Missing Power Management Tabs

After upgrading to w7 from visa i can no longer wake laptop[h. P compaq presario v6000] from sleep using usb op mouse or op keyboard. No power management tabs are available for them in device manager. Under usb root hub power management unchecked 'allow computer to turn off this device' but 'allow this device to wake up computer' is greyed out. There is no option in bios to alter power settings[infact very little in way of any options] but it worked in vista so dont see this could be a problem. Also put w7 on my home build desktop with no similar problem. Any suggestions?

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Power Management Tab Missing

I just reinstalled windows 7 home on my tablet pc, the hp tm2t. Since i switched my hdd to an ssd. However, as i'm setting the tablet pc's multitouch function so that it would be responsive after idle (before my reinstall, i could uncheck "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"), i realized the power management tab in device manager isn't there anymore.

The item i'm looking for is under the human interface devices -> usb input device (it's not specified, but this device manages the multitouch for my tablet). I still see the power management tab for my wireless card, biometric devices (fingerprint reader) and some other usb root hubs. Does anyone else have the same problem? Or know a fix?

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Nic Power Management Changes After Reboot

We are running windows 7 enterprise, fully patched on dell optiplex 745, 755, 760, and 980 computers and i can duplicate this on all of them. I go into device manager -> network card -> power management. Check the boxes that we want. Close device manager. Reopen device manager to check that the change took. It did. Reboot. All power management settings for the nic are now unchecked. Normally we run a script to do this, but it doesn't matter whether you make the change via script or by hand, the power management settings always revert back to all three boxes unchecked after a reboot.

As long as the computer isn't rebooted or shut down, the setting sticks for at least several days, the longest time we've tested. I found one thread that said this was a known issue, but the link to the page came up 404. Any ideas? Here's the script, but like i said, it doesn't matter whether by script or by hand. On error resume next

Const wbem flag return immediately = &h10
Const wbem flag forward only = &h20

Arr computers = array(". ")
For each str computer in arr computers
    Set objwmi service = getobject("winmgmts:" & str computer & "ootwmi") 

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Power Management For External Hard Drive

I use my computer to record broadcast tv show everyday. That man i have to leave it on all the time. With win 7's power management, it goes to sleep after a few minute of inactivities. But my external hard drive stay on all the time. Is there any way i could set to make my external hard drive goes to sleep at the same time as my computer does?(My external hard drive is home made, that mean i bought an enclosure and add a hard drive in with usb/esata connection). I have another computer that have a 2tb seagate external hard drive that come with the software that would goes to sleep when the computer idle.

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Power Saver Issue With Printer Reduced Power

After a recent update on windows 7 in which there is a power saver, i can no longer get my laser printers to work because of the reduced power. How can i fix this ?

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Tabs Will Not Open

I disabled windows live messenger, because it continued to pop up even so i don't want it to. Why is this such a pain? Another thing is the tabs. Most of them will not open for me. I have to work around wherever i want to go so i can open this page and it does not open. For instance, when i want to send an invoice to my customers for their purchase. I click to send it, but not able to. The new tab tries to open, but fails every time. This is happening on just about every page i try to open.

It will open a new page, but, that's the extent of it. So, i try to find another way to open it. Sometimes i have to copy and paste the address of that particular page. If i do get to it, i then try to open that page and the same thing happens. It's a big mess and taking too much of my time. It can get pretty much confusing after awhile with all these blank pages that will not open.

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Ie8 Crashing Tabs

Im running windows 7 on a standard machine, with ie 8 obviously but just the last couple of days when i start up ie it closes and then says its recovered a tab and give the same code in the address-bar "res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#, " and it will do this every 5 seconds and then it will keep adding "res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#, " to what ever is in the address bar, so if ope ie 8 and i leave it for half a minute it gives me "res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#, res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#, about:blank" don't know what went wrong.

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Ie8 Opening Tabs

I was recently installed ie8 on my laptop, which i had avoided due to my dislike of the tab group system, but since (to my knowledge) ie7 doesn't have browser recovery i was fed up with it crashing and causing me to lose my entire session. So i installed ie8, figuring i could probably disable tab groups in the settings or something, and i was pleasantly surprised that i could. However i found that once i had disabled tab groups, whenever i open a new tab it opens at the far end of the currently open tabs.

