Automatic Updates Restarts

I have windows 7 with automatic updates on. What really frustrating to me is that whenever i am working on my computer, the windows update decides to restart my computer, terminating all applications without warning or notification to my knowledge. Due to this, my documents in word were closed down without saving and everything i had on the desktop were terminated. It was a force restart and the computer did that automatically without my knowledge. It is very frustrating and i think that whoever designed it this way is not intelligent. This type of design in the system is flawed and should be fixed immediately.

I should have complete control over my computer, not windows having control over me. I should be able to control or postpone the restart, but the computer did not ask me that at all, it just restarted without warning. I am furious by this and would like to know if there is a solution. I switched the settings, now, to "download updates but only i select which to install". Even with the automatic installation of updates settings on, the computer should ask me if i would like to restart now or later, it should not automatically restart. Thank you for your time.

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Laptop Restarts After Installing Updates Without Prompting

I just purchased a new laptop with windows 7. It has several times restarted after installing updates without prompting me first so i lose all my work. Vista used to warn me and let me postpone restarting my computer. Is something similar possible in windows 7? Thanks for any suggestions

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Automatic Updates Error

I'm running window xp home. Every day i get the reminder that updates are ready and i click express install. After a while a pop up is displayed indicating that "some updates could not be installed". I've rebooted and tried again without success.

The following updates were not installed:

Microsoft .net framework 1. 1 service pack 1 security update for windows 2000, windows xp, windows vista, windows server 2008, windows 7, and windows server 2008 r2 (kb953297)

Microsoft .net framework 2. 0 service pack 1 security update for windows 2000, windows server 2003, and windows xp (kb953300)

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Automatic Updates Are Are Not Loading

I have a windows xp and when the automatic update goes to load, it says that it was unsuccessful in loading. I have tried to do the auto updates that i get on my computer many many times and have gone to the microsoft web site and tried several times also with no success. Last night i tried to dothe restore point under the system tools and it wouldn't do a restore point. I have tried the "fix it" on microsoft and it says there was a problem with the indeo video decoder codec, but the rest was successful. Is it possible that i have an antivirus, or could there be something else going on? (I am running the microsoft windows milicious software removal tool right now to see what it finds. I hope that will answer some questions. )

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Automatic Updates Not Able To Install

The following is what my computer is saying after not being able to install an update. How can i get this error to go away so the updates will install automatically?

"Update for microsoft office infopath 2007 (kb976416)
Installation date: ‎2/‎5/‎2010 9:07 pm
Installation status: failed
Error details: code 646
Update type: important

Microsoft has released an update for microsoft office infopath 2007. This update provides the latest fixes to microsoft office infopath 2007. Additionally, this update contains stability and performance improvements. "

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Automatic Update Notification Of Old Updates

I reinstalled xp professional and office 2003, then retrieved what i thought was all the updates. My system shows that i have sp3 for both. I received an automatic update notice this week that included approx. 26 updates for office 2003, office 2007 related to compatibility and others. When i go to the link for many of them, they have a publish date in 2008. Ironically i did the reinstall in december of 2009.

I don't appear to have these fixes/updates when i look at add/remove programs but my question is why am i just now getting these updates.

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Re-enable Automatic Updates As Administrator

How to re enable automatic updates as administrator? On my machine i have 3 users and i am the only administrator. I noticed last night that i have not checked for updates since 1 march 2010, and that automatic updates is "disabled by the administrator". Ok, fine. However, i am unable to edit the settings. The drop down to select the behavior of au is greyed out & set to disabled. I checked the service, and is was started and set to automatic (delayed start).

Is there a registry entry i am missing? I did not create a group policy (that i know of), but also not sure how to get to that in win 7 to check. Any suggestions?

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Automatic Updates Service Gone, How To Repair ?

