Screen Flickers To Desktop When Using Outlook Email

We have just bought a toshiba netbook nb200 with 1gb ram and an atom 1. 6ghz processor. It has windows home premium installed. When going from preview to full view of emails (and also sometimes changing from calendar to email & back) the screen flickers frequently going from outlook then flashing to desktop for fractions of a second and back. Emails that usually take less than a second to load can take up to 10 seconds when this happens.

It seems to occur regardless of how many other programs are open at the same time. A similar issue, probably related, is encounter when opening large word documents (>2mb). On these occasions it is just the title bar that flickers. Would love some suggestions

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Screen Flickers Every 10 Seconds

I have installed windows 7 and my screen flicks every 10 seconds or so. I have a hp touchsmart and and my card is nvidia geforce 9300m gs. I have installed the latest driver

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Live Email Vs Outlook

I used to use outlook to get my mail, now windows 7 doesn't work with it. I did the steps to add my email account to their windows live email and set my password. With regular outlook, when i would click the icon, the small password box would first open and the email window would not appear until the password was entered. When i click on this live icon, the email window opens (the preview window pane) and then the small password window appears in the middle of it.

Granted, you can't actually click on the folders in the mail window without entering the password, but you can see the messages waiting in the preview pane! What's the use of needing a password if people can still kind of see some of your emails? How do you get it to work more like outlook, where the email window will not open at all until the password is entered? Plus, nothing from my email account has come over to this live account (i.e. My contacts or the messages in my folders, including any new messages). I thought it was supposed to transfer the email account when i went through the add an account steps?

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Outlook Express Email Use On Win 7

I used to use outlook express for my e-mail accounts. I was told that windows 7 does not support outlook express; so i am currently using g-mail; however, i do not like the format for g-mail, and i find windows live mail a nightmare; there is way too much information on the windows live mail page, when all that someone wants to do is write a simple e-mail. Is it possible to install outlook express on my new compaq presario that is loaded with windows 7?

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Email Program To Replace Outlook Express

I need an email program to replace the no-longer available outlook express, which i have used for years. My computers are online only for uploading or downloading. Since most of my emails are composed off line that eliminates windows live mail and similar web-based programs. Also, since i have years of email archives in outlook express format, i need something which will be file-compatible with those oe archives. It is not worth buying msft office just to get outlook. I have tried thunderbird but it has a few drawbacks which make it only marginally acceptable for needs. What other options are there?

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Does Outlook Express Delete Email From Server?

When outlook express fetches new email from the server, does it remove that email from the server or is it left on the server?The reason i'm asking is because i have been tasked with fixing a problem that involves an unfortunate interaction between oe and our software so i have to setup an oe on a test machine and hook it to a valid email server. If i install oe and direct it to my email account, will it download all of my email from the server to the oe test machine i'm attempting to debug or will it leave the original email on the server?

If it removes the email from the server that will mess up my email as far as my real work machine's outlook is concerned which is set up to leave email on the server so i don't really want oe to delete email from the server.

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Outlook Xp Problem With Log Into Email Account

When i added my email account to outlook xp under windows 7 i told it to save my password. When i clicked 'test settings' all of the tests completed.

Every time i run outlook xp it requests my password now! It does not ask for a profile. It says: pop., and the 'password' field is empty. When i type in my password it says the server rejected mylog in! If i go to my email account settings the password is in the appropriate field. If i click on 'test settings' all tests pass!

I went into notepad. I typed my password. I selected and copied my password. I went to my email account with internet explorer. I pasted my password into the appropriate field. I clicked 'log in. ' i was successful in logging in. I logged out.

I invoked outlook. It requested my password for: pop. I pasted my password into the appropriate field. I clicked: log in. Outlook told me that my email server had rejected my log in! I logged into my email account. I did not logout. I once again invoked outlook. This time i was not asked for my password. I clicked: send/receive all of my emails were received!

I called my email provider. I asked if he had any idea why outlook was not working. He said he had no idea. This never happened under windows xp. Does anyone know why outlook xp is unable to log into my email account under windows 7? Programmer for visual c+ 6. 0, and microsoft office including access.

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Cannot Upload Email Or Address Info Into Outlook 2003

Wdo 7 start up: outlook 2003 cant open the contact file with name/address list -file/import/import internet mail and addr/outlook express 4x. /Options/folder with dbx files/ok/ = import error:the mail folder could not be opened. If another application is using this file, please close it and try again.

