratic Mouse Behavior

I have a unibody macbook pro 13 inch, and using boot camp 3. 0 on windows 7 rc. The drivers for the trackpad suck, the mouse is so twitchy. Is there any fix for this erratic mouse behavior? Tried doing a search on this issue, and found links to drivers through another forum that ppl claim fixed their trackpads. But when i go to install the .exe, it says "this update is not intended for this computer and will not be installed. " The compatibility settings didn't help at all either.

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Syncing Samsung Intrepid Cell Phone Using Macbook

I have a macbook computer and i just purchased a samsung intrepid cell which use windows 6. 5. I wanted to sync it with my computer but they are not compatible. I cannot even download the free downloads from the windows website on my computer - it just will not accept it. I don't know what to do, do i have to start buying all this software to connect them? I would love to sync them and i would love to get some of the free downloads, how can i do this without spending a fortune? If i could not sync them i guess that would be okay but i would really like the downloads. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Upgrade From Xp Oem With Hp Branded Cd

Can an xp oem, hp or dell "branded" cd (not genuine hologram cd). Be used as a "base" license for the windows 7 upgrade (using clean install)? The product key is good, with the co on the case, and passes wpa and wga. It is on a hp presario with upgraded main-board, processor and video card.

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Upgrade Win 7 Oem

I have done some searches on this subject and seem to be getting conflicting answers. Please forgive me and forward me to a post with this answer if it exists. I have the generic (plain white box) ver. Of 7. I recently decided to rebuild my computer, and to save a few bucks bought this. Question, win7 is already installed, and i now am wanting to upgrade my cpu and mb. Can i use my 3 week old version of windows 7 oem, or do i have to buy a new copy? Or, is it possible to upgrade my oem to full retail and pay the sufferance?

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Oem Vs Microsoft Licensing

Cannot find where could i ask about licensing. Oem version is not the same as microsoft version. There are always some changes or additions, so i want to know what our options are. If i buy 10 computers with oem version of windows. Can i create image and use it for all of them? Or could i just reformat and install it from microsoft cd?

In a few years, could i reformat and install fresh copy of windows from microsoft cd? Or could i use images? If computer is old, could i move windows os to another computer using the same old image or microsoft cd? If i could use microsoft cd, will my oem key work with that? Do you know where could i find information provided by microsoft, so i could read and show it to my management?

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Oem Full Or Upgrade?

I work for a retailer and months ago earned a free oem version of windows 7 ultimate from microsoft's windows 7 training program. (I never installed it). I'm considering buying a new computer, and i would like to order it with no operating system to save money, since i have this license. One of my co-workers said he thought what we earned is an upgrade-which i had not realized. Another said that he loaded his (same thing) on a new hard drive, implying that it is a full version.

(I would expect an oem title to be full. )-Looking at the disk(s) i have, it says "windows 7 ultimate oem version" and it also says "includes anytime upgrade". Does this simply mean that what microsoft sent us will work as an upgrade or a full version? I really am itching to order that new computer, but i really ought to be patient and wait for an answer. Also, should i load the 32-bit or the 64-bit?  Eagerly awaiting response :)

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Upgrade From A Oem Win 7

We had 4 pc arrive which had oem licenses and proceeded to set them up with custom versions of windows 7. Our aim was to use wdt to deploy through 200 new pcs in the company. We didn't realize at that point that we needed to get volume licenses, which we are doing. Reading up oem versions can only be reimaged/syspreped 3 times before you cant sysprep again. I presume this doesn't happen with volume license built image. Lso can you change the product key on our oem pc's to make them vl versions? Someone mentioned you would have to do an in-place upgrade?Why is this all so complicated?

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Win 7 Oem Will Not Install

I had to reinstall my oem version of windows 7 after a motherboard and processor replacement. I go through the complete install and when i get to the complete the install portion at the end the process the system restarts and the screen goes blank and does nothing. I force a shutdown and boot windows a error message comes up that says "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows click "ok" to restart the computer, then restart the instillation. " I have done this four times with the same result.

