Office 2010 Technet 32-bit Validation

I have a current and valid subscription to technet for my company and have downloaded the 32 bit versions of both to validate on our company equipment. Our expectation is that the one set of hardware will be run with the clean install for between 4 to 6 months.

Recently used the machine to look at the information about virtual pc and the microsoft site told me i had to validate with genuine advantage again. This should not be a problem so i ran the install for the active x and validated the os, everything is fine, but the office 2010 validation came back and told me that either i did not have office installed or i had an invalid copy. Since the install and license are from technet (and are legal and paid for) this is somewhat of a surprise.

They os has been installed on this machine for about 40 days and hasnot had to be reinstalled as of yet. The build is working so far in our tests. The office 2010 was just added this last week.

I started doing research and downloaded the microsoft advantage diagnostic tool (1. 9. 0027. 0) and ran it.

On the windows tab:

My product type is 5 -retail

Legitchekcontrol is 1. 9. 42. 0

Validation code is 0

(On the) licensing tab:

Windows(r) 7, retail channel

Lots of activation and application id's & certificates

License state: licensed

Remaining rearm coumt:3

(On the) office tab

Validation status: 109 n/a

Oga version, registered, 2. 0. 48. 0

Signed by: microsot

Diagonstic: string(s0 that exceed 100 characters that make no human readable sense.

So my two questions are:

1. The os technet license key has a total of 10 activations according to the technet download site (before i need to request a new key), so will this have to be "rearmed" in 120 days? Or am i misreading the use of rearm as it applies to technet subscriptions? As i understand it "rearm" applies mainly to evaluation copies, not paid for retail channel copies and technet subscriptions. As a test and development machine this is box is subject to a lot of critical tests that i cannot interrupt by having the os turn into crippleware mid-testing.

2. The office 2010 genuine advantage validation seemed to have worked when i first installed it and ran update (it installed the tool that time right aft office 2010 was installed). But now a few days later it is reporting the copy as not there or invalid. What do i do to fix this? Office is running and we are stating to incorporate the development stuff for our other applications that relay on ms office so as with the os i cannot have the testing process locked out by office locking us out.

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Office 2010 Programs Are Not Listed

Office 2010 programs for word, excel and powerpoint are not listed in the windows 7 default programs in control panel. I have installed office home and business 2010, 32 bit version, and uninstalled office 2003. I am running windows 7. Outlook appears in the default programs list, but none of the other office programs. What do i need to do to get them listed?

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Office 2010 Favorites Feature

I'm looking for a couple features in office 2010 (just upgraded from office 2003). The first features is saving favorites from excel and word. In 2003 i would save a file link from the network or my hard drive as a favorite in internet explorer. Thus clicking the favorite in i.e. Would open the excel or word file on the network drive. The second feature i'm looking for is how to modify and save an attachment from an email without sending it or doing a save as to the hard drive. In 2003 you could open a file and it save it without having to do a save as. Hopefully this makes sense. Am running windows 7 pro 32bit on a new system.

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Cannot Upgrade From Office 2007 To 2010

I've come here looking for some help with an issue i've been having. I run windows 7 professional 32-bit and i installed office home and student 2007. It doesn't come with publisher and i need that for a quick project so i downloaded the office 2010 beta. The problem i've been having is i choose upgrade (previous versions of office) during the install for the beta, it starts installing and gets all the way to the end and then after like 5 or 10 minutes sitting at the end (progress bar full) it starts shooting out this error:

"Error 1712: a file required to restore your computer to a previous state could not be found. " It says something like that and it just keeps saying it over and over until i have to cancel the setup. I've looked at various other places for solutions. I've tried the windows installer cleanup utility to try and remove whatever 2010 might be running into during it's setup. I re-downloaded the installer as well and remove all of the 2010 files and registry keys that were left behind and i still have this error when trying to upgrade.

