Cannot Turn On Media Streaming

This issue is incredibly frustrating. I was hoping to contact microsoft itself via email about this however their site seems to think my bloody product id has 'expired'. I genuinely hope you can provide the answers. The basic issue is that i want to turn on media streaming (in windows media player) but i can't. The reason is that the drop-down box for "show devices on:" (in network and sharing center/media streaming options) is completely empty, so i can't physically select anything. To see what i mean, click here to see a screen-print of the issue.

How the heck do i actually get around this and turn it on? I seriously want to turn it on so that i can use it for streaming to my xbox 360 while i play. (By the way, if it makes any difference, i'm on windows 7 64-bit home premium)

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Media Streaming Issue

This has been driving me crazy for the last 4hrs. I just recently bought an xbox 360 elite and have been trying to access my main pc to listen to music etc. However i cannot view my pc on the xbox at all, i can get into my laptop, my girlfriends laptop but i cannot access my main pc. All pcs are running windows 7 and the main pc is 64-bit. The problem i have put it down to is the main pc is not allowing media streaming to work. I have set all the required settings and tried all the work around and nothing works. The pc does not show up on any other network device as a "media device" which i believe is the reason the xbox cannot view it.

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Media Streaming Service

I have a slightly peculiar problem i currently run windows seven home premium 64-bit with 4gb ram and i am trying to media stream from my computer to my xbox. Doing this i have no problem they connect to each other and they stream wonderful. But once the media streaming is enabled or turned on my ram memory is filled up to 90% and keeps increasing my computer slows down and i cant do anything unless i go into the task manager and force end the "windows media player network service" then my ram empty back to its original 17% what's going on is this a bug in windows seven because im sure this is not supposed to happen i have to go in to the services and disable this from starting now every time.

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Media Player Streaming Music

I am having a problem i have 3 computers all on a network trying to share music from media player on my main computer(1). My laptop computer(2) see's the connection in media player and can stream the music from my main computer(1) using other libraries and see's media computer (3). My other media computer(3) cannot see the main computer (1) in other libraries but yet media center see's main computer (1) and shared files? I am a little lost as to why computer (3) cannot see computer (1) in other libraries. Yet the other 2 can see all.

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Media Player 12 Streaming Video Stutters

I've been having this problem for awhile now and i'm about at my wit's end with it. When i'm streaming any kind of video using wmp12, the video and sound just briefly stutter every 5 seconds or so and it's incredibly irritating. It doesn't seem to be a bandwidth/buffering issue, as it doesn't occur in other media players (media player classic for instance) and changing the network buffering settings to force as much as 30 second buffering doesn't seem to affect it (and it starts doing it before the 30 seconds of buffered time has elapsed).

It doesn't do it, however, if i download the file and play it from the hard drive. I have all sound enhancements turned off, srs wow turned off, and my video and sound drivers are current. I am running windows 7 home 64-bit. If anyone has any other ideas to try, i would very much appreciate it.

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Media Player Trouble Watching Streaming Video Files

I have a windows 7 machine with media player 12. I have been having trouble watching streaming video files for an online class i am taking. They're . Asx files, streaming only, not available for download. I get error code c00d11b1. I can watch videos on every other site i have tried (like youtube,, etc). I can watch the college. Asx files on the 'guest' account on my computer. I tried using my computer manufacturers tech-support. They had me remove wmp then reinstall it. That worked fora while, but now i have the same problem again today, where i can't watch the college videos.

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Streaming Video Problem

Ever since i performed a clean reinstall of windows 7(x64), i have been having a problem with streaming videos where they would play fine in full screen for a while but then would exit full screen for no reason. I have checked my background programs along with my settings and none seem to be out of order. I've been scratching my head for a while now as to a remedy for this problem.

Also had the same problem with wmp 12, but fixed that by switching to vlc media player but would like to not rely on different programs to fix an odd problem such as that one. On a side note, i do not have a screen saver on as well as my anti-virus program is kept on silent mode during full screen viewing as to not interrupt the streaming and my drivers are all up to date. Did not have this problem before reinstalling windows 7, so not sure what could have changed to cause this problem.

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Streaming Video And Download Problem

I am running on windows 7 and when i go to watch streaming video it will load up between 5 seconds - 60 seconds (roughly) and then stop. It will not continue to load or buffer unless i click ahead in the video and then it will continue loading it from that point and i will get another 5-60 seconds of video before i have to click ahead in the video again.

Now with downloading off of the internet it will stop downloading after a certain amount of time (random amounts again) but typically if i pause the download and resume the download it will continue, until it stops again and i have to pause and resume to continue downloading it.

