Upgrade Motherboard - Win7 Doesn't Work

I built my own computer and upgraded my motherboard and video card today and when i went to boot it up, 7 failed to start. After running the full diagnostics and reading the advanced details stating nothing other than "unspecified hardware changes" to be at fault, i came here for answers. I saw other people had upgraded, but with store bought pcs. Other than a clean install, what can i do to fix the issue? When i go to repair the installation, it only takes me to the list of options with system restore (which doesn't work, obviously). I tried loading windows in safe mode to no avail and naturally, i did my work when tech support was closed.

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Reinstall Win 7 After Motherboard Upgrade

I just purchased and installed the full box version of windows 7 professional. While it runs fine, the performance is not where i would like it to be. I installed the 32 bit version. I want to upgrade the motherboard, ram, hard drive and processor and reinstall to using the 64 bit version that came with my purchase. Am i going to encounter activation issues as i understand that windows uses the bios as the validation. When i swap the mb the bios is obviously going to change. Your thoughts?

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Installing Win 7 With Upgrade Motherboard

Currently i am using windows 7 home premium, which was installed during the free upgrade period with vista. Everything installed fine, and since then i've changed almost every part in my computer except for my motherboard, with no problems using the phone activation service. I'm planning on changing out my motherboard, though, and i'm wondering if the phone activation service will still work when i change the motherboard.

It is still only installed on one computer, because i'm starting to get the feeling parts of my motherboard are failing anyway. Will microsoft activate windows with my new motherboard and deactivate it from my old one, or am i going to need a new copy of windows?

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Upgrading Motherboard And Cpu After Win7 Upgrade

Upgrading motherboard and cpu on a pc with oem version of windows 7 home premium after the original motherboard and cpu failed and was returned for refund. I built a new pc and activated my oem windows 7 disk within 3 days but a week later it died so i returned the motherboard and cpu that was purchased as a combo deal and now i want to get a better quality motherboard and cpu.

I also am dual booting with vista ultimate 64 since i already had it and my wife uses it with an older copy of paperport software. Windows vista is on a 1. 5tb seagate hdd and windows 7 is on a 2tb seagate hdd and would they re-install using repair mode or do i need a fresh install.

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Upgrade From Vista 32-bit But Then Motherboard / Cpu System Fault

Vista 32bit upgrade to 7 32bit then (motherboard/intel cpu) system fault so replaced (motherboard/amd cpu). Now the hard drive had vista product key previously validated and the 7 upgrade key also validated previously. Both 32bit on the motherboard with intel cpu which had the system fault so do we consider a new motherboard to be a new computer?

Is a new cpu a new computer? Is new ram a new computer? It is still an asus motherboard different model works with amd cpu instead of intel cpu the ram is ddr3 instead of ddr2. The vista and 7 upgrade on the hard drive are 32 bit. I want 64 bit 7. Do i install vista 64 bit using 32 bit product key then upgrade it to 64 bit 7 or do i get an oem full windows 7 64 bit from the seller of the replacement motherboard and cpu and memory? 

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These Programs Might Not Work Properly After The Upgrade

What do i do if i get the message these programs might not work properly after the upgrade. We recommend uninstalling these programs before upgrading in a  windows 7 upgrade compatibility report?

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Hp Support Advisor Does Not Work After Upgrade

I upgraded from windows vista to windows 7 a few days ago. Everything else appears to be working okay but when i click on the icon for the hp support advisor it opens and displays the initial program screen but at the top left it flashes "gathering information", the button at the bottom right which appears to be a button is blackened so i can't use that function, at the bottom there is "product #, product name, and serial # but all appear to be deactivated because they are gray yet they all display "loading. " But nothing is happening. The sand timer displays but is eternally working and does not change into an active icon so i can click on any option.conclusion: i cannot access the hp support advisor and need help.

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After Upgrade Bluetooth Mouse 5000 Did Not Work

Upgrade from win vita to win 7, bluetooth mouse 5000 did not work, req code for this mouse, can not find the code on this mouse.

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Anytime Upgrade Doesn't Work

Just bought a dell i580 with windows 7 home 64bit. I was also sold the windows anytime upgrade from home premium to windows 7 professional for $89. 00. After i enter the product key it tries to install for a few minutes then says upgrade unsuccessful. I was told by dell that i would need to buy a full upgrade version of windows 7 pro for $200. 00. I can find full retail version for less than this.

