Printer Install Fails

Have a new dell with w7-64. Am trying to install a brother hl4070cdw laser printer but, like some of the other posts, it gets to printing a test page and fails. Have tried uninstall, reinstall (sometimes with restart(s) between), let w7 install, then update driver to latest bro has on their site, etc. Other computers (xp-32 and vista-64) have no problems.

Connections are usb to the individual printers.
Other printers (hp dj5740, brother mfc7840w) work fine.
All suggestions will be welcome.

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Network Printer Install Fails After Upgrade

After upgrading from 64 bit vista home premium to 64 bit win 7 home premium the software and driver for my hp photosmart c6380 printer starts to install but fails to configure the device for an ethernet connection therefore fails to complete.

After five hours on the phone, yesterday, with a valiant effort but no success i'm left with a printer that can print but has none of the extra capabilities (ink level, scan, etc) and no answers.

Q1) is this a problem with their install software, configuration software, or something that went wrong with the upgrade (no errors were reported and everything appears to have completed successfully).

Q2) am i stuck with restoring vista, live with it, or buy and install the full release of windows 7?

The printer works as advertised on anotherwindows 7system in the network.

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.net Framework 3.5.1 Fails To Install

Environment: win7 professional, 32bit, velocity desktop, 2gb ram, two 1. 5tb drives

For the past several months i have been attempting to get .net framework 3. 5. 1 to install on my system, to no avail. I understand that it is initially installed by default with win7 but somewhere along the line it had been uninstalled. It does not show up in the programs and features window and it is unchecked in the "turn windows features on or off" dialog. I've attempt to check both boxes to have it reinstall and it goes through the motions of installing but then fails with the following message, "an error has occurred. Not all features were successfully changed ".

I've also tried manually installing it using the downloaded file from the microsoft site but it, too, fails with the same message. I've also attempted to repair the system by reinstalling win7 from my installation disk over my existing system but after it completes, .net is still not installed. N oddity is when i used windows update to install .net 3. 5. 1 (kb982526) and check "review your update history", it claims that it updated successfully.

This is a critical work stoppage for me in that i have several programs i need to use that refuse to install due to the fact that .net is not installed. Please advise. Ps: i'm not sure this is meaningful but i have the following two items in control panel>administrative tools>services that refuse to start:microsoft .net framework ngen v2. 0. 50727_x86 (startup type: manual)microsoft .net framework ngen v4. 0. 30319_x86 (startup type: automatic - delayed start)

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Custom Install Of Win 7 Fails

I have a full (not upgrade) copy of windows 7. The boot disk on my windows xp computer is in a removable tray, so i just removed the xp drive and put a new empty drive in the tray without having to open the case.

I proceeded to installing 64-bit windows 7 on the empty drive, including a pre-install of the disk controller drivers which allowed setup to see the drive. Everything went fine until the process got to "completing installation" and the computer hung. No keyboard or mouse activity was accepted. Both are wired, not usb, if that matters.

I reset the computer and tried to boot into windows 7, but it complained that the setup had failed and to try it again. I tried restarting the install 3 times and each time the "old" windows was saved to a windows. Old file, with incremented extensions. Each "old" folder is around 36 gb. I found this information by attaching the drive via usb to another computer so i could investigate what was on it.

I can't understand what could be causing the failure. I have recently done extensive testing of hard drive and memory with no apparent errors. Are there any logs of the setup on that drive that might explain the cause of the failed install?

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Oki B4350 Printer Fails

I have an oki b4350 usb printer that works well with xp and vista. Just got a new pc with windows 7. The driver appears in the windows 7 preloaded drivers, and the plug&play install routine appears to work properly. But upon trying to print, nothing comes out, and the printer's display reads "invalid data". The document leaves the print queue, as though printed, so windows does not appear to know there was an error. Any suggestions?

(I checked the oki website, they have nothing for windows 7, and under vista they just say it is preloaded with windows, there is no separate driver download available. ) I have also tried uninstalling the driver and printer, rebooting and reinstalling. Same problem.

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Dot Net 2.0 Framework For 64-bit Fails To Install

I'm getting very stretched with programs not running under windows 7 64-bit. Its just not ready yet. So, i have several programs with mutual dependencies on dot net framework. I go to microsoft site, download the version of 2. 0 that is tagged for i64, and run it. It fails. Gives some error i've never encountered about "wrong machine type". Of course, the 32 bit version also fails. Simply says wrong version for this operating system. Which i guess is the right error code. Will microsoft support dot net on windows 7?