When i open a new tab with groups on though, it opens up any new tab at the far end of the group, which is only slightly less annoying. I liked how in ie7 any new tab was opened next to the tab it was opened from, instead of at the far end of all currently open tabs. So i want to know if it is possible to replicate these settings in ie8, or if i should just switch back to ie7.

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How To Display Multiple Tabs?

When i'm in ie and open a webpage, it loads to the first tab on the left side right below the tool bar. Id i go to my favorites and open another website, the first tab is now the second website instead of just creating another tab so i can switch back and forth between the two (or more) websites. The only way i found to get more than one tab is to do a ctl+t and then i get a "what do you want to do next?" Box. Is there a setting that i can change so that the second, or more, websites automatically open into a separate tab?

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Control Panel Tabs Are Gone

When i press ctrl + alt + delete, i go into my control panel. Yesterday, i did just click on a tab(you know, there are tabs, like process and everything) i clicked processes, and all my tabs are gone now i cant get them back. I only see a tab with services only, and it only shows that.

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Ie8 Not Able To Load Tabs Webpage

Alright, this is the problem i'm having. When i open a link in a new tab, it never loads, this happens in all cases. What it does is it sits there with the spinning circle icon but never loads. If i copy the link manually into a new tab, or tell it to open in a new window it loads fine. This only happens when i use the ctrl+click technique or if the link automatically opens itself in a new tab (as it should do b/c of my settings). Please let me know if it is still unclear as to what is happening.
I have so far ran an avast virus scan as well as a spybot sweep, both have come up with no problems.

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Opening Different Email Accounts In Ie8 Tabs

My internet browser was changed to explorer 8. I don't know how i can explain this problem better. Before i had this new browser, i can work on two different gmail accounts by opening two different explorer windows (not tabs). But now that i got this new one, i can't do this anymore. Everytime i open a new window and go to gmail, the email i was working on the other window opens up and if i log off that account, the other window will do the same. I want it like before. How can i bring this back?

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Pinned Ie8 Tabs Works Differently

My son asked me to make his ie8 pinned thing (no idea what they should be called now) behave like mine. But then i noticed that what he liked is only working on my web account not my main account. So, on the limited web account the ie8 icon that is pinned will open a new instance of ie8 for every left-click. On my main accound and my sons main account left-clicking will only show/hide toggle the window. We can find no property or task bar setting that will change this effect.

I did stumble onto a work around to use the middle mouse button to open multiple instances. But i am puzzled as to why what looks to be the same shortcut kind of thing works completely differently. Can anyone shed any light on this or even better point me to some documentation that will explain how the desktop/taksbar/quicklaunch/start menu actually work?

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Bsod Memory Management

I am using windows 7 home premium. After the installation i began to have bsods with the problem being "memory_management". I ran the windows 7 memory diagnostic. There were no problems indicated. I then ran the "sfc /scannow" and there were corrupt files that could not be repaired.

So i decided to do i did a clean install. I installed the latest bios from the manufacturer and reinstalled windows 7. After a day or two the bsod came up again with "memory_management". I ran both the memory diagnostic and "sfc /scannow" and both did not show problems of any kind.

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Disk And Memory Management

The computer is emachines t3612. Recently upgraded to windows 7 (32). Deleted the recovery drive (d:) as it was representative of the original windows vista home basic that was upgraded to vista home premium. Tried to be a "whiz" and use the memory on c: - i failed and a friend suggested moving the memory to the user file. I did. When the cd/dvd drive did not respond as d: i changed it back to e: but it still will not work (except for a music cd. Is there anyone out there that can help me straighten this mess out? 

The cd/dvdw driver is tsstcorpcd/dvdw ts-h652d ata device. I contacted emachines who will not assist because the machine is out of warranty (unless i pay them a small fortune) and tsst doesn't appear to have this model driver any longer, but someone asserted it is the same as samsung sh-5182d that i am to fearful to try. I have considered returning to the upgrade disc to do a clean installation, but it took so long to get the programs and the computer to a really good working state that i do not want to start from scratch again.

I need specific instructions on how (or if) i can move all the available memory to c: and make d: the cd/dvdw drive.

