Printer Is Connected Wirelessly But Have No Network Access

Hp 460 mobile printer is connected wirelessly, but no network access. I am trying to use an hp 460 mobile printer with wireless capabilities on my new laptop, but i am unable to print with it. I get a response saying that my printer is connected wirelessly, but i have no network access.

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Use Remote Printer Connected To Xp Vista Machine Over Home Network

Use remote printer connected to xp machine from vista machine over home network. I'm attempting to print to an hp6110 printer attached to an xp machine on my wireless home network from my new vista machine, i have 3 other xp machines attached to my wireless router that work fine with my hp 6110 all-in-one. I can see the printer over the network on my wifes computer but am denied access.

"Windows cannot connect to the printer. Access is denied". I tried down loading a printer driver from hp, but they have no vista driver for the hp6110 on a wireless network. What am i doing wrong? What do i do?

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How To Connect Win 7 Laptop To Printer Connected To Mac On Existing Home Network?

How do i connect a new windows 7 laptop to a printer connected to a mac on an existing home network trying to connect a new windows 7 laptop to a home network printer hanging off a mac desktop.

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Share Printer Wirelessly With Xp And Win7

Basic setup: wireless router with ethernet connection to windows xp (desktop) and wireless connect to windows 7 (laptop). The printer is physically connected to the desktop. How do i share the printer with the windows 7 laptop?

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Connect Epson Sx515w Printer Wirelessly

How do i get my dell studio 15 to connect with my epson sx515w printer wirelessly. I have asked dell and epson for help but its all very confusing. I installed the free windows 7 upgrade from dell and cannot get the printer to work without a usb. It works ok with the usb cable connected.

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Icon In Tray Shows Connected With No Internet Access

I upgraded the os in my two year old fujitsu laptop from vista home pro to win 7 home premium, 32bit. I have had since problems connecting to my home wi-fi with the strangest being that though the icon in the tray shows connected with no internet access i have in fact access but other times it does not connect at all. I checked the driver and is the latest and device manager shows the device working well. Ny ideas on how to solve it?

The router is relatively new and has been working fine with the vista machine.

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Unable To Access Shared Folders On Drive Connected Via Usb

I recently set up a home network using the new linksys e3000 router, which provides a usb port for drive sharing, backup, and media streaming. I'm getting a message that says the folder access is denied, and i should contact the administrator for access. Fter spending several hours with linksys support, i was unable to solve the initial problem, which is to get full control over the files and folders on this drive. We did the following without success:remapped the drive. Made sure i was logged in as administrator.

Made sure the workgroup name was consistent. Ttempted to assign full control with permissions. This was particularly strange. When i set permissions to full control for any group or user, after clicking apply windows would attempt to set new permissions, but then the folder would go right back to having limited permissions. I was unable to edit. I'm assuming this is where the problem is. Ny idea why i can't change the permissions on these network folders?

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Network Computers Not Connected

I have a desk top pc with windows 7 and a laptop with vista. I am unable to get the two connected on the home network. I have a router. The laptop is set up wireless. Neither computer shows the other on the network. Only in the security system (trendmicro) does the laptop show up as being on the network. The laptop shows a second computer with a mac address but it indicates "offline" so i can't determine the ip. The network map on each computer shows this computer - network - internet. Both computers are named the same as is the network. Is this an os compatibility problem?

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Connected To The Wrong Network

When my father was setting up his new windows 7 pc he created a network connection that defaulted to "network 2". I had already established a network called "armadillo" that has two windows 7 pc's on it and wireless access. I can not get rid of the network2 connection nor can i connect to the armadillo network even though this pc sees that network in the network map.

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Cannot Get Second Computer Connected To Home Network

I installed windows 7 upgrades to two of my desk computers at home -computer a and computer b. In computer a the home group network to share pics, music etc is automatically set up and i took the password and went to computer b in my network, computer b shows that there is a homegroup established in computer a, and i tried to connect computer b to a using the password i got from computer a after setting advanced settings including streaming multimedia, allowing access to everyone in homegroup etc.

But the error message says "a homegroup cannot be set up in this computer (b)" and so i cannot connect b to a. Both computers are connected through a wireless modem by ethernet cable. In computer a i can see computer b in the a has symantec anti virus and computer b has microsoft security software. I disabled symantec in a and tried too. But still the same problem.

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Computer Start Up Problem - Cannot Open Programs Until I See Network Connected

Comp starts up to desktop (windows 7) but won't allow me to open programs until i see the network connected and a whirling noise as though one of the disks has started up, this can take up to 30 mins. If you try and type ctrl/alt/del it cant process the code and returns an error. Its though only half the computer is awake?

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Disable Network Adapter Then Re-enable It To Access Network

I have upgraded my system from vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate, (language was and is dutch). Noe i encounter two problems.

1. The items in configuration panel are not accessible. When i click on one i get an error: windows explorer does not work anymore. When i make a shortcut of that item and enter it, i can access it.

2. Everytime i start windows i don't have access to my network . I have to disable the network adapter and re-enable it. After that it works. How can i solve the two problems.

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Will Printer Connected To Win7 64-bit Accessed By Xp ?

