Permissions For Mapping C: Drive

Home network includes a vista machine and a 7 machine. I normally map the c drive of each machine to each other with a drive letter. I have mapped external drives on one machine to the other just fine. When i try to map the "c" drive i get a permission denied. Something happens if i try to map c:usersbruce. Bruce is my one and only user and is system administrator. I have gone to sharing and set everyones permission to full control with no luck. What do i have to do to see the c drive from one machine on the other.

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Drive Mapping Across The Internet

I would like to map a drive on a computer that is on the internet. My configuration is as follows:

Pc1 <-> linksys wrt140n router 1 <-> internet <-> linksys wrt140n router 2 <-> pc2

On pc2, i have shared drive c as diskc. I have set router 2 to forward all messages to pc2 (dmz).
On pc1, i try to map the diskc share using router 2 ip address diskc. The connection fails.

My question, is it possible to do this? Is there a port that i can open that sharing uses instead of using dmz? On a related note, i have forwarded port 3389 (remote desktop) on router 2 to pc2. I can then use pc1 to connect to pc2 using remote desktop in windows. This works correctly. If i move pc1 to router2 and try to connect to the diskc share, the connection succeeds. Pc1 is running win 7, pc2 is running xp

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Problems Mapping Network Drive

So i have a client who recently bought a newly preinstalled 64-bit windows 7 laptop. We migrated his data over to the new laptop, but he requested that he be able to map a drive on his xp home desktop from his windows 7 laptop. So in simpler terms, he wants to access a partition on his windows 7 machine from his xp desktop.

So what i did was turn on network discovery and disable password protection for his network on the 7 machine. I then shared the partition he wants to access on the 7 machine giving full control to "everyone" group. I then went over to the xp desktop and went to map the drive like you normally do. Opened up the map network drive feature in xp and then browsed for the folder. The 7 machine would show up in the workgroup network, but after clicking it, the hourglass would show up and no folders being shared would show up.

I then just inputted the path of the partition something like "greg-pcdata". A prompt then popped up and so i used the 7 user account credentials and then i received a "access denied" error. After hours of frustration, i gave up. I picked it up again the following day and then when i got to the point of inputting the drive path, i got a different error saying something like "must close existing connections. Cannot have multiple connections". Something like that. I can't remember the whole message since it was pretty long.

Anyways, this where i'm at and i've attempted a couple reboots as well as checking all permissions and creating a new user account on the 7 machine to log on as that user and i've also tried disabling the firewalls all with no luck. Please help out with any advice or tips.

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Easy Transfer Drive Mapping

I am having issues with an xp-win 7 upgrade. When i use wet utility it tries to install all my files onto my small c:drive. The original . Mig file comes from a computer with c: j: k: drives. The new comp just has c: and d:. Why isn't it giving me an option to map the drives when i upgrade? It tries to install on c drive then gives up when it runs out of space.

When i look at the map drive tab in wet it says 'no drives are available for mapping. ' i have tried using the same file on a vista laptop and easy transfer works perfectly - it gives me an option of where to install my files. I have tried renaming the d: drive on my win 7 machine to m and j to see if this would force east transfer to give me an option of mapping drives - but it hasn't worked.

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Problem With Mapping Network Drive

I'm using a windows 7 professional now and i've found some problems with mapping network drives.

I'm using a network in my office and i tried to map a network drive from another computer in the office. I could do it when i was using vista, since i know the address and password of that drive, but when i change my os to 7, it is not the same any more. I typed in the address, a window called 'windows security' popes up, asking me to enter a username and password to continue.

First of all, i've no idea what should be the username, since i didn't need to type that in vista.

Second, i tried the password i used in vista, which is the password of that drive, it always says wrong password. Can anyone tell me what to do to solve this problem? I really need the network drive very much!

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Mapping Drive With Server 2003

I cannot map a drive to my server (server 2003). The error i get is that the password is wrong which it is not. Trying to logon as server. Administrator. I can even access the server remotely from windows 7, just can't map the drive. I have tried not having anything in the credentials manager and have tried adding the server administrator account in the credentials manager, so do not think that is the problem. I am a network administrator so i do know how to do this, it just is not working. Both computers are in the same workgroup.

I do try to map using the administrator user account of the server to connect with. I have used wireless and cable as the connectivity. This is something i have done a million times in the past, this just is not working. It has to be something different in windows 7. The shared drive was used on my vista machine and i know that the share has the proper settings, or at least they were the proper settings for vista.

