Sony Vaio Vgn-nr32l Mass Storage Controller Driver

Sony vaio (vgn-nr32l/s) upgraded from vista home premium (32bit) to windows 7 home premium (64bit). Mass storage controller-driver software not found. Upgrade has worked fine, however i now cannot use the built-in sd card/magicgate memory stick reader/writer function. Does anyone know where or how to find the solution to this problem?

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Where To Find Driver For Sony Vaio Vgn-fz470e Web Cam?

I installed windows 7 on my sony vaio vgn-fz470e which previously ran on vista, and my motion eye cam no longer works. It doesn't even seem to be discoverable. I was told that i might need to install a driver, and if that is the case, where can i find it? And if not, what exactly is the problem and how do i fix it?

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Sony Vaio Vgn-fz38m Drivers

I had windows vista premium on my sony vaio. It was replaced with windows 7 after vista wouldn't boot up on a number of occasions. But this has left me without any drivers for my sony vaio so i can't use the camera, touchpad scroll, blue ray dvd player. Do you know where i could get these drivers that would be compatible with windows 7?

I saw a windows 7 restore disk for download at a cost of 17 euro on the web address
Has anyone used this before with success?

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Sony Vaio Vgn-sz430n Laptop Monitor Dark

I upgraded from vista bus to windows 7 pro on my sony vaio vgn-sz430n laptop. Everything works except the monitor, it's dark but i can barely see the screen unless i use the safe mode. Then the screen comes up but with limited functionality. When used with an external monitor or projector i can see the screen on the external devices. I outed the monitor and let windows 7 discover the laptop monitor.

Windows 7 installed a non pnp driver so now i can't use a projector or external monitor but i can use my laptop monitor. Sony support will only take me back to vista bus and will not give me a compatible driver for the nvidia geforce go 7400. I went to nvidia for a driver for windows 7 but the site said that it is not compatible with sony. I used to make business presentations but now i can't. I need a compatible driver for windows 7 and nvidia geforce go 7400 for a sony vgn-sz430n laptop. Any suggestions?

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Sony Vaio Vgn Internal 3g Sim Card Problem

I have a fresh install of windows 7 on a sony vaio vgn-tz21wn but it does not recognize the internal 3g sim card. Vodafone mobile connect is installed, but that does not find the sim card. Is this because i need to install an appropriate driver?

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Graphic Card - Sony Vaio Vgn-nr31z Screen Problem

I have a sony vaio laptop with the nr vgn-nr31z that i upgraded to windows 7 x64 around a week ago. And it worked without any problems. A few days ago while i was using the computer the screen started to blink a few times and then it completely turned black. Now when i start the computer i can see a light is going on and i can hear from the sounds that the computer is booting normally.

I have tried to do all the things that i can do such as using another ram to see i it is a ram problem and i have used a flash light to see if i can see anything but nothing is visible. Any suggestions on what it can be and how i can fix it?

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Driver For Sony Vgn-sz430n

I have a sony vgn-sz430n laptop and when i boot i get the startup screen in crisp colors and everything is fine. When windows7 finally loads all the way the screen is almost black. If i boot up with an external monitor attached then everything is fine. I have gone to nvidia and their website says that i have the latest driver. I even attempted to install a beta version of the latest driver too but it wouldn't install. I also beta tested windows7 and didn't have this problem. The majority of the time i have an external monitor attached but when i travel i won't be able to have this feature.

Anybody run into this problem? 

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Sata Storage Controller Driver Installation

I have a fresh install of win7 prof x64 on an 17/930 system. In trying to fix a problem with media center stuttering, i looked at my device drivers and noticed that the sata ahci controller driver that was installed by win 7 is a generic ahci driver circa 2006 (6. 1. 7600. 16385). My intel matrix storage manager has a much more recent driver available from asus for my p6x58d-e motherboard.
Question - can i install the new storage controller driver now that win 7 is already installed? If so, what is the correct process?

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Sony Playstation 3 Controller Driver Doesn't Work

I connected a sony playstation 3 controller to my pc running windows 7. It detected the controller and installed the driver. But when i try and use it, it doesn't work. Any ideas? Do i need other drivers to run play-station 3 controller?

