Where Does Win 7 Show Images As A Slideshow ?

How and where does windows 7 show "images as a slide show" choice (as in xp) when opening a jump drive?

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Slideshow Gadget Not Working

I'm a brand new w7 user and was trying out the gadgets. I placed the calender and sideshow on my desktop and they worked fine. The slide show gadget appeared to default to the windows wallpaper which was fine as i didn't have any pics transferred into the computer yet.

After i placed a few pictures in a new folder and pointed the slide show gadget to it, it utilized the photos just fine. I moved around the folders and files for a while while i messed around and learned the library function.

Now i cannot make the slide show bring up those pictures, even when i re-point it to the folders that i want it to utilize. It defaults back to the windows wallpaper and the additional wallpaper folder i created and added to.

Also, the timer and transition function disappeared. I have already done the uninstall and the reinstall gadget within the control panel to no avail. Anyone have a possible solution?

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Unable To Play Slideshow On Dvd

Problems putting slide show using windows live movie maker on a dvd

I have a brand new 6 week old toshiba satellite a500 series laptop computer -everything was installed on computer by techs at best buy.

I created a slide show on the computer using photographs from a recent vacation. Everything plays really well on the computer without a problem. However, now i want to transfer this slide show over to a memorex dvd-r disk so that i can share it with family and friends on other computers. Everything seemed to work correctly without a problem, but when i put the disk into the drive to watch it i got an error message which read "this file cannot be played back".

Computer task bar says "dvd rw drive (d:) blank"

Further down on the same screen though it says "files currently on disc (1)

Florida movie type: wlmp file size 418kb

So it does seem that the movie transferred over to the dvd, but did i do something wrong? I just dragged the movie over to roxie. Was that piece of it done incorrectly?

Please help i am very frustrated. I have had several people try to help me in the past without success. Friend from work is telling me how easy it is, not true for me. Fyi- i can do the basics when it comes to the computer, but not very computer savvy.

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Music For Slideshow On Dvd Maker

I am making a video/picture dvd using windows dvd maker. I am trying to add music to the slideshow part of the dvd. When i go to add music it brings me to my music library, then i click that and it brings me to itunes, then i click that and it shows all the albums in my library but when i click on an album to finally get to the song it says the folder is empty. When i look it up on my computer it is there. I am assuming i need to change the file type or something but i am not too computer savy. Please help asap. Need this for a birthday present for tomorrow (1/15/10).

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Cannot Save Desktop Themes In Slideshow

I am running win 7 ultimate on my main computer. When i save a desktop theme slideshow it only lasts for the duration of the session and when i reboot only one picture is saved and so i have to re-save the slideshow every session. I recently purchased a laptop with win 7 home premium preinstalled and when i save a slideshow on this computer it stays saved no matter how many times i reboot. What is wrong with the installation on my main computer?

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Saving Images From Internet

I have accessed a family history website and attempted to save a copy of a certificate. The website gives you the option to save the image online and/or save to your computer. In the past i have chosen to save to my computer and navigated to the relevant folder on my computer, given the file a name and hit the save button. Done! This was using windows xp. I could then view/print the file at any time. It was where i expected it to be in the folder i had created for that purpose.

Now i am told i do not have permission to save to my selected folder on c drive. "Would i like to save to my pictures?" Eventually i relented and said yes.

Result, i can only see the picture when i save another image to the folder. In the save window.

The folder says it is empty when i attempt to view the image through the explorer window. It appears i can only see folders not files in the libraries view. I attempted to create a new folder in the my pictures folder so i could organize the images but i can't see files in there either.

How can i fix the problem?

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Unable To View Images On Some Websites

I recently received a laptop with windows 7 for christmas. Please bear with me as i am pretty much computer illiterate! My problem is that when i go to certain websites i am unable to see images on those sites (including my own business websites well as by images i don't mean photos that have been uploaded but rather certain graphics etc. Which are part of the website. I have no problem with these websites on my desk top (windows xp) but only on the laptop with 7. I am sure its just something simple that i have turned on or off, but i really cannot figure it out!