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Installer Error 1719 Office 2010

Windows 7 pro 64 bit - installer error 1719 while installing office 2010 pro plus. I am getting the noted error doing the noted install - msixec.exe shows in 'services' as running and i have tried the unregister and register moves. There are enumerable threads on this error however none that i saw that related to w7-64 and i am loath to start fiddling with registry entries and so on without being sure that i am following correct instructions (in fact i did look into the registry following one suggestion and found that my entries did not match those described in the solution).

There also seems to be a lot of 'try this and try that' some here even referencing non-microsoft blogs - one would think that ms would want to have definitive procedure for something as core as the installer on their flagship product. T the very least there ought to be a procedure to determine more precisely what is causing the problem.

For example, msiexec.exe can be run with numerous parameters to provide logging and so on but i have seen nothing on this in the forums.

Can someone please advice the correct procedure for resolving this?If i need to download cleanup utilities or whatever please can i have the exact url so that i am downloading the correct product?Ps - i should note that this install is coming form a . Iso file downloaded from msdn

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Office 2010, Itunes, Media Player Crash

I'm running win7 on a new hp pavilion dv6 15. 6" core2 duo notebook and have been experiencing trouble lately. Itunes has suddenly been failing to open every time i try to run it. I see the outline of a window forming, and then get a window which says "itunes has stopped working". This also happens less frequently in office 2010 beta and in windows media player. They both only crash after the program is opened, and in media player, it specifically happens when i try to start windows media guide.

In addition to these problems, i've had the desktop gadget gallery become inaccessible, and i've had vertical bars on my screen (see the thread "experiencing vertical bars on screen")

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Office 2010 Files Not Appearing In Jump Lists

I’m running windows 7 home premium (64-bit). Recently, i upgraded my existing office 2007 to office professional plus 2010 (32-bit). Since the upgrade, i’ve noticed that office open/recent files no longer appear in the jumplists. This is driving me crazy. I’ve searched and searched, but none of the fixes i’ve seen for similar problems are working. This issue is restricted to office 2010 programs only. Notepad, windows explorer, and internet explorer (for example) do not have this issue. I realize this isn’t a necessity, but i became sadly dependent on them with office 2007; and i feel a bit cheated that i can't use them with 2010. Please point me in the right direction.

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Unable To Install Office 2010 Permission Problem

I've been trying to install office 2010 for two separate alternating problems. It's failed for dozens of attempts, and now won't allow me to reinstall office 2007. So i'm office-less! I've tried installing office 2010 having followed other people posts and attempted solutions either as a normal user or administrator. I always get one of two messages that stops the installation. "Error 1303. Setup cannot access the folder. " Ie the equation folder in microsoft shared.

Or "error 1402 unknown component da42. 25.

I've tried following th kb concerning permissions but it tells me either as administrator or user that i do not have authority to change permissions.

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Office 2010 / Iexplorer 8 Won't Print

I've got this problem: my pc (brand new fujitsu esp p1510 intel core-i3 530 / 8gb ram) won't print with msoffice 2010, iexplorer 8, adobe reader 9 and some other programs. It prints ok with other programs i.ex. Wordpad.

I'm using a print server (see below), and i'm having no printing problems with my other computers using the same printer. These are running win xp, and my netbook running win7 starter (32-bit) also prints ok via the network.

My fujitsu's os: windows 7 pro 64bit
Print server: d-link dp-301u
Printer: hp deskjet 3650

When i check the printer window and click print in one of the ms-office 2010 prgs. Or iexplorer 8 i can see that the print-command is sent to the printer, but it only stays in the window for half a second then it disappears, and i can hear the printer making its "getting-ready-to-print" sounds. But the printer doesn't begin printing.

If i check the printer window while clicking print in word-pad, the print-command appears but in this case it stays in the window for about two seconds, apparently enough time for the printer to start printing. Which it does fine.

Also if i go to the properties tab for my printer and clicks test, the printer starts and prints ok.

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Can't Click Icons After Upgrade To Office 2010

I recently moved to office 2010 (from 2007). No problems with the process, and the office programs work fine. However, now when i start the pc and get to the windows logon screen (i have three user accounts set up) i can't click on my own logon icon. If i hit enter i get to my wife's logon (she's the first icon, reading from left to right). From her account i can then log off, come back to the logon screen and every-thing's fine.

