Invisible Mouse When In Game

I got a new computer with windows 7 pro 64 bit. After i had installed my graphic card drivers, i wanted to play caesar iv. But in the game my mouse became invisible. It was there but almost invisible. I tried a lot with my graphic card drivers. Installed ne newest version, installed an older version. I changed some settings with my mouse and i tried to use another mouse. But nothing solved the problem. For one day it worked, but then my pc installed some new windows updates and now it doesn't work anymore.

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Mouse Is Interfering With The Desktop Behind The Game

When playing a game ie assassins creed my mouse is interfering with the desktop behind the game. How do i stop this from happening. Have just installed win7 never had this problem playing mouse interfering with desktop behind game bringing up other programs while playing.

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Mouse Freeze Only When Playing Game

When i play a game, my mouse start malfunctioning and after a minute or two, it freeze completely. The game run really good, the keyboard work fine as well because i can keep playing the game, it's just that i can't use my mouse. As soon as i go back to my desktop using alt-tab, the mouse suddenly works just fine. Then i go back to my game, the mouse work for a couple of seconds then it freeze again. I cant click and i cant move it.

I used to play games before without experiencing any problems. I don't see what i could have installed on my computer that suddenly cause this problem. The problem affect all my games (far cry 2, left 4 dead 2, bioshock). I tried to uninstall all window updates and all programs installed since the first time i experienced the problem, but it didn't solve anything. Please help me. I use window 7 64 bit.

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Items In Recycle Bin Invisible

I've got 3 systems running on windows 7 (64-bits), but one of them has a malfunctioning recycle bin. When i delete an item or folder, it does not appear in the bin, while the bin itself has a certain size and appears to be filled somehow. I cannot restore the deleted items either, but i can empty the bin.

I've already tried to delete/hide the recycle bin from the desktop and i've checked its properties several times, but i can't find out how to fix it. This problem was present from the very beginning, even before i had installed other applications.

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Files Invisible Win 7 And Vista

All files on the external hd (a 500 gbmybook), thumb drives and even cds or dvds i put in the cd/dvd drive are invisible. I can see them on another machine running vista home premium. I can also copy files to the external hard drive and the thumb drives as well as burn files to a cd/dvd and see these files on another computer. So the files are there, i am just "blocked" from seeing them. When i click on one of these devices it says "this folder is empty".

Also when i plug in a digital camera, i have no problem seeing the photos and transferring them to my hard drive.

The computer is a 6 month old dell latitude running windows 7 64 bit. I had the same problem with vista business 64 and thought installing windows 7 would resolve it. Although it worked fine for about a month, the files on these devices went "invisible" again.

Is there some kind of windows update that causes this to happen?

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Nas Invisible In Network Map

I have 7 windows 7 computers networked via a gigabit switch and a verizon fios router. They all share access to an nas. 6 of the 7 display the nas just fine in the network map. The 7th, a netbook and the only one running 32-bit home premium instead of 64-bit professional, doesn't. I can access nas folders directly from the netbook using ip, but the nas doesn't show in the network map. More importantly it doesn't show as a backup location, so i can't backup that one machine.

Since the problem appears to be with the local security settings, how can the settings be adjusted when secpol. Msc is not provided in home premium?

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Mouse Scrolling Stuck With Wireless Mouse

I have a labtec wireless optical mouse for notebooks. It causes scrolling to involuntarily occur with sliders and drop-down boxes as long as the mouse is hovering over the item.
For example:

1) when i signed up to these forums and had to choose a country the mouse scrolled through the list right to the bottom without my intervention (other than selecting the drop-down box). Almost all drop down boxes tend to be effected regardless of what program it is in.

2) if i try to adjust the volume in the system tray the mouse raises the sound even while i am trying to lower it.

3) in certain programs the mouse will scroll through the page automatically. It does not do this with all programs. Chrome, ie, firefox, acrobat, notepad and many others are not affected.

