Motorola Software Not Installing

Motorola software not installing and directing me to a site for windows vista when i'm running 7 for 'usb core component' updates. I am running 7 ultimate and i want to install motorola phone tools for my motorazr v6. But when setup comes up it tells me i am running vista (i'm actually running 7) and tells me to go to Om/kb/941600. The site know im running 7, but wont redirect me to the 7 equivalent. Can anyone tell me if there is, where i would download these sort of updates please?

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Motorola Razr V3xx Device Driver Software Problem

I've been using motorola phone tools (version 4) to connect my motorola razr v3xx as a modem to the internet xp. However, now i have windows 7 on new hp laptop. When installing this same software, it tells me "device driver software was not successfully installed. " I question if updating to software to version 5 will give me the right driver for windows 7. Anyone have any ideas as to what i can do to get my motorola razr v3xx to connect to the internet. What driver, if that's the case, i need to get and where?

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Dell 3000cn Printer Software Not Installing

Can anyone help with my problem of installing my dell 3000cn printer software, all that happens is display window comes up and when trying to install all that happens is the same install window comes up. I've downloaded drivers from dell but this makes noe difference. Windows 7 doesn't seem to have any help relating to this topic and i have been trying for about two weeks to load software.

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Installing Hp Officejet 5600 Software On 64-bit

I purchased the cb744-10004 software disk from hp to install on my new compaq windows 7 pc. The installation proceeds through the entire process, then during the "configuration" mode, the software indicates "fatal error", deletes the installation, and shuts down my pc. I've tried this four times, same exact result all four times. This printer never worked properly on my compaq laptop, repeatedly locking up the printer spooling in the laptop. I've contacted hp, they indicated the printer is out of warranty, i need to pay to get assistance in getting their brand new installation disk to work. How do i get this installation disk to work?

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Windows Encountered Problem Installing Driver Software

Group policy deployed in my machine some days ago to disable usb. They removed the same. But if i connect usb device it says "windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device". I have done system restore. Still it is not working. Is there any way to enable usb.

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Windows Encountered Problem Installing Driver Software For Your Device

So i got a wireless mouse for my first time and it won't even install to my computer. It isn't the mouse because i tried other wireless mice and none of them work. In my device manager under other devices there are 2 usb receivers listed both with question marks next to them. It says they can't find the drivers for the device. Then under my hid i tried to update the hid-compliant device and the usb input device, neither could update. This is the message i get.

Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Hid-compliant device the system cannot find the file specified. I already contacted evga about the issue because there is where i got my mainboard but they said to contact microsoft and i didn't really want to pay 50 bucks to email them. That is just ridiculous.

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Motorola Droid Phone Will Not Connect

I'm using windows 7 pro, 64bit. For weeks i've tried to "mount" the motorola droid phone so that i can copy and move files. However, windows sees it as a "removable drive. " When i click on the drive, it says "pleas insert a disk into removable disk drive" like it is a cd drive or something. Is this a driver problem? The drive shown is 2006 long before droid phone. I've tried numerous fixes suggested on motorola droid forums but nothing seems to work. Why will windows 7 not read the sd card on my attached droid? It works fine when connected to an xp computer but not to my windows 7 computer.

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Bluetooth Motorola H350 Driver Problem

I am facing issue of bluetooth adapter driver problem after windows 7 home premium edition upgrade. I tried windows upgrade from but it didn't installed successfully. (Bluetooth - motorola h350). Do anyone has any idea?

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Motorola S9-hd Bluetooth Headset Driver Issue

Just got a new hp elitebook 6390p running win 7 64bit - cannot get motorola s9-hd bluetooth headset drivers from broadcomm installed. Says to contact manufacturer but motorola is no help. Unsure if this is a 64-bit os issue or something else.

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Upgrade Issue With Dvd-ram Driver Software/bd Driver Software

Unable to find the following: dvd-ram driver software/bd driver software. The following issues are preventing windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

For these items, make the following changes:

Uninstall these programs. Open control panel and search for "uninstall a program".

Dvd-ram driver software/bd driver software.

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Cannot Reinstall Software

I purchased an add on to fsx which the manufacturer said is compatible to w7. Yet, the software did not work in fsx. The manufacturer suggested uninstalling and re-installing it. But when i did that i got an error saying it was error code 0 i cannot reinstall because there was a read only file in the folder. Meanwhile, another game stopped working. I uninstalled it  and reinstalled it. That game's opening screening appears, but the game cannot load.

Someone suggested that this is due to w7 security protections. I do not know if that is the case but a solution to this (and if anyone has a way to make w7 behave like xp) would be much appreciated.

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Software Legitimacy

I purchased a new laptop in late december 2009 which came pre-loaded with windows 7 and there were no problems until a few days ago when i started getting messages pop up to say i might have counterfeit software or build 7600 of windows 7 is not genuine. I followed the steps regarding activation and i ticked all the boxes. I have a 25 digit product code on a genuine certificate of authenticity on the laptop. I have looked at the update history and note that there was an update applied on january 31st called office genuine advantage notifications (kb949810) and i am wondering if this update has caused the messages to start appearing.