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Update Fails To Install Microsoft Net Framework 3.5

Windows update fails to install the microsoft net framework 3. 5 service pack and net framework 3. 5 family updates.code 900. I've seen this posted repeatedly except for the code 900, i can't find anything when i search for what that code means. I've tried to install directly from website the three separate downloads that have to be done in the proper order. Two will download, one sends a pop up message that the update does not apply to my computer. Not sure where to go from here with out knowing what the error code 900 means?

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Samsung Omnia I900 Drivers Fails To Install

I've been trying to setup my samsung omnia (i900) on windows 7 ultimate x86 rtm but the driver keeps failing to install. The phone used to work on both the beta and rc releases of windows 7 however it's not working with rtm which is odd. I've tried googling this endlessly but i've yet to find a solution that works.

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Dell A920 Printer Fails To Work

Just purchased a dell studio laptop and my dell a920 all in one printer fails to work with windows 7 home premium. It tells me no update for driver available? Driver for windows 7 dell a920 all in one printer.

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Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 Family Update Fails To Install

I have an hp dv-4 pavilion laptop that is running windows vista 64bit. The "microsoft .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 and .net framework 3. 5 family update (kb951847) x64" constantly fails to install. I have tried 3-4 times and continue to get a code 800b0100 error. I clicked on the link to troubleshoot the error. This brought me to microsoft's website to download the "system update readiness tool for windows vista for x64-based systems (kb947821){august 2008}". I successfully downloaded this tool but i continue to receive the error when trying to update. Any suggestions on what to try next?

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Test Page To Shared Printer On Home Network Fails, No Communication

My lexmark x1270 printer does not print nor communicate with my laptop. The printer is attached to the home network at my desk top pc running windows xp home edition. My laptop runs windows 7 and is connected to the network via wireless router. I can see the desk top in my network places on the laptop but i don't see the laptop from my desk top. After installing the latest lexmark driver (cqj1200win7en) the test page fails to print.

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Hp Cp2025dn Printer Will Not Install

I have a hp cp2025dn color printer directly attached to a sony vaio sz680 (32b bit) via usb cable. I used to be able to connect directly, then had to reauthorize my win 7 copy. Afterwards it would not accept install of printer. I can install other printers, including hp. After plugging in, goes through 4 step routine (usb hub, hp general files, so other file, then gets to hp cp2025 and stops (big red x).

When i try to install from hp cd, i get error 0x0000007 error. I have gone into registry and removed everything hp and nothing is changed. I need this particular printer for work, so quick solution is appreciated. (And don't tell me wipe and reinstall, because that's just not gonna happen).

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Unable To Get Printer To Install

I am having problems getting my canon pixma mp750 to install on windows 7 64 bit. I have downloaded the required driver for this but when i try and install i get a message saying print spooler needs to be restarted. When i try to restart this i get an error code 1053 and there is also an error code 1813 failed to read description is showing up on this service. I have tried to get support from the comp manufacturer but they have no idea why this has happened and neither does canon the printer manufacturer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hp Wireless Printer Will Not Install

I recently changed internet providers and removed a wireless router. The new modem is wireless. My wireless printer would not communicate with the wireless enabled computer without being hard wired. I uninstalled printers and attempted to reinstall. Printer software will not install. A message stating that my printer is not supported by my operating system and i need to update the operating system. I upgraded to windows 7 when it first came out. I successfully removed and reinstalled the printer on a wireless laptop running windows xp. Where do i go from here?

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Hp 2605dn Printer Will Not Install

I have an hp2605dn printer and are having problems. I have upgraded to windows 7 and i am in the process of doing a clean install. The printer will not install, i have worked through the compatibility sections etc, i got a message saying i need to use administrator privileges, but i have used those. Eventually the installation program went to the final screen which said exit, but the printer had no installed. There is nothing on the hp website to suggest the printer will not work under windows 7.

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How To Install Lexmark Printer That Has Only Xp Drivers ?

How to install a lexmark printer that has xp drivers but no win 7 on a win 7 computer? I have tried to find win 7 drivers at lexmark site but they do not make them for x73 all in one printer. I have heard that you can run a win xp as a virtual machine ? I have a new gateway dx4831-07c from futreshop.

