Change 64 Version To 32

I purchased a window 7 home premium family pack upgrade. On the initial desktop i decided that i would upgrade to the 64 version. However i now find that two programs that i use, autocad 2006 and cs2 do not have 64 versions on the cds. I will therefore have to upgrade if i want to go down that path and since i am nearing retirement i do not want to go down that road. If i un-install the 64 version reformat and load the 32 version will that still count as one of my three upgrades?

Hence i would still be able to upgrade my wife's desktop and our laptop. The alternative is i believe to keep the 64 version and to load a virtual program and install my vista 32 version and run both autocad and cs2 in this virtual program. If this is possible how easily is it to switch between the 64 and 32 versions and will the 4gb ram i have be sufficient, or do i need more ram to run both versions at the same time? Finally if the virtual program is the way to go what virtual program should i download?

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How To Change The Language From English To Dutch Version ?

I bought windows 7 home premium 64 bits, the language now is in english. How can i upgrade / change the language from windows 7 from english to dutch?

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Error - The Version Of This File Is Not Compatible With Version Of Windows

The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computers system information to see whether you need an x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

I have a large cd collection published by national geographic. The difficulty lies in installing the program that displays the pages. The program installer ends in . Ins. These picture cd's have been produced by mindscape. When you try to contact them, they are based in france, and it is impossible to obtain support for this product. Is there any way of getting the installer on the cd to do its job of providing a means of turning the 'pages'?

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Error - This Version Of The File Is Not Compatible With Version Of Windows

My error message is: "this version of the file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or an x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher. "

I've tried running the program in question (castle of the winds) in every compatibility mode that is on the list and all it does is give me that error message every time. Other people have managed to get the program working, so i know it does work on windows 7, but i can't see to get it to work for me. Help?

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Trial Version

Is there a trial version of windows 7 available? If not, would i be able to install 1 licensed copy on multiple computers using the same hard drive without activating it to test the different computer systems to see which ones needed to be replaced? Example: 6 dell computers ranging from 2 to 5 years old all running windows xp professional. I take a copy of my windows 7 and a spare hard drive to computer a. I remove the existing operating hard drive and replace with the spare hard drive in it's place.

Clean windows 7 installation, drivers, programs. Then i work on the machine for 15 to 30 minutes as normal to determine if the computer system needs replacement or not. Once i am finished, i remove the spare hard drive with windows 7 on it placing the windows xp drive back in. At the end of the day all computers are running exactly the same way as they were before i walked in the door.

I know i could use the windows 7 upgrade advisor tool however, it would not give me accurate information since all the computers are only running microsoft office 2k3 (excel, outlook and word). They would all be running windows 95 today if it wasn't for the security issues - only reason for updating from windows xp.

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Do I Really Need Pro Version?

Currently i'm running vista home premium w/sp2 (32 bit). Some of the files have become corrupt and because i can't get a full repair cd with sp2, i can't fix it. Slipstreaming is too complicated. I also want to change from 32 bit to 64 bit. No point in having a dual quad processor if you can't use all of it. I've been told that i can buy a retail version, pop in the right cd and hit fresh install. It will wipe vista off my hard drive and install the new windows 7 64 bit in it's place.

Is that true? I've been looking over the various versions and am now totally confused as to what to buy. I can buy an oem, (whatever that is), i can also buy just the 64 bit version, or a full version with both 32 and 64 bit. Whatever i get i want a cd in my hands not a download. I have macrium reflect as my iso image burning program. With that, wouldn't i have the same as the pro version of 7.

Meaning can i just buy the home premium version and use macrium instead of shelling out extra money for a feature i already have?Lso; while trying to hunt down a copy i can afford, i went to ebay. I see a number of sites offering everything windows at ridiculously low prices. One such site is  they are selling 7 ultimate for $96. Now anybody with half a brain knows they are about to get seriously screwed, or they are going to get a pirated copy. Does microsoft have any kind of dept that cruises ebay to weed these people out, and hopefully throw them in jail?

Is there any place to report these sites to? I have 3 e-mails from this site, all 3 step carefully around the legal copy issue. Yet in their ad they promise it is a fully licensed copy with a good activation key. I just want to get my computer squared away so i can burn a good iso image so i don't end up in this mess again. I didn't know i was even missing files until after i bought macrium and it failed to verify an iso backup image. Kind of like buying a cow after all the fences have all fallen down.

