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I have learnt that if i am purchasing the windows 7 edition (anyone from home premium), then i get two dvds for installation of windows including one product key - now, by two dvds, i mean to say that one dvd carry the 32 bit version of windows and other the 64 bit one ! So, i wish to ask that the product key used for activation is same for either 32 bit or 64 bit version of windows, or both version (32 bit and 64 bit) would require a separate product key. Of course, if i am only activating any of the one version at a time.

In short is the product key for version 32 bit & 64 bit is same or not ?

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Re Enter Activation Key - Product Key Invalid

I've just purchased a new pc and now using the original software of windows 7. That operating system has been used before on my previous pc, but i took the hard drive and put it into my new pc slot which makes my previous pc left with no hard drive. I installed the software using the original copy and try to re-enter the activation key, but it does not work, what should i do? I though that it will work because i am still using my previous hard drive.

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How Can I Get The Product Key ?

Purchased windows 7 student, saved product key to word pad of new netbook, downloaded to netbook, now cannot access product key. How can i get the product key?

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No Product Key

I am having problems activating my windows and the problem is that i have no product key. I bought windows 7 proon-lineon a student offer and i was only given an iso file of windows 7 pro 32 bit nothing else. I have reinstalled windows 7 many time and it has activated itself without needing a product key but this time round its asking for a product key and i have no idea how to get one so it will be really helpful if anyone could point me to the right direction.

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Same Product Key

My company recently purchased 5 new hp 8000 machines which came preloaded with win xp pro (downgraded from win 7). We upgraded them to windows 7 using the media disks supplied. During the process the product key was not requested, but all 5 machines successfully activated over the internet.

Retrieving the installed product key has revealed that all 5 machines have a common string, none of which match the product key on the coa attached to the case. Whilst this doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment, and all 5 machines are working normally, i fear that there will be problems down the road with windows update. Is there any way to re-set the product key to that on the coa ?

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Wrong Product Id Key

Two days back i failed to complete activation for unstable network connection. Yesterday i tried again and found out that windows was activated successfully already. Today i checked control panel>system & security>system under windows activation, that product id doesn't corresponded the product key on the sticker back of the pc. I clicked change product key and entered correct key, saved it with positive result and then rebooted pc.

After i checked windows activation again. I found same wrong product id as before. What i should do to correct product key information?

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Lost Product Key

I bought windows 7 ultimate from my college computing center. I downloaded it to my computer and loved it. Sadly a few months later my hard drive failed and needed to be re-imaged and lenovo only re-images to windows vista. Since i got my disk i have moved out of my dorm and somehow lost my windows 7 disk with my product key. Because of this i was wondering what i could do to get windows 7 ultimate back on my computer if there was some identification from my laptop that could get my my product key back.

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Product Key Woes

About a month ago, i purchased the student windows 7 home premium upgrade, 64 bit. At the time i didn't have enough memory, so i used a 32 bit disc from a friend. For christmas, i received memory upgrades sufficient for 64 bit, so i did install 64, worked fine, except my games didn't work, so i went back to 32 bit, only to realize the problem was on me (didn't install video card driver), stupid me, activates windows (with the same product key) all 3 times. This morning i tried giving x64 one last shot because i knew how to solve my gaming problems, only to find my product key not valid, can someone help? Do i have to purchase another license!?

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Product Key Issue

I have learn that if i am purchasing the windows 7 edition (anyone from home premium), then i get two dvds for installation of windows including one product key - now, by two dvds, i mean to say that one dvd carry the 32 bit version of windows and other the 64 bit one ! So, i wish to ask that the product key used for activation same for either 32 bit or 64 bit version of windows, or both version (32 bit and 64 bit) would require a separate product key. Of course, if i am only activating any of the one version at a time. In short is the product key for version 32 bit & 64 bit is same or not?

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Product Key Issues

I bought a laptop that already had windows 7 and microsoft office and works in the 2007 version also. But in 3 or so months ive had it, ive been unable to get the product key on the bottom of my laptop which is labeled microsoft to work. It keeps telling me its incorrect and prompts me everytime i open works. I've read a few other questions about this and i see that some people are saying that people may be entering a windows product key but this
Sticker is labeled microsoft not windows.

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Product Key Blocked

I have just installed(once again), my windows 7 ultimate on my recent formatted computer, because i got some problems so i had to do it. The problem is that i changed my video card because the other one stopped working. Now i put the cd key and it says that microsoft have blocked the cd key for use, and i will have to put another in 3 days. I think this is happening because i binded my cd key with my hardware when i had the another video card, so what can i do now? Where can i change it? The only hardware piece that changed was the video card, the other stuff is all the same.

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Invalid Product Key

I'm trying to get help on-line or chat from microsoft and entering my product id for the upgrade i made from windows vista to windows 7 home premium. It is saying my product id is invalid which is because i activated it and it said activation was successful. I rebooted machine and tried again. Looked at system to see what product key was entered and it still has old one. Entered new one again, activated, again, successfully and still this product key is not working when i enter it into the help forum.

