Slow Speed On Pavilion Dv7-2170

I bought a hp laptop (pavilion dv7-2170 ), at 11. 09. 2009. Whit this laptop i've got an envelope to get window 7. And at november i just ordered a window 7. Before using windows 7 my laptop was ready to use in 1 minute. When i was turn it on. But after when i started to use windows 7 i am not happy. Because, when i was turn it on my laptop, it takes 6 minutes to get ready to use. And internet explorer is much slower than before. I am not happy whit window 7, i need a help, to make faster my laptop.

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Hp Pavilion Dv7-1127cl - Lost Dvd Drive After Upgrading To Win 7

The dvd drive ( hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-t50l )is in my device manager and said this device is working properly but it not showing up in my computer or disk management so i can not assign a letter to the drive. I flashed the drive with the latest firmware and tried this file to fix my problem ks810-p 32-64-bit 080003 09may10.exe but neither worked.

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Slow Download Speed

I am experiencing terribly slow (20kb/s) download speeds yet 1mb/s uploads ( on my hp hdx series laptop. I have tried both wireless and wired connections directly to the modem and both are the same speed. I have updated all my laptop's drivers and the firmware of my wireless router (netgear wnr3500).

This laptop sold with vista where download speeds are fine but was eligible for the free windows 7 upgrade which i installed. The desktop running vista that is wired to the router has 8mb/s download speeds which is perfect. Please microsoft stop denying this problem isn't with windows 7 because it it, an also the countless others with the same problem would appreciate this being fixed right now.

List of things i have tried: changing power settings, disabling teredo tunneling adapter, disabling windows update, disabling ipv6, editing the registry, cleaning the registry

A screenshot of my ipconfig if it is helpful:

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Very Slow Download Speed

I bought a new top-of-the line hp pavilion when win 7 came out - fastest proc they offer, 12gb ram, win 7 64bit preloaded. I've had it about 2 months. The machine itself is lightning fast - but the internet download speed is slow. Would be faster to chisel in stone.

My home lan has the win7 box, my old hp running vista (4gb ram, about 3 years old) and an imac (4 gb ram, about a year old). All 3 machines are connected physically to the router (no wireless connections). It's a basic and no-frills network - i don't have a web-server, torrents, file-sharing or anything like that. Basic connectivity between machines, and internet access. That's it.

My isp is comcast.

Here are my ul/dl speeds:

     Upload    download   ping
Win 7   ~3 mb/s    1 mb/s    88ms
Vista   ~3 mb/s    20 mb/s   89ms
Imac    ~3 mb/s    20 mb/s   88ms

(This according to

The upload and download speeds on the old clunker vista machine and on the imac are as expected. The win 7 box upload is the same as the other machines - the download speed is slow. Less than 1/20th of the vista box or the imac.

I also bought a new linksys wrt210n gigabit router. Updated the firmware last night. Updated the drivers for the intel nic in the win 7 box. Problem persists.

Rebooted the router & cable model (and the win 7 box). Problem persists.

Disabled ipv6, discovery mapper - basically everything except ipv4, qos packet scheduler & file and print sharing. Problem persists.

Booted into safe mode. Problem persists.

Tried firefox, safari, chrome & ie8 - no noticeable differences.

Disabled norton a/v, firewall, win defender. No change.

Swapped the ethernet cable. No change.

There is only one net device in device manager - the intel 82567v-2  gigabit nic. No conflicts of any sort that i can see.

Ran windows update to get the latest stuff - then disabled it. No change.

Checked all the logs, ran diagnostics, and tried all the "netsh" tweaks i read about. No change.

So, ultimately, this machine i sunk about $3k into is performing (online) like a snail. It's almost unusable, especially since 90% of my job involves online stuff.

I've read dozens - no, hundreds - of similar threads all over the internet, with people reporting the exact same conditions - expected upload speed, awful download speed. So, this is obviously not an isolated problem, and it's not a problem with my isp, router, modem, nic, drivers, firewall, a/v or anything else. It looks like a win 7 problem - my question is, what is the solution?

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Applications Very Slow Opening Speed

Win 7 ultimate v6. 1. 7600, running with avg 8. 5 pro iss, microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes and cleaned system. When i first bootup and after the icons have loaded to desktop and after the cursor suggests by no hourglass activity, that everything has stabilized. I try to open applications, such as ms outlook 2007 or ie8 32-bit and it takes forever for them to open.

