Aero / Desktop Manager Problem With Color Change

I recently purchased a new computer and was upgraded to windows 7 home premium. Everything installed fine, except each time i boot up i get "desktop window manger has closed. Windows is searching for a solution to the problem. " Windows never finds a solution. I have tried to manually start the service and it immediately stops. I believe this issue is causing problems with the personalization portion of my computer. I can see the aero themes. I can see my themes. However, the "colors" section on my computer is stuck on windows classic. Even if i try to manually change the colors, they will not update. I can change to any of the basic or high contrast themes and it will update. But nothing else outside of that will update. Not even manually. I also cannot see the aero transparency color selections. If i click on "window colors, " i get a basic dialog box that is permanently stuck on windows classic colors. It will not accept manual changes.

My computer is a new alienware gamer computer - very suped up video, ram, and memory. I don't think the problem is my hardware. So how do i fix this? I'm really annoyed that i can't get it fixed. The desktop pictures, sounds, etc. All change just fine. However, it will also require me to save any theme as a new theme if i make even the slightest change. I also cannot delete themes. Eta - i just checked my windows experience index.

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One Customizable Color For Aero Theme

Couldn't find any posts that definitively answered if you really can only adjust the window border color with aero themes. I have the home edition and really like the general look of the aero style windows, but i'm not too crazy about any of the colors that i can't seem to change (everything except the window border. ) Is it just that i need to spend more money to upgrade, or did some focus group decide that all shades of baby blue is what everyone wants?

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Error - Color Change Not Supported By Apple Program

Pid3320i purchased windows 7 upgrade from vista less than a week ago. I try to change colors in the task-bar and i get a notice the color cannot be changed because of an apple computer program does not support the color change. Pid3320 what is this? I have a dell computer.

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Error: Install Desktop Experience From The Server Manager

This is a weird one: i start a scan like i always do. I get the preview, but then instead of finishing, the scanner stops and i get a message: "please install desktop experience from the server manager. " I don't have a server manager. I am running windows 7 ultimate sp1. Also, i have no idea what experience a desktop would give me.

I tried doctoring around with switching windows 7 features on and off (web services, media player) because those were mentioned in connection with a desktop experience most frequently, but this changed nothing. What i have done a few weeks ago, is remove all instances of the built-in photo viewer, as it always kept creeping back as default. Can manually deleting anything called photo viewer impact the scanning process?

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Update Does Not Allow Aero Desktop

Windows 7 home premium 32 bit, internet explorer 8, compaq presario laptop update kb980302 doesn't allow windows to use any of the aero desktop features. I did a system restore to before this update was installed and restarted the machine. The desktop appears back as it should be. Then windows update downloads the file again as an important update and installs it when the machine shuts down. I've noticed today though that it downloads as an optional update. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Is there a bug in this update?

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Change Menu / Dialog Colors In Aero Scheme

If you go into classic mode, pretty much all the windows components are configurable in color. Most of aero is configurable through the old appearance interface, but the one thing you can't change is the #f0f0f0 color of dialog boxes, and the efefef color of menus. This color is reflected through all the components, and is in photoshop tools. It looks pretty bad: http://i911. Gif

The old color grey was c0c0c0. There is not enough contrast between the dialog box and the entry fields. There must be a knob i can twiddle somewhere?

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Aero Desktop Shuffle Not Working

I am using aero desktop in windows 7, all the features except the shuffling of the pictures are working, peek, flid 3d and transparency are all working fine however, for the last couple weeks the background pictures will not shuffle it is always stuck on the same picture. I have gone in and clicked the shuffle button and hit save changes but when i go back in to check the settings the shuffle button is not checked again. I have also tried changing the theme and those changes will not save as well. I ran the diagnostic tool for aero and it finds no errors so i have no idea what to do? What can i do to fix this my friend said it sounds like a registry error but i have no clue.

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Error - Mirror Drivers Don't Support Aero - Themes Does Not Change

I have had a hp dv4 laptop for sometime and was tinkering with settings today and realized no matter the theme i select my transparency does not change. I ran the troubleshoot and it says mirror drivers don't support aero. This is a new laptop running windows 7 64bit i should not be having an issue like this somebody give me hand.