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Problem Ejecting Usb Mass Storage Device

I'm having problems ejecting my usb external hard drive. I store my music on the drive and would like to have windows media player readily have access to that library. Thus, when i added a folder on the drive to the music library on my computer, i can no longer safely remove the hard drive. Are there any fixes for this issue since it is highly inconvenient to have windows media player rescan my drive to reestablish my library? I am currently running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit if that's at all relevant.

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Usb Mass Storage Class Devices Fail To Install

I'm having problems plugging usb mass storage devices into my pc (it's a dell xps8100 for what that's worth). Existing usb storage devices in that class (e.g. I had been using them on this particular system for a while) work fine. I have an ipod 5th gen, which  is a usb hard disk from windows' point of view, and it's fine. So are a few sata hard drives that i put into vantec usb housings, as are memory keys i've already used and cf/sd card readers. But. Devices that are brand new to this system. Nope. I have observed the behavior with a (very old) ipod nano 1g, several run of the mill usb keys, and another ide hard drive in a venus ds9 enclosure. All of the above use generic drivers - e.g. Disk.sys, partmgr.sys. When i plug them in, the balloon comes up.

Installing drivers. And then it gives me the dreaded red x. Driver not installed. If i go into device manger and have a look, i always see the failed device as a root device. And usually with an identifier i have not seen before. For example, if i plug in the venus ds9-housed hard disk, a root node appears called "other devices || usb2. 0 storage device" (written exactly like that) with a yellow triangle (driver not installed). With the ipod nano. "Other devices || ipod" and same yellow triangle. Always code 28 (driver not installed) now i decided to get cute and go update driver || browse my computer. And try searching windowssystem32.

It still fails, and reports the following: windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Usb mass storage device (imagine a usb icon to the left of that)the system cannot find the file specified. Since the "file" is disk.sys, it must be there, otherwise windows would not even boot. S i said, this will also happen with usb memory keys. One more data point, vmware workstation is installed on this system.

If i have a vm running and plug in any usb storage device, it will be installed/connected to the guest os (normal vmware behavior). Under vms, the devices that don't work in the host, work fine in the guests! So it is not a hardware problem, it's something in my particular windows 7 installation that is wrong somehow. (Vms i tested were win 7 x86, winxp mce, and w2k8. Works fine in all/any of them)so. I've exhausted just about every path i can think of. Nukeing windows and reinstalling is not a viable option for me. Nyone seen similar/have any ideas as to what i can try next?

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Connect Camera As Mass Storage Class - Cannot Download File

I have a problem described in microsoft article id: 814390 whereas i cannot download an . Avi file since it is 1. 7gb. The recommended solution is: "you can connect the camera by using usb mass storage class (msc) instead of ptp. Then, transfer large files by using windows explorer. ""Well, that sounds simple enough, " i thought. I've been all around the computer trying to find some way to convince the computer that the camera is a mass storage class. I can't find ptp or msc in the computer anywhere. Even the help and support center (f1) has no record of these terms. I'm stumped. Any help on how to achieve this?

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Vaio Vgn-nw130j Motion Eye Camera Not Working

I upgraded from vista x64 to win 7 x64, everything went smooth except my motion eye camera. For some reason it stopped working, i have tried downloading the and installing the arcsoft web companion software that came with the laptop and also the new software and can't get the camera to work. In device manager the camera is not even listed as a imaging device, it shows as 5u876 device. I tried installing the ricoh 5u876 software for that device and still have the same problem.

I even tried downloading the driver pack for compatibility for windows 7 and also tried running everything in vista compatibility and nothing fixes the issue. I have searched through the forums and tried numerous fixes that other people suggested in other threads, but none of them have worked. If anyone has any other idea i would appreciate the help, my vaio model is a vgn-nw130j.

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Install On Sony Laptop Vgn-cs230j

I've sony laptop vgn-cs230j, how i can know if i can install windows 7 on my laptop? I mean if it will work and if drivers will work on windows 7? Now i've windows vista home premium already installed on my laptop. Can i upgrade it to windows 7? If yes, how?

