Have To Open Games Twice

Why do i have to open my games twice? I'm having trouble with my games. I have to open the file two times to play the game. When i open the first time (double click or enter), the mouse icon indicates that it is opening the game (it turns to be a spinning blue circle), but then nothing happens, and the cpu usage gadget is rising to about 60 %, usually it's just running at 2-25%. At the second time i open, the game is opened, but the game is so lagged (i wonder if it's because the cpu usage is becoming so high).

So is there anyone can help me? At least tell me what is this problem i am facing. Those games are fable : the lost chapter, gta iii and need for speed underground 2.

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Games Open In Small Window Not In Full Screen

When playing smashing games or mini clip games, it is in a small window and not full screen. How can i change this? Also, when ie open i can see the background at the top of the screen (same line as minimize and close icons) and i can see the background on the bottom task bar. Can i get this to be filled in?

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All Programs I Try To Open Will Open In Word Documents

Somehow i've converted all windows programs into a word documents, ie; when i try and open explorer (or other programs), they all open in word. How do i change the settings back, so they all open as they should.

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Win 7 Games

In all of the games that came with windows 7, the cards randomly flash next to my cursor (the one nearest as well as the cards adjacent). Also, and more importantly, my menus all flicker in transparency(but still work) until i open an option and try to change it, then when i click "ok" or "cancel" the window does nothing (appears to freeze) and requires me to "x" out of it, so i cant change any of the options such as difficulty or appearance. Is there an update/download/fix for this?

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Win 7 And Games

Having just spent loads of money on a new computer with windows 7 on it i have now found that most of my games (even ones with games for windows on the box) will not install or let you get so far into the game, then stick it to you with "error shutting down" some examples of the games are, panzers cold war (game for windows ha ha) anno 1701, cossacks 2 battle for europe, imperial glory, faces of war, and numerous other games, as i only really have a computer to play games, and only have a basic knowledge of computers, i was wondering if i was missing something or was going to spend the rest of my days pulling out what little hair i have left because i bought a programme that doesn't want to play my games with me, please tell me know i didn't waste my money (ps this comp is a vast upgrade on the one i used to play the games on in terms of graphics cards ect so cant see the problem there).

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How To Get More Virtual Memory For Games ?

My virtual memory is low how do i get more virtual memory for my games thats all i want to do i have deleted programs but still says i have no virtual memory and alot of errors appear game downloads but does not open to play. I get alot of errors when i start the computer like kernal32.dll. And low memory and virtual memory.

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Mouse Trouble In Games

Ok, i recently installed windows 7 and received a new computer. When i am playing this online game, which i have played before on my old computer, one of the attacks requires you to hold the right mouse button down for 2-3 seconds. You can also hold the mouse button down for an infinite amount of time after the 2-3 seconds until you release it, which initiates the attack. Now on this computer, when i try the attack, the system releases the mouse button for me, even while i hold down the right mouse button. I am wondering if it is the system, or something windows 7 is reading.

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No Mouse Cursor In Games

I have recently installed windows 7 rc and update all drivers up to latest direct x, but for some reason when i play certain games eg. Mass effect, or dow2 the mouse cursor will not show up and i have to guesstimate where it is to do anything. I have tried the program in vista sp2 compatibility and xp sp3 and even run under admin privileges is there anything else i can do to get this working. The specs of the pc are amd turion64 x2, nvidia 8400 geforce go, and 3gb of ram, and it worked fine when i was running it on vista

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Games File Problems

I've inserted 2 shortcuts to websites in the microsoft games file. (The one with solitaire, chess etc)

Neither of them work (they did in vista)

Now i can't get rid of the logo's !Right clicking does nothing. I can seem to move them but they remain locked in the games window. Any idea how i can get rid of them ?

The other problem i have is that i can't seem to move the games into the order i want. I know i can reorganise, but why can't i just click and move them like i used to ?

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Microsoft Games Keep Disappearing

Some of my microsoft games (e.g, freecell, solitaire, etc. ) Periodically disappear from my desktop - usually after the computer wakes from sleep mode. When that happens, i also cannot open them from the control panel. I've noticed that others seem to have this problem too. I've tried the check/unchecked games trick discussed in the forums. This doesn't work. I've been able to use the system restore, but it is tedious to keep doing that and i'm afraid that i might lose some programs or work one time doing that. I've run anti-spyware and anti-virus programs but they haven't found anything. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Games Wont Load

When i click on the game (minesweeper, for instance), the computer indicates that the game has loaded but then it never runs. It says it ran, but the game never pops up. Chess titans gives me a directx3d error, although the computer is brand-stinking new so i do not know why it would not have all of the .dll files it needs for a pre-loaded microsoft game. I am running an acer 5534 laptop with an amd athlon 64 x2; ati radeon hd3200 graphics, 4 gb mem and 320 gb hdd.

I know this is a trivial issue, but it shows a lack of quality for the supposedly "improved" windows 7.