The full version would ven make reinstalls easier. Is this what i need to do or is there a better way?I can find full retail version for less than $200. 00. The full version would even make reinstalls easier in the future. If i buy a full retail version instead of the upgrade and do a full new install, cani the use the license from the windows 7 home premium on a different computer?

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Win 7 Home Premium Upgrade Will Not Work With Vista Business

I purchased a pavillion laptop dv9000 from hp with windows vista business 32 bit. I also purchased a windows 7 home premium upgrade (32 bit) from microsoft, intending to use it on my desktop computer, but i bought a new desktop with windows 7 instead. I want to upgrade the windows vista business on my laptop but the windows 7 home premium upgrade will not work with vista business; i.e. , I need windows 7 professional or ultimate upgrade. Already having an unused windows 7 home premium upgrade, what is the most economical way for me to upgrade my laptop to windows 7?

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Clean Install With Upgrade Media - Activation Code Wont Work

Im a student in the pitt system. We were issued a copy of windows 7 ultimate upgrade version. I have a laptop with vista on it and would be happy to keep it on there. I recently built a new computer from scratch and would like to put my copy on windows 7 on there.
Everything worked up until i got to the activation code since it was as fresh of an install as it could be. The activation code wont work though. Being a college student, i don't have enough money to buy even an old copy to install so i can upgrade to windows 7. Are there any very low cost (under $30) options in order to have my windows 7 work?

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Will 64-bit Product Key Work With 32-bit Upgrade ?

I purchased the online download of the 64-bit windows 7 but have figured out that i need the 32-bit. My brother has the 32-bit upgrade disc and i am wondering if my 64-bit product key will work with the 32-bit upgrade?

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New Motherboard

I just installed a new motherboard in to my pc and now windows crashes when it tries to start up. I understand that windows has difficulty with recognizing new motherboards when the drivers for an old one are still installed. Problem is, when i try to run windows recovery from either the hard drive it tells me 'windows failed to start' and that a recent hardware change may be the problem. Ok. So i tried to boot from my windows 7 cd to run a recovery off of that but it still gives me the same error 'windows failed to start' 

I'm a bit baffled as to how i get past this point. I have all my important files backed up on another hard drive so i would just re-install windows if i could but i can't even get to a menu to give me the option of wiping my hard drive. One of my buddies suggested just going out and buying a new, blank hard drive and installing windows on that but i would rather not. Any suggestions?

New motherboard is asus m4a785-m
Running windows 7 64bit (non oem)

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Motherboard Dead

My windows 7 64 bit system failed to boot with a motherboard failure. It is an abit board and they are no longer in business.

The boot drive is in fine shape the boot sequence fortunately did not get to the operating system bootstrap. But of course the installed system is expecting an abit board.

How do i recover with a new motherboard.

1. Do i attempt to do a repair from the windows 7 dvd
2. Or do i attempt to do a reinstall from windows 7 dvd.

Of course i cannot run easy-transfer as the original system is no longer available. My main issue (but not the only one) is to recover live mail as is with all its emails and contacts in place.

What i am really asking i think is, will a repair be able to deal with the differences between the new hardware a p45 chipset, while the system, drivers etc. , Is expecting a p965 chipset or will it just collapse in a mess. Or is there some way of pointing easytransfer to a drive other than the current boot drive.

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Motherboard Failure

My motherboard has failed catastrophically and must be replaced. I cannot obtain the same board again so have ordered one which is compatible with my ram, cpu, hard drive and other peripherals which are all believed to be ok.

My os is retail (not oem) windows 7 home premium upgrade 64 bit (previously had vista home premium retail). Assuming all the hardware behaves properly, how will win 7 on the existing hard drive respond to the new hardware? Will i have to re-activate windows and will it guide me through that?

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Motherboard Replacement

I need to replace my motherboard/processor/memory soon and was wondering if i am going to have to do a complete reinstall of windows 7 or can i just do a "repair" after replacing the hardware? I have searched everywhere i can think of on the web and can't ge a definitive answer. Currently i have a dell pentium d running windows 7 with 4g memory but since eventually the pentium d will be obsolete (eventually? Like last year!) I want to upgrade to a phenomii or i7 processor. I remember trying to do this with windows 98 and xp (and it was a major pain for both) so i wanted to know what i would be in for with windows 7.