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Sony Vgn-ar605e Graphics Problem

Ok i installed windows 7 64 bit on my sony vgn-ar605e and everything seems ok but my graphics is not going right. The drivers must not be installed for it or something because it looks like my laptop is just not looking right with the graphics and i dont see anything about nvidia on my computer anywhere. I already went to nvidia to try and download my drivers manually when i tried to install it the program said i didnt have any graphics that was capable of the drivers i downloaded.

Im sure it was the correct package and then i was told to go to sony's website cuz they give out there own drivers for nvidia. Well they dont have any information about windows 7 so what can i do on my own to fix it and by the way i have a nvidia 8600m gt 256mb.

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Sony Vaio Fw Upgrade Problem

I have a sony vaoi fw model and i applied for the vaio windows 7 upgrade campaign and got a copy of windows 7 upgrade version (my laptop has vista home premium 64 bit and the upgrade cd is windows 7 home premium 64 bit). The problem is that every time i try to upgrade i get this error "windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install windows, restart the installation" during the files expanding phase.

Anyone knows what i should do?

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Upgrade On Sony Vaio - Uninstall Welcome Launcher

I am trying to upgrade my sony vaio from vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate but it says i have to uninstall welcome launcher before it will let me continue. Where do i find it to uninstall? I have looked in control panel under programs but it isn't. Does anyone know how to find welcome launcher in my vista os so that i can uninstall it? My windows 7 upgrade disc wont let me continue till i do that

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Sony Vaio Sz491n 64-bit Support

I have once a top of the line, hot selling sony sz notebook pc i bought few years back. It's running core2duo 2. 16ghz. It's still one of the descent running notebook out there despite the old age.

The problem is that sony doesn't have windows 7 (32 & 64-bit) bios and drivers support for the sz491n and the rest of the similar sz series. It just doesn't seem right for pc that once cost close to $3000.

Could microsoft encourage sony to come up with the support for the windows 7 compatibility? It runs on it but i'll lose all of the webcam, minipci, bluetooth, hotkey controls, and wwlan etc.

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Sony Vaio Won't Display 1280x800

I have a sony vaio pcg-4e1l with the intel 855gme chipset. I recently upgraded to windows 7 and i cant get the resolution past 1024x728. I went to the sony website but they stopped supporting new drivers for this model. The screen has one inch black bars on each side (sort of like a widescreen tv playing video in 4:3 format). I have tried the xp and vista drivers in compatibility mode and nothing seems to enable resolutions that can fill up my entire screen. This is rather obnoxious not being able to use 1/4 of the screen (it is only a 10. 1 inch screen so its substantial). Is there any way to get this to a 1280x800 resolution (thats the native resolution in xp) or should i just go back to windows xp to get my full screen to show up? 

Please help ive already been up two full nights trying to get this to work! 

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Sony Vaio Pcv-rx860 Upgrade From Xp To Win7 Fails

My computer details are as follows:

Computer: sony vaio pcv-rx860 (2. 4ghz, 1. 5gb ram); no major complaints from upgrade advisor
I cloned my original hd and installed the clone and restarted machine (with win xp sp3); everything came back fine.

Inserted 32-bit win 7 upgrade disk and things were ok until it went to the "completing installation" step at which point it asked to restart. Now upon restart it doesn't recognize my hd anymore and is in an infinite boot loop). Changed bios to boot off win 7 cd/dvd and it takes me back to install. How to get out of this?

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Sony Vaio Vgc-ra834g Sound / Audio Problem

I just upgraded an older pc to windows 7 that meets all of the requirements. Everything is running fine except i have no sound and it seems like a lot of people have this problem. My pc is a sony vaio vgc-ra834g. All of the hardware is original except for a wireless network pci card that is working perfectly after i found the correct driver. The sound card is integrated into the motherboard and is an intel chipset 915 series. I can't find much else about that board online. It might be a driver issue, but i have tried downloading drivers from intel and sony as well but no luck so far.

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Issue: Sony Vaio Laptop Keyboard And Touchpad Stopped Working

I have a sony vaio vgn-nw270f that came with windows 7 already installed. After booting up, the touchpad and keyboard stopped working. The keyboard works in the bios but only then. I can use the pointer with a usb mouse and type using the on-screen keyboard but that's about it. Everything else works normally. I spoke with sony tech support and they recommended i restore my machine to it's original factory state but i would definitely rather not do that.

