How To Sync Folder On Pc With Folder On Flash Drive ?

I would like to be able to sync a folder on my flash drive with a folder on my pc. Is there a way to do so? Basically i would love to plug my flash drive in, right click a folder and sync it with one on my pc.

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Moving Photos From Folder To Flash Drive

Windows 7 does not have the same drop down picture tasks as xp. The option to move a photo is not listed. Do i therefore have to copy. Paste and delete? Seems not as easy as xp menu.

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Sync Playlist To Flash Drive

Is there a way to sync a play list to a flash drive, they play that play list on another pc using wmp-12? When i sync a play list to a flash drive, the play list is not carried with it. Just copying the play lists to a matching folder on the flash drive does not seem to work. It would also be nice to have an option to carry album art with the sync too.

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Folder Access Denied - Cant Delete Folder

Folder access denied

You'll need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder

Continue skip cancel

- I click continue and i get:

Folder access denied

You require permission from laptop/chris to make changes to this folder

Try again cancel

- I am laptopchris! (My username is chris on the login screen so i presume i am laptop/chris). Do i have to have permission to do something on my own computer? It's my computer! Im a newbie when it comes to windows 7. Windows 95, 98, 98se, me, 2000, xp im more advanced in, with vista im slightly there.

I have tried numerous attempts at the silly take ownership thing but it seems to have failed. The message i get up when applying the new settings is:

Error applying security information to :


Access is denied

This is rather frustrating - am i doing something wrong? Would someone please provide simple, easy to follow, accurate steps to take ownership and provide me with a solution or better, a fix, if this doesn't work?

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Live Mail Folder Relocation To Drive D

Drive c is for the os only, and is replaced with a new image daily. Ms outlook would let me direct the pst data file to the d drive, and so it was not affected when drive c replaced with new image. I wish to do this with live mail and live calendar. I see the folders i need to move are: windows live contacts, and windows live mail, located at: usersappdatalocalmicrosoft.

I did move these folders to the d drive using windows explorer, but when live mail is started, it just re-creates the folders back onto the c drive.

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Cannot Access Dvd Drive Which Is Shared As A Folder

I wanted to take some files from a dvd and copy and share them, i accidentally instead of copying them to a folder, i turned the dvd drive into a folder and now, i can't access it. It shows the name of the current cd in the list, but i get an access denied window every time. I tried to uninstall the drive and then reinstall, but same result, i've tried to unshare it, but still nothing, i have win 7 ultimate on an i7 920 x58 mb with 6 gig ram

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Cannot Delete Folder - Folder In Use

7 home premium - standard user. I created a folder on my desktop for the sole purpose of exporting emails from thunderbird in eml format, changing them to nws format and dragging them into windows live mail. The folder is empty and no program is using it. On trying to delete it i get the old "folder is in use" message. How the *%&£ is an empty folder "in use"? How do i delete this?If you find my response helpful, please click on the "vote as helpful" button!

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Host Program Files And Users Folder On Different Drive

Does anyone know of a way i can 'host'(maybe the wrong term) my program files folder on a different drive? My setup is a 30g ssd(windows) and a 2tb raid(partitioned d:/ e:/ f:/)

I know you can mount partitions in empty ntfs folders, but is there a way to mount them as the program files folder? Same with users folder so windows acts as though that is the folder?Why wont this f*n thing work.

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Can't Access Root Folder Nas Drive

Since i upgraded from vista to windows 7 i can't access my root folder on my network drive (nas) anymore. In vista when i choose network it displayed me all networks including my nas drive, there i could select it and it would forward me to the nas root. In windows 7 it doesn't show me to nas and if i tell to go to root likezelst it will give me a permission / access error. The only way for me is to map a sub-folder on the nas directly likezelstfolder1 etc. I wanna know if i can make windows 7 show me my nas drive again and being able to access it's root folder.

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Recycle Bin Folder On External Hard Drive

I received an external hard drive with data for processing. One of the folders on the hard drive is named $recycle. Bin properties of the folder show that the folder contains 56 files, but i can't see them. It also appear to display files that in my recycle bin on c drive. I tired to remove hidden attribute from the folder with no success. I also tried method described in the following article:  and received "not setting hidden file" message.
I have windows xp professional version 2002 service pack 2.

Please kindly advise how i can access files in the $recycle. Bin folder.

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Empty Backup Folder On External Hard Drive

This is regarding windows 7 home premium. I recently discovered the files created on my external hard drive by windows automated backup utility are empty. The backup utility continues to apparently create backups: the external drive lights up to indicate activity when the "backup in progress" symbol appears in the notification area of the taskbar.control panel>system and security>backup and restore shows a backup size of 92. 24 gb and verifies the backup location as the external drive.

The external drive itself appears to be working fine: i can move other files, such as outlook backups, to the drive and verify their file size. There are two backup-related file folders on the external drive, one with the name of the computer and the other named windowsimagebackup, which was created about two minutes after the first. But both are empty.