4) i did not have these issues with xp at all, but i did when i used ubuntu (mouse would cycle through tabs and always cycle to the first box on the ubuntu taskbar. I had to alt-tab to change windows. )
5) when i first installed chrome the mouse would automatically scroll through the tabs to the first one even if all i did was hover over the tabs. I could could only properly select another tab if i clicked it and then moved the mouse from the tabs quickly. I did this which fixed the issue: "the document suggests changing some registry values to disable this high resolution behavior.

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Game Access

I have been playing internet games since purchasing this computer in december 2008. Recently, when i try to play games, i receive an error message:

" Access to this game is blocked, possibly due to windows parental control settings, or to file security settings. If you need access to the game, check your file security settings, or ask permission from the person who set up the windows parental controls for this game. "

We have not changed any of the file security settings nor do we have any parental controls set up on the computer.

I am the administrator and do not know why this has suddenly stopped working. I also tried restoring the computer to a previous date in the event that something had changed, but that didn't help either.

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Game Madagascar 2 Crashes

I'm playing this game madagascar 2  :d and i have some problems with it. Every time i start to play, after a few minutes it's blocking. Just crashes and i have to close it with ctrl + alt + del.

I don't know if there is a problem with the game or i have a problem with my display driver. I tried to check if my graphics hardware is turned all the way up and i went to display settings >advanced settings > troubleshoot and the "change settings" button is not working and i have the following message displayed:"your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings" so what should i do?

I have a laptop toshiba satellite a200 1ax
Vista home premium 32 bit
Ati mobility radeon hd 2600

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Wow Game And Win 7

Hi please take a peek before you say to yourself " not that old one again! " I'm running the 32 bit windows 7 and every time i open the game all i get is flickering then crash. Had to build new pc after my old love give up after 6 years of consent use that's why i'm now on w7. I have looked at every forum there is and had a go at everything so far but still no joy . I have no hair as it is and im at a lost on what or where to turn to next , any ideas please ?

Amd althlon 11 x4 630
4g ram
Geforce 9500 gt 1g

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Game Freeze Issue

I have recently upgraded to windows 7 32x from windows xp. The problem i am having is that i can't play any games what so ever. I can install and play them from 5 to 20 mins long before they hard freeze and need to be hard rebooted. I have nothing else wrong windows 7 it only happens during game play. The game i have tested this on are:

Sims 3 with expansion
Batman arkham asylum
Call of duty modern warfare 2

My computer has well over the recommend specs for all these games and they are all legal copies. I have tried a fresh install on windows, all drivers are up to date and windows 7 compatible, i have tried stopping all non microsoft programs running in the back ground and also tried with just using one monitor (as i have a dual monitor set up)

Computer specs
Intel core 2 q9450
Corsair dominator 1066mhz 4 gigs ram
2x 8800gts 640mb running in sli
Windows 7 32 bit (6. 1 build 7600)

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Game Has Stopped Working

I can't figure this one out. I updated windows vista 32bit. I updated my graphics card and directx 9 drivers. I also tried reinstalling and i downloaded it from different places and got the same thing. I also tried disabling dep and running the game as administrator. I'm now out of ideas so any help would be great.

So basically when i launch the game it instantly crashes and a window pops up that says "game has stopped working" " windows can check online for a solution. " And you can click on either check online or close program. There is also a down arrow for details i click that and it says this: 
Stopped working 

Problem signature: 
Problem event name:appcrash 
Application name:projecttorque. Bin 
Application version:1. 0. 0. 0 
Application timestamp:4a8984bc 
Fault module name:kernel32.dll 
Fault module version:6. 0. 6000. 16820 
Fault module timestamp:49952034 
Exception code:e0434f4d 
Exception offset:0001b09e 
Os version:6. 0. 6000. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3 
Locale id:1033 

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Game Running Fast

Ok, i am trying to install an old game onto my new pc. Beyond good & evil and the install all worked fine, but when i start the game it runs many times faster than it should but the audio runs at the correct rate. Not that it's possible even to finish a dialogue since a scene often ends in only a second or two, but i found this was a problem on xp and tried to do that fix at Unfortunately it doesn't work and says i don't have enough memory (i have 12 gb left on my hard drive so i doubt that) and if i run it in compatibility mode no matter what version i run it (example xp sp3) it says "xp must at least be service pack 2 or above" or something like that.

