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I have recently upgraded from vista to windows 7. When i try to log in to my adp payroll account, a "windows security" pop up appears, instead of the adp pop up to type my id and password. If i type my id and password on this pop up, the adp website will not recognize my information and will give me a "log on attempt failed" message. I talked with my company it dept. And they do not know what to do. They are still using windows xp and have no problems logging into my account. My id and password are correct, they verified this while i was on the phone with them. What can i do?

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Update Restart Popup

First up - i don't know where best to leave feedback for microsoft so i'm going to post it hear for now and hopefully (if i'm wrong someone can tell me where i should have posted my comments).
Second - before anyone complains that my post is about vista and this is a windows 7 forum - i'm sorry, but trail of links i followed to arrive here was.

Windows forums -> (show all vista forums) -> windows update

And that brought me here? So, i have a suggestion about the way the windows update restart dialog should work. What i'm talking about, in case i'm not clear, is the tool-tip type window that appears down by the system tray when windows update has finished installing some updates. The pop-up reminds you that you need to restart your pc before the changes will take effect and gives you two options, restart now or postpone.

What's very annoying, and needs fixing, is that the pop-up grabs focus, and more annoyingly, the buttons have short-cut keys associated with them. Now this scenario doesn't happen every-time i get new updates, but today's incident was not the first time, picture this.

1, i'm writing an email, i can type quite quickly, so keys are being pressed at a fair old rate.

2, windows update finishes installing the latest patches and flashes up a pop-up which grabs the focus.

3, i had no warning this was about to happen, and seeing as the buttons on the pop-up have keyboard short-cuts, it's a lottery as to whether i accidentally press the short-cut for restart or the one for postpone whilst typing my email. As you can probably tell, today it was restart!

Normally, i would just curse microsoft and get back to it (once my pc had re-started).
However, seeing as the current tv marketing campaign for windows 7 features some random bloke in the gym claiming to have submitted an idea to microsoft and they implemented it, i thought i'd try and get my idea included. Perhaps this has already been fixed in windows 7 - in which case this has all been a complete waste of time! (Sorry).

Like i said at the start, if anyone knows where i can go to make product improvement suggestions to microsoft, please let me know and i'll re-post it somewhere else.

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Unwanted Popup To Desktop

Every time i log on i get the following pop up message box on my desktop: the aol software cannot start up correctly. Please try again, restart your computer, or reinstall the software error starting: ee://aol/frontier app error code:1

I access the internet by clicking on the ie icon on my bottom toolbar. I have aol as my homepage and it works fine. I have an aol shortcut on the desktop which i do not use. If i do click on the shortcut, i get the aol page that i have to sign on to, so i don't use this as i keep signed into the aol from the ie access. I have tried to reinstall aol and restarted the computer but i keep getting this popup box which is very annoying. How do i stop this from happening?

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Update Popup Reminders

I have a request. Is there any way to block certain updates to pop up on my computer? In this case specifically. There are 3 critical updates that i permanently get reminded about microsoft office. I do not own microsoft office, nor want to get office ever, i have zero interest, and i will never want it in the future either. So those updates are useless to me. How do i avoid getting reminded that those specific ones are ready for me to download? Could i "quarantine" them? Hide them?

Anything just to stop them from resurfacing day after day after day. And it makes me look in case updates of other nature would be waiting for me to download. They are becoming a total nuisance.
Would really appreciate whatever help someone is able and willing to offer.

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Disabling All Popup Features Of Taskbar

Setting the properties of the taskbar seems very cumbersome. I have tried for several hours to turn off all features of aero. I have use the right click/properties feature of the taskbar and deselected aero, and i still continued to get balloons, popups and the list of open applications. (As an aside, it took over an hour to discover that i needed to reinstall a manufacturers' video driver before i could turn aero off). I then went to the control panel, personalization, and taskbar, which brought up the same panel as before. I then used the local group policy editor, and turned all balloon notifications and thumbnails.