The only hardware changes are
Biostar ta7910gxe 128m motherboard
Amd phenom ii x4 processor 3. 4ghz 8. 0mb cache

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Oem Activation Problem

The problem is that i have got a different laptop. Before i had a toshiba laptop and it had windows 7 installed on it and now i got a replacement laptop a hp one and i had some useful information installed on my hard drive so i thought i can take the hard drive out of the toshiba one and put it in the hp one and it now tells me to activate windows 7. When i put the hard drive back into the toshiba laptop it says that windows is activated and when i put it in the hp laptop it tells me to activate windows.

Does anyone know the reason why this is happening?

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Starter Oem Installation

I have so far brought multiple copies of windows 7 and must say, what a delight the operating system has been. A couple of days ago i purchased an msi u130 notebook from argos which came pre-installed with windows 7 starter. After using it for a couple of days and finally letting all the updates download, upon restart, windows would not load. It would repeatedly give me errors such as slmuz is compressed, press ctrl, alt and delete to restart, which would carry on, thus stuck in a boot loop.

I tried the recovery partition on the notebook, but this does not solve the problem, it takes it time and says that windows 7 is being installed, however, again, upon reboot, the same error is on display.

Now my question is, as this laptop comes with windows 7 starter preinstalled, and also has the corresponding stickers on the under side of the laptop, is it sufficient to use a generic oem copy of windows 7?

I have downloaded a copy of windows 7 starter, generic oem. I plan to use the license key from the sticker on the laptop. I am 100% sure that this is legal. Do i need the specific msi oem installation media or can i use a non-branded generic oem windows 7 starter media with the corresponding license key. Is this possible?

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What Is Difference Between Oem And Full Version ?

I am building my first computer - the question is do i half to buy windows 7 processional full version or can i can buy windows 7 processional oem version and what is the different between oem and full version? Programs, support, here is my parts list msi 790fx-gd70 am3, amd 955 3. 2 ghz, 2x2 gb memory, ultra 750 wats,

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Lost Oem Key Win 7

I have purchased dell laptop with windows vista. I got a windows 7 up-gradation from dell for my computer. Unfortunately now i lost the cd. It was just misplaced. I am sure no one used this cd. I have no product key for this. When i contact dell, they say that they can provide me with a new cd but they cannot provide me with the key, i have to contact microsoft for help in this issue. Is it possible to retrieve the key for my up-gradation using my genuine vista key? Or there is any alternative to get this. Please suggest me. It will be very disappointing fr me if your answer is i have to buy a new one.

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Computer Shops And Oem Software

I have questions about the practice of installing oem software for customers in a pc repair shop setting. Q. A customer has lost their install media for an oem version of windows. They have a valid case badge. Is it legal for a shop to use their own media to install the software, but input the customers' valid genuine key and activate it for them?Q. If yes above, how does a pc repair shop legally obtain copies of the oem software? Is it possible to obtain only a copy of the software without an accompanying key? (The "key" is supplied by the customers' case badge) many repair shops are forced to download pirated and possibly corrupt/infected versions of these softwares for lack of a valid, legal and easily accessible method to obtain just the software.

If there exists a way for system builders to legally download genuine windows without keys i am not aware of it, but in the long run this option is a safer solution for end users taking their pcs in for repair. Q. The purchase of any installation disc is actually for the "key" itself, and not for the software? I have asked a few sources and they seem to want to dance around these "grey area" questions. I look forward to an official response.

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Activation With Oem License Key

I received a copy of windows 7 ultimate with an oem license key through the house party promotional deal and so on; the license was used to upgrade the version of windows 7 already installed on a computer i bought not too long ago from home premium. Everything went well for that; my father's computer however has ceased to work properly because the license key we used to upgrade it to windows 7 ultimate turned out recently to be counterfeit; that was no problem, we simply went to buy a new key for it.

