Problem: User Account Control - No Place To Enter The Password

While trying to load a game for my granddaughter i couldn't get autoplay to work so i switched to admin user and tried loading the program there but was unsuccessful. So i thought i'd go back and delete the admin acct. Which i did. I then tried to load the game again but couldn't. Now when i go to "add or manage user account" i get a uac window stating the following: to continue, type an administrator password, and then click yes". The problem is there is no administrator acct and no place in the window to enter a password. Yes is currently grayed out, no is available. How do i get rid of this request window. I deleted the administrator account while in the "safe" mode per some other questions in this forum.

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User Account Control

I recently had a new hard drive installed on on my dell xps computer. Prior to having the new hard drive installed i had no problem with the vista home premium running in 64 bit mode. Since having the new hard drive installed i have had a number of issues, first whenever i try to download files from the internet it will not let me also i cannot view videos via ie8 "you tube, msnbc, etc). I have found that whenever i turnoff user account control (uac) everything works just fine.

Is there a way i can have uac turned on and still have everything work? Or do i really need uac turned on. My guess is that who ever reinstalled the system on my computer did something that makes them the primary account, although it shows that i am the only account and the administrator. I have tried correcting this issue via advanced tools in ie8 with no luck.

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Turn Off User Account Control

How do i turn off user account control popups for certain programs without turning it off for them all? I saw how you can turn it off for all programs but i only want it turned off for those i constantly run like spore and other games. So please don't tell me to:

To stop the prompt run regedit. Navigate to the registry key
Change the value of consentpromptbehavioradmin to 0 (zero) from 2.
Change the value of consentpromptbehavioruser to 0 (zero) from 1.

I did this but i want it to be turned on for other programs especially my e-mail and internet programs.

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User Account Control Issue

I am finding the user account control function to be a total pain in windows 7, because half my programs fall foul of it and half do not.

It seems that i have to either use two account profiles and switch in and out between them depending on which program i am going to use at that moment. Or switch off the user account control function completely.

Neither option seems to be a very satisfactory solution. Is there any way of telling it not to react to the same programs over and over again, but to react to programs that i have not flagged as 'safe' ?

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User Account Control (uac) Problem

I'm running windows 7 64 bit. I had a problem with ram where i thought it was a system problem and my system kept rebooting because of the "blue screen of death". So i tried booting in safe mode and restor to previous version. This all coincided with the installation of updates, ram upgrade and webcam installation. Before troubleshooting i tried to do a repair thinking it was an o/s issue but later found out it was a defective dimm.

The defective dimm is removed and the system is running. However ever since the system restore, the uninstallation of the webcam and the removal of the dimm i get "the data is invalid" whenever i try to install anything. If i go into control panel>user accounts and family safety>user accounts anything with the little "administrator icon" wont run. If i try to run "regedit32.exe" i get "the data is invalid" error as well. I can go into cmd but if i run as administrator i get the same "the data is invalid error".

Is there a way to fix this without doing a clean install?

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Unidentified Programs - User Account Control

I have seven users on w7 and i am the administrator. There are 4 programs that are used many times a day by each person that the system has deemed to be "unidentified" and demands administrator rights to run them. I cannot find how to get w7 to accept these programs as bona fide. Is there any way around this. I want to keep users out of the system but, i cant impose that restriction and stop them using the progs they need for their jobs. I have spent too long on this already. I have adjusted the rights on the individual objects to give the user group full access to these programs but when they try to run them they are prompted for the admin password. Looks like a complete and utter waste of my time.

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Outlook 2007 User Account Control Problem

Every time i open up outlook 2007 i get a popup user account control window that asks me if i want to allow outlook to make changes to my computer? My user account control settings are one down from the top, seems like outlook should not be affected by this? I upgraded recently from vista home premium to windows 7 home premium and this has occurred since then. Don't get this problem when i open word, excel or other office products. Outlook is only app that i get this message. Never had the problem before upgrading. I am running mcafee.

I did read an old article that was similar to this problem on a non-microsoft forum that discussed win 7 beta issues. I don't want to do anything unless it from a microsoft forum.

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User Account Control - Running Daily Programs

A number of daily programs i run (syncback pro, glary utilities, commview, cain password recovery, symantec endpoint protection stop/start) and regedit occasionally all cause uac to confirm. This is a real pain in the butt and accomplishes precisely and exactly zero. These are professional useful programs that i need in my daily work. I read something about task manager, but these are not scheduled tasks and not services. They run on demand. Is there any way to fix this?