A friend of mine recently experienced an infection with a rootkit which was successfully cleaned from the windows 7 pro system. He then noticed a few days later that he could not use windows updates anymore, the function that can be opened from the start menu. A quick check of mine revealed that the service automatic updates was missing from the list of services. My guess is that the rootkit did remove that service or manipulated it somehow so that it is not listed there anymore, probably to prevent microsoft from patching the operating system automatically.

Now how can we get that service back? We do not have a system restore point before the incident. Reinstall might fix the problem but maybe there is a better solution, like registering a dll or something. A search on the internet revealed some tools and commands that either were not compatible with windows xp or that did not have any effect.

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Automatic Updates Are Interfering With Applications

Windows 7 home 64-bit was automatically updated on the 12th and several applications including explorer and adobe bridge stopped working. When i checked the reliability rating i also saw that the reliability has been decreasing steadily this month every-time microsoft undated the software. As of this morning it appears that i have a boat anchor- i have to ask this question from my old xp machine with a dial-up connection. Is there some issue with the automatic updates and how do i get my machine back?

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Stop Automatic Updates For Uninstalled Software

How do i stop automatic updates for uninstalled software? Once upon a time, before i knew what net. Framework was, i downloaded it and have been using automatic updates to keep my system current. After discovering exactly what net. Framework was for i removed (uninstalled) it from my system. That process did not remove the automatic update for net. Framework from whatever stores my system update requirements.

I have been looking for something that may rescan my system to make it current, or for some other method of canceling the auto update feature for that application. I have updates set to notify for the time being and would prefer to reactivate it but don't want to download unneeded patches over and over. Running xp pro version 2002 with service pack3 and all updates applied.

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Change Partition For Automatic Updates And Downloads

My c partition is the primary boot partition and it is full. 29g all used up . I have copied many program files and pasted them in d partition with 188g free. But it won't allow me to delete the original file from c to free up space. How do i do that? It says destination denied. Also, how do i change the partition from c to d to which automatic updates and downloads go? I am sick of this constant problem and i have tried everything including disk management to resolve the problem.

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Many Automatic Updates Continually Fail To Install

Several updates will not install when i start up automatic update, its been like this for about a year and i still have not found out what to do. These are the updates that keep failing:

Update for outlook 2003 (kb943649)
Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb921598)
Office 2003 service pack 3 (sp3)
Security update for microsoft office powerpoint 2003 (kb948988)
Security update for office 2003 (kb945185)
Update for microsoft office 2003 (kb978551)
Security update for microsoft works suite 2005 (kb943973)
Security update for microsoft office outlook 2003 (kb945432)
Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb953404)
Update for microsoft office outlook 2003 junk email filter (kb977840)
Security update for microsoft office word 2003 (kb954464)
Security update for office 2003 (kb954478)
Security update for microsoft office excel 2003 (kb955466)
Update for office 2003 (kb907417)
Update for microsoft office outlook 2003 (kb953432)

Ive tried downloading a couple from the download center and it says they could not be applied. I don't even use office and things like that, because well i can't, i lost the key when i bought my computer (software came with it). These updates are very bothersome. Please help

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Error 646 When Automatic Updates Attempt To Install

Several updates fail automatically to install and are listed as failed in update history error 646but when i install them manually they go on the installed updates list and if i try to reinstall i get the message that they are already on the system but still they show as failed in the windows action centre and on the updates history list. Which is it. Are they there or not?I have run a windows clean up. Tried deleting and reinstalling, rebooting. Still i get the failed message. These are 979441 and 982331. I have had problems with the automatic updates before but have been able to manually install and get the fail message removed. This morning when i tried again to manually reinstall i was told i did not require 441 and that 2331 was already there.

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Automatic Updates Stopped System Restore From Working

On 1/13/2010 after turning on my dell xps 410 with vista home premium operating system i received a notice the the ms (microsoft)automatic update requested to download kb972270, kb977839, kb905866, and kb890830. I agreed. The download and installation proceeded without any issues. I did not receive a notice the computer needed to be rebooted. After completing my work i shut the computer down without any issues. On 16 jan 2010 i turned the computer back on and the boot up could not get past the ms timing bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. As previously when this happens i would do a hard restart and a screen would appear stating that my computer did not start properly and that ms repair would start in 30 seconds to repair the problem if not instructed otherwise. I let it proceed assuming it was one of the four above updates that was causing the problem. However. This time when the clock ran down to start the display blanked and flashed a few times and the same restart window appeared with the 30 seconds clock once again counting down; i was in an endless loop.

