Ati Hd 4850 - Aero Support

When i run windows 7 upgrade advisor its says that my graphics card is not supported for windows aero. I have an ati hd4850 with 1gig of memory and its a pci-e card. I'm running catalyst 9. 10 drivers. According to aero's website my card should meet the min req.

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Ati X1650 512mb Pci Express - Aero Support

Graphics card ati x1650 series 512 mb pci express current os xp. I am getting a message from windows advisory that aero interface will not work with this card. I checked using my computer with xp installed.

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Ati Radeon Hd 4850 - Poor Graphics Display

I'm running windows 7 on a 27" imac using an ati radeon hd4850 graphics card. The problem: rather than smooth gradients between colors, the graphics are "stepped" or striated. Ie. Rather than a grayscale gradient smoothly transitioning from black to white, it steps through a series of gray tones from black to white. Using ati's catalyst control center, i can change the color quality from high (32-bit) to medium (16-bit) and this affects the gradient, but is still not a smooth transition. On the mac os side of the machine the graphics are beautiful. I've tried everything and called everyone.

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Missing Ati Radeon Hd 4850 Graphics Drivers

I have an new apple imac i5 computer. It's an intel based unit and if someone, either microsoft or apple would supply drivers for the graphic card used in the unit, i would purchase your windows 7 software and run it on the computer. Apple seems to be a little slow at this point in developing their bootcamp software to support windows 7 and the missing piece seems to be the drivers for the ati graphics card (ati radeon hd 4850).

I have a feeling that if microsoft were to supply the missing drivers, perhaps as a upgrade, then you may find a whole bunch of these new imac owners purchasing your software, namely me, among others. Any thoughts?

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Ati Radeon 4850 Graphics Card No Longer Works

Alienware m17 vista os 4850 ati radeon graphics card updated to windows 7, graphics card no longer works. How to fix? I just recently upgraded from vista to windows 7. My graphics card is no longer recognized. It is an ati radeon 4850 (unsure about the number but def 4000 series). I un-installed the driver like the installation wizard of windows 7 said to do. Now, however, it does not recognize any driver, or driver updates, or reinstalls of the ati radeon.

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Agp Nvidia Graphics Card Aero Support

Will an agp based nvidia graphics card support aero in windows 7? Ineveruseda graphics card before, but since il be using windows 7 ultimate from now on, wanted to know whether an graphics card which works with the agp port and run aero in windows 7. It supports vista completely and i hope the same is with windows 7.

Because my system does not have a pci-e based slot i am willing to buy an agp one. I am keeping my fingers crossed whether it will work windows windows 7 or not. Is it compulsory that the graphics card support directx 11? Mine supports only till 10 i guess.

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Ati Radeon 7500 Driver And Aero

I loaded my ibm thinkpad t42 with windows 7 ultimate today, problem i have is that apparently this graphic card or driver doesn't support aero? I get this error:-

The current video card may support aero with a driver that is compliant with the windows display driver model (wddm).contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a wddm compatible driver. Video card driver does not support aero effect. Please can someone point me in the right directions, as i cannot stand the basic look of windows 7.

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Bfg Gtx 260 Won't Support Aero

My last graphics card didn't support aero, so with my hard earned cash, i went out and bought this card. The technicians i spoke to said it should work just fine. Well, it isn't and while i like how the fan is a lot quieter than my previous card, the whole point of getting it was so i can stare at a pretty, aero-enabled screen. If i wanted to stare at windows 7 starter, i would have just stared at my netbook.

Here are my system specs if it helps.

1000 watt psu
250 & 500 gig hdd
Creative 5. 1 sound card
4 gigs ddr2 ram
2. 66 ghz core 2 duo
Bfg gtx 260

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Graphics Adapter Won't Support Aero User Interface

Why does the windows 7 upgrade advisor say my graphics adapter won't support the windows aero user interface even though i run a geforce 8800gt? I have an hpm1070n with an upgraded video card, power supply, and 4g ram. Everything else is original hardware. The upgrade advisor gives me a caution sign (yellow triangle and black exclamation) and says my graphics adapter won't support the aero user interface, but my 8800gt has much better specifications than the aero hardware requirements.

Right now i thought my weak link was my old ddr ram and my 2. 8g p4 processor, why would it say my graphics adapter isn't up to par?  Does it have something to do with the motherboard?  I would like to upgrade to win7 but don't want to spend the money right now if it won't run properly on my current rig.

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Your Current Graphics Adapter Won't Support The Windows Aero

My name is brandon and i have currently runned the windows 7 update advisor and i only had one problem on there it said "your current graphics adapter won't support the windows aero user interface. If you want to experience the benefits of windows aero, contact your pc manufacturer or retailer to see if an upgrade is available. " My computer is an hp pavilion dv5000 with ati radeon xpress 200m and i was wondering if i will be able to run windows 7 aero but i also was wondering if aero is required to run windows 7, i would still like to use windows aero

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Ati Radeon X1600 256mb Graphics Support

I would like to run windows 7 mounted on an imac with a 2. 16 ghz intel core 2 duo cpu. I plan to upgrade to snow leopard os and increase to 3gb ram and then mount windows 7 using boot camp.
I could upgrade from my present ati radeon x1600 125mg graphics to 256mb. Would this graphics display be adequate for full functionality on windows 7?