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Broadcom Management Programs

The windows 7 upgrade advisor tells me that it doesn't have compatibility info on something called broadcom management programs. I am currently running vista. I cannot find anything in my program files by this name. I do have broadc om control suite 2. I've searched broadcom's site but don't get any info about broadcom management programs. Nyone have a clue what the broadcom management programs software does? What would happen if i installed windows 7? I don't really wanna break my computer for a new os.

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Bsod Memory Management Problem

Windows 7 professional, amd x4 955 chip, msi 785-gm-e65 motherboard, new build, i can run windows 7 no problem with one 2gb memory card installed, but when i install the second memory card i get bsod within minutes of running. The system will run fine with either of the 2 memory cards installed by themselves but when both are installed bsod.

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Blue Screen Memory Management

I've recently bought a new computer and it came with windows 7 32-bit pre-installed on it. I use windows 7 on my laptop since the first beta was released and have never had a problem with it, however on the new computer i have bought it keeps freezing and then comes up with a memory dump blue screen with error "memory_management stop:00000001a" why is this happening and how can i stop it?

This computer is being used as a business computer so can't afford to lose any information or to have it continually blue screening, it blue screens approx 5-7 times a day. The computer is not a branded computer, it has been made by a private computer company based locally to me. The mother board it has is an asrock n68-s 64bit with windows 7 32-bit installed. Please help i am in desperate need to get my computer running smoothly.

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Rights Management Add-on Issue

I'm working in an ad rms project with a customer and i'm having issues displaying rms protected e-mails with owa (exchange 2007). We're testing with 3 windows 7 (ie8) machines, and when we try to open a protected e-mail we're asked to install the ie add-on, ( which we have installed. But after install the add-on and try to disply the protected message, ie hangs with a blank page. We try this with the 3 machines with the same result.

Any thought on what may be the problem? (Everything works fine with outlook and other office apps) something i noticed is that in the ie add-on download page, windows vista and 7 are not listed as supported o. S. , So is there another ie add-on for win vista and 7.

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Backup - Poor Space Management

I have a 500 gb hard drive that i don't do anything with except let windows use it for a back. I choose the standard backup settings and i woke up this morning only to find out the hard drive has 5 mb left. It says that the break down of the disk is:

Data file backup - 358. 15
System image - 101. 04 gb
Other files - 6 gb
Free space 5 mb
Total 465. 64

I currently let windows manage the space used for backup (guess i shouldn't). The point i want to make is that my c: is only 85 gb. The backup has worked for over 5 months and i haven't made any changes (downloading huge files). The only option this software gives me is to delete the whole backup from 9/14/09 to today. Why can't it just remove a month or two it's self? Why do i have to delete the entire history? Shouldn't the software be smart enough to do that?

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Local User & Group Management

Recently i just got my win7 upgrade to the home premium edition for my desktop, which is going well and runs smoothly in conjunction w/ my ubuntu laptop. During my setup process on any computer; i disable/rename the default guest/admin accounts just as matter of old habit from xp it days. Now imagine my surprise when i went to my computer>manage and didn't see the user accounts.

My question is, is this something not apart of the home premium edition of win7? And if it is apart of this edition, where did it get moved to?

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Drm Digital Rights Management

When i log onto my local football team web site to see news and interviews, the following appear how can i solve this problem? Unable to deliver the license. There appears to be a problem with your system's drm component.

License delivery error: a problem has occurred in the drm component.

Error code: c00d2711 or 0xc00d2711
Error number: -1072879855
Error description: a problem has occurred in the digital rights management product support for this application.
Position: 1. 1

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Sort Order In Display Management

How i can switch the sort-order in the display-management? My main display (tft) is connected with vga, the second display is my lcd-tv which is connected with hdmi. But win7 declares the lcd-tv as main-display and listed it as "1", the tft is "2", when i say, that the tft has to be the main display, it keeps "2". In the presentation mode (win+p) it works fine, but when i return back to normal use, the tv is the main-display, and the tft is black. How i can change the sort-order? I want the tft as "1" and the tv as "2"!