When i try import from another program or file/microsoft excel/browse: the browse window says the folder holding the fily is empty. Im at a loss of how to make this happen on a bulk action to upload email files or folders. How can i do this?

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Outlook Express Email Migration In Windows Mail

Recently purchased a new notebook with windows 7, now facing with a big problem. I am working on outlook express in windows-xp in my earlier computer and have loads of email data in it. After purchasing the new note book with windows 7 without knowing the fact that windows 7 doesn't support outlook express, i am now completely stuck up, helpless and have no way rather then to continue my usage of my old notebook having windows-xp for accessing my mails in outlook express as i take references to the old emails in contrast to reply.

I did the back up of my outlook express and copied it to windows mail in windows 7 notebook , but it didn't work out. Kindly help me out in migrating the outlook express mails to windows 7with steps which is the big issue of mine.

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Change Default Program For Email From Outlook To Gmail

How do i change the "mailto:" or default mail program? Change default of outlook to gmail for sending emails from web pages. When i'm on a web page and it has an email address on it that i can use to contact the owner of that web page, my computer defaults to using outlook. I use gmail not outlook and want any responses to go to my gmail. How can i make this happen?

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Bar On Desktop For Easy Access To Email, Im

Just got a new laptop with w7 today, and i am loving it. There's one thing i was wondering if someone can help me find, though.

On one of the display computers at a store i visited, there was a bar at the top of the desktop with buttons for easy access to mail and im (and, i believe, a couple of other programs, but i can't remember which). It was not the taskbar just moved to the top - looked completely different. I thought it might be a gadget or something, but i can't seem to find it listed anywhere.

Can anyone help me figure out what this is and how i might get it on my computer? I know that i could just pin the messenger buttons to the taskbar, but i'm still trying to figure out what all i want to put there, so as to not let it get too cluttered.

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Can't Email Photos From Photo Gallery Via Outlook 2007

Can't email photos from photo gallery via outlook 2007(not outlook express) once photos are attached in email, i get message "out memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs & retry"

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Taskbar Flickers

I've been finding that the taskbar flickers to black, like the images disappear. It happens to the time, buttons, start menu windows icon, etc. It flickers back and forth and eventually stops. I'm thinking it's a driver problem? There seems to be no pattern as to what's causing it. Here's my hardware info:

Mobile intel(r) 965 express chipset family (microsoft corporation - prerelease wddm 1. 1)

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Email Problem With Draft Message Flashes Up On Screen

Every time i try to write an e-mail, the page comes up as though i am wanting to do a 'draft' and it flashes up on the screen from time to time while i am writing that my message has been saved to 'drafts'. The problem, as written above, happens every time that i write an e-mail. The little 'pencil' icon is shown next to the 'contact' address.

As i can only type using 2 fingers, it takes me a while to write long messages and it keeps interrupting my writing by saying that the message has been saved to drafts. A quick glimpse of something about 'downloading' and 'msn' flashes up at the bottom of the screen. When i check up in 'drafts' there is nothing there. I have tried to stop this from happening but have not succeeded.

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Hdtv Desktop Output - Full Screen

When i first connected my hdtv via hdmi and duplicated the desktop on both laptop and tv, i got a full screen image (at 1366x768). Now, i get a small sized desktop in the middle of the hdtv, unless i only display the desktop on the hdtv (at 1080 lines) and not the laptop. How do i change this back? Also, i used to have the functionality when i hit fn+f5 that it cycled through a range of different display output modes. However, now i need to use windows+p to cycle through projector modes. Any ideas what's changed?

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Remote Desktop Full Screen Problem

I have been using win 7 since a couple of months now and the user experience is great !

Upgraded remote desktop software is great but with one very annoying issue that i am facing.
I use this to acces my pc on my home lan. I once exited its full screen mode as i needed windowed mode to work, but since then i have not been able to get back to full screen mode. I have tried to restart remote sessions, resart both pcs, delete credentials but to vain.

Kindly help to resolve the issue as it is very annoying to use remote session in windowed mode, navigating up and down each time to access the task bar and address bar !