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What Version Of Win 7 Do I Have?

I have the windows 7 activation key but lost the dvd. How can i tell what version the key is for?

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Activate Beta Version

I have bought windows 7 and am trying to enter the product key to activate it - i am trying to activate my beta version. I do not want to re-install my programs - is there a way? Shouldn't there be?

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Wrong Bit Version

I won a copy of windows 7 ultimate at a microsoft hosted seminar. When i opened it at home to install, i discovered that there was only a 64 bit version disc in the package. Since i have a dell 32 bit laptop running vista home premium, i cannot use the disc that i won. Is it possible for me to somehow exchange this unused disc for the correct version? I could provide you with the product code which has not been registered or used.

If exchanging the physical media discs is not practical, could you exchange the code to allow me to do an online upgrade path to any edition of windows 7? I don't need ultimate and would be happy with the standard home edition. I was told by a friend that this activation code inside the package would not work if i simply did an online up grade to 7.

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Pirated Version For Trial

I have a computer designed for windows xp. However i'm highly considering getting windows 7. I had a application to see if i'd be able to run it, which it passed most the requirements. However like many know, even if you have the hardware, sometimes it doesn't quite run as smoothly as it should. Regarding this i've been tempted to download a pirated version of windows 7 to see if this computer could handle it to my expectations.

By doing so i understand that this is illegal. So, is there anyway for me to get a trial version? Such as this starter edition i've heard. If not, let's say i went ahead and downloaded the pirated version.could i just buy a valid product key online and use it on the pirated version and activate it?

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Upgrade Or Full Version?

Last fall, i bought a brand new hp laptop. It runs on vista (oem version). I would like to install windows 7 on the laptop since i'm not fully satisfied. Knowing that i have the oem version and i will reformat the hard disk. Should i buy the upgrade or the full version? If i buy the upgrade version, how can windows 7 recognize that i already have a vista license if the disk is reformatted? I don't know the vista license number and where to find it.

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Which Version Of Internet Explorer Am I Using?

How can you determine which version internet explorer you are using? I have been using version 7 but recently downloaded version 8. However, i keep getting messages on my yahoo web page saying that i am still viewing the browser with an old version of ie. I still have the old icons for ie on my desktop and on my start menu. No matter which one i use, i get the same message. When i look at my uninstall/install software listing, it does indicate that ie8 has been installed. Why i getting the message from the browser?

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Win 7 Version Recommendation

Running the trial version of windows 7 right now. Trying to figure out which of the the 3 versions to purchase. I'm leaning more towards the premium version, but my main concern is whether or not i'll be able to still do vista based applications. The only real thing i do is capture video with a dvc 100 usb capture device. Just want to make sure i get the correct version of windows to run it. I don't do it in vista mode, but the drivers are for a version based on vista. 'sides that do a little gaming, but my pc is mainly for multimedia purposes.

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Activating Upgrade Version

I purchased windows 7 professional upgrade version a while back. My laptop previously had windows vista ultimate edition installed by dell when i purchased the machine. Unfortunately my hard drive died between purchasing and installation of windows 7 and the new key does not work as it tells me i'm not allowed to install as a clean installation - which quite frankly is a little annoying.

What do i do now? Do i have to go buy another copy of windows 7 or pay the difference between the upgrade version and the full version? Or do i have to uninstall windows 7, install vista ultimate then reinstall the upgrade version? Either way it is pretty annoying as there was no mention that clean installations are not allowed when installing the upgrade version.

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Upgrade Trial Version

How can i upgrade a windows 7 trial version? I had vista home premium. Was having would freeze, a lot. Took it to a repair place. They told me the motherboard was "going". I asked them to wipe the hd clean so i could possibly sell the computer for parts. I get the computer back, and it has a 90 day version of windows 7 pro on it. And the computer works fine. So i use the computer for three months, and more, but i need to activate windows 7 pro.

I have no key and i don't want to go back to the repair place. So, what do i need to buy, to be legal? And where should i buy it? And will i lose everything again when i install? Btw. No signs of motherboard problems at this point so i'm thinking the guy just was wrong. I'm willing to take the gamble, anyway, and buy windows 7.

