Paperport 9 - No Paperport Printer Option

I have installed paperport se 9 on windows 7 professional using xp mode, however there is no paperport black/white printer or paperport color printer options when i go to select a printer. I have tried to reinstall paperport and this error comes up:†"windows can't install the paperport color printer driver kernel-mode print driver. To obtain a driver that is compatible with the version of windows you are running, contact the manufacturer. " How do i get a driver that's compatible? I there some generic way to solve this issue.

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Paperport 11 Printers Did Not Install

I have paperport 11 pro installed and running on windows 7 -64 bit home premium. But the "printers" that it usually installs (so you can print to the paperport program) did not install. In previous versions of windows the way that worked is that a process named "pptd40nt.exe" would be running all the time, which installs and runs the "printers" from the list of installed printers. So you just select one and print to it. I have tried running this file in the win7 installation, but it doesn't do anything. It never shows up as a running process.

I tried "run as administrator" and "compatibility mode winxp sp3" but still no results. Nuance tech support knowledge base lists paperport 11 as compatible with windows 7 x 64. But aside from that their support site has not been much help, and they list my registered version 11 as "expired support", (they would love to sell me a newer version for $200). I would appreciate any suggestions to get this working. Not having those "printers" seriously limits the program's functions for me.

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Error - Could Not Create The Paperport Link Bar Control

My visioneer 8700 scanner worked o. K. Under xp, service pack 3, but after loading into my new computer under windows 7 & trying compatibility mode program fails to start! On trying to start the program. Error msg "could not create the paper port link bar control". Have tried several iterations of the compatibility mode options-all fail.

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Unable To Use Scanner Of Brother Mfc 9840 Cdw Without Paperport 11

Original title - need paperport 11 to install brother mfl pro suite for brother mfc 9840 cdw scanner. Unable to use scanner of brother mfc 9840 cdw without paperport 11. Paperport 11 is available in window vista.

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Hdmi - No Option For Audio

I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit and i am having problems with my hdmi port/plug. Before this problem, the hdmi was working perfectly. Once i plug in my hdmi, the video appears on the tv and not the audio. So i go to the sound options in control panel, check to view disabled and disconnected devices, but there is no hdmi audio out option. The tv is set to receive hdmi, i've downloaded all the drivers, and i'm frustrated to my wits end.

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Power Option Does Not Display

I recently brought a new laptop which runs windows 7 home premium. I use it either at work, university or at home (where i attach an external monitor) and so often need to change the power settings depending on whether i am running on battery or not etc. However recently when i either click the power icon in the status bar (bottom right) or through the control pannel nothing happens, not even an error message. This happens regardless of whether its power by mains or battery, has the external monitor attached or not, or is connected to the internet or not. The icon in the control pannel has also changed to a file image instead of the power options icon. How do i fix this?

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Auto Hide Taskbar Option

Auto-hide option will not retain it's "hide" setting. I can set it to auto-hide, click "apply", click "ok" go ahead and continue working on my laptop and auto-hide stays active. "Shut down". Turn
On later. Desktop comes up and the the taskbar is out of "auto hide" mode.

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Remove Vista Boot Option

Since installing windows 7 over my vista os i get a boot manager screen asking me which os i want to load, windows 7 or vista. I thought the upgrade would†eliminate vista as an option. I didn't partition and install. I was doing a straight upgrade. How can i remove vista as a boot option? Is there anything else i need to be aware of that can cause a problem? I don't want to leave any items that will cause a conflict. I am a little but not hugely computer saavy.

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Sleep Option Problem After Upgrade

I have an hp pavilion dv6500 (though it says dv6000 on the case) that i bought in june 2007. I recently upgraded to windows 7 professional (32) from vista ultimate. Ever since i installed windows 7, the computer won't sleep-it's not even an option. The option on the start menu is grayed out, and when i go to edit plan settings, there are no options to put it into sleep. When i go to advanced power settings, the sleep node only has "hibernate after" and "allow wake up timers. " Under "power buttons and lid" the drop down menus only offer hibernate, shut down, and do nothing.

