Taskbar - Cannot Tell What Applications Are Open And What Are Not

In the past the taskbar icons was on left and the applications open was in the middle. Now they both are all over the place. I can't tell what is opened or not. I want it back the it was. Also i want my show desktop icon back. I hate the extra step of right click the task bar and then click on show desktop. Why speed things up and then slow things down when i have to close all the icons up because i don't what is open and what is not. Also i hate right clicking the internet explorer to start another one again. I miss xp where you just click on it and it opened up another one.

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Applications Crash When Go To File / Open

The issue started with office 2010. Go to file/open and the application crashes. Excel has stopped working, search online for a solution, or close the program. The issue has now expanded. I cannot attach a file to my email. App crashes. Same thing happens on file save as. I can open a file from explorer. Double click on a file and all is well. File/save works. The problem can be resolved by deleting the user, and re-creating it. But it does not take long for the problem to reappear. I have not been able to identify a specific activity that triggers the issue. Looking forward to a resolution.

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Taskbar Can't Open A Program

I am trying to open a program. It opens and shows in the task bar but when i try and open the program i just get the "thinking" pointer and then nothing. If i right click on the icon in the task bar the option to pin appears and the an icon as if the page has opened. The other option is to close the window. Any ideas?

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Taskbar - Switching Between Open Windows

My question is regarding switching between many open windows in desktop in taskbar. For example if an excel program is open and i have 10 different worksheet open, when i click on excel it shows me those in thumbnail view but as i open 11th worksheet it switch to a list mode. In thumbnail view my problem is that it does not show full nale of worksheet and i have to wait for a sec to see the full name, i instead like the list view. I want to be in the list mode all the time rather than thumbnail, what is the setting for that? Please let me know the resolution. Let me know if my question is not understandable.

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Cannot Click Taskbar In An Open Window

My taskbar is un-clickable, i had to press ctrl alt del, so i can click the start menu and application that is pinned on the taskbar. But i can click the desktop icons, but when i open it (ex. If i double click my computer) i cant also click anything even the min, max and close buttons.

I already scan for worms, spyware and virus and it detects nothing. I already check the "regedit" and no explorer.exe and iexplore.exe sub-folders are in the folder of image file execution option
I already do the sfc /scannow and the result is no error found.

Before, a message sometimes pops up saying that explorer.exe has stop from running then it restarts but still i can able to open and click the applications in the desktop and taskbar then after a week or 2, another message is popping up pwdbnk.exe is stop from running(an application for the biometric finger print).

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Taskbar Wont Open When Programs Are Running

This wont be the most technical off descriptions ive recently upgraded to windows 7 ultimate and one off the new features the taskbar i think it is, well when u have a few programs open and u move the mouse off the icon that lil screen pops up and when u move the mouse onto this screen, the other programs become translucent. This worked for about a week but now when the window pops up it just displays the name off the program and not the new funky feature. I no this is a small problem but it is highly annoying and i miss it alot.

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No Sound On Certain Applications

I installed windows 7 64-bit on my gateway amd 64bit laptop. The sound would inadvertently stop working and a restart would solve it. I thought it might be because i had to install a work-around sound card driver as gateway didn't support.

Now my desktop is behaving the same way, the sound inadvertently quits and i have to restart. In testing i noticed the sound quits on certain apps like internet browsers. I tested my sound card with adobe audition and it works fine. I can't play music on media player, or watch video with sound on ie8. Any ideas?

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Applications Running On Toolbar

Whatever happened to having applications that are running be on the system tray to the right of the toolbar? I have my main aim buddy list sitting on my toolbar, and on windows xp, 2000, 98, 95 etc etc, it was always to the right in the system tray. I don't like having it on my toolbar, i feel it really clutters things up for me. Is there a way to move it to the system tray to the right? And if so, how do i do it? There's other things i'd like to move over there, windows messenger also being one of them. Thanks - dave

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Program Compiled In Xp Mode Does Not Appear In Applications

I just installed windows xp mode on my windows 7 pc and installed 2 programs in xp mode. When i returned to windows 7 and looked in programs under windows xp mode applications only one of the programs was listed. I was able to run that program directly from windows 7 but i can only run the other program from xp mode. How can i get the second program recognized in windows 7?