I've also discovered if i use the keyboard i can arrow to my icon, hit enter and get my password prompt. Possibly related: there's also a very intermittent (and hard to describe) problem where when i click within a running application/window, or even on the windows start button, the behavior is like sending that window or application to the back - it doesn't register mouse clicks, and i have to alt-tab tp bring it back to the 'front' so i can use the keyboard instead.

As far as i can see the mouse is fine, and i plugged another mouse in yesterday and got the same results. As i say, this is very intermittent but i hadn't seen it before going to office 2010.system is a dell xps-710 with 4gb ram running win 7. Video is nvidia geforce 7900 gtx; sound is soundblaster x-fi.

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Mac Pro With Bootcamp - Reinstall Win 7 And Office 2010

Macpro with bootcamp - need to re-partition hd and re-install win 7 and office 2010 (full versions, not upgrades). I just called support and the 90 days of support are up on the windows 7 since i purchased it in oct or nov 2009. When i re-partition i will lose both msft programs. I don't think there will be any problem with office 2010 which was purchased this week but what about win 7? Will the product key work if it is re-installed on the same computer or do i have to shell out more money to gates for his pirated software from apple?

Support wouldn't answer that question as they said the product key was out of date. Wow. 90 days is awfully short.

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Can 32-bit Office 2003 Install On 64-bit Win 7 ?

I'm buying a new computer for windows 7. I have a large library of software of all types. Can 32 bit programs , like office 2003 install on a 64 bit version of win 7 ultimate? Can i run 32 bit apps on a 64 bit version of ms win 7?

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Win 7 Keep Asking To Install Validation Tool

Validation loop i just tried to download xp mode & virtual pc for my windows-7 64-bit professional uk, but then it asked for a validation tool. I downloaded it, it installed itself, and then the page asked me to download it again, only to subsequently inform me that i already had it. This happened several times in a row. So is there any way to download a "master" version of the damn validation tool, so that i will not be asked to download any more 155-kb files?

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Anytime Upgrade Failed Problem With Technet S/n

I have a windows 7 home premium machine that i am trying to upgrade to professional. I have tried using the anytime upgrade with my tech net s/n only to get told that the upgrade failed. Ok, i think it is stupid that i can not use the tech net s/n, since it is a valid #, but. Oh yeah, and there is no one to call. We know you have 2 valid licenses of our product, but we aren't going to help you.
Is there a way to reinstall win 7 over the existing installation to keep all settings and programs, and yet upgrade from home premium to professional?

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Powerpoint Ms Office 2002 On 64-bit Os

I am having difficulty opening a powerpoint presentation created in microsoft office xp professional 2002 and now transferred to my new windows 7 64-bit os computer. When i open my document with pictures inserted only a few pictures are in the document. Most of the places where pictures should be have a box with a red "x" in the upper left-hand corner. I have been able to open the document with all pictures showing by using the microsoft powerpoint viewer. Do i need to install microsoft office 2007 or is there a less expensive and successful fix for this problem?

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Cannot Install Office 2003 In Win 7 64-bit

Before going to windows 7, i checked to see that my old office pro 2003 software would be compatible. It is, but only sp3. Of course, i had sp3 on my computer, but what i missed is that the installation disks i have only have sp2, so it won't install. Well, i'm not actually sure why it won't install. The error is "the requested operation requires elevation" code 800702e4. I upgraded from xp 32-bit to 7 64-bit. Is there a workaround for this, or am i stuck? I've seen that they are supposed to be compatible, but not for me yet.

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Drivers For Ms Office Keyboard Win 7 64-bit

Dear microsoft, please release drivers for the ms office keyboard for windows 7 64-bit!Lots of people still use and love this keyboard. This is the best keyboard you have ever made, especially due to the big and enjoyable scroll wheel. Some people have arthritis and need to use this keyboard. I have tried the various "workarounds" out there (like autohotkey etc. ) And none work well, especially since i have to connect my keyboard via a usb port. Please, i don't want a workaround.could you please simply create an appropriate driver? It would be so easy!

