Icon In Taskbar Will Jump Sideways And I Get Screen Flash

When i play solitaire in windows 7 rc 7100 the icon in the taskbar will jump sideways and i get a screen flash. This will only happen when playing solitaire or mahjong? Has anybody seen or heard of this before.

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Monitor Screen Comes Up Sideways

When i start up my computer, the screen comes up sideways on my laptop. I don't know why this started, but it has been doing this for about a week. I have figured out how to fix it every time i start up the computer, but i would like to know how stop it from doing this.

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Network Icon In Taskbar

Running windows 7 home prem 32bit today when i powered on my laptop the network icon that normally displays in the right side of the taskbar was missing (the icon that shows the strength of your wireless signal). When i view network &sharing center this wireless network signal meter icon is displayed. It had been there prior to today. I clicked on. Show hidden icons, it was not there, i clicked customize. It shows this icon is not active. Where do you check "show icon (network) in taskbar?

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Change Network Icon In Taskbar

Is there a way to change the network icon in the task bar to show network activity like other windows releases with the two monitors that light up and off?

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Taskbar Icon Preview Problems

I've got a problem with the w7 taskbar and i will try to explain it with an example. Let's say i have two folders open, a couple of docs, and 3-4 websites. Now if i do not remember which websites i have opened, i might just point the arrow to the internet explorer icon to see a preview. At that point the thumbnails should appear and stay fixed until i move somewhere else. In my case the preview lats for less than one second, they then disappear.

If i try again the preview will give the same result, just a short flash. As far as i know, as i have more that one pc with w7, when the arrow is on the icon, the aero preview should remain fixed, so i'll have time to decide which window i want to open and which i want to close. Unfortunately, now i cannot do that as the short flash/preview doesn't give me time to do anything, not even to understand what i have opened.
That of course does happen with all the icon in the taskbar.
I tried the troubleshooter, but without any success. Have you got any other solution in mind?
Many thanks for your help.

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How To Create Desktop Icon In Taskbar?

Since i use my computer for graphical production, i have most aero turned off so to not leak colors through to work area. On my xp laptop, there is a desktop icon that i can click to minimize all open windows together. This is very handy when i want to use something that is an icon on my desktop but does not warrant getting added to the task bar. How do i create this icon. I do not want the version that arrives by right clicking the windows explorer icon, i just want the actual desktop to come forward.

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Cannot Pin Outlook Icon To Taskbar

I accidentally unpinned outlook from my taskbar and now i cannot get it back. I found the following suggestion but it does not work. Please help. Attempting to pin an installer to the taskbar may fail and leave a broken pinned item that doesn't show up on the taskbar. After this happens you may notice that some items pinned to the taskbar don't rearrange in the way they expect.

When moving an item from left to right, the item will end up one or more positions to the left of where you intended to move it. You can work around this by moving items from right to left to achieve the desired order. You can also fix the issue by removing any broken pinned items with the steps under using the following steps:

1. Browse to the following folder in your user folder under c:users

Appdatamicrosoftinternet explorerquick launchuser pinnedtaskbar. Note that "user pinned" is a hidden folder.

Note: you may need to go to appdataroamingmicrosoftinternet explorerquick launchuser pinnedtaskbar

2. Delete any shortcuts in this directory that aren't represented on the taskbar.

3. Click start

4. In the search programs and files box, type regedit

5. In the programs list, click regedit.exe

If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or click continue.

6. Browse to and select the following registry key

Hkey_current_user softwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorer

7. Right-click taskband!Favoritesremovedchanges and click modify

8. Change the value data to 0

9. Browse to and select the following registry key


10. Right-click favoritesremovedchanges and click modify

11. Change the value data make sure the value is greater than 0

12. Log off and log back in, pinned items should be rearrange normally again.

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Taskbar Network Icon Activity Animation

When will there be an animated network icon in windows 7 like in xp ? This is very important to many folks to know when there is network activity. The icon in win7 does not animate so users have no idea whether there is network activity. This is the first thing that real users look at when they suspect their internet connection has dropped - long before windows detects it.

I have seen a red x on the current icon if i lose internet access, but i liked the two-way animation for security purposes. I want to know if information is going out or coming in without my initiating it. I think the animation icon was a security feature.granted, the animation was not real precise, but it helped.

For example, the animated icon helped me to discover and pinpoint the print server service that was sending usage data back to the print mfr "mother ship" whenever i printed something. Also, my internet connection gets dropped a bit too often and i unfortunately need to reset the router from time to time. The animation icon gave me a good progress indicator too on reinitialization. And properties on it showed me sent/received packets to really know how things were going if i was in doubt.

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Create Taskbar Icon For Office 2007

I am trying to find a way to add or pin a taskbar icon in the windows 7 taskbar for the microsoft office 2007 home and student edition. I can pin the four individual program icons to the taskbar, word, excel, power-point and one note, but i can't pin the office 2007 folder containing all four program to the taskbar. I don't want to clutter up my taskbar with four icons when one could lead me to a window where i could pick the program i want.