Between good programs and network file sharing, i am ready to ditch my experiment with user account control. I have lived with computers for twenty years (more than half that connected on broadband internet 24x7) with no viruses and no hackers. I do not see any disadvantage in ditching uac, but if someone can conclusively say how to neuter it , i am willing to listen carefully.

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Resetting Password On Account

One day, i wanted to change the password on my account, the admin account by the way, and you need the password you are already using, so i tried it and it didn't work, so i shut down my computer, and turned it back on, and i couldn't log into the admin account, and the other account has parental controls on it, so i couldn't do just about anything on that one without the admin password. So anyway, i tried to change it and it told me i needed a floppy disk or a usb flash drive, and i don't have the disc to reset it so what do i do from there? How do i get the disc?  All i want to do is log on that account.

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Parental Control Administrator Password

I have setup parental control for a user account (used by my kids), and activated only the time control options. When my son tries to start an online game, the system prompts him for the administrator password. Is there anyway to disable the prompting just for this game/program alone? I have already tried the following, trial and error, although i am not sure if it helps or i am doing it wrongly.

- Install the game using this user account, so that it has ownership to the folder and files.
- Edit the security settings of the startup file to give full control to this user account.

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Cannot Delete Account - Password Problem

Okay, well i've got this user account on my computer that really is messed up. You see, it says it has a password when i never put one on it. And when i go to the "remove password" all i have to do is hit enter for my password. Then when i go back to the main control panel window and select user accounts again, it says that that account still has a password on it. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that because of this, when i put my computer to sleep, and i wake it up again, i try to log in, well i can't. It says "you account has been disabled".

That isn't that half of it (well maybe it is :x). When i finally got tired of dealing with this account, i made a new one and decided to delete the other one (the one that is f**ked up). When i go to "user accounts" and select "add or remove user accounts" the account i want to delete isn't there. So, this ties me back to the question. How can i delete this d**ned thing?

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Admin Account Is Gone / Password Issue

I am having this huge problem with a computer the guest account is the only one i can access. It has no administrator account the computer is a dell inspiron one. It has the built in recovery repair on it, but when i try that it has no admin account to type the password in please help me with this as i am on a limited time frame, and i am not really familiar with computers.

Also, it wont load in safe mode, i have already tried that

I can't understand that indian lady from dell and she keeps telling me to contact microsoft but they try to charge, just to look at it. I'm pretty sure that there is not an admin account on this computer. When i try to run something as administrator, the user account control screen pops up and says "to continue, type administrator password then click ok. " But here is the catch, there is not a box to enter the password could there be a setting that someone could have changed that doesn't allow the guest to type this in? I can pick up on computer knowledge quick if someone could explain this.

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User Account Name

I just installed win 7 home premium from using the win 7 ultimate rc. I backed up my files on the old system where the user name was "old". When i installed win 7 home premium i named it "new". Now when i restored my data, under the "users" folder the restore program created a folder "old" with all of my data there. How do i set my system up so that all of my data is under the "new" user account, or at least tell my system to look in the "old" user folder?

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Prevent People From Changing Account Type / Password

How do i prevent people from changing my account type and password? I want to delete parental controls completely from the registry and system so i can make someone an administrator but i don't want them to put parental controls on my account. I also want to prevent them from changing anyones password or account type. So how do i do this and i tried to disable the parental controls service but they still did it and i had to restore the system. Or is there some kind of way that i can give them more privileges like downloading or installing stuff etc. Without making them an administrator?

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User Account Has Reset Itself

I recently restarted my computer, after uninstalling my "dell support center" because it's been annoying. When i logged back into my user account, it was like i was logging onto a brand new account. No files were in my documents etc. And no shortcuts were on my screen. However, all my files are still on my hard drive. Is there something i can do to fix this and get my old account back? I've checked and its still the same account name, just everything gone.

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Turn Off A User Account

My mother has several children that live with her (her grandchildren/my nephew/niece) and has put a password lock on her new pc. It runs windows 7. Apparently my nephew found a way to bypass the password lock on the owner account (the admin account) and created an account called ownerpc/back up. Via remote assistance (she lives in ny, i live in fl) i was able to delete this account, but for the life of me i cannot find an option to turn off for this and i have also come up short trying to even find how he did it via web searches. Can anyone tell me how to prevent this from happening again? Or even how he was able to do this?

