Error - Automation Server Can't Create Object

Since the latest windows update, i have not been able to open any links, they just open a blank page that says it is going to the correct address but the address bar is empty. I have to manually type it in, and then it works. I can't even print a page because that gets an error and then nothing happens whether i hit yes or no:

An error has occurred in the script on this page.
Line: 291
Char: 1
Error: automation server can't create object
Code: 0
Url: res://ieframe.dll/preview.js

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Ie8 Error - Object Doesnt Support This Property Or Method

Using ie 8 on win 7 and cannot get this and other errors to stop popping up. This one pops up constantly and other script errors that i cant get to duplicate right now. I have followed all instructions that i can find, including disabling add ons, running the ie performance and safety check and all other options listed here and a few other sites. I have cleaned my registry, ran the malicious ware tool on microsoft, etc. Please help. This locks up my computer and sometimes i cant get off a webpage because these errors keep popping up and i cant get out of them.

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Ie8 - Script Error - Object Doesnt Support This Property Or Method

Reliance bank check scanner problem with ie 8: script error "object doesn't support this property or method".

Webpage error details user agent:

Mozilla/4. 0 (compatible; msie 8. 0; windows nt 5. 1; trident/4. 0; gtb6. 5; .net clr 1. 1. 4322; .net clr 2. 0. 50727; .net clr 3. 0. 4506. 2152; .net clr 3. 5. 30729; yie8)timestamp: fri, 11 jun 2010 16:31:37 utc  

Message: object doesn't support this property or methodline: 165char: 3code: 0uri:


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Upgrade Advisor Automation

Is there any way to install/run the windows 7 upgrade advisor silently on a computer? 

My problem is that i am trying to assess whether a large amount of computers are windows 7 compatible so i basically want to create a script that runs the upgrade advisor silently at night and then copies the results to a share. I already have an ability to process the results if i can silently collect them.

Is there any command line options or configurations for the windows 7 upgrade advisor that anyone can help me with?

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Update For Automation Api

I'm still not clear on just what this update is accomplishing. There was a brief mention of it's 'ensuring compatibility across platforms', but maybe i don't want my platform to be the same as everyone elses? - Really! I don't!It would be nice if there was some detail on what would be different, or what would be changed, on my specific machine. I have a 1. 6 ghz amd sempron, agp vid card, 2 gb ram & xp home sp3. I have had very few system issues the entire time i've owned this system. It has never once shown a blue-screen. It did have a lot of bs that i am still finding and turning off, but for the most part, it works very well.

I did just notice that ie is acting a bit laggy, but i hope that when i go back to my default browser of firefox, that issue will be moot. I only use ie to access the windows update page, which is the homepage i always set for ie on all of my machines. The fact that this update uses the word 'automation' says to me that i don't want it.

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Sereniti Active Security Monitor - System Cannot Locate Object

I installed windows 7 ultimate with no problems. However, at startup i get a message from sereniti active security monitor saying "the system cannot locate the object specified. Line: 0" how do i make this go away?

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Server Service Error 1899

Whenever i try to start the server service, i receive this error:"windows could not start the server service on local computer. Error 1899: the endpoint mapper database entry could not be created. "This error occurred after a series of events. Firstly, i left my computer for about an hour and returning after an hour my computer's fan is really loud (indicating high cpu usage) and my task bar and window borders are back to the default windows aero style (light blue). I right click the desktop and go to personalize and the computer hangs.

After this i get a bsod which after 10 seconds the computer restarted itself not giving me a chance to take details. I then started my computer again and when the "starting windows" bar comes up after the bios is loaded - the 4 colored orbs do not appear (the logo does not appear). I wait a long time and then decide to restart my computer into the diagnostic sector (in search for a better name). It claims that windows could not start up properly but then when it was 'resolving problem' i get another bsod this time a page_fault_in_nonpaged_area.