There was another utility, which i can't recall now, where there was another aero check box that was still checked, even though i had deselected the option from the taskbar. I then chose to go to windows classic view under personalization. Although i have been able to suppress thumbnail vies, i still haven't found a way to turn off the hover-over lists.

This is a significant intrusion into my work flow. I often work with 10 or more items open on the task bar. When the list gets long, it causes these lists to fill the screen. Since i set the taskbar to hold several lines of icons, this means that every time the cursor passes from one line to another, it causes several of these lists to appear. They interfere directly with my access to my applications, as i have to navigate around them to make them go away. I have absolutely no use for this feature, and would really like a more strait forward way to turn it off.

As another tip, since we are now on windows 7, how about a utility to identify and define the parts of windows (a "what's this" function). Some of my time was spent finding the names of feature so i could make the queries and search help files in the first place.

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Please Update Your Ati Graphics Driver Popup After Upgrading

After i upgraded from vista to windows 7 this pop-up is coming up every time. The catalyst control center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your ati graphics driver, or enable your ati adapter using the displays manager. I have tried everything and nothing works. It is not affecting any performance issues but just annoying.

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Office 2007 Popup Files For Programs Could Not Hold

Office 2007 on window 7: why the small pop up files for certain programs could not hold when a file is closed ?. I just started using office 2007 running on window 7. I notice that the small pop up files when the cursor touches the icon at the task bar for certain program could not hold when one of the files is closed. The rest of the pop up files get minimize back to the task bar. If i need to close or access to another file, i need to click back the icon again to  get the pop up. The programs that have these problem are, excel 2007, outlook 2007, connect to remote computer.

Other program that could hold the pop up files when a file is closed are internet explorer v8, words 2007, acrobat reader. For non microsoft software like quattro pro the pop up can only show one small file even though many files are open. In my opinion, all the program icon should have the same feature for the purpose of consistency. i.e. To show up all the open files in the pop up and be able to hold when any file is close in order the user could go to the next file by sliding the cursor across, save the extra click to get back the pop up. May i know if there is a way to reset the window 7 os to enable similar feature on all icons?

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Windows Security Versus Norton Security

I have just taken for granted that i need a separate security company, because every time i purchase a computer, "norton" came with the included software. My question is; is windows defender and ms security sufficient security for a home computer?

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Security Permissions

I just upgraded from vista home premium 32 bit to windows 7 professional 64 bit. Before i did this i copied a massive number of files to a external usb drive. Once i got w7 64 bit installed and opened the external drive, where i put all the files, i can't see the files. The new w7 user is part of administrators. Administrators has all permissions set. When i tried to apply administrator permissions to the entire external drive i get nothing. How do i get my new w7 user to see all the files on the external drive? On all my external drives?

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Additional Security

I came up with this idea, while i was fixing my system. I installed a game called x3 reunion, that game installed a program called starforce, while i was not standing still on the problem till i rebooted the system. That program installs a security virtual cd device witch cause my system to crash, after some while with breaking my computer i finally fix the problem again.
Now what i have in mind for additional security on my system first i wanna make a core list, of all files needing for windows to start, any unlisted file within directory's gets automatically removed.
Second i wanna have the core files, being read only, and imposable to write, delete or modified by any means imposable, i wanna have my registry being read only, and also imposable to modified.
Last if i wanna modified the files, or add files to core list, i will need a password so i can chance things i like. Is this imposable to do?

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Partitioning And Security

I'm going to buy a laptop installed with windows 7 premium with 4gb ram and 320gb hdd. I'm planning to make 4 partitions of hdd as explained below:

C: - os (50gb)
D: - applications (150gb) - i'll install applications in this drive.
E: - entertainment (100gb) - basically for music/video files, games etc.
F: - personal (20gb) - only for personal files.

My questions are:
1. Is the above partition good enough for os? Or any recommendations?
2. I'm planning to create two logins. Can i set the permission to f: drive only to one login? So, if i login with other account, i should not be able to access f: drive. Is it possible?