After they have been successfully opened and closed in a session, subsequent opening is somewhat faster, but not all that fast. I get the impression that something is running in the background but cannot see any processes in task manager. Even task manager is slow to open. Win 7 does not appear to be any better than vista was. Ny advice would be very useful.

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Slow Hdd Copy Speed

I'm getting very slow copy speeds, no matter if its installing a game from a dvd (retail), or copying files over the network. I never get over 12 mb/s. I opened resource monitor for disk and it looks to me like files are first copied to the c: (ssd) and then to my target drive (hdd raid0). I have tried turning off disk cache and the swap file. I'm still getting very slow copies. I understand why the ssd is the bottle neck, but how do i make it stop going through the ssd.

System specs:intel dx58so with 975 chip kingston 64 gb value ssd (os drive)4x 1tb samsung hdd in raid0 samsung blu-ray reader dvd-rw6 gb kingston hyperx 1600 windows 7 pro clean install (retail)

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Slow Transfer Speed To Usb 2.0 Flash Drive

I know that this topic has appeared once or twice in these forums but there haven't been any resolutions and they've been quiet lately so i started a new one. Recently, i migrated from windows xp to 7 and found this problem. When i try to copy a file (a 1. 2gb video) to a usb flash drive that i know is usb 2. 0 hi-speed (copying files to it in xp were really fast) it takes over 2 minutes. 7 reports that it is copying at 3-4 mb/sec. When i copy from the flash drive to my computer it copies at about 9-10mb/sec.

I've also tried plugging it into the rear ports but that doesn't change the transfer speed at all. I know it isn't something related to the flash stick itself because transferring files to it in xp were a lot faster. Some random information: transferring files from one hard drive to another averages at about 60mb/sec (both of the hard drives are sata ii drives).

I'm not sure what speed it should be but it doesn't feel drastically slower than on my xp machine. Windows 7 and my device drivers are all up-to-date.system specs:dell optiplex gx620 pentium 4 3. 2ghz2 gb ram windows 7 professional 32-bit avg 9 free edition anti-virus my setup is almost identical to how it was on my windows xp machine except i have less programs installed so there isn't something new that could have caused problems.

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Speed Up Windows

I keep reading as part of the windows 7 promotional effort that they have listened to users complaints, praises and suggestions and adopted these into windows 7. My main question is where do we add these complaints, praises and suggestions? I've been using microsoft since my first 386 computer running msdos, and have upgraded on release days my entire life starting with 3. 11 > nt > nt4 > 2000 > xp pro > vista bus and now win7 rc and no one has ever asked me for any suggestions nor have i ever seen an opportunity to provide them anywhere?

I have a major suggestion i have always wanted to make to microsoft!

I help alot of people get their pc's up and running again, either when completely dead, or more often just running slow, and then progressively slower to the point where it drives the person insane to even try using it anymore.

It seems acceptable to people that their computer runs fast and fine out of the box, but over time eventually slows to a crawl or locks up often.

The majority of us are aware what cuases this primary complaint, so why does the problem still exist with every new version of windows that gets released?

The stupid and pointless "startup" folder, and the "run" key in the local machine and current user hives, not to mention some additional locations software developers have discovered to cause their software to begin running at startup for absolutely no reason what so ever other than to use up resources and slow pc's down.

Some apps should auto start up and run, like anti virus or firewalls, thats acceptable, however it seems to be the trend of software developers everywhere to make all applications they develop automatically start up and run in the back ground for absolutely no reason what so ever. Even microsoft has been known to do this with office, adobe does it, all the garbage-ware applications create entries here to run in the background. The typical stupid user can in just the course of one year have literally hundreds of pointless application entries in these registry hives that are bogging down their computers and causing lock ups and severe slow downs.

Isn't it about time that someone at microsoft fixes this well known issue once and for all?

Make programs start only when a user starts them, make them 100% stop when a user stops them. At least make a pop up option take place when a user installs an application that gives alerts to people that "this application wants to start up every time you boot your computer, do you want to allow this behavior? Yes[] no[]".

99% of the applications out there that auto run when the system is booted have no business running in the background everytime someone boots their computer. 100% of these applications lead to significant slow downs and problems.

While there is software out there that in many cases can be purchased to solve this, you not only in many cases are paying for it, but your also just adding in more auto running software to solve the problem. Why not just fix the problem at the heart of the issue, that being the way windows allows this to just take place in the first place?

