Cannot Reuse License

I'm trying to re-activate my retail copy of win7 home premium but having some problems, had to buy a new motherboard as my old one died on me which windows doesn't seem to like as it's giving me an 'unable to activate product' message.

Tried phoning up the activation line and that's telling me that my key is not valid for use on more then one computer, but i was under the impression that non-oem keys could be re-activated as long as they were not being used on multiple machines at the same time.

Is this true and if so where do i need to go to sort this out? Don't particularly want to have to buy a new £80 copy just because of a previous hardware issue, would be a 'little' bit unfair.

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Reuse Of Home Premium Upgrade Key

I have one laptop and a desktop. On laptop, i upgraded to win 7 hp from vista last october. My desktop has vista home basic. I recently bought win 7 professional. This is what i want to do. I want to install win 7 pro on the laptop and re-use the spared from the laptop to upgrade the desktop from vista to win 7 hp. Is this possible? If yes, how?

Note, is the answer similar to this link: http://social. ?

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Buying License

I would like to know how i can buy microsoft license directly from ms us. I am located in bangkok thailand. Is it possible for me to do this? I run a 20 man operations with double that with pc’s and laptop’s. My per a time spending is around $100, 000us. I would like to be able to buy products and software from just one company without having to contact every other company. I am willing to go to the us and talk to whom ever if this is possible. If not can you recommend me a company that can deal with us that is trusted by ms.

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License Ownership

I have a pc running windows vista professional 64bit and would like to upgrade to the windows 7 version that is equivalent to this. I also have a laptop currently running windows xp media center edition (sp3) and is not compatible with windows 7 because of hardware restrictions. This laptop is compatible with windows vista and i would like to upgrade to it. My questions are as follows:

Which windows 7 version is equivalent with windows vista professional 64-bit and will allow a simple upgrade rather than a clean install? Once i upgrade the pc to windows 7 do i still own the license to the windows vista version that was originally installed on the pc and use it to upgrade the laptop running windows xp to vista?

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License Shuffling

I have laptops: the newest is a 64-bit hp, with win7 home premium (w7hp) pre-installed. Also have a 32-bit sony vaio, with xpprosp3 installed. Lastly, have a recently-assembled 64-bit amd desktop without an o/s at the moment. I also own 2 licensed copies of win7 ultimate (w7u), one 64-bit, and the other 32-bit for the vaio laptop. I'd like to upgrade the hp laptop to w7u, and "transfer" the w7hp license via the product key to the recently-built desktop.

Questions: can i use the w7u dvd to install and transfer w7hp from the hp laptop to the desktop box? In other words, can i install the w7hp subset of w7u from the w7u dvd and transfer the license from the hp laptop to the desktop? I'd then upgrade w7hp on the hp laptop to w7u using the same distribution dvd.

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Activating Second License

I recently bought a office home and student 2007 suite. I activated the license on my son's computer in south africa. As the home  office package allows me 3 licenses, i would now like to activate a second license. I am currently living in sweden for the next couple of months. How do i now activate the second license in a different country. ?

Although the box says that there is an activation restriction (south africa only), the salesman at the pc shop told me that i should be able to activate the second and the third license in different countries. However the activation keeps on failing. Can you please suggest what i should do to install the second license in a different country?

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License & Activation

I own a pc at home which had xp sp2 installed. I also own a laptop which came with oem vista home premium which i upgraded to vista ultimate. (Upgrade from home premium to ultimate boxed product). Recently i bought a windows 7 ultimate ( full package boxed product) and upgraded my laptop to win 7 ultimate. I installed the same media to my home pc to feel how it works in the old pc. It works fine but obvious can not activate.

I bought one more win7 home premium (boxed product) for my home pc with win 7 ultimate.

In the mean time i found the in-built camera in my laptop is not recognized at all after win 7 installation and when the oem service people checked and advised to go back to vista if i need to use the webcam. I have following questions

1. If i revert to vista in my laptop can i use the product key of win 7 ultimate in my home pc.

2. If i keep win 7 in my laptop can i use the vista ultimate in another computer ? Though it is upgrade boxed product i remember it had a clean install option.

3. Can i use the win 7 home premium product key in my home pc with win 7 ultimate installed yet to be activated.

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Could Not Use The License Key

I purchased a windows 7 home premium retail 3 license family pack. I used 1 license on my laptop
I used 1 license on my wifes laptop. I used 1 license on my tablet pc. My wife has replaced her laptop with a new one with windows 7 pre installed. Before disposing of her old laptop i restored the original xp thus freeing 1 license. I have disposed of my tablet pc. Before doing so i restored the original xp thus freeing a second license. Therefore i should now have 2 licenses available.

I have now bought a netbook and installed windows 7 home premium on it but when i tried to activate it i received a message that i could not use the license key. I have tried automatic activation by phone several times, without success and cannot find a real person to talk to - i wasn't even given the option. I contacted microsoft support and was given this customer support request number # 1132578017 but since then have had no response.

I have tried automatic activation by phone without success and cannot find a real person to talk to. I have also read through dozens of existing answers in this forum. They all say the same thing - use phone activation. It doesn't work. How do i recover the use of the 2, now unused, licenses.