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How To Rename User Account?

I bought a pc which was the store's ex-display model. When i bought it they had removed some non-standard programmes and removed their user account's password. I went into control panel and renamed the user account to what i want, i am the one with admin rights. I thought this was successful as when i log on and off my user name appears. However, when i go to start - computer - c drive - users i get 2 folders, one is called public & the other one below it has the stores user name and a lock icon beside it. I wish to rename this user account and get rid of the lock icon. When i right click i don't get a rename option. Does anyone know how to help me?  

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User Accounts Control Mess

I seem to have created a mess in uac and i can't clean it up. When windows 7 opens up, i have buttons for two accounts, one is an admin account. That admin account is new, created yesterday. The other account was formerly my admin account, but i changed it to standard yesterday, and changed the name too. I did this because i have been having problems installing some hp utilities, and one possibility i read about was problems caused by using an apostrophe in an admin account's name, which i had inadvertently done. So i created a new admin account, changed the old one's name, and changed it to a standard account.

Here's the problem:  when i go into the users folder in explorer, the two accounts mentioned above are not listed, but other old ones are, including the old admin account with its old name. That name and another old account have padlocks on them. I'm assuming that can't be good, even though the only problem i've noticed so far is that i'm still not able to install the hp utilities. I'm willing to give up on them, but i'm afraid it's indicative of other problems down the road.

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Blurry User Account Picture

I'm using windows 7 home premium and i'm having an issue with the user account picture. At the top of the start menu, the picture appears to be slightly blurred, no matter what size the source image is. In the user accounts section of the control panel, however, the same picture is sharp and scaled properly. Is there any way to fix this?Here's a link to a comparison shot (left - start menu, right - control panel):http://img171. Imageshack. Us/img171/2056/w7issue.png

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Easy Transfer User Account

I've ask this elsewhere but it is getting pushed back without a reply. I have easy transfer with a cable to transfer files & setting from our xp machine. I've been using the w7 pc off-line for a course. I set up 4 account like we have on the xp machine. Will the easy transfer screw up with accounts with the same names already in place? I set them up because i was having trouble with a "demo" account the store set up but didn't completely remove (which i've done).

Should i remove the 4 accounts completely? What should i keep so i can log on afterwards. I have some excel files on the new w& pc that i can park elsewhere while i'm doing the easy transfer.

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Unable To Sign Into User Account

I just installed windows 7 on my hp touchsmart computer about two or three weeks ago and has been working fine for the most part (except for the occasional black flashes across my screen). Yet, i woke up this morning to find my computer in a kind of safe mode. I restarted my computer and tried to sign in to my user account on my computer except when i did so, the computer would come up and say that the sign in service wasn't working. I am able to go into safe mode with my computer but i am unable to logon to my computer. If someone could give me some advice or some sort of solution that would be much appreciated.

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Automatically Login On User Account

I have my main user account and two other rarely used accounts for my niece and nephew. When i boot my computer, it stops on the login screen where i have to manually choose my main user account to continue. So, i was wondering. Is there a way i can set it so my main user account is automatically chosen every time, without having to manually choose it, so i can boot computer, walk away, and come back with my full desktop loaded? I have looked through mounds of forum threads, help topics, and all the user account settings i can find.

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Cannot Log On To New Created User Account

I created a new standard user account via control panel/user accounts/manage accounts. When i log out of the admin account and try to log on to the newly created account i get error message "the user profile service service failed the logon" "user profile cannot be loaded". Click ok and it logs off. I can still log on to all other 5 accounts which i created after i set up this new laptop (pre-installed with windows 7). When you click on a new account the first time, the system should set up the desktop and create the user folders.

I went back into admin account and checked application event log. Event id 1509 "windows cannot copy file c:usersdefault to location c:usersnew test account. This error may be caused by network problems of insufficient security rights. "  Detail - access is denied.

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User Account Controls Exceptions

I have several small apps i run every time i start my computer. They were installed using my admin account, and i am the admin. Every time i open these apps, i have to give permission through uac.

Is there some way to give a program an exception in uac? Otherwise, i am going to disable it. I find it very annoying to have to click multiple pop-ups every time i use my computer, when the programs are ones i installed and i run every time.

