Xbox 360 Driver Not Working

I have a madcatz xbox 360 controller. It was working fine with windows vista home premium 32-bit, but since i updated to windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, it has severe issues. A summary of the issues is this: the buttons are always mixed up, a is x, rs is start, (etc. ) And the joysticks move wildly when i start calibration, beyond control.
I have tried every microsoft driver i can find, and even xbcd drivers, which make the pad undetectable by most games and even my pc sometimes. Seeing as windows won't let me at least switch the buttons (for instance switch button 2 to be x instead of b) ios there any way to fix this?

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Xbox 360 Controller Used For Mouse

I just purchased the game of the year edition of elderscrolls oblivion and i bought an xbox 360 controller to use seeing how it is compatible with windows 7. Everything works fine with one exception. The right analog stick on the controller is supposed to control camera movement however it does nothing, thus i must resort to using the mouse which can be quite the pain. How can i set the right analog stick to act as the mouse for camera control?

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Media Center To Xbox 360

I have been trying to connect my windows 7 home premium to xbox 360 using an extender. I have got all the digit code correct and my pc can see xbox on the home network. But when i try to configure the extender - when it tries to get the list of library (xxx items) - it just freezes there and xbox reports a connection failure message xbox cannot connect to media center. Please switch off xbox and on again and try again. I did that but nothing happens. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

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Cannot Connect Xbox 360 As Extender

Can't connect xbox 360 as extender. I know there are quite a few pages on this, but they are generally all about setting exceptions. There are a lot of conflicting pages on which ports to open etc. I have followed some of these but i fear i am doing damage that i wont know exactly what i have done. I tried with all firewall settings turned off just to see if that was the issue but still get error 'cannot connect to extender. My setup is as follows:

Pc(laptop) running windows 7, wireless connection to d link router, connected wired to xbox 360(which has no trouble with xbox live) pc firewall is norton 360, which thinks it has automatically set exceptions. I find this frustrating as at point of sale they explain how easy it is to connect them but instead spend countless hours scouring the net for answers.

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Cannot Connect Xbox 360 To Win7

Having problems connecting my xbox 360 to my windows 7 pc. Previously my pc ran vista and i was able to stream media fine from one. Both pc and xbox are connected to the internet through a thomson tg585v7 router. The pc is connected wirelessly, the xbox is connected via ethernet. On my xbox, i'm generating an 8-digit code, then trying to enter it through windows media center to connect the two. Each time i get the 'cannot set up extender' error message. I've spent quite a lot of time searching forums and using ms help pages to try and solve this problem, but not had much luck. So far, i have:

Deleted previous references to old extenders from wmc and my xbox (including in the memory)
Opened up various ports in the windows firewall.

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Cannot Connect Xbox 360 To Live Through Computer

I plugged my working ethernet cable in my computer, and into my xbox. I went through settings on my network ( i connect to internet with a wireless card) and i changed it to be open for connections. I look through my network list of networks to connect to and my local area connection is not there. (As was in xp pro)i cant bridge connections because, there is nothing to bridge! And i have called xbox live support and they sent me here, after trying there way multiple times.

I need help, and if its not able to be fixed i know how to buy a ps3.

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Xbox 360 Can't Connect To Media Center Pc

I have a toshiba satellite l455, amd semron sl-42, . The very first time i setup the etender it connected perfectly, xbox as well. Later i installed a virus/ security program(eset nod32). My personal firewall was blocking a connection between the xbox and pc. So i changed my security program and removed the extender. I attempted to reinstall the extender but now i get the error msg saying that the extender cannot communicate with this computer. And the same for the xbox.

So i tried setting up a new connection on the xbox. No luck as well. It say "your console cant contact your windows media center pc. Make sure pc is on and connected to network, and it is. Ive tried opening ports and all kinds of things. But im not even sure if im doing anything right. Please help.

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Madcatz Fightstick Controller Drivers For Xbox 360

I have a madcatz fightstick for xbox 360 that is supposed to be able to be used on pc as well. When i plug it in it shows up as street fighter iv fightstick for a moment then as xbox 360 controller for windows. On the controller the ring just blinks. In device manager there is a little yellow flag and in properties it says "this device cannot start. (Code 10)"i am using an emachine computer with windows 7 home premium 64bit.

