Problem After Fixing A Corrupted User Profile

Today i followed the ms directions for fixing a corrupted user profile for windows 7 (, which was recommended to resolve certain issues with ms office failing to update. After following the instructions and logging into the new profile (after copying the indicated files from the old profile), i receive the following error message when i try to open explorer or anything that invokes explorer (documents, control panel, pictures, etc. ):  "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.

You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. "Some other apps open normally, such as word (although it opened as a new install, stepping me through initial setup), but other apps throw a variety of errors. The error does not occur in other user profiles, including the old profile. I'd appreciate any help.

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User Profile Problem

I have a new computer with windows 7 home premium already installed. I do not have a network, just the one computer. I have set up user accounts for myself and my wife without any problems. However, although my account correctly shows my name, my user profile folder shows my name as "oem". I am wondering if it is safe to change oem to my name. I note that when i access the user profile  folder via the c drive there is a padlock against it but not when i access it via network.

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User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

Yesterday i tried updating my computer with some optional windows updates. I think they were for microsoft live office & microsoft silverlight. I know one wouldn't update (i think the silverlight update), so i turned the computer off. Today when i turn the computer on i keep getting a "user profile service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded" error. The solutions i've found so far you have to be able to access the start menu, but since the only profile i have on my computer is the admin profile i can't get past the login screen. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Not Able To Activate User Profile

When signing into my computer i am getting a message as follows: "the user profile service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded. " Is there a way to fix this problem. The password is correct. I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit operating system. Programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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User Profile Failed To Load

I just added another user profile to my windows 7 pro machine and upon restarting the machine, i find i am locked out, entirely. The error message is: the user profile service failed the logon. The profile cannot be loaded. This happens for both users. Is there a way to recover the old user profile and bag this new one?

I read the post from tina r, back from 2009, but your solution is based on gaining access to the operating system. I have tried starting in safe mode, but the regedit files, in w7, do not clearly indicate which files are the older, bak, files.


I just relaunched the machine again in safe mode and it did allow me to log in. Can i restore my old profile from here?

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Problem With User Profile Service

There is some problem happening with "user profile service" while my system boots up. There are number of warning and errors queued up in my event log.


Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile.

Detail - the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.


Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded now. The applications or services that hold your registry file may not function properly afterwards.

Detail -

1 user registry handles leaked from registryusers-1-5-21-2959852747-1998884661-1269602043-1000:

Process 2072 (deviceharddiskvolume2program files (x86)norton internet securityengine16. 8. 0. 41ccsvchst.exe) has opened key registryusers-1-5-21-2959852747-1998884661-1269602043-1000

Previously i got a problem while logging into my system that "user profile failed to load" that led me to restore my entire system. After that now this is coming up.

Is this a bug? Anyone faced this before? Any way to fix this?

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User Profile Loading Problem

I have been getting the error message occasionally "the user profile service service failed the logon, user profile can not be loaded" then i would re-boot and it would load fine.

Today it will not load at all. This is not a temporary user profile, but the only one i have on the computer that i use every day. I have not done any changes to it, in order for it to be acting funny.
Now my computer will not allow me to log in at all (i am on a different computer right now).
Do i need to put the windows 7 disk in and boot from that, and try a repair?

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User Profile Service Not Working

After installing a new printer and restarting my laptop will not allow me to logon. 'the user profile service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. ' is the error message i'm getting. I've read of similar problems on the forum with people talking about being able to gain access and fix the problem via a safe mode. I am definitely no computer expert and cannot follow the answers given on the forum. Can someone give me some very basic step by step instructions on how to fix this most annoying problem. Its a new laptop and i'm a bit annoyed by this problem!

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Pc Wont Let Me Login To My User Profile

The computer wont let me log onto my profile. It is a new e-machine with windows 7. The user profile service service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded. That is what shows up after i enter the password.

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User Profile Service - Event Id 1521

I get this error each time i log in. I am a home user with 7 pro, home network, router, dsl modem. There is no server, active directory or wireless connection. Below is the error message from the event viewer, windows logs application.

Windows cannot locate the server copy of your roaming profile and is attempting to log you on with your local profile. Changes to the profile will not be copied to the server when you log off. This error may be caused by network problems or insufficient security rights. Detail - access is denied.

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User Profile Service Failed Logon

I recently upgraded vista hp to w7pro. Fantastic! For 12 days. When i went to logon today i received a frightfully familiar road block. That being the logon failure. O/s functions as should by my account in the guest profile except that when i attempted to access troubleshooting and recovery options i was unable to "run as administrator" anything at all. Just keep getting the logon window popping back up.