I attempted a number of restarts without success. I referred to the computer owner's manual which relayed that my final solution would probably be to use the ms or dell system restore disk which would wipe the hard drive. I inserted the ms vista system restore disk and instructed the computer to reboot from the cd/dvd drive. ( I think it was the f11 or f12 key that you need to press within the first few second of system boot-up; check your owners manual. ) Happily, i found an option "repair system" which i selected and the "restore" window appeared. I ran restore and it turned the system back to 1/13/2010 when i last successfully logged on. My computer is now back up and running. However, i continue to receive notices to download these four updates; but i am not sure which one is producing the problem.

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Office Home & Student 2007 Automatic Updates Are Not Working

I am at a loss as to what to do. I recently downloaded microsoft office home & student 2007 which seems to be fine. The problem is, the automatic updates are not working. After searching online, i did the start>run>winver and it says i have service pack 3. Then i went to control panel under add/remove programs and although it is listed, there is no indication that it is actually installed.

I can remember a year or so ago having issues with sp3 when i tried to upgraded to ie8 so "i think" i removed it. Probably shouldn't have done that!  But ie8 worked fine once i removed says we will no longer receive automatic updates to sp2 in june so we need to upgrade to sp3. Well, i just don't know what i have on my computer at this point!

Anyway, now i get these failure messages on the updates for the office:

The 2007 microsoft office suite service pack 2 (sp2)

Update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb967642)

Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb951944)

Security update for microsoft office 2007 (kb951550)

So i thought i would go in and download sp2. But i wasn't sure if microsoft .net framework 2. 0 service pack 2 actually meant i have sp2 installed or not. And i got myself in such a pickle last year i don't want to take any chances again. I'm sorry this is such a long message. I tried to do print screens to attach more info but that didn't work. Let me know what else you may need.

I have found additional information. Looking into my update history for the automatic updates, all 4 of these failed updates have the same error code which is: 0x80070663. I don't know if that info helps to solve this problem or not but there it is.

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Pc Restarts Randomly

Okay so i have a relatively new velocity micro gaming computer that is about 3 weeks old and i have recently been experiencing one big problem. My computer just randomly restarts for no apparent reason (usually when i leave it alone for like half an hour to watch tv or something) and when it starts back up it gives an error message like windows did not shut down properly and it gives me the option to enter safe mode. I am currently running the paid version of norton internet security and i have already scanned my computer for viruses (full scan not quick scan).

In addition i have updated windows with all the recommended settings and updated my nvidia gt 220 video card driver from their website. I have performed all sorts of scans but i don't see any real problem that could be causing it. I am pretty sure it is not power-related because i'm using a good outlet with a surge panel. I also went into my system settings and unchecked the thing that says restart on system failure, but the problem still persists.

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Pc Does Not Shut Down Instead It Restarts

I have one of 2 problems. 1. When booting my pc, it shows a "verify dmi data pool" something like that msg. But it does not hang, i just want to get rid of it. Help? 2. When trying to shut down my pc (through start menu > shut down) it shuts down and at that same time starts up again (seeing it as i restart). I have tried unchecking the box at the pm in control panel, i have tried disabling power management in the bios. Is there any chance it might be hardware related?Sins the case was build these problems were there. If somebody can help me?

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Update Restarts Computer

Each night windows update restarts my computer and updates my driver software for wireless. I have to roll back the driver to get the wireless to work. Not sure why this is happening or what the root cause is, but each night the driver is updated by windows update and the wireless radio won't work. I then go and roll back the driver to the previous version and it works perfectly. I have 64 bit windows 7 hp laptop with an atheros ar9285 802. 11 b/g wifi adapter. If i click update driver in the device manager the same thing occurs.

