Ms Keyboard With Fingerprint Reader

Running win7 ultimate - clean install - i have the microsoft keyboard with fingerprint reader - anyone know if this is supported (fingerprint reader that is - not just the keyboard) and if not, do ms have any plans to support it and by when?

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Cannot Use Flash Reader

In windows 7 (32 bit) ie8, adobe flash reader is ok if i log on as id "administrator, " but as any other user, even a member of administrators group, cannot use the flash reader. First, this problem began when i upgraded to windows 7 from windows vista. I was already running ie8 before the upgrade and all was well.

After the upgrade i can't make flash work in ie not matter what i do-unless i'm logged on as the administrator. I have uninstalled (using adobe's uninstall option), rebooted (or not) and reinstalled more times than a chicken has feathers-no help from any combination i could find or think of.

Yes, i've been through ie8's "manage addons" until i've worn the paint off my keyboard-no help there either. I've tried all kinds of reduced ie security settings-no joy. I've tried turning off the windows firewall to see if it was the culprit-nothing. Flash does work in firefox, chrome, etc. , But-call me crazy-i'd really like to continue using ie if i can get this flash problem fixed. (Example site to see it fail is and hit any of their movies. )

I believe the problem is that even though i am logged on as a member of the administrator's group, i am not allowed to make any changes in the registry. Hence, flash . Ocx registration and certain other registry-changing programs will not work except when i am logged on as the administrator.

The flash 10 . Ocx file doesn't look as if it installed when i'm not "administrator" but it is installed because it works perfectly when i am the administrator. I've tried uninstall, reboot, then run the flash 10 installer as administrator, too-no change in the situation. So is there a way to tell windows 7 that it's ok for me to change the registry-preferably not just for flash but for all programs-even though i'm not the administrator?  Or is there a known way to fix this little undocumented feature. (Search for it-i'm definitely not alone with this problem. ) 

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Cannot Install Adobe Reader

Everytime i try to install adobe reader i get a box with the following message "this installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package" i have tried downloading via links to adobe from a variety of sites (including windows) and the same thing happens every time. The file appears to transfer but won't install.

Intriguingly, on the adobe site, along with adobe reader , you are offered a free download of a google toolbar - i did not want this but forgot to cancel it; the adobe download manager showed the two items being downloaded simultaneously - the toolbar is there on my desk top but no adobe!

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Microsoft Reader Activation Issue

In 2007, i didn't realize the importance of saving my windows live id / microsoft passport id & password in a safe place. I assumed i'd always remember it. Duh. Now i have over 500 books on a laptop that's slowly dying and no way to remember my id / what hotmail or other e-mail address i used to establish it. Purchased new laptop but unable to load books as do not have id / password info. Is there any way to find this info on my hard drive or within the microsoft reader application itself? 

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Internal Card Reader Not Working

I recently purchased an hp desktop with windows 7. I am trying to install an internal card reader, but it only partially works. The usb ports on the card reader work fine. The cf slot will open as a drive in explorer but once you click on a file in the folder, the explorer window goes into the ever famous "not responding" mode. The sd card reader doesn't work at all. I would pin the blame on myself except for the fact that when i search for "sd card not working windows 7" i get a bazillion listings so it looks to be your problem.

So i have two questions:
1. Do you have a driver that works?
2. Why does your company, which has been around for a long time, continue to have compatibility issues all the time?

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Can't Install Adobe Reader

I am able to download the adobe reader but when i try to install it, i get this message: "the feature you are trying to use is on a network that is unavailable. " Then it says to try the browse, i tried the browse and got the same message!I just purchased this pc and windows 7 on 6/30/10 and everything was working fine until three days ago and i started finding out that i could no longer read data that required the acrobat reader and all other things started happening like not having the flash player any longer and getting the strange message on the 32 bit internet explorer that said " internet explorer unhandled exception". Did i buy a lemon? If so, what do i do  now?

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Adobe Reader Runtime Error

I am running windows 7 home premium. I have a problem trying to open pdf files either on my hard drive or via ie. The error message i get says:

"Microsoft visual c+ runtime library
Runtime error!
Program: c:program files(x86)adobereader 9. 0readeracrord32.exe

This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. " I have uninstalled and reinstalled adobe reader 9. 3 from the internet several times, but i am still get the error. The pdf file will open, then this error box pops up, and i have to click ok which causes it to close the pdf.

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Problem With Adobe Reader 8 And Ie8

I've been using explorer 8 and adobe reader 8 together for months, with no problem. In the past there's been no problem with opening a pdf document from explorer or directly from the desktop.