I am using windows 7 pro 64 bits and i have a printer connected to my machine that i would like to share with other computers on my network not using windows 7 but xp pro 32 bits is there such a miracle? I use windows 7 64 bit and have a printer connected to my machine the other computers on my network or homegroup are using xp 32 bit and cannot print out on printer. Is there any way to share my printer with the other oss on my network?

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Pc To Pc Connection Unable To See Usb Connected Printer

Pc to pc connection with crossover cable - unable to 'see' usb connected printer from a second linux pc. I had a shared printer connected to an  winxp pc from a linux second pc connected by a crossover cable. Since upgrading from xp to windows 7 although i can ping in both directions, i am unable to see the printer from the linux box. I fear this is something simple that i am missing, but am mystified as to how to set up a printer share between the 2 pc's.

I have the crosover tcpip connection set up as 192. 168. 13. 55 and 60 respectively with a subnet mask of 255. 255. 255. 0 and both pc's declared as members of a workgroup called workgroup - nada, nothing zilch. What haven't i done or where can i look to check the set up required to re-establish the share i had with winxp?

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Can Win 7 Computer Share Printer Connected To Vista Pc ?

Can a windows 7 computer share a printer connected to a windows vista computer? My two teenagers just received new laptops for christmas, both run on windows 7 (64-bit). I have an epson stylus nx100 printer connected to a desktop{router is also connected to this comp} running windows vista (32-bit). I was wondering if i could share a printer that is connected to a computer running on vista with my two daughters' computers. I know windows vista doesn't have a homegroup option and i'm totally confused about how this whole thing works.

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Connect Win 7 Computer To Networked Printer Connected To Xp

How do i connect a windows 7 laptop to  an hp laserjet 1320 printer connected to an xp computer in a common workgroup.

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Cannot Print From X86 Platform Through Printer Connected To X64

Just installed win7 enterprise. Now my problem is: i can't print (my printer is canon ip4200) from my laptop through the net, it asks for a x86 driver to install on my win7 computer, but when i click the . Inf file that comes with the driver from canon usa, and it says it's not compatible and i can't install it. On my win7 computer it works just fine. For now i've uninstalled all the drivers from my computers.

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Laptop Does Not Connect To Printer Connected To Wireless Router

Windows 7 wireless laptop does not connect to printer connected to netgear wireless router the printer must be restarted every time i want to print from the wireless windows 7 laptop (through the use of the printer on/off switch. ) The hp 2820 mfp printer has a network card and is connected to the netgear dgn2000 router. I have used the built-in troubleshooting devices from the windows control panel but the problem continues. (Note the laptop was upgraded from vista and the printer worked ok. Also the router was upgraded from an old 2-wire router that died. So, unfortunately i have two variables).

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Printing To Remote Printer Connected Via Usb To Xp Computer

I am using my c5580 as a remote network printer. The printer is hooked up via a usb cable to my main (xp) server computer. The rest of my (xp & vista) computers are accessing and printing through my wireless network connection with no problem. It is my newly purchased pc with "windows 7" on it. 64 bit that can't print. I setup a new printer by adding a "network printer". It found the hp printer through network search and the drivers loaded ok. When i go to print i get the following message "windows can not print due to the current printer setup, try one or more of the following".

* Check the printer by test page from windows
* Make sure the printer is turned on and on-line - done
* Reinstall the print driver -done

I have loaded all windows updates and went to hp to get the latest printer drivers. Still no luck.

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Sharing Printer With Linux Box Connected To Win 7 Pc Using Crossover Cable

How do i share a printer with a linux box connected to my windows 7 pc using a crossoevr cable? I have what seems to be a blockage since i upgraded my winxp pc to windows 7. Prior to the upgrade i had a successful connection using a crossover cable such that printing was achieved from a linux mintv6 installation to a canon ip4000 printer - usb connected to my winxp pc. Since the upgrade, each of the two pc's can 'see' each other, can be pinged ok but all attempts to set up a print path fail as i'm asked for a user name and password on the linux box and despite trying all combinations that may be valid [i think] i cannot establish a print path. Any ideas or do i seek help from the linux community? It used to work and the main 'change is that to windows 7

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Wireless Internet Is Connected But No Internet Access

I just bought a new computer with os windows 7. As i was doing the set-up, it asked about the home wireless network and i identified it and entered the internet key. After the set-up was over, i cannot connect to the wireless network. It says connected and no internet access. It has the public icon and "unidentified network".

I have a "network error" window that keeps popping up that says "another computer on this network has the same ip address". I tried one of the solutions on this site to resolve it. I used the command prompt to release and renew the ip address and seems to not have worked. How can i get a valid ip address? And how can i make my computer recognize the home wireless network?

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Cannot Print Wirelessly

I've got an epson sx515w printer-scanner-copier, which i can't print to wirelessly from win 7 (64-bit edition). When it's connected using usb, it works fine. When my wife tries to print wirelessly from her macbook, it works fine. I can scan documents, and they're automatically sent to my win 7 pc without a problem. When i send a job to print, it just sits there in the queue, alternating between saying "printing" and "spooling", every 30 seconds or so, but nothing gets as far as the printer.