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Computer Freezes And Restarts

I have bought a new computer in late december 2009 and from the beginning i've been having two problems, the computer randomly restarts and more seldom but still a problem, the computer freezes. These events can happen with a frequency less than one time each day and sometimes as often as three times a day. The computer can be on reasonable load or hardly any load at all when it happens.

My computer parts looks like the following and i've got windows on one of my two ssds:

Western digital caviar black wd2001fass 64mb 2tb
Lg bh08ls20
Corsair dominator gt ddr3 pc12800/1600mhz cl8 4x2gb
Gainward geforce gtx 275 896mb physx pci-express 2. 0, 2xdvi
Gigabyte geforce 210 oc hdmi 512mb
Antec p183
Asus p7p55d-e premium
Antec cp-850 850w
Microsoft windows 7 ultimate eng
Intel core i7 860
Intel x25-m g2 160gb
Logitech wave keyboard (sv)
Lg w3000h

The first time i've received a message when windows was shutting down was just a while ago, and it said something about the memory. I have run memtest86 which showed no problems earlier. I can't open the mini-dump file but got hte following message this one time (have not had any messages like these before and the event viewer hasn't given me any useful information).

Problem signature:
Problem event name: bluescreen
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
Locale id: 1053

Additional information about the problem:
Bccode: 1a
Bcp1: 0000000000041201
Bcp2: fffff68000030c18
Bcp3: 8260000164585867
Bcp4: fffffa80075d4250
Os version: 6_1_7600
Service pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

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Pc Crashes And Automatically Restarts

Original title: pc has become massively unstable when i first installed windows 7 my dell desktop was reinvigorated and ran like a fresh young athlete it woke fast and went back to sleep as quickly.

However this is but a distant memory as my once lithe machine is now nothing more than a grumpy unpredictable demon.

My problems are not measured in days or hours my problems can best be grouped in minutes.

1. The machine will simply re-start sometimes i get a warning more often i do not with absolutely no explanation.

2. Firefox 3. 6 crashes normally within minutes of loading, once it starts crashing there is nothing that will prevent it.

3. Chrome crashes normally within minutes of loading, once it starts crashing there is nothing that will prevent it.

4. Internet explorer crashes normally within minutes of loading; once it starts crashing there is nothing that will prevent it.

5. Windows desktop manager is either corrupt or just plain angry as it crashes without warning or seeming reason.

Anyone with any suggestions as to where to start looking for the problem, or better still a solution will be listened to with my full attention! The sooner the better please as one more week of this and i am going back to xp pro!

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Pc Restarts Each Time I Try To Shut Down

I've looked through the forums to see if i could find a solution to this issue, but the most i've been able to find is that there might be an incompatible driver somewhere on my system that's causing this to occur. When i click on "shut down", the computer does shut down, but then it turns back on after a few seconds. I had a clean install of windows 7 ultimate (64-bit)done on the computer to wipe everything off of it and start from scratch, and this still occurs. My computer is an mpc clientpro 424. I've tried disabling automatic restart, and the issue still occurs. Can anyone help?

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Pc Shutdown Automatically Then Restarts

My pc is a sony vaio and i bought few months ago. It automatically shut down and says dumping trash or crumbs, and also starts automatically. I took it to the geek sqad and they told it virus and i contacted norton they said its a windows problem so what should i do now.

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Win7 Restarts On Startup Periodically

Thought it was the motherboard at first, but still sporadically does a restart within a minute or two of starting up, especially if i try to go into firefox or aim within that time frame.

The screen goes black, it says "no signal" then resets.

I check the minidump with windows debug and it comes back as the potential problem being "hardware", so i'm currently getting the replace motherboard checked at asus to see if it was truely a motherboard problem.

