Activate Upgrade With New Key

I purchased a genuine windows 7 upgrade disc for dell pc. Installed it and activated the product. Went with clean start, used home premium 64 bit. Then i installed the same disc as an upgrade on this pc which is my hp laptop. Install worked took 4 hours. Then when i tried to activate the product, it said invalid activation code or key. I didn't know that the key was good for only one pc. I have located a new genuine windows 7 upgrade key for sale and want to use it to activate my product on this pc. Will i have to re-install the disc and possibly loose my programs, or can i just use the new key to activate what i already upgraded on this laptop. Please advise me as to how i can solve this issue with the least amount of time and pain. Thanks for your help. Tony

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Install Upgrade And Activate - Product Key Invalid

I bought my copy of windows 7 ultimate on ebay 3 months back.initially the product key activated successfully and the wga validation was also successful. I have tried to validate several time without any issues. Now after 3 months windows comes with message product key is invalid and key has been blocked by microsoft, but still when i validate my copy of windows it validates successfully. Can somebody advice if was cheated by the guy on ebay. I am attaching the dump from mgadiag.exe diagnostic report (1. 9. 0027. 0):

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Install Upgrade / Activate - Do I Have To Activate Win 7?

I recently ordered windows 7 off amazon because i was running a test version of windows 7 ultimate i believe and the test run was going to be up soon. I ordered a version of windows 7 home.

When the version i have tried to activate today it said my key wouldn't allow it because the version i had was an upgrade version. I being not so savvy with computers didn't realize there was a difference. It told to me to install an older version of windows and reinstall but i don't have an older version. I was wondering if it's needed to activate your copy or if it's just as a safety measure for the customer?

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Product Key You Typed Cannot Be Used To Activate

I purchased a laptop from singapore and in the product information it informed that there is a free upgrade to windows 7. I emailed at the given email address and one jayson ranoa responded. After much correspondence i was asked to pay a shipment fee for the free upgrade cd to be shipped to fiji. I received the free upgrade cd and upgraded my operating to windows 7. Last week my computer displayed a message that i may be a victim of software piracy. I punched in the product key of the software but it displays that "the product key you typed cannot be used to activate windows on this computer".could you please assist?

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Activate On Laptop Using Same Product Key

I purchased windows 7 to upgrade my laptop. After installing and using, i decided to upgrade my memory and a few components of the laptop. In doing so, i found that my expenses were going to be costly, so i just bought a new laptop. I since have decided to install windows 7 on my wife's laptop using the copy i had purchased for my old laptop. How can i activate on her laptop using the same product key? I have formatted the old hard drive on my old computer to use as a external hard drive for us, so i no longer windows 7 installed any pc.

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Product Key Wont Activate

So upgrade to windows 7 on my laptop but hadn't activated it so i have only 2o days left but my had took the the cd and installed on his computer and used the product key and when i use the product key it wont activate. Is it because he used the product key? If so can i get it back if i uninstall windows 7 off his computer can i use my product key again because i really need windows 7? Also i click buy a new product key online and then it goes through a validation process and it says it successful but i still receive notification to activate it? Doe i still need to buy a new product key cause i don't think i have the money to pay for it.

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Purchased Laptop With Win 7 - How To Activate Key ?

I just purchased a laptop with windows 7. The program was pre installed. I was going to activate the program and went right by the production key. There is no cd to look at the number. How do i get that number so i can activate? Need to get a new or retrieve a production key for microsoft 7.

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Product Key Invalid - Activate It On Other Computer

I have used windows 7 for a long time on my laptop, i decided that i was not good enough and bought a new computer, i installed windows 7 onto the computer and couldn't activate it and i know why this is not my concern. I then take windows 7 off of my laptop so the serial code is not being used, i try to activate it on my computer and it says "the product key you typed cannot be used to activate windows on this computer" how can i activate windows without buying a new code.

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Original Product Key Not Activate In Win 7 64 Bit

Windows 7 original product key 64 bit not activated - sharjah city center.

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Can I Download Win 7 Then Activate With Product Key Came With Dvd ?

Bought windows 7 dvd, but dvd drive has stopped working. Can i download then activate with the product key? If so, how?

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Cannot Activate Upgrade

I recently got a new laptop. I installed my windows 7 upgrade kit on it. The problem is the computer was defective and i had to return in for a new computer. I now cannot activate my windows 7 upgrade on the new laptop as this is the second computer the key is being used for. The first computer has been returned, how do i activate this copy for this new laptop?

I know the issue is one license for one computer, but that is all i am using it for. The other computer has been sent back to the company as defective.

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Re-activate Online Upgrade

I recently purchased a samsung n140 with w7 starter edition, after a week i used the online upgrade to install the home premium edition, which installed with no problems. The problem i have is the netbook came with a restore partition, so if i have to do a complete restore, it will take me back to the starter edition. Part from using acronis to be able to restore the home premium edition, is there any other way, i have the upgrade key written down, but do not know if i could upgrade again from a fresh starter edition reinstall. Ny advice would be welcome.