I have windows 7 with a dual-core processor.

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Lan Game Playing

I hope that there is someone out there that can help me. I am running windows 7 ultimate and nis 2010. I have the following problem. When playing lan games ( does not matter which game it is, ) i can not find any hosted servers nor connect to any. I can however connect any computer on the network download and upload to the computes. When i host the games everybody els can see me, se the severs and connect to it. I disabled al the firewalls. This problem is not just one game but all of the.

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Game War Hammer Issues

I just recently upgraded to windows 7 from xp. I play an on-line game (war hammer) with some friends and needed to download a few files from to upgrade my interface within this game. Under xp, things worked fine but here is my problem with windows 7.

While looking for my war hammer directory i found it under program files (x86) vs. My normal method of it being on my desk top or in the program file. I continue to electronic arts, war hammer on-line - age of reckoning - interface - addons.

From here, i head to the site and save the various files under this folder. I then went to winzip and extracted all of them to be used in game (war hammer). When i tried to see the files under this folder i was surprised to see "nothing" listed! I called a friend to walk me through how he has his set up under windows 7 and for some reason he has his files and mine are gone. However, there is a button up top that reads:  "compatibility files"? If i click this button then all my files show up but for some reason they can't be read in-game to do what i need them to do.

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Game Sounds Come Out Of Speakers Instead Of Headphones

Been using w7 for a while, tried using my headset while gaming. Game sounds come out of computer speakers instead of headphones but i still hear voice through headphones. So i realize this is sort of a complicated question so hopefully someone will know what i'm talking about. I didn't have this problem with xp, specifically it happens when i want to play an online game and use a program like skype.

I'm using a coolermaster cosmos tower and it has the mic and earphone jacks on the front of the case, this is where my headphones are plugged in, same as always. For whatever reason i still get game sounds out of my main computer speakers instead of the computer routing through the headphones. Although weirdly while using skype i hear the other people's voices through my headphones, just not game sound.

I'm not familiar enough with w7 to figure out what the problem is here, i've tried fiddling with the sound settings but i haven't been able to get it right. When i plug the headphones in when music is playing such as itunes it's the same deal, my headphones receive no sound and the music continues to play on my computer speakers.

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Game Civilization Ii Program Compatibility

I have the game civilization ii. It ran fine on my old windows lap top. When i tried to run setup on my new windows 7 computer i got the message "the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher. "

When i tried to run the program using the program compatibility utility nothing happens.

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Associating Game With Program File

When trying to launch ms flight simulator x standard (with both sp1 & sp2 installed) from the games explorer in vista ultimate (32 bit) i receive an error message to set a program association in set associations from control panel. As a matter of fact all the games in my game explorer display this message.

I know how to set associations, i just don't know which file extensions (or files) to associate with which programs. I associated the extensions ". Flt" and ". Fssave" with program microsoft flight simulator(followed by the little 'r' trademark symbol). I found that in program files->microsoft games->ms flight simulator it is the flight simulator.exe. Yet i still get the error message. Shouldn't it have associated itself when i installed the program from the disc i purchased?

I have also used the disc to do a "repair installation", did not improve the situation.

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Flash Game Movement Is Stuck

This problem is really starting to annoy me. For some strange reason, whenever i play any type of flash game that involves the arrow keys or wasd, the object that is being moved continues in one direction after a short time. There is nothing i can do to stop it. I have tried playing the same game on multiple web sites, but to no avail. What is weird though is that the arrow keys and wasd work fine while using programs like microsoft word and with non-internet games like command-and-conquer and world of warcraft. Please help me. I have already tried to reinstall macromedia flash player, but that didn't work.