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Applications Cannot Detect Dvd Drive

I am having trouble with my cdvd burner, as no applications on my computer recognize the drive at all. The hardware was working fine and was displayed under a list of burners in applications like cyberlink dvd, nero, windows iso burner, windows media player; now it is not displayed at all. I constantly get error messages that "no burners were detected" or to "connect a burner and restart the [windows media] player. " The drive does however appear in windows explorer and i am able to play dvd's from it (although i believe these are stored in a temporary cache).

I have already attempted to reinstall the driver from "device manager dvd/cd-rom drives hp dvd rw ad-7581s ata device" but this had failed. I have also run the online "playing and burning cds dvds and bds" troubleshooted from microsoft; it finds no problems, probably since it did not actually burn any data to test it. I've also downloaded the mats_run. Dvd.exe which supposedly fixes the problem automatically, this just downloaded massive amounts of data and went to the above troubleshooter. I am not able to burn dvds and no applications even detect i can.

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Applications Very Slow Opening Speed

Win 7 ultimate v6. 1. 7600, running with avg 8. 5 pro iss, microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes and cleaned system. When i first bootup and after the icons have loaded to desktop and after the cursor suggests by no hourglass activity, that everything has stabilized. I try to open applications, such as ms outlook 2007 or ie8 32-bit and it takes forever for them to open.

After they have been successfully opened and closed in a session, subsequent opening is somewhat faster, but not all that fast. I get the impression that something is running in the background but cannot see any processes in task manager. Even task manager is slow to open. Win 7 does not appear to be any better than vista was. Ny advice would be very useful.

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All Files On External Device Become Applications

I'm using windows 7 home premium 64-bit. Everytime i connect an external device such as a mp3 player, an external hd, a cell phone. All the files on the external device become "applications" and cannot be opened normally by the external device.

e.g. If i have a . Mp3 file on my cell, i connect it to the pc and open it in the win explorer, the file no longer has a . Mp3 extension. And after i disconnect my cell and play the file on my cell, it says "unknown file format" same with an external hd, pendrive etc.

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Pinning Applications Files Is Wacky

When trying to pin a file-shortcut to the task-bar, i can't pin the shortcut to the task-bar itself, only to the program with which it's associated. For example, my company uses an access "app" for project management. Because this "app" is really just a front-end access file, windows 7 makes an access shortcut and pins that file to access. Not what i want. To work around this, i have to make a dummy shortcut from another executable and then change the path to my file. This works fine but every time windows updates it tosses that shortcut(?) And i have to start over again. This is a pain.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Buzzing Sound When Adding Applications

I have just upgraded my pc to win7 64 bit and for the most part very satisfied. Several issues are occurring since the upgrade such as:when accepting a download or installation of a new application my speakers will do a series of buzzing/humming noises (i am listening to itunes at the time)and then clear. Quite annoying when i first boot up about 10 minutes into the session i get a notice that there are mot enough resources to support the aero screen resolution and recommends to go to basic window 7 which does speed up the system. What resources are needed and how can i fix this issue?

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All Applications / Programs Opens In Wordpad

I just got this netbook 2 days ago and installed a couple of programs that i need. Suddenly when wanting to install an exe file it opened in wordpad. Since then all the programs i click open in wordpad. Nd each time when i want to shut it down the computer says it's installing 26 updates (windows 7) taking 20 minutes or so. And when i start it it is configuring windows updates and takes another 7 minutes to actually start up. Anyone any ideas what happened? Can't run my antivrus checker neither.

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Installing New Applications, The Drive Is Full

I just recently updated to windows 7, i'm trying to install new applications but won't let me because it is saying the recovery (d:) is full and is a red bar. To the left there is the (c:) drive, which is blue and has more than enough memory. I was wondering how i can fix this?

Also i looked this question up and on this forum it is saying to go to the (1)regedit option, (2)navigate to the following location hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversion and changing the programfilesdir. I do the first two parts but when it says to look for the programfilesdir. To the right, its not there.

Can someone please help?