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Program Security Events

Had strange phone call yesterday from someone saying they would solve program problems on a link up to them, i was asked to go into windows run and check the events in security applications, and there was warning triangles against certain programs. If i signed up with them they would solve all issues!How did they get our phone number, how did they know there was errors in the system(windows 7) how can i resolve those problems. The web site they sent me to was 321, became very concerned as they said they resolve all microsoft problems.

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Security Updates Fail

This is so ridiculous. I've been getting a blue screen for a long time now. The updates don't want to install. Took it to geek squad, only for them to tell me it's infected and that i would have to do a restore. That would cost 130 dollars. They are about as useful as a burning bag of. Anyway, i get failures every single time i try to download updates. It's not the kb number that people are referencing. It is a different number every time. I can't copy all of the errors because it won't let me, and i don't want to type it all out.

But, a couple of them are error code: code 80200010, kb 959130 and 973768. Those are two of a million. I have restored my computer to factory settings. The only things on it are windows files, avg and itunes (with no music on it). I was told i could reinstall my operating system, but when i put the disc in, to uninstall and reinstall a clean version of vista, it does nothing. The disc doesn't read at all, and in fact, it just got stuck in there and i can't get it out.

The disc sounds like it fires up for a moment, then nothing. When i go into computer, then click on the disc drive, it tells me to insert a disc, then kicks mine out. Other discs work fine. Can someone please shed some light. The geek squad is a rip-off. Don't ever buy a warranty from best buy. It does absolutely nothing for you. You just waste your money.

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Error Applying Security

I am the administrator in my pc. But i cant open some files in e drive (an error occurred while applying security information  - access denied). Once i provide the full control to administrator to any one file (one by one) i can able to view the information. But i cant do that bulk permission. I have 2000 account files in e drive. If i provide the bulk permission to all 2000 files. I cant do that if i provide the security permission one by one, it will take very long time.
Is there any way to do provide the permission to all files ?

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Security Alert Notification

When i turned on my computer i received a "security center alert" when i pressed enable nothing happened. I checked all my security settings everything was set on off the alert would not allow me to change the settings when i did a scan of the computer everything is said to be okay but the "security alert center" keep popping up (5 times while writing this question) what should i be doing? Please help the name of the problem is trojan. Win32 it's listed as high risk it's a windows pe exe  file of approximately 29kb worm packed using fsg.

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Action Center Security

I was a windows xp user until my computer was destroyed by a trojan virus (that mimicked windows. )  This left me feeling a bit paranoid about downloads. Now i'm using a computer with windows 7 and am having a hard time understanding the security features. Ction center notified me that intel active management technology needs a driver for my chipset. It suggests that i download and install a driver from the dell inc. Website.

My virus protection program shows no threat, so i download the driver, but then my computer makes a click sound and it asks me if i want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to my computer. Why would windows suggest that i download something from an unknown publisher? And why do i get the same notice when i try to open my image editing program, which i installed directly from the program's original cd?If someone would help me understand this security feature, i would appreciate it!

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Security Hole Warning

Hit update on shutdown last night this morning scan shows security hole used my normal software (asc/iorbit) to clean but didn't work-still showing security hole. Posted on asc>iorbit forum and told to do the following: this security hotfix update from microsoft is released to public yesterday to protect the windows users from hackers attacking and remotely coding pcs through shortcuts' icon loading vulnerability.

I would advise to use the windows automatic update or manual update, as even windows 7 oss need restart during installation.

Auto update:

Most probably your updating couldn't be finalized as it should and that's why is360 security hole is warning.

This is a critical vulnerability and i believe after installing correctly, is360 will not warn you for that anymore. I tried suggestions-here is what happened:1) manual-it said that this does not apply to your computer. 2)automatic update this is the response i get: the website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem. Can anyone tell me the problem. I have been at this for hours.

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How To Apply Security Patch?

I have a number of remote pcs that failed to install the microsoft security patch, ms08-028. I believe the failure to be the result of the remote pcs being powered off during the install process. When i attempt to reinstall the patch, the patch install process stops as the program believes the patch has already been installed.