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Weird "cmd" Option In Drive/folder Context Menu

Recently i've noticed a weird "cmd" (as is) command has appeared in drive/folder context menu. After pressing it i'm getting an "this file does not have a program associated with for performing this action" error. All efforts to remove this eye-nagging issue, using both regedit and various 3rd party context-menu editors, have failed. Any ideas why this might have happened?

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"old Windows" Folder On Hard Drive After Upgrade

"old windows" folders on hard drive after upgrade install of windows 7. After installing an upgrade package of windows 7 premium over the top of vista premium i have quiet a large chunk of hard drive taken up by ' windows old ' folders, is it safe to delete these folders? The full package was installed as a clean install and the windows 7 installed straight after.

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Ignored Folder

I am using win7 ultimate. I have a folder named "ignored" which has over 250, 000 files and they are all windows live contact folders. On my c:/ derive under users/guy/contacts/email removed for privacy/ignored/ i have over 250, 000 files that appear to be windows live contact files. There size is listed as 0 bytes and all 250, 000 of them take up less than 100 mb but when i backup my computer they come along and take up a lot of time. Can i just delet them? I don't see why not.

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Windows.old Folder

After upgrading my laptop from windows vista 64 bit to windows 7 64 bit, i noticed that i have a folder on my c: drive called windows. Old. I was wondering if i can delete this folder as its taking up almost 50 gigs of hard-drive space that i would love to get back. My problem is, if i delete this file will my laptop become unstable?

If i can, how would i go about deleting this folder without deleting anything that is outside this folder? When i did my upgrade i used the windows easy transfer and still have the file that it created backed up on am external hard-drive.

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Where Did Folder List Go?

I just received my new windows 7 computer in early april. I want to organize my files in folders and create new folders that make sense for the things i do and ways i use my computer. I went to windows explorer and there was nothing like that in there. I found the "where did the folder list go?"  Area in the help files. I tried to follow the instructions, but i do not get results like those pictured in the help file. I was able to get a navigation pane, but that does not help me much if it does not let me navigate through my "local disk (c:)".

The picture in the help file shows that it would do that. I want a folder tree so i can see what folders are already there, and make new folders in places that make sense!  I do not like to put stuff on my desktop wall paper. I only want important applications i use regularly there and i do not like clustering it up with files and folders. There is also other junk in the navigation pane like a "downloads" folder that does nothing to show me where it is located. I cannot even e-mail a file because i cannot find it, since i do not have a folder list. I can work from there if it will just show me where it is on the tree!

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Folder Keeps Opening Up

Every time turn on my computer, the c:windowssystem32 folder automatically opens (full screen). Under one user account, it opens up completely, under another user account it doesn't open up but an error message opens up (about 5 or 6 times) saying that the folder should be associated with another file. This leads me to believe that the desired setting to change is in the user's settings someplace but i can't find where. Or i am wrong completely.

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Folder Positioning

Having recently upgraded to windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, i've run into a couple of issues that i really miss in my windows vista and windows xp machines and wonder if it's possible to get the functionality back. Let me begin with a little background. I work with 4 30 inch monitors and with the desktop stretched across all 4 monitors which allows me to pre-position various windows and applications so that when i turn on the computer, outlook will land on the 3rd monitor, internet explorer and microsoft word 2007 will share the 2nd monitor etc. I should probably also mention that i work completely hands-free and wrote 90% of the commands i use in knowbrainer (naturally-speaking third-party command utility).

1. I've noticed that when switching to microsoft word, outlook and excel, that windows doesn't remember the size although it does remember the correct monitor and position. To make matters worse, when switching to a different application, using naturallyspeaking voice commands, the window returns to its original size and i have to resize it every time i switch to the app.

2. This question may be related to the 1st. Because i have 4 monitors, i like to open folders in specific positions on the 4th monitor. In both windows vista and windows xp, the operating system would remember each folder's position and i typically work with the same 3 or 4 folders. Unfortunately windows 7 only remembers the size and position of the last folder which i find inconvenient in my workflow. Switching to windows xp emulation is not an option as naturallyspeaking will not accept it.

I would greatly appreciate a solution if anyone has found a workaround for these 2 problems.

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No Startup Folder

Recently, i put a program in the startup folder in

C:usersadminappdataroamingmicrosoftwindowsstart menuprogramsstartup

I later decided that i didn't want the program to startup every time i log on, but instead of deleting the program i accidentally deleted the startup folder instead. The folder is no longer in the recycling bin. Does anyone have any idea of how to replace my startup folder because i would really like to put some programs in there.

I've tried using task scheduler, but didn't find it to be very effective. What i really need is a new startup folder.

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New Folder Problem

I am experiencing a problem when i create a new folder. I go to an open space in my computer, right click, and click new folder, a new folder appears, as expected, but the problem is that in the new folder, there looks like there is a picture, but when i go into that folder, there is nothing, (and that is what i expected, as it is a new folder). My goal here isn't to restore what was in the folder, (as there isn't supposed to), but to eliminate the supposed image that windows thinks is in the folder. I think this happened when i messed with the folder options, but i'm not sure. I can live without it, but it's very annoying.