I've downloaded the latest drivers and i still get this issue. I have tried to use the stick on another computer (xp) and it installed correctly so it would appear the issue is on the pc side rather than the stick side. If i have posted this in the wrong section i apologize even though it is game related it seems the issue is with the drivers so i felt this is the appropriate section.

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Xbox 360 Controller Plugged To Usb Does Not Work

I've windows 7 as o. S, and i'm having some problems with my xbox 360 controllers. When i've bought the play and charge kit for my xbox 360 controller, i heard that it was possible to connect it to te pc in order to play with games for windows live. So, i've started to look for drivers, and i found them in microsoft's hardware official site. I've installed them, then i've restarted my p. C, i plugged in the usb, windows recognized the hardware.

I thought it was alright. But, even if the hardware has been recognized, it doest work. Then i've discovered that "xbox 360 accessories 1. 2" doesn't recognize the hardware, and it is not recognized as a gaming hardware, but as a generic hardware. At that point i've given up! I've surfed in the internet, trying to find something or someone able to help me, but it was useless. Now i hope you'll be able to solve my problem!

P. S: i've already tried to change controller, to change usb port, to change cable, to uninstall and repeat the driver's installation.

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Media Center Extender Support For Non Xbox 360

Does any know if windows 7 media center has any support for media center extenders beyond using an xbox 360. I know that earlier versions of win media center had 3rd party extenders but i didn't think they supported windows 7? I have three other pc's in my house all connected with windows 7 and i want to be able to play back live tv from my one htpc that has a dual tuner to the other win 7 pc's. Right now i can only play back recorded video content & i don't own an xbox 360 to use as an extender and don't plan on buying one. If the answer is no, is there any plans for microsoft on allowing 3rd party vendors to supply mc extenders.

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Pc Sound From Speakers And Voice Chat Through Xbox 360 Headset

How can i get my pcs sound to come out my speakers, while have incoming voice chat come through my xbox 360 headset? I am trying to play a game through steam and talk with a friend through the steam overlay. Is there a way to have the game's sound play through my speakers, while having the incoming voice from the steam chat play through my 360 headset.

If it helps, i have my headset plugged into my 360 controller which is connected to my pc via the 360 wireless gaming receiver, which is running windows 7 home premium. And i have the most up to date drivers for my 360 receiver and my realtek sound card.

Any advice or tips that don't pertain to steam may still be able to help (which is why i came here), so feel free to pitch anything that might help. Because this issue may not be with windows i have posted this same question on the steam forums , too.

Edit: i should have stated that i am trying to do this on my windows pc, while playing a pc game (no xbox 360 involved, just alot of xbox 360 accessories that work for the pc).

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Xbox 360 - Win7 Classifying Ethernet Connection As A Public Network

I'm trying to network my xbox to my laptop, i've gone through the whole thing, setting the ip address, gateway, sub-net mask, and blah blah blah. Whats got me now is that windows insists on classifying my ethernet connection with the xbox as a public network instead of private, and because of my firewall settings, it won't let me enable file/media sharing. Any solutions?

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Connect Xbox 360 To Laptop Running Usb Wireless Broadband Stick

Can i connect my xbox 360 to my laptop running usb wireless broadband stick and play on xbox live? I was wondering if it is at all possible to connect an xbox360 direct to a laptop that uses a telstra 21 wireless broadband usb stick to connect to internet.

I really like xbox and games and i find it hard to believe that in this day and age with 90% of the world using laptops that microsoft didn't create xbox with the capacity to connect through a laptop.
I have windows vista home premium on my toshiba laptop.

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360 Share Pro Compatibility

I have downloaded and installed 360 share pro but it will not connect?I have contacted them over this did all they have asked, allowed access from firewall etc updated java to java 20 etc but still cant get a connection ive run all the compatibility with windows 7 like xp me windows etc tried them all but still no luck so contacting you as it came up to report to microsoft etc to find help so help is what i ask if you can would be great on windows 7 i have firewall with allowed access to 360pro i use avast virus protect in and a belkin router and assistance would be great thank you

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360 Controller Compatibility Problem

Ok so i went out and bought a 360 controller for my computer, but when i go to install the software i get this error message.

