Desktop Icons Pixelated With Random Colors

Suddenly from one day to the other a few of my desktop icons look strange. The interesting thing is that some of the icons (like "my computer") are still fine, while others "foto's", "music", "documents" are affected.

The icons appear to have a square layer of random pixels over them. I've tried to find the issue on the net, but don't seem to find an answer. I'm running windows 7 (with all recent updates), nvidia 8800 gt (driver version 8. 15. 11. 8627)

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Desktop Icons Changed To Excel Icons After Update

"all desktop icons changed to office excel icons after windows update in windows 7". Two of the desktops at my work place installed updates for windows 7 automatically. After restart all desktop icons were office excel icons and were not able to be opened. After a system restore the icons went back to normal and were able to be opened again. I wasn't here for the update and was told of the issue third party. Not sure what update it was but it was a critical update from what i was told.

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Some Desktop Icons Appear As Broken Icons

I had to reconfigure some connections inside my box, and inadvertently switched the order of my sata drives. In short, windows loaded with my optical and 2nd hdd swapped, so it assigned them letters. All the icons that looked in d: switched to the "broken" icon. I've since switched drive letters and rebooted, multiple times. Right clicking on the icon and selecting properties displays the correct icon under the "shortcut" menu. How can i get that icon to show on the desktop now?

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Desktop Icons

How can i keep windows 7 from moving around desktop icons, be they shortcuts or folders, when i add new ones. It's  very frustrating to not have control over where specific icons appear. I want to be able to 'permanently' pin a specific icon to a specific location on my desktop so i don't have to go hunting for it and then waste a lot of time trying to get it back to where i want it!  I also like to use blank space between icons on my desktop to help me organize them, windows apparently does not like me to do that.

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Desktop Icons Do Not Work

I recently downloaded and installed ie8. Unfortunately because my computer is 8 years old i could not run ie8 effectively. I uninstalled and deleted ie8 and downloaded and reinstalled ie7. Now some of my desktop icons that link to such sites as financial institutions and other websites do not connect to those sites. I can connect to my email accounts and internet explorer. Was there something in the reloading of ie7 that disabled these desktop icon links? I am running windows xp.

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Desktop Icons Not Working

My wife's computer (mine is the same as hers, bought two, running windows 7), suddenly is having a problem with her desktop icons. They no longer work, must start programs by going to start, etc. Right click and left click, both do not work. If i reboot, an icon will work (start the program) once. But, on exit, no icon on the desktop will work any longer. I have run current avg anti-virus and malwarebytes. Neither shows any male-ware problems. Any suggestions as to why/how to fix dead icons?

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Large Desktop Icons

I have just bought a new computer with windows 7 professional already installed. Can someone please help me. Sometimes i turn on my computer and all my desktop icons have suddenly gone huge. When i go into anything the type is also huge. I go into control panel and my icon size is still set to medium. So i change the size to small and restart my computer but it makes no difference. I log off and the next morning start my computer and everything is back to normal. I have not messed about with anything as i have only just bought the computer. Can anyone please help.

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Double Desktop Icons

I have added the most commonly used application icons to my desktop and when i press f5 or reboot i get doubles of each icon. I've tried removing one of each and then when i hit f5 they are all gone. When i check properties the target location for both "twins" are the same, yet when i open that location there is only one .exe file there. If i choose "hide" it hides both of them.

When i initially add an icon there is only 1 of that icon, until i press f5, or reboot, and then the duplicate appears. There are only 7 icons total (or should only be 7 - there's actually 14 showing!) This happens with all icons including my computer, my user file, and recycle.

There is only one user account on this computer (me) and i have administrator rights.

I am running windows 7 professional.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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Restore Desktop Icons

All my desktop icons have changed to the square red adobe reader icon. I have tried right clicking to restore icon but not successful. When i deleted adobe of my computer all desktop icons returned to normal. However i need adobe and downloaded it this afternoon and all desktop icons have turned into the red adobe reader icon again. If i click on e.g. Internet explorer, message comes up: adobe reader can not open. Blah blah. Help please. I do not know what to do and it's my own fault but i can't remember what i did to correct it.

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Desktop Icons Disappeared

I have lost all my short cuts on desk top, i can only get to the short cuts by going threw start, then going to my computer, and then to desk top file. Can any 1 tell me what ive done and how i get my icons back to desktop where i can use them. I have lost all my short cuts on desk top, i can only get to the short cuts by going threw start, then going to my computer, and then to desk top file. Can any 1 tell me what ive done and how i get my icons back to desktop where i can use them.

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Desktop Icons Are Missing

Earlier today, when i was at my house, my computer was just fine. It ad several sideshows that came with the computer and i was able to personalize it however i wanted to. Also, i had several icons, such as the internet, on the bottom of the screen for easy access. When i brought my laptop to my college apartment, however, everything disappeared. All my personalizations, my sideshows, and all my icons. I can't seem to find them anywhere. My documents are still available, but now i can't access the internet except through the dell help center on my computer. Can you please tell me what's going on? 