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Cannot Activate After Hardware Upgrade

About 4 months ago i migrated, reinstalled win 7 and went from 32 bit to 64 bit to see how well it worked. When i re-activated, from win 7 32 to win 7 64 bit i mentioned that if it worked well fro me i sould be getting a new motherboard and hard drive. That time arrived and i upgraded my motherboard, video card and hard disk. I installed win 7 64 bit on my new hard disk, but, now i need to re-activate it. The online will not allow me to.

The phone number 1-888-725-1047 tells me to say "continue" for help but after about 15 seconds it returns and says that no help is available. I have tried this number in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. All the same responses. I have just two weeks to get this activated or i loose everything.

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Install Upgrade - Activate Win 7 64-bit Help

I recently installed windows 7 home premium 32-bit on my imac computer (using vmware) and it works fine. My geek son said under that format windows does not take advantage of all the true hardware features of my imac so he installed the windows 7 home premium 64-bit on the same computer (using the imac boot camp procedure). My windows 7 home premium is a full install not an upgrade and it came with the 32-bit and 64-bit cd.

Now to my problem: when i bring up the windows 7 64-bit and go to systems maint i see the message "2 days until automatic activation. Activate windows now" when i click activate windows now and key in my valid product key i get the message "the activation server determined that the specified product key could not be used" i'm thinking mabe i should uninstall the windows 7 32-bit so my question is how do i deactivate my windows 7 32-bit so windows wont think i have 2 windows 7 versions on the same computer?

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Install Upgrade - Virtual Machine Wont Activate

College security class assignment to set up a virtual machine (using vmware). Have activated copy of windows 7 pro on my laptop (which is where i've installed the vm). Vmware says to use the same disk and product key used for host, which i did. Install went good and is currently running, but when itried to activate the vm i'm told to try a different key, that the key i tried to use was no good. Why would i need a different key for the vm, it's not even a real machine?

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Install Upgrade - Cannot Activate Win 7 - Genuine Copy Problem

Running windows under bootcamp on new macbook pro. Purchased windows 7 home premium update. During installation asked for activation number. Because update copy removed dvd and put in dvd with full windows xp software. Did not appear to search dvd so ejected and pressed asked to insert windows 7 dvd and proceeded to install completely. Worked for a month with no problems. Now 30 days later wants me to activate and says cannot because of upgrade version. Restarted computer and now screen says don't have genuine copy of windows installed but seems to work ok. Talked to both support and activation on telephone. Both said to call the other. What should i do now?

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Upgrade Key Not Working

I bought the upgrade to windows 7 back when it first came out, when it was a $50 preorder. So i got it and upgraded my desktop with no problem. That's the only thing i upgraded. But when i upgraded it from vista to 7 on my laptop, i got the 0xc004c008 error code. I read on the support site that thats for when the key has been activated more than 10 times on 6 different computers. I have only used the key once and gave it to no one. Please help, i don't want to buy another key when i have one already.

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Key Activation After Upgrade

I have purchased a toshiba laptop from toshiba aus that came with windows 7 starter. A few weeks later is purchased an upgrade disk from the site its not cheating to upgrade it to windows 7 pro.
The upgrade worked but now it is asking for the product key to be entered. The problem is that the windows activation wont accept the key as it says its an upgrade key not for a clean install of windows 7.
The way i went around upgrading was to first try the dvd but when it was about to start dong the upgrade it said to use the windows 7 anytime upgrade. So i than used the windows 7 anytime upgrade and that worked for the upgrade and it now says windows 7 professional, but the other day it started to ask me to activate the key.

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Product Key Is For Upgrade Only

Problem entering ultimate upgrade keyi purchased windows 7 ultimate upgrade on dvd and ran anytime upgrade to install it. The key was entered at this time. All seemed ok, ultimate worked fine. Now i need to activate ultimate but when i enter my ultimate key i receive a message saying that i can only use this key to upgrade not a clean install. I have not performed a clean install, nor do i want to. The original key for 7 starter is not accepted either. The window 7 ultimate upgrade disc appears to be genuine from a reputable dealer. I now have a message on my screen saying this windows is not genuine. How do i fix this ?

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Windows Anytime Upgrade Key

I have lost my windows anytime upgrade key that i had purchased for upgrading my windows 7 home premium to ultimate. I am upgrading the windows home premium that came pre-installed on the toshiba qosmio laptop i purchased. I used the windows anytime upgrade option found in the start pearl (i.e. I didn't buy the wau disc from a store, etc. ) Is there a way that i can contact someone to get this key recovered? I really need it, and i'm not much interested in paying another $140 or whatever it is.

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Upgrade Version Product Key

I have a laptop and a netbook, one legitimate vista key, one full retail win 7 key and one upgrade retail win 7 key. My question is this: currently the full retail version is installed on my laptop and is activated. I have also installed the full retail version on the netbook - this is awaiting activation after changing the laptop (to which the vista key belongs) to the upgrade version.

My question is - can i just change the installed product key on the laptop from the full version to the upgrade version without having to re-install vista first and then doing the upgrade? If you find my response helpful, please click on the "vote as helpful" button!