I read up on this which stated that ram was an issue, which i initially doubted as my ram was pretty new. Each successive start up of windows resulted in a bsod after logging on. In the end i removed a stick of ram which stopped the bsods but now a bunch of internal errors that were not there before this series of bsods are appearing. I've searched quite a bit on the internet and have found no solution regarding this - was hoping someone would have a possible solution.

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Error - Cannot Create System Shell Notification Icon

How do i correct the error of "led hotkey keyboard hpid09, cannot create system shell notification icon". I get the error on bootup of windows after password has been entered.

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Error - Could Not Create The Paperport Link Bar Control

My visioneer 8700 scanner worked o. K. Under xp, service pack 3, but after loading into my new computer under windows 7 & trying compatibility mode program fails to start! On trying to start the program. Error msg "could not create the paper port link bar control". Have tried several iterations of the compatibility mode options-all fail.

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Error - Backup Failed To Create To Shadow Copy

I have a seagate freeagent xtream connected to usb port. Ran the first backup and it completed successfully. The next scheduled backup failed as well as all attempts to start backup. The message is :backup failed to create to shadow copy on the storage location. Details: the specified object was not found. Error code: 0c80780034 i deleted the backup image on the drive and tried again . No luck. The drive has plenty of space. I can't find on the internet anyone with this problem.

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Error Code: 0x80070570 - Cannot Create / Delete Folder

Trying to upgrade from vista on an hp dv6408nr. Dual boot using grub from a boot partition. Linux and vista boot fine. Part way through an upgrade a black error screen opened and closed before i managed to read it. Now i keep getting the following error message: windows was unable to create required installation folder f:$windows. ~Bt. An existing file or folder of this name could not be deleted.

Error code: 0x80070570

I am unable to find the f: drive to manually delete the file, and a search does not locate any file with that name.

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Email Is Not Working - Server Error: 503

Even when i try using forwarding or reply to sender the emails will not go through, they just remain in my outbox and stay there. I get a message saying an unknown error has occurred.
Subject ''

Server error: 503

Server response: 503 5. 5. 2 only one starttls command can be issued per session

Server: 'smtphm. Sympatico. Ca'

Windows live mail error id: 0x800ccc65

Protocol: smtp

Port: 25

Secure(ssl): yes

Not sure what windows error id 00x800cc65 is or what error 503 means but what ever it is, this is the message that i get when trying to send emails and have now for over 5 days. I have missed out on jobs and being able to reply to them. Not sure what to do as i have not changed anything on my computer what so ever unless microsoft updated itself and messed up my computer once again. I am having more problems with windows 7 than i ever had with the good old xp. Starting to wish i never bought this thing. If anyone has any solutions, please shoot them this way.

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Error In Installing Sql Server 2008

When i am installing sql server 2008 on my laptop which has windows 7 64 bit operating system, it shows me the error: "microsoft .net framework installation has failed. Sql server 2008 setup requires .net framework 3. 5 to be installed. "
When i am trying to install microsoft .net framework 3. 5 on my laptop. It give setup error.
Please can give me the correct procedure so i can install and run sql server 2008 on my laptop.

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Usb Error - Setup Was Unable To Create New System Partition

Cannot install windows 7 from usb error "setup was unable to create a new system partition". Windows 7 install o acer aspire 5100 gets wrong (maybe by ezback pro ii)so the problem is i want to install windows 7 (from usb, more details soon) but it gives me the error "setup was unable to  create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition.

See the setup log files for more information". I have flashed the bios because the freaking ezbackpro ii couldn't be uninstalled on vista. I formated all partitions and have now 1x 150 gb partition (even the oem partition. So angyr i am because the recovery tools didn't work. Now i want to install windows 7 and it just doesn't. Any help?

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Windows Media Player Connecting Error To The Server

Windows media player cannot connect to the server. The server name might not be correct, the server might not be available, or your proxy settings might not be correct. I've been using media player to listen to streaming audio for some time, several different stations, then i get this message?

