Black Screen On Log In

I have tried everything i can think of and nothing works. I looked up this problem and got nothing. So what happens is that most of the time when i restart my computer in anything but safemode i get a black screen with nothing on it but the mouse can move around. I first thought that this was a simple error and that i would use the task manager to manually open explorer.exe. Low and behold it freezes on me for about 3 minutes and then it says that i cant open the ctrl + alt + delete menu. So i restart my computer again and this time everything loads normally but now explorer.exe isn't responding correctly.

I can click on anything and everything has that white "program is not responding" color to it. Affter this i'm thinking i must have installed something that is messing with the explorer so i log into the computer running safe mode and everything works, so i thought it confirmed my theory and i did a system restore to the week before this started happening just to be on the safe side. I restarted my computer again and nothing is any different. It's been like this for a few days now what should i do?

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Computer Goes To Log Off Screen After About 2 Minutes

On windows 7, computer goes to log off screen after about 2 minutes, no matter what program is running. Desktop shows for 2 minutes, the goes to log off. I updated windows vista home premium with windows 7. From the beginning the screen would go from plain old desktop to the log off screen  after 1 or 2 does not shut down; nor do i have to reboot, but i have to hit the log on button. Annoying.

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Black Screen And Nothing Else

I have just attempted to install windows 7 home premium on my wife’s laptop, this is a fujitsu siemans amilo pro i did all the checks as advised by microsoft i went to the fujitsu siemans site and checked that i had the latest drivers before the install. I have backed everything up to a separate hard drive.

I then did the install from the dvd using the 32 bit disc. Everything went very well up to the last reboot i’d guess now i can only get a black screen on normal boot up, or if i say ok to load from dvd it wants to re install the whole lot again, or i can get into the safe mode.

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Black Screen Before Login

Computer was running fine until today anyways, i started up a game to play this morning and the video card driver started bugging out - it would crash and recover literally every 5 seconds. I assumed that the intel graphics update that i installed 3 days ago might have been the culprit, so i did a system restore back to the date before it was installed.

However, after the login i was presented with a black screen with simply the cursor - task manager worked, explorer.exe was apparently running but i still had a black screen :/ (although only a tenth of the usual system processes were working) i restarted the computer but now i got the black screen before login, after the windows logo shows up and does the twirly thingy o. O running in safe mode has the same result.

I'm thinking it has something to do with the video card driver, but seeing that i can't get windows to startup all the way i've no idea what to do. Tried putting in a windows 7 os disc in to reinstall but the computer doesn't detect it. I did install another program yesterday but i'm not sure if it's related. Info - windows 7 64 bit, hp pavilion dv6 laptop, 2. 1 ghz dual core, 4 gb ram, intel media graphics accelerator (intel gma 4500 mhd or something. )

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Black Screen When Using A Monitor

I am on a windows 7 starter net book. I just got a new monitor that has a lower resolution than my old one, it no longer works. When trying to use just the monitor the screen goes black. When trying to start windows in low resolution it starts it in low resolution on the netbook screen and not the monitor screen. When it is being sent out of both the monitor and the netbook the resolution is just what my netbook is. Is there a way that i can modify the resolution of the monitor because right now it is basically useless.

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Black Screen On Reboot

Installed upgrade from vista to windows 7 home premium. Used it for several hours. The closed down computer with power button. Now it won't reboot, just get blank screen. Startup repair says it can't repair anything. Problem looks just like this won't boot from my windows 7 upgrade image. But if i boot from the vista cd, it just tries to install vista which i don't want to do (i think).computer will boot ok in safe mode but i can't install the hotfix in safe mode. .

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Black Screen With The Pointer

I have a dell inspiron 1525 i recently upgraded to win 7 from vista. It was working fine then after updating adobe cs3 the laptop froze causing me to force a shutdown. When i booted the pc again i started normally and after the splash screen i reached a black screen with the pointer. I don't even get the option to login. All of the advanced options are getting me to the same point. Even trying to boot into safe mode just gets me to the black screen and pointer.

I do not have a win 7 disk, the upgrade was done as a download and i never received a disk in the mail. I can't get to the serai key to order another disk, luckily i can still use the pc, because i have a linux installation on the same drive. I can't use the shell fix that seems to be omnipresent on the internet, as i can't get to any of the windows screens.