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Resetting Your Desktop Icons

I am new to windows 7, and out of the blue one day, i turned on my laptop and all my icons were surrounded by a silhouette of a square box, and they were all blown up to a very large sized icon!

I would really like to fix them so they do not have a border around them any longer, and so they are normal sized icons, but i can not figure how to reset my desktop icons. And furthermore, do not want to make the problem worse since i have no idea how it happened.

I am using windows 7 home edition, as i stated above, and the laptop is an acer laptop. Any help, and i would be very grateful! It is literally driving me nuts. I have always been very particular about my desktop, and now it is being taken over by lines and huge icons!

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Desktop Icons Problem

The icons on my desktop are persistently changing arrangement. This seems to be a windows 7 fault as i have seen several other posts on various forums all relating to the same issue. My initial thought was to contact ms and question them in this regard but that idea was quickly brought to an end when i discovered they would charge me for such correspondence (yes, even it was involving an operating system "fault" as opposed to me requesting generic technical support!)

Any ideas on a fix people? This bug is extremely irritating (not to mention affecting a great many users)!

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Transparent Icons Came Up On Desktop

Today, i was going to upload my pictures onto my computer from my camera, but my anti-virus found viruses, trojans, etc. It removed them from the camera, and then i did get to upload the pictures. I just noticed that now on my desktop, there are 2 new icons(kind of transparent) and they both look kind of like this: notepad with a gear wheel on it. They are both called "desktop" and on the properties say "configuration settings". One is 174 bytes, and the other is 282 bytes. I don't know if these are important, or if i should delete them. I just moved them into the recycle bin.

When i did open them to see what they said, it had like 2-3 lines of like random letters, numbers, and symbols. I recall seeing the word "shell". I was going to tell you guys what it actually says, when you click on it, but when i was about to restore them, it said "are you sure you want to move this system file? If you move this file, windows or another program may no longer work correctly". So, i clicked "no". I have done a full scan on the computer, and it has found no threats.could you tell me what these are? Or if they are important and i should restore them?

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Desktop Icons Are Just Blank

I recently upgrade my computer from windows vista to windows 7. Everything seems to start up fine, but then the desktop icons are just blank sheets, the task bar isn't functioning, and when i go to the start menu, i can not click on any of the programs (there is a small magnifying glass that appears next to the program when i click on it). Also whenever i double click on icons on my desktop, the computer becomes non responsive and the computer also stalls.

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Desktop Icons Missing After Reboot


Hardware: compaq 64bit, dual monitor, 4 gig ram, terabytes of hd space.
Os: windows 7 ultimate, 32 bit.
Latest windows updates, service packs, etc.

Visual studio 2008 professional, expression studio 3. 0, office 2007 ultimate, visio 2007 ultimate, sql server development 2005, sql express 2005, pinnacle studio (video editing), adobe premier (video editing), and a number of other applications.

Issue: i have quite a few icons on my desktop. Every time i reboot the desktop returns, but missing many of my desktop icons. I have resorted to putting my desktop icons in a folder, where i can easily get them back after each reboot. This is the first time i have seen something like this, all the way back to windows 1. 0. It is sort of annoying, and i would like to find a fix. Any ideas on where to look?

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Unable To Click On Desktop Icons

I am recently having problems with windows 7 64 bit. When i start the pc all works fine but after surfing the internet for a while i find can't click on the icons on the desktop yet the start menu still works fine. I have run a virus check using an up to date version of avg 9 but it turns up nothing. Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution other than restarting the pc? I have tried to repeat things to work out what is causing it or at what point it starts but as of yet am unsure.

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Part Of Desktop Icons Are Missing

I made three or four desktop icons using shortcuts to folders for my grandson. Two of the icons point to a folder and i have a picture of him at the icon. The other folder is simply a folder link and the icon is a "folder"  chosen from the shortcut listing of icons.

I have tried large, medium and small size icons - the large and medium, have a large portion of the icon transparent (for medium the lower left quarter is transparent - if large then it is the same, larger, but the lower left quarter is transparent (background shows through)).

If i set icons to small, the check-box appears and the text shows but the pictures are gone.

Can someone advise?

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Desktop Icons And Folders Cannot Be Deleted

Help me remove icons and files from my desktop! I've deleted them several times - put in the recycle bin, emptied the bin, shut down, and the same files keep reappearing. I recently had the img virus, which was successfully removed from my laptop - and the virus installed a folder on my desktop - which is how i knew i had a virus. That folder keeps reappearing but tech support shows no trace of the virus remaining. I store temp images and docs on my desktop and wanted to clean it up.