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Shared Printer Install Problem

It seems the shared printer work in w7 is not very nice. After trying to recognize the printer, it failed too quickly. I have downloaded vista drivers from hp and canon, but w7 refuses both drivers.
Manually adding driver is not possible. Even trying to connect with the shared printer (on xp pc) has no chance to install drivers. Local install is possible, then trying connect it with new port link, manually added, is possible, but even with correct driver, the output is not good.

Why must w7 always try connect first with windows update, even i have already driver for it? Can we not just skip the step and go to wizard immediately to install manually the driver? I'm still not happy with printer wizard. With vista, i have not problems with it. But here, w7 64bit version, it works not very well.

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Unable To Install Printer In Win 7

I have a recurring error message:runtime error program c:windows/system32/spoolsv.exe this application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual wayit is not possible to load word or excel when this error is displayed but once read loading is possible. However, i cannot install drivers for an epson printer even after restarting spooler.exe from the service menu. I have reinstalling from epson disk and downloading from website and have re-installed windows 7 with the same result. The printer works fine as a scanner controlled from the computer. How can i get a functioning printer.

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Can I Install A Hp G85 Printer On Win 7?

Hp g85 install on win7 (64 bit) laptop. Currently have an hp g85 multi-function printer installed and operating properly on a t23 thinkpad with xp pro sp3. I just purchased a new laptop that has win 7 home premium (64 bit). The current hp director is fully functional on the xp laptop. I want the same full function when i install the g85 on the win7 laptop. If i upgrade to win7 pro, will the g85 director operate in full function (duplex print/scan/fax/copy)? I've tried installing the same software that's currently on the xp system with no luck. I need to know if i upgrade to win7 pro and use the xp mode software download, will that do the trick?

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Printer Spooler Is Stopped And Cannot Install Drivers

All printers are gone, when i try to install the drivers for local or network printers it says the printer spooler is stopped and cannot install drivers. I went to the services page and started the printer spool and rebooted (tried several times) and it still has the same error.

Every few times i reboot all of the printers (local and network) will be shown in the devices and printers area but it will not permit any printing. When i reboot all of the printers will be gone again except the two local usb printers (all are vista compatible) and i am still unable to print no matter what printer or solution i have tried.

Not able to print
Printer spool not working (started but windows 7 thinks it is stopped)
Hp laserjet 3300 printer not recognized
I have rebooted several times with no lick

Printers are gone every few times computer starts then appear again but do not work either way
Downloaded all of the latest drivers and tried to install but windows 7 printer spool is not working
Called windows 7 support and was told i had to pay $299 to speak with anyone. I went out tonight and bought a $2900 macbook pro and plan on buying mac's for the entire company after another failure by microsoft.

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Cannot Install Canon Ip6700d Printer Driver

I have windows 7 64 bit set up with a canon ip6700d printer. I set up the printer to be shared on the network with another pc running windows xp 32 bit. When setting up the sharing options>additional drivers, i point to the x86 file: ip6700d. Inf located on the printer install disc. When i attempt to install the driver i get the message: "the specified location does not contain the driver canon inkjet ip6700d for the requested architecture" i have verified that it is the correct inf file by opening it. The following is the header info:

; Ip6700d. Inf (for windows x86 monolithic driver)
; List of supported printers, manufacturers
Signature="$windows nt$"
Catalogfile=ip6700d. Cat

Attempting to install the driver on the xp machine fails as well with the same file, when i try to add it as a network printer. Is there something i am missing?

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Hp Psc 1300 Series Printer Will Not Install

My son just recently purchased an e-machine with win's 7. His printer is an hp psc 1300 series desktop. When trying to install i get "the operating system on this computer is not supported. The installation cannot continue until this is resolved. Current os: 601 supported: w2in 98, win me, win 2000, win's xp action required: click cancel to exit this software installation. Install this product on a computer that is running one of the supported ms operating systems or refer to your computer's documentation for info on upgrading your computer's os. Well, how do i fix this, since i am using the latest os, and would like to use his printer also.

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Install Printer On Win 7 Over Network Connection

I am trying to install a printer on windows 7 over a network connection when the other computer is running windows xp. I got a new laptop a few weeks ago and it has windows 7 on it, well i have a desktop computer with windows xp on it that has a printer attached. My problem is that i can't get that printer to install on the laptop i keep getting the same error code 0x000000d.