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Cannot Change Desktop Background

I recently got an hp mini netbook and when i try to change the wallpaper it wont work. I tried the right-click and "set as background" feature but that wont work. I also fallowed a video on how to go to start menue-then control pannel- then type in the search box "desktop background". What is supposed to happen is an option to "change desktop background" should appear, but when i typed in "desktop background" it said that no items matched my search. I have no clue what is wrong! Anybody had the similar problem or know what to do?

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Cannot Change Background On Desktop

I am using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit version. In my dell inspiron 15 laptop. I am not able to set a background on my desktop. 5 days back i found the black background after login. All the icons are intact. I tried changing background , changing the theme, restarted the laptop. But nothing solved the problem. When i select any theme in personalization window, it is showing the message. "" Personalization (not responding) but i could set solid colours to my background.

I tried by changing screen resolution, it worked for 2 times but today, it also didn't work, is there any permanent fix for this? I tried by restoring to a previous restore point. This also didn't work, suggest me any fix, please i updated the windows 7 and installed them 2 days before.

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Cannot Change Desktop Shortcut Icon

I've got an application shortcut on my desktop which leads to a dos based executable. The icon is apparently generic windows 7. I've tried to change it several times to one of the icons in shell32.dll. No luck, the apply button remains greyed out, even though for all intense and purposes the shortcut itself recognizes the icon as it is depicted in the upper left hand corner of properties. If i change any of the other settings and apply the icon it is still not transferred. This is only true of this "dos" based app.

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Desktop Picture Change To Black

Why does my desktop picture change to black. I know i don't have it set to change every so many minutes because i've not set that and it also just goes to black! My aunt's computer with windows 7 does the same thing. I've not been able to figure out why this happens. I can set a desktop theme even, download one from the internet, the wallpaper is set to whatever the theme sets it to, looks great, then within about 10 minutes or so, pow! The background goes to black! Any idea why this happens?

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Unable To Change Desktop Aspect Ratio

I cannot change the aspect ratio for my desktop. If i go to "intel graphics media accelerator driver for mobile", display settings tab, aspect ratio options button, the system defaults to "full screen". If i select either "maintain aspect ratio", or "center image" the "apply" button stays grayed out and only the "ok" and "cancel" buttons are active, but hitting "ok" doesn't have any affect. Also, in the "personalization" > "desktop background", "picture position" drop down menu box only the "stretch" option works.

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No Color Output From Printer

My pc connects wirelessly to a zerox colour printer and my operating system is windows 7. Never encountered problems before with printing colour suddenly i seem to have lost colour output. When i view a picture through windows photo viewer the photo shows as colour until i click on print and then goes to black and white with no colour option. My canon copier (direct connection) also produces black and white copies only now as well. How can i get colour please on output. All appearances etc to desk top are fine etc with full colour, can anyone help please?

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Color Profile Conundrum

When i view images using picasa viewer or internet explorer they appear bright and saturated. When i view the images with lightroom they appear bright in library mode but dull in develop mode. In safari, firefox etc they appear dull and unsaturated no matter what color profile i select (at least of the ones i have selected). What color profile is ie using when it uses windows default(photography)?When i look in color management i see  device profile system default (srbg iec61966-2. 1)

System default (wsc profile for srgb viewing conditions)icc rendering intent to wcs gamut mapping perceptual (photo images): system default (photography) i have set firefox to use srbg iec61966-2. 1 profile but images still look much duller and unsaturated than in ie 8. Can someone explain to me what ie is using that ff isn't so i can resolve this? I assume it has something to do with wcs and gamut but this is over my head.

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Color Scheme Randomly Changes

Windows 7 color scheme randomly changes, while working or while idle. Pretty much anytime its just random. I know some programs will force it to change to windows basic. But thats not what i am talking about. It does that same exact thing randomly without asking or popping up a message. Sometimes it will make the screen flicker. Most of the time it goes right back to the aero theme shortly after. I have all the latest hardware and updated drivers. I built this system.