Herein lies my issue comrades, to be as cheap as possible, my father went and bought an anytime upgrade key, and windows activation presented the error that the key will not work for a clean install of windows, only for upgrades; however the computer had been upgraded, though through a was is now know to be a phony, key, my question to you is thus: would the oem key i received and activated prior still work if i use the option to change my product key to the upgrade key i just bought, or am i out 120 bucks?

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Upgrade From Hp Oem Win 7 To Retail

I've got a new lappy on the way with oem win7 hp installed. Because some of my software needs the xp mode, i have gone and bought myself a retail anytime upgrade box. Now, arriving home, i noticed that the top left of the box says 'vista' on it, and the rest i can't read. I live in taiwan, but my chinese reading is terrible. A friend translating said it states it as an upgrade for vista and xp to win7u. Would i be able to use this disk to upgrade my w7hp to w7u? Please note that the system comes with english default w7hp, while the upgrade is chinese. Though considering the multi-language ability of w7u, i would hope that's not an issue.

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Acer Win 7 Home Premium Oem

I have an acer aspire desktop pre installed win7 home premium oem x64 – it is needing a complete clean re install, only thing is i don't have a windows 7 home premium oem dvd. I only have a retail win7 dvd that i purchased a while ago for my partner- so is it possible to use the win 7 home premium dvd retail to re install my acer oem?
Does it work by changing the ei. Cfg file from – channel – retail to oem?
Or just by removing the ei. Cfg file?
Would any of the above work and if not is there another way around this? Now for what i mention on the above and having read the microsoft laws i am assuming this is boarder line from being illegal. As all of the above has been purchased by myself. And i don't want to use the recovery partition as full of bloatware.

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Upgrade Or Clean Install Using Oem Disk

I am building pretty much a new system, just for myself. I will have new motherboard, new hard drives, new case, new psu, new video system (going sli). I currently have xp sp3 and i want to go to win 7. I bought an oem copy of win 7, but have not broken the seal, and won't unless i know i can use it. My question is: once all the hardware is together, my assumption is that in my oem package i will find a win 7 dvd from which i can straightforwardly install windows. Can i do this, or should i get a retail version?

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64-bit Oem Installation Problems - Driver_irqi_not_less_or_equal

So i just built my first pc and i got windows 7 oem off newegg. When i tried to install it, a blue screen appeared and it said:

Under "technical information" it said:

Stopped: 0x0000000a (0x0000001600000000, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000001, 0xffff8000cf0d22)

I didn't install anything else onto my computer or do anything else, the first thing i did was stick the windows 7 disc in to install it. My guess is that its a driver problem, and in that case should i install the motherboard drivers or graphics card drivers first or do something else? My pc specs are more that capable of handling win7 64-bit so i know that's not the problem. So anyway, my question i wanted to ask is well. What does this mean and how do i fix it?

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Do Oem Version Of Win 7 Come With A Product Key ?

Do oem's of windows 7 come with a product key or should i buy from microsoft so that if laptop crashes like now and there were no os disc's made will i be able to reinstall from fully licensed install disc? Oem or the real mccoy. Daughter dropped her laptop it has black screen error file: boot/bcd, boot sector gone or corrupted again, daughter didnt burn copy of system when laptop bought so recovery disc's dont work, cant get my hands on an install disc to get to a command prompt to run bootrec.exe so that i could rebuild boot sector without screwing up the mbr. Its going to cost $80. 00 to re-install vista can i buy windows 7 oem for $119. 00 and will i be able to use this in the same way as if i bought it from microsoft?

Secondly i read in the reviews that a guy had to call microsoft automated in order to get windows on his computer after he installed a new mother board, was that because he had an oem?Lastly will i have to fix vista in order to install windows 7 as i dont have access other then with a valid copy of vista with a product key that i dont have. Its a lenovo that has had the drives reconfigured so there is no access to the hidden recovery console? Any thoughts anyone has would be fantastic as i am wondering which route to take, i have had it with vista but i dont think i can get rid of it and upgrade to windows 7 without having to pay $80. 00 for the tech to stick in their copy of vista rebuild the boot sector and take my money and give me back a computer that will sadly reboot to vista.

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