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Cannot Download Media License

My computer that i bring to school is a notebook and has no cd drive. O have an older windows computer that i rip cds from. My problem is that the other computer protects my music from being used on other computers. I cant make it not do that. My issue is that when it brings me to the download a license page i cant download it. It says something about me not having the right plug-ins. I have no idea were to find said plug-in and what it is. Is there another way around the license? And if not were to i get the plug-in?

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Swap License Between Computers

I purchased and installed w7 home premium upgrade to my desktop and w7pro upgrade to my laptop. Later, i decided to reinforce my desktop hardware and make it a more powerful environment, so also decided to switch and install the w7pro on it with the intent to take the laptop down to home premium. Windows allowed for the pro upgrade on my desktop during activation but it is not allowing me to use the home premium key on the laptop. In the case of the desktop i used the anytime upgrade option while on the laptop i reloaded clean install from home premium disk to ensure it removes any pro settings.

Any ideas?

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Moving Win 7 License To New Pc

I have windows 7 ultimate (x64) on my laptop. The laptop is failing and i'm buying a new one that has windows 7 pro on it. Once i have moved all the data from the old laptop to the new one, how do i move the windows ultimate license? This is not installing the same license on 2 machines, which i know is not possible. I purely want to move the license onto the new machine. The old machine is going back to the manufacturer.

The license on the old laptop is either a retail one or an msdn one , as i got a retail license and msdn license (from work) and installed windows 7 on two of my laptops around the same time.

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Upgrading Msdnaa License

I have an application problem, but the application developer and vendor says it is not their fault but microsoft fault and i should seek support from them. I have my own laptop which came with win 7 home. Under clear academic advice i obtained a legitimate msdnaa license and dvd copy for win 7 pro. As a full time research student i was told this was legitimate, but i was perfectly willing for microsoft upgrade facility to deny the upgrade path using that key, in which case i would have looked into other routes.

I attempted to install win7 pro using the dvd and the win 7 ms upgrade software facility clearly advised me not do an install but run and upgrade and to do it using upgrade anytime feature just entering the key that i had. I did this, used the academic key, it was clearly accepted and the upgrade went ahead. I clearly have a genuine copy of windows and i have been given no reason at any point to think otherwise.

Here's the issue - see 1st para - i go to get my ms support and the online facility asks for my "product id" not my "product key". It then informs me that my "product id" has expired (not that supported not provided for oem or for msdnaa ro what ever, but "expired"). I purchased my laptop from sony (viao) including the os. I have tried to get support through genuine advantage support, but they refer me to ms general support, for which i have to pay to find out why i have to pay!  Surely the "why don't i have support" question should always be ask-able.

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Activation With Oem License Key

I received a copy of windows 7 ultimate with an oem license key through the house party promotional deal and so on; the license was used to upgrade the version of windows 7 already installed on a computer i bought not too long ago from home premium. Everything went well for that; my father's computer however has ceased to work properly because the license key we used to upgrade it to windows 7 ultimate turned out recently to be counterfeit; that was no problem, we simply went to buy a new key for it.

Herein lies my issue comrades, to be as cheap as possible, my father went and bought an anytime upgrade key, and windows activation presented the error that the key will not work for a clean install of windows, only for upgrades; however the computer had been upgraded, though through a was is now know to be a phony, key, my question to you is thus: would the oem key i received and activated prior still work if i use the option to change my product key to the upgrade key i just bought, or am i out 120 bucks?

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Re-installing Win 7 With Anytime Upgrade License

I have a version of windows 7 home (64-bit) which i have upgraded to windows7 professional.
My question is i want to do a fresh re-install of windows 7 (on the same computer) and i only have my windows7 home install disc with its license. When i re-install will it install windows7 home - or professional? Do i need to gather some information from my system (license key or something) before starting the re-install so that i can re-install to my 'anytime upgrade' of windows 7 professional?

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Changing License From Home Premium To Professional

I want to purchase a new laptop with pre installed windows 7 with home premium license and i want to upgrade it to professional license and pay the difference between the 2 license because that if i purchase the professional license i well loss the pre installed windows that i pay its price in within the price of the laptop, please help me if there is any way to do that, i need the professional license because the home premium version of windows dose not contain domain and domain package. So if there is any way to let the home premium windows 7 contain the domain package so my problem will be solved.

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System Freezes - Windows License Expired

Okay, so, "system freezes more & more often and explorer & browser title bars read, 'windows license expired' for a few seconds before returning to normal"i have windows 7 home premium (32-bit) installed on my msi wind u100 netbook, 1gb ram. This is a retail version of windows which i purchased online, through microsoft. It is activated & genuine. I tried changing the product key, in case i entered it in wrong during install and, re-activated windows. I have no idea why this is happening on this system but, i also have windows 7 retail versions running on 2 desktops without this issue. Ny ideas would be fantastic.