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Blocking Images In Google Chrome

Is there any way to block images in google chrome browser if yes then please guide me, currently im using 21. 0. 1180 latest version of google chrome.

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How To Change Hard Drive Icon Images?

How do you change hard drive icon images? I have an odd problem that just occurred in windows 7. I have several internal hard drives and 1 external hard drive. The external drive has always had its own unique icon and the internal hard drives all have the same icon image.

But somehow, the external drive now has an icon image of an internal drive, and my largest drive, a 1. 5tb hd, is showing the icon previously used by the external hard drive. I can't figure out why this happened, or how to change this back to the way it was. There is no performance issue, its just confusing since i've seen that external drive image so long i automatically go for the image when in my computer or explorer, and now that means i'm often selecting the wrong drive.

I click on properties>customize then select change folder image and select a hard drive icon that i want for each drive but it never changes the icon. And i am pointing to a proper *. Ico icon image file. Anyone have any ideas on this issue?

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Wmp12 - Find Album Information - No Images Appear

Wmp12 "find album information" window malfunction i am having the strangest problem with wmp12 that i have been unable to find any kind of solution for online. Basically, if i right-click on an album and select "find album info", i am presented with the find album information window, but in place of every image that would appear is the small generic png logo. This is what i mean, i have tried sfc /scannow, resetting my wmp library, resetting the icon cache, and reinstalling wmp, but nothing has worked. Does anybody know what might be causing this?

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Scanning Images Into Adobe Photoshop Cs2

Here's the issue i'm having. Photoshop itself works fine. My scanner (epson perfection v100) has the most recent drivers, compatible with windows 7. When i scan into photoshop, the image scans fine, and i close the scanning software as normal, but then i can't use photoshop. I can't click on any tools or menus, and the shortcut keys don't even work. The program is basically locked up. I have to shut it down through the task manager and hope it asks me to save the document before shutting down (which it usually does).

Then i have to reopen photoshop and open the saved document in order to do anything with it. I've tried running photoshop in windows xp sp3 compatibility mode but it makes no difference. I've even tried running the scanning software by itself without starting up photoshop, but that didn't work either. Does anyone have any advice (that doesn't involve me spending thousands of dollars that i don't have on a newer version of photoshop)? I'm an artist who likes colouring his drawings on the computer and it's a bit annoying having to work around it like this.

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Duplicate Photo Images Auto Saving

When saving photos into the my pictures library everything seems fine, then as soon as i view one of the jpeg images (with a number) it then creates 2 duplicate images - these are then identified as vcm_s_kf_m followed by numbers adn presume size of image. I do not want these duplicates, i don't know why they are created or what purpose they serve. Can someone explain what they are and how do i stop them occurring. When i go into my own personal file and locate pictures there are no duplicates there!?

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Media Player Only Plays Sound, Not Images

My media player no longer shows the videos that it used to. I can hear the sound but, no image. This is with all types of videos. (. Wmv, . Avi, . Mpg, . Mp4, ect. ) I have read the similar questions and tried the solutions to no avail. I've tried sfc /scannow and the results were clean. When i try to open a video from the videos folder, it opens the media player and plays the sound only. The screen shows the visualizations, not the video. I have scanned for malware and come up clean. Also, i have turned media player on and off multiple times. Nothing seems to work. I am at my wits end on this please help

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Error Message - No Images To Download To Memory Card

Photo email attachment viewing problem: error message reads; "no images to download to memory card". I'm not downloading i am trying to view or save photos. If there is only a link, i can't view at all or save, if the photo is in the body of the email i can save it if i manually type in the jpg extension otherwise it saves a blank item. I have a new laptop computer with windows 7 and ie8. I emailed myself some photos and i get the same issue so i know it's something from my end.

