Skype Does Not Recognize Microsoft Webcam Lifecam Vx-3000

How do i get skype to recognize microsoft web camera, lifecam vx-3000?

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Microsoft Lifecam Vx 3000 Is Not Working

I have upgraded to windows 7 and am trying to re-install my lifecam vx-3000 but wen i do i get a message stating the cam "is not working" and "the program will close". I have installed the drivers from microsoft (lifecam 3. 2) and nothing. I even tried to re-install from disc but this said it was not compatible with windows 7 ( it was lifecam 1. 4). So i now have a web cam that i cannot use yet is supposed to be compatible with windows 7. I was on xp before and had the same problem updating the drivers- the exact same problem occurred then so i had to stay with the disc but now i can't even do that. Any help on what to do now please?

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Webcam Software For Microsoft Lifecam 500 Vx

Recently i bought microsoft lifecam 500 vx. This cam is good but i cant see it working without any im support. I mean, it works only in internet.coz its just plug and play and doesn't need any software.

But one of my friend has the same model but he is using logitech quickcam software to display it offline. I downloaded the same but still its not working it says your camera isn't connected or its not working properly. My camera is good. It doesn't have any fault. So which software is good for this model. My operating system is windows 7 ultimate. 32 bit. Please, let me know sooner/.

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Lifecam Vx-3000 Compatibility

When i try to install webcam, lifecam vx-3000 i get a message that there are known compatibility issues with windows 7. There is a link to try to find a solution, but when i click on it it does not lead anywhere. On microsoft site, the webcam is shown as being compatibile with windows 7. What can i do? I have now managed to download new software but cannot install because i am now getting a message that set up cannot continue because the download was not digitally signed by microsoft - so stuck again?

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Lifecam 3.0 No Program "microsoft Lifecam" Shows Up

I plugged in the lifecam cinema usb after the auto-restart. 2 messages appeared: new hardware was found and your new hardware is ready for use. There is not much help in the "manual".

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Microsoft Lifecam Hd 5000 No Picture

I have just bought the microsoft lifecam hd-5000 and have installed it, and reset my computer. I am running windows 7 64bit by the way. When i open lifecam up it says 'there is no camera connected to this computer' but when i connected it to the usb port it detected it and installed the drivers. I cannot use it on msn messenger either, but for some reason it works on justin. Tv. I've tried running lifecam as admin but no success. Please help i just spent $130 on this webcam. I have also tried different usb ports and reinstalling.

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Microsoft Lifecam Vx-1000 Picture Is Blurry

How to make my microsoft lifecam vx-1000 not blurry? I just bought my lifecam and when i turn it on its blurry. How do i fix it? 

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Microsoft Lifecam Vx-300 Will Not Work In Win 7 64-bit

Microsoft lifecam vx-300 will not work in windows 7 64bit  states no camera installed  will work in win 7 32 bit new driverrs installed from microsoft drivers for win 7 32bi/64bit.

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Microsoft Lifechat Lx-3000 Headset Crackling Noise

I have recently purchased the lifechat lx-3000 headset, but most of the time there is a terrible crackling noise on all sounds that come through the headphones. Sometimes, for a very short while, it's okay. But most of the time, they're completely useless to me for this reason. They connect via usb, and after a bit of research, found that this may be causing the problem, due to the headset not using the computers sound card. How can i fix this issue and use the product i payed for?

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Microsoft Lifecam To Send Video In Emails With Hotmail

I use hotmail(live messenger etc) or bt yahoo with win 7. How can i use microsoft lifecam to send emails or use 'send to' with lifecam as an association with an email program is requested.

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Upgrade Advisor - Uninstalling Microsoft Lifecam Issue

Microsoft upgrade advisor for windows 7 has recommended uninstalling microsoft lifecam version 1. 0. 0. 0 but i no longer have the program on my pc. I assume there must be files for the advisor to find something on my previous camera but i have been through my documents and programs but came up with a nil assuming it is there i have trawled my system windows vista but cannot find the program would like to have a clean board before upgrading to 7 any ideas?

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Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 Hangs & Drags Slow

Since installing windows 7, my mouse hangs and drags real slow. I have replaced the mouse and have installed updates but it still hangs and drags. Current mouse is microsoft comfort optical mouse 3000

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Microsoft Webcam Cannot View

I have installed a microsoft webcam and i can see myself, but contact cannot see me. We all prefer to use skype. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the webcam without success. I understand it might be a driver problem. If it is, how do i correct this if it is please? If it isn't any other suggestions please?

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Skype Wont Open

I have a dell inspiron 600m laptop with windows 7 - up until a few days ago, i had no trouble accessing skype. The other day, i tried my skype desktop icon, but cannot get it to open - i get a 'user account control' pop-up window which asks me if "i want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer". When i click 'yes', nothing happens.