-All restore points have vanished and i am 100% certain they were automatic and successful in creation prior to this event.

-Pre/post f keys do not function as they should.

-Received multiple "keyboard error" and freeze up in dos when attempting to boot from disc.
Any guidance is appreciated/.

Unable to logon (user profile service failed the logon) the only/primary administrator account. Unable to "run as administrator" from guest account. How do i work-around ups and/or uac to recover?

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Logon User Profile Service Failed

I have a two week old dell notebook running windows 7 home premium. It has two user profiles, mine, which has administrator rights and my wife's which has standard user rights. Neither is password protected. When i booted up tonight and clicked on my profile i got the message "user profile service failed the logon" and "user profile cannot be loaded". I  have logged on via my wife's account and clicked on manage another account which opens a dialogue box with my, the administrators name, and it wants a password and fails when i don't supply one.

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User Profile Issues - Recurring Problem

Ok. I've been working on this problem for a couple of weeks now, and i can fix it temporarily, but it keeps coming back. My user profile keeps randomly logging into a temp profile until it finally doesn't let me log into it at all. Here are some of the things that i have tried:

1. Reinstall windows - i only had one account and trying to fix it in safe mode wasn't working - it also wouldn't let me create a new profile.

2. Create a new account - i created a new "backup" account as well as a new profile once the issue resurfaced. I copied my personal files over and deleted the old account, being careful about copying any system files. I deleted the old "bad" account through the control panel as well as deleted the registry key for it (according to threads that i read here and elsewhere).

My new account is now having the same problem, and i've run out of solutions. Please help! Here is what the event viewer is telling me:

Log name:      application
Source:        microsoft-windows-user profiles service
Date:          3/8/2010 4:00:36 am
Event id:      1502
Task category: none
Level:         error
User:          mycomputernamemy_user_name
Computer:      mycomputername
Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile.

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User Profile Not Loading Settings/preferences

On friday 4/23 i went to my computer and my entire user profile appeared to be corrupted. I have my main admin. Account, and my girlfriend has her own user account (not admin). When starting up into my main admin user account, i had an error message for settings.ini being used by a different process. My other problems are as follows:

- All app icons pinned to taskbar became icons of blank pages
- My gadgets do not appear on the desktop.

- When trying to access windows help and support, i get what looks like a .txt stating: "windows help and support encountered a problem you might be able to resolve the problem by restarting
Windows help and support. " Restarting does nothing.

- Any searches i attempt, both in the windows explorer bar at the top right or in the search field in the start menu return 0 results any time i search.

- Many icons when clicked either do nothing (i.e. Firefox) or give me an error message along the lines of "not able to load critical files for this application to run. Specifically skype. When trying to open mediamonkey, for example, i get an error saying "the directory c:users[my girlfriend's user profile]appdatalocalmediamonkey cannot be created. " Something along these lines happened with a different application, notifying me that it was not able to access c:users[girlfriend's profile name]appdatalocal[etc].

- Google chrome is not able to read nor write to its original location, and forces me to choose another. It does not save this state and asks me each time i try to load it. Also, all bookmarks and settings/prefs. Have disappeared.

- Many different applications act as if it is the first time i open them, each time i open them. No settings, preferences, or history is saved after the application is closed. After doing a significant amount of searching and very basic diagnostics, i believe what has happened is that my user profile is attempting to read all preferences and settings from my girlfriend's user account.

When logging onto her account, i have absolutely no problems with accessing the same applications i have troubles with on my account. I seem to have no personal preferences nor changes i have made to my account saved. Or if they are saved, they are in my c:users[my account]appdata[etc] and they are
Not being read by the service that reads preferences in windows.

I have gone into msconfig and disabled all non-ms services, as well as trying to enable all startup items, and disable all startup items. The problem still persists.

Does anyone have any insights to this issue? How might i direct windows to read my preferences and settings from my user account and not default to another - if that is indeed what is going on here.
I feel it would be good to note that on thursday night near midnight my girlfriend downloaded yahoo messenger. When i went to her user account there were several (appx. 40) photos of a blonde girl, some pornographic in nature, that were sitting directly on the desktop.