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Black Screen Of Death

Ok. First of all, i'll start by saying i know nothing about computers. My laptop is dell xps m1710 (gaming laptop)

On december 1st 2009 i was prompted to download a windows update. I told it to do it now, rather than postpone. After it had done its 3 of 3 steps it booted to desktop where i was greeted by a delightful black screen of death.

Not knowing what to do, i took my laptop to maplin (a store that sells parts for computers in uk). The guy in there said he would work on it for me on his day off. My dvd r/rw was damaged so he couldn't reformat since he couldn't use an external one as it wasn't showing in the bios. So i ordered a new identical one from dell. Then there was delays in it arriving because of christmas, new year, and then all the snow and ice that the uk received in early january. The dvd r/rw arrived january 14th.

He said that he installed windows vista (the operating system i was using at the time) and it was fine, and then he downloaded all the windows updates, and it got to the last one (dec 2009) and then black screen of death! He said he did this 9 times (reformatting) and then told me to go out and buy windows 7 to try and get newer drivers. So i did. Then same problem. He disabled that update and hid it so that it wouldn't ever download.

I take it back home, after not being on a computer for seventy-two long days, and install world of warcraft on it, to see if its playable. After installing i log in to play and it says "failed to find a suitable display device. " And i cant have a screen-saver "you need a video-card thats compatible with direct3d". My video-card is nvidia 9. I sent a text message to the guy from maplin.

He said its about time i contacted microsoft and see what they have to say. He said to tell them i have had a gpu driver problem that caused a black screen on vista and that i've bought windows 7 to try and get newer drivers, but its doing the same thing. Official drivers from nvidia also have the same effect. Even drivers from 2007 give the same result so he says it has to be interaction between the os and the drivers.

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Black Screen At Startup

Bsod? With cursor? Updated my pc to windows 7 after vista gave me the true bsod a long time ago. I couldn't make a connection to my network's router. I restarted my pc using start->shut down when i pressed the power button, startup was same as usual. Until it got stuck on the black screen with cursor. Unable to start in safe mode. F8 will not do anything. Crtl-alt-del shuts my pc down instantly. I'd tell you the specifics of my pc if i thought that would be helpful but i've been running windows 7 since it came out with no problems. It's been over a week at least since i've downloaded anything.

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Black Screen After Login

I have begun the experience issues with the black screen of death problem. I am running windows 7 pro. On a samsung nc10. I get the black screen after login and am unable to use ctrl alt del to access the task manager. I am able to log into windows normally though via one of two methods - this varies. Either bash in the password really fast when the login screen appears, or wait a few minutes on the login screen then login. I have tried the prevx's fix but this has been unsuccessful. I have just checked my display drivers with samsung but the driver i have installed is upto date.

I have checked around on the web and i think the  only option is to repair install or reinstall but i don't see why this would be relevant or how i would stop the same problem from happening again in another week. I have checked for malware and don't think there is a problem i have also checked for viruses using eset smart sec. And haven't encountered any issues. Do you have any constructive advise?  Do you know when microsoft plan on releasing a fix for this issue?

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Black Screen When Loading

I am using a windows ultimate 7 64bit. It runs normal until a while ago the monitor turns into black screen, with no cursor. I could do nothing. So i decided to reboot my computer, it's runs until 2 seconds after the startup iron shows up. (At 0:32 in this video Then the screen turns into black screen again and nothing shows up.

I tried to reboot several times, with the win 7 disc in it. Still giving me black screen when loading windows. Can anyone tell me what could possibly happened? And how to solve the problem?

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Black Screen After Update

I believe my computer had an automatic update on tuesday night / wednesday morning. (I heard it reboot in the middle of the night). Everything seemed fine wednesday morning the computer was running and i had video.

I tried to start my computer last night (thursday) and i had a black screen. No splash screen. No bios. Nothing. Windows does boot though, as i can hear the windows start chime.

This same exact problem happened to me once before, about two or three months ago, and i called evga for help. At the time, i had a spare video card, and the card did display with that card. I currently have a gtx 280 the older card was also an nvidia but i can't remember the model number, possibly 7950.

We used driver sweeper and reinstalled nvidia drivers. I was then able to get the computer to display with the 280.

I don't have immediate access to a spare video card to try this out, so i would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how i can fix this problem. I am thinking of getting a small cheap hard drive and loading linux on it and seeing if i can't make it load that way. I could probably run driver sweeper on the other drive that way as well.