It seems to me that this is some sort of hardware/driver issue, but i have no clue how to solve it.

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Clear Type Text Option

When setting up clear type text, the application will not save settings. My words are extremely blurry when i have the text size set at 100% and can only view text with the size set at 115% or higher. Changing the resolution only makes it worse. (I have computer set to recommended resolution†status. )† Any idea on how i can get clear type to save my preferred settings?† Actually, clear type†worked during†initial†set up†but after recent†windows†updates†clear type hasn't worked properly.

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Upgrade Option Disc Is Not Working

I just started to install windows 7. I inserted the upgrade assistant disc and followed the directions. When it told me to eject the assistant and insert the operating system disc, i did, and again followed the directions. It said that i needed to complete the following task before the installation could continue. The task was to restart my computer so certain files could be changed.

It said to close out of the upgrade, restart my computer, then continue the upgrade. I closed out, took out the disc, restarted my computer, inserted the disc again, and nothing popped up like it did before. What's more, i can't find the disc under 'computer. ' what do i do to finish the installation and activate windows 7?

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Can't Get Rid Of Multiboot Option At Boot

Can't get rid of multiboot option. Had installed win. Server 2003 on virtual pc then removed it, but multiboot is still there. I only want windows 7. The option for windows server is not even showing up in bcedit. It looks like there is only one choice. I even tried easybcd and it said there was only 1 entry and it is windows 7. Yet when i restart my machine it always presents a multiboot option with windows server being the top option. I have to click on windows 7 or it will try to boot into windows server (which is no longer present) and then waits for me to insert the installation disk to complete installation.

I don't want windows server anymore. It is not present in the control panel remove a program either. I don't know why it keeps trying to boot into it. Any ideas? Please use small words, i'm not that knowledgeable about the innards of windows.

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Does Not Give Option Of Second Monitor Under Display Settings

I recently installed windows 7, and when i try to set up my second monitor, it does not give me the option of a second monitor under display settings. Has anyone else had this, and how do i correct it?I do not have the option of two monitors under display settings.

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Upgrade Option Program Website Error

I bought a copy of windows vista home premium 64x. When i go to the website and put in my product key it says i do not have a valid copy for update. That is jus tthe thing, i bought vista home premium 64 just to upgrade. I know it is valid because i bought the package from compusa brand new on 10/2/2009. I get validated updates and i have my copy registered. Any tips on how to get the website to accept my valid copy? I used caps and dashes exactly how it looks on my sticker.

I tried three times and then had to wait for two hours to try again. I can not get it to work. I am frustrated because i want my free copy. I paid for it when i bought my specific brand of vista. I bought the operating system "in the box". Please let me know what i should do.

Note; i did not buy the software from a computer manufacturer, i bought the system in the box. I realize this means i have to use the website located at;†††††††† however, it is not working. It keeps giving me an error screen. Help?

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Disable Legacy Usb Option On Win 7

How to disable legacy usb option on windows 7? Installed a western digital my book essential external back up hard drive on a hp pavillion p6230y windows 7 , 64 bit home premium† system. With ext. Hd powered on the pc will not boot - getg flashing cursor in upper left corner. The pc is looking to the external hd as the boot drive. Western digital's solution was to disable legacy usb option in bios set up but that option could not be†found, so they said i needed a bios upgrade. Called hp - as the external hard drive was not purchased from them they will not support any resolution attempt. So microsoft, how do i tell the pc not to look at the external hard drive (k) to boot but just the c drive?†Pc boots just fine with the external hd powered off.

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Easy Connect Option In Remote Access Not Working

I have a 64 bit hp m9600t that came with vista which eventually i upgraded to windows 7 (64 bit). I have norton internet security suite 2010. When i try to use the easy connect option in remote access, whether trying to ask or connect to assist to my wife's computer, as it checks network capabilities, i get the message "can't connect to the global peer-to-peer network. " This makes me have to use the email process which i should not have to do with two window 7 computers. My wife's computer there doesn't seem to be a problem using easy connect (except to my computer); she has a gateway gt5034 (32 bit) that was upgraded from vista to windows (32 bit).