Making windows prettier is great. After all, my favorite reason for using windows over linux or mac is just how it looks and feels so much better. Prettier. However addressing a major known issue that directly affects millions of simple users and could very easily be solved such as this problem just repeatedly gets over looked version after version.

Can someone at microsoft who i hope reads this please address and solve this problem for the final production release of windows 7?

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Computer Performance / Speed

Before i switched to 7, i was running xp with little problems. I was able to play most of my online games at the highest settings with minimal video lag and a ping of around 60. I was also able to run crysis , crysis: warhead , and crysis wars on the "high" setting (setting levels from lowest to highest are: "low", "medium", "high", "very high") with a few of the options on "very high". But now with windows 7, i can't play any of my online games without having a ping of at least 200 and i can't even run crysis or any of the other crysis series games listed before on "low" or any other setting.

In addition, with xp my hard drive that i use for everything other than the os (games, programs like audacity, videos, pictures, etc. ) Was about 3/4 full, and with windows 7 the drive that is serving the same purpose has 218 gigabytes free of 414 gigabytes and my hard drive that has the os on it has 29. 6 gigabytes free of 50. 6 gigabytes. I have no idea what is going on. I have a legitimate copy of the os, my friend has windows 7 as well and isn't experiencing these problems, and isn't windows 7 supposed to make your pc run more efficiently?

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Poor Internet Speed

After several weeks of good internet speeds on windows 7 i was all of a sudden i was down . 5mb download speed yet my old laptop on xp and on the same wireless network is running at 7. 0 mb i have tried all the tricks and tips  from the forums to no avail. So i tried a fresh install and bingo back to full speed. A week later back to square one and the 0. 5mb internet speed traced it down to one of two updates but i can, t uninstall them any suggestions

Security update for microsoft xml core services 4. 0 service pack 2 (kb954430)
Update for microsoft xml core services 4. 0 service pack 2 (kb973688)

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Internet Connection Speed

I have a fairly new samsung r580 notebook with win7 home premium. My internet connection speed is fixed at 65mbps. My wife's notebook speed today was again 130mbps. Our top speed with cox cable is 156mbps. Our modem and wireless router max out at higher speeds than the 156mbps from cox.

So, why am i maxed out at 65? I tried to trouble shoot as well as updating the driver and still, my speed is 65. My notebook has a high-end processor. Is this a problem with win 7? Or. ?

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Email Download Speed Issue

This week i replaced winxp with win7. All running well. Speed of internet etc is very good (see details) then i installed outlook 2003, all seems well. But receiving mails is a drama. A mail with attachment of 4mb takes about 7 minutes to download. If i send this email with the same attachment, it uploads in about 5-6 seconds. I have no issues with internet speed. I have installed office 2007, same story. Thunderbird is even een bigger drama. Takes about 11 minutes to get the mail with 4mb attachment. What could be the problem ?

My speedtest performance :
Download speed: 22214 kbps (2776. 8 kb/sec transfer rate)
Upload speed: 3687 kbps (460. 9 kb/sec transfer rate)

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Speed Of Accessing A Network Server

I have a macbook. It is running os x, and windows xp and windows 7 on the same machine so i feel this is a good comparison. I have an in home wireless network through a usrobotics router. Attached to that router is a 500gb little file server. It's formatted fat32 and it contains many gbs of music. Anything attached to the router uses cat6 ethernet cables. When i attempt to access this server with win7 it can take over 1/2 an hour for it to list the contents.

When i attempt to access this server with win xp it can take only a few minutes. Os x grabs the data in only a few seconds. My questions:1)is there something in win 7 i should be tweaking to get it to access the data faster?2) is there a better way to setup the server for win 7?3) anything else you might think of.

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Problem With Internet Connection Speed

If i connect from my modem directly to the pc i get an internet connection of atleast 22. 5 mbit/s and it can go all the way to 28. 5 mbit/sif i connect the modem to my wireless router, then to my pc and to 3 other laptops, speed drops to 14 mbit/s on my wired connection to the pc and to 2-3 mbit/s on wireless g laptops. Even if there is no one else connected or using bandwidth, the connection speed drops to half on my computer.

So basically my question is this, why the big drop from a direct connection to a modem and a direct connection to a wireless router? Is there anyway to hog most of the connection to my pc and leave a couple of mbits for the other 3 laptops? Ive tried using ad hoc networks but for the most part it has been unreliable. Is there anyway to use the following network config: internet -> modem -> pc -> router -> 3 laptops over wireless the router to blame for the drop in speed? What are my options?

