Toolbars When Right Click On Taskbar

I just upgraded to windows 7-64 bit home premium from vista-64 bit. Now i notice that when i rt-click on the taskbar, and then select the toolbars option, i see the usual ones like the quick lunch, links, adress, desktop, but then i also see two that i have never seen before; they are itunes and tablet pc input panel.

I do have itunes application, but why does it appear as a toolbar option? Besides, when i click it, nothing happens. And, i really don't know anything about the tablet pc input - may be this later is a normal option that i had never paid any attention. I'd appreciate any help in resolving the itunes toolbar issue.

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Moving Toolbars Off Taskbar Onto Desktop

I am a great fan of toolbars (i do not like having a million icons on my desktop, and do not display desktop icons). Instead, i have (with xp, for example) created toolbars of related programs from folders of shortcuts. I then pull them off the taskbar onto the desktop to a convenient spot. I find that in win7 i cannot get them off the taskbar! I get the 4-way move arrow, but it does nothing except move the toolbar back and forth on the taskbar. I usually have about six toolbars and that is too many to have on the taskbar all the time! Sniffle, sob, weep!

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Preventing Windows To Wiping Out Custom Toolbars From Taskbar

How to prevent windows to wiping out custom toolbars from the taskbar, i have a big issue with windows 7. I have two custom tollbars in my taskbar, one to simulate a windows xp quick launch and the other to open frequently used text documents. Each time i make a change, for example in ie8 internet options and restart the computer, these custom tollbars are wiped out and disabled. This is not the first time it happens. Last time it happen after having installed a windows update.

How to prevent these unwanted changes? They are very annoying because i have to do a lot of work putting the toolbars again, positioning them correctly and arranging the quick launch icons correctly. I don't like the windows behavior consisting to void years of user's habits each time a new operating system is released and much less its attempts to reset users settings like this. Ny suggestions?

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Cannot Click Taskbar In An Open Window

My taskbar is un-clickable, i had to press ctrl alt del, so i can click the start menu and application that is pinned on the taskbar. But i can click the desktop icons, but when i open it (ex. If i double click my computer) i cant also click anything even the min, max and close buttons.

I already scan for worms, spyware and virus and it detects nothing. I already check the "regedit" and no explorer.exe and iexplore.exe sub-folders are in the folder of image file execution option
I already do the sfc /scannow and the result is no error found.

Before, a message sometimes pops up saying that explorer.exe has stop from running then it restarts but still i can able to open and click the applications in the desktop and taskbar then after a week or 2, another message is popping up pwdbnk.exe is stop from running(an application for the biometric finger print).

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Taskbar Icons Right Click Links Error

When i try to right click for exempleto an internet explorer icon on the taskbar and click to open anew tab, an explorer window opens and shows me this folder: c:program filescommon filesadobeadobe version cue cs4client4. 0. 1even if i delete the complete adobe-folder, it shows me "common files" folder. The same problem exists for many links in the taskbar icons' right click links. For exemple if i try to change my situation in windows live messenger using this right click feature, it doesn't work, it always opens this folder. Weird error. How to solve?

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No Toolbars / Cannot Download Anything

I have windows xp professional with service pack 2, and internet explorer 7. Automatic updates were turned on & i selected to upgrade to internet explorer 8. After the upgrade, everything on the internet was huge & blurry, so i did a system restore to a point before i had installed ie8. Now i have no toolbars on ie7.

No windows explorer toolbars & no internet explorer toolbars, i can't download anything, i can't print from the internet, i can not cut and paste from the internet to any other application. I disabled all firewalls. I ran spyware search & destroy scans. I deleted the registry values for itbarlayout. I right clicked & left clicked on every inch of my screen to see if i could get an option to view toolbar.

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Temporary Corrupt Toolbars And Icons

I recently upgraded from vista to windows 7. Lately when i launch an office product 2007 (outlook, excel) the toolbars become corrupt. If i mouse over the toolbar it clears up. When i close down the applications and go  back to my desktop, sometimes the icons on the desktop will corrupt. If i right click on the desktop and choose refresh, the icons clear up again. This issue does not occur when using ie or when i am viewing an actual digital picture. The issue only occurs in the toolbars. Is there a repair function or an faq that addresses this nuisance issue?

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One Click Print From Outlook

I have outlook 2007. I receive pdf invoices. With xp, i'd right click the attachment and click print. The file would print. In windows 7 rc i get a prompt "open this file with acrobat" click ok, file opens in acrobat, click what used to be print using last settings in acrobat, print preferences appear, click ok to print. Then close file and back to outlook for the next one.

The default application for pdf is set to acrobat. Please help, this is driving me mad and despite everything in windows 7 looking great this will send me back to xp if i can't find the fix.