I do have windows vista home premium

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Memory Maxed After Game Is Closed

I have found that my 4gb of ram remains almost completely used after i close the game i was playing. I have left the machine on and locked for a full day just to see if the usage goes down but it seems that the only way to return the usage to the typical 20+% that it normally idles at is to reboot the machine. Has anyone else had this issue and found how to fix it or even if ms is working on a fix?

My system config
Quad core 2. 6ghz amd cpu
4gb ocz ddr2 1066 ram
2 320gb sata hdd
1 500gb sata hdd
9800 gtx 512mb pny nvidia gfx card

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Bet On Soldier Game Crashing

I have windows vista home basic. The game im having a problem with is bet on soldier. Its compatible with vista so ive been told windows 2000, windows xp. The game will work for about 5 to 10 min. Then it just stopped and i get the little box saying that there is a problem and microsoft will get back to me. The game plays fine up till that moment. I have a nividia 9500gt graphics card and its up to date. I have also tried going back to some older drivers to no avail. I went back to vista cause win 7 was having computability issues with a lot of my games. So far its only this game im having this issue with. Would love some feedback. The maker of the game is no longer in business.

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Game Information In Games Window

The games window is a pretty nice feature of vista. And since service patch 2 my customizations are no longer being 'forgotten' which has resulted with me actually using the games window.

A nice thing about the games window is how it automatically organizes and groups games based on genre. For example, the game oblivion gets nicely tucked away in the 'role-playing' category. Warcraft 3 finds its way into the 'strategy' category. Windows does this automatically. It's helpful.

However, i can't find any way to change how vista organizes these games in the event i feel vista hasn't categorized a game properly. For example, quake 3 sits in the category called 'unspecified. ' i assume that perhaps since this is an older game vista can't find information about it to properly categorize it. Is there a way that i can categorize it? I've tried drag and dropping the icon for quake 3 to the 'action' category but that doesn't work.

A more recent title that doesn't properly categorize itself is a role-playing game called drakensang. Currently drakensang sits in the 'unspecified' category. I'd like to re-categorize this as well but i can't seem to find a way to do it.

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Game Won't Uninstall

I stopped playing the elder scrolls oblivion a while back and i attempted to uninstall it but it wouldn't let me. I needed the space so i just deleted all the data files and left it. Now i want to reinstall but it won't let me do so because it believes that it is still installed the record of it is still on my computer. When i attempt to uninstall it says "could not write license data! Please contact customer support. " And then it just exits out doing nothing. I would appreciate any advice.

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Cd-rom Game Wont Run

1st off- i hope i'm posting in teh right place. I kept lookign specifically for xp forums, but it kept bringing me here to what *looks* like a win 7 forum. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my oldish cd-rom game (temple of elemental evil) won't run. I've played it on my laptop before w/ no trouble. Installs seemed fine. But this time round, i just get the spinning disc, the drive starts humming. Spinning disc goes away, drive stops humming- no game.

Freezes, gotta restart manually. =/I've tried unchecking the "enable cds to write w/ this drive" thing in the d: drive tab, nothing. Bought 2 new discs to be sure it wasn't a defective disc. Nothing. Installed the 2 patches from the game's website. Nothing. Is there a setting or something i can try? A workaround? Maybe something is blocking it. I dunno. I'm at the end of my rope here. :(Xp, sp3, 2gb)    

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Game Freelancer Source Code

I understand that this is probably the wrong way to go about it but seeing as i know of no other way, then this seems the best option currently. Freelancer is a game from 2003 that has enjoyed the merits of a microsoft hosted 'global server' for many years. That support was removed over a year ago, though it may have been longer. Since then it's actually been the players, or the developer community rather, that has instead created a way to not need that global server, while still maintaining the same functionality in the game. Currently there is a strong developer community involved in the game, even with it's declining player-base.