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Microsoft Office Pro What Version 64-bit?

I am upgrading to window 7. I just got my computer back from hp repair. Due to the repairs all of the software applications had been removed. The computer came with vista and a free upgrade from hp. I just upgraded to windows 7. Now i need to download my application software and i am starting with my microsoft office professional. I tried to go on the compatibility checker to make sure that the microsoft professional 2007 is compatible.

In checking, the microsoft website says that office professional version 12 is compatible with my 64 bit system. Where do i find my version? I have the original packaging from the store but cannot seem to find the version. How can i make sure it is compatible with a 64 bit system?

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Upgrading To Win 7 64-bit With Office 2007

I currently have vista ultimate which was pre-loaded on my dell. It also came with the usual pre-loaded discs for office professional 2007 - i have looked at the computer information and it appears that i am running 32 bit. What i can't tell is if the software discs provided are office professional 32 bit or if indeed it matters. The reason i ask the question is that i believe 64 bit windows 7 runs faster and my machine advisor confirms that i can run windows 7 64 bit on this dell.

So, can i load my current software for office professional 2007 and keep it compatible with the upgraded windows ultimate 64 bit. It is my intention to do a 'clean' install. I have limited understanding computers so any information would help, bearing in mind i am looking for the 'idiot guides' to upgrading!

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Getting Ms Office Back After Clean Install Of Win 7 64-bit

So i had to do a clean install of windows 7 to change to a 64bit operating system so i backed up everything onto an external hard drive. Once i installed windows 7 and updated everything i went to get office back but ran into a problem. After copying all of the files into the program files folder, first of all it doesn't recognize it in the start up menu and secondly when i try to click on word i got an error saying "this operating system is not presently configured to run this application"

Then i tried to run through control panel with the old vista settings but the error message still came up. I dont know if this means that im screwed because i no longer have the office disc that we used a long time ago to originally install it on our computer, but i could use some help.

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Office 2003 Won't Run On Win 7 64-bit

I have two new computers that came pre-installed with w7hp 64-bit and both come pre-installed with the obviously non-commercial office 2007 product which we do not want to use. I own copies of office 2003 and want to use those products on the two new computers. I tried loading office 2003 on one pc and got heaps of errors especially trying to run outlook 2003. I am now using thunderbird as it works, and really miss word/excel 2003 - (office 2007 ribbons wah! What were you guys thinking!)

I also have 16-bit test scoring programs and programs written and compiled years ago using quickbasic 4. 5 for specific use in my practice. Any ideas as to how i can get these running on w7?

I understand that there is a professional version of windows 7 that incorporates wow64. Will this allow me to run office 2003 (outlook esp) without errors?

Can i run the qb4. 5 programs with w7pro?

If yes, please advise how i should proceed?

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Outlook 2010 Beta Problems

I am using the beta for outlook 2010. When i click on send/receive i am getting the 0x800ccc0f error. It appears that it will send, it just will not receive. I have turned off all firewalls and since i am posting this on the same computer, you can assume that my internet connection is ok. I am able to connect to the webmail interface with no problems, so it is likely that is not the problem. After this initial troubleshooting i uninstalled 2010 and reinstalled 2007 and checked the problem.

I got the typical "created with a newer version" message and dealt with it. It still would not receive. I reinstalled 2010 again but no luck. I have scanned the pst's and repaired a few "minor inconsistencies" but the problem persists. I have checked all settings in the file and all of them are correct. Any idea's?

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Sync Outlook 2010 Between Two Win 7 Computers

More specifically my goal is to sync "outlook 2010" calendar, contacts (including 5 sub-folders), tasks and notes between 2 windows computers?I have an office computer and a laptop. Both have windows 7 and outlook 2010. Both are on my home group. I currently use briefcase to sync specific document files between the two computers. (I am currently syncing my palm treo 850 to my office computer and then to my laptop via mobile device center but, the outlook contact sub-folders (5) won't sync without the new pocket pc 2010 version - not yet released.