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Fan Speed Program For Notebook

Anyone know of a program that i can control my fan speed with on my acer aspire 7745g? It has 8 gb of ram, i5 460m @2. 53 ghz with an ati 5650m. Sometimes during high end gaming, the fan speed i find is working fast enough, and the laptop can get really hot (waiting for my notebook cooler to be repaired from the factory).

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Install On Hp Pavilion A250y

I have windows xp professional and want to install win 7 home i bought at store when i try a clean install it comes up needs device drivers to communicate with hard drive. Where can i get these i have pavilion a250y? I have tried the drivers my xp uses but they dont seem to work i cant get win7 to install on my pc please help.

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Write Speed Of Drive Lg Super Multi Writer

When copying a dvd utilizing my lg supermultiwriter the write speed is several mb/s if i use my e drive to wirte. When writing to the g drive the write speed is . 01 mb/s. This is about 1 disk per week if you're lucky. Have checked with lg and am sending the device back. This is the second one to have this problem. Have all of the current software plus a fix suggested by lg. Am using dvd fab 6 premium as the software for copying.

Media does not appear to be a problem as it works with the e drive. Have changed connection cord to the g drive with no effect. Dma is enabled in th fab 6 program. There is no effect when speed is changed from recommended to fastest in the dvd fab 6 program. Have copied thousands of dvds but never seen this problem before. Any suggestions?

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Hp Pavilion Dv8000 Sound Problem

I recently upgraded to windows 7 and now i cannot get any sound out of my computer. I have a hp pavilion dv8000. I have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled, and it is still not working.
I have gone to hp's website to try and find an updated driver but they say they are not upgrading drivers for all their computers. I do not believe that mine is getting an upgraded audio driver. All other hardware components work fine. I am not sure what to do at this point. I believe the audio card is conexant ac 

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Hp Pavilion Dv6000 Webcam Does Not Work

After installing windows 7 to my hp pavilion dv 6000 my webcam does not work i was running windows vista home premium i already try to install the hp drivers but it doesn't work help please?

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Hp Pavilion Tx1410 Laptop Drivers

Apparently hp has decided not to support windows 7 on a number of their newer laptops. I have a hp pavilion tx1410 laptop (approximately a year old and not one of my better purchases) for home use. Windows 7 will not load because of compatibility issues with the hp 1410 drivers (a pc built solely for the vista os). This seems to be my only un-fixable upgrade issue based on the "windows 7 upgrade advisor report. " Are there any options to get around this issue?  

The following is a link to hp support site stating the few laptops they plan to support with windows 7: http://h10025. Www1.

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Hp Pavilion Notebook Upgrade Failure

I bought an hp pavilion notebook in august that came loaded with vista and with the promise to upgrade to windows 7 in october when it became available. In october i requested and received the upgrade disks in november. My life has been a long nightmare ever since.

When i performed the upgrade, the computer congratulated me and told me windows 7 was successfully installed. Then the computer froze with any application i tried. I called hp technical support and spent hours-no, days-on the phone with them trying every test and solution they asked for. Nothing made any difference.

Finally hp said i must have a bad installation disk and instructed me to go back to the company providing the upgrade disks and get a new set. Six weeks later, the new disks arrived. I installed them. Same result. Frozen computer. I again spent hours-no, days-on the phone with hp tech support trying every test and fix they suggested. No progress. Finally they agreed to take in the notebook and work on it.

Very fast turnaround. They got the computer back to me within ten days. They said they had "re-imaged the hard drive. " Hooray, it worked! Then i noticed that hp had reinstalled vista. They had the opportunity to send me back a computer, all fixed, with windows 7 up and running, and instead they set me back all the way to august 2009. Right where i started, and no windows 7. I reinstalled the windows 7 upgrade disks. Same negative result. Frozen computer.

Now i am in the middle of more hours-no, days-of phone conversations with hp tech support. They are putting me through the same diagnostic tests, reinstallation, driver installations, tedious time watching paint dry on my computer screen, with no indication that anything will change this time.

Am i a chump or what? Is anyone else experiencing the same problems. How do i get hp and/or microsoft to pony up and get me a computer and an operating system that works?

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Hp Slimline Pavilion S7410n Audio Problem

I have an hp slimline pavilion s7410n with a media controls built into the keyboard. Upgrading from xp to w7 has caused loss of sound. The speaker icon states "no audio output device is installed" and the troubleshooter offers no h

-Uninstalled hd audio driver from cp
-Reinstalled via the automatic recognition of w7 during start up
-Ran troubleshooter with result "cannot identify problem"
-No music or windows sounds of any sort at any time.