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Desktop Background Does Not Fit Full Screen

Picture size does not cover the entire display area. I show an indent of about 1 1/2" on each side. How do enlarge the picture? Let me clarify my situation. I am dealing with a new laptop toshiba computer. I can't say this condition has existed from the beginning. The picture i am looking at right now shows a black blank strip 1 1/2" wide on either side. My screen resolution is set at 1024x768. Where do i go now?

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Monitor Flickers On Side

My monitor flickers on on side. It's an old monitor about 6 years old. I know new monitor is a perfect fix but can't afford that at present. Ny suggestion?It's a samsung monitor. Windows 7 ultimate, 32-bit.

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After An Accidental Shutdown The 32-bit Program Flickers

Dreamweaver 8 worked fine for the first few days on my windows 7 computer. Oddly the companion program, fireworks, is just fine. I accidentally hit the power strip and turned the computer off. Since then it it won't open. When i try to open it, it flickers on, then disappears. Same thing happens when i try to get the 8. 02 patch from macromedia.

Yes, it's an older version, but i am reluctant to buy cs4 since it's not quite compatible and they're coming out with cs5 sometime this year. Does the flickering signal something worse with my computer? Any way to get this 32-bit program running again?

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Move Outlook Express Emails To Outlook 2007

Ok, i've read huge quantities of info on how to do this. I have my old folder saved from outlook express 6. I have a laptop with xp, outlook express 6 and outlook 2003 on it. I copied the outlook express folder to the laptop. Started up outlook express and changed the 'store' folder to the folder with my old saved mails. All the mail i can see in outlook express. Closed outlook express.

Opened up outlook, choose import and imported outlook express mail into outlook. I now have an outlook. Pst and a extend. Dat file in the documents and setting, outlook folder. So, i will copy these 2 files to a thumb-drive, then go to my windows 7 machine that has outlook 2007 installed and copy and overwrite the . Pst file on that machine.

Is this it? Is there going to be a problem with the fact that i created the . Pst file in outlook 2003? I read a few posts that i should not overwrite the original file, but to copy the new file somewhere else and just 'open' it in outlook 2007, is this correct?

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Standard Email Client - 3rd Party Email Program

I work on a danish high-school, and i need to use a 3rd party email- and conference program as my standard email client. The client is first class. When i install it, and marks it as standard email client, windows 7 doesn't recognize it, and when you click on a mailto: in explorer it pops up with a message saying standard client not installed correct.

I have tried to edit standard programs, but only windows software appears in there, and i can't get my 3rd. Party client to appear. How do i solve this problem?

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Migrating From Outlook Express Xp To Outlook 2010

Spent 1. 5 days trying it and it didn't work yet. Saw lots of posts in google already. Goal: restore outlook express emails (. Dbx files) and address books (. Wab files) from a maxtor drive to windows 7 outlook 2010. We work with 2 pcs: 1 win xp, 1 win 7. Tried the following approaches. Only the first 1 works but i don't know how to move forward.

1.copy . Dbx and . Wab files to a win xp machine. Open outlook express and import them. It works how to transfer these files to windows 7 outlook 2010 then? Win 7 is on another computer.

2.copy . Dbx and . Wab files to win 7 machine. Use outlook 2010 to import. Only got 1 file and 1 address.

3. Installed win xp mode on win 7. Use the outlook express on win xp to import. Fold structure is totally messed up different result from #1, which is on a physical xp machine.

4. On win xp, use outlook 2007 to import email from outlook express. Exceed the max size of . Ost file since there are about 7gb of email. So outlook 2007 is crippled. Had to delete all emails. If this works, we can copy the . Pst file from ol 2007 to ol 2010, right?

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Desktop Freeze When Programs Work Behind Desktop

Windows 7 desktop freeze when all other programs work behind desktop. When using any program, the desktop freezes so no icon can be selected/program opened. The only way to clear the freeze is to shut down. If however one chooses to use a program behind the desktop - it works fine. Anyone ideas how to prevent shutting down as the solution? I haven't heard anything like this on any other platform. At 1st, i thought it was a wireless freeze matter.

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Using On-screen Keyboard To Print Screen

Well, firstly, thanks for making the onscreen keyboard so much bigger and more usable in w7 compared to xp. All good, until you need to "print screen", at which point you get an enormous section of the screen that you don't want - i.e. The new enlarged virtual keyboard.