I'm not aware of any changes to my computer recently, though automatic updates is turned on, so i wouldn't be aware of everything i suppose. I do think that the problem i'm encountering is associated with a recent explorer update, though.

Here's my problem:

When i try to run adobe reader 8 from the desktop or open a pdf document in explorer, i get the following error message:

Invalid plugin detected. Adobe reader will quit

When i click ok, another message appears:

The instruction at "0x2d830cbc" referenced memory at "0x00000008". The memory could not be "read". Click ok to terminate the program.

(The quotation marks aren't mine, they're part of the error message. )

I'm using xp sp3, adobe reader 8, and explorer 8

I have reinstalled reader 8 from the adobe website, but the problem persists. I hope someone can suggest a fix.

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Acrobat Reader 7 Compatibility Issues

That's a sign appear says" acrobat reader7* has known compatibility issues with this version of windows. For an update that is compatible w/ this ver. Of windows, contact adobe. Options; check for solutions online - run program - cancel.

It was my experience before or 2 week ago, that i did click check for solutions online, afterward the system stop responding at all. And, obviously the software were damage it said "rebootmgr missing" please restart your pc press enter over and over. I have fixed it later w/ recovery disks sending by manufacture. I don't know what should i do to resolve this issue.

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Usb Card Reader Not Being Recognized

I have a usb 2. 0 sdhc sim/sd/m2/mmc/ms/3g card reader and i'm using it in windows 7 for a while with no problems but a couple days ago windows 7 was initializing and i pluged the device with a sd card at the same time the system was mounting a virtual dvd drive and they both tried to use the same drive letter, after that my virtual dvd works ok but my usb card reader is not being recognized any more, i plug it in the usb port the led goes on but nothing happens, i tried it in my other computer and the card reader is working and i also tested my computer usb port with and other device and it is working.

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Adobe Reader Not Opening All Pdf Files

I have adobe reader installed but i sometimes get a msg asking what program to open in. I can't 'right click' and choose adobe reader as i've had to do with some sites. Even with these information pages i can't open the pdf. Adobe reader not opening all pdf files with windows 7

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Adobe Reader Not Working And Icons Changed

I tried to install adobe reader in my laptop bt upon installation many of my desktop icons(sch as ie, vlc, etc) changed to an icon similar to dat of a pdf file & when i tried to open either of these changed icon apps or adobe i would get an error saying :this file doesn't hv a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the default programs control panel. Error name is eula.exe i fail to understand what is wrong with my adobe. Kindly help, i hv no backups n restoring didn't help either.

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Win 7 X64 Card Reader Problem

I've got a teac ca200 13-1 internal usb card reader which was working fine on my windows x64 bit machine (dell precision 490). Then clean install of windows 7 x64, and it no longer works. Tried installing dell chipset driver (for vista x64) - no difference. Tried installing dell card reader driver and firmware update (for vista x64) for card reader and running in compatibility mode (vista sp2) now the card reader shows correctly in explorer and is listed in device manager until i insert a card. Then the green light shows on the card reader, but the drives disappear from explorer and card reader disappears from device manager. If i remove the card, the green light remains on the front of the card reader.

Have also tried disconnecting and reconnecting internal cable from card reader as suggested on other forums. Doesn't make any difference.

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Usb Devices With Sd Card Reader Stalls

I have a new dell precision t1500 running windows 7 64-bit. After a lot of trouble shooting i have found the source of my problem is the following devices: dell u2410 monitor, hp officejet 6500 e709n and hp photosmart 8450. When any two of the three are connected at the same time the boot sequence stalls between the bios load and the windows logo. The computer starts up fine when only one of them is connected. The common thread among the three is that they all have sd card readers. I have had some limited success adjusting the bios settings.

For example disabling the usb storage function in integrated peripherals, but this has bad consequences for other usb connected devices such as my keyboard, mouse and other peripherals like an hd video camera. I have also experimented with the boot sequence of the hard drive and cd/dvd drive, disabled the above mentioned devices as start up candidates and disabled boot from other devices. None of these changes have brought any success. These two printers were previously successfully connected to my previous computer running xp.

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Adobe Reader 9 .pdf File Will Not Open

I just got a new laptop with adobe reader 9 installed on it and the new windows 7. When i try and open a .pdf file i get a gray box with a question mark and no text. I tried opening adobe before clicking a document link, hoping that would work, but it still didn't open. Any ideas for a quick fix?

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Memory Card Reader - Usb Port Is Overloaded

My memory card reader is no longer reading my memory cards when i insert. I have not changed the type of card readers i'm using. It's been working fine and all of a sudden nothing happens when i insert my card. The green light doesn't even flash.

