Installs Notebook Power Settings On Pc

I installed windows 7 professional on a pc successfully, but the power option settings are for a notebook computer, offering 'on battery' and 'plugged in' options although it does not have a battery. (It is connected to a ups. ).

(1) can i alter the power options so that windows 7 knows that it is a pc and not a notebook computer?
(2) will there be any other issues that might affect this pc, if windows 7 thinks it has installed on a notebook computer?

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Power Settings Reset

Although i have setup my laptop not to enter sleep mode when i close the lid and this has worked several times, after installing updates this setting does not work anymore. The settings themselves did not change, just the behavior. I tried to change them back to default and then change them back to how i want (i.e. Not to enter sleep mode when the lid is closed), but the laptop still goes into sleep mode when the lid is closed.

Any ideas where i can begin troubleshooting?

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Display Power Settings Are Not Saved

Power settings won't stay as saved - display setting always reverts to 3 minutes after re-boot. Maybe i don't yet understand how the new windows 7 works, but i can't seem to set my power settings and have them stay there. I've set them to turn off the display after 15 minutes and put the computer to sleep at 30 minutes. But when i re-boot the machine, the display setting always reverts from 15 minutes to 3 minutes. Is there any way to save these settings and have them stay as saved?

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Power Settings Aren't Working

I'm running 64-bit windows 7, and using a wireless microsoft mouse and keyboard and my issue is that i've tried to change the power settings so that it never turns off, however after five minutes the monitor goes black and it all falls asleep. I've tried restarting the pc just in case, and when i check the power settings, they are set to what i want, but in reality it's still going to sleep. I've tried searching the forum, but couldn't see anything - any idea's?

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Power Saver Issue With Printer Reduced Power

After a recent update on windows 7 in which there is a power saver, i can no longer get my laser printers to work because of the reduced power. How can i fix this ?

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Update Installs Virus

Every time i use windows update a trojan by the name of backdoor. Win32. Pcclient is installed and most of the updates fail. My antivirus tells me it's there and i have to restart my computer to remove it. This either automatically or manually running the update. I have downloaded all the security definitions for windows malicious removal tool and windows defender. Running the removal tool my antivirus kicks in when it reaches the file and i can delete it that way. But it just reinstalls when i run windows update again.

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Update Installs Same Updates Over And Over Again

I am running windows vista home premium sp2 on a hp pavilion a1600n. I recently reinstalled vista and have been getting many, many requests to install updates to my computer. I finally noticed i am installing some of the same updates again and again. Others come up with different kb numbers but the same name. The most prominent one is ie8 although i have ie8, i am prompted to install this app with every update. I am not sure why. Also, i read some other articles and tried running the updater in safe mode with networking, but it would not run. I don't know if this is a feature of the updater or if it is supposed to run in safe mode.

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Program Upgrades And Installs Fail

I can install new programs but upgrades or reinstalls of programs i have previously used fail. The installation would not even start and the problem has occurred with random applications. Example: itunes, avira, skype (although i was able to install a really really old version of skype), driver updates. I have tried changing compatibility (as long as it allows me), run as administrator, even changed permissions b/c some failed installations would suggest this is the problem. Any suggestion is more than welcome!

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Program Installs Continuously Freeze

I have been having a major issue with win7 ult. First, i upgraded from xp and needed a clean install, i've done this many times over the years without a hitch, and for whatever reason. When i went to install 7, the install would simply freeze at a random percent. Finally, after about a week, 7 installed. Since then, i have had repeated issues when trying to download drivers. My creative driver d/l froze as did my nvidia display driver.

After about 5 -10 attempts each i was finally able to finish the d/l's. Also, my microsoft update d/l have frozen on me several times. Again, after trying several times they completed with the exception of the additional language packs, which i didnt see a need to d/l. All the drivers i d/l were made for win7 x64, i made sure before proceeding.

Now i am trying to install my games: dragon age: origins, crysis, age of conan, etc. All of them freeze just as my win7 ultimate install froze. To say that i am mildly frustrated would ofcourse be an understatement.