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Adobe Flash Objects - Blue Screen And Reboots

I have win7, and ie 8, when i click adobe flash objects i get the blue screen of death and reboots. I have the adobe 10 upgrade. Should i uninstall and disable firewall and antivirus then reinstall adobe?

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Flash Player Causing Blue Screen Error

I have recently bought a new system. Everything runs perfectly except for one critical problem; i can't view flash videos or anything played in a web browser by flash player. Animated flash advertisements will load to the first couple of frames, i will hear a bit of noise and then a brief 1-2 second system hang and straight in to a blue screen. Same goes for youtube etc, might see a frame, if that, a brief noise and hang/blue-screen. This has occurred since i have purchased the pc.

I have attempted to fix the problem by updating my graphics drivers to the latest, updating flash player to the latest, updating sound drivers to the latest.

System:amd i5 750 ati radeon 5870 realtek audio i am just viewing the blue-screen dump file, there is no bug check string, however it seems to indicate an amd/graphics driver causing the conflict.

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Jump Lists Not Working

I have been using windows 7 for quite a while now without problems. I have pinned word, excel and other programs to my task bar. I have been able to pin documents to these programs as well. When i right click it pops up the pinned and most recent. Yesterday, excel decided that it would not do this anymore. I cannot pin anything to the program in the task bar and it does not show history. My word program works fine as well as the other programs i have pinned to the task bar. How do i fix this? It is quite annoying as it takes a few minutes to open excel files by going through "my computer. ".

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Jump Lists Problem

Pinned items on internet explorer and windows media player jump list for at least the past month or so, i have been unable to pin any links to the internet explorer 8 jump list nor the windows media player 12 jump list. Additionally, on the windows media player jump list, the frequent items list has stopped showing. I do not recall exactly when†they stopped working, possibly after i installed windows live essentials wave 4 beta. The jump lists for any other programs are functioning properly. My computer is a sony vaio running windows 7 home premium 64-bit. And†let me know if any additional details are required†from me to fix the problem.

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Jump Lists No Longer Working

My jump lists no longer work in windows 7 32 bit edition. For instance, the windows explorer icon pinned to the taskbar no longer displays recently opened folders when i right click on it. Likewise, with recently opened files in word 2010, sites in internet explorer and opera 10. 5. I've gone into the settings under the taskbar and start menu properties to ensure that "store and display recently used items in the start menu and taskbar" is enabled.

I also have the "number of recent items to display in jump lists" set to 10 (which is the default). But windows does not seem to be keeping track of the files and folders i open. Word 2010 lists recently opened programs perfectly in backstage view. Any ideas about how to get my jump lists working again?

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Jump List Removal Or Hotkeys

The jump list feature is nice but it is missing the hot-keys. I've been in the habit for years of right-clicking a taskbar item and hitting 'c' to close the window. This worked fine until the jump list showed up. What i'd like to do is either enable the hot-keys (so that pressing c then closes the window) or eliminate the jump list (not just the most recently used items, i mean get rid of it completely and replace it with the normal right-click menu, the one that shows up when you ctrl-shift right-click the task item).

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Tasks In Jump List Are Not Working

None of the task in the jumplist of the taskbar are working. For example, "private browsing" and "open new tab" in internet explorer, "play all music" in window media player or "sign in" and "go to msn" in window live messenger. When clicking on any of the tasks, they all open a window explorer(c: windows/system32 ). However, the frequent, resent, and pin in the jumplist work fine. My laptop is using window 7 home premium 64-bits.

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What Is Readyboost File On Lexar Jump Drive ?

What is the "readyboost" file on lexar jump drive? My lexar jump drive contains a very large file called "ready boost". I do not know what it is. I tried to delete it and it will not delete. Message says it is in use as a systems file. How can i get rid of "ready boost"? Lexar jump drive has a very large file (takes up nearly all of space on jump drive) called "ready boost". I don't know what it is and i can not delete it. Message says in use as system file. How can i get rid of it?

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Filemaker Pro 11 - Jump Lists Not Working

I recently upgraded to a new computer, running windows 7 premium x64, 8 gigs of ram i5 quad processor @ 3. 2 ghz. I love the jump lists feature of windows 7. However, the jump lists stopped working for filemaker pro 11. I went to the filemaker forums, and one user there said that the jump lists work fine on filemaker 11 for him. I can't figure out what i could have done that would have stopped them working.

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Files Missing / Disappear When Copied On Jump Drive

Copied files on jump drive into new folders on jump drive, using windows explorer; folders now missing. In trying to clean up a folder, i created new folders. Then i moved files into those folders. Almost all disappeared and the one that remained has nothing in it.