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Cannot Load Printer Software

Few days back i have purchased note book with preloaded win-7. I have a hp photosmart printer model 3108 for my personal photography hobby. Software of this printer is not getting loaded in win-7 i.e. Win-7 is not compatible to printer cd. In other os like 98, me, xp there is such problem. Than why in win-7. I have taken up this issue with hp but issue is un-resolved. I hope u will resolve the issue & provide me suitable solution which enables me to load printer software.

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Driver Software Installation

I have a problem with windows driver installation. My notebook has a bluetooth and is already installed with proper driver. Every time i boot the machine the "driver software installation" starts and finalize with saying that device driver was not successfully installed. Furthermore the detail describe this is caused by bluetooth peripheral device. Actually i tried to connect my bluetooth phone before but did not succeed. Every time i reboot the same thing happens.

Now, i have disabled windows update, i have disabled the devices and also tried the device installation settings in the control panel etc. But nothing stops this "driver software installation" from starting at the next boot. Is there any way to disable the "driver software installation" from automatically running again and again?

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Jasc Software Not Working

I have a new laptop with windows 7 premium pre-installed by dell. I loaded some jascphoto software that i purchased numerous years ago with my dell desktop. When i purchased my laptop i was told this software would be compatible with my new computer and its os. The install seemed to go fine. I am able to open the product and move around in its offered programs but it does not read or even recognize for that matter that i have a photo dvd in the d drive.

I am very, very green at all this computer stuff. I have been limping around 'help' options and searches and have found that this software is being considered for compatibility by microsoft and the software maker. I am concerned that if i attempt any of the suggestions on the forums that regard making older software compatible with 7 that i will get way too over my head a screw things up. Would you suggest that i wait until the compatibility is decided between ms and jasc and just use the ms program that came with my 7?

So that being said. If i do go back and use the program that came with 7 how do i return that to my default program?

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Anytime Upgrade Software

I tried to install the windows 7 ultimate anytime upgrade. My computer stayed on the installation window for 2 hours and then crashed. After windows 7 recovered, my windows anytime upgrade application cannot be found. I have spent over 30 minutes on the phone, transfered to three departments and finally got the answer that i need to talk to technical support 10 minutes after they closed. Technical support closes at 12am edt. How does this help me on the westcoast when i might be getting home at 9pm pdt? I need support now with getting the application download.

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Emulation Software Conflict

After downloading the latest patch for battlefield 2142 deluxe i received a message that stated "conflict with emulation software detected", ea support states this is because the game is being ran on a virtual drive and suggested i deactivate the emulation software. I am unable to locate any procedure for doing so. Will doing so affect any other operation ? I have a hp pavillion d4790y , vista home premium 32 bit, intel core 2 cpu (email removed for privacy) , geforce 7500 gpu, 2. 00 gb ram, service pack 2

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Region Free Software

I don't want to change the region on my laptop so i got region free software (dvd region + css free, trial) but it doesn't work. I have used this before and it was fine but i'm wondering if my windows 7 upgrade has something to do with it. I'm in region 4. The first region 1 dvd played fine at first but then it totally shut down the player every 15 minutes and i had to keep re-starting it and re-selecting the subtitles and find the chapter. The second one doesn't even recognize the software and asks me to change my region (no way). What's a good region-free software pack? I have heaps of different region dvds so i don't want to be stuck with just one region.

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Bernina Artista Software V.4

I am unable to install bernina artista embroidery software v. 4 on windows 7; software was purchased 4 1/2 years ago at a cost of $750. 00. It ran fine on my xp system (crashed). I talked with bernina tech support and was told they are not providing a fix but said i could buy an upgrade at a cost of $450. 00! They are now on v. 6 which has more bells and whistles but basic functions are the same. Any suggestions on how i can install and run this software?

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Incompatible Software With Ie8

I have an hp laptop with windows vista and ie 8, and kaspersky anti-virus. For my job i have to install an add on called ibm afp viewer. I have installed the viewer numerous times without it ever even appearing in manage add-ons. I finally called it for my company and asked for a solution and was informed that the viewer is not compatible with ie 8. "Is it even possible to downgrade to ie7? The software on my laptop is what came when i purchased it. Is it safe to downgrade to ie 7?

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Downloading Of Software Disappears

For the past few months whenever i go to download software from the internet or download a pdf file, they never show up. I get the download status window and it tells me that it is complete, but i always either download to my desktop or my documents and nothing ever shows up. I even do a search for the file and windows vista tells me it does not exist. This is getting very irritating and hoping that coming to this forum helps. I am not sure if it is a some setting that has changed or what. Looking forward to any help.