So, is there a way to use the onscreen keyboard to print just the screen and not itself - sort of like you would get if it really was a keyboard - imagine how annoying it would be for all users if every time they used that function it inserted a nice big picture of your real keyboard over what you actually wanted. This has been a problem with xp, now a bigger one - 4 times as big in fact, with w7.

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I am running microsoft office professional 2003 on a dell laptop (d610) with wifi. I had outlook set up before with some old email addresses, and now when i try to open outlook it says it is trying to configure emails, then after it can't i get error messages saying i need to be connected.

How do i get into outlook. I can't get into it to change anything. When i go to my control panel and open "mail" it is asking me for the name of the exchange server. What do i put in there? Then if i go further (and i don't remember how i got there!) And try to set up a new email account, it asks for pop3 name and stmp name. I use wifi! What do i put in there? I use internet explorer and my emails are through hotmail.

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Outlook Calendar

I teach at a college and use outlook at work and at home also. I am trying to set up a shared student outlook calender so that tutors can use this to place their lesson itinerary/schedule into for each subject (the lessons could be added as recurring appointments). The lesson schedule is usually around 36 weeks - 1 lesson per week.

Specifically i would like to know if its possible to isolate one of the recurring appointments in outlook and view all the series of appointments on one page. As each weekly lesson(appointment) contains unique content and is different from week to week, we need to be able to view them all rather than the 'open and edit this series' option which treats the whole series generically and would apply any edit to every appointment in the series.

For example rather than displaying the full working week/month. If a lesson took place on a tuesday each week at 1030, could we isolate this series and only see these tuesday weekly sessions (tuesday week 1 appointment displayed next to tuesday week 2 appointment and so on)? This would allow the staff to view all these appointments only on one page as opposed to seeing every day of the week/month.

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Oe And 2007 Outlook

I backed up my address book and saved it as a . Wab file. Then i upgraded my os to win 7 from xp64. I then installed 2007 enterprise. I then wanted to import my . Wab into outlook but it wont recognize file. Does ms offer any program that will convert . Wab file to . Pst? If not why not? Did anyone at ms even consider that someone may want to import their oe contacts into outlook? I have the same type of problem with my . Dbx files. This is so typical of ms.

Malkeleah gave me info to fix problem. I apologize for my outburst dissing ms. Maybe i flipped out because of all the crazy stuff ms has done in the past. Still the . Dbx thing kind of tweaks my gourd tho.

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Win 7 With Outlook

I recently upgraded from windows vista to windows seven and am sorry that i did. I no longer can use outlook express. Nor do i want to have to inform all my e-mail correspondents of a new e-mail address if i change to one of the new e-mail components in windows seven. Now i also have trouble in deleting files or copying and moving them to another location. I notice that outlook express is available to students and teachers. I am retired and am neither a teacher or a student to avail myself of the outlook express software.

I am blind and use the jaws screen reading software from freedom scientific. I can log on to my e-mail account but can only access the dates, names and sizes of the e-mails. But i cannot open and read them. Will you tell me if it is possible for me to obtain the software to run outlook express? You can send me an answer to my verizon e-mail address and my son will read it to me.

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Ms Outlook And Win 7

I am not sure where this question should be asked because it is about outlook 2003 as an app in 64-bit win 7? After installing office 2003, i used outlook connector to establish a connection to my windows live email in outlook. Also, i was able to open a transferred pst file to load all my saved emails. But, when i create a new email and select the "to:" button, a message popup says "the address list could not be displayed.

The contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened, it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions. " When i click "ok" it then brings up the "select names" box and if i use the "show names from the:" pull-down there is another list called "contacts in [my hotmail address]" and when i select it i get my address list.

Well, i tried everthing to eliminate that message and show me my address list but nothing worked. Then, to further make matters worse. I deleted the folder in the contacts called "contacts" and now i cannot get the folder back, even after a repair and then a reinstall of outlook. Any help on how to recover or add a folder there and to show my contacts and address as well as eliminate that message and have the contacts come up with a new email would be much appreciated.

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Cannot Hyperlink In Outlook

I recently installed windows 7, home premium as a single user. Apparently the "automatic upgrade" is changing my settings. In outlook, i cannot "hyperlink": clicking on a hyperlink i get this message: "this operation has been canceled due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". I am a single user, i have never set up any "restrictions". What can i do to fix this and get back to operating "hyper-links?".

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