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System Recovery Option Not Compatible With Version Of Windows

Was organizing the sata connectors in case disconnecting/reconnecting a few hdds, one with the windows 7 64 bit os (h1). Then disconnected all hdds leaving a new one and installed windows 7 64 bit on it (h2) with only it connected. Performed fine. Disconnected it (h2) and reconnected the first one (h2) and windows 7 would not launch, so inserted os disc and it would repair something (i have no idea what as it did not indicate, i found that to be particular helpful by ms) and then windows 7 would launch. From there on, any time i switched between the two drives each having the respective os (h1 or h2), the os disc would need to be used to repair the unspecified problem and launch win. Did this a few times until the first os (h1) the disc no longer could 'repair' what ever needed to be fixed and the famous message follows:

"This version of system recovery options is not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of windows"

The real (dis)interesting part to all of this, is that yes important data is off on drives other than the os drive though did have a few files with mostly shortcuts on the desktop. In accessing the first os (h1) via the second (h2), after fighting through the "access is denied" and "ownership rights" ual busines, only half of the files that were on the desktop are actually in the desktop folder/directory. Is it worth fixing the os on h1 to get into windows to see if these files magically reappear or is what i'm seeing directly in the folder all that remains. What happened to files that were on the desktop and what is it with all of these fundamental os/hdd issues with windows 7?

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Activations License Through Campus / School Student Option Programs

How many activations do i get with a license through the campus and school agreements student option or select license for academics student select volume licensing programs? I am thinking about getting a copy of windows 7 professional upgrade from since my kids school is authorized. When i clicked on the installation instructions at this page:, it stated "important: the license and product key included with this program is a single activation upgrade key. " It seems obvious with the way this was worded, but what happens if my hd crashes or i want to upgrade their computer. Am i stuck having to purchase another copy, or is this saying that it is only one license?

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How To Change Boot Order In Bios To Use Ready Boost Option ?

Connected flash drive to usb port for keeps wanting to boot to flash drive not os during start up. Trying to figure out how to change the boot order in bios in order to use ready boost option.

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Office Communicator 2007 - Enable Appear Offline Status Option

Iím currently using windows 7 and iím trying to enable "appear offline" status option in microsoft office communicator 2007 .

As per many forums the steps are as follows:

1. Open registry editor and go to the following registry entry


Here my answer is:: when i opened "registry editor" i didn't find "communicator" in "hkey_local_machinesoftwarepoliciesmicrosoft"

What is the problem?

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Scan Fax Application In Win 7 Doesn't Show Paper Size Option

I have a new hp with windows 7. I'm trying to scan in legal size docs. With my printer/scan/fax machine. The scan fax application in windows 7 doesn't show a paper size option for legal size paper. I could perform this operation on my old xp computer. Did microsoft forget to add legal size parameters in this application?

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Secondary Hard Drive Not Appearing As Option To "setup Backup"

Secondary hard drive not appearing as an option to "set up backup". I recently got a computer with windows 7 home. I have 500 gb western digital wd800jd-75hka1 ata hard drive that i installed in my new computer out of my previous one. I did all the necessary things to install it as a fully functioning secondary hdd. From the my computer window, it shows up, i can access it's files, it works perfect, even listing it as a hard drive.

However, when i go to set up a backup, which is the primary reason i wanted it in this computer, it doesn't show up as an option to backup. The only available back up destinations listed are the self created "recovery e:"and my dvd-rw drive. I want my wd d:!