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Vista Games Explorer

My games explorer on vista home premium 32 bit loads up slow. I open it up and it takes between 30 seconds to a minute before it loads in. In this time the laptop seems to hang till it loads. Does anyone know why or how to fix? I think it's a problem other people have had looking around the net on forums but no solutions i have found as yet. Once opened up subsequent openings tend to respond quickly until the next re-boot! Although it can recur in the same boot session if i do quite a bit of stuff such as play a few games and then try and relaunch the games explorer. Can't understand why it's so slow to open. It wasn't always like this!

I had the same issue on another computer running vista so it seems to be common.

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Crashes On Sims And Hp Games

I have played sims 3 and hp games on my vista without any problems until recently. I installed the new sims 3 ambitions and it worked fine. I let my 12 year old sister on to play and as soon as she got on, it crashed (just sims). I figured it was a fluke and started sims again, she was able to play without any problems. Unfortunately, she left sims on my computer for 6 hours while we were out and i didn't find out until later. The next day, i got on sims and after about 15 minutes it crashed on me.

I tried again, same thing. I restarted my computer and tried again. Now, after about 3 minutes on sims the entire computer shuts off. I figured it was just a sims thing and tried to get on my hp games. After about 5 minutes on that my computer shut off. This only happens on games and i am afraid that the video card is messed up.

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Games Slowing Down Computer

I played command and conquer 4 on my very old computer. It can be played but the graphics are bad and it is very slow. If i continue playing the computer might crash. So i planned to play on my new computer. But my parents don't allow that. Reasons are games may have viruses. Viruses may hack my computer and get information, such as bank accounts. (I have installed bitdefender 2010 internet security) games make my computer unreliable and slow.

Can you check for me whether these reasons are true. I know too many games running at a time will make a computer slow. But what if my system requirements satisfy the minimum requirements for the games, will it slow the computer down? Also, i defrag and cleanup my pcs regularly so don't include that my computer will get slow over a short period of time (1 year).

Operating system
Ms windows 7 home premium 32-bit
Intel mobile core 2 duo p8600 @ 2. 40ghz
Penryn 45nm technology
4. 0gb dual-channel ddr2 @ 399mhz (5-6-6-18)
Compal 30f8 (cpu)
Generic pnp monitor @ 1280x800
Nvidia geforce g 105m
Hard drives
313gb hitachi hitachi hts543232l9a300 ata device (ide) 47 °c
Optical drives
Pioneer dvdrw dr-td08hb ata device
Idt high definition audio codec

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Installing Xp Games For Win 7

Ok so i recently upgraded to windows 7 and problem is any game i try to install on it that worked flawlessly on xp now won't even install it just freeze. Like for example fable  and yes i've tried the whole troubleshooting/compatibility for anyone about to suggest that. I've even looked at the possibly of trying the xp-mode  but one problem. I am running the home edition 64-bit and am sure as _ not to spend more money upgrading to the professional. I'm about ready to just wipe the damn win 7 os and put xp back on unless someone comes up with some answer!

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Bsod - Games Are Crashing, Freezing

Ever since installing windows 7 64 bit several of my games are crashing, freezing and the ever so famous bsod! All my drivers are up to date i am just about ready to make my jump back to xp.

Cpu intel core 2 duo e8400 3. 00 ghz
Ram 8 gb
Motherboard nforce 780i
Video cards geforce 8800 gts running sli

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Keep All My Files And Games When I Install Win 7

I have vista on my computer. I want to keep all my files and games when i install windows 7 on the same computer. Is there a way to do that without putting everything on an external hard drive and then reinstalling them when windows 7 is installed. I want to keep my files and games when installing windows 7. How can i do that without putting everything on an external hard drive and then reinstalling them when windows 7 is installed.

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Mouse Issues While Playing Games

I used to run windows vista 64 bit home premium on this laptop, but ever since upgrading to windows 7 64 home premium, i've noticed issues with my mouse. Primarily while i'm playing a game, it will have these moments where the mouse will either become completely unresponsive, or while i'm turning ((usually in first person games)) that it'll look like my screens clipping horribly, i can't control it. It tends to happen every 2 to 3 minutes or so, it's very consistent, but it only lasts for about 3 or 4 seconds. Even in this short window that it happens however, it ruins whatever i'm doing at the moment, it's extremely frustrating. Has anybody else had this issue or does somebody know what i can do to rectify this issue?

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Game Information In Games Window

The games window is a pretty nice feature of vista. And since service patch 2 my customizations are no longer being 'forgotten' which has resulted with me actually using the games window.

A nice thing about the games window is how it automatically organizes and groups games based on genre. For example, the game oblivion gets nicely tucked away in the 'role-playing' category. Warcraft 3 finds its way into the 'strategy' category. Windows does this automatically. It's helpful.

However, i can't find any way to change how vista organizes these games in the event i feel vista hasn't categorized a game properly. For example, quake 3 sits in the category called 'unspecified. ' i assume that perhaps since this is an older game vista can't find information about it to properly categorize it. Is there a way that i can categorize it? I've tried drag and dropping the icon for quake 3 to the 'action' category but that doesn't work.

A more recent title that doesn't properly categorize itself is a role-playing game called drakensang. Currently drakensang sits in the 'unspecified' category. I'd like to re-categorize this as well but i can't seem to find a way to do it.