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Error - Mirror Drivers Don't Support Aero - Themes Does Not Change

I have had a hp dv4 laptop for sometime and was tinkering with settings today and realized no matter the theme i select my transparency does not change. I ran the troubleshoot and it says mirror drivers don't support aero. This is a new laptop running windows 7 64bit i should not be having an issue like this somebody give me hand.

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Hp Scanjet 4850 Flatbed Scanner Will Not Work

My hp scanjet 4850 flatbed scanner will not work with windows 7. Is there a patch or is there a hp flatbed scanner that will work with windows 7?

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Hp 4850 Scanner - Unable To Scan Photos Using Printmaster 18

Does anybody know how to get printmaster 18 to scan photes ? I have windows 7 and a hp 4850 scanner and i'm unable to scan photos into printmaster 18. I did notice the i don't have hp image zone .

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Aero Problems

Ok, so i installed windows 7 and everything worked without a hitch. Aero was working fine. Then i  turned my computer off for the night and when i turned it on in the morning aero would no longer activate. When i ran the aero troubleshooter it says that the desktop windows manager is disabled. I tried resetting it in the services menu as well as the themes. I have gone through the trouble shooter several times it never changes anything. I have an experience index of at least 5 and the trouble shooter does not detect any other issues.

I think it may be associated with my graphics card - asus ati radeon hd 4650. If i go into device manager and reinstall the drivers aero turns itself back on. However once i restart aero is turned back off again. Aero also turns itself back on when i installed the drivers from the ati website that are supposed to be windows 7 compatible, however same issue, aero is disabled again once i have rebooted.

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Aero Snap

My computer:windows 7-64 bit cpu: intel i7 memory: 8 gb display card: nvidia geforce 220 1 gb ddr color depth 32 bit wei score: 5. 9 held down by hdd score. I have been through everything in this webpage: and cannot seem to get aero snap to work. I do not know if my video card is sufficient, but i suspect that it is as this computer is <1 year old. When i drag windows around, they just stay whenever i release the mouse button. Any suggestions?

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Aero Effect Gone

My husband installed flight simulator on my windows 7 computer. Now the aero effect with transparencies and thumbnails is gone. I went through the troubleshooting described on another post - start menu - type aero in search box - click on trouble shoot when the aero program comes up - click on advanced - check apply repairs automatically - run the troubleshooter - and i get the notice that troubleshooting does not identify the problem.

In order to save my marriage or prevent me from being jailed due to wringing dh's neck for ruining my computer, is there any way to get my aero back? I miss my coolness. I'm on an hp, can't find the model number, my graphics device is ati radeon hd 4200. It says my aero status is disabled when i look at my graphics information through the hp support assistant troubleshooter.

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Aero Crashed

I tried to stream something with vlc, and all of a sudden, aero switched to basic mode. I tried to fix this without restarting my computer. I found out that if i go to cmd and type in "net stop uxsms" and then "net start uxsms" that would solve my problem. However, after i stop that service, "net start uxsms" did not work. I tried other methods, but nothing could fix this. Now, the main problem is that i restarted my computer to fix this, but now, im in classic windows mode, not even basic, and nothing works. I tried system restore, but when i open it i get an error. My wifi isn't working either. I really don't want to have to backup all my data and reinstall windows.

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How To Turn Aero Off ?

This question may be premature, because i am not getting in my win 7 x64 machine until next week - but it helps to be prepared. I currently use win xp pro, and i am very computer literate - just need to tell me where and how to do these things. Are they in similar places as in xp? I have low vision, and i use a 3rd party program zoom text, to magnify my screen. I also need very good contrast, with no interactive, flashy, dim, or transparent stuff on my screen. I will want to turn aero off. For the desktop - use windows classic, with a light gray background, with large text <- or use another motif (native to win 7) that may have similar or better contrast similar taskbar, and notification area to what i have now. Modify start menu - so it contains what i use.

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Aero Gets Messed Up

I own a 2405fpw dell 24 inch monitor. This monitor allows you to turn it to portrait. When in portrait and you take a window and drag it to left or right it will snap as always but be very elongated. After that when you drag the window out of the snap and attempt to resize it is most likely to snap back. It is very annoying. I believe a good solution would to have windows realize its in portrait mode and have it snap to the bottom of the screen then the top.

While im at it i notice you can definably have 4 windows side by side with a large widesreen monitor as so. I was wondering if its possible to have the ability to snap 4 windows. Like drag one to snap it to the right then drag another window for it to snap and split the space. That would allow you to look at 2 or 3 sources when writing a paper. I don't expect for you guys to fix or add my suggestion but, windows 7 was my idea.