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Device Driver Upgrade "search Automatically" Option Fails

I guess i am truly testing the capabilities of windows 7 as i am running it off an old, slow desktop pc, and my internet access (due to overuse) has been cut down to 64kbps (8bkps)! (And it's fast! The shut-down/re-boot time is amazingly quicker than even xp. )

Having said that, i have done this many times with windows xp and vista, i install windows, then connect up a usb wi-fi dongle, and access the internet through that. I then right-click on my other devices/ethernet controller (for which a driver has not automatically been installed), and select update driver software. It's worked without a problem - on xp and vista.

I've done the same now with win7-rc, and am surfing the internet without a problem (if a little slowly). However the option "search automatically for updated driver software" takes but Ĺ a second to respond with an "windows could not find driver software for your device" error. It does not appear to even check the (fully working, but slow) internet at all.

The previous screen did say, "windows will search your computer and the internet for the latest driver software for your device, unless you've disabled this feature in your device installation settings. " This is a fresh install, and i have not knowingly set any such option (with xp there used to be an "always check internet/check internet this time only" choice).

Is this a time-out issue (Ĺ a second?) Or some other pre-release bug?†Before anyone says, yes i could download the drivers onto the c: drive and point the upgrade driver app to there, but that is not the goal of this; also some people may be using win7 via dial up modem access.

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Weird "cmd" Option In Drive/folder Context Menu

Recently i've noticed a weird "cmd" (as is) command has appeared in drive/folder context menu. After pressing it i'm getting an "this file does not have a program associated with for performing this action" error. All efforts to remove this eye-nagging issue, using both regedit and various 3rd party context-menu editors, have failed. Any ideas why this might have happened?

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Add " Print Directory Listing " Option To Explorer Shortcut Menu

Get error message when trying to employ the "print directory listing" solution found at:†on my new (as of feb 2010) windows 7 system.

Was able to creates the windows explorer context menu entry for the task, but selecting it just results in the following error message: "this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or . Create an association in the default programs control panel. " Wentback and double-checked my regedit work. Even deleted the new key and re-created it (just in case. )

Note: i had successfully used the instructions in this kb article to add "print directory listing functionality on winxp systems, so i reviewed those instructions to see any differences, and noticed that there *no* "associate" step for vista/win7 in the article, but that step still shown for xp. And, there appears to be no way to associate a program (in this case, a ". Bat") with an entire "folder" as the target. Only choices i see presented in the "default programs control panel" are ". [Extensions]", and protocols.

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Power Options Page Doesn't Display "dim The Display" Option

I just installed windows 7 on my laptop and the power options page doesn't display a "dim the display" option, nor do the keyboard commands to dim the display do anything. I am running a lenovo g530 machine and there does not seem to be driver support for windows 7 on their support page. However i downloaded the mobile intel 45 chipset graphics driver for windows 7 and i downloaded the newest bios update; nether seemed to solve the problem.

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"accessories" Option Is Missing From The "all Programs" Menu

I recently was forced to have windows & reinstalled on my computer and now, when i click on the "start" button, the option for "accessories" is missing. How do i get it back?†There are many options in "accessories" that i need.

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Don't See Any Option For "pin To Taskbar" Or "pin To Start Menu"

I have an application that i refer through serverdirapp.exe , and that has default directory serverdir i make a shortcut to it, and save it on the desktop. When i right-click on this icon, i don't see any option for "pin to taskbar" or "pin to start menu". When i click on other icons, i see these options. On windows xp and vista, i was able to add this shortcut to the quick start bar. Is there a way to pin to taskbar a shortcut to an application on serverdirapp.exe? I really wouldn't like to define a drive letter.

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Printer Error Message - Cannot Print Problem With Current Printer Setup

This is a network printer and works for everything else except my word program and my windows program. I have rebooted my computer and i have turned printer off and on (although it is printing for others and for me for our work program which is not word-based or windows-based). Can you help me?

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Printer Driver For 64-bit Brother Mfc 9800 Printer

I can't get my brother mfc 9800 printer to work properly with windows 7 64 bit. It seems to work with my other vista machine but i can't find the ms updated printer driver that is theoretically installed in this hp touchsmart computer. I've tried all the worthless troubleshooting wizards and have come up with nothing.

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