I have checked my task manager and skype appears in the processes column, but does not show that it is working. My wife's toshiba laptop with windows 7 accesses skype on the same account and has no problem whatsoever - we have used skype this way for a few years with no problem until this past week. Any suggestions?

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Error - Headset Not Plugged In - Skype

Windows 7 - headphones are 'not plugged in' - however i can hear sound through them, so i just got myself a new windows 7 pc, got a new headset too, plugged it straight in and everything is fine and working, i can hear sounds and the mic works fine, however i went on skype, and suddenly i cant hear the other party talking, (i can hear other skype sounds though), i look into some of their troubleshooting guides only to discover that my headset is apparently not plugged in.

However i know it must be as i can hear sounds through the headset. Help please, also i cannot set this device as the default at the moment due to it being unplugged, i have tried plugging the headset into the various different audio jacks i have on my computer front and back.

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Skype Program Install Problem

Tried to install skype on a new windows 7 system. Part way through the install, the install routine says that the program wants to make changes to the computer, do you agree yes/no. The query box has the user accounts icon in the top left corner. Click yes, immediately the language dialogue opens starting with czech. Scroll through to english, push button, instantly every thing changes to czech. Retry install routine over & over, always same result.

Skype say to use revo uninstaller. Same problem happens except it flips to cata (catalan?). Tried another uninstaller same problem just a different language. Always with the same dialogue boxes and the same user accounts icon in the top left hand corner.

I know this is weird but it is happening right now four puters here, 3 with skype, one with who knows what?

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No Sound On Video Call Using Skype

I was on a video call with a friend who lives abroad. He had suggested me to use skype instead of ringing him because it is free. Needless to say, i was quiet fascinated by skype and its free call, video call service. I have a hp laptop home entertainment. After i signed up with skype, i accepted his invitation via skype. He rang me and i could see him, he could see me. But, when i spoke, he could not hear me. I was feeling so frustrated and helpless. I tried everything possible (as far as my tech capabilities go) but could not find a solution.

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Error - Another Application Is Attempting To Access Skype

Error "another application (usb adaptor.exe) is attempting to access skype but we are unable to respond".connecting to skype, i recently changed from xp to windows 7. And i cannot get skype to work i am using a panasonic 5. 8 ghz expandable digital cordless phone model no kx-tg5976al i have tried everything like checking drivers are up to date.

Checking that norton accepts skype and the skype accepts my usb connection, reloading both skype and the phone programs with the same result a message from skype on the screen another application (usb adaptor.exe) is attempting to access skype but we are unable to respond. Please try to restart the application.

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Skype Internet Phone Compatibility Issues

Hey, i have windows 7, skype 4. 1, and a logitech internet handset mn: f-0590b

In xp and xp mode, i can set up my skype account to forward calls to my phone so that i can answer them from my handset. However, with windows 7, i can only use my handset if i am making outgoing calls.

I've installed xp mode, and again my handset works fine, but i dont want to be tethered to xp mode to use my phone. So, i set up my skype in xp mode, and made a link in the start up menu so i can open skype via the virtual pc. However, my phone, usb connected does not transfer with this setting, and i cannot seem to copy it into the start menu (it says that the software isn't installed). So, i tried installing the xp (and later the vista) drivers for the phone onto windows 7 and using skype via xp mode, but the phone doesn't see skype.

Logitech doesn't offer a win7 driver.

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Live Messenger / Skype Wont Connect

Both instant messaging systems say they cant connect to server. Windows live says its my firewall and proxy settings which ive gone through a million times with many other troubleshooting methods. I allowed both through windows firewall, cleared my lan settings (which there weren't any anyway), ran scv/scannow which found no problems.

Following one tho, when running 'regsvr32 softpub.dll initpki.dll wintrust.dll' it states that the module initpki.dll failed to load, specified module could not be found. Would this affect trying to sign in to an instant messaging program? The program itself downloads without a problem, but as soon as i try to sign in or create an account with the actual server, thats where theres problems.

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Skype Error - Can't Detect Your Sound Card

I cant use my mic on skype. Its giving a error that cant detect your sound card. I can listen other side but i couldn't use my mic.

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Headset Sound Is Not Detected On Skype Phone Call

I'm using a logitech headset with microphone to answer and make skype phone calls. I hear them. Why cant they hear me?I have run all set up options from skype. As for the logitech equipment is concerned i believe it is "plug in and it is ready to use", there was no program to load nor was there an instruction manual.

There is a slider on/off switch for the microphone. I am not sure that microphone options and volume {specially for a headset with a microphone} from inside my dell studio 1555 are set up correctly. I have inquired on this matter via online chat and allowed remote access to dell representative to assist me. Nothing has worked. When i started skype 2 months ago it worked fine.