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Trouble Mapping Network Drive With Win7

I bought a new work computer today. It's an hp pavilion slimline s5220f. Runs windows 7. All of our other work computers run windows xp. We have an external hard drive that acts as a shared file for the organization. (We are a small nonprofit and fairly low-tech. )

I'm having problems connecting our "shared drive" - the "s" drive - where all of our work shared files are kept. I've connected to it a hundred times on other computers, but can't seem to get it right with windows 7. What i usually do is right click on the "my computer" icon and click "map network drive. " Then i put in "filecabinetshared" and it asks for a log on and password. I've checked the log on and password - all correct. When i enter the log on and password, i get a message saying that "the specified network password is not correct. "

I've spoken with two different people at hp. Nothing worked. I really need access to these shared files in order to work.

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Drive Is Not Opening After Using Permissions Deny Full Control

I m myself a administrator. I have a big problem my drive is not opening. This all happened 'coz of permissions. I just have right clicked 1 drive & have gone to security tab & then edited permission in permission i ticked deny {full control} & then applied.

So now i just cant open my drive whenever is try to open that drive it is telling that access is denied. & When i m going to try that same thing & give access, when i right click the security tab is missing.

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Access Denied On Usb Drive After Removing Permissions

I accidentally removed all the access permissions from my external usb drive, after i had already taken full ownership of the drive, and now it shows me the drive icon and letter "e:", but states that access is denied when opening. Even the "security tab" is gone from the drives properties.

I was trying to change permissions to include inheritable ones, and i hit the wrong button to remove i think(i was stupidly moving too quickly through all the options, my fault), and after that i was no longer able to access the drive. I have thousands of files on this drive!Please help, anyone? The drive still shows up within windows explorer as e:, and disk management shows it as a healthy (primary partition).
Update: found the fix, thank you lord! I tried going into safe mode just in case, and it worked! Go into safe mode, and login with an administrator account. From there you will be able to right click on the drive and have the "security tab" working again, where you can take ownership and add permissions back!

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Mapping Network Drives

I'm trying to map 3 network drives on our vpn network, but cannot seem to do it with windows 7, works on xp but not windows 7. We have a vpn network between 4 office and they have there own ip range for various reasons. 192. 16. 2. Xxx is head office192. 16. 3. Xxx remote office 1192. 16. 4. Xxx remote office 2192. 16. 5. Xxx remote office 3 ( i sit on this range. But travel between all of them)all the workgroups are the same, we do not run a domain. I need to map to a external network drive that is on ip 192. 16. 2. 249 but it wont allow me to do that is i sit on the 192. 16. 5. Xxx network.

I also need to map to a xp machine drive that is on ip 192. 16. 2. 28 but it wont allow me to do that is i sit on the 192. 16. 5. Xxx network. Ll the other xp machines on the 192. 16. 5. Xxx network can connect to the external drive but not me?I'm the only one running windows 7 on my notebookny ideas? Thanks johan

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Mapping System Error 85

In the command prompt i enter:

Microsoft windows [version 6. 1. 7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 microsoft corporation. All rights reserved.

C:usersjlankford>net use * /delete
There are no entries in the list.

C:usersjlankford>net use f: \dssi1sys
System error 85 has occurred.

The local device name is already in use. My computer has the f: drive as my dvd drive, but my company uses a network drive labled f: i want to map this drive but don't know how to get around this error.

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Network Viewing / Mapping

I have three wireless pc's. One uses w7 home and the other two use wxp. All can connect to the internet. When i open the network/sharing center on w7 and click on network, i am unable to see the two xp machines, unable to see shared, files, printers and can not use network map to diagram the network. All machines use the same workgroup name.

Downloaded the lltd responder for the xp machines (kbid=922120), rebooted and still not able to view them. There is a hotfix for these xp machines re: the lltd responder. Should i also apply that in addition to the previous cited downloads? Lastly, the lltd responder download is not for the w7 machine. Am i correct about that?

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Program Permissions

I have recently purchased a new mini pc, and i have windows 7. I plugged in my external hard drive but am not able to access anything on it because i don't have permission. I have gone in and changed the security and have given rights and permissions; still no luck. Everytime i try to open something it tells me that i do not have permission to view it and then gives me the link to be able to change that, and so i do, but it still wont let me access anything. It's all there, i can see the icons and such, but i cannot view it when i click to open it; no permission.

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Security Permissions

I just upgraded from vista home premium 32 bit to windows 7 professional 64 bit. Before i did this i copied a massive number of files to a external usb drive. Once i got w7 64 bit installed and opened the external drive, where i put all the files, i can't see the files. The new w7 user is part of administrators. Administrators has all permissions set. When i tried to apply administrator permissions to the entire external drive i get nothing. How do i get my new w7 user to see all the files on the external drive? On all my external drives?