Before you ask:  prior to installing win7 i ran the upgrade advisor and my system passed with flying colors. No conflicts were found. I am running an xfx 680i lt sli motherboard, xfx nvidia gts 250 512mb dx10 gpu, 6 gb ocz sli memory (two 1 gb chips and two 2 gb chips), a creative extreme gamer soundcard, an intel core 2 duo 2. 66 cpu.

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Removing Old Vista & Win7 32 Installs

I have a vista64 and win7 32 installed on a raid drive and win7 64 on a single drive. I want to remove the vista and win7 from my raid drive so it can be used for new testing. I have tried the bootsect command and it does not allow me to set up the win7 64 as a bootable drive. It still looks at the raid drive for boot information. I have done:

1. I have taken the raid off line and booted from the win7 installation disk and done the bootsect /nt60 c:

2. I have used the created system startup disk and tried repair and the bootsect.

3. The bios has been changed to reflect what i need done making the win7 drive the main drive on boot.

4. I have used the suggested bootsect /nt52 c: that help suggests.

5. I did not use the bootsect nt/60 e:, where e is the dvd drive with the win7 and the startup disks are located.

I completes each time and tells me to start the computer . Still it hangs.

Can not use the system image as the backup does not work on the win7 64 drive only on the win7 32 raid.

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Win7 Update Installs Non-functional Driver

I am a student and was considering taking advantage of the win7 for £30 offer, and have installed the win7 rc of ultimate, to test my fairly old ibm thinkcentre is able to cope (if it can run ultimate, it will surely be happy on pro or home, my reasoning)

Anyway, it installs fine, if at a 640x480 resolution, then automatically updates the drivers while i am finding my way around and this is where i have a problem.

It is downloading a driver allegedly for my nvidia geforce fx 5200 graphics card, (as well as the ac97 sound- this driver at least seems to work fine), but when i reboot to switch to the new driver, i have no display. I know win7 has booted as i here the chime at the logon screen.

System restore from the win7 dvd will let me back to a working display, but as soon as i log in 'i've updated. Reboot? Is there a way of telling it not to download this driver so i can find one myself - before the damage is done?

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Dual Boot Xp & Win7 Existing Installs

I have xp installed on drive a, lets call it, and a new install of win 7 installed and a second physical drive b. Install all is well with win7 but i would like to dual boot between the two operating systems without having enter the bios and change the boot order every time i want to swap from one to the other which will be quite often for a while until i weam myself off xp. Any ideas or pointers how i can achieve dual boot without having to re-install w7 would be very welcome.

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Connect Notebook To Wireless Printer

I don't know how to get my wireless printer to recognize and accept print commands from my wireless notebook. I do have a netgear router and my desktop computer functions fine. I lack the procedure. Thank you.

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Hp Pavilion Notebook Upgrade Failure

I bought an hp pavilion notebook in august that came loaded with vista and with the promise to upgrade to windows 7 in october when it became available. In october i requested and received the upgrade disks in november. My life has been a long nightmare ever since.

When i performed the upgrade, the computer congratulated me and told me windows 7 was successfully installed. Then the computer froze with any application i tried. I called hp technical support and spent hours-no, days-on the phone with them trying every test and solution they asked for. Nothing made any difference.

Finally hp said i must have a bad installation disk and instructed me to go back to the company providing the upgrade disks and get a new set. Six weeks later, the new disks arrived. I installed them. Same result. Frozen computer. I again spent hours-no, days-on the phone with hp tech support trying every test and fix they suggested. No progress. Finally they agreed to take in the notebook and work on it.

Very fast turnaround. They got the computer back to me within ten days. They said they had "re-imaged the hard drive. " Hooray, it worked! Then i noticed that hp had reinstalled vista. They had the opportunity to send me back a computer, all fixed, with windows 7 up and running, and instead they set me back all the way to august 2009. Right where i started, and no windows 7. I reinstalled the windows 7 upgrade disks. Same negative result. Frozen computer.

Now i am in the middle of more hours-no, days-of phone conversations with hp tech support. They are putting me through the same diagnostic tests, reinstallation, driver installations, tedious time watching paint dry on my computer screen, with no indication that anything will change this time.

