Programs Needsto Reinstall After Disk Cleaning

Whenever i do some system maintenance, for example using disk cleaner and registry cleaner software, i find that some programs want to reinstall when i start them. They then ask for the program . Msi file prefixed by 'keep' for example 'keep_memory-map-europe-eng. Msi', which isn't found. I usually have to reinstall the programs using the original installation file. I've never had this happen with previous versions of windows. Fter i've reinstalled the programs, i've searched my hard drive for any msi files prefixed by 'keep', and they don't exist, so no wonder they aren't found. Can anybody explain what is going on here, please?

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Can I Change Hard Disk And Reinstall Win 7 Without Violating The License?

Im using an oem windows 7 home premium on my computer. 2 months back i changed my graphics card with no issues. My question is can i change my hard disk to a higher capacity one without violating my license. I want to do a clean reinstall on the new hard-drive and use it in the same computer with same old mb, ram, graphics card. Can i reactivate via internet only without calling microsoft.

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Upgrade Without Having To Reinstall Programs

I would like to upgrade my computer from vista ultimate_to windows 7. I need to know if my c drive with 11 gig free out of a total of 55 gigs and my d drive 45 gigs free out of a total of 50 gigs. My basic question is can i upgrade windows vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate on my d drive without having to re-install my current programs on drive c. One other thing i can clean the 50 gig d drive without a problem.

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Reinstall Programs By Using Backup Program

Can i reinstall all my programs (compatible ones) by using my backup program, or must i use the install disk> i do not have the install disk for word 7, i am changing from vista business to windows 7 home.

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Reinstall Backup Files And Programs

I did a system recovery on a computer with a windows 7 home premium upgrade. Before the recovery, i was instructed to do a backup of any files and programs that i wanted to keep. I did a full backup on dual layer dvd+r's. I just finished putting them back on the computer and they are in a "system recovery files" folder on drive c. When i open the folder, it appears that everything is there. When i go to backup and restore, i have no option to access and reinstall the files and programs.

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Backup Image - Will Programs Copied As Is Without Having To Reinstall ?

In backup for windows 7 the term "system image" is used. Does this mean that the many programs on my computer will be copied as is without having to reinstall each? Looking to purchase version†of windows 7 that will do a real backup copying all programs without having to reinstall after possible crash.

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Disk Management Directory Fails To List Disk Drive C

I have an intel i7 cpu, running windows 7 pro and the computer management/disk management directory fails to list disk drive c:/ as part of the volume list . C:/ drive is visible in "my computer properties" and works fine! Intel i7 cpu, running windows 7 pro

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Moving Data From 1st Disk To 2nd Disk

I installed my w7 on a single disk pc then i added a second disk for data. I want to have all my data (documents, photos, music, etc. ) In this second disk. In xp, when i did so, i copy my documents from "documents and settings" folder to the new location (d:/) and i was done. Now in w7 i open the "user" folder i found that files are not on a single folder but that there are several document folders (images, documents, etc. ) And settings folders (favorites, etc. ). May i copy all the user folder to the new location or i must leave there some of them in c:/system/users? In xp, when i move my documents to d:, every thing was redirected there (default1 saving folder, default download folder, defautl music folder, etc. ) In w7, would happen the same? The link on the desktop will redirect me to the location or may continue pointing the old one.

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Disk Read Error And Recovery Disk Not Working

I have a toshiba satellite c650 that has recently come up with a disk read error. I want to access the command prompt to try some potential solutions that i have read about on the internet. I have made a windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop which also has windows 7 installed. When i use the recovery disk and it has loaded the files etc it just brings up a black screen and the cursor. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? I tried booting my acer laptop from the recovery disk and it worked fine. Also does anyone have any suggestions as to why i am getting the 'disk read error - hit ctrl, alt and delete to restart' message?

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Error - Logonui Exe No Disk - Outlook Exe No Disk

I have windows 7 professional running 64 bit. A very annoying error pops up every five minutes or so. The message varies and can read "logonui exe no disk" or "outlook exe no disk" or "your favorite app. - No disk" depending on what i am running at the time. I†have looked at many forums and can see that this error†occurred†in†previous†windows flavors. Some answers point to malware or infected file, others seem to think it's a†corrupt install file. I have a fresh install of win 7. My†previous†os being xp.