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Using Xp Version Of Word 2007

My new laptop running windows 7 has a trial version of word 2007 preinstalled. Should i uninstall this and try to reinstall my existing copy of word 2007 (purchased late 2006) or is it likely to throw up problems under win7?

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What Is Difference Between Oem And Full Version ?

I am building my first computer - the question is do i half to buy windows 7 processional full version or can i can buy windows 7 processional oem version and what is the different between oem and full version? Programs, support, here is my parts list msi 790fx-gd70 am3, amd 955 3. 2 ghz, 2x2 gb memory, ultra 750 wats,

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Flash Player Not The Most Current Version

I'm struggling with downloading adobe flash player. I have followed most if not all advice from support forums but still no good. I'm working off windows 7 but am using internet explorer 32 bit. I seem to download it ok, it appears in my programs and features list but them this appears as a separate window: 'the version of adobe flash play player activex that you are trying to install is not the most current version. Please visit to obtain the latest, more secure version' i have download flash player version 10. 0. 45. 2. The most up to date one on their website. What can i do?


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.net Framework Version 2.0 Missing

I looked up this problem about .net framework version 2. 0 issue with lexmark printers. I am also having this problem. I have a lexmark printer but it work with my computer. The only time i get this message about this missing framework is when i plug in and mount my cell phone (my touch 3g). I have tried downloading the correct driver but it tells me that it is already installed and when i went and looked up optionalfeatures.exe and tried to turn on .net framework version 3. 5, it was already enabled. So can anyone help me fix this problem so i can connect my cell phone to my computer.

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Memory Issues With 64-bit Version

I have 4 gb of ram and use win 7 home premium. My bios recognizes all 4gb of memory, but the device manager states that only 3 gb is usable. Can i fix this? I already followed the instructions below and the box was unchecked. To use full 4 gb of ram on your computer follow the below steps: 

1. Click start  and type msconfig.exe if you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click continue.
2. You get system configuration dialog box.
3. Select the ˜boot tab.
4. Click advanced options.
5. Uncheck the ˜maximum memory: option.
6. Click ok and ok again. My box was already unchecked.

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Download Of Net.framework 2.0 Version

Had windows 7 upgrade installed. Then problems began because .net framework box kept appearing to download. It wouldn't allow it due to 64 bit operating system! Then had upgrade un-installed and windows 7 installation done but still get that message and still can't download because of 64 bit operating system! My computer is handicapped as a result.

Installation of wireless printer allows copying and printing but won't allow scanning or icon for same to work. Camera plug in won't adapt either, so far, windows 7 looks great but am not having great experiences and all this "time consuming" stuff very distracting and annoying. Please help with that .net 2 framework problem.

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.net Framework Version 2.0 Not Installed

I've had lots of problems with my dell laptop. I recently had it reformatted and programs reinstalled so it was just like it came from the factory. I also bought a dell v505w printer with my computer. When i try to install the software it works ok except everytime printer or even start my computer i get this error message " "microsoft .net framework version 2. 0 is required to continue.

This software is available for free download at "When i go there and try to download this software it says it will not install on 64 bit machines (mine is a 64 bit machine). Is there an updated version of this for 64 bit machines? Is there a way for me to stop getting this error message popping up?

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Upgrade Version Product Key

I have a laptop and a netbook, one legitimate vista key, one full retail win 7 key and one upgrade retail win 7 key. My question is this: currently the full retail version is installed on my laptop and is activated. I have also installed the full retail version on the netbook - this is awaiting activation after changing the laptop (to which the vista key belongs) to the upgrade version.

My question is - can i just change the installed product key on the laptop from the full version to the upgrade version without having to re-install vista first and then doing the upgrade? If you find my response helpful, please click on the "vote as helpful" button!

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Vs Filter Wrong File Version

I recently upgraded to windows 7 home premium from vista for the improvements to media centre. In order to get it to play mkv files which i use heavily i have had to download a codec package. I have tried to use both k-lite and the shark's windows 7 i am running a 64-bit system so i add on the 64-bit versions to them otherwise the mkvs will not play.

However whenever i go into my main video folder i get vs filter wrong file version pop up. It consistently pops up 3 times before allowing me to play the file. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 7 several different ways and have done the same to the codec packs and i still get it popping up. It's driving me crazy it appears i'm the only one in the world having this problem. Any solutions out there?