Now if i use a program to download something (like limewire or vuze) it never stops downloading. It will download the entire thing fast without stopping once. I use mozilla firefox btw. But ie does the same thing, that google chrome did the same thing. I do not know how to fix this problem.

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Cannot Play Internet Radio Streaming

I just did a clean install of win7 and after a quite of hassle i have everything working perfectly in mediacenter with ffdshow. Mp3's are playing, audio on tv is fine, videos, mkv files, subtitles all working without a glitch but i cannot play any stream link from within media player. On xp and vista i had several links on my library of windows media player that point to stream radio usually from shoutcast and usually in the form of . Pls files where i click on it and the streaming was happening flawlessly from within windows mediacenter as well.

On the new installation now when i open any stream url from within windows media player i just get a generic error "windows media player cannot play any items on the list. ". Is this a codec thing ? I tried almost anything but i cannot fix this.

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Choppy Streaming Video In Ie8

Since installing windows 7 all the steaming video in ie8 is choppy. I did not have this problem with xp or vista. I have checked with my ip and i am getting a good signal. If i use linux the video steams ok. So it is windows 7 or ie8. All the web sites stream using adobe flash player. I have a desktop and a two year old notebook and i get the same results on both of them. Does anyone have this problem? Do you know the solution?

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Ie8 Streaming Audio Problem On Win 7 64-bit

Ie8 64 bit and ie8 32 bit quit streaming audio on windows 7 64 bit system. Adobe says flash is not available for 64 bit. This is a new intel i7 920 windows 7 professional 64bit 6gb ram. For the past week, ie8 was streaming xm and a local radio station, then stopped working abruptly tonight. With regard to xm, after clicking on 'listen now' button, the status bar says 'errors on page' and won't load the player. I cleared cache, cookies, etc. No luck.

I used the reset button for ie8. No luck. Deleted the google and yahoo toolbars. No luck. I then uninstalled ie8 and reinstalled. Streaming is now partially working but the player wants to install macromedia flash. I link to adobe who says flash isn't available for ie 64 bit. So i tried ie8 32 bit. It won't stream at all. So i downloaded mozilla firefox and it works like a champ.

Any ideas why ie8 is misbehaving with regard to streaming audio? The pit bull in me wants to see ie8 working again as it did initially. Applications installed today included the hp software and driver for my c7180 all-in-one.

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Cannot Play Audio From Online Streaming Video Through Headset

On my new windows 7 home premium system, i can not play audio from online streaming video (hulu) through my headset jack.

After looking around to troubleshoot, have checked here: on my taskbar beside the time, i click the speaker icon and can see the incoming signal for my hulu is coming in. On the control panel/sound i have tested the left and right sound output and it tests ok. So, why is the sound not getting to the headphone speakers? How can i make this work? Have tried both ie and firefox current releases and neither works. Was trying to watch the superbowl ads on Video works, but have no audio getting through.

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No Sound On Games And Streaming Video Won't Play

I got a laptop computer from hp with windows vista, upgraded to windows 7 when it came out. It used to be that when i'd first turn on my computer, everything worked fine, but when i opened it after only shutting the thing (that is, without shutting down or logging off or anything like that), the sound, games (online and on my computer), and streaming video would not work. So i would just restart my computer and everything would work again. Now restarting isn't working. I can't get any of that to work. What can i do to cure this?

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Turn Off Libraries

Is there any way to turn off the whole 'libraries' deal? I'm sure it's a very useful feature for some people, but it's really just a pain in the butt for me. I keep my files organized by what they're about, not by pictures vs documents vs sound files, and having every freaking folder change when i change the display type (icons/list/etc) for one folder is really driving me crazy. I've moved the whole 'my documents' folder to my c: drive folder to get around it, but it's still annoying.

So yeah. Is there any way to disable this feature so i can organize my stuff the way i want to? And if not, where can i give microsoft feedback about it?

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How To Turn Aero Off ?

This question may be premature, because i am not getting in my win 7 x64 machine until next week - but it helps to be prepared. I currently use win xp pro, and i am very computer literate - just need to tell me where and how to do these things. Are they in similar places as in xp? I have low vision, and i use a 3rd party program zoom text, to magnify my screen. I also need very good contrast, with no interactive, flashy, dim, or transparent stuff on my screen. I will want to turn aero off. For the desktop - use windows classic, with a light gray background, with large text <- or use another motif (native to win 7) that may have similar or better contrast similar taskbar, and notification area to what i have now. Modify start menu - so it contains what i use.

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Windows Does Not Turn Off Monitors

I have a weird problem when windows will all of the sudden stop turning off monitors after 10 min of inactivity (or whatever is set in the power plan settings). What is weird about it is that it happens only once in a while, sometimes after 3-5 hours of normally doing so, sometimes from a reboot. However, once windows stopped turning off monitors only reboot can generally help. Generally, because sometimes i need two reboots for it to work.