I have reinstalled win7 and tried repair functions. No luck so far.

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How Do I Reinstall Printer?

I have just installed windows 7†upgrade for vista and in the process had to uninstall my printer, a dell aio 926. I have been to the dell website†for support on how to reinstall it, but can't figure out which driver(s) to download. Dell's "how to download and install printer" page takes me to a drivers & downloads page but nothing on there looks like a printer driver to me. I tried going to a dell forum to post a question but i get a strange 'runtime error' page that i can't make head nor tail of. Please help. I'd be most grateful.

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Reinstall Win 7

I have a legitimate product code for windows 7, and i have it installed on a computer that no longer works. Unfortunately it's a hardware problem, and it would be expensive to fix. A friend of mine gave me his computer, but it doesn't have a working operating system on it. To further complicate this problem, i no longer have the reinstallation disc. My first question is: will my license allow me to install windows 7 with my product code on this new computer since i am no longer able to use it on my previous one. Pending that i can install it on my new machine, where can i download a copy of the cd? I would need to download it as this new computer is a netbook and doesn't have a dvd-rom drive.

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Win 7 Reinstall

I recently discovered my version of windows is not genuine and so i need to get a new key (can't pay for it online so i need to buy a new copy). As such, how is the reinstall process? Will i lose all of my documents or will they be retained? I know there is an option during re-install to keep them, but i was wondering if anyone has had experience with it and if, you know, it works since it is meant for 'upgrades'. Is there any way to save those files or should i just back them up?(Sorry if this has been solved already, i see a lot of vista->7/xp->7 questions but none.

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Reinstall Update

In order to try to solve a "software" problem i have "attempted" to reinstall windows 7 upgrade (from vista). Now it displays that i am using an illegal copy of the program. What do i have to do in order to get it to reinstall without the "you are using an illegal copy"? The problem, before the attempted reinstall was the cdrom. It would not read an install file on a cd for a printer. I called dell and was told that it is a software problem, not a mechanical problem. The cd will install on a different computer without windows 7.

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Upgrade Reinstall

I'm just wrapping my head around who to upgrade from windows xp to windows 7 and i messed up and installed it from the boot cd rather than with in the preexisting windows xp installation. I understand i need to reinstall xp and then windows 7. My question is about the future. If i have a drive fail for some reason or another, when i replace it would i have to reinstall my old xp os and then upgrade again, or†having been activated the first time, would i be able to reinstall windows 7 directly onto a fresh drive?†

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Cannot Reinstall Software

I purchased an add on to fsx which the manufacturer said is compatible to w7. Yet, the software did not work in fsx. The manufacturer suggested uninstalling and re-installing it. But when i did that i got an error saying it was error code 0 i cannot reinstall because there was a read only file in the folder. Meanwhile, another game stopped working. I uninstalled it† and reinstalled it. That game's opening screening appears, but the game cannot load.

Someone suggested that this is due to w7 security protections. I do not know if that is the case but a solution to this (and if anyone has a way to make w7 behave like xp) would be much appreciated.

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Reinstall Vista Ultimate

Because win 7 is computer specific, i can't run it on my laptop and desktop both (i only could afford and bought one copy). I installed it on both because the initial upgrade on my desktop didn't work (monitor problems). It is now working on the desktop, but i'll have to go back to win vista ult on my laptop (because of license req. When i register the desktop copy). How can i reinstall win vista ult on my desktop without losing everything (doing a custom install; can't do an upgrade)?

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Reinstall Win 7 Upgrade From Xp

I just purchased a windows 7 pro upgrade version and plan to install it on a system running xp home†from a retail xp upgrade license. The custom install is relatively straight forward; no issues there. According to both the xp home eula and the windows 7 eula, i am allowed to move these to another system. In the future i plan to replace the hardware with some combination of new motherboard, cpu, memory, hard drive or & possibly hard disk.