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Automatic Updates Are Interfering With Applications

Windows 7 home 64-bit was automatically updated on the 12th and several applications including explorer and adobe bridge stopped working. When i checked the reliability rating i also saw that the reliability has been decreasing steadily this month every-time microsoft undated the software. As of this morning it appears that i have a boat anchor- i have to ask this question from my old xp machine with a dial-up connection. Is there some issue with the automatic updates and how do i get my machine back?

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All Programs I Try To Open Will Open In Word Documents

Somehow i've converted all windows programs into a word documents, ie; when i try and open explorer (or other programs), they all open in word. How do i change the settings back, so they all open as they should.

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Bsod When Running Heavy Graphics Applications

Whenever i am running an application that is heavy on graphics (like a video game) i will occasionally get a random bsod. The frequency that this happens is increased if i have more than 1 instance of the application open at once. This has been going on for about a year now. I have run microsoft's ram checking tool to see if the memory was at fault, but it did not report any errors.
This is on a dell xps420 with q6600 cpu and 4gb of pc2-6400 ram.

I have had 2 different operating systems on this pc. First was vista home premium 32bit, the second was 7 ultimate 64bit. I have had 2 different main drives, first a 500gb hdd, then switched out to an 80gb ssd. And two different graphics cards, a 512mb ati radeon 4870, then a 1gb ati radeon 5870. This problem was occurring throughout all of those changes/replacements.

Here are links to the error report, dump file, dxdiag, etc.

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Realtek Audio Drivers And Applications Problem

I recently upgraded my vista x86 machine to windows 7 ultimate x86. Here is a brief summary of the hardware. It wasn't a fresh install.

Gigabyte: ga-ep35-ds4 rev 2. 1
Intel q9450 quad 2. 66ghz cpu
4 gb ram

Prior to upgrade i

Flashed the motherboard bios to f6
Updated all the hardware drivers from the website gigabyte motherboard drivers

After the upgrade i re-applied all the hardware drivers from the gigabyte website, just in case.
Post windows 7 upgrade, i'm experiencing issues with all applications that interact with audio

Switching between applications that use audio causes applications to hang. Trying to access the speaker volume controls results in eventlog entries like "the program sndvol.exe version 6. 1. 7600. 16385 stopped interacting with windows and was closed". Skype 4. 1. 0. 178 will not answer phone calls. If you make one it will ring the pc speakers indefinitely (very annoying). The only solution is a pc reboot to stop the ringing sound.

If you open windows media player then another application that need to use the speakers, media player hangs. (This is consistent accross all apps that want to send sound to the speakers). When i try to use remote desktop (with remote audio being brought to my local pc) the application just continuously tries to connect, but never gets further. If you switch off sound transfer in connection options and your can use remote desktop again.

Games like call of duty 4 will not open, just hang. It would seem that windows 7 dynamic sound switching between application is part of the problem. The windows 7 hd audio drivers are the microsoft v6. 1. 7600. 16385 edition and trying to install the realtek ones seems to work then they get replaced by the microsoft editions as soon as there is a audio failure.

Ok so it was a bit of a fluke to work out that the audio drivers are causing this application behavior, but my big concern is that windows 7 doesn't seem to be recognizing the issue and reporting the problem to microsoft via the "action center".

So how do i report the issue to the various people and even better, how do i solve this problem?

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All Applications Opening Problem With Default Program

Once i downloaded a couple of graphics with a description like this romntic background.exe , i mistakenly chose the adobe pro to open it as default programm. Since then all my applications like ie, firefox, office, . Open with adobe pro and all my desktop icons turned to adobe. When i uninstalled adobe pro my problem was solved but when i reinstall it i experienced the same problem!I even restored my system(notebook) but the devil was still there! Now please help me to have at same time adobe pro and my other applications as their default.

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Applications Crash And Cannot Be Closed Down In Task Manager

I have recently upgraded to windows 7 from vista as i bought my laptop about october last year and
Received a free upgrade. It worked ok for 2 days. Now i cannot open internet explorer or windows explorer. Applications crash and cannot be closed down in task manager. Windows will not log off or shut down. This is worse than the early days of vista. This has effectively ruined my laptop. I tried to log on to microsoft for technical help but my product key was rejected and i was asked to pay £46. 00. And i cannot download a compatible version of internet explorer

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Using 2 Different Multiple Audio Output Devices For Applications

I want to play sound through 2 different audio output devices at the same time, the audio device the sound goes to depends on the application. For example: have teamspeak play sound through my usb headset, while my itunes is playing through my stereo speakers. Is there a way to do this?