This problem is blocked due to compatibility issues

Program: microsoft xbox 360 accessories

Publisher: microsoft corporation

Location e:setup.exe

Microsoft xbox360 accessories is incompatible with this version of windows. For more information, please contact microsoft corporation.

So i did the check for solutions online and downloaded, the update thing for windows 7 64 bit. I went here

Downloaded and installed and still it wont use the cd to set up the controller right.

(Also yes i know im using windows 7 64 bit so it is the right one. )

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Problem Uninstalling Norton 360

I subscribe to verizon security suite. My intent was to leave the norton 360 security program which came with my new netbook on the computer while downloading the verizon security program. I had almost completed the verizon program when i received a message that i would have to uninstall the norton program because of a conflict. I then tried uninstalling the norton program and received another message stating there was download in progress and i would have to wait. So i went back and canceled the verizon download and then tried to uninstall the norton program again and received the same message.

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Norton 360 Scanning Is Very Slow

If it is not norton is there something in windows 7 that i need to change or fix?Norton 360 scanning is so slow that it makes the computer useless. I have a 3. 6ghz pentium, 4gb memory, ssd boot drive, windows 7 home. I did a clean install using windows 7 upgrade over windows xp. I have been working with norton tech support and they cannot find a problem. I have uninstalled norton and my system runs fine. When i reinstall norton it slows to a crawl. It is apparent that it is norton scanning of web and e-mail material that is slowing things down.

The system appears to freeze until a scan is completed, and then proceeds. A full system scan of my computer took almost 6 hours because the scanning is so slow. It took more than 2 hours to scan less than 2000 files. I am using internet explorer for my web browser and microsoft outlook for my e-mail. What settings or controls could be causing norton scans to be so slow?

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Xbox Live

I have the acer 3g netbook where i get the wireless internet through the computer itself. What i was wanting to do was connect my computer as a gateway so i could get xbox live. Right now i have the catv cable connected from the port of the computer to a wireless router, then from the wireless router a catv cable goes to the xbox. Basically it is not working when i go on the xbox to test connection it shows that i have connection to the network, but it shows that there is no connection to the internet what can i do to fix this.

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Xbox Queries

Maybe someone can help me? I am in the process of upgrading my pc to windows 7 home premium. I am considering attaching an xbox to my home network. I understand i can listen to my music and view my pictures through windows media center. But i can’t wrap my head around how i use ie8 sat at my armchair. I also need some advice; we currently view sky and are able to setup the pvr on the sky box. What software should i buy so i can watch tv on my pc, transferred to my xbox by wmc i hope? Also setup the pvr at the armchair and watch recorded tv on the main screen.

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Xbox Live Help

I use ics to connect my 360 to the internet, or rather used ics, but now i cant. I just upgraded from vista premium to 7 ultimate and for local area connection instead of xbox 360 (like it was on vista) nvidia nforce networking controller is showing up. I use a canyon usb lan card to connect to my internet, (i use upc broadband and its downstairs and my pc is upstairs). I had no problems on this with vista, im getting wireless adapter soon but i want to get back on xbl.

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Html For Xbox Achievements

I've also posted this in the xbox forums just in case, but i'm wondering if there's a way to get the images of your most recent game and most recent achievement and achievement name by just using one lot of html code, at the moment i'm just copying the image location everytime, just wondering if i can get some automation behind it instead. The images i'm referring to are (example):no dice

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Dhcp Xbox Extender

When trying to use an xbox360 as an extenderto windows media center it tells me there is a problem with the dhcp server. I have a dlink dir 615 wireless and asus n61vg series (brand new laptop). Disabled windows firewall, disabled virus scanner when trying to connect, no luck. The funny thing is that using windows media player, my xbox can get connected wirelessly. Their is a problem with the dhcp server is in the log although dhcp server is enabled on my router.

Any ideas what could be the cause. I tried using a cable connection, rebooting the router etc etc. Even did a clean new windows 7 home premium 64 install yesterday, updating all the drivers and software. Still no luck. Called xbox help also. Still no connection. The setup of the extender always stops at the last step. After trying i can see the extender in the network and windows is telling me it is connected to the network.