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Restore Item To Start Menu Jump List

I need to know how i can restore an item to the start menu jump list for excel after i removed it earlier. I had a file on my excel start menu jump list and removed it by right-clicking on it and choosing "remove from list. " Now i would like to see that file show up on my jump list under recent again. No matter how many times i open the file†it does not show up on the list. It shows up on the excel pearl-button-ribbon menu under recent documents but not on the start menu excel jump list.

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Office 2010 Files Not Appearing In Jump Lists

Iím running windows 7 home premium (64-bit). Recently, i upgraded my existing office 2007 to office professional plus 2010 (32-bit). Since the upgrade, iíve noticed that office open/recent files no longer appear in the jumplists. This is driving me crazy. Iíve searched and searched, but none of the fixes iíve seen for similar problems are working. This issue is restricted to office 2010 programs only. Notepad, windows explorer, and internet explorer (for example) do not have this issue. I realize this isnít a necessity, but i became sadly dependent on them with office 2007; and i†feel a bit†cheated that i can't use them with 2010. Please point me in the right direction.

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To Use Flash Player To View Flash Content On A 64-bit Operating System

I am trying to down load adobe flash to use on windows 7 64 bit but adobe does not support windows 7 64 bit yet so i get the following error message "to use flash player to view flash content on a 64-bit operating system, you must run a 32-bit browser"

Does anybody have the same problem - well all of you that have windows 7 64 bit must have it. So please what did you to solve it?

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Every Program Icon Is The Same

I have new windows 7 home premium. Windows media center is in every icon now and stopping me to access program. Words are still there , every icon is the same and when i press any icon windows media center starts. I have use windows media center. How can i get my old icons and access like i had in beginning.

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Cannot Find An Icon

I deleted the icon for ie8 on the start menu and the desktop, not knowing it would cause me not to be able to open it. It seems i've tried everything - i've searched the start menu and i've turned ie8 on and on in the 'turn windows features on or off' section of the control panel. I've also recently checked the program files for it, but the closest thing i can find is a file named iexplorer.exe. Mui , and whenever i try to open it, a window comes up saying it cannot be found.
How can i get ie8 back?

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No Icon For Camera Assistant

Windows 7 downloaded on† gateway laptop, replaced vista, lost web icon and "camera assistant†"† needed to activate the built in web camera on laptop. Can activate camera with skype. Only way to turn camera on. Asked gateway tech support, told me my laptop was configured for vista not w-7. Not at all helpful, offered me a support contract as my warranty period has expired, any help? Win 7 is wonderful replacement for vista's problems. May have to buy exterior web camera, hope not.

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Is There A Way To Pin A Non Program Icon ?

I'd like to pin a shortcut icon from a website to my taskbar but can't find out how. There's no pin to taskbar from right clicking it on the desktop.

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Printer Icon Disappeared

I recently did a reinstall of windows 7 (64-bit) to deal with printer installation problems. In general, the result has been satisfactory. A canon usb printer installed automatically to a usb port. A hp laserjet 5 has been installed as the default printer on lpt1. However, the icon for the laserjet, which appeared when i installed the printer, has now†disappeared; the printer still functions as the default, but i can't directly examine its property sheet.

Opening the property sheet for the canon printer and looking at the allocation of ports, i can see that lpt1 is assigned both to the laserjet and to a "quicken pdf printer. " I haven't installed any pdf printer hardware, although i have installed the quicken program. Possibly, the solution is to shift the laserjet to lpt2, but i can't see how to do that.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Start Menu And Icon

I upgraded my windows 7 home premium to windows 7 ultimate, although when i restarted my pc, i could not open up the start menu, all my icons were gone, not just my desktop, all the icons in windows explorer too! And now since i cannot open the start menu ive been forced to shutdown using the command prompt and alt+f4.

The problem is not explorer.exe, that is running properly, all i can say is that i have a toshiba satellite l455, and i'm pretty sure that i have no viruses on my pc either. Please somebody help! This has been going on for about a week now and it is very difficult to work this way, i cannot open windows anytime upgrade (what i used for the upgrade) to try again at upgrading so please if somebody can solve this windows 7 issue please help!

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How To Enable Power Icon?

When i installed windows 7 last weekend, there was a power icon in the system tray that i unintentionally disabled. How do i get it back?†There is no entry for power when i click customize on the systray so i can't enable it through the ui. I also looked in the registry to verify that†the icon was not disabled there.

The ups shows up in the device manager and powercfg correctly identifies it (apc es550). The battery is obviously working because i can unplug the ups and the machine continues to work. It would be nice though, to be able to see the battery status.

I've read a number of messages from people complaining about the power icon but i'd be happy just to see it. What's the secret here?

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Change Security Icon

In windows 7, when i go to a website that pops out a security window to enter in a user name and password. I'd much rather use my own picture in there than the flower it has. Does anyone know how to change the image in the windows security popout screen?

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