When checking the properties of the photos, they were created on friday morning around 3-4:00am she denies all knowledge of these photos. There is a chance, i suppose, that i was hacked through ym and the pics were downloaded then, and something malicious was done to my settings. I ran malwarebytes and my avg internet security virus/malware scans and nothing was detected on my machine.

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User Profile Not Found, Shortcuts Disappeared

Have new computer running windows 7. I was logged on last night, logged off for about 15 minutes, tried to log back in and it told me that my user profile could not be found. We had another administrator profile already created soi just created a new one but why can't it find the old one? I checked if any updates were done during that period i was logged aff and there was: definition update for microsoft security essentials kb972696 (definition 1. 77. 190. 0).could that update be the reason?
Also, the other administrator that could still log in had all shortcuts removed from their desktop. The one user who is not an administrator did not seem to have any changes made to their desktop.
Any suggestions for getting my original user profile back?

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User Profile Service Logon Failed On Administrator Account

I am the administrator on our family laptop and i keep getting the above message. I can get into the other profiles but i cannot access mine from initial boot or by switching user. I am therefore unable to do the fixes i have read about because it keeps asking for the administrator password before it allows me to make any changes. When i enter the password, it once again tells me that the user profile service service logon has failed. I'm stuck. I tried the microsoft fixit but it didn't do anything.

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Error - Service Failed The Logon / User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

I cannot get passed the profile login screen even though i'm typing the correct password it just says: error - the user profile service failed the logon. " User profile cannot be loaded ".

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User Profile Service Service Failed The Logon - Login Problem

When i return to my computer after being away it says 'locked' under my username. And i think once i logout it keeps me from logging back on. We just last week purchased a dell xps 8000 with windows 7 installed. Some nice features but also it's share of bugs, such as random freezes. And this one; the second day i noticed the word 'locked' next to my username. I am an administrator, if that matters. Some time later i logged out and at my next login i got the error message "user profile service service failed the logon". The end result was that a dell tech. Did a system restore, which got me back up and running. I didn't log off last night and when i first looked at my screen this morning it says 'locked' again by my username. I am working with no problems now but i'm scared to logoff. Why is this happening and what can i do to fix it?

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Fixing Cd/dvd Drive

My cd drive has been missing for several weeks, and do not know exactly when it disappeared. I went through the deleting upper and lower filters as most places say, then rebooting, and it didn't help. I have created a new reg file and merged, and that brought the drives back, but they did not show that a cd was in. It has since disappeared again, and i do not have lowerfilters.

I have tried system restore, but i always get an error code because it "cannot access the file". I have updated the firmware from the dell website, and ran several different virus scans. Itunes and my computer say the drive is missing, but device manager says it is functioning correctly and completely updated. My dvd drive is there, it is only the cd drive. I am running windows 7, and have a dell inspiron 1750.

Also, i checked my brothers computer, who has the same set-up, and his registry files are all identical to mine, and his drive works just fine.

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Files Getting Corrupted

Okay i have had a new gateway computer from best buy since mid march. Many a times later a week or two on boot the computer wishes to run disk checker to to root out inconsistencies in the c drive partition? Well i allowed it to run and it began deleting windows files! Now i took it to best buy and they said they used a factory default disk at the expense of wiping all of the files i had accumulated and transferred. I made a factory default disc and i have had to use it many times now because windows 7 has failed to execute.

Now i  am unsure as of what causing this problem but i ran my trial of norton that came installed on it and my free avast antivirus as well as avg there are files that they cannot scan and the five files are all relating to the windows folder in the c: drive. Every one keeps telling me to factpry default the computer but i have five times and it wanted to dick check even after i ran it for a week with no internet connection. So its not a virus. If you have any idea as of how i can fix the problem i would appreciate it.

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Driver Is Corrupted Code 39

I lost the dvd-rom icon on my computer. The device manager says the driver is corrupted code 39 but when i do an auto fix it can't fix it. I bought an e machines et1831-03 a few days ago. It worked great until yesterday when i clicked on "computer" and the dvd icon was gone, only the hard drive icon was there. I went to device manager and checked the dvd and it said the driver was corrupted, code 39. I tried to do an auto fix but it did not work. How can i obtain this driver and fix the problem?

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Corrupted Hard Drive

I tried to upgrade my toshiba laptop from windows vista to windows 7 and it went into a continuous reboot loop and then destroyed my hard drive. I replaced my hard drive and then tried using the windows 7 upgrade for full installation and it seemed to take, but it didn't give me a chance to put the product key in and now it's asking for the product key(which i tried) and saying that i have 24 hours to put a full version product key in or i can't use my windows. What can i do? Please let me know soon.