When i scan the pc with a vulnerability scanner (example ncircle's ip360), it reports the patch has not been installed. Is there a recommended method to reinstall this patch?  

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Excessive Security Settings

After installing windows 7 home premium, it has apparently decided that i am no longer the administrator of my machine. I cannot access links in office, nor can i make changes to certain documents in word - they are apparently all read-only. I continually get the default message (something to the effect of) "this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator", whether it's attempting to utilize links in message in outlook, or whether trying to change or save documents in word.

Also, i no longer have access to certain folders on my hard drive. There have been other issues, but i have slowly been able to resolve some of them. I have already tried multiple attempts with the standard microsoft help desk, but they have been no help, and have since refused to answer any of my subsequent questions, and it has now been more than two months since the last time they responded to me.

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Security - Specified Account Does Not Exist

Please help im running windows 7 on a hp probook 6540b, im the only one using the computer so i wanted to skip the log in screen, heres what i did i pressed winkey+r and typed "control passwords2" into the command box that appeared and unticked users must enter a username and password to use this computer, not even starting in safe mode helps me get back on but it still shows the log in screen and now i can't log in to my account it keeps saying "windows security - the specified account does not exist" but my account is still there.

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Security Update Kb974571

On my aunt's computer i cannot get this update to install. I have done a search previously and one person mentioned that i should run the genuine windows program, i had to do the same thing previously similar to xp sp3 on her computer (i am thinking the hdd may be dying but i will worry about that later).

In a previous thread here, http://social. it is similar to that with the same error code. I keep the anti-virus programs up-to-date the best i can but can't get it to run, everything else works fine.

I don't know what else to do. My next question is if i wanted to go the route of format and reinstall, can i do that with the windows 7 home premium upgrade disk? Or, would i need to reformat to the oem dell software and then re-run the w7 hp upgrade program?

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Security In Office 2007

I grade on a on-line platform and recently since purchasing a laptop w/win7 my "saved graded files" or when opening a previously graded and uploaded document (excel, word) at a later time [to cut & paste a tutorial onto the current work ] once uploaded. Both docs seem to be in touch with the platform. The old work opened seems to launch and communicate a new date stamp with the old upload location (or student) simultaneously with the current work being uploaded into the grade box or drop-box or next student.

Therefore both pieces then show the same time on the date stamp via upload. Lthough it may be the 'private schools' concern. This oddity did not arise with office 2007 & xp nor vista combination. Therefore, i am trying to ask. If this signifies a security weakness in my end (i do have firewalls, etc) or if win7 seems to retain links in order to map to recent places faster? How can i stop the reconnect?

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Change Security Icon

In windows 7, when i go to a website that pops out a security window to enter in a user name and password. I'd much rather use my own picture in there than the flower it has. Does anyone know how to change the image in the windows security popout screen?

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Upgrade Needs To Uninstall Mcafee Security

How do i uninstall mcfee , im trying to install windows 7 upgrade. I tried the install/uninstall program many times but failed. Problems installing windows 7 i get a message says i have to uninstall mcafee security

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Program Will Not Recognize Security Device

Just upgraded to win7 pro trying to install bernina software that requires a security device called a dongle (hasp-4 usb device). Program will not recognize security device. Installed program and trying to run, message says does not see security device, even when inserted security device, message said it was installed with correct name. Tried running in xp mode. No luck. I am running win 7 pro in 32 bit mode.

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Server You Are Connected To Is Using A Security Certificate

The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect. Do you want to continue using this server? Brand new computer running windows 7 64-bit, outlook and office 2007 installed, initial problems with temporary user profiles, followed advice and removed user profiles from system registry and all seemed to be fine.

Computer been running for about one week with two user profiles and now i am suddenly getting an error message when i start up outlook and occasionally when browsing the internet, it reads:
The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect. Do you want to continue using this server? (If i hit yes i can then send emails).