What is troubling to me is that i can't even get into bios when this happens. I don't understand why the video card doesn't have some bootstrap that it can in the event of a driver conflict to display the bios screen at a minimum, but that isn't your problem.
I also want to know how i can turn off these automatic updates. If don't really want windows messing with driver configurations.

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Black Screen With White Mouse

I have a black screen with a white mouse when i power on. It shows the 4 colors in the square thing says starting windows, then goes to a black screen with a white mouse. After force shutting down, it gives me safe or regular mode. I tried safe, safe with networking, and safe with command prompt, and still nothing. The only reaction i got was from pressing shift 5 times, i got the sticky keys box, but that's it. Please help me, my dad's in china and i need to talk to him over skype.

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Screen Freezes And Monitor Goes Black

Win 7 ultimate os, 32-bit pc. I use my system only during the weekends or sometimes in the morning before work. While working on the system, browsing or may be even playing songs all of sudden my system hangs or monitor goes black, at that time m left with no option but to shut down the system from ups. I have checked for virus, my sys is upto date.

I have done system restore, last known good configuration. Everything works brilliant after that, again after few days problem occurs. I dont have reason why my system is having this issue. I do download lot of songs. But like i said i scan each time. Please suggest, sooner the better.

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Win 7 64-bit Screen Goes Black

This might seem pretty wrong but i'm having a hard time understanding this everytime i touch my mouse to wake the screen up and it goes to your desktop and u wanna click lets say ccleaner or anything to do with the account control thing that comes up but for some reason my screen goes black for like 3 secs and comes back and says click yes or no and u say yes to use the program this only happens when i wake my screen up i never have this problem on my 32bit version of windows 7 on my laptop its just my pc with 64bit version of windows 7.

I mean i updated all my drivers and turned off the sleep mode and i still have this problem maybe i should turn off the display from going to sleep, dose anyone no how to fix this from microsoft.

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Black Screen After Virus Problem

Ok the back story to this is a this morning when i switched on my laptop which is a hp pavilion dv9000 avast continually set off a virus alert so i followed as it said and sent it to like the quarantine and deleted but it was still going off. Everytime i went to connect to net id get a continuous stream of an error along side the avast warning going off about 10 times in a room before it stopped for a min. I then went to the avast forum and followed there advice which was to send a notification off to them to test if it was a false positive on the same sight it recommended some anti malware programs, now this is where i think i made the big mistake.

I tried one but after free scan it was then chargeable to clean so not thinking i then tried another recommended program but i didn't uninstalled the first. While this one was running a scan the laptop switched itself off (power cable had come far enough out to not be charging it) upon restart i first tried to start in normal mode but nothing black screen with cursor still movable and tried in the 2 safe modes and nothing again.

Only way to restart is to hit the power button and force restart i tried getting task manager up and it doesn't work at all after boot menu keyboard does nothing at all once it gets to that black screen ive done a hard disk check in f10 menu and tried recommendation on boot menu and have also tried f11 restore and still nothing the virus found was win32:malware-gen any help would be great oh the os is windows 7 32bit home.

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Black Screen Of Death Problem

I cannot for the life of me figure out why i cannot play mameui all i get is a black screen cannot ctrl+alt+del, click mouse does nothing, pressing keys on the board does nothing. I have to restart my computer. Same happens when i exit my dream aquarium screensaver, marine aquarium screen-saver. Been searching the net and none of the suggestions work. I think its something to do with directx or rendering or something like that, i've tried different video cards and problems still persists. My mb is gigabyte ga-73pvm-s2h all drivers and bios have been updated, asus 9600 gt video card, 4 gig ddr2 ram (tried different ram as well).

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Black Screen Of Death With No Cursor

I have tried what people suggested about using control alt del to no avail. I have even tried to reinstall windows 7 to no avail. The computer worked fine when first installed, then after an update, everything went to pot. Now when i start up the computer, the microsoft logo comes up, then goes to black with no cursor visible and my monitor states "no signal". I am running an amd phenom x4 955 with windows 7 ultimate. This is very frustrating. I cannot get onto the internet from my home computer at all or do any thing. I have tried booting from the cd. No help.

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Black Screen Of Death Error

I recently had an unstable system (i.e. Programs would stop working, administrator rights had to be granted to the admin account) and then i logged on one day to find a completely black screen.