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Pop3 Server Problem - Error 0×800ccc0e And 10061

Im trying to add a sky e mail account to live mail change my settings on the sky account to allow forward mail and pop3, but every time i try to add account it says problem with pop3 server. Tried to manually input server names etc but still no joy. Please help its reporting error 0*800cccoe and a socket error 10061

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Error: Install Desktop Experience From The Server Manager

This is a weird one: i start a scan like i always do. I get the preview, but then instead of finishing, the scanner stops and i get a message: "please install desktop experience from the server manager. " I don't have a server manager. I am running windows 7 ultimate sp1. Also, i have no idea what experience a desktop would give me.

I tried doctoring around with switching windows 7 features on and off (web services, media player) because those were mentioned in connection with a desktop experience most frequently, but this changed nothing. What i have done a few weeks ago, is remove all instances of the built-in photo viewer, as it always kept creeping back as default. Can manually deleting anything called photo viewer impact the scanning process?

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Usb Install Error - Setup Was Unable To Create A New System Partition

I'm installing onto an hp mini 1035nr. My usb install key was created using the microsoft provided usb install creation program. When i try to install windows 7 i receive the following error: "setup was unable to create a new system partition". I then exited out of the install application and opened the command prompt in the installer. Using diskpart i can create partitions and format them. Using notepad i can write files. Thus i know the installer can read/write to this disk and create system partitions.

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Error Message - Sql Server Does Not Exist Or Access Denied framework version 2. 0 - error message: "sql server does not exist or access denied. ". I updated my computer from a windows vista to windows 7 and now im trying to view certain pages and it is not allowing me, it gives me an error message, so im assuming im going to need to update something but i don't know what to exactly or where to start, i don't want to lose any of my documents.

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Problem: Cannot Stop "confirm File Download" Dialog From Appearing For Shockwave Flash Object

Problem: cannot stop "confirm file download" dialog from appearing for shockwave flash object. In internet explorer 8, if typing an embedded url from youtube into the address bar: (for example:

A popup appears "file download security warning" for shockwave flash object. Youtube is listed as a trusted site and all permissions i can find are granted to the maximum. Still cannot get rid of this annoying prompt. Ran windows update and microsoft fixit utility to no avail.

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Cannot Create New User

In windows 7 home premium, my only account is an administrator account. I want to make a new standard account but i can't. When i open control panel > user accounts > manage another account, i see an empty box under the heading "choose the account you would like to change" i know from looking at help articles that my user icon should appear in this box, but it doesn't.

Furthermore, when i click "create a new account", type a new account name, select "standard" and click "create account", nothing happens. No new user account gets created, and there's still nothing in the box. My computer is a lenovo 3000 h210, with lots of ram (4 gb) and a pentium 2. 5 ghz dual-core processor. I've had it less than three months. It shipped with vista, but  i installed windows 7 (32-bit) from scratch.

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Cannot Create Folders

I am running windows 7 on a brand new lenovo lap top. It is a new environment all around. I found one glitch in the windows explorer application. I created a sub-directory in the documents library and named it michigan. The whole path is c:usersmikemcbdocumentscustomersmichigan. I have done the same for folder for indiana, illinois, and kentucky etc. Etc. With no issues. But the one i created and named michigan (not the first one i created either) i cannot add sub-directories to it, or when i try to copy and paste a sub-directory, the files go in but not the directory.

Across the top of the all the other directories there is an option for "new folder" but not in the one i named michigan. I don’t want to delete and rename the file as i have a spreadsheet that has many hyperlinks pointing to many word documents in the michigan folder. I can do all of this with success from the command line (dos prompt) but when i go back to windows explorer, the new directories/files do not appear there. Have you seen this before? Is there a fix?

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How To Create Mirrored Disks?

I have 2x 1tb hdd's, both connected to my computer via sata (well, one via sata the other via esata). One has data on it already and i'd like to make the second one mirror the first. Unfortunately, i'm not sure how to do this. I right click on the second disk but "new mirrored volume. " Is grayed out. I convert it to a dynamic disk and it's still grayed out. Do i need to make the first disk a dynamic volume as well? Will doing this or making it have a mirror erase my data?

