Hanging After Bios Load When Restart

I first experienced this problem when i changed my os to windows 7, so i think maybe there's something wrong with my installation. But after my re-installation of windows 7, it's still happening.
The problem is, when i restart my windows 7, it normally log off, but hangs after the bios load. And when it hang, i had observe that my monitor is only black, and the light of the floppy drive is on.
Does anyone here have the same problem with me. ? Is there anyone here knows how to repair it, coz it *** me off lately.

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Upgrade Hanging For Over 10 Hours At 88%

Windows 7 upgrade hanging for over 10 hours! At 88% on "gathering files setting and programs". I'm upgrading from vista home premium to windows 7 using an acer upgrade pack, i have an acer 6935g. Yesterday the upgrade got stuck at 18% during the "gathering files setting and programs" stage. I left it overnight only to find it was still on the same section but had reached 88%. Its now been stuck at this point for at least 10 hours (don't know when it reached this point last night so it could be longer than 10 hours).

I'm a novice with computers so don't want to stop the upgrade half way through, i just don't know the implications might be but what can i do? Its been going for over 24 hours! It could be going for another 24. I tried to get onto microsoft technical support but my product key was not recognized? And it would have cost £47 to pay for support! This is very frustrating, i'm at my wits end but i can't find any help for this specific problem.

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Cannot Kill A Hanging Process

The avast! Antivirus program suddenly stopped working. I tried to kill the process with the task manager and pskill, but had no success as access was denied. (I'm sys admin) there has been no new software or hardware added recently to the system. When i restart the pc, same problem occurs again. I didn't find any way to get rid of the avast.exe file or the entire program folder altogether. Tnx for any suggestions on how to kill or get rid of the avast application. Programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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System Hanging Repeatedly

I purchased a new laptop (fujitsu amilo) with 32bit windows 7 pre-installed. Since then, i've used it for browsing and college work only, problem free. On start up today, however, after i logged into my account my desktop background had been replaced by plain black and the system ran very slowly before freezing. I turned the laptop off by the power switch. On trying to re-boot again, the start up hung at the "window's is starting" screen, progressed no further and became unresponsive. Booting into safe mood, the boot hung at the classpnp.sys driver.

I've looked online and there seems to be no quick fix to this. So, i then tried a re-install of 7 from the fujitsu-supplied recovery disc. The window's 7 options open, i choose my language, keyboard layout etc and get to the main screen. I first tried to repair the system, to no effect.

Then i looked to see if the setup would find an image backup stored on a different partion of the hard drive to the window's install. It wouldn't see the image. I then tried a new install of window's but it now hangs at the first, "setup is starting" screen. S mentioned, before this i've had no problems with the machine and on its last use it was used solely for playing music then properly shutdown. Ny advice on how to either rectify the boot problem - the classpnp hang - or indeed, on why i can't seem to reinstall window's completely would be very appreciated.

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Win 7 Hanging Error "the Computer Has Rebooted From A Bugcheck" In Hp

I have upgraded my hp pavilion slinline to windows 7. It worked fine for months. But now when i attempt to shutdown it hangs. I find this error in the logs: the computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000009f (0x00000003, 0x850e4b60, 0x82b7bae0, 0x85bd34c8). A dump was saved in: c:windowsmemory.dmp. Report id: 031310-14898-01. I am at the end of my patience with this machine, but can't see trashing it because of this. Any suggestions?

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Cannot Restart Iis

It was working before but today when i tried to iisreset, it gives me the following error in command prompt: attempting stop.

Internet services successfully stopped

Attempting start.

Restart attempt failed.

The iis admin service or the world wide web publishing service, or a service dependent on them failed to start. The service, or dependent services, may had an error during its startup or may be disabled. Following error is logged in eventvwr:

The nettcp activator service depends on the nettcp port sharing service which failed to start because of the following error: the system cannot find the file specified.
Os: win server 2008 r2 64-bit os

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Restart Loop

I did a windows update and restarted my pc as instructed and the pc just keeps restarting. I tried to boot to safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, and last known good configuration and it still loops. I finally chose not to restart after failure and got a blue screen that read "stop: c000021a {fatal system error}

The windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x 0000135 (0x 00000000  0x 00000000) the system has been shut down. "

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Problem With Restart

Windows 7 will not restart. When ever i try to restart my computer it shuts down and sits at a blank screen that will not do anything. I am not sure why this is happening obviously but i need some help i will try to provide more information in the proceeding text the best i can but if i do not explain it to your satisfaction please leave your e-mail or send me one so we can solve the problem. I had windows vista for about 6 months then i upgraded to 7.