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Mouse Left And Right Click Issue

I have inspiron 530 use windows 7, dell mouse simple small about 4 1/2" by 2 1/2 ". Problem is that left click and right click are close together so that if you are doing a left click, the right finger by reflex does a right click also and then there is a muddle of data on the screen, what solution would you suggest and if it is to do with size or any other mouse feature please tell me specifically so that the issue is resolved.

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Mouse Cursor Click Problem

When i use my mouse everything works fine and perfect. However when i try to play a game on my computer, and this happens on more than one game the mouse does not match were the cursor is. To explain lets say its a list of going 1, 2, 3, 4. Top to bottom. Well if i put my cursor on 3 it will highlight 1. So it is off by about an inch. But when im not playing a game it is wonderful
Ps- and a short question. Should i use sleep or hibernate on a desktop. Cause mine never responds when i try to wake it back up? Any ideas?

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Mouse Click Ability Disable

I have a 1. 2 year-old daughter who likes to discover my laptop whenever possible. Thing is, that she is able to disable the mouse click ability just by sweeping over the keyboard; e.g. 30-40 keys pressed for a minute or two. Things do work, mouse moves, but when i go over something, it doesn't show any change or reaction for the mouse. It is if the mouse doesn't exist in the same reality as the computer -> a ghostly mouse.

It sometimes goes over in couple of minutes. Other times it stays until i restart the whole system. Today i tried ctrl+alt+del and at first there was no mouse activity either, but ~10 seconds it started working again. Any tips? How to fix-it or know the specific reason. P. S. Windows 7 pro x64

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Unable To Click On Desktop Icons

I am recently having problems with windows 7 64 bit. When i start the pc all works fine but after surfing the internet for a while i find can't click on the icons on the desktop yet the start menu still works fine. I have run a virus check using an up to date version of avg 9 but it turns up nothing. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution other than restarting the pc? I have tried to repeat things to work out what is causing it or at what point it starts but as of yet am unsure.

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Right Click Pictures To Send Via Email

I have windows seven ultimate & office 20007 professional. I have recently migrated to windows seven. Outlook 2007 s my default email client ( i do not have any other email client). In out look 2007 i have four pop 3 email identities including gmail is my default email. When ever i right click on a picture and click send it to email client, window opens up to resize the photograph & then says to google i click ok, nothing happens. I have contacted microsoft india through email but it seems they have no answer to my problem. I had no such problem in windows vista or xp.

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Aero Right Click List Problem

I've just noticed that after i used aero incompatibility program and windows automatically changed my scheme to basic, and when i closed the program (macromedia flash 8, just don't know how to use newer version :'( ) and windows automatically change my scheme to aero, now the problem comes, after i click on any right-click list, a command i clicked still displayed, i've tried restarting explorer, not working, but it works if i re-change windows scheme and still, the problem persist. I presume it'll have something with system process and if rebooted, it'll gone but, i rarely reboot windows (usually, hibernate) if there's any better solution, please tell me, i'm in no hurry, thank you very much and, sorry again

Here's some screenshot that might help:

http://img688. Imageshack. Us/img688/3482/ss1dd.jpg
http://img709. Imageshack. Us/img709/4031/ss2c.png
http://img51. Imageshack. Us/img51/2575/ss3y.png

P. S. The problem comes just once for each time i change scheme. (Meaning it shows only one place. )

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Modify Right Click Menu For All Files

How to modify the right-click menu for all files. I want to have the command "open with notepad" available for all files.

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Programs Do Not Start When Click Open From Menu

Programs don't start when you click "open" but do when you click "start" from the menu.

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Program Will Only Start If Right Click And Run As Administrator

Program will start from a shortcut on the desktop if i right click and run as administrator. If i just double click it's not allowed to run. This is one of the biggest complaints i had with vista, now it's starting to pi@@ me off all ready. The program is vectorvest prographics 6.

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Whenever I Click Any Video Online The Browser Freezes

I have windows 7 professional and whenever i click any video online the browser freezes and only way to close it is shut the program down as it just freezes up and program says not responding. It does the same thing in both firefox and microsoft explorer. I am not trying to watch it with any unusual media players and it does the same thing even when i went directly to youtube and tested opening any movie as i figured youtube is the most common video site/file format so if i cant open youtube i have a problem.

I bought this computer 1 month ago and haven't installed any media players and the only software i installed/updated since purchase that runs thru the internet would be acrobat, picassa, quicken, and filezilla ftp. I have the most current updates versions of microsoft windows 7 os, windows explorer, and firefox . What is going on ?

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Right Click Explorer Crash Win7 X64

I am having an issue with windows explorer crashing after right clicking. This only seems to happen after my computer is on for 10+ hours continuously, and restarting the computer fixes the problem until another 10 hours has passed.

Currently using windows 7 ultimate x64. I've been doing some research and some think it is the antivirus. While using the x64 rc i had the same problem with avg. Now that i'm on the retail version i get the same problem with microsoft security essentials, so really i have no idea what is causing the problem.