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Resizing A Partition With Disk Management Applet Of Cp

I'm trying to resize a partition using the disk management sub-applet of the control panel's computer management, and need help because needless to saythis beast doesn't work like the good old partition magic that i knew and loved back in the xp days of yore. :-) On my test machine i have a hard drive with 5 partitions as follows: primary partition| logical drive h: d: | e: x c:4 gb 31 gb | 105 gb 18 gb 27 gbi wish to expand the 27 gb c: partition to include the 18 gb of free space adjacent to it (i freed up the 18 gb from the e: partition to enable doing this).

However when i right-click on the c: partition, the "expand" option is greyed out, and i can't figure out how to get this to work. I know i could back up the e: and c: partitions, delete and reallocate everything, then do a restore, but there's got to be an easier way back in the partition magic days this always worked, but i'm missing something with this disk management applet. If some kind soul could point me in the right direction, i'd sure appreciate it.

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Bsod Memory Management Error Code 0x0000001a

I recently had to reinstall win 7 and had started reinstalling my programs last night. All went well. Today i booted the computer and a minute or so after the desktop appeared the screen garbled and i got a bsod  memory management error code 0x0000001a. This would happen each time that i tried to boot the computer. I ran the memory diagnostic which said there was a hardware problem at pass 1 9%. It said that the results would be posted after the computer restarted.

The computer restarted and there was nothing posted and the computer ran fine. Last night i had installed updates for my video card ati 3870 hd and an update for my wireless n adapter from windows update. After the computer had restarted i had no internet connection and had to roll back the driver for the wireless n adapter in order to connect to the internet.could the video card driver be causing my problem ?

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Bsod Memory Management And Bad Pool Header

Problem is, built a new system, mobo, ram, cru. Power supply all new. Runs pretty good but highly unstable, anyway, the bsod seems to happen mostly while doing updates to either windows or drivers. I suspect something to do with the ati driver that came with mobo but i'm at a loss here as i got same bad pool header or memory management bsod during fresh install. Ran memtest 11 passes 0 errors.

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Can't Assign A Drive Letter / Mount In Disk Management

Windows 7 shows external drive in device manage but cant assign a drive letter/mount in disk management. I have an external seagate 250 gig drive which currently works fine on my xp netbook and which worked fine on my vista laptop until i "upgraded" to windows 7 (manufacturer's upgrade via dvd).

Now the external drive (ntfs) is seen in device manager but does not mount. In disk manager it just labels this drive as "disk 1 online". If i try to assign a letter i get an error message that cant be done because the console is not up to date (ie the message tells me to refresh, restart the manager, or the computer). Of course none of those 3 options work!

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Working Raid 1 Drives Show Failed Under Disk Management

New install of win7, and my previously working raid 1 drives show failed under disk management. I was using the release candidate for windows 7 until today when i installed the full win7 premium. I have several hard drives, two of which are connected in a raid 1 configuration (mirroring). They worked fine in the release candidate, but when i installed the full version today they were not detected while my other hard drives were.

The two previously mirrored drives showed up in the disk management as being foreign. I right clicked and imported the foreign disks. This brought them online, but still not functional. I tried right clicking and selecting reactive drive, but they are red and say "failed" where the other drives are blue and show "healthy". How do i get the drives to be recognized and usable again? I do not want to lose any information stored on them.

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Power On Password

I pushed the power on, just as i normally do. But found out displaying this: "power-on password". The last time i use it was like the usual thing i do. I do now know the password and how i ended up with this. I tried some of these: i tried to remove the battery for a meantime and hoping it will turn on normally but still shows the same result. Everytime i click enter, it shows the same until 3rd time. Everytime i click f11 or any function keys, it still shows the same. I just purchased windows 7 9 months ago but haven't experienced any negative things until now.

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Laptop Will Not Power Up

Have been given a toshiba protege r400 mod no:ppr40a-01000l to look at for a friend who is very ill and the machine just will not switch on. Have tested the adaptor and battery voltage and there is plenty. Now i don't have much experience with laptops as such and so cannot rule the psu as the culprit. When plugged in the blue power light is on and the small yellow battery indicator flickers at random speeds - but quite fast. Now i have the maintenance manual for it and i can probably get the lcd mask off to look at the power witch itself. But before i do i would like some opinions on the most likely cause and would prefer to avoid this if at all possible.

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