After that when i restart the computer it will not complete the restart. It sits at a black screen and i have to hold the power button in order to restart it. I haven't tried much because i have never had a problem with this before also i have never heard of this problem. My laptop is a gateway that was pre-installed with windows vista so if this is a conversion issue with windows 7 and gateway that information would be helpful.

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Everything Changes On System Restart

Ok, i came home today to find my computer did a restart after an update. Everything on my desktop changes, icons are rearranged, fonts different. All around a mess. This also happens if i do a shut down re-start. I have a hard time seeing, so i change the icons, fonts to the size i can see and this changes. To much time to sit and re-change everything back. I saved the theme i created, the desktop wallpaper does not change, just everything else. Toolbar, and sizes of everything.colors change also to the. Everything goes back to original settings. Just upgraded to windows 7 pro after a crash of hard drive. Everything going great until this.

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Update Restart Popup

First up - i don't know where best to leave feedback for microsoft so i'm going to post it hear for now and hopefully (if i'm wrong someone can tell me where i should have posted my comments).
Second - before anyone complains that my post is about vista and this is a windows 7 forum - i'm sorry, but trail of links i followed to arrive here was.

Windows forums -> (show all vista forums) -> windows update

And that brought me here? So, i have a suggestion about the way the windows update restart dialog should work. What i'm talking about, in case i'm not clear, is the tool-tip type window that appears down by the system tray when windows update has finished installing some updates. The pop-up reminds you that you need to restart your pc before the changes will take effect and gives you two options, restart now or postpone.

What's very annoying, and needs fixing, is that the pop-up grabs focus, and more annoyingly, the buttons have short-cut keys associated with them. Now this scenario doesn't happen every-time i get new updates, but today's incident was not the first time, picture this.

1, i'm writing an email, i can type quite quickly, so keys are being pressed at a fair old rate.

2, windows update finishes installing the latest patches and flashes up a pop-up which grabs the focus.

3, i had no warning this was about to happen, and seeing as the buttons on the pop-up have keyboard short-cuts, it's a lottery as to whether i accidentally press the short-cut for restart or the one for postpone whilst typing my email. As you can probably tell, today it was restart!

Normally, i would just curse microsoft and get back to it (once my pc had re-started).
However, seeing as the current tv marketing campaign for windows 7 features some random bloke in the gym claiming to have submitted an idea to microsoft and they implemented it, i thought i'd try and get my idea included. Perhaps this has already been fixed in windows 7 - in which case this has all been a complete waste of time! (Sorry).

Like i said at the start, if anyone knows where i can go to make product improvement suggestions to microsoft, please let me know and i'll re-post it somewhere else.

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Sound Turned Off Upon Restart

Whenever i restart windows 7 (ultimate), the volume settings of windows 7 have been turned completely off. Therefore, every time i restart windows 7, i have to go down to the lower right-hand corner of the screen (to the volume icon) and turn on the volume once again. This happens every time i restart windows 7. What might be going on? I'm running the latest version of avg antivirus, by the way, and there are no viruses showing up on my system.

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Error Code 43 After Restart Computer

I get the code 43 in my computer recently. I only use my a4tech glaser x6-20md in my usb slots. My computer is samsung r560 as02. When i restart my computer it is normal but a little bit later it makes the same thing. How do i get rid of this problem?

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Internet Connection Lost On Restart

I've just installed windows 7, after having windows xp installed for the last 8 years. Everything is more or less good, however i have an internet connectivity issue (which i did not have in windows xp - so can't blame modem/router for that). Every time i would restart my computer (restart/shut down and turn back on - same thing) i would lose the connection to the internet. The network icon on the bottom right would have a warning sign on it. The way i have found to solve this is to unplug the network cable and plug it back in, which causes the connection to reappear correctly.
I have asus p5n32-e sli motherboard and have installed the drivers that came with it after windows 7 installation, i have then updated the drivers to what was recommended by windows 7 in the update service - that is when the issue began i believe.