Am i a chump or what? Is anyone else experiencing the same problems. How do i get hp and/or microsoft to pony up and get me a computer and an operating system that works?

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Notebook Keeps Crashing In Normal Mode

Before asking, i'd like to say that i'm not familiar with all the tech terms; i was hoping if someone could just generally tell me what's wrong with my notebook.

So i have an asus eee pc, windows 7 starter. All this time it was working fine, but today when i switched it on, during startup it suddenly crashed and showed this blue screen with stuff written. It was saying something about 'found a problem with the system', and then there was 'system_registry' , 'if this was my first time experiencing this problem then i should reboot' etc etc but i didn't manage to read all of them because it'll quickly show the choose mode screen (safe mode etc) and so the same thing repeats again and again every time. I didn't even managed to get the notebook scanned or anything since it automatically crashes during startup.

What's happening here? Is it a virus or some technical faults i'm not aware of?

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Fan Speed Program For Notebook

Anyone know of a program that i can control my fan speed with on my acer aspire 7745g? It has 8 gb of ram, i5 460m @2. 53 ghz with an ati 5650m. Sometimes during high end gaming, the fan speed i find is working fast enough, and the laptop can get really hot (waiting for my notebook cooler to be repaired from the factory).

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Gateway Mx7120 Notebook Audio Problem

I installed windows 7 r. C. Over windows xp pro. On my gateway mx7120 notebook. Why can't windows 7 r. C. Have audio drivers for a gateway notebook with ac 97 audio system? Everything else seems to work fine. I'm impressed with windows 7 and the speed with which it operates my gateway mx 7120. However, one of the main uses for the notebook is with a gps receiver and microsoft streets & trips 2010. But, without audio, i'll get no verbal directions from the software.

The windows vista and the xp drivers on the gateway web site do not work with windows 7 r. C., can't you make an easy-to-install audio driver patch for the ac 97? Or should i go back to ubuntu? Uninstalling windows 7 is a real pain for those who did a "clean install" and want to revert to an older version of windows!

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Cq60-615dx Notebook Internet Problem

Ok so i have an hp laptop that i got about a month ago, it is the cq60-615dx notebook. When i am at school my wireless internet works fine but at home i can only go to, my school site and my email on zimbra. As for any other site like facebook, any site link on google even yahoo does not work. I have a perfect connection of full bars on the wireless and all my friends wireless internet works at my house. Is there something on my computer stopping my sites from loading? Please help me figure how why i can access a total of 3 sites but everything else will not load even though i have a connection.

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Canon Printer Bjc 2100 Installs But Wont Print

I have an old canon bjc2100 printer connected to the computer via usb, currently running windows 7 64-bit, the computer accepts the printer and i have downloaded the drivers through the in-built windows updater but when i go to print the documents it idles for a few minutes and displays an error-printing message. The size of the file is 240kb but in the printing window the size shows automatically as 8. 40mb/10. 5mb but doesn't move.

A troubleshooting message appears on the printer icon in the device manager and i have run the troubleshooting wizard which tells me "a print job in the print queue is preventing other print jobs from printing" and tells me it's "fixed" the problem, but when i try to print another document it is coming up with the same error-printing message. Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

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Warranty For Wired Notebook Optical Mouse 3000

So i've had my notebook optical mouse 3000 for almost a year. I live in canada and i believe i have a 3 year warranty but correct me if i'm wrong. My problem is is that the insulator for the wire that connects to the usb connector has slowly been stripping exposing the copper wires that reside underneath. Lately its been getting worse and the mouse has even been disconnecting if it is bent the wrong way. So my question is does this qualify for a replacement with my warranty(assuming it exists) and if so how do i go about replacing it?

Unfortunately, the rather nonsensical design of putting the serial number on the bottom of a mouse has caused the number to fade away. I no longer have the manuals but i still have the drivers on my computer and the cd with it as well. Is there anything i can do to get a replacement? Or will i have to resort to my soldering skills to crudely fix my problem.