I did see a message that said "usb port is overloaded" (something like that). That may have been when it stopped working. Not too sure. I have no drivers showing under my disk drivers so i can not trouble shoot anything or uninstall and reinstall drivers.

This has happened in the past and i had to restore my whole computer, but i lost alot of programs doing that and would like not to go through that again. My computer is a hp pavilion a1587c, media center, window xp 2005, window vista capable.

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Card Reader Stopped Working After Win 7 Install In Hp

My computer has a built-in card reader and windows 7 can't seem to install it. All i know is it's an hp computer.

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Memory Card Reader Will Not Work Until Unplugged And Plugged Back In

When plugging in a memory card reader, it works, shows up in my computer but if a restart is done it will not work until unplugged and plugged back in.

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Failed Ir Usb Cir Install Usb Card Reader Problem

I have a reasonably clean and fresh w7 pro 32 install on a fujitsu lifebook t series tablet. I recently bought an epraizer card reader to enable me to import photos from a cf.

On installing it for the first time, the driver installs failed. The driver it failed on was the ehome infrared receiver (usbcir). To the best of my knowledge, the device does not contain an ir device of any sort.

I inserted the same device in an xp machine and it worked fine. Have i:

(A) wasted my money, (b) encountered a known problem with a simple fix (do tell), or
(C) tripped over something nasty i don't want to know about (see a)?

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Cf Card Only Shows System Reserved Partition When Plug Into Card Reader

My company uses industrial computers for controlling equipment. These computers use 16gb cf for hard drives with windows 7. If i remove the cf and plug it into my laptop using a card reader, all i see are the files on the system reserved partition. The other partition which holds the windows 7 files is blank. If i put the cf back in the industrial computer all of the files are visible. Any ideas on why i can't see the files thru the reader? Thanks for the assistance.

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X6 Keyboard Issue

Recently purchased above keyboard and have noticed after a coule of weeks the #7 key at top of keyboard appears to stick down. Ie hold #7 key down and will repeat at a much faster rate than the other keys, almost 3-4 times as fast. If the plastic key is removed and i use a pen to hit the sensor it works correctly. Do you think it needs to be returned under warranty or is there something which i can do? I thought the key itself might be holding the plastic cover on teh sensor down longer than normal, but its position is consistent with all the other keys. I have checked for dirt etc under keys but all clear.

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Changing Keyboard

I have a laptop with a japanese keyboard. I am running an english os. I have gone to control panel. I clicked the change keyboard. I added languages so that i have both english and japanese and both languages keyboard options installed. The ime too. When i press alt and shift, the language bar does change between en and jp. The language bar also indicates that the keyboard has changed too.

However, even when the language bar says the language is japanese and that the keyboard is japanese, the pc still types as if configured for an english keyboard. I have also tried typing with the default input language set as japanese, and then tried it set as english.

Does anyone know why, despite following all the steps; despite having text services and input languages indicating that under installed services that english and japanese input devices have been added (and yes, i pressed apply); and despite having a language bar that does switch between english and japanese when alt+shift is pressed, that nothing changes and the key board still behaves as an english (us) keyboard? 

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Brazilian Keyboard

I just received a new computer with windows 7, and i'm trying to get a brazilian keyboard to work with it. My old computer was xp, and this same keyboard worked fine. I set up a different language for when i was using this keyboard, and it would let me use all the keys (i don't remember what was the keyboard layout that i used).

When i try and set it up with windows 7, however, there is no keyboard layout that matches my layout. The abnt and abnt2 options look the same, and both are missing two keys. My keyboard has the to the left of the z, and the / to the right of the ;. Is there some error with how windows 7 has set up one of these keyboards?

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Login Using Only Keyboard

When i leave my work desk i have to lock my station, i do it very often so i would like to login faster - by using only my keyboard. Is there a combination of keys that would get me straight to the password box? When locked the monitor says "swipe your finger" (i can't use my fingerprint reader at that point because the lid is closed, i'm using external keyboard and monitor) when i try ctrl+alt+del nothing happens, esc key works by displaying user icon and the button "switch user".

I must point the user icon with the mouse to reveal the password box, there is apparently no way to change focus to that icon from the keyboard (tab doesn't work). It's annoying that i must grab my mouse every time i want to unlock the workstation.

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Using Keyboard In Win 7

I'm not visually impaired, but i prefer to use the keyboard more than the mouse. I am finding win7 to be very cumbersome to use with the keyboard. I know there are tons of new logo key combinations-i think i've tried them all-but it is still very difficult for me to move around explorer using the keyboard. Seems like everything takes 2 or 3 more keystrokes than it did when i used xp. How are other "keyboarders" or even visually impaired users coping with win 7? Any ideas on working more efficiently with the keyboard?