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Reinstalled Motherboard

I had to replace my motherboard earlier this week. Now i receive a microsoft message asking me to activate my windows 7. When i do, it says it is not a valid windows 7 product. Now i can see in the lower right corner a message: "windows 7, build 7600, this copy of windows 7 iis not genuine. "It is a genuine copy which i purchased. Obviously it thinks that i am on a new computer with the new motherboard and ram which was installed by the dell technician. Dell is saying i may have to reinstall windows 7, which is not what i want to do if i do not have to.

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Replacing Motherboard With Same Model

Replacing motherboard with same model but standard intel bios, not emachines/intel bios. Will my windows 7 still activate? I have found a replacement motherboard for my emachine computer running windows 7 home premium 64-bit upgrade. The motherboard is the same as the one i have now, but will have a strictly intel bios i believe and not the emachines/intel bios with windows vista home premium 32-bit activation built in. Will i be able to upgrade to this board and still use and/or install my windows 7 upgrade?

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Activation Problems With A New Motherboard

Ideas: i actually have a 2 part question. Ok, in the last month i have purchased 4 copies of windows 7. 2 regular home, and 2 ultimate. Yesterday i uninstalled the mobo because i wanted to move everything into a different case. Now i am new at this and i didn't realized that the gateway mobo is a bxt board, and would not fit in the atx case i bought. So i reinstalled everything back to the old gateway computer. Today i ordered a new mobo to fit into the new atx case.

My first question: i wanted to know if i'll have activation problems because windows will see this as a new computer? Trying to get tech support on this site i tried to find my product key and saw that i wasn't activated yet -again- i remember activating it, and well i am also know that i should not have any activation problems. Now i keep getting the error message windows is registered on too many computers. Which it can not be!

My second question is, why can i not activate on this computer? Why did it even "inactivate" itself in the first place? Will i run into the same problems on monday or tuesday when i install everything from the old case into the new case with the new motherboard? Does that make sense? Upgrading shouldn't be such a pain the butt.

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Problem Install New Motherboard

I need to upgrade my motherboard, but unlike some, when i install it, it appears to be different enough from the previous board to just "update". Before anyone jumps, there is no oem license involved. I built the machine, and installed a retail xp, then later used an upgrade vista, and then more recently an upgrade win 7. I've tried the "start an upgrade, power off the machine on first reboot, swap board, let continue" but that hung transferring files/programs. Suggestions on how to get the os to update based on the new hal? I'll do a clean install if i have to, but how do i start it?

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Activation After Motherboard Replacement

This is a long, involved question. I will try to minimize the verbiage. A friend of mine had the motherboard on his acer computer go out. I am replacing the proprietary acer m/b with a retail (asus) motherboard, because the acer m/b cannot be purchased. The machine came with vista home 64 bit pre-installed. As recommended by microsoft , my friend upgraded via download to win 7 home32 bit. He did not get a cd/dvd. Two questions:

1-we will try to start the system with the existing hard drive, but it probably won't start because of the different drivers needed. If, however, it does start, and the drivers can be updated, will we be able to reactivate windows? The motherboard has to be replaced, and an identical m/b is impossible to acquire.

2- is it possible for him to get a cd/dvd of his upgrade now, and can that be used to do either a repair or a clean install, and, if either is possible, will he be able to reactivate windows?  

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Cannot Re-activate After Motherboard Replacement

My motherboard on my hp pavilion tx2032au was recently changed after became damaged. It was replace with same make and model by hp service center. Prior to the replacement i have replaced the oem vista with windows 7 home basic. I've done the activation and the software is genuine. Most of the drivers for hardware have been updated accordingly and the pc works fine before the motherboard replacement.

After replacing the motherboard windows 7 says my activation period has expired. I found several information over the internet that windows will need to be re-activated after certain hardware changes. My question is, will reinstalling windows 7 again solve the activation problem? If not what should i do?

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Changing Computer Or Motherboard

I get a new computer, or at least get what is effectively (motherboard, ram, cpu, hdd) a new computer every 4 years. Can i reinstall my copy of windows 7 on a formated drive in a new computer, and then have it not installed on my old one? Can i switch which computer it is installed on? It is still only one copy in use on one computer at any given time. Is it as simple as reactivating it or will red flags go up if the differences between the two computers is too great. i.e. New memory: no need for reactivation; new memory and hdd: need reactivation; new ram, hdd, cpu, and motherboard: will not allow reactivation?