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Office 2007 - Tile Or Arrange Horizontally Different Applications

My work require me to work on excel worksheet and another business system simultaneously. I may want to search or refer for certain data from other system and update to excel. At present i find it difficult as i need to minimized excel , go to remote desktop connection and come back. Under window 7, is it possible to have two windows open at a same time for different application, eg. Excel and another business system, excel and acrobat reader, words and excel, outlook and excel etc. If this is possible than it will be more productive.

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Auto Sync Recent Documents For Office Applications

Is there any way to auto sync the pinned and recent documents for both the office 2007 applications and their taskbar button in windows 7? I find the jump list from the application taskbar button quite useful for me to access the frequently and always used documents.

I know that the office 2007 applications have this kind of jump list as well from the office button.

However, the list pinned and recently used documents in the office 2007 applications did not seem to be the same as the ones available in the jump list from their taskbar button.

Is there anyway to configure the system to automatically synchronize both of the list from the taskbar button as well as the office 2007 applications?

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Installing Itunes Apple Applications Support Problem

I just tried to install itunes+quicktime onto my computer. At the end of the installation it came up with an error code 2 saying that "apple applications support" was not found. The version i was trying to install is version 8. I will try unistalling this and do it again but this will be the third time i am trying this. After this i will download version 9 and see how i go. Also having problems with a canon printer but i will post a separate topic about that.

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Print Driver Host For 32bit Applications Has Stopped Working

Upgraded to windows 7 and installed print driver, now when i try to print, i get this message: 'print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working'
I just upgraded from windows xp to windows 7(64 bit) and have a xerox phaser 6180mfp. I downloaded the 64 bit driver and installed it. The test page printed out just fine during installation. Now i'm trying to print from word 2003 and from internet explorer 8 and all i get is a message that 'print driver host for 32bit applications has stopped working'. The system cannot solve the problem and i can't find anything helpful on the microsoft support site. Can anyone help?

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Text Size Control Effecting Office 2007 Applications

Under win7 pro 64 bit, control panel -> display, you have the option of adjusting size of text and other items on your screen (from 100% up to 150%). This was also an option under winxp, so i am well familiar with it. However, what's different this time under win7, is that now when you adjust text size via this control, not only does it make changes to your operating system text size, but it also effects office 2007 applications such as excel. This is a big problem.

I have many excel worksheets with charts that were created with specific size requirements for presentations. If i now change the text size of the operating system (because i have poor eyesight) this creates a huge problem for me. I would have to go back and re-configure hundreds of individual charts.

Question: is there any way to tell win7 to not change the size of my office 2007 applications when i adjust the text size under the control panel. Is there a registry key somewhere that is forcing this change, which can be disabled.

I had a similar issue with win7 and office 2007 that i was able to fix recently. Win7 was forcing "clear type" fonts in office 2007, and was not offering any option to disable the clear type font. Eventually i was able to find a registry fix that gave me back control. So i'm looking for something similar to take back control of "text size. " 

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Error - Print Driver Host For 32bit Applications Has Stopped Working

"print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working" error in qickbooks pro 2009 with windows 7 professional 64 bit. When i try to email an estimate from quickbooks pro 2009 (which uses the quickbooks pdf converter 3. 0 installed in the devices and printers group) i get the following error "print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working". Sometimes this also happens when i try to print estimates or invoices using an hp laserjet 1020. Other times i can both email the estimates and print, so the problem is not consistent.

I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit on a new hp dv8t laptop. The problem did not exist on my old windows xp pro  sp3 32 bit machine, it has only come up since i got the new computer with win 7 pro 64 bit (same quickbooks pro 2009 and same hp 1020 laserjet). I have the latest updates from quickbooks pro update, but they did not solve the problem. The problem signature below is from my latest failure to email an estimate.

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Run 32-bit Applications On Win 7 64-bit

With vista home premium 64 bit i can still run programs that will only run as 32 bit applications. Will i still be able to run these with windows 7 home premium 64 bit?

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