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Mapping Lpt1 To A Shared Printer

Trying to map lpt1 to a shared printer:

C:userslevanderdesktop>net use lpt1 \crackercrackermfc490cw
The password is invalid for \crackercrackermfc490cw.

Enter the user name for 'cracker': levander
Enter the password for cracker:
System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

I've tried leaving that user name blank, putting administrator in there, few other things. I always use the same password for everything on my home network because security doesn't matter that much. And, this is a machine i just installed a few days ago. I know i use the password for everything that i always use. I've also tried leaving it blank. Always get those same error messages.

I've read something about how all windows above xp, a non-administrator user can't remap a parallel port that's been assigned to a physical hardware device. And, you'd think that could cause the error messages i'm getting above. But, user 'levander' is an administrator on this computer.

When i try to map lpt2, i get this:

C:userslevander>net use lpt2 \crackercrackermfc490cw
The command completed successfully.

Then i:

C:userslevanderdesktop>print /d:lpt2 hello.txt
C:userslevanderdesktophello.txt is currently being printed

And nothing happens. I go check the printer and it's not printing anything. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? I'm running windows 7 64 bit ultimate. I can print to the printer fine from windows applications like notepad, etc.

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Lost Administrator Permissions

As no one seems to have an answer to this problem or the many other similar ones posted. I guess i have no option but to re-format the hard disk and reload everything which will take at least three days. Seems like the days of early windows are back! Can anyone tell where to go to resolve this problem?

I seem to have lost quite a few administrator rights which is a real pain. How can i reset them as i am the only user on this computer and because i have lost them i can't update my web sites. Outlook will not let me import my old . Pst file.

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Administrator Permissions / Privileges

Another new computer running windows 7. I'm pleased with windows 7 but have encountered the problem of being owner and administrator account but there are privileges not allowed. The error reads "cannot import c:usersdocumentsieopen. Reg: error accessing registry. " I have used this script before on a windows xp computer and had no trouble at all. I am asking someone to help me change the administrator privileges so i can add to the registry. Like the answers i read it is hard to believe a computer with me as administrator doesn't have these privileges.

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How To Restore Default Security Permissions?

I had problems sharing files on my network and i went to different support forums here looking for answers. I changed user permissions on my (c:) drive and tried to add "everyone" following instructions from other forum, i did something wrong and i did not fix the problem and now i just create a new one because "system" and "authenticated users" do not exist anymore. I need help to see if someone can tell me how to restore settings to default.

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Reset All User Permissions To Default

How to reset all user permissions to default? I accidentally stopped a user permission change task and now my system is all messed up, programs won't load correctly after reboot, etc. . I can't change the permissions back because it tells me that i do not have access to certain folders. When i try to find these folders to change them manually, for some reason they are not visible any more. (I have show hidden files to show them). I tried a system restore and the restore points are corrupt, so, i have been looking for a way to reset all permissions to default or factory setting if you will.

Is there any way to reset all permissions to default without going one by one?

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Security - Total Loss Of Permissions And Access

I have been trying to work this one out on my own for over a week now. I have a pretty good idea that my computer is being used through remote desktop. My administrator rights have been trumped and i can't access important parts of my computer systems. I have tried a ton of the advanced prompts in attempts to regain rights over group policy. I didn't make the disks for a recovery, i know, what your thinking but i have only had this computer a couple of months.

Now after doing much reading about the mechanics of my computer i now realize my error. Bottom line is i need to know if there is anyway to get rid of the rif raf running my computer systems. I also have had a ton of stuff installed in my system that i don't recognize at all. (In the device manager) at times i have had my internet adapters disappear and after painstaking hours finally found a way to retrieve them. I am by no means an expert on computers but know enough to navigate it well, so if someone could help with instructions on how to clear all this out.

I know how they breached my system so once their out i know what i have to do to keep it that way but i just am struggling with getting this all fixed. I don't have a ton of money or a debit card to order the disks either. So any help or advice that i can get for free would be greatly.

I am at my wits end with this computer and am about to throw it out the window not really but, i can't take too much more, it took me all night to figure out why i couldn't get online just so i could come here and get this typed out. I look forward to any suggestions.

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Folder / File Permissions In Properties Tab

I have a particular program that will not start because i do not have write permissions for the folder, sub-folders, and files associated with the program. Going to the properties tab reveals that the folder is read only. I uncheck the box but can't seem to make it a permanent change. It always comes back up as read only. I have gone into every imaginable edit/advanced tab possible and given permissions to every possible group i can think of, yet despite the fact that every kind of permission possible is enabled and visible, i still can't uncheck the read-only box permanently and i still get "you do not have write permissions" from the program. I have tried changing ownership, running as administrator, and yet no progress on this problem.