When i open view certificate it says: this ca root certificate is not trusted. To enable trust, install this certificate in the trusted root certification authorities store. (Issued to and by: cisco appliance demo certificate - valid from 2/10/2009 to 3/10/2019). Problem is i don't know what the certificate is, what i need it for, how to locate it, how to move it etc i have read some forums but they start getting too technical. I need easy step by step help.

I tried uninstalling outlook 2007 and reloading and clearing ssl states in internet options and reseting to default(as suggested by someone) but it made no difference. Problem is when you leave the store with new computer nobody wants to know you if you need help! Can anybody please help?

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Microsoft Works 9 Security Update

I have been trying for the past 3 days now to install the microsoft works 9 security update onto my computer. I have tried through windows update and i have tried manually on the website (even where it lists that the new update is not recognizing office 2007 on computers). Still nothing! I need to update my computer fully! What do i do since it's not recognizing the folder on my computer for being installed already and not updating it? It tells me that once the folder is not recognized i have to cancel the installation and i need to be the administrator to give permission (which i am already). Help?

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Security Issues On A Fresh Install

My question is are the issues outlined in the numbered points 2) to 5) below likely security breaches of a fresh install of windows 7.

By way of background i was using vista, found remote access software in use everytime i installed it, and as i couldn't be sure of the integrity of the vista install files held on partition, i decided to buy windows 7 upgrade and see if that could be installed securely. I use a dsl wifi router. I used for this install trend micro web protection add-on, pc tools threat fire and zone alarm extreme security. The laptop the install was on is behind closed doors, i.e. , Only myself could have had access (as far as you can be sure about these things at least, though i do use a bios password).

1) i installed windows 7 update fri 12th mar just after midnight. The hard disk was completely reformated from the command prompt (not a quick format). I turn off remote access, file and printer sharing and public folder sharing and disable autoplay and install usb disable software. I also install software to show me when / people have been logged in. I use a public dns.

2) fri 10. 50am, trend micro gave a 'bot found: malicious software launched by remote control' warning (i rebooted and ran a scan for viruses - no results).

3) fri 10. 50am threatfire reports: c:program fileswindows media playerwmpnetwk.exe 'this program is attempting to modify your computer so that another program can access it' - this was supsicious because i had been running windows 7 for a while, and so why just now decide to run this program, especially when wmp media sharing is disabled by default.

3) fri 12. 50pm threatfire reports: 'a system dll has been copied and modified', the file being c:windowssystem32sppsvc.exe

4) sun 16. 30pm threatfire reports: 'a system dll has been copied and modified', the file being c:windowssystem32loginui.exe

5) yesterday evening (sun), a message appeared lower right on the desktop that my install of windows 7 was not a legal copy and the desktop went black, the system info screen showed no product key and no option to set it. This fixed itself this morning (mon) for some odd reason.

6) i have used zone alarm's deep and rootkit scans with no results.

I run a website that gets over 500 unique visits each day, and have been for 3 years now, but in the past few months i have found myself heavily under attack from hackers (this could be down to my first press coverage).

I shall try a fresh install with a few changes, but otherwise will also set up openbsd. However, any hints on setting up a secure windows install would be greatly appreciated!

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System Restore And Security Updates

Did system restore to a march 22, 2010, as windows explorer had become deadly slow and i was unable to determine why. Seems fine now.

My question is: do i need to download and install again the security updates for windows xp (professional sp3) released since the system restore date? Since the sys restore, the add/remove progams list doesn't list any of the updates done since feb 10 except hotfix -kb979306 and security update - kb975561) although the microsoft windows update service online lists 20 or more that were previously downloaded. I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this for me.

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Security Camera Remote Viewing

Trying to access an ip webcam address, but despite adjusting firewalls, i'm still having trouble. Either "connection fails" or "times out" or "server too busy". How can it be too busy if know one is signed onto this ip address? Administrator is able to access using my account "on sight", but explorer won't open at my computer. This ip sight is security cameras for a business i own. Any suggestions?

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