I of course opened task manager to see what the problem was, and found only a few services were running. I restarted explorer.exe and checks the services. Msc list. All services were disabled. I am in the process of trying to find out which services were enabled right now.

Now, i have noticed that my internet is extremely slow (but i might still need to fix the services) and that i cannot disable remote procedure call (rpc) since its a remote anything i don't want it.
Is this a completely necessary process, or a result of a virus?

Also, i still cannot access any files, it gives me an error stating that i cannot access a shortcut, because i dont have the appropriate permissions. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone have a fix for the services thing? Luckily they seem to stay put when i re-enable them and reboot.

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Black Screen Safe Mode

Forgot to add: tried the "prevx 3. 0" solution. Message: would you like to reset the windows shell to correct a black screen on bootup and disable some malware infections? Answered yes. Message: prevx has reset the windows shell. Please reboot your computer for the changes to take effect. Rebooted in normal mode – starting windows then windows 7 ultimate screen. Entered password –got welcome screen. Same message: entry point not found. Clicked ok – welcome screen again then nothing – same black screen! Also, on my black screen is says safe mode in all 4 corners and build 7600.
Submitting again - hopefully without all the "junk" on the post - what am i doing wrong?

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Black Screen With Only Mouse Arrow

My laptop was on standby, in a haste, i plugged in my mobile broadband modem. Then it became a black screen. Tried rebooting, didn't help. All i got, was windows running, then it became a black screen, i could only see my mouse arrow. Rebooted again, press f8.couldn't get windows to start normally. Tried safe mode, also same thing happened. Tried repair computer. Windows loading files.

Then i had the system recovery option. Chose startup repair, ans: startup repair could not detect a problem. Chose system restore, ans : no restore points have been created on your computer's system drive. Chose system image recovery, ans: windows cannot find a system image on this computer.

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Black Screen White Cursor

I am having trouble with my windows 7. Im operating a toshiba satellite l305 series . When i power up my system i come to a screen that reads "windows error recovery' it also says "windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause" theres another paragraph and it gives you two options. "Launch startup repair" which brings me to a black screen with an arrow. The other "start windows normally" this eventually brings me to a blue error screen. Does anyone know whats causing this and have to solve it? Im a college student and desperately need my laptop up and running. Any hep is much appreciated.

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Black Screen With Hdmi Cable

So i recently built a computer, and decided to go with windows 7. I plug in the vga cable to my computer and monitor, and it works awesomely. I plug the hdmi cable into the computer and then into my tv, and the tv is showing a black screen. Even if i try to drag items onto it, duplicate the desktop, or even set the tv as my main screen, nothing seems to show up on the tv. Looking through the faq, it says that only movies and games would show up on the hdtv, but that hasn't worked either. Does anyone know what i can do to fix this?

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Black Screen After Installing Norton

It seems this is a common problem from what i have read. I have an acer pc that was recently upgraded to windows 7. The pc was working fine until last night when i tried installing norton 360 3. 0 (i was previously running norton internet security 2009). When i started installing 360, it detected that i had internet security already installed and began uninstalling it.

Everything was going fine until it restarted after the uninstall. As it finished starting up, i got the dreaded black screen. I can see & move the cursor, do a cntl-alt-del to go into task manager, but that's about it. I've tried booting in safe mode (several options), doing a system restore and just about every other option for startup, and nothing helps. Please advise.

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Win 7 Boots To A Black Screen

Screen goes blank. Hi, so i was playing an fps game online wen their servers went down for maintenance and i forgot they were doing that. So my screen freezes, i think the whole computer did, and i can't click anywhere are do anything to go to the windows 7 main screen. So i press the power button to shut it off. The next day i turn on the computer and everything starts up, but after the windows 7 start up screen ends to go to the main desktop screen, the screen stay blank. A black screen. Can you please help me?

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Computer Boots To Black Screen

"black" screen and then a restart! New computer 5/2010 - dell inspiron 580 intel core i5 -8 gig - hd 1 tb_dedicated video card  8ginew computer 5/2010 - dell inspiron 580 intel core i5 -8 gig - hd 1 tb. Dedicated video card windows 7 64 bit started off with black screen (never have had a blue screen) then would come back on again after a few seconds. Eventually it would not come on again and i would have to shut down the computer and restart it! This went on almost daily, until it became more and more often during each day and became a pain.