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Restart And Shut Down Problems After Upgrade

I used a toshiba upgrade disk ($35) to upgrade from vista to windows 7. Now, any time i use "lock", "sleep" , "hibernate", close down the lid, or simply "shut down" it has become harder & harder to restart my laptop. Its a disaster & i think that the windows 7 upgrade is to blame. On restart, i'm getting a message that windows didn't shut down properly (even when it was) if suggests "checking one of my disks for inconsistency" but fails to start the process & advises me to restore my system to an earlier date which i'v tried on numerous occasions. It shows an error reference number 766f6c756d652a63. I've tried numerous sites to try & solve this problem without success. I've also noted scores of people on these sites who have had problems after upgrading to windows 7.

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User Id And Recent Items Erase On Restart

After recent upgrade to windows 7 user id's for all favorites on internet and recent items in office erase at each computer startup or restart even though the retention box is checked to retain. Is their some box that needs to be checked or unchecked to retain them. Had no problem in vista, nor xp but only since install of upgrade to windows 7. Using lenovo computer with windows 7. Would appreciate you help to resolve or advise a to how to?

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Blank Screen On Restart With A Cursor Blinking

I have a inspiron 1545 and when i restart with a verizon wireless modem plugged in to a usb port & it gives me a blank screen with a cursor blinking in the top left corner. When i pull it out on restart it boots. However, when i start it with it plugged in it works fine. I know the problem is my computer because my wife has the same 1545 and no problem. I can work around by pulling it, on restart but it seems my computer has a problem.

Also, upon further testing it is not the verizon wireless modem only , that hanged up restart. It is the fact i have 2 modems plugged in. The other is a wireless logitech mouse. When i take either out restart works. So with both plugged in restart goes to a blank screen & when i only have one of them plugged in restart works. I have disabled the usb on boot sequence and it had no effect. Any ideas?

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Dell Printer Goes Offline After Shut Down / Restart

I have a netgear 802. 11g wireless router with an hp 6840 printer & a dell mfp 1600n printer attached via ethernet cables. My various macintosh, windows xp and vista computers have been printing to these printers via wireless connections without problems for the last several years.

I got a new lenovo t410 notebook, with windows 7, in january 2010. I can install both remote printers on this system, and then print to them via the wireless router. However, when i shut-down or restart the t410, the 1600n printer shows up as "offline". I must then "remove" this printer, and re-install it (via "add printer") on the t410. It seems to lack "persistence" across a system restart with the windows 7 system. The hp printer works fine, showing "ready" status after a restart. Both printers work fineafter shut-downs and restarts on the mac, xp and vista systems. I use a static ip address for the 1600n, and have the latest windows 7 driver from dell.

One other piece of data: during the "add printer" process, the hp printer is automatically discovered, i select it, and then add it. The dell printer is not discovered, and i have to add it as a tcp/ip address, "generic device", of type "dell network printer", then specifically "dell mfp laser 1600n". Any ideas would be appreciated - lenovo and delltech support refuse to help troubleshoot- both say it is a microsoft problem.

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Aero Is Disabled Every Time Computer Restart

This started happening a few days ago. Aero was working fine, then i restarted after installing a program and aero was disabled. I ran the troubleshooter and it fixed the problem, telling me that windows desktop manager had been disabled. I turned off my pc and thought everything was good until i turned it on again the next day. Aero worked for about 2 seconds then was off again. I checked wdm in services, and it was reportedly enabled and running without error. So i ran the aero troubleshooter again and got the same message about wdm and it fixed aero. So i restarted my pc again. Aero was off again. This time i re-installed my ati drivers (i have radeon hd 4870) and checked catalyst for any conflicting settings, and restarted: aero was off. Then i uninstalled the program (easeus partition manager) that i had installed just before the issue came up, restarted wdm (aero worked), and restarted: aero was off. What's going on? Some regedit i need to add/remove? Or some property of wdm i need to change for it to work properly? Or some start-up process i need to block?

I suppose a last-ditch effort would be to doa system restore, but i've modified a lot of themes and programs since aero started screwing up and it would take hours to re-install and re-adjust my system. I don't really want to do that. Right now it's just easier to spend 15 seconds running the troubleshooter every time i start windows 7.

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Stop Windows Automatically Trying To Install Drivers Again Upon Restart

How do you install a graphics driver without windows automatically trying to install drivers again upon restart? Have installed windows 7 recently but am getting into problems with the graphics driver.

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Shared Usb Printer Won't Print Until Pc Restart

I have an hp color laserjet 1600 printer hooked up to my windows 7 x64 system via usb. Printing from the local machine is just fine.