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Games Wont Go Full Screen

I have a new laptop toshiba specs are:

          My computer has the following specifications:
          Amd athlon ii dual-core m320 @2. 10ghz
          3gb ram
          Amd m860g ati mobility radeon 4100

I have bigfish games and none will play full screen actually none of my downloaded games will. I have gone online and cant find any help that works for me. I have taken it where i bought it and they said its the fault of the games. I do have a desktop with a large screen and they work on it.

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Getting Games To Run Full Screen

I bought this new toshiba satellite laptop last week. It has windows 7. None of my games will run full screen. I never had any problem with them on either of my other computers or systems xp or vista. I have w7 home premium.

I am just sick with trying to figure this out. The only option after this is to simply return the new laptop and buy a used one that runs on xp or vista. If there is anyone who could help me, i would be eternally grateful. I am so upset with all of this. I own a gaming site and none of my 33 games will work now with the windows 7 program.

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Game Icons Missing In Games Folder

I am having an issue in the vista games folder. I have a few games installed on my computer that disappeared from the games folder. When i went into the actual folders from the game and moved the .exe file for the game to the games folder all i get is a low rez copy of the file. Not the nice picture with all the info from the game that the others have. I've tried a bunch of stuff and looked forever for a solution. Anyone here have this happen to them and know how to resolve the problem?

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Tcp Error - Unable To Play Games

Tcp errors. Currently my tcp ports on my computer do not work for any of my games when i ping the game specifically it shows a connection within 80 sec the fastest time. I run on windows xp iv tried port checking with multiple sites and all answer the same with port refused connection. I have went through multiple processes to fix the problem by going to internet provider and my router provider. I run on several different ports that i opened through port triggering with netgear and none of them work but the udp does.

I was wondering if anyone could have the answer on how to solve this problem with my tcp ports so i can go back to my game programing.

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Programs / Games Shuts Down When Changing Volume

I wonder why games shuts down when changing the volume? And how do i do to change this? I can't find it really right that i have to go in to the settings in the game to change volume. I have a new computer with windows 7 and havn't learned that much about it yet. I've tried to google my problem but it seems like i'm the only one who have this problem. Can anyone help mend sorry for my english, i'm from sweden and not really good att english, but i hope you understand what my problem is.

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0x00000007f Bsod Downloading Games Using Internet

I just updated and rebuilt my pc and have reinstalled win 7 64 bit and am constantly getting a bsod while using the pc. Specifically while downloading/installing/playing games. I have also had the error occur just while surfing the internet. From the program blue screen viewer it seems to be caused by ntoskrnl.exe+7f1c0 and/or ntoskrnl.exe+7e769.

I can not find any solution to fix this issue, i have updated drivers, i have ran the microsoft memory checker, i have changed out my memory, tried 2 other video cards, tried two different wireless network cards, now on wired connection, i even changed motherboards, got the errors on both ssd and hdd. The only things i haven't changed out is the ps and cpu, since i am using the pc to write this i am ruling out the cpu as the issue.

I have used memtest86 and prime95 to test the memory and cpu, nothing is coming back with errors or issues. I did run driver verifier and got two .dmp files for some specific files but not sure what to do with those now. It seems to be software/driver issue but i can not figure it out.

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Hearts / Solitaire Games Opening Window Is Smaller

I have reformatted my hard drive and now when i use game such a hearts , solitare etc, the opening window is much smaller than before. How do i increase the size of the opening window. This is before i maximize the window.

Start>accessories>game. When i open any of the available games i have the problem described above.

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Graphics Card Problem - Games Are Choppy / Slow

I recently updated my computer from windows 7 home premium to windows 7 professional. Before i updated, the games i have on my computer ran perfectly with no graphics issues. Since i've updated, several of the games are now very choppy and slower. I'm wondering if this is because updating windows somehow uninstalled my graphics card or something of that nature. Does any of this make sense or am i completely off the mark? 

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Problem With Games When Play In High Quality Graphics

I have a windows 7 and i cant play my pes 2010 in high quality graphics. When i had windows vista i could play any game on high quality graphics but since i updated my computer to windows 7. It wont let me play the games on high graphic. When i click on high it says that the game would have problems with high graphics and when i play the game. The screen is now smaller nd the graphics is also bad. This happens wit every game. Please i want my computer to go back to its old way and let me play all my games with high quality.

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Games Won't Render Full Screen

I'm running windows 7, no error code, any game such as gears of war, x3 terran conflict, what happens is it appears to be windowed, black frame around the startup screen about 2 inches , tried resolution and practically everything that i could think of that might be a problem to no avail, i am currently using a dell xps 1710, 2 gigs of ram, duo core processor, gforce 9700 i think, haven't looked lately, i think i have the latest updates.

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Games Not Running In Full Screen - Small Display

When i installed a game (call of duty or microsoft madness) every time i run other games (gta3 ext)the screen is small didn't have this prob before how do i change it back so all games are a bigger screen again tried to find answer in various settings menu but nothing seems to be sorting the prob the only game thats the right size is call of duty all others are small screen any suggestion?

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