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Download Screen Does Not Show Up

When i try to download a program, i will click download link a little box will pop up saying that i can either save the file, or cancel, i click save to begin the downloading process, usually another box will pop up showing it is downloading, when i click save file, no box pops up, it just goes away and nothing happens, i can;t tell if it saves and i jsut can't find the file, or if it just cuts off and stops downloading, please help me, i cant download the new versions of itunes, sound mixing programs or any other program

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Pc Is On But Monitor Doesn't Show Anything

Today ive decided to clean up my pc from the inside(hardware) form the dust. So ive removed all the parts and cleaned them. When i put them back together and tried to switch on the pc the monitor wasn't responding like it didn't receive any signal from the pc (ive connect the monitor yes:p) and also the speed of the fans wasn't changing after a few seconds when i turned it on like pc do(you know when you switch it on you hear some bip sounds and the fans go from high speed they slow down). Do you know what might be the problem? What cables could have connected wrong.

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Libraries And Winrar Show Different Information

I have win 7 64bit and winrar 3. 93 installed when i go to extract a archive through winrar the winrar dialogue box opens and when i click on the library folder i have duplicate folders listed, it would appear the the higher level in the folder is missing example in libraries i have:-

Folders 2010general - 2010letters
Folders 2009general - 2009letters
When listed in winrar it misses out the year and displays like this
Folders letter
Folders letter
So i can't see what folder is the correct year. Annoying

Any ideas?

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Open Folders Do Not Show On Desktop

I got my new computer, with windows 7 already installed, two weeks ago. My problem is that suddenly i can no longer access the contents of any folders. If i double click on the "computer" folder or the "c-drive" folder, or anything else, i see nothing; no open folder appears on the screen.

However, if i look in the task manager, the folder that i attempted to open is shown as "running". But the folder does not show on the screen. So it seems that windows explorer is running but not operating properly. This problem only occurs under my user log-in (which is an administrator user). There are 4 other "standard" users on the computer and the problem does not happen on their desktops.

The last thing that i did before this problem started to occur was to go into start->games and i briefly tried one of the "free trial" games. Of course, i don't know for sure that the game is what has caused the problem but it was the last thing that i did before i noticed the problem. Previously, folders opened normally.

Any suggestions?

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Compatibility Mode And Tv Show Quality

I have a new laptop windows 7. I downloaded latest itunes and uploaded my purchases off my iphone. Itunes was working ok and now suddenly it freezes, constantly tells me that the itunes.exe is running in compatibility mode etc and to turn off comfortability mode in itunes before i use it. It is off and it still keeps giving me the message.

When it comes up on the screen, it sticks, freezes, is incredibly slow and after having downloaded 2 tv shows, the sound is fine but the picture is delayed and doesn't sync with the voices. It is driving me mad. Is it something to do with my vga, what can i do to get a normal itunes as i had on my last laptop (windows visa), that ran perfectly, had no problems at all.

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Xp Mode Fails To Show On Screen

I've been using xp mode on windows 7 and it has worked ok for some time. Suddenly i am not able to use xp mode. The program starts, and the virtual icon appears in the bottom task bar, and when i mouse over the icon a tiny window appears. When i click the window, the window just disappears, that is it doesn't come up on the full screen. Previously upon starting xp mode, it would automatically open as a full screen. I suspect that the problem may have been created when i attempted to shut down the computer (in windows 7 mode) before hibernating the xp mode.

I have tried windows restore, going back to a point before the time of this incidence, but without success. I have also re-downloaded xp mode over the top ot the existing version, but also without success. Using various options in control panel, i have come across a message that says "xp mode was closed with a user logged on", upon which i have hit the continue button. No success. Ny suggestions?

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Shortcuts Show Blank Icon

I have windows 7 home, 32-bit installed for quite a while. Yesterday i installed the microsoft online services single log-n. Now i don't know if this is a coincidence - i did try uninstalling it and the problem was still there. All shortcuts are showing the blank, white default. No matter where they are: desktop, task bar, start menu. I have tried everything i can find:

1) deleting the iconcache. Db, there are several methods and i tried them all.