In practice, is this possible?†If my understanding is correct that the xp home license is "consumed" during the initial upgrade to windows 7, how can it be temporarily reactivated on new hardware as a prerequisite to performing the windows 7 upgrade? The other scenario that would force the issue would be complete hardware failure due to water, electrical surge, etc.

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Reinstall With Upgrade Media

Ever since installing ms win 7 (upgrade version – 64bit) to my system a few months ago iíve had an almost endless flood of issues including daily blue screen crashes and other disrupting problems. Iím pretty convinced that the only way to completely stop these issues is to reinstall win 7 –upgrade. However, to this, i want to install the os on a clean drive. Since the upgrade must first affirm that you have a previous win os installed, how do i reformat the drive, de-frag the drive and reinstall to a clean drive?

I know i could reinstall vista and upgrade from that, but that seems senseless and likely to add to the problems i already have. Fyi: iím not an it pro and while i rely on computers for my work, i do not consider myself an expert of any sort, so it would really help if you explain your ideas clearly for this somewhat befuddled user. Thank-you for any and all input.

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Any Time Upgrade Or Reinstall

I recently bought an hp laptop that had windows 7 home premium installed on it. I have a copy of windows 7 ultimate (promo retail) that i would like to use instead. I have installed it but have found that most of the extra stuff that hp throws in does not work on standard installs if windows. I could easily do a system restore and use my copy as a any time upgrade. If i do this does that key become tied with the home premium or could i reinstall it at a later date(as a retail version) and restore the laptop back to home premium

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Reinstall Ie8 After Uninstalled

I upgraded vista to 7 with a disk from toshiba (free upgrade when 7 comes out) anyhow ie worked great in vista but when i upgraded to 7 it kept freezing and locking up. I did all of the updates and stuff and still would not work properly. So (duh) i decided i needed to unistall ie 8 and reinstall it. I downloaded firefox first and then uninstalled ie8 and then back to microsofts website to download ie8 again. Except when you go to ie8 page to download it reconizes you are running windows 7, tells you ie8 is part of 7 and there is no option to download ie8 and install it again. I was unable to locate ie8 on the disk toshiba gave me for 7 also. Suggestions please

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Reinstall Upgrade On A New Hdd

Background: 1 year old dell, originally vista home installed, upgraded to windows 7 professional, which required reformatting the drive and original os partition was removed in the format. Upgrade when fine and system is up.

Now, i want to move the os to an intel ssd drive. I am expecting to run into a roadblock trying to get windows 7 loaded, becuase the drive will be new, no os on it. Any way to do this without having to buy a new copy of windows 7?

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Can't Reinstall Device Adapters

While just discovering my new computer that i've had for 4 months, i found a troubleshoot icon that†is on my 'pc icon' under "devices & printers" in the "control panel". Everytime i click "fix problem" it fails to reinstall. I do not know what to do.

The device software that was not successfully installed: microsoft isatap adapter #2 microsoft teredo tunneling adapter microsoft 6to4 adapter microsoft isatap adapter. My computer still is running properly to the best of my knowledge, however i am no computer tech, just a regular computer user who tries to fix what needs to be fixed.

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Reinstall Win 7 Onto New Hard Drive

If you have installed windows 7 and your hard drive fails - will you be able to re-install or will you have to buy windows 7 again to install it on your new drive? I imagine windows license will still be effectively 'active' on the failed drive? Or can you obtain a like a mac code for mobiles to remove and transfer†the license from the failed drive to your new one?

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Reinstall Win 7 After Motherboard Upgrade

I just purchased and installed the full box version of windows 7 professional. While it runs fine, the performance is not where i would like it to be. I installed the 32 bit version. I want to upgrade the motherboard, ram, hard drive and processor and reinstall to using the 64 bit version that came with my purchase. Am i going to encounter activation issues as i understand that windows uses the bios as the validation. When i swap the mb the bios is obviously going to change. Your thoughts?