I am running windows 7 ultimate retail. I have an evga x58 sli le motherboard. 6gb of ram, an intel i7 930 processor. Ati radeon 5850 graphics card, 800w ps. My cpu temp never goes above 40c and that has nothing to do with the randomness of this occurrence. I am thinking it may have something to do with background programs, like maybe downloading and/or installing automatic updates and/or program guides for media center. Or maybe i was thinking it could be some kind of malicious software. I do have avast antivirus and i am using windows firewall and all protections that i can.

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Screen Color Control

I've used computers for some 30 years. I've just upgraded to win 7. I need to adjust on-screen and menu-bar colors, to fit with a high-contrast color scheme. I use a black application background and want to use white letters, in all applications. This minimizes eye strain.

When i select "white" for the "application text", i get also get "white" for the button text. As the buttons are a very pale gray, the white letters are unreadable. Is there a step-by-step procedure: (a) to change the color of the button top, so making white letters legible or (b) to de-link the button text from the application text, so that i can have white letters for use in applications, and, say, blue letters for button text?

Further, on the menu bars, the baseline colors are gray letters on a milky white background. For me, this is next to unreadable, especially as the icons are tiny.

Is there a way - on the menu bars - to have a black background, with white letters. If so, is there a step-by-step procedure, that you can share? I don't mind editing system files, but need to know - keystroke-by-keystroke - what needs to be changed in each file.

My high-contrast color set up mimics that of air traffic controllers' screens: the background is black. The symbols are colored. This allows controllers to stare at screens for hours, without getting eyestrain. The only illuminated pixels are those with information.

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Window, Color & Appearance Messed Up

Messed something up on the "window, color & appearance" program. I now have pink backgrounds with white text. I can't read it!

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Monitor Color Calibration Fails

Before anyone tries, the "solution" at -

- Has been tried, and doesn't work.

On a windows 7 notebook, color calibration fails. Any attempt to set color calibration disappears when the machine hits sleep mode or the screen goes blank from the screen saver timer.

A color calibration profile using a pantone huey has been created, but any attempt to set this as the system's default color profile through windows 7 color management fails. Updating display drivers makes no difference. Uninstalling and reinstalling the display drivers makes no difference.

The notebook uses a mobile intel 965 chipset.

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Taskbar / Window Color Problem

For some reason, my windows 7 taskbar color (and window color) is light blue when it's not supposed to be. I've changed my themes a couple of times, but the color is still light blue, and not changing. I've opened up the "window color" tab, but it shows me stuff like: "to turn on windows aero, select a windows theme. " I've never had this experience before, because whenever i opened the window color tab, it would show me colors, and a transparency slider, and stuff like that.

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Hp Color Laserjet Cp2025dn Printer Offline

I have network printer at my work that is state that it's offline but actually the printer is working, i manage to print the test page but nothing more. It's hp color laserjet cp2025dn, i was able to print perfectly with xp but now i replace my computer that works with windows 7 and i can't print its always said it's offline.

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Color Problem When Resuming From Standby Mode

I'm running 64 bit windows 7. When i wake my computer from standby mode, the screen turns on, then goes black. I shake the mouse(assuming because that's how my power options are set up) and the monitor comes back on, but when my desktop appears, the entire screen is darkened, but my pointer is still a brilliantly true white. Its the kind of darkening that happens when windows prevents significant changes to your computer and pops up a dialog asking you to confirm, but without the dialog. The only solutions i've found to this problem are restarting and going into my graphics card settings and resetting my colors. Since i'd rather not have to do that each time i resume from standby, is there another way?

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Dell 720 Color Inkjet Printer Compatibility

Will the current 64 bit vista home premium sp1 printer driver for the dell 720 color inkjet printer work if the system is upgraded to windows 7 home premium 64 bit? Per dell website 720 printer compatible with windows 2000, xp, vista 32 bit only; vista 64 bit not listed & windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) is "not compatible". But the 64 bit vista printer driver must exist since 32 bit driver will not work in 64 bit vista, so i'm told, and a driver was installed during first time 720 printer installation.