I need help because windows 7 keeps recognizing an unknown device usb - on and off and on and off and on and off. I have disabled it, i have deleted it. It keeps coming back. And media center is not working. Keeps looking for a freaking tuner - it will work on reboot but then if it goes to sleep or is on for awhile it stops viewing live tv (which i'm getting from my satellite stb hooked up). Have to reboot and often reconfigure the tv signal to get it to work - and that is if it agrees that the united states is the right region for media center to operate in! I'm losing my marbles please help. Can i just go back to my old system?

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Product Key Expired

I did a clean install of win7 ultimate on my computer just over a month ago. Since them i had a couple questions about problems i was having with it. I called microsoft support to find out what to do. They said my product id was expired on my computer and i would have to pay for them to fix the problem. I thought once you bought a full version of os, that you got free help for 1 yr. Has this changed? They did help me when i changed to xp home, and my product id was expired then too.

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Product Key Invalid

Two weeks ago, i bought myself new components, a copy of win7 ultimate 64-bi, t and built myself a new computer. Everything has been great so far except that in those two weeks i have now had to reactivate windows twice not counting the initial activation, and it's now asking for me to do it again, for the second time today. Each time it has said i have to activate again b/c it says that it has detected changes to my hardware. Even though there have been no changes. Now, the first time i simply called the number and did the automated activation.

The second time i wanted to get to the bottom of the issue b/c obviously there is a problem, so i contacted tech support by phone and was redirected to what i assume is the "activation department" and i don't think the woman understood what i was asking b/c she simply did the automated activation process for So i immediately called back and got another rep, who was very reassuring and understanding, but still not very helpful, he at least created a case number for me and told me if i have the issue again to reference the case #.

Well, i had the issue again, and just chatted w/ another rep who pointed me here. So, here i am, and here's the case # 1132402346 this time i am prepared w/ more information, immediately after the notice popped up i went to the event viewer to see if it had logged anything, and sure enough under windows logs>applications i found a log, "the software protection service has completed licensing status check" followed by lines of information. If you like, i would be happy to paste the information for that log to this thread if it will help.

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Invalid Key Product

I am writing to you regarding my windows 7 ultimate key, which still does. Not. Work ! I was given a replacement key by a microsoft support specialist, but it is *not* a working key . I get an error message saying only that it is not a valid key. I was promised a return call, but i have not heard from anyone from this specialist, or from this "technical support department" that was supposed to fix my windows 7 license. I am tired of this run-around.

I understand that i am not supposed to post my phone number here, so i won't. Can someone working for microsoft please message me with advice as to what i need to do. This is slowly but surely becoming a nightmare, as i'm staring on my black screen with a warning in the bottom right corner of my display where it says "this is a non-genuine version of windows".

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Product Key Question

Can i do a complete reinstall of windows 7, including formatting c drive, and reuse my registered product key?

I ask this as i installed - and registered - my full win7 and chose the upgrade option from vista. Vista was running slow, probably due to some programs running in the background, and now, win 7 is just as slow. I would like to do a complete reinstall, starting from scratch, but am wondering if my product key is still valid and accepted.

I have 2gb memory and 1. 6 ghz cpu so windows 7 shouldn't be slow? Right? Takes 60 secs to boot up to login prompt, then another 75 secs to finalize startups after login. I have several services programmed to start; apache and tomcat servers but on my xp machine they only slow me down by 5 seconds or less.

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Product Key Destroyed

I cannot believe that after i had to perform maintenance on my computer i now need to validate my copy of windows 7 again unfortunately this was an upgrade that didnt get registered with dell but did get the product key to upgrade, because we were not online the registration with dell didn't happen they say it is now to late for me to get another copy of my product key by one month because my dog ate the paper that contained the key. Now microsoft only answer is to buy another product key. Hoe much is that with all the technology microsoft has they cvant find a way to track a product key on a harddrive.

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Non Valid Key Product

I recently purchased the windows 7 home premium upgrade pack and had it installed on my laptop. I also activated them. The same day after i installed windows 7 i got a virus in my system so i used the cds to format my laptop. After i formated it i checked to see if the windows were activated which they weren't. When i tried to use the key in the product case it gave me an error saying that the code was ment for update version only and not for full installs.

Does the activation , i did before formating the laptop, have anything to do with it?How can i activate them again?Should i install another version of windows and then update them?Would this solve my problem? Or is there any simpler way to do it?Please answer as soon as possible you can.

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Specified Product Key Can Only Be Used  For Upgrading

I still  have problems with the activation key. Right after i typed in the key, a warning popped up at the screen, saying that the software licensing  service determined that this specified product key can only be used  for upgrading, not for clean installations. Just a short brief of the installation, my laptop was previously  running an xp version of window. So, all i did was uninstalling the xp  and then do a separate install of windows 7. Hope to get a solution around this problem and thanks!