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Upgrading From Preview Version Of Win7

I have two computers at home that are running the preview version of windows 7. I know that the shutdown window is approaching, so i'm trying to plan to upgrade these two machines to licensed versions.

My question is this: can i buy the upgrade for each machine? The circumstances for each are as follows: my laptop came with vista pre-installed. I have the key for vista, but the manufacturer did not provide a cd with the computer, so i have no disc to insert during the installation process to verify that i am entitled to an upgrade. The other computer is a self-built desktop for which i have both the cd and key for windows xp.

I guess my question really boils down to this: how does the upgrade installation for windows 7 verify that i am entitled to the upgrade version? Or does the fact that i'll be applying the upgrade over an in-place w7 preview installation even bother checking for a previous version for eligibility?

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Product Key And Win 7 Version

I recently purchased windows 7 professional through my school e-mail address. When i purchased the product, i didn't see an option to click on for windows 7 professional, so i ended up purchasing the windows home version by mistake. I figured it wasn't that big a deal as long as it still worked. Shortly after i installed home, my computer's processor burned out so i bought new parts and kept the same hard drive. I tried to reinstall the windows, but now it's no longer working.

I assume it may be due to the fact that the home edition was registered to the first computer's parts and won't recognize the new parts. Is it possible to send another product key and get rid of the first one because i'm unable to use the current one? If not, then is it possible for me to use the same school e-mail address to purchase the windows 7 professional version instead of the home?

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Reinstall Win 7 Upgrade Version

I am currently running windows 7 home premium and i would like to format my hard drive and reinstall windows 7 onto it. However, the problem is that i'm afraid i might go through some activation issues. When i purchased my pc windows vista was pre-installed on it. When windows 7 was released i purchased the upgrade version of it. From my understanding when i upgraded to windows 7 i needed to have a genuine version of windows already installed (which i did) in order for windows 7 to activate properly (which it did).

However, when i upgraded to windows 7 i did a clean install, which to my knowledge wiped windows vista off my hard drive. So my question is, if i try to do a clean install (reinstall) of windows 7 upgrade version, will i be able to activate without any issues? Here's a breakdown in case i wasn't clear in my explanation. 1. Purchased pc with windows vista pre-installed. 2. Did a clean install of windows 7 using the upgrade version, which was supposed to remove all remnants of windows vista. 3. Now i would like to do a clean install (formatting my hard drive) of windows 7 (upgrade version), again.

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Cannot Get Latest Flash Player Version

I been suffering from same problem of getting flash player to run on window7 64-bit ie. Thanks for some of the threads advising to use ie 32-bit instead. Now facing error messages that the version pointed to in some of thread is not the latest. Even tried downloading from adobe website encounter same non-latest version. Kindly advise how i can go about downloading the latest flash player and get it working viqa ie32-bit in window 7 ?

I been using the url as stated in some of threads here for same problem but cannot proceed due to 'non-latest version' error message:

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Restoring Backup Of Upgrade Version

My new computer will ship with (oem) windows 7 home premium pre-installed. Thanks to my student status, i purchased a retail upgrade version of win 7 professional from microsoft at a great price. Once i've checked out my new pc to make sure the hardware works properly, i plan to use the win7 pro upgrade disc to do a custom ('clean') install.

I'm really good about backing up, so i plan to create an image of my new windows 7 professional installation, and to continue imaging my pc on a daily basis.

My first question is about restoring an image: in my case, the image contains an upgrade version of windows. Windows 7 setup does its compliance checking before you format the disc. How does 'uncle steve' know that i qualify to restore an upgrade version of windows, since i performed a custom installation of the upgrade?
My second question is more complicated: i qualify for an upgrade version of windows on the basis of my original oem license. An oem license can't be transferred to another computer, but i performed a custom install of the upgrade, so the original oem version is gone. Does this mean i can move my copy of windows 7 professional to a new computer?

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Best Version For Slim / Fast System

I am looking for the best way to set up a windows 7 x64 system, which will have the following, very specific tasks:

Receive data streams from network
Some calculations with that data
Render high quality 3d content

So i would like to have only a basic system for max performance in this tasks and no special features like media stuff, games, gadgets, desktop profiles and so on. Which windows 7 edition would be the best to achieve this, and how do i have to configure this?

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