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Aero Broken

Windows aero ran on my computer just fine for about 3 weeks until i removed one of my dual monitors, now windows aero has decided not to work. All boxes are checked off in visual effects and its set for best appearance. Aero still doesn't work. After trying to run the troubleshooter for aero problems i get this error. Error code: 0x80070490. Says something is wrong with the engine and the search can't continue. Any ideas? I already re-installed the display drivers and the graphics drives. My technological knowledge is quite high so feel free to mention anything that works, i already tried forcing aero to work but that didnt work either.

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Support Overload

I haven't even had this version of windows for a year and my "support" for my activation has apparently expired. Are there that many problems with windows 7 that when i've finally reached the end of my patience rope and gave in and tried to ask them they won't talk to me for less than $50? That is a rip off. Your operating system doesn't work and you won't provide customer support?

I can't even print a letter of complaint to mail to bill gates because windows has been trying to "automatically detect" a printer driver that was already installed for over an hour now. Good to know bill has hours to sit stuck at his desk because something has to be printed & faxed today and the *#@& printer that worked yesterday won't work today.

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Where Is The Microsoft Support?

Cannot connect via wireless router "problem with wireless adaptor or access point", first of all i would like to thank joelbx for the effort he is putting in to solve my wireless connection problem
But where is the microsoft employers support i have had no help from your company. From what i can understand the microsoft drivers and adaptor are not compatible with many routers.

I’d like answers from microsoft as it’s a software problem a microsoft windows 7 problem. I have been browsing through other posts with related topics and it is very obvious i am one of many with the same problem and the problem for all users points straight back to a problem with new computers installed with windows 7.

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Problem In Help And Support

I bought windows 7 professional , and i joined the computer to the domain we have server 2003

And the problem is:

After i put the user name and the password and when the desktop appears a window gets on it is """windows help and support"""  and every time i must to close it to continue using the computer?

I looked very very much to stop it but i could not i searched over the internet and on the technet website but i could not find any solution .

I reformat the computer again and the hard disk and there is not any program and i update the windows and the window still appears , it is the same like if you press f1 it is help and support.

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Phone Support

I installed windows 7 on top of vista sp2 expecting better performance. No dice. I'm having myriad problems-menus sticking, erratic sound schemes, programs not responding, etc. I've searched forums for answers to my problems with little results. So i put in a call for tech help about two weeks ago. Began working with a tech, but after 2 hrs. Needed to schedule a call back. Since then, no says they've called me at times i've agreed upon, but i have agreed upon nothing! When i do tell them a time and they agree, they don't call! I ask for managers who assure me techs will call, but they don't. I'm at wit's end. Is there really phone support for windows 7?

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Aero Is Not Working Correctly

I recently noticed that windows aero isn't working correctly on my windows 7 pc. Transparency and features like aero shake and peek are fine, but windows animations have stopped. When i open and close windows, they supposed to fade into or out of the background, but they just appear without any animation. This is the same for when i minimize a window. Instead of fading away, it just disappears. I have already run the aero troubleshooter and the microsoft fix it aero troubleshooter, but neither found anything wrong. How can i fix this?

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Aero Peek Not Working

Aero peek is not working! When i put my mouse over the taskbar at the bottom of my computer it just shows the words and not the smaller window icon. When i go to taskbar properties it's gray and i can't enable or disable it. I've read a few of the other peoples questions on here and i wasn't aware that office 2007 could be part of the problem. I have office 2010 could that be the problem? This aero peek was one of the features that windows bragged about and now it doesn't work? I'm not happy about this and no one seems to have a solution for it! Why not?

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Aero Thumbnails Not Working

I am using windows 7 home premium with the latest updates. My task bar thumbnails have stopped working. First of all, my computer locked up, and upon restarting, all my desktop icons were gone. My computer is only a couple of months old, so i called hp tech support. They did remote access and we did a restore point. Desktop icons are back. While picking a restore point i noticed there was a critical update on april 10 and my problem started on april 11.

Anyway, i found this website and got to thinking maybe i should have called microsoft instead of hp. I ran the aero trouble shooter and it can't fix the problem. I got the message "close programs using mirror drivers", and mentions windows remote assistance. I don't have any programs open except ie8 and i unchecked "allow remote assistance", but still no thumbnails. Any suggestions?

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Aero Win 7 Theme

Somehow my aero theme in windows has been corrupted. I am unable to use the thumb view peek  and my screen saver does not work. I have tried to re-enable through device manager and trouble shoot via windows fix it option with no luck. I believe either this some or all of the aero program was deleted during the set up process or it was corrupted somewhere along the way. I would like to know if someone can show me how to delete the program and re-install via a download. I am trying to avoid having to reinstall windows.

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Some Aero Features Not Working

My aero desktop experience is enabled, however some features like snap and shake aren't working at all. Tell me more about aero: do i have to use the aero themes in personalization to get the full desktop experience (without modifying or changing the aero theme)? Other features of aero like peek and transparency are working just fine no matter what theme i'm in, so if i would like to modify or create my own theme, do i loose the functionality of snap and shake all together?Furthermore i have contacted hp, manufacturer of my notebook and all drivers, video cards and bios are up-to-date. What's the deal?

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