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Misplaced Product Key

I purchased a compaq pc with the free upgrade to windows 7 option. After receiving my upgrade media but before i loaded it someone in my family misplaced the product key.compaq has been no help so far. Is there any way the the product key can be ascertained from the media by microsoft. I would hate to have to purchase the upgrade again just because i lost a sticker. If they can determine so much about my computer and determine if i am running valid software it looks like they would be able to assist with this.

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Problems With Product Key

I put windows 7 on my desktop and liked it much more then vista so when my desk top got a virus i bought another copy and reinstalled it on my desktop, and installed it on my laptop. Now read close because this is where it get complicated. In the installation process the copies got switched and the second(new)copy was installed on my desk top, and the first copies (old) was installed on my laptop. Now the old copy being put on two computer is fighting me and will not let me activate product key. If i do not find solution soon me and my computer will haft to settle this in the cage.

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Product Key Got Stolen

I bought windows 7 home premium from amazon; i installed it and activated it. My problem is that i recently got my windows 7 32-bits cd and license stolen, and i'm worried that because of that my windows is going to be deactivated by microsoft. Is there any way to avoid that? I guess what i'd like to do is to perhaps declare my key stolen and to make sure that it cannot be used on any computer except mine. Is is possible to do so? Or is there anything else i could do to make sure my key is not illegally used? Any information would be very much appreciated.

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Product Key Is For Upgrade Only

Problem entering ultimate upgrade keyi purchased windows 7 ultimate upgrade on dvd and ran anytime upgrade to install it. The key was entered at this time. All seemed ok, ultimate worked fine. Now i need to activate ultimate but when i enter my ultimate key i receive a message saying that i can only use this key to upgrade not a clean install. I have not performed a clean install, nor do i want to. The original key for 7 starter is not accepted either. The window 7 ultimate upgrade disc appears to be genuine from a reputable dealer. I now have a message on my screen saying this windows is not genuine. How do i fix this ?

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Using Different Product Key Codes

I recently installed trial version of windows 7 from internet and want to convert. I also purchased a three (3) licenses office home and student 2007 for my kids a couple of months ago. I have one license available and tried using the product key code to initiate my upgrade and received the following message: "the product key code is incorrect. Verify that you have the correct key, and then retype it. " Do i have to install the version from the disc that i payed for? If so, will it over ride the trial version that i installed earlier?

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Product Key Less Than 25 Characteres

My product key is in a sticker in the back of my new notebook but does not show enough letters and numbers, the sticker is clear and new, the only thing that i can think is that is a trial, i know that but, why in any part online i can find a way to what to do in this case, and why to see something online we have to pay for a product or a complete key if i already pay for the pc with windows working. I guess the easy way is to see power point without sound ? Anyway i have 25 times to "enjoy" the trial version complete, like i did in my other pcs.

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Product Key Has Been Blocked

Yesterday i installed windows 7 (32 bit) in a virtualbox virtual machine; but the machine got corrupt; so i reinstall windows 7 again, today. I could not enter my product key, so i did the "slmgr. Vbs /ipk product key" then "slmgr /ato" (without quotes) and a few moments later a message came up saying that "the activation server determined that the specified product key has been blocked. "This is a legal copy of windows 7 bought at christmas 2009. (Which *** me off because i did not pirate it. )This is why i love apple; no product keys to worry about. (But i need windows 7 for some win-only programs. )I can see a lawsuit arising because of this issue effecting even legal copies.

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Temporary Product Key

I just noticed that unless i enter my product key in 6 days my system will not operate. I purchased the software on-line and believe i entered the product key at that time. The disk is on my boat in va. I am in ny. I don't plan to be there until march 3rd. Can i enter a temporary key until then? Can you supply one? Why is it asking me now for this information?

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Where Do I Request A New Product Key?

When i go to activate windows 7 online it tells me my product key cannot be used to activate it and it says i can buy a new one online. Where do i go to do this? The site it links me to has no information about it.

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Product Key Invalid - How To Enter?

I just received in the mail the physical upgrade version of windows 7, 64-bit. I did a clean install from windows vista 32-bit. I thought that the product key would be in the package that contained the upgrade disc, but it was not. So during the middle of installation it asked for a product key and i could not find it. I later found it by tracking my order on the microsoft website. I then tried to enter this product key through the windows anytime upgrade found under the control panel, how ever it would not work. Do i need to enter my product key. (Everything seems to work fine with out it). If i do how will i enter.

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New Win 7 Product Key Will Not Work

Okay now i understand that the free upgrade i got for my laptop (vista to windows 7)can not be used on my home computer which is also vista. My home computer did not come with a free upgrade. But i down loaded the laptop upgrade on my home computer anyways and now it's asking for a new key or buy one. So i went out to bought a new window 7 upgrade for my home computer.

Now the guy at the store says that the new windows 7 product key will not work unless i uninstall the old window 7 upgrade (which is set up for my laptop?). Can't i just install the window 7 i just bought with the new key or can i just enter the product key. What is the best way to handle this.

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