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Cannot Create User Accounts

I have a dell laptop with windows 7. I want to create new users on my computer. It has two now, one standard and the other administrative. I am trying to create a new user but whenever i get to the part where i have to name the new user account a message comes up that says : the specified account name is not valid because account names cannot contain the following characters /[]":;|<>+=, ?* Please type in a different name.

I am not typing this in but it is not accepting the name i am putting. It is not accepting any name.

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Unable To Create Directory

Whenever i launched ie web browsers(yahoo, google or msn), a message window (1-1/2"h x 2-1/2"w) with a message "unable to create directory" popping up first in the center of screen (i have to close this window first to open up browser) and then ie browser home page will be opening. This is very annoying and i do not know what caused this and how to correct it.

It started happening after i created a limited user account and try to launching ie in the limited user account. No problem in the admin user account and if i change the limited user account to administrator.

My pc is dell inspiron 9300 and windows xp professional and ie 8 are installed, plenty of hd space and 1gb ram. I have this pc for 4 years and i never have this sort of problem before.

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Create A Homegroup Issue

Having a minor issue with the homegroup setup. Our main computer died (flood) and was replaced with this one that was a spare. The problem is: the computer is trying to connect to a homegroup that does not exist anymore. I have tried to "leave the homegroup" & that worked, but the only option it gives me is to "join a homegroup" not create one.

Is there anyway to let all the computers in the house know the old homegroup is no more, and allow me to create a new homegroup using the new computer?

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Create A Dual 7/xp Boot

Is there a way to create a dual 7/xp boot? I have a dell xp system with a relative small and relative full hard drive. I'll probably have to upgrade to a new pc with win 7 in the near future. I have a number of programs that have upgrades upon upgrades (mostly downloaded) and i'm seeing a ton of work in my future. So i've seen some virtualization possibilities (e.g. Zinstall xp7) but is there a way to create a dual 7/xp boot by just installing - as a second drive - my existing drive into a win 7 machine. Don't know if it matters but there is a hidden small partition on that drive as well as the main c partition by the way, in case it's not obvious, i'm definitely not a hardware person.

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Create A Macro In Ie8

Is there a way to create a macro in ie8? I use ie8 in a windows xp environment. I have multiple email logon id/password combinations that i use to access multiple email accounts, and each one is a fairly lengthy string of characters. It is a hassle to have to type in the whole string every time i want to switch around to different email accounts. Isn't there a way to create macros in internet explorer, so whenever i want to type in one of the id/passwords, i just hit one of the function keys (f1, f2, f3, etc) and it automatically enters the character string that i have assigned to it?  I have seen people do this in other programs, could it work in this application?

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Dns Server

I have a windows dell inspiron. I have a wired connection to the router and there is a problem with the dns. It says there is a problem with the dns server that it can't fix. My other computer is wireless and connects to the internet no problem. I can enter the ip address and get to the website but not the type address. I spent hours with first my internet provider, then microsoft, then dell (who assures me there is no hardware problem). As best they can figure it is a third party software conflict causing the problem.

My latest attempt to solve the problem was to install windows 7 (before i had windows vista). After 3 hours of going online with no problem the same "dns configuration" problem cropped up. During all these problems i am able to download torrents using utorrent. Does anyone have any ideas? I am at a loss.

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Cannot Create Backup To Network Share

Why did microsoft make backup useless in windows 7 home premium by disabling backup to network drive? Clearly a lot of development time went into the code necessary to prevent that. What was the reason?Windows 7 home premium - there is no way to use it to backup to a network share. I have a machine in my home designated as a server, and i'm using an open source solution to backups today.

I really like the concept of backup in windows 7, but for some bizarre reason ms poured tons of resources into disabling that functionality. It's almost as bad as the absurd limitation on manipulating groups (e.g. I cannot create a backup users group in home, that's another features that's limited to "pro"?!

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