I just installed the retail version yesterday, so i don't have many programs installed. Just firefox, feeddemon, itunes and ms office, all with the latest updates.

System specs, if it helps:

Dell xps 410
Windows 7 ultimate x64
Intel pentium d 820
768 mb nvidia geforce 9600 gso
4 gig ram

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Media Player Stops When Click / Drag To Second Monitor

When playing music or a music video in media player on windows 7 it stops when you click and drag the player to a second monitor. I had dual monitors before on vista and never had this issue. I have an older but still good creative soundcard xfi fatal1ty pci card.

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Dell Vostro 1520 - Disable Tap To Click

Need to disable "tap to click" on dell vostro 1520 laptop w/windows 7. All current drivers.

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Can't Click Icons After Upgrade To Office 2010

I recently moved to office 2010 (from 2007). No problems with the process, and the office programs work fine. However, now when i start the pc and get to the windows logon screen (i have three user accounts set up) i can't click on my own logon icon. If i hit enter i get to my wife's logon (she's the first icon, reading from left to right). From her account i can then log off, come back to the logon screen and every-thing's fine.

I've also discovered if i use the keyboard i can arrow to my icon, hit enter and get my password prompt. Possibly related: there's also a very intermittent (and hard to describe) problem where when i click within a running application/window, or even on the windows start button, the behavior is like sending that window or application to the back - it doesn't register mouse clicks, and i have to alt-tab tp bring it back to the 'front' so i can use the keyboard instead.

As far as i can see the mouse is fine, and i plugged another mouse in yesterday and got the same results. As i say, this is very intermittent but i hadn't seen it before going to office 2010.system is a dell xps-710 with 4gb ram running win 7. Video is nvidia geforce 7900 gtx; sound is soundblaster x-fi.

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Media Center Has Stopped Working When I Click On Internet Tv

Windows 7 pro, windows media center has stopped working, tried the %systemdrive%programdatamicrosoftehome solution and this wouldn't work still have the same problem, it happens when i click on internet tv.

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Disabling Tap Click For Touchpad During Remote Desktop Fullscreen

Few things are as irritating when tap click decides to randomly click when i am typing an email or some document. I disabled this functionality on my laptop already but when i remote desktop through my laptop the "feature" turns itself on within the remote environment. How can i disable it on the remote environment?

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Dvd Rom Icon Doesn't Show Up When Click On My Computer

Windows 7 was installed on my pc . The dvd-cd-rom icon doesn't show up when i click on my computer. I only see the c-drive and the floppy disc drive. How do i trouble=shoot this? I tried the microsoft diagnostic tool in network/security on the control panel. The icon temporarily showed up, then disappeared. Any suggestion would be appreciated - i've gone back to school to learn about computers, and right about now i feel as if i've stuck my head in a blender and hit the power button.

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Mouse Double-click Doesn't Work To Open Programs

Left double clicking my mouse doesn't open my programs any more used to but not now, now l have to right click and open.

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Internet Has Stopped Working When Click On "printer Friendly Versions"

When i click on "printer friendly versions" i get the following "internet has stopped working" . I never get the printer friendly version. I also am not able to print e-mails when i just click on the printer icon. If i go to file and then print i can print the whole page, but of course that's including all the sidebar junk and not the full e-mail message.

I am also getting the "internet has stopped working" message when i click on a link on a website, however, then i still get the link.

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Shortcut - Right Click - Properties - Target - Can't Type Into Target

I just purchased a dell netbook, with windows 7. I am installing a game called guild wars. As most fans of the game know, you can download the entire game client and updates, by adding the command -imag at the end of the "target" under properties after right clicking on the guild wars shortcut. I was successful on installing the game, but i can't type in the "target" box in order to type -imag at the end of the directory (c://. -Imag) if anyone can help me with this problem i would really appreciate it. Once again the question is, how do i make it so i can actually type in the "target" box?

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When Click A Drive Message Says " No Association "

When i double-click any drive from the "computer" menu, it brings up the windows 7 "no association" dialog saying that the program has no default association. When i go to right-click the a drive, instead of displaying "open" as the first option in the context menu, it lists "cmd" which is obviously the command prompt. Can anyone assist me in making it go back to normal? I believe it's a registry entry that is causing the issue, but i don't know where to look in the registry. I believe the issue was caused by a virus. I'm not too sure.

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Taskbar Bug

Found a small bug in the highlighting of applications on the taskbar. Tested with windows explorer, haven't tested any others. Always reproducible on my machine.

Open two windows. Show the previews by mousing over the icon. Mouse over one of the windows, and hover over the close button. Once the window comes to the front, close it using the close button on the preview, then move your mouse off the preview so that the preview will close soon. The highlight stays on the icon no matter where you move the mouse, until you focus another window or mouse over a taskbar icon again.

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