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Reinstall Win 7 On A New Hard Drive

I am thinking about upgrading to a solid state hard drive and currently have windows 7 home premium installed. My question is: is it possible to install windows on the new drive:a) without the product activation having a fitb) losing all my programs and documents, especially office 2007 - which may also have activation issues?I am running the 64 bit version of windows 7 at the moment. I upgraded from vista 64 home premium, so have the full vista 64 bit†dvd†and the windows 7 upgrade disc.

Both are legit with valid product keys (although i think the vista key is†permanently†deactivated by using the upgrade). Would i be able to install vista (without activation) then run the upgrade disc for a in-place upgrade? Or do i have to do it another way?†I am not going to be changing any other hardware during the upgrade. I have space on other drives to perform backups if that is required.

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Win 7 Reinstall - Key Is Invalid

My computer crashed and i had to use the reinstall disk that came with my computer. The disk included vista, but i was running windows 7 (which i downloaded from microsoft). When i went to reinstall windows 7 using the download files from my account order history page it accepted the activation key from my original purchase, but now it says i should register online. When i go to do so it says that the key from my original purchase is invalid. If i had purchased a physical copy it would work, so what's going on?

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Reboot Loop After Trying To Reinstall Sp2

I have a presario 7550 with windows xp†which was updated to†at least sp2 and ie8. After the infamous updates from 2/10/10, my computer cycled to the safe mode screen. I could not enter safe mode, instead it would keep just looping back.

Had no choice but to go into system recovery, which after restart, reloaded some sort of problem that i had a year ago - not allowing me to open program files. I went to safe mode again, right clicked program files and changed ownership back to me (from another profile named administrator(s), with an "s". This re-enabled me to open the files.

Windows eventually reloaded, but at sp1 and the†best i have now is ie6.

If i try to upload security essentials, then sp2, i get an error that states a windows file is corrupt or missing. After sp2 installs - i go back to the restart loop displaying the factory†"presario" screen, giving me the choice†(or chance) to do a system recovery (f10) again.

Since after recovery, i†was still able to get into safe mode and†the recovery console (but†not from a boot disk) i tried the posted fix from the command line windows/ : chdir $ntuninstallkb977165$spuninst - then - batch spuninst. Text - then - exit

This just sent me back to the†restart loop featuring the "presario" option of exit or f10 recovery (looking as it was going to load windows for about 5 seconds).

I am currently at sp1 and ie6 which has only†basic functionality but is†extremely unstable (temperamental).

Norton has been removed, so†has all of the other factory preloaded junk.

I noticed that i have about 20 "windows xp hotfixes, including abot 6 or 7 containing (sp2) in their name" in the†remove programs section†of control panels. I have not removed any of these.

Can anyone help?

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Reinstall Win 7 Upgrade Version

I am currently running windows 7 home premium and i would like to format my hard drive and reinstall windows 7 onto it. However, the problem is that i'm afraid i might go through some activation issues. When i purchased my pc windows vista was pre-installed on it. When windows 7 was released i purchased the upgrade version of it. From my understanding when i upgraded to windows 7 i needed to have a genuine version of windows already installed (which i did) in order for windows 7 to activate properly (which it did).

However, when i upgraded to windows 7 i did a clean install, which to my knowledge wiped windows vista off my hard drive. So my question is, if i try to do a clean install (reinstall) of windows 7 upgrade version, will i be able to activate without any issues? Here's a breakdown in case i wasn't clear in my explanation. 1. Purchased pc with windows vista pre-installed. 2. Did a clean install of windows 7 using the upgrade version, which was supposed to remove all remnants of windows vista. 3. Now i would like to do a clean install (formatting my hard drive) of windows 7 (upgrade version), again.

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Reinstall On Dual Booting Macbook

I installed a recently purchased full version of windows 7 ultimate on my dual booting macbook pro laptop but am unable to install the xp compatibility module. Apparently there is an authenticity issue. The problem may be due to the fact that when i partitioned the disk and installed windows, i inadvertently corrupted the mac os x system. So i reinitialized the disk and installed os x again. Windows 7 apparently installed successfully. But when i downloaded the windows xp compatibility module it failed to install. The message indicates that there is an authenticity issue.

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