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Sansa E250 - Mtp Usb To Sync With Napster - Installs Error

My sansa e250 uses mtp usb to sync with napster. When i plug it in windows 7 tries to installs it but fails with an error and an unknown mtp usb device in device manager. It works fine under windows xp and 2000.

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Ms Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 Doesn't Work

I have notebook dell vostro 1510 with internal bluetooth adapter. My microsoft bluetooth notebook mouse 5000 works fine in os windows xp sp3. Now i install windows 7 and mouse doesn't work at all. When i switch on the mouse comes window asking a pairing code for device and mouse recognized correctly as "microsoft bluetooth notebook mouse 5000". I enter 0000 and then comes error:"adding the device failed resulting in an unknown error. The reported error code is 0x80007048f. " And mouse doesn't appear in devices and printers window.

Computer contains dell wireless 360 bluetooth module (hardware id: usbvid_413c&pid_8140&rev_4870) with preinstalled generic bluetooth adapter driver from microsoft.

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Sigmatel Audio Driver For Win 7 On Toshiba A3x Tecra Notebook

Sigmatel audio driver for windows 7 on toshiba a3x tecra notebook? Is there a generic driver available? Everything else works on notebook except sound?

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Hp Notebook Dv 9618ca - Download Issue Dvd Lss Software In Win 7

I have a hp notebook dv 9618ca 32 bit. My computer is not detecting the dvd drive. I have a light scribe dvd drive. The computer is indicating that there is no driver for the dvd. So far i check the bios, physically took out the dvd drive and hook it up again, checked the registry filters; the registry had only the lower filter. Now i am trying to download the lss driver, but unable to do so. The error message is the os is not adequate to run the ls_hsi. Msi file.

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Power On Password

I pushed the power on, just as i normally do. But found out displaying this: "power-on password". The last time i use it was like the usual thing i do. I do now know the password and how i ended up with this. I tried some of these: i tried to remove the battery for a meantime and hoping it will turn on normally but still shows the same result. Everytime i click enter, it shows the same until 3rd time. Everytime i click f11 or any function keys, it still shows the same. I just purchased windows 7 9 months ago but haven't experienced any negative things until now.

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Laptop Will Not Power Up

Have been given a toshiba protege r400 mod no:ppr40a-01000l to look at for a friend who is very ill and the machine just will not switch on. Have tested the adaptor and battery voltage and there is plenty. Now i don't have much experience with laptops as such and so cannot rule the psu as the culprit. When plugged in the blue power light is on and the small yellow battery indicator flickers at random speeds - but quite fast. Now i have the maintenance manual for it and i can probably get the lcd mask off to look at the power witch itself. But before i do i would like some opinions on the most likely cause and would prefer to avoid this if at all possible.

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Error - Driver Power

I have received a blue background message that there is a "driver power" error. After this message there is a dump and a close and restart of my computer. I do not have problems with my applications-they all run under windows 7.

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Can't Find Os When I Power On

My pc can't find my os when i power on. My bios lets me enter f9 to pick which drive my os is on allowing me to power on. What can i do to fix this windows 7 system. I have loaded windows 7. My system can't find the os when powering on. My mb seams to have a feature that lets me pick the drive the os is located on and allows me to bring up my system. I have to hit f9 to during power on to engage that feature. What can i do to fix this issue?

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Why Doesnt The Usb Power Off ?

Why doesn't the usb power off in windows 7 & vista. My led is still on after i click on the remove usb icon. Vista and win 7 rc1 still say i can remove the usb but the usb is still powered. This, in my opinion, can still affect the usb. Is it possible to have the usb power down like in xp. It is not a big issue but important from the stand point of possibly losing data on the usb or other device.

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Usb Power Surge

I got an error message stating usb power surge/failure. Since then, all 3 usbs on my laptop are no longer working. If i plug an optic mouse into it the optic light doesn't even come on making me think its a power issue. In device manager though, all usbs are showing as operational (although when you select one and go to the power tab, it shows 0 under power available. I'm worried i have fried my motherboard but everything else is working fine. Any suggestions ?

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