It happened with a different motherboard, with both of my monitors, with integrated graphics and with two separate graphics cards. I do not use wireless mouse. I tried closing all possible programs but with no results. Minimal boot is not really a way of troubleshooting, because 'turning off monitors' usually works after reboot.

Please help, it is really annoying to come home and see that your monitors are illuminating the whole neighborhood.

Motherboard: gigabyte ga-ma790gp-ud4h
Chipset: amd 790gx
Video: ati radeon hd 3450 (powercolor)
Display: hp lp 2475w (over hdmi) and sony x82 deluxe (over dvi)
Os: windows 7 x64
Last drivers (whql) for chipset and video card.

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Turn Off A User Account

My mother has several children that live with her (her grandchildren/my nephew/niece) and has put a password lock on her new pc. It runs windows 7. Apparently my nephew found a way to bypass the password lock on the owner account (the admin account) and created an account called ownerpc/back up. Via remote assistance (she lives in ny, i live in fl) i was able to delete this account, but for the life of me i cannot find an option to turn off for this and i have also come up short trying to even find how he did it via web searches. Can anyone tell me how to prevent this from happening again? Or even how he was able to do this?

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Turn Off Dual Boot

I have a created a system using windows 7 64-bit and windows xp professional. My c drive is the win 7 while the d drive is the old windows xp. I am ready to abandon windows xp and go with windows 7 only. My c drive is a sata drive while my d drive is an old pata drive. I wish to disable windows xp and format the d drive.

In disk management, my windows 7 disk is disk 2/drive c: with boot, page file, crash dump and primary partition. My windows xp disk is listed as disk 0/drive d with system, active and primary partition

Since the boot info is on the windows 7, could i just take the d drive out of the system without any problems? Is there a way to tell the boot to ignore the d drive as a drive with an operating system on it before i remove the d drive?

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How To Turn On Automatic Logon ?

The registry entries we used to utilize autologon, no longer seem to work as they under windows xp.
Specifically, when choosing a windows only logon after installing novell client 2 for win7, the local windows account name does not pop up in the username field. Then, when you enter the proper workstation username, you must also enter the password. Previously, the password was supplied in the registry and was not required at workstation logon. Oddly, if you log to the novell network, the local user credentials *will* be properly used and the workstation account will be logged quietly and in the background without user intervention.

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Cannot Turn Windows Features On Or Off

Can't turn windows features on or off. Nothing shows in the box. "Windows features on or off" link shows no list in control panel. .net framework cannot be installed unless the feature is turned on.

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How To Turn Off Monitor Via Command Line ?

How can i turn off the monitor (i.e. , "Put it to sleep") via command line at the push of a button (or any other shortcut not requiring additional software)? I don't like it when, after a pause working on my pc, the screen turns itself off as set up per "power options" on the control panel. That's why i set the threshold fairly high.

Still, when i know i won't be needing the computer for a while, i want to save power and wish the sleep mode could be activated immediately. Turning the display off is not an option, since it has an integrated usb-hub - turning it off completely would disconnect any connected device. Usually though the computer still runs and might need the connected resources.

Ideally, by pushing a button (or starting a program or something), the display would immediately go into sleep mode.

On systems before vista and 7, iirc, executing a command along the lines of:

Rundll32.exe user32.dll, sendmessage (hwnd_broadcast, wm_syscommand, sc_monitorpower, 2);

Would do the trick. The dll would execute the command to put the monitor to sleep. One could create a shortcut or even integrate the command into a batch file, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to work on vista or 7.

Does anybody have an idea on how to do this on windows 7? I would very much try to avoid having to install any additional software to help me out. (There are quite some small applications around, even free ones, that promise to do just that, but i would like to avoid them if possible. And i cannot believe that something this basic that could be done on xp cannot be done anymore on 7!)

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Allow The Computer To Turn Off Device Problem

Windows 7 usb power management won't allow me to un-check the "allow the computer to turn off device. " Box, i'm having huge problems charging ipods and a blackberry via usb on my windows 7 (desktop) machine. I will add that this is the same hardware that 2 weeks ago had windows xp and the usb charging worked fine on all devices from all ports-front and rear.

I go to device manager and uncheck the box "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on all usb-hub entries, and while the checkbox becomes "unchecked", there is no change in charging ability but more curiously-when i restart the computer this box is checked again for all hubs. How can i force this box to stay unchecked. This is *not* a laptop. I don't care if there's power at the device at all times. It doesn't drain power when nothings connected so i don't see the issue here.

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How To Turn Hardware Acceleration Back On ?