And please don't give me a 2000 word disertation on what uac is, i have read it many times in other posts. How and why uac runs is not my question, i want to know how to bypass it for specific programs.

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Wrong User Account File Names

I recently bought a new computer which had the "store demo" program mdx improperly removed (meaning "not"). So it took me while to figure out what the "kiosk" user was, a problem that i fixed thanks to this forum. However, i want to clear up some odd behavior when i set up the user accounts for our family (with mdx still in place). When i went in under my name there was a user folder named "tom" but my documents were being sent to a user folder named "compaq". The tom folder was empty.

I logged in under my son's and wife's names and the documents were in a folder with their user names. I attempted to fix this by renaming the tom acct to oldtom and creating a new acct called tom. When i logged off and signed on under the new tom i found out the documents were being sent to a user folder called "tom/compac-pc". Keep in mind that in both cases the name "tom" appeared when i clicked on the start menu in the lower left, not the wrong folder names.

I spent a bunch of time logging off & on 3 or 4 different user names last night and finally got the folder names right about 3 a. M. I wanted to make sure the folder names were right before i start migrating the files from our xp machine. But i find it a little disturbing that the folder names were completely wrong even if my user name would access the same folder repeatedly. Can anyone shed some light on this? Is this just an artifact of having mdx running and won't happen again?

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User Account / Local Logon Problem

I have windows 7 pro factory installed on a new computer. Trying to install an old program (genemapper 3. 7) using xp mode, i get the following error message. You have to logon to the local machine. I am the only user on this computer and have full administrator rights. The company said i need to logon with a local account, not a networked account. Is there a way to setup a non-networked account?

Our it person is confused by this, since i am logging onto the local computer. It is connected to the internet, and another novell network, but i do not logon to the novell network and still get the same problem.

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User Account Hiding In 64-bit Win7

Our install script hides an account "xxxxx" in win7 x86 by registering it in the registry key: hklmsoftwaremicrosoftwindows ntcurrentversionwinlogonspecialaccountsuserlist

In win7 x64 the command to hide this account goes automatically to a different key, the one under wow6432node:

Hklmsoftwarewow6432nodemicrosoftwindows ntcurrentversionwinlogonspecialaccountsuserlist

This is fine, but the account is not hidden unless manually edit the registry and add the entry at the same place in the registry as for the 32-bit os.

I could not find a way to put this info into the registry with the installshield script (installshield 2010) and have the account hidden.

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User Account First Time Login Setup

Computer: lenovo w500 notebook
O/s: windows 7

When i booted up for the very first time, the system asked for a username. I keyed in: starship, and then added the password. It asked for a computername, which i keyed in: universe. Okay, so good to go. I had a change of heart and decided that i wanted my username to be qatar. So i modified the username. However, by the registry, i see that the name change was only cosmetic. The computer recognizes universe/starship from the very first log-in setup. It's almost as if universe/qatar is only a guest even though the account is set as administrator.

Inquiry: how can i physically change starship to qatar so that starship will never even exist? In other words, make it as if i had originally keyed in qatar as username from the very beginning.

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Can Power Plans Driven By User Account?

I have noticed that when you change a power plan, it remains for all users. I'd like to be able to switch power plan according two which account is logged on. Today i have 3 user accounts, a named one for me and my partner and a tv&video account (guess what we use that account for!). The idea was thar the personal accounts have the balanced or power-saver plans, the tv&video account has the "never got to sleep" option aka "high performance".

The goal is that we don't have to fiddle with power options, because invariably, we forget. Either by leaving "high performance" on long after we have stopped watching a dvd or by having balance on and have the dvd stop 20 minutes in!

Does any one out there have any ideas? 

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User Account Login Not Working On Startup

Boot goes well until user account icons come onscreen. Cannot select any of the user accounts (4) to access user account password screen. Cannot shut down by using option button on lower right of screen too. I have to turn off by using cpu power button which works most of the time or unplug cpu power cord from back. Repeating this for several times i get lucky and windows will resume and user account password screen can be accessed by using user login icon. Had to repeat this procedure twenty times this morning before i could log in after windows startup. If i shutdown or restart i have to through this whole process again.

Using home premium 64 bit. Cpu is dell xps9000 i7. Btw. Restoring to an earlier time prior to problem does not help. Not sure if this is a os problem or hardware one.

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