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Hp Pavilion Dv8000 Laptop Sound Problem

Since i downloaded windows 7 i have no sound on my hp pavilion dv8000 laptop. My device driver says i have a problem with my high definition audio driver. I cant find any new drivers that work. Any suggestions?

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Hp Pavilion Dv 6670 Webcam Driver Problem

I have hp pavilion dv6670 el model. I also have downloaded and installed win7 rc operating system.
It's all so peachy, because i didn't have any trouble installing drivers, since win7 was kind enough to do that for me. But, now i have all drivers installed, and my webcam still doesn't work. Actually, i have no idea where to find place in win7 to turn it on (if there is such a place). Can i maybe install one of vista 64bit webcam drivers and utilities since architecture of two operating systems is pretty much similar? Where can i find webcam driver on site. Tried, but could not find exact match.

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Hp Pavilion 9650 Amd Chipset Driver

If i install the amd chipset driver provided by hp for this computer it solves the problem of lost packets and long pings until win 7 updates itself. Then i start getting lost packets and long pings like the one below. Is there something else that is causing this problem?

Computer is an hp pavilion 9650 amd quad core 2. 3 running win 7 64 bit home premium microsoft windows [version 6. 1. 7600] copyright (c) 2009 microsoft corporation.

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Hp Pavilion Dv4 Video Driver Problem

While playing video or audio. It suddenly stops and make large sound. If watching movie it happens after every 10 mins and continues like this. Please provide solution to it. I have less knowledge of drivers so please provide elaborated solution if possible.

Hp pavilion dv4 2106tx directx version: directx 11
Dx setup parameters: not found
   User dpi setting: using system dpi
 System dpi setting: 96 dpi (100 percent)
    Dwm dpi scaling: disabled
     Dxdiag version: 6. 01. 7600. 16385 32bit unicode

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Pavilion Laptop Win 7 Flash Freezes

I just installed windows 7 (clean version). The disk was free with the laptop i just bought. The laptop is a pavilion dv4. This computer was made for best buy and made by hp. My problem is that when i use any kind of flash like youtube, computer games even aim or facebook it freezes. The screen goes white and says not responding and then closes down. I am getting very frustrated.

I have taken it in to best buy two times and two other stores. They said they fixed the problem but its still happening. What is happening is the when i restart my computer in 10-15 minutes it doesn't respond. Then i have to restart my computer again and again and again for a new fresh 10 minutes of use. Is there any program or suggestion that will fix the problem. This computer is a hp pavilion dv4-1465dx entertainment notebook pc.

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Hp Pavilion A6200n - Chipset / Bios Drivers

I recently bought a 9800 gtx graphics card, have it all set up, and am running into problem after problem. By having it all set up, i mean that the fan is running right now trying to find its drivers but it can't. My system doesn't even recognize that the card is there. Evga (the card makers) suggested updating my bios/chipset drivers. But, one problem: i can't find the bios/chipset drivers.

Hp has vista drivers for the bios, but not for windows 7. I called them up, but the people that i can't even understand aren't very helpful and speak from their scripts only.could anybody help me find the latest chipset/bios drivers for windows 7 on a pavilion a6200n hp computer?

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Audio / Sound Do Not Work On Hp Pavilion Dv8000

Recently i upgraded to windows 7. After the update my audio no longer worked. I have tried to update the audio driver both automatically, through windows, and manually from the manufacturer's website. I'm using an hp pavilion dv8000 cto notebook pc. Window's successfully detects the problem and tries to apply a fix, stating that there is a problem with the high definition devise. It continues, reinstalling the driver might fix this problem. It then fails to fix the problem. Through windows help and support i worked through each possible fix. Finally, i tried to download and reinstall the driver from hp's website, each version for each offered operating system.

A driver is not offered for window's 7, just vista, xp, and 2000. Each of the downloaded drivers came upon an error during installation and could not be loaded. The audio devise says under its general properties that this devise cannot start (code 10). No updates to the devise driver are available. Any idea how to get my sound working again?

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Hp Pavilion Dv6 1215ee Audio Driver Problem

I got a windows 7 ultimate 32bit ( upgrade from windows vista home premium ) and the audio driver : idt hd sound, for my laptop " hp pavilion dv6 1215 " has a compatibility problem with the new windows

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