However, when i add the shared printer to another machine in my homegroup and print to it, the job shows up in the print queue (visible from both the originating system as well as the machine to which the printer is hooked up) but nothing prints. Attempting to delete the print job just changes the status to "deleting" but the job is never removed from the queue. When the system (to which the printer is hooked up) is restarted, the job prints (even if a delete was attempted).

Machine 1: windows 7 x64 with usb laserjet 1600 (with both x64 and x86 drivers available).
Directly connected to linksys router.

Machine 2: windows 7 x86 with laserjet 1600 x86 drivers installed.
Wireless connection to linksys router.

None of this behavior was observed when we were using vista x64 and x86 on the two machines.

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No User Icons On Restart After A Shut Down With Blue Screen

Today i got the blue screen of death, my computer shut down, i restarted it, and when it got to the welcome screen there was nothing there. Just the generic w7 background. No user i con and not finger swipe icon. Any advice? My whole life is on this computer i am using a dv4t hp pavilion. I upgraded my operating system to windows 7 in january 2010. Recently i've been getting notifications about my windows 7 not being genuine. I was in the process of someone coming to fix it.

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Webcam Driver Open Fail - Please Restart Camera Or Computer

I have installed 7 ultimate and this driver stopped working, i contacted gateway support and was advised that since i did not get the upgrade directly from gateway that i had to seek to the third party vendor for help. Any advise on this?

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Laptop Screen Doesn't Restart After Shut Off To Save Energy

I have a 2 weeks old lenovo laptop g460. When i leave the laptop alone it'll shut off the screen as a energy saving option but the screen doesn't restart when i get back to it. I've tried pressing esc, power button, ctrl+alt+del, clicked the mouse, the mouse pad, the screen on fn +f2 but nothing will restart the screen unless i do a forced shutdown and startup again. Sometimes i leave the laptop alone to do disk defrag using mydefrag, i am worried about system instability in the long run in addition to the sheer inconvenience it causes. Any idea how to resolve this?

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Shared Usb Printer Won't Print Until System Restart

I have a lexmark all-in-one x1270 printer hooked up to my windows 7 x64 system via usb. Printing from the local machine is just fine. However, when i add the shared printer to another machine in my homegroup and print from it, the job shows up in the print queue (visible from both the originating system as well as the machine to which the printer is hooked up) but nothing prints.

Attempting to delete the print job just changes the status to "deleting" but the job is never removed from the queue. When the system (to which the printer is hooked up) is restarted, the job prints (even if a delete was attempted). I have been in contact with lexmark support group for a few weeks now (via: e-mail), they seem to be be stumped too.

Machine 1: windows 7 x64 with usb lexmark all-in-one x1270 printer
                 Directly connected to linksys router.
Machine 2: windows 7 x64 with  lexmark all-in-one x1270 printer drivers installed.
                 Wireless connection to linksys router.

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Install While In Bios Or In Xp

I don't know if i should install windows 7 before i load windows xp, while i'm in the bios (boot from cd drive) or should i run it while in xp, when i put in the disk it says install now, check compatibility online. On the directions that come with the disk, it says do it through bios, but then online it says to load windows xp and install it that way (where it actually pulls up the screen mentioned above). So my question is a- what is the difference, and b- which one do you use, and c- under what circumstances do you use it?

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Bios Problems

I have a compaq presario i am trying to sell, i need to wipe the hard drive, some people have recommended using dban, darik's boot and nuke. I downloaded the . Iso, and reset my bios to cd-rom through the f10 key, saved the changes and everything. However, the computer does not boot from the cd, period. Basically i need to wipe the computer, completely. Any suggestions for the bios etc. Would be amazing, however as long as all data can be wiped from the computer, ill be satisfied.

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Bios Memory Issue

I'm having memory issues; win 7 is crashing about every 36 hours. Running win 7's memory checker (f8 at startup) says i need to contact manufacturer (memory errors reported). After contacting manufacturer, he said i need to make sure (first and foremost) that my motherboard bios is up to date. Then i need to make sure other bios settings are correct as well.

In previous version of windows, going into the bios was accomplished by pressing f2 at startup; now, however, i have only 2 options when executing this procedure: (1) staring win 7 normally or (2) performing the memory test.

How do you get into the bios? Choosing win 7's help feature, it says either f2 or f12. But neither of these takes me to the bios any longer. My motherboard is nvidia, by the way. Oh, and by the way, once i get into the bios, how do i update?