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Connect Xbox To Laptop

I have been trying for many days now to get my laptop (acer aspire 5740 running windows 7 home premium) to connect to my xbox 360 by the use of ethernet cable my xbox comes up as media device in network and i cannot change the type of network to public either. I have tried to use my extender code to connect via windows media center i am having no luck there either i have fixed my firewall to let my 360 through and it just wont work. This question was posted in february of this year and i got a few answers but for some reason the person stopped helping me so i am reposting this to try again. Please help me i have spent £800 on a laptop to try to connect and windows 7 turned out to be even worse for this.

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Norton 360 Can't Recognize External Usb Hard Drive

Norton 360 can't recognize external usb hard drive on windows 7. Drive works fine on vista
Windows recognizes the usb drive but norton 360 does not. I have tried 2 different external drives and neither one works on windows 7. Both work on windows vista machine.

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Xbox Controller Won't Work

- i bought the new afterglow gamepad for xbox 360 at gamestop. (Doesn't come with software, plug and play?)

- I installed the newest software for 360 wired controllers from microsoft website for windows 7 64-bit.

- The controller is detected in device manager under other devices as "afterglow gamepad for xbox 360" with an error triangle.

- Device manager says:
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
To find a driver for this device, click update driver.

- So, the drivers are not working. Windows can't find drivers. I also re-installed the program. Any ideas? I'm trying to play gta4 gay tony expansion and keyboard sucks.

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Connecting To Xbox Live With Usb Modem

I have been experiencing a problem on connecting to xbox live with windows 7 and usb-modem in my pc. Back when i had my old pc with xp connecting worked fine with crossed ethernet cable. I have allrdy tried to go in connection settings of my usb-modem and select to share the connection with other users. With that in xp it worked but now in windows 7 it won't work and my xbox can't connect in live. I think that it's due that my cable connection with pc -xbox is setted on public but that's the real problem. I really don't know how to change it.

I can change my usb-modems settings in the connection and sharing as underneath the connection name there is the "home network" link/button that i can click and change it. But in that pc-xbox connection there only reads public network and it's black so i can't click it to change it the sameway i did to my usb-modem connection.

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Win 7 Not Showing Xbox Headset And Microphone In Sound Devices

I installed the drivers use compatibility tool in windows 7 and the drivers for the headset and microphone installed. Both devices  show up in device manager but not under the sound devices. Only the default sound and the magic jack phone show up in the sound box, when you go into control panel and click on sound it pops up. I have restarted the pc and even tried to refresh devices but nothing.

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Display Driver Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver Problem

Display driver nvidia windows kernel mode driver, version 197. 45 stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I play computer games such as wow command and conquer etc and i recently upgraded to windows 7 32 bit back in windows xp when i played wow i got this crazy error and the wow screen would go all crazy colors and such then i got windows 7 and i get this error constantly.

Display driver nvidia windows kernel mode driver, version 197. 45 stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

With a black and white screen flicker, iv'e tried using regedit going to graphics drivers and making a new dword tdrdelay and making it 8 instead of 2 i've tried rolling back drivers i've tried uninstalling and re installing drivers, pulling my computer apart and cleaning it nothing seems to work any ideas?

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Display Driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver Stopped Responding

I just installed windows 7 and it has been running beautiful up until i tried to connect my computer to my tv using an s-video cable. The screen repeatedly goes black and then i get a blue screen if i do not unplug the s-video cable. The error message that follows the screen going black reads "display driver intel graphics accelerator driver for windows vista(r) stopped responding and has successfully recovered". Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Error - Display Driver Amd Driver Has Stopped Responding

"display driver amd driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered"that is the error i get when playing games for more than 2 seconds. I have all the latest drivers. I have gone through 3 different video cards 2 xfx 5770s and a pny 9800gtx+. They both had the problem. The problem goes away if i remove one stick of ram. Both sticks of ram work wonderfully, it is not the ram.

My temperatures on all my hardware is within a reasonable range, nothing is overheating i made this post to see, to hope. That someone may have an answer for me, but also to help notify microsoft that there is a problem. Os:windows 7 64bitmb: asus m4a79xtd evovideo card:xfx hd-577a-znfc radeon hd 5770ram: 4096mb (2 sticks) 

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