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Key Was For Upgrade And Not For Clean Install

When i purchased windows 7 online from the ultimate steal, it wasn't clear that it was an upgrade until it was too late and i'd already paid for it. Since it was intended for my brand new tower i have no previous operating system to upgrade from. I managed to do a fresh install regardless from a bootable disk. When i went online to enter the product key, it told me it was for the upgrade and not a clean install. I have 27 days to enter a product key. The reason i got it online was because of the offer for students. Being a student i can't afford to pay for a whole new operating system again and was wondering what i could do to avoid this?

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How Many Computers Can You Use Win 7 Upgrade Key?

I bought a windows 7 professional upgrade that comes with just the product key and not the oem disc. That bring me to my question i have two laptops and one desktop computer. One of the notebooks runs windows vista home premium and the other runs windows vista home basic and on my desktop i'm running windows xp home edition. How can i upgrade to windows 7 professional on these computers. Also on how many computers can you use the windows 7 upgrade key till you have to purchase another key. Please help me guys as i'm a newbie when it comes to computers but i want to learn more about them.

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Upgrade Product Key And Language

I'm trying to finish upgrading my network to windows 7 (i've upgrades 2 at the official release), so i bought a family pack upgrade. But the family pack was only available in french (no english copies left).

Can i use the product keys from the french family pack to activate english installs? I already have english upgrade media from the previous upgrades, so it's just a question if the keys will activate?

If i can't activate an english install what options do i have? Is the french family pack of no use to me?

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Anytime Upgrade Key Invalid

My notebook was window vista and i had bought the upgraded kit to window 7. Everything was find until recently, there is new features for window 7, i unable to get it unless i upgrade it by purchasing wau. Im currently using window 7 home premium and i bought wau starter to home premium and when i try key in, it say invalid. I just need the latest features like, snap, flick etc. Whereby home premium are included and i don't need to upgrade till professional or ultimate for such little features. Can you help me to solve it as i bought the wau from usa and im in malaysia right now.

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Product Key Was Intended For Upgrade Only

The harddrive on my desktop died , so thought i would buy a new hard drive and upgrade the whole pc. Then my probelms started. Previously i had win2k, which i upgraded to xp, the new hard drive would not boot with either one. So i put the new windows 7 in and booted up no problem the install went great and looks great, however i cant register the software because it is an upgrade version. I have both of the old versions and their security codes. What can i do? Can microsoft support help so i can use this version i have installed?

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Anytime Upgrade Not Accepting Key

I just purchased a system todayfrom the local store, and it came with windows 7 home premium (64). I have a cd for windows 7 professional (64)that i got through my college. However, when i went to use the dvd to upgrade from windows 7 premium to professional it told me to use windows anytime upgrade. But, when i do that and choose, "i have a key", then enter the key i have, it runs a bit and comes back with an error telling me that the key i have cannot be used for anytime upgrade. ? Why not? And if it can't then why can't i just do an upgrade from the cd? I know the key is valid, i got it from my college msdnaa site.

And, yes, i have verified that i am typing the key correctly. I even tried copy and paste, but still no go. What am i doing wrong, and what can i do to upgrademy windows 7 home premium 64to windows 7 professional 64?

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Activating With Upgrade Product Key

I bought and downloaded a clean install of windows 7 professional 64-bit. Installed and activated onto my desktop no problem. However i did not realize that windows 7 could only be installed on one computer. As such, i installed it onto my laptop, and after 30 days was deactivated. I want to activate it and am wondering if a product key from an upgrade would work? I want to find out for sure before i spend the money on a product key that will be incompatible.

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Activation Key Not Working After Getting Upgrade

Earlier this month my hard drive crashed so i went out to buy a new hard drive at best buy and they told me i also needed to buy a new operating system. They handed me windows 7 upgrade saying that i can install it without any problems. Well, i put in my new hard drive and stuck the windows 7 upgrade cd in and it started to install etc. When it wanted me to activate the product, i put in the key that was in the box but it said it wasn't valid. I retyped it over and over with the same problem. I decided to skip it and would ask online later. So here i am wondering what i should do to fix this problem. Do i have to buy a new key? Did best buy hand me the wrong thing? Do i have to go out and spend more money just so i can have an operating system?

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Win 7 Upgrade Product Key Was Invalid

I upgraded my computer from windows 7 home to windows 7 pro, and the product key was invalid. I have installed the pro copy into another computer, which now has windows xp pro on it, not windows 7. I want to transfer it to this computer, so i used windows anytime upgrade, typed in my product key, and it said it was valid. 3 days later, it popped up saying that activation had failed, and the product key was invalid. I retyped it, hoping that was the problem, and no, it wasn't. I used the phone activation option and when i said "2" by mistake, they hung up-well, not really, because it was automated.

I want a real person on the other end, and i want to ask if they could remove it from the old computer. Until then, does anyone know how to undo an upgrade? I tried to upgrade to windows 7 home by typing the product key on the bottom of the bottom of the new computer, but because it was home, it said that i couldn't downgrade. Again, anyone know how to undo an upgrade?

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