Not perfect 100% of the time yet good enuf. Now i am not heard at all or barely when i'm in a phone call with headset or without. As of today: 7/1/2010 i can't hear "them" so i don't know if "they" can hear me. So, please tell me how to make my skype phone work through my laptop.

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Lifecam.exe Has Stopped Working

I ran windows update and there was an update for my microsoft vx 5000 software. It installed successfully, when i try to run microsoft lifecam it stops responding, the web cam works fine with msn messenger but unable to run the software for the webcam. I also ran checkdisk, sfc /scannow and also i uninstalled the software and downloaded from the web site ran as admin same issue. Everything was working fine till i ran windows update and installed latest update for the webcam. Anyone else having same issue?

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Lifecam Having Trouble With Live Messenger

My lifecam vx-6000 has often given me troubles with wlm but i eventually got it to work after updating the drivers. Somewhat. It appears my webcam will only work if i do an "actual call" as in have my video and audio going. If a contact tries to invite me to show just my webcam (with no sound/microphone so just webcam) on their end it says i have declined the invitation and refuses to work. I dont seem to have a button on my end that invites the person to the same thing, i appear to only be able to do calls. My friend has also gone to another computer and invited me, the same thing happens.

The problem must be on my end. This is rather upsetting, the webcam appears to work with any other application but it has this one little problem with windows messenger. I would just like to be able to see my friend without having to do a "full on call" which can be rather bandwidth heavy on my poor internet.

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Lifecam Cinema Sound Not Working

Last week i brought my pc to the store and the put a new hd in my machine and the put the image of the old hd on this new hd. Now i am having a problem with the sound microphone on my lifecam cinema. Basically i can get the picture to work but as soon it tries to capture sound, it stops working. It get the following error message in lifecam software: lifecam could not record your photo, audio clip, or video clip. See "troubleshooting and product support" in lifecam help for more information". As a result, i can not use skype. I know that the webcam is working since i tried it on my xp laptop and it just worked fine. I guess i could do a complete format of my drive and everything would probably start working again but i hope to avoid that exercise.

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Lx-3000 Headset Error Installing Drivers

I'm having trouble with my lx-3000 headset. I just installed windows 7 pro and the headset was working fine for a bit. I moved the headset to a different usb port and the os tried to reinstall the drivers. I then got an error message that told me the device was not recognized. I moved it back to the other port, i have deleted the drivers and done a shut down & reboot, and have had no luck at all. I've installed the life-chat, too. No help there either. The usb port that i moved it to was a port on the front of the tower. I'm not sure if i had the plugs reversed on the motherboard or something. I just don't know.

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Lifecam Cinema Stop Recording Audio

I purchased a lifecam cinema to record a conference that i was attending. Install went as expected, i updated to the latest version of the software lifecam3. 22.exe and installed the latest hardware patches in cinema fw 1033_3. 20.exe. I recorded 4 days at the conference and when i returned home and started to look at the videos all of the files had differing points where the audio just stopped being recorded.

It seems that any adjustments to the zoom or pan settings cause the audio recording to stop. I have tried recording with debut video capture and it had similar problems where the audio and the video got way ot of step and the software reported dropping video frames but the audio was intact. Anyone else having these sort of issues.

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Lenovo 3000 N100 Start Problem

I face a problem with my laptop since i installed win 7my lap top is lenovo 3000 n100 the problem is when i turn on my laptop and one the windows interface appears on display i face one problem from the coming>>1 the display turns of 2 touchpad mouse in not recognized or graphic card is not recognized, and it is mobile intel 945 express i turn off my lap top and then turn it on again it works very good and when i shut down and turn it on again i face the same problem again and after shutting down again and restarting it works perfect. It goes one after one by sequence and i mean every time i turn on my laptop i have to wait till windows 7 starts then shut it down and restart it again to work perfect.

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Lifechat Lx-3000 Headset Doesn't Work

Previously i used my lifechat lx-3000 headset with my windows 7 beta machine and it worked fine. I recently upgraded to windows 7 rc1 and now i can't get any sound through them whatsoever. The laptop's speakers work fine and when i press the "mute" button the light comes on, but when i look at the volume mixer the headset is not present amongst the devices which i can change. Anyone else running into this issue? Any solutions you can think of?

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Wireless Mouse 5000 & Keyboard 3000 Not Compatible

Mu title days it all. Got around to installing the hardware above, downloaded the updates from ms website, but windows 7 64 bit still says there are compatibility problems. Have read other answers on forums but in fact it seems to be a problem unresolved for others too. Wireless mouse 5000 & wireless keyboard 3000 v2. 0 still not compatible after downloading driver updates from microsoft, says my windows 7 64 bit.

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