Ok, i just installed windows 7 professional 64-bit on my laptop. Relevant specs are as follows:

Processor: intel core 2 duo t9800 @2. 93ghz
Ram: 4. 00 gb ddr3
Graphics card: ati mobility radeon hd 4670 w/ 1. 0 gb ddr3 dedicated graphics memory

Even though i had a few problems with windows vista home premium 64-bit (what i had on the laptop before i upgraded), i never had any problems playing games or other 3d applications because of my gpu's hardware acceleration. For example, i could run google earth with my processor never going above 15% usage.

When i installed windows 7, i was very impressed at how much faster it was than windows vista. It was very noticeable in everything from how fast it started up and shut down to how fast it loaded all the files in a folder. It was almost like getting a brand new computer.

That is, until i fired up celestia, a free 3d program that renders the solar system and about 2. 1 million other objects in a 3d model. I had never had any problems with this when i used windows vista; it ran perfectly smoothly and my cpu never even topped 12%. Much to my dismay, it started dropping frames left and right and the orbits of moons were popping in and out as i got closer to them. I checked the task manager and my cpu was hitting 89%! And this was despite the fact that the amount of ram in use was almost 300mb less than it had in windows earth ran with similar numbers.

I did some poking around and i discovered a very nasty fact: my hardware acceleration was turned off and there was no way for me to turn it on. Ati's control program for windows 7 doesn't even include an option for it. I also checked the directx settings and they are all enabled to max settings. Still no dice.

My question to you is: how do i turn the hardware acceleration back on? Can i turn it back on? If not, i'll have no choice but to go back to windows vista, because without hw acceleration, there's no way i'm going to be able to play any games more demanding than doom 3 or counterstrike if i can't even run celestia without problems.

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Cannot Get Laptop To Turn On Usb Port

I have windows 7 home premium and a zune 80 gig. The zune is stating error 5 contact support. I am trying to recover the files on the zune. I have drained the battery, waited weeks, etc. When i usb it to the computer it says the device has problems and the usb port or connection has been "turned off". There is no option to turn it on anyway. I have recently downloaded a recovery program, so if i can just get the computer to turn on the usb connection, even though it has problems, i may have a chance. Anyone know how to do this, or have any other ideas? 

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Turn Off User Account Control

How do i turn off user account control popups for certain programs without turning it off for them all? I saw how you can turn it off for all programs but i only want it turned off for those i constantly run like spore and other games. So please don't tell me to:

To stop the prompt run regedit. Navigate to the registry key
Change the value of consentpromptbehavioradmin to 0 (zero) from 2.
Change the value of consentpromptbehavioruser to 0 (zero) from 1.

I did this but i want it to be turned on for other programs especially my e-mail and internet programs.

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Turn Off Search In Address Bar

I recently downloaded the latest windows update, which in turn updates internet explorer to 8. What i absolutely loved about ie is that i could just type something in the address field (without adding ".com") and it would automatically pull up the website. Saved me a lot of time and loved the functionality of it. Now that it's been updated, i can't do that anymore. Ie8 automatically pulls up google search instead of just loading the page. Is there any way to turn this feature off? It slows my work down. And little minutes each time tends to add up.

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Computer Does Not Turn Back On After Standby

This doesn't seem like a windows problem, but it's only happened since i upgraded from xp to 7. Basically any time i turn the computer off or it enters standby it won't resume right away. When i press the power button the drive and fan spin up for a couple seconds before shutting down again. Nothing appears on the screen. After 15-20 minutes the problem disappears and the computer resumes as if nothing happened. Has anyone heard of this happening before? The computer is a dell precision m4400 running windows 7 64bit ultimate.

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How To Turn Off Expand To Full Screen ?

In win 7, when i move a window near the edge of the screen, the window expands to full screen. How do i turn off this feature?

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Compptcvui.exe Stop Windows To Turn Off Normally

I upgrade from vista 64 bits home premium to windows7 home premium 64 easely. But when i turn off my computer there's message "compptcvui.exe" stop windows to turn of normally. Force close program? When i was in vista i did one day , by mistake, the activation of finger recon. I'm in an acer 8930 environment. But i never use it because i do have any administrator in my computer. How can i disable this "finger "function?

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Dell Xps M1530 Backlight Does Not Turn Off

I have a dell xps m1530 with an nvidia 8600m gt graphics card. I upgraded to windows 7 professional 32bit and have noticed one small quirk. When the display turns off due to my power settings, the screen blanks, but the backlight remains on. Now, this is a small concern, you might say. I agree, but i am wondering if anyone else has seen this issue or can theorize its cause or a solution. I figure it's likely an incompatibility between older, no longer supported hardware (most recent m1530 bios is from 2008) and windows 7, but if anyone has any thoughts about it, i'd like to hear them, if for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity.

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