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Media Player Is Corrupted

I purchased a new hard drive from a local computer store. They removed my vista system and put windows 7 ultimate on as operating system. They slaved my old drive as a e: local but had reformatted it. I have had no problems with downloading media but some of my files show the media corrupted message when i try to use them. Is there a easy fix for this problem or if i purchase a ultimate upgrade disk would that repair the damage? I have tried to use the fix it micros, and windows updates but the problem is still there.

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External Hdd Corrupted

I use 2 external 250gb hdd's with my laptop to backup files from the office server and desktop machine. One evening i left in a hurry and closed the lid and hurriedly removed all usb devices. When reconnecting the drives (to the same laptop) i did not pay attention to the usb ports and in fact they were connected opposite to original. After working for a while i tried to access the external hdd's but was unable to. I tried swapping the drives around but it seems too late.

One of the drives could not be accessed at all and i am currently trying to recover important live files from it. The other drive reported that the recycle bin of the drive was corrupt and i accepted the message to "repair". I still cannot access the files on that drive and may have to go through the file recovery process on that one too, unless there are any suggestions?

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Error - The Files Are Either Corrupted Or Nonexistent

Error: "the files are either corrupted or nonexistent" when tried to decrypt the drive using bitlocker on windows 7. Bitlocker encryption interupted. So after installing windows 7 ultimate, i tried encrypting my external hard drive with bitlocker. Unfortunately, i started it without adjusting my laptops power saving guidelines, and my laptop went into hibernate mode after 30 minutes.

Now, i have already tried unlocking it by normal means, but when i enter my password it says that the files are either corrupted or nonexistent, and when i tried doing the forgot password, the only other option i could find, and entered the id that bitlocker gave me, it said that it was not a valid id. Seeing as how i copied and pasted the id to a word document, and copied and pasted that into the text line, i am now out of ideas on how to get my hard drive to unlock.

I had just bought it less than 6 months ago, a 1tb western digital my book, so would really like to not have to buy another new one. I tried doing the windows desktop help search but it only told me to do what i already did, and after doing multiple google searches i did a forum search here and saw that there were no posts about this problem.

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Devices & Printers Folder Corrupted

After upgrading my dell studio 1737 from windows vista to windows 7 i cannot open my "devices & printers folder" the upgrade software was supplied by dell. This affects safe removal of devices and eliminates the utility benefits of using the "devices & printers folder".

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Virtual Store Folder Corrupted

I am getting an error message that my virtual store folder is corrupted and unreadable. It is not a file within that folder but the folder itself. I cannot open it or restore it to an older version. I am running windows 7. Has anyone had this problem?

I tried to run chkdsk/f and it says another process is using it and asks if i want to do it when i restart so i put y for yes, enter and then restart my computer, nothing happens, my computer restarts normally and continues to flash the error when i log in, when i open programs like internet explorer and if i try to delete or restore the virtual store folder. It hasn't kept me from running these programs but the error keeps flashing. Help please!

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Dvd Device Got Lost Or Corrupted

I an using win7 pro and my dvd device no longer shows up with all my other devices and drives in the "computer" window. Thus when i try to read a dvd the system no longer recognizes the device as available (or existing?) On my system, whereas yesterday it worked fine. I tried the ms diagnostic but that returned no error? How do i fix this problem? [I presume if it was dust in the dvd this would show as a read error, but at least the device would show up as existing?

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Cannot Boot Explorerframe.dll Corrupted

I used a software called custopack tools to make my windows 7 look like a mac. I got an error. Which i forgot what it said. When i restarted my computer, an error popped up when i typed in my password to log on to windows. Here is the error:

"C:\windows\system32\explorerframe.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. " That error popped up, and it loads up a black screen with only that error and my cursor. I tried booting into safe mode, but there is still that black screen with the error.

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Unsigned Or Corrupted Atheros Wireless Driver

I have an asus laptop with an atheros ar9285 wireless network adapter and it works fine with the current driver v. 8. 0. 0. 144 but when windows update activates, it wants to install a newer driver. This is the "important" update according to the info. When it downloads, the driver will not work and additional wireless adaptor driver, the microsoft mini-usb wireless adapter, is installed and that will not work either. To fix, i roll back the driver for the ar9285 and it is good. The only problem is that this occurs every time windows update occurs. Is there any way to remedy this or am i stuck going through this process each time?

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