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Update Software Does Not Work

I have vista with service pack 2. The last updates according to the update history were 12/11/2009. Since then the windows update app keeps telling me there are updates available, when i click on the notice, the windows update app starts then goes into a loop. First it will say that windows update itself needs to be updated and proceeds to download and "install" the update. The screen notes that it will close after updating. It never does, but a new message comes up to "check for updates for your computer" in a red bar above the button.

I click this and after churning awhile it again tells me that windows update needs to be updated "install new windows update software". This keeps going on forever in an endless loop. Can i manually download the windows update software and other updates directly from the microsoft site? I have checked for conflicts with norton, none exists.

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Software To Organise Contacts

So with my android phone upgrade i think it's time i organized all my phone contacts, email, messenger, skype, social network. What can people suggest me, what formats are most 'universal', what programs to use to edit, import/export, save, etc?

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Hp C4480 Printer Software Problem

I am trying to connect my new hpc4480 printer to my toshiba laptop and it says i do not have the latest software. My laptop is one week old with windows 7 on it. I have been to the hp website and downloaded the drivers and am still having problems. Windows 7 and hp c4480 printer compatibility problems.

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Software For This Device Has Been Blocked - Code 48

Can't find out where to download a dvd/cd-rom driver for windows 7 windows 7. My computer won't even pick up my dvd/cd-rom device. And it says it's actually up to date which is strange because it also says "the software for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to have problems with the hardware vendor for a new driver. (Code 48)".

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Driver Software Was Not Successfully Installed

Device driver software was not successfully installed after installed external hard drive. I installed a western digital external hard drive recently with no problems, initially. I now receive the error message "device driver software was not successfully installed" and can get no updates from windows 7 nor do i see any drivers that are necessary for this product, but still receive the error message (yellow in triangle) "my passport 070 needs troubleshooting".

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Registerlink Software Program Not Opening

I am installing registerlink software on my new computer to talk with my cash register. I have spoken with their company and they assured me that this file works with windows 7. I have win 7 home and i can install the program just fine. Everything looks as though it installed ok and i have a desktop icon for the program. However, when i double click the program my mouse arrow goes into "wait mode" (swirling circle next to arrow) for maybe 15 seconds and then it goes back to normal and then no window opens, not even an error box. Any ideas?

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.net Framework 3.5 Corrupt Software

Microsoft updates done by me manually. "These updates failed to install:  update to .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 for the .net framework assistant 1. 0 x86 (kb963707)" reading all the .net complaints on this forum gives me one gigantic headache. First of all, these .net frameworks seem to be a necessity in order to view/surf the web. I never did anything to alter my .net frame work, and actually didn't even know it existed until one day, i started getting errors along with my ms automatic updates. Would this not indicate that ms has created software that has a flaw in it?  Seeing as how i never did a thing in the world to alter this function in my pc.

Disgusted that the expectation is that we consumers need to clean up ms' corrupted software. I think a more appropriate expectation would be that ms needs to fix their own corrupted software, and while your at it, have an auto-update tool that fixes it for us at the same time security updates are downloaded. I don't have the time or patience to fix problems like this that i had no part in creating. If you have an ms representative in my community, i would like them to come out and see my pc and fix this for me.

I have continually tried to use all of the steps advised, to no avail. They all fail. Something needs to be done about this, otherwise this is the equivalent of fringing on being reported to the bbb in regards to offering a reasonable solution to a problem that exists with ms products not delivering the intended service to the consumer. Not only is the software corrupt, but it uses a ton of memory and has degraded the functions of everyday use of my pc.

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Computer Shops And Oem Software

I have questions about the practice of installing oem software for customers in a pc repair shop setting. Q. A customer has lost their install media for an oem version of windows. They have a valid case badge. Is it legal for a shop to use their own media to install the software, but input the customers' valid genuine key and activate it for them?Q. If yes above, how does a pc repair shop legally obtain copies of the oem software? Is it possible to obtain only a copy of the software without an accompanying key? (The "key" is supplied by the customers' case badge) many repair shops are forced to download pirated and possibly corrupt/infected versions of these softwares for lack of a valid, legal and easily accessible method to obtain just the software.

If there exists a way for system builders to legally download genuine windows without keys i am not aware of it, but in the long run this option is a safer solution for end users taking their pcs in for repair. Q. The purchase of any installation disc is actually for the "key" itself, and not for the software? I have asked a few sources and they seem to want to dance around these "grey area" questions. I look forward to an official response.

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Cannot Find Support From Hp About Printer Software

My printer is unsupported in windows 7 by hp  its really software print package called photosmart premier  i was using as used it to print on printable cds printer photosmart d5160. I was thinking of partitioning hard drive which running windows 7 64 bit. And putting xp on new partition so i can run software as before. Question can  i do this , if so how  i did have duel boot system before but i think i had to put xp on first and then new partition windows 7 when in its beta stage i don't want
Uninstall windows 7 and go through this process again .

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