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Gigabyte Gbb36x Controller Driver

I ran the compatibility test for my system preliminary to doing the upgrade from my current vista home premium (win 7 home 32 bit upgrade already ordered from ms store), and the only issue i seem to have is that the subject driver requires attention and may not work with windows 7.

I have tried to update the driver through device manager on my pc with no success (it says the driver i have is best), i have goggled it and found a bunch of those drivers but none that say they are for windows 7, and i have gone to gigabyte's site, but no mention there that i could find (my motherboard is a gigabyte ga-ma-790x-ud4p). I am not even sure what this controller is.

Gotta pardon my ignorance, but i'm 67 yrs old, not very computer smart, and i certainly don't want to mess up my pc when i upgrade. Only time something gets fixed on it is when my kids come home (pretty infrequently).

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Error - Ide Controller Driver Is Missing

Error: acd4qjnb ide controller driver is missing_error: acd4qjnb ide controller driver is missing_. I have lenovo laptop 3000 n200 and windows prof 7 error: acd4qjnb ide controller driver is missingˇ i found this message when i opened system properties hardware device manager storage controllers. I am using windows 7 professional on lenovo with no problems.

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Madcatz Controller Driver Error Code 43

Everytime i plug the usb thing in and turn on my mad catz controller for the ps3 it tells me that . The device isn't working properly and has an error code 43. I've tried everything i can think of and can't get it to work i've tired updating drivers, can't find the drivers on the madcatz web site pretty much now at a total loss help please programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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Pci Simple Communications Controller Driver

Since the time i have loaded win 7, (i have win 7 professional, fully updated, core 2 quad 2. 40 ghz, 4 gb ram, 3 internal hdd seagate 1 tb each at 7200 rpm, ge force nvidia 512 mb vram) i have found that the driver pci simple communications controller is absent and it shows an exclamation mark. My system is working fine, i do not have any problems with my system, but i was wondering what is it for. I tried locating the driver from the net, but i have not been able to find it.could any of you help me about what this is, and how do i remove the exclamation mark in the device manager. Just concerned.

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Ati Radeon 9200 Graphics Controller Driver

Ati radeon® 9200 graphics controller driver for windows 7

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Ti Pcixx12 Integrated Flashmedia Controller Driver Problem

Windows 7 upgrade advisor says the driver for the ti pcixx12 integrated flashmedia controller in my sony vgc-lt19u computer is not compatible with windows 7. Upgrade advisor says a free upgrade is available from the manufacturer but i can't locate anything anywhere. Does anyone know where this driver can be downloaded from and the version number?

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1394 Host Controller Driver Quit Working

Two days ago i was going to put some video on my computer from my sony handycam minidv camcorder using a firewire connection. I plugged in the camera with the firewire and windows 7 automatically installed the driver and it was successful and everything worked great. The next day i was trying to continue my work on it and when i plugged in the camera it says i need to troubleshoot the driver. When i do that windows 7 tries to fix it and of course fails. Is this a common issue with drivers on the vista/windows 7 platform? Does anybody have any tips?

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Cannot Locate Driver Files For Ide Controller During Upgrade Installation

I just bought the windows 7 home premium upgrade family pack which entitles me to upgrade all three of my computers, i was told. I have installed it successfully on my gateway desktop with vista home premium without a problem. I anticipate putting it into my l vista laptop.

I've tried to update another xp dell desktop, but keep running into a wall. The installation program asks me to choose a hard disk partition onto which i should install the update. One of the partitions is marked "reserved", so i choose the other. But i can go no further in the installation until i locate driver files for the ide controller.

I've tried finding such files on the windows xp disk, in cwindowssystem32drivers (since that is where device manager says they are) and on the windows 7 disk itself. So far, no matter what driver file location i have tried, i cannot get beyond that point in the installation. I realized that upgrading windows xp to windows 7 would mean losing my data and other installed programs and am willing to do so because i'd like all my computers on the same os and the use of 'homegroup'. Please advise on how to get beyond this point in the installation.

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