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Unable To Install Drivers For Kodak Printer

I am having issues installing printer drivers on my laptop. I am connecting via usb and window displays the installing device drivers at the bottom left. I then get an error message "device driver software was not successfully installed". I have went to the manufactures website and manually downloaded the driver software for the printer. During the install through the manufactures software i get the same results. I have tried this for 2 different printers hp and kodak. I have tried lowering firewall. Same result.

Running in safe mode. Same results. I am the admin on the laptop. The kodak printer was working on the laptop before i had an issue with an a/v program that would not install. The a/v program was listed on the windows 7 site and i have installed it on another computer of mine running vista with no issues. But i do believe something was changed and or deleted during the attempt by me and the a/v programs tech support. I have installed other software while having this issue and am having no troubles installing programs. Just printer drivers. I am running a different anti virus now, and have also tried disabling it during the printer driver install with same results.

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Can't Install X86 Printer Drivers

A w7hp x64 machine has a brother mfc240c attached via usb cable. Downloaded 64 bit driver from brother and the printer works locally. Shared the printer and a networked xp pro x86 machine discovers the printer, but will not install the drivers. Says no suitable drivers found. I have supplied the original x86 drivers in a local location.

There are two . Inf files, but both produce the same response. This unit was previously working fine when shared by a now retired xp home machine. In the sharing dialog on the w7hp machine, when i try to install the x86 drivers under additional drivers, i get the same response about no suitable drivers.

Does anyone have a solution? It seems that the 64 bit windows won't permit x86 drivers.

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Usb Hp 940c Printer Install Problem

I cannot get my hp 940c usb printer to work. I'm running windows 7 64 bit os. I plug the printer in and i get a "driver device not found" error. I've tried to find a driver for this printer online but have had no success. I've also tried this http://h30434. Www3. but that did not work because i didn't have the option of a lpt1 port - i only had a "standard tcp/ip" port option.

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Network Printer Not Listed On Install List

I have a new lenovo laptop with windows 7 home premium. I have a brother hl-1240 printer available on the network. Windows finds the printer on the network but the driver for it is not listed. I checked with brother and the printer is supported for windows 7. They do not have a driver available for download but say that windows update will get the driver. How do i get windows update to fetch the driver? I don't see this as an update waiting for installation. Will windows eventually find it? Is there a way to make it happen quickly?

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Install Shared Printer Across Microsoft Windows Network

Install a shared printer across a microsoft windows network with one computer using windows 7. On a small office network i'm trying to use a shared printer that is attached to another machine. In vista and xp i was able to simply select the shared printer on the other machine and select 'connect'. At that point on vista and xp it would install a printer driver for that shared printer connected.

When i went through the same steps on the windows 7 machine it stopped at the point where the others automatically installed the driver and it does not install the printer driver. The manufacturers printer driver cd doesn't have an installation option for a shared printer installation. So, i'm looking for help to install and use a shared printer(attached to an xp machine) on a windows 7 computer over a small network.

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Usb Printer Driver Doesn't Install

Printer is a canon i965. Canon say it uses the windows 7 usb printer driver but when i plug it in it recognizes the printer is there but displays "device driver software was not successfully installed". Looking in control panel>hardware&sound>devices&printers there is a picture of a printer with a triangle and exclamation mark in it. Iv'e tried deleting it and installing in a different usb port. Still the is a toshiba satellite laptop running windows 7 in 32-bit mode.

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Unable To Install Network Printer In 64-bit System

I have tried to install 3 different network printers (all new- 2 hp & one lexmark) for windows 7 64 bit on a home office network behind a linksys cable modem firewall router with all of them failing to successfully install so that they can print. They get to the point of printing the test page at which time the test page gets locked up in the queue.

The printers install fine on the windows xp computers and i am able to print from them and they work as advertised. I have checked and followed the windows 7 install guidance on each machine (several times). To include new hp drivers and removing previous install attempts. For each of them it is possible to log in on the ip from the windows 7 machine. For each of them it is possible to select the device to print to but the documents jam up in the queue. I have gone through the windows troubleshooting and the hp troubleshooting guidance. I was also online with hp for 4 hours. There are several comments about what appear to be identical problems, some resolved with new patch? Others not solved. Can anyone identify what might be the problem(s)?

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