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Changed Motherboard Now Win 7 Will Not Start

I purchased new motherboard. (Asus p5q pro turbo) using hard drive from my previous system, which has windows 7 ultimate installed on it. Windows 7 will not start. The logo looks like it's going to start, then it stalls. When i navigate to the system recovery options dialog box and click the system recovery link i am asked for the administrator password which i key in. I did back up my system to a usb drive.

When i try to access my system backup (one care) or windows 7 backups i cannot. Asus says i have to do a clean install and that i should contact microsoft about installation issues. I purchased windows 7 ultimate upgrade when i migrated from vista.

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Intel 946gz Motherboard Support

Whether intel 946gz motherboard is supported by windows 7. Where to get intel 946gz motherboard driver for windows 7. Audio, graphics driver and lan drivers for intel 946gz motherboard for windows 7.

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Changing Motherboard After Win 7 Installed

I have just purchased, installed, and registered windows 7 64 bit. My motherboard will only take 4 gb of ram. I would like to put more memory on pc now having 64 bit. Will i be able to fit a new motherboard with the windows 7, i already have installed.

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Will Win7 Activation With New Motherboard Be Problem ?

Bad motherboard on pc with windows 7 home premium installed: must replace motherboard will activation with new motherboard be a problem/issue? I am experiencing some issues with my motherboard on one of my pcs. It is one of the three computers i have installed windows 7 home premium (3-family pack) on. I really need to replace the motherboard to alleviate issues i am having and was wondering what obstacles i would encounter when i try to reactivate windows 7 after replacement of the motherboard.

I would like to think that it would not be an issue but i know with the windows genuine advantage  program microsoft might think i was trying to activate more copies than i had purchased. Just this week i attempted to resolve my issues on this particular computer by replacing the hard drive and going to a raid 0 setup and had to have the microsoft people help me activate my product. What problems/issues will i have to deal with if i decide to replace the motherboard? Is there a toll free number where i can call and ask these questions?

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No Sound With Asus M2v Motherboard

Windows 7 install - no sound with asus m2v motherboard - sound problems. I recently was running windows xp 64 bit when i purchased windows 7 home premium. Now, after a smooth installation, everything is working except for my sound. How can i get sound working? I have included details on my motherboard, processor, and speaker system that i have.

Motherboard : asus m2v
Ram : 6gb
Os : windows 7 home premium
Speaker system : altec lansing atp3
64 bit

It was working fine a few days ago on windows xp, now after an installation sound doesn't work no matter what. (I did hear sound from my usb gaming head set, but never from my speakers.

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Soyo Motherboard Drivers Problem

Is there any hope of getting this computer up and running? Soyo went bankrupt in 2001, so the latest drivers for my p4s dragon ultra are for xp and won't even install on my computer. I was able to get almost everything up and running without any drivers: lan, agp, pci, and even integrated audio. But i still can't get my usb ports and ide working correctly. The usb ports on the motherboard run as version 1. 1, low speed, even though they run as 2. 0 in xp without drivers.

The front usbs on my case do the same thing, but the pci usb card runs as version 2. 0. As for my ide issue, windows will lose my second hard drive, then randomly find it and treat it as removable storage. The same is true for the second partition on my first hard drive, but there is no issue with my external hard drive. Is there any place to get soyo drivers for windows 7, or is there an update from microsoft that i can download? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Motherboard Failure And Win 7 Recovery

After recently upgrading to windows 7 ultimate 32-bit, first my old graphics card melted, which i successfully replaced, and now my motherboard recently crapped itself. I've replaced it with a different motherboard and had to upgrade my ram, but still retained the old cpu. Windows 7 now won't load, i presume because the existing drivers are incompatible. I am really, really keen not to have to do a complete reinstall of windows 7 (because my wife has all her outlook contacts on the hd and hasn't backed them up and she will make my life a complete misery if i can't recover them).

However, i notice there is no 'rebuild' function for windows 7. I have been led to believe that if i delete the old mobo and ram drivers then windows 7 is clever enough to load without them and download new ones from the internet but am unsure how to go about this. None of the safe mode functions seem to allow this. I also understand that the windows oem might not accept my old product key but would be happy if i even got to that stage at this point!I'm sure i'm not the first for this to have happened. Has anyone else come up with a creative solution?

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