I've tried reinstalling all the drivers (which are win 7 certified), i've tried using msconfig to stop all my startup options, but nothing i seem to do makes any difference at all. During set-up, the pc can "see" the printer, and when i send a print job, i get information on the ink levels, but still no printing!Can anyone help me with this?

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Network Visibility And Access

Why is it that both of my computers, a laptop and a desktop, can sometimes see the other and connect to it but at other times they cannot and what can i do to prevent the loss of access?  I have a hard wired high speed ethernet lan connected to my desktop, internet router, an all in one printer and two 1tb network drives and a wifi connection to my laptop. Both internet connections generally seems to work and any failures are probably due to the internet service providers server problems. Printing, scanning and fax generally seem to work over the network.

Both computers run windows 7. The desktop uses 32 bit professional and the laptop 64 bit home premium. I have set up all my files on both computers to be shared by all my lan users and i have set up both computers with the same homegroup and with discovery turned on. I have also mapped all the network drive partitions on both computers and each computers drive partitions on the other. I have no public access files. I use ca internet security but these problems seem to be unaffected if the firewall is turned on or off.

Both computers can see all the desktop drive partitions and all the network drive partitions even when both windows explorer screens claim not to see the other computer or the network drives under the network section of windows explorer. The desktop can see all the laptop drives but cannot always access the root directory or laptop libraries. The laptop can generally access the root directory and libraries on the desktop.

The only drives neither can see are removable drives when removed as one would expect. These drives are visible when installed, though the desktop often cannot see its own removable drive even when it is installed. What is going on?

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Can't Access C Drive On A Network

I have set up networking on my two windows 7 computers and one windows xp computer. I have selected to share the c drive on all three machines but when i attempt to access the c drive of my windows 7 pcs from another network pc be it the xp or the win 7 pc i get a message saying i don't have privileges to access this folder. What do i need to change in my win 7 network setup to access this directory from my other computers?

Fyi, i can see and access the windows xp c drive from both win 7 computers. If i share individual folders in the root drive i can share them but that means i have to select every folder i want to share. Xp worked great with network sharing, win 7 not so great. I do like, no love everything else about windows 7. One great operating system.

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Unable To Access Network Path

I am using windows 7 started edition on asus eee pc notebook. The notebook does not join to active directory. It is a stand alone pc.

I connect to the server and map the network drive at the first time by saving password, so that i do not need to enter the password everytime i connect to network.

Recently, the active directory prompt to change the login password on my desktop, another pc. However, i changed to password to a new credential. Thereafter, i could not connect to network mapped from the notebook.

How do i clear to old saved password and re-enter the new one? Is anyone have idea?

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Xp Cannot Access Win 7 On Home Network

Xp w/sp3 cannot access win7 on home network but win7 can access xp. Xp m/c gets good ping reply from win7. Things i've tried but still have the problem: i've turned off win7 and xp firewall and anti-virus. I've included the password on win7 when trying to map network drive. Win7 was on and off homegroup. I've shared c: allowed 'everyone'. Setup new network location on win7 along with a few other things. Still not working.

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How To Access Another Computer On Home Network ?

How do i access the another computer on my home network? Im trying to quickly access a few files that i have been working on on my main pc but whenever i try and access the computer through the network it asks for a username and password (i assume i either have to set that up or it would be the user accounts name and password) but all it comes up with then i enter the username and password is that it doesn't exist. Can you help?

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Usb Connected Printer Causes Other Usb Devices To Fail

Operating system - windows 7 professionalprinter - canon multifunction mp530the printer is listed as windows 7 compatible and i have installed the latest drivers on the canon site. The printer installed correctly and all its functions work correctly. When i connect the printer to my machine and power it on the other 7 usb ports fail to operate correctly.

I cannot read a flash drive and my usb connected card reader does not function. If the pc is loaded with the printer switched off then all the other usb ports function correctly while the printer is switched off. If i then switch the printer on i can print ok but cannot use any of the other usb devices until i restart with the printer switched off. In device manager the printer is shown as working ok but the card reader is shown as "device cannot start".

Driver details usb host controller - provider = intel, date = 13/09/2006, version = 8. 2. 0. 1008driver details usb hub - provider = microsoft, date = 21/06/2006, version = 6. 1. 7600. 16385any ideas?

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Share Printer Connected To Pc Running Xp With Pc Running Win 7

How do i share a printer connected to a pc running xp with a pc running windows 7? I have tried everything and it seems they are not compatible. If not, can i load windows 7 on the pc running xp?

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Sharing Printer Connected To Xp 32-bit On Win 7 64-bit

I have problem with sharing my printer hp deskjet 3745. Printer is connected to desktop with winxp pro 32-bit via usb. I want to sharing this printer on my laptop with win7 ultimate 64-bit. I can see this printer in the sharing folder, but by connecting system try to find driver on windows update. Driver is not found and connecting is canceled. By "add printer" it is the same.

Before i shared this printer on my laptop with winxp home without problems. I tried to connect this printer direct to laptop with win7 via usb and its ok. Driver is found and printer printing. Hp support site has only driver for winxp 32-bit. Can somebody help me?

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