Only the main/default folder syncs. Therefore, i have to find a new solution until pocket pc 2010 is available for a full sync. Unfortunately, any new computer-to-computer syncing set-up might exclude having the outlook contact sub-folders on my phone though. )Help?

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Streets Trips 2010 Activation Problem

Problem with streets & trips 2010. Just installed it on my win 7 pro laptop, after installation, i open the program for the first time, get "streets & trips activation" window, click 'next', then get an error dialogue "geopa: the volume licensing key could not be installed. Try uninstalling and reinstalling. " Just uninstalled and tried running setup_st.exe as administrator, but with the same results. This was downloaded through msdn-aa, if it makes any difference.

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Issues With Kis (kaspersky Internet Security) 2010

I have had (kaspersky internet security 2010 for awhile now and the action center used to recognize it and suddenly it doesn't anymore (since yesterday), the antivirus is running perfectly fine and updating as usual i have looked and found somehow windows defender is on here i tried turning it off and no change what so ever. I double checked and according to the microsoft site is should work fine, anyone have any ideas on what i could try?

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Opening Outlook 2010 Receive Script Error

Have new computer with windows 7 home premium and a new install of office 2010. When i open outlook, i receive an script error message: line: 278, char:1, error: file name or class name not found during automation operation, code:0, url: outlook today. Then at the bottom i answer yes to: do you want to continue running scripts on this page?The error box closes and all appear to work as expected. What is causing this error and how to i reset a setting to prevent?I did transfer settings and other information from an old computer using pc mover professional, but did not transfer office 2003 applications.

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Compatibility Family Tree Maker 2010 Software

Just purchased ftm 2010 for my 1 week old windows 7 pc. It installs all ok, but as soon as i try to import my family tree from ancestry it stops working and i get 'family tree maker needs to close'. Once this happens the program will not run at all. I have tried running it in the other modes, ie xp sp2 and xp sp3 etc but get the same problem. I have also fully uninstalled, re-started and installed again a few times, but, the same problem occurs. Have also tried to run with the program updates and without the program updates. Followed some instructions on the ftm website also. But the same problem is happening. Does any body have any ideas or fix's for this?

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Tuneup Utilities 2010 Error - Parallel Networking Driver

My pc is running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and it is still doing well, but tuneup utilities 2010 (9. 0. 4200) shows me a problem about the "parallels networking driver" device that this device is not working properly. Tuneup recommended a solution to this problem and i have followed it, but i could not update that "parallels networking driver" device though i knew how to show that device in the device manager ( "parallels networking driver" device is a hidden one, it is a "non-plug and play driver" type).

Tuneup said this problem can cause unwanted consequences so i want to fix it. Thank you for spending time in my *Original title - tuneup utilities 2010 installed in windows 7 shows me a problem about the "parallels networking driver" device that i can not fix it. *

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Quicken 2010 Won't Launch After Latest Update

I have an hp pavillion purchased recently with windows 7 home. I installed quicken 2010 a couple months ago and it has worked just fine until now. I have windows defender running and avast as my antivirus. The hp support assistant is running and i'm set for automatic updates on all programs. I removed and reloaded quicken. No fix. I did a system restore to last week and quicken worked. This morning, my computer notifies me that a critical update was done and my computer was restarted. Now quicken won't launch. Any ideas?

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Office 2003 Issue - Microsoft Office End User License Agreement

Windows 7 pro, get "microsoft office end-user license agreement. " From office 2003 programs. I purchased a new hp computer with windows 7 pro, then loaded all of the software i'd been using on my old xp system. Every time i start any office 2003 app, i get a dialog box labeled "microsoft office end-user license agreement. " I must click on "accept" before continuing. I use an old vista solution of 'running as admin' and now i receive a box asking if it is alright to modify this program(registry i think). How can i stop this box from appearing?

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