I asked a repairman at a local computer store and he suggested to reinstall windows from scratch, and when i mentioned that i upgraded from xp to 7 he said "even microsoft suggests to never upgrade, even from vista". That would not explain the hardware failure though.

Absolutely nothing else goes wrong if it gets past that that 2 minute mark, and the problem seems to be random: sometimes taking 2 days between restarts on startup, all the way to almost a month.

Did memory diagnostic and the memory is fine, hard drive is running fine, i updated the drivers twice on the video card.

This problem seemed to have been prevalent since i upgraded to windows 7, and i fixed up the registry with ccleaner recently.


Loading dump file [c:windowsminidump

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Sleep Mode Restarts With Error

Problem signature:

Problem event name: bluescreen
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 1033

Additional information about the problem:

Bccode: 116
Bcp1: fffffa8005990390
Bcp2: fffff880046c5fcc
Bcp3: 0000000000000000
Bcp4: 0000000000000002
Os version: 6_1_7600
Service pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:


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Computer Restarts After Coming Out Of Sleep Mode

Optiplex 755 windows 7 64 bit. The computer restarts after coming out of sleep mode. I have installed all the latest drivers, bios. Antivirus mcafee. Clean install. When bringing the computer back from sleeping. It will restart.

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Explorer Restarts When Folder In Full Screen

I have noticed that when i expand a folder to full screen view and then close it more often than not windows explorer comes up with the windows explorer is not responding and then restarts windows explorer. Everything else works ok and if i view a folder thats not expanded to full screen that works ok everytime. I have downloaded the latest video drivers today which has no effect. I have used auto-runs to play with shell extensions that has no effect.

I have tried it in safe boot mode with all but microsoft services disabled and it still happens. I can run apps in full screen and they work ok. The event log for one of these failures is below. Can anyone throw some light on this.

Ps i am virus and spyware protected which is up to date and finds nothing.

Log name:      application
Source:        application error
Date:          09/03/2010 19:22:51
Event id:      1000
Task category: (100)
Level:         error
Keywords:      classic
User:          n/a
Computer:      home2-pc

Faulting application name: explorer.exe, version: 6. 1. 7600. 16450, time stamp: 0x4aebab8d
Faulting module name: explorerframe.dll, version: 6. 1. 7600. 16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bdf82
Exception code: 0xc000041d

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Laptop Restarts Itself And Shows Blue Screen

I have dell vostro 1510, i get the blue screen sometimes while i'm listening to music. The fan makes higher sound than usual, then the laptop shuts down and restart by itself. Is that mean, i have a virus on my computer. And is there any thing i can do to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Suddenly Computer Stops With Blue Screen And Restarts

My system is win 7. I recently got this new notebook. I thought i was having problem with anti-virus but i recently came to know about this blue screen of death. Suddenly the computer stops in between anytime with the blue screen showing up and computer restarts. I recently uninstalled norton which was a free-version which i got with notebook and installed kaspersky. I ve now even removed kaspersky and installed bit-defender but problem is still occurring. No virus detected by both.

I ve even tried to restore the notebook to the day i bought this. But the problem is not fixed. The error message looks something like what appears in this link I am worried that my new system may get hardware problems due to this.

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Win 7 Freezes And Restarts When Transferring Files Through Usb

I have been having this problem since the day i got windows 7 and it is really starting to annoy me.
Any time i transfer files through any usb port the computer freezes, a buzzing noise comes from the speakers, the monitor turns off and the computer restarts. This happens when putting films on my hard drive, songs on my phone and syncing my mp3 player so that i actually can't do any of them.

I have uploaded the dump files here:
http://cid-de191e1c69c585e9. Public?Uc=1

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Safe Remove Usb Flash Memory Restarts Computer

While using different (manufacturers) usb flash drives on this computer from time to time my computer
Restarts itself while "safe remove" is being performed. Also, note that the same thing happens (again, sometime!) When i physically unplug the usb drive. Same usbs on different xp machines. No problems! Where do i need to look for a solution to this. I've noticed other people having the same problem as well (googled it).

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