I called dell and they "flashed the mother board" that worked for a little while and then within a few days, it started again, and progressed to the point of screen going black and the computer restarting all by itself. There was no "one thing" i was doing at the time. Originally it did it most when i was stressing the video card, but after they flashed the mb, it happened whenever it felt like it whatever i was doing. One morning i came out to the computer and it was frozen and there was a message on ti saying it h ad not been shut down correctly!

That was false as i had restarted it before i went to bed and it was fine!I called del again and they are going to schedule a tech to come out here and pull out all the major parts, mb etc (not my hd) and see if that fixes it, since it is still under warranty. I was sharing this on a yahoo list i am on and someone told me they had happened to them and a work mate good with computers, had suggested they try a new mouse!   

They did and the issue resolved itself and they had no further issues! I said thank you, i am willing to try anything. I switched the mouse with from my older computer to my new one and visa versa. That was one week or so ago! I have not had an issue since!I am really perplexed at this!  Has anyone ever heard of a mouse causing a black screen and a computer restart consistently? I have not called del back again, because i keep thinking that it will start again. Is is possible that his issue was a simple as that and if so, why would a mouse cause that?

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Black Screen During Boot Sequence

We have a dell xps 730. Running 32 bit  vista. Upgraded to window 7 32 bit professional. It was working good till yesterday. The computer starts the boot sequence we get the dell screen and the windows screen then it goes black. We have tried  the restore point, the repair and re-installing windows 7. Nothing works. We have run the diagnosis program and it finds no problems with the hardware. We thought of re-installing vista. But would like a other solution.

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Black Screen After System Restore

I have a samsung n150 its running windows 7 starter and i system restored it. The computer goes through the restore process and seems fine, i put in my password and it goes black, the only thing i can see is the mouse. I can go into safemode and such. I went into safemode with command prompt and tried to system restore again but to find that nothing changed. This netbook doesn't have a disc drive so i don't know what i can do.

All the safe-modes and everything boot a black screen with the mouse visible. When i load windows normally i can pull up task manager and thats visible, and from there i can pull up the internet and everything but the desktop doesn't show up nor does it respond when i click randomly on the black screen and there is not tool bar at the bottom with start and everything.

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Black Screen On Win 7 32-bit

In the last 10 days or so i have been getting a black screen on my pc when i load my 32bit system.
The only way i can get out of this is to press shift 5 times and i get the sticky keys message, i then then find the c drive in the address bar at the top, go into windows and click 'explore'. The desktop then appears, but

The problem i have is that i cannot access many functions, task manager is not available when i right click the taskbar at the bottom, and when i click on the task manager in the control panel i get a message saying 'class not registered'.

Another issue i have is that i cannot access device manager, i also get the same 'class not registered' message. This is also affecting my sound as it isn't recognizing my audio hardware, and i cant hear anything.

I am currently running  windows 7 ultimate evaluation copy 32bit quad core 4 mb memory. I have run many virus scanners & registry tools to clean anything that may be on there but still have these problems. I  am trying to avoid a reinstall as i use it for my music production and have hundreds of vsts that i don't want to have to reload and register.

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Black Screen With Cursor On Boot

Upd win 7 pro black screen with cursor on boot, nothing works windows 7 pro ati 5870, latest drivers. X58 chipset , 6 gb ram. Ok. Today, i went on my computer, logged on, then explorer started to crash. It kept restarting explorer and explorer immediately crashed. So, i held the power button for 5 seconds, because there was no other way. When i restarted, the only thing i saw was a black screen with nothing but a movable cursor on it.

So, i tried pressing ctrl alt del, or crtl shift esc to open task manager. Still black screen, nothing happens. I tried startup repair with windows install disk, says remove any new devices. I don't have any new devices. I tried system restore . Says restored successfully , but still black screen at reboot. When i looked at system restore, there was a critical windows update not too long before explorer started to crash, so maybe i screwed up the update by not letting it configure it - i shut it off before it could do anything because the "explorer stopped responding" alert box locked my computer - i could not click anything, and it kept appearing.

Seriously, what the heck is going on? I mean i can reinstall windows, but with all my programs and configuration, this takes days also, the screen flashes at regular intervals, like it's trying to change or recover the display driver. My monitor shows the "no signal" message for about 2 seconds then it shows the cursor again. Upd: after trying to start explorer manually, it finally gave me an error message, it says that explorerframe.dll is missing. But it is not missing, there is a file names explorerframe.dll in the system 32 folder

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