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Reset Security Settings / User Permissions To Default

I replaced my winxp computer with a new windows 7 machine this weekend and i'm still getting my feet wet with the new os. I tried to download and install a game, but i kept getting error messages indicating that i didn't have the proper rights. The solution ended up being to set the uac settings to zero. Before i got there, i made some unfortunate attempts to change permissions on the c: drive that got stopped part way through due to errors popping up.

Is there a way to set my permissions all back to default without recovering back to before the changes were made? There would be quite a bit of work (downloaded programs, rearranging files after the transfer from my old machine, etc) lost if i just use the recovery tool.

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Error - Program Doesn't Have Permissions To Modify Destination Folder

I installed windows 7 32 bit (accidentally). I am now trying to install 64 bit (from download) and after unpacking i get the error that the program doesn't have permissions to modify the destination folder or something like that. Any ideas? I also tried to burrow down into the unpacked folder and run the 'setup' but it told me i was trying to install the 64-bit version over the 32 bit version, but i thought i was doing a 'clean install' and not an upgrade.

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Mapping Network Drives On A Home Network Issue

I have two pc on my home network, one is a desktop running window 2000, attached to this is an external hard drive. The second is a laptop running windows 7. Before i upgraded to windows 7 i was running window vista on the laptop. When i had window vista on my laptop i was able to map a network drive to both the desktop's hard-drive and also to the external hard drive attached to the desktop.

After upgrading to windows 7 when i try to access the desktop or map the external hard drive i'm asked for a domain password. When i enter the user id and password of the desktop i keep getting the request for my domain password. I don't remember setting up a domain password at the time of the windows 7 upgrade.

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Win 7 Wont Recognize Unformatted Hard Drive - How To Format That Drive ?

Windows 7 won't acknowledge the existence of second unformatted hard drive. How can i format drive is system doesn't recognize that it exists so i can format the drive to be used for backup? Both hdd are identical, wd750gb. Can't find how to format an unrecognized drive in help. First hdd is sata and using 64 bit format and want to use the same for second.

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How To Make Dual Boot ? Vista On 1 Drive, Win 7 On Another Drive

Have vista ultimate on 1 drive, installed windows 7 ultimate on another drive, how do i make it a dual boot, where i get choice at startup which system i want to log onto? Can someone give me some easy to understand help with this problem, also, i can only see 4 of the 5 hd's i have installed. The one that does not show is not a drive with a system on it.

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Cd/dvd Drive Stopped Working - Drive Cannot Start Code 10

The drive did not respond in a fixed time to the access attempt 1100:012a, 1100:022a, 1100:032a, 1100:042a. My cd/dvd drive stopped working. When i attempt to reinstall the driver, it fails. On the drive properties, i see "drive cannot start code 10". I have replaced the drive, and the sata data cable, and still have exactly the same problem. I have run the psa test and it revealed the error code listed int he title of this message.

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Win 7 Fails To Assign A Drive Letter To A Usb Drive

Windows 7 fails to assign a drive letter to a usb drive (in this case an olympus ls-10 recorder). I have a plug and play ls-10 recorder. It works fine on all of my xp systems. When i plug it into my windows 7 64 bit system, "nothing" happens. Upon further investigation, the disk manager sees the drives (there are 2), but no letter is assigned. I tried assigning, but i keep getting a message that asks me to refresh, restart or reboot, none of which works. I have tries to uninstall and install the devices - same result. I tried to assign the drive letters in command mode, but i get a "no volume" error. Ny suggestions?

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Bootable Flash Drive Or Hard Drive To Install Win 7

estimating windows 7 wim file sizes - ufd too small for image. I was trying to capture awim file for windows 7 to a bootable ufd, but the 16gb ufd was too small. I reran and directed the capture to a usb hard drive. Is there a tool to estimate the ufd size required? Is the fat32 format a constraint?Can i build a bootable usb hard drive and capture the image to it so that if i boot from the usb hd instead of the ufd? Can i install from a usb hard drive instead of the ufd? Then i would not be limited to the usb size of 16gb or 32gb.

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Can't Eject Usb Hard Drive, Drive Always In Use

I have a 500gb maxtor onetouch 4 external usb backup drive that is set to do weekly backups with windows backup. This works great except that everything and their grandmother wants to spin the hard drive up whenever possible. This is not an ideal situation: with exception to backup, this drive is not used for anything. So i had a great idea, i'll keep the drive unmounted until i need to backup which then a newly created scheduled task would mount, backup and unmount when done! Well, turns out, windows doesn't think so. And this makes me a sad panda.

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