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The @ Key On Keyboard

I have just bought and started using a netbook. I've got windows 7 running and have installed office 2007 professional. The keyboard layout is qwerty. When i use the number 2 key to add the @ symbol to what i am writing, i get speech-marks (") and visa versa with the speech-marks key i get an @.
The number 3 key give a pound (£) symbol instead of the hash. I have been to the control panel to check the region and the keyboard settings, but it all looks normal. Is there a way of changing these keys to they way they are printed on the keyboard?

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No Keyboard Input Available

There is a user who started having problems this morning. The machine is 1 week old, loaded with windows 7 ultimate 64bit. The keyboard is dead, the only thing i'm able to do is turn the f-lock on and off nothing else responds. I tried plugging in another usb keyboard and then a ps-2 keyboard and neither work. When i was finally able to use the on screen keyboard to login i found in device manager there was an error 19 for the keyboard saying that driver information in the registry had become corrupt so the device couldn't be started.

So i look that up and find that deleting the upperfilter in the registry was suggested. So i deleted the upperfilter and rebooted and still no keyboard. I can use the keyboard in the bios and to select safe mode or normal mode but once windows starts the keyboard is dead. I've also noticed that everytime i reboot along with the usb keyboard and mouse a ps-2 keyboard and mouse is installed in the device manager with exclamation marks. I've restored to earlier times when everything worked and still no keyboard. Any ideas?

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Keyboard Drivers Becoming Disabled

Keyboard *drivers* becoming 'disabled' (1st usb, then ps/2); show "!" In hw-lst, but win-diags find nothing wrong. This is a most peculiar problem. First my usb kbd driver went dead. At first i didn't notice it, as i was using the mouse, primarily, for input, but remember a hw-rejected sound from windows earlier upon logging in.

My keyboard wouldn't do anything. No led toggles - etc, but on another machine, fine, and on same machine 'fine' - until windows comes up, then kbd goes dead (once bios drivers are no longer driving kbd, likely).

Under keyboards, the hid keyboard driver showed a small yellow triangle with an ! In it.

After trying  reinstalling the driver (its the stock ms driver), upgrading it (no upgrades), repair ("nothing can be found wrong, maybe the driver is corrupt", but file kbd_hid.sys, checks out w/valid ms sig), i decide to hook up a ps/2 keyboard. It worked for all of maybe 20 seconds. Then a low hw reject message as win7 disconnected my ps/2 kbd! Unbelievable! Now both my hid kbd driver and the 'standard ps/2 keyboard driver show up with the yellow triangle with a "!" In it. But i can't figure out what's doing wrong with the.

I also tried system restore to day before any of this happened - no go. I figured going back further would be a waste, since the start of the problem was rather clearly defined.

I *thought* i had caused it when i tried to enter a sw policy restriction to forbid 'wisptis.exe' from executing - (the onscreen digital ink input dealy) - for two reasons - it kept getting in the way and i couldn't figure out how to get it to turn off (i wanted to use my tablet's native drivers, but wisptis was interfering and making the tablet good for nothing but digital ink (handwriting recognition as keyboard input)).

The final straw came when i was looking through my logs and found the security log (~20mb log) mostly full with security failures from wisptis.exe (i turned on monitoring of security failures, only, thinking that failures, should be rare in properly acting sw, and this software was clearly violating win7's own security policy!).

It was after i added the policy that the usb keyboard went dead.

But that policy went away from the first 'backstep' (system restore point) - but the keyboard didn't come back. After that it was downhill for the ps/2 driver. So, to be clear, the policy is not in the security panel - it was back to pre-init state (no sw policies in effect) after the 1st system restore. So that 'had' to be coincidence. But it felt oddly coincidental, that the only 'keyboad' type inputs left to use on the system were the on-screen keyboard and the digital-ink keyboard. (Mouse paths/drivers are unaffected).

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No Keyboard Filter Is Installed

Windows 7 is installed. Now i find that no "keyboard filter" is installed. There's got to be an easy way to get that.

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No Keyboard Message When Booting

Keyboard and mouse are not being detected during boot process. I have searched microsoft, the hardware manufacturer and used blitware's driver fetch to no avail. All sources indicate i have the most current drivers for my hardware. Once the system boots to the window's desktop i can remove the usb connection and upon reinsertion windows sees the device and installs drivers; then the keyboard and mouse work find.

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