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Unremovable Folder

I have a problem with a certain folder: i can't remove it. That is not the only thing weird about it: it has no date created, modified or accessed, it cannot be shared (because it doesn't exists apparently), you cannot view the folder rights, if you copy a file into the folder you 2 of them (with the same name) and it does some weird stuff when you try to delete the file. To prove my point i captured it all. You can view it here: but the question off course is how do you delete it? I already did a checkdisk. The folder was originally created under my windows xp but since i bought a new computer the drive was moved into that computer. I now run windows 7 professional.

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Vm Folder On W7 Desktop Help

I have installed a hp color laserjet 2840 mfp inside xp vm as there are no drivers or support for the scanner and fax features for this mfp under windows7 x64.

While inside vm, i have created a folder on the desktop called "scans". All scanned in documents are directed to this folder.

I want to link (shortcut, etc) this "scans" folder on my windows7 desktop, and other pcs on the network for that matter.

All attempts map, shortcut, or otherwise link any workstation to this folder have failed.

Attempts to "push" this folder out to the workstations have also failed.

Do you have any ideas?

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Folder Are Created With Same Name

We are upgrading from windows xp to windows 7. We have a fileserver (running server 2003 sp2) where our users' documents are stored. We configure the user's folder with their last name, such as smith. After we complete the configuration of the windows 7 computer, i notice that the folder name on our fileserver has changed, say to jones, but the share name is still smith. So i have multiple folders on our fileserver with the folder name of jones. I have noticed this issue on all of our windows 7 users.

Do you know how i can resolve this issue?

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How To Organize All Programs Folder ?

Xp allows you to arrange programs into categories that show up in the "all programs list. How can i organize programs in win 7.

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Moving My Documents Folder

Shortly after installing win 7 64 i moved "my documents" by some simple method i don't now recall (it was 6 months ago). I need to correct the situation now. Sometimes i have software installs fail because they are looking for h:my documents and it no longer exists. I have also removed hard drives since then. I also want to setup for a ssd drive keep the os and program folders on c: but data on a different drive. I still have c:usersbmacdmy documents right click doesn't show the location and move option. Permissions shows i have full control and i am an administrator on the system.

My registry shows entries like this for my documents personal reg_expand_sz h:my documents bruce but like this for others my pictures reg_expand_sz%userprofile%pictures i no longer have an h: drive but have all my data stored on f: in the root. Can i search and replace my registry and replace h:my documents bruce with f:?

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Redirect My Documents Folder

I did as i found to redirect my documents to an alternate location on my drive "c" and something strange happened ( windows 7 home premium) went to usersyourloginnamedocuments/properties/location tab/move and the chose a target folder "esteban" which i had created before.

Now the strange stuff, the folder "esteban"was replaced by "my documents" in the new location and is now not visible. Basically what win 7 did is not only point to the new folder but replace it.
This behavior i did not see in win xp in which the folder would remain even though my documents pointed to it.

I tried to backtrack and redo everything. I restored the default location of the my documents folder and now i noticed that the new folder that was created before in "c"is still there and now it can't be erased, so back to scratch. I'd appreciate your comments.

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Folder / File Sharing

I'm new to windows 7 and i'm getting very frustrated. I have 2 user logins on the same laptop, one for me and one for my wife and i want to share folders and files with the other user. For instance all my photos are stored in my pictures on my login and i would like to share this folder with my wife's login. I have tried all the "share with" options but noting seems to work. They all talk about sharing on a home network but i don't have a network, only one laptop. Please help before i blow a fuse!

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Adaptive Folder Sizes

Can someone tell me how i can make folders, once resized to display their icons, re-open at that size ? For example, i have several folders on my desktop, each with shortcuts to related programs. Some have a few icons, others many. When i re-size one of these folders to display the all its icons, all the folders take on this size, regardless of the number of shortcuts in it. I'd like the folder with 3 icons to open small, but showing all three, and the folder with 15 shortcuts to open to a size that shows all its icons. Seems i saw a registry hack that would do this sometime back, but i can's find it now.

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My Documents Is Hidden In Another Folder

In vista they changed things so i couldn't find my documents without opening another folder called "documents. " In windows 7 it's now been renamed "my documents" but that's still hidden in another folder. I'm having trouble finding things quickly because of all these "improvements. " What is everyone doing to quickly find things in the "my documents" folder? It doesn't look like i can even change the icon to something that'll stand out for me.

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Cannot Customize Folder Icons

I am trying to change folder icons on an external hard drive using win7 32-bit home. I have verified that my uac is an administrator. When i right-click on the folders the read-only box is solid green (don't know why) so i click on that and tell it to un-protect everything. Whether i also change the folder icon in that session or let it un-protect and then change the icon never changes and the protection box is back to green. I do get told, and hit continue, that i need to grant permission for the action to occur. Any ideas?

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