2) using tweak programs that supposedly reset the icons3) resetting my background, monitor resolution, and icon size.

4) trying to recreate the icons by dragging them to the desktop and create a new icon.

5) clicking on the icon, properties and change the icon nothing works. The icons are blank in safe mode and when i log-on as another user. It is really bad when i have a lot of programs running and they are all blank on the task bar!

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Kai's Power Show Compatibility

I'm trying to install kai's power show on my new computer that has windows 7. I've changed the compatibility for the program but it still won't install. I have also tried installing it on windows vista with no success. The program was created in 1996 with no new updates.

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Show Hidden Icons Keyboard Shortcut

Is there a "show hidden icons" keyboard shortcut? So i am wondering if there is a way to open up the hidden icons box at the bottom without scrolling over to the little arrow every time. Anyone know?

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How To Get Cursor To Show Up On Screen While In Media Center?

How do i get my cursor to show up on the screen while in windows media center? It did when i first got my new laptop a couple of days ago. The cursor shows up when i use any other programs. Cursor does not show on desktop.

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Re-enabling Microphone - Show Disconnected Devices

If you don't know already know. In the sound module in windows 7 there is a feature in properties to disconnect the device using the device usage drop-down menu in the general tab. I have been scouring the internet for days to try and find a solution for re-enableing my microphone. I finally found the solution purely by accident when i right clicked in the empty space where my mic was once displayed. I clicked on the option to "show disconnected devices" whola 2 devices popped up. All i had to do was go back to properties and re-connect them.

Question is:
Why have microsoft set this option to hide them by default?

Why have this feature in the first place?

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Control Panel Doesn't Show

I have just upgraded from vista to windows 7. When i try to open the control panel, the icon shows on the tool bar and right click shows the options within the control panel, but nothing actually opens up. If i click on one of the choices i see a box fleetingly flick across the screen , only to disappear off the screen to the right. If i use the toolbar icon to close that option, the missing screen flicks back from beyond the right of the screen to the tool bar icon. If i start in safe mode i can use the control panel without any problems, but not if i start normally.

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Webcam Wont Show Video Feed

Had a logitech c600 which i returned assuming compatibility issues. Now have a microsoft hd-5000 which is annoyingly enough having the exact same problems as the logitech did. When i make a call about half the time the person i'm calling says i'm showing nothing but a grey screen. I can see them fine. Some of the times i am told it just keeps saying loading. On my end according to messenger (windows live package) the box where it should show me as they see me always shows no webcam connected, even on the occasion that it does work and they can see me.

I have similar issues in skype although it seems to work correctly more often for skype. Ironically enough however if i go into the setup for either windows live messenger or skype it has no problem showing me my video in the setup / config areas. But calling or being called it only works half the time. I have tried this with and without the webcam specific software. Did the same with the logitech cam, all with the same results.

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Show Labels On Screen Saver Or Photos

Using screen saver or doing a slide show, how do you get the photos to show their labels (place and date etc. )When you do a slide show or when they are scrolling through a screen saver?

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Can't Choose Folder For Background Slide Show

I don't know when and why it happened, but now i can't choose my own folder with wallpapers for background slideshow. I am talking about control panel -> personalization -> desktop background -> picture location -> browse. When choosing my folder in browse i click ok and. Nothing happens. The browse window just closes and i do not see thumbnails from the selected folder. I just see previous selection of thumbnails.

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Widcomm Bluetooth Stack Won't Show Up

I have problems with widcomm bluetooth stack on windows 7. Not matter which version i install, from manufacturer cd or newest from broadcom website, stack wont show up. Drivers are installed fine and all widcomm processes seems to be running in background, but there is no icon in tray, only windows default stack. Am i doing something wrong or widcomm in windows 7 works that way? I have windows 7 x64 and belkin bluetooth stick.

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