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Black Boxes On Desktop And Other Icons

Original title:icon black box i am using win7 professional 64 bit system. I have black boxes on the desktop and other icons. I can do a workaround by changing from 16 to 32 bit color, but the problem comes back when i reboot. My workaround is to reset the color to 16 bit before i shut down and when i reboot, i change to 32 bit and the icons re-appear. I have deleted the icon cache etc. , But the problem persists. I have updated drivers etc too. I am at the point where i will reinstall windows in order to get rid of this problem. Any ideas?

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Desktop Icons Stop Working

With windows 7 the desktop icons stop working after i close internet explorer.

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Desktop Icons Keep Rearranging Themselves After Reboot

Desktop icons keep rearranging themselves to the left, how do you stop it? I've turned off the auto arrange thing and still every time i reboot my icons all wind up back on the left. How the heck are you supposed to keep your desktop icons organized?

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Icons Placed On Desktop Mysteriously Disappear

For some reason, icons that i placed on my desktop mysteriously disappear, i have no idea why, can you help me?

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Desktop Icons Turned Into .lnk Files

My desktop icons and program links listed in all programs have turned into windows media player . Lnk files. Whenever you try to open them, media player opens followed by an error box stating the mp cant run this type of file. I can access all my files and programs by going to c>programfiles or documents. This all happened right after i used the mp to play a dvd for the very first time. I had used it for viewing pictures and internet files. I am running windows 7 professional with virtual pc and windows xp mode.

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Desktop Icons Move - Multiple Monitors

I am using windows 7 64-bit on a laptop that i connect to an external monitor each day at work. Because the external monitor is higher resolution, the desktop extends beyond the area of the laptop monitor. When i arrange my icons on the external monitor desktop, and then later restart my computer without the external monitor, my icons get completely jumbled around. When i then plug in the external again, i have to spend 5 minutes rearranging my desktop.

This is getting very aggravating. The only partially successful solution i've found so far is to hit f8 to change the monitor selection and then put the computer to sleep, rather than shutting down. This works sometimes, but is not optimal and occasionally fails. What i want to do is lock the icons in place so they don't move around when i change monitors. Any suggestions?

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Distorted Desktop, Including Wallpaper And Icons

Dell inspiron 1525, with the standard built-in driver: "mobile intel(r) 965 express chipset family. "
O/s is a fresh install (not an upgrade) of windows 7 on a new hard disk (computer previously had vista). If i open a program, the wallpaper and icons become distorted. If i mouse-over the icons they fix themselves. If i click on the "show desktop" control at the right hand bottom corner the desktop wallpaper fixes itself.

The problem started as soon as i installed windows 7. I've gone through device manager to make sure i have the latest driver, and i do. I've also gone through sfc (via "sfc /scannow"), which didn't find any problems. I also didn't see any useful knowledge base articles, either here or on dell's site. Any ideas?

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Icons On Desktop / Program List Are Broken

On my desktop, all icons are a blank paper with a windows media center logo in the top right cornor. I've used to have the same problem with the acrobat reader logo but that diseapered once i deleted the program. Now it have returned with the windows media center logo. Upon double clicking the logo it asks me to select a program to open the file with. This counts for all files. I have the same problem with the shortcuts in start and start->all programs. I am very unfamiliar with this problem and i've acquired w7 quite recently, about a month ago.

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Icons Not Displaying On Desktop After Win 7 Update Installed

Icons not displaying on desktop or in all programs after windows 7 update installed; get "basic" icons instead. Have deleted iconcache. Db and rebooted numerous times; added in a registry entry to increase the cache size, all to no avail; seems to be missing icon files in a windows install directory. What happened? How can i fix this?

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Blinking Desktop Icons On Win 7 Pro X64

Last week the icons on my desktop started blinking when i logon to my account, after cold booting. The icons blink to a white color then go back to normal every two seconds. If i logoff and back on the problem clears, but always returns after a cold boot. I don't have a clue as to why this has started. The most recent program i installed was office communicator 2007 r2 which i have to use for work, and i believe there were some system updates from microsoft.

The cpu runs at about 25% busy when the blinking is happening. If i press the start key, the menu appears briefly and then disappears so it's very difficult to quickly choose an option. I think there's something upsetting the explore.exe process. I use avira antivir premium v9 and a licensed version of malwarebytes, and neither report any virus or malware infections. Any ideas?

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Desktop Icons Flicker On Starting Ms Office Application

This is not a huge problem, it is just irritating, but i would like to know the answer to it if possible. I am running windows 7 home premium on a new pc and after running up my pc, the first time i start an ms office 2010 application the desktop icons flicker or turn white and then re-establish themselves in a second or two; working isn't affected and the shortcuts still work. This only happens the first time you start any one of the ms office 2010 applications; word; xl; powerpoint, or publisher.

Once any one of those applications has been run, for example word, it doesn't happen again when you start another ms office application, for example xl. This doesn't happen when i start any of my other installed software applications, only the ms office 2010 ones. I upgraded to 2010 from 2007 trial version which was pre-installed on the pc and don't recall it happening when i was running the earlier version, could it be something to do with having upgraded to 2010?

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