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Changing Bios Settings

I have a custom built computer that has been running the windows 7 release candidate. I've been trying to install the full version but have not successfully been able to boot from the cd/dvd drive. There are two options to prompt the screen before windows starts either press delete for bios settings or f12 for boot menu. First off, i'm not sure which one i'm supposed to so i tried both. When i went to the boot menu the screen was frozen and i could not select the boot first device. What am i doing wrong? 

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No Bios Screen On Startup

No bios seen on startup - wrong resolution when finished startup but have to put the laptop to sleep and re-wake to finish startup. Acer 5920g; black screen on start-up or re-start

- 5920g
- 8600m nvidia
- 2gb
- Vista home premium upgraded to windows 7 home

- On start up no bios details and screen stays black but i hear the windows start up sound
- When plugging in the external monitor unable to see laptop screen as a selectable option (so fn+f5/fn+f6 do not work)
- Started about 5 weeks ago.

- Put computer to sleep fn+f4
- Wake up and get resolution of 1200 by 768
- Re-set resolution to 1280 by 800
- If put to sleep and re-woken no impact continues to work fine
- Tried with an external monitor and works fine – can see the bios start-up routine

What has been done:
- Re-installed drivers sourced from acer and nvidia
- Refreshed the bios (source acer)
- Re-set the bios defaults
- Got confused with some many hardware suggested issues but convinced it is not a back-light or inverter problem

Will a reload back to vista or a clean install of windows 7 solve the bios post screen and resolution issues?

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Bios Cannot See Any Devices To Boot

I performed a full hard disk encryption on my laptop using truecrypt. Now i cannot boot. Before i started i took the precaution to take a full image backup using norton ghost. I used the latest stable version - 6. 3a of truecrypt. I created a truecrypt rescue disk.

My hp laptop was running windows 7 ultimate (32-bit). The laptop contains 2 x 640 gigabyte hard disks from western digital - wd6400bevt blue scope 5400rpm - part number 591192-001 - model number wd6400bevt-60aort0. The system disk had 4 partitions before i started.

When i ran truecrypt i opted for: "encrpt the system partition or the entire system drive"; "standard truecrypt volume" i.e. No cascades; serpent encryption algorithm; the ripemd-160 hash algorithm; and 7 passes. The truecrypt program checked my parameter choices and did a test reboot without any error messages. The encryption process continued for 32 hours.

After the encryption finished with a "successful" message i was a little surprised that the program didn't suggest an immediate reboot. So i looked around on the disk. My file systems appeared normal. I was able to get into microsoft outlook and download new mail. I was able to browse my favorite sites on the internet. I was also able to look inside word documents.

So i decided to reboot. Since then i have not been able to get my system to run at all. I have had no luck using the truecrypt rescue disk; or a system recovery cd; or even the original windows 7 installation disk.

I get a black screen with a 4-5cm diameter blue disk displayed in the middle with the white letters, "hp". Down in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen it says "press the esc key for startup menu". Pressing esc does nothing, unless you press it 8-10 times, when it causes a "beep" noise to sound.

The problem is that the insyde h20 bios supplied by hp is unable to communicate with either of the hard disks or the cd drive; or a usb thumb drive. The bios program does talk to the keyboard.

I have tried a strategy to reset the bios back to default. I removed the battery and power cord from my laptop. Then held down the power-up button for 15 seconds to ensure any residual power had drained. Then i plugged the power supply back in, and hit the power up key. I still get the black screen with the hp logo and the press esc message.

I tried powering up and pressing a range of function keys.
F1 gives me a , "f1.system information" message.
F2 gives me a , "f2. Startup check" message.
F9 gives me a , "f9. Change boot device order" message.
F10 gives me a , "f10. Bios setup options" message.
F11 gives me a , "f11.system recovery" message.
Esc gives me a , "esc. Pause startup" message.
. But none of these options actually work.

To me this indicates that the bios programme is working partially and able to intepret keystrokes from my keyboard. But nothing else happens other than the whirr of my fan, the led lights displaying normally around my keyboard and the sound of my dvd/cd drive spinning up, and then slowing down again. It appears that in order to bootstrap my hard disk or even bootstrap from a bootable cd the bios needs to talk to one of the (now encrypted) partitions on my system hard drive.

I have tried re-seating the hard drive cables and contacts, and even swapping the hard drives over. I've probably voided my warranty by unscrewing the covers off the underside of my laptop to access these hard drives. I don't have access to another laptop or desktop capable of mounting my western digital hard drives. So i haven't been able to try the option of decrypting my system hard drive by that method.

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