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Transfer License From Laptop's Old Internal Drive To New

Updated win xp to win 7 pro via student deal on laptop a few months ago keeping other programs on external drive. Now plan to replace old 40gb with larger internal hard drive. How do i transfer the license of win 7 pro to the new drive?  Do i need to uninstall win 7 from 40gb first?  After i replace the 40gb with the new 320gb, will i have to install win xp on it before upgrading to win 7?

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Install Win 7 Rtm Via Iso - License Is Invalid

Okay, so i know it's not the best way to go about this but non the less it is what i need to do now. I am too backed up with other systems work and non systems work to do a complete re-install right now. I have the windows rt 7100 on my computer. I am reading how to do the work around of installing via this way, see link, 10%29.aspx.

I have the windows 7 rtm downloaded and also a copy on a disc as well as an upgrade company from my new computer. They are all windows 7 professional. I want to burn the iso to a disc and i am having trouble finding the iso when i view the download files and or the disc that i put in.

I also backed everything up but am concerned that i can copy all the files and data over, i did a systems image backup using the software in the windows rc version and saved it to an external hard drive.

Two questions, in doing the upgrade via this method does that mean that i don't have to re-install all of my other programs at this time?

At some point, i will do it anyways, i just want to know all the ramifications, will the system tell me that my license is invalid or check and cause an alert of this. I have my license keys for all of my copies of windows professional 7, so will it prompt me to put the right licenses in at some point in the upgrade?

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Activations License Through Campus / School Student Option Programs

How many activations do i get with a license through the campus and school agreements student option or select license for academics student select volume licensing programs? I am thinking about getting a copy of windows 7 professional upgrade from since my kids school is authorized. When i clicked on the installation instructions at this page:, it stated "important: the license and product key included with this program is a single activation upgrade key. " It seems obvious with the way this was worded, but what happens if my hd crashes or i want to upgrade their computer. Am i stuck having to purchase another copy, or is this saying that it is only one license?

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Putting Hdd Into Raid 0 Make Nfr License Invalid?

Will putting my hdd's into raid 0 make my nfr license invalid? I have built my own desktop, and received a copy of windows 7 ultimate at the new efficiency seminar i attended in seattle. The dvd's inside are labeled as not for resale. I have a 1tb drive for storage, and would now like put my pair of 320gb drives (one of which is my current os drive) into raid 0 since i plan on doing some video editing on this system. The only change from the currently activated setup is the drive configuration.

The two drives in question will still be operating on the same controller, and in the same ports. What i am unsure of is whether or not this will be considered a change of hardware that would necessitate acquiring a new copy of windows 7 for this machine. That would stop my ability to make the change at this time as i cannot currently afford a retail box of windows 7 ultimate, or even professional, which is the cheapest edition i can use now. The only hardware purchases i can justify at this time would make acquiring an oem version cost more than a retail box. Will my nfr copy of windows 7 ultimate still be able to activate?

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Can I Change Hard Disk And Reinstall Win 7 Without Violating The License?

Im using an oem windows 7 home premium on my computer. 2 months back i changed my graphics card with no issues. My question is can i change my hard disk to a higher capacity one without violating my license. I want to do a clean reinstall on the new hard-drive and use it in the same computer with same old mb, ram, graphics card. Can i reactivate via internet only without calling microsoft.

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Win 7 32 Bit Professional Activation Error - Invalid License Key

I bought the 32 bit professional version of windows 7 through the offer for students that windows had a few months ago. According to everywhere i can see online, professional can be installed on two physical pcs. I installed the os on my laptop shortly after getting it, with no problems. After the rc trial ran out, i decided to install windows 7 on my desktop computer, from the same dvd that i burnt the . Iso to and so on, and i didn't have any problems, at all, during the installation. Now, though, it's telling me that i have 3 days to activate windows. I thought that it already was activated- i put the key in, and i haven't used it on any other computers, so this should by the second pc supported. However, it keeps telling me that it isn't a valid license key when i try to put it in now. Why is it giving me this problem?

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Office 2003 Issue - Microsoft Office End User License Agreement

Windows 7 pro, get "microsoft office end-user license agreement. " From office 2003 programs. I purchased a new hp computer with windows 7 pro, then loaded all of the software i'd been using on my old xp system. Every time i start any office 2003 app, i get a dialog box labeled "microsoft office end-user license agreement. " I must click on "accept" before continuing. I use an old vista solution of 'running as admin' and now i receive a box asking if it is alright to modify this program(registry i think). How can i stop this box from appearing?

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32-bit To 64-bit On Upgrade License

I got a question from an end user. He went from vista 32-bit to 7 pro 32-bit. He's got a new processor that is 64-bit. Can he do a clean install with his windows 7 pro upgrade or does he need to go to windows vista 32-bit and then do a clean install 64-bit upgrade? Ability isn't the true question, will licensing allow him to is.

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Can I Upgrade To 64-bit From 32-bit Using Same License?

If i buy a retail dvd with both 32-bit & 64-bit versions of win 7 (professional, ultimate, or whatever), with a single license for a single computer, and then install the 32-bit on my computer. If i later want to uninstall it and install the 64-bit instead (say, i got more ram later), will i be able to use the same license (for the same computer, only with more ram)?

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