However whilst a lot can be done as it is, many modifications to the game require such things as modifying the game's main .exe file, which is against the terms and conditions and so possibly illegal. However microsoft hasn't taken any action against such a thing. The only actual trouble the freelancer community has encountered in it's modification history has been a debacle involving a halo themed modification. So whilst microsoft has essentially removed most of it's support for the game, it also hasn't done anything to halt it's modification, something which many are thankful for.

Ultimately however, there are many parts of the game that most wish could be changed, but never can be due to the 'hard-coded' nature of such a thing, where the key to changing it is locked away somewhere that we either lack the knowledge, or the ability, to get at. There have been many requests for the source code of freelancer but none have come to fruition.

I understand this is due to a policy that microsoft has that it does not give out the source code of it's games or that the questions should be directed to the developer instead perhaps. The latter is impossible as the developer was bought by microsoft and subsequently dissolved. Ultimately the question i want to ask is:what are the reasons for not releasing the source code of freelancer when it has happened for so many other games, such as freespace 2?

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Game Spider Solitaire Bug

I found a bug in spider solitaire, on xp64, don't know if it still exists in windows 7. I was playing a "simple" game, and removed 7 suits of spades before trying to deal the last set of 10 cards. With 7 suits removed, there were only 3 cards remaining in play. When i attempted to deal, i got the error dialog "you are not allowed to deal a new row while there are any empty slots. "

The problem is i don't have enough cards left to fill all the empty slots, so there is no way to complete the game. I did some quick calculations, and decided the odds of this situation arising are roughly 1:100 for a simple game, but much less for medium or difficult games.

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Game Dungeon Siege 2 Problem

I'm running windows 7 trying to host a lan game of dungeon siege 2 with second computer (windows xp), we see each other fine but once i start game, i get in but the second computer does not. However, when the second computer (xp) hosts, i am able to join and we can play no problem but i'd really like to be the one hosting the game since i have more ram and the faster machine.

I'm using a linksys router and i've enabled upnp after reading a few suggestions on the internet about that also made sure upnp was running on the xp machine. I've also turned off the firewall on both computers. I've even checked the outbound and inbound ports to make sure ds2 is allowed. Windows 7 is still very new to me so if there is something more i need to configure i could sure use the help.

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Error - System Memory - When Play Game

I have frequently used the free cell game that came with vista on my pc. Suddenly started to get a "critical error" message when attempting to run it: "the system has run out of memory. Try closing some applications and trying again. ". The other game (solitaire, hearts, etc. ) All seem to open just fine, but i don't use them. Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot, repair or reinstall?

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Game Hotel Giant Ht Has Stopped Working

Hotel giant: "ht has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available", i just bought hotel giant (1) and it doesn't work. It installs fine and it seems to load but once it reaches the main menu it wont let me create a new game and it crashes.

I have windows vista and these are the things i've tried so far:-changed the compatibility to xp and 2000-copied the cd onto the computer and installed it from there-running the game as administrator-installed the game in clean boot mode i don't know what else i can do.

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Game Age Of Empires 3 Error Message

I am trying to play age of empires 3 on my computer running windows vista home premium and the program will not start. I get the error message: "c:program filesmicrosoft gamesage of empires iiid3dx9_25.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. "

I have been trying many of the suggestions from microsoft (reinstalling program, reinstalling in safe mode, updating & reinstalling drivers for my video card, compatibility issues with vista, updating and reinstalling directx 9. 0c, installing vista service packs 1 & 2) but nothing has worked so far.

I was able to play the game on the same computer which had windows xp installed (this was a different hard drive that is not in the computer anymore, and all the other hardware is the same) and it worked fine. My computer is fairly old, but as i said the game worked before the vista install. Asus a7n8x deluxe, amd athlon xp 3200+, ati radeon 9600, 2 gigs of ocz ram any suggestions are welcome.

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