First time install of 720 printer: after system boot, with internet access on, connected 720 via usb cable, vista hp sp1 64 bit detected printer then downloaded printer driver from internet.

I would expect (hope?) Windows 7 upgrade to use the existing vista printer driver since it does not have a driver of it's own to use. Maybe i'm wrong. Free windows 7 upgrade dvd due to arrive soon. Need to know if new printer should be in plans before upgrading.

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Brother Mfc 255cw Color Printer Problem

We've just purchased a new computer running windows 7. We attached our printer, it was detected and immediately configured. (It's a brother mfc -255cw color printer). We've used it for several weeks with no problems. Now, suddenly, it won't print and says it's because of a problem with the current printer setup (although as far as i can tell it hasn't changed at all).

I went to check the properties and got an error message and i tried to "find" the printer but got the error message: the active directory domain service was unavailable. (Although according to the computer control panel it is the currently installed, default printer). What's going on?

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Latest Nvidia 8600 Gt Driver Color Problem

I recently upgraded to windows 7 and installed the most recent driver update for the 8600 gt. Since installing the driver, the color on my monitor has changed, with more of a reddish, overexposed look. The difference is particularly noticeable because you can see the color change a few seconds after startup when the desktop first shows up. The colors are normal for about 5 seconds, and then my the color change occurs. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing this, how i could try to troubleshoot/fix it? Hpm9100t 2. 66 ghz q6700 quad, windows 7 x64, 4g memory, nvidia 8600 gt

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Hp 3700 Color Laserjet / Unable To Store Job At Printer

I have a hp 3700 color laser jet printer that i used with windows xp pro. I recently purchased a new computer with windows 7 pro. The printer prints single pages with no problem but does not print muliple pages of the same job. For example, if i am printing 25 copies of the same page, the first copy prints and the second copy has a message about job storage status page.

Error: unable to store job at printer
Reason: printer does not suppport collation at printer

Solution: turn off mopier enabled in your printer driver
I have no idea how to solve this problem so i can print muliple pages of the same job.

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Desktop Freeze When Programs Work Behind Desktop

Windows 7 desktop freeze when all other programs work behind desktop. When using any program, the desktop freezes so no icon can be selected/program opened. The only way to clear the freeze is to shut down. If however one chooses to use a program behind the desktop - it works fine. Anyone ideas how to prevent shutting down as the solution? I haven't heard anything like this on any other platform. At 1st, i thought it was a wireless freeze matter.

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Internet Download Manager

I have installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit, but when i am trying to install internet download manager it is not installing, after installation when we click on idm it gives error message, windows can not access the specify path c:/program files/ internet download manager/ idm.exe, so what to do  let me know, when i restart machine one box appears for idm some files to be downloaded but when i click on that it gives error that your proxy setup is wrong.

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Ie Download Manager Feature

This might be more of a suggestion for a future feature in microsoft internet explorer, but is there any sort of download manager available in the ie8 browser? Something along the lines of getright, such that it resumes downloads if they time out or have to be paused?

I think it is odd that we have exponential increases in hard drive space and online data storage, but ie still stalls when downloading or uploading files. I am taking an online class through my university but i am unable to download files very easily because ie8 keeps stalling and ending the download early, sometimes also being unable to resume it even when i try to re-download the file immediately. I was hoping getright would solve my problem but my school uses a forwarding procedure to download the videos (e.g. , Clicking the link downloads "download. Mov", which then changes to the actual file link "class. Mp4"). I am unable to find the full link for class. Mp4 and so am kinda in limbo for now.

Does ie8 have any sort of built-in download manager or have one available as an add-on?

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Display, Task Manager

Okay, so i somehow changed the look of my task manager and now it doesn't help me with anything. It was the regular task manager when i bought it then one day it was just different. The only thing that it shows when i go to task manager after (ctrl, alt, del) is (headings at the top) user, id, status, client name, session. Thats all it shows as headings at the top. Then at the bottom it has two buttons, disconnect, log-off. When i try and right click to get more options it only shows disconnect or log-off as options.

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