Update Issue

I am having the same issue after upgrading from vista to windows 7 home premium 32 bit. At first, the update engine would not run after the upgrade but after some instruction form microsoft support i got the update engine working. But now updates are backing up after install failures. The install fails on the reboot - always getting to the 15% or 35% point on configuring updates on the reboot and then a message that update config failed and changes were reverted. Have also tried selecting pending updates one at a time but that also results in failure on reboot. There is no error code presented after the failure.

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.net Framework 3.5 Family Update Keeps Coming Back To Update List

It is the 12th time i install the microsoft .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 and .net framework 3. 5 family update, (kb951847) x86, it keeps coming back to my windows update list. I have checked all the forums and i see a lot of people having the same problem i have. The difference is that they always say they got an error message, i didn't. I am not an expert, but i'm happy to say that i have never had trouble with windows vista. Here is the link to a screen-shot of the update history in my computer.

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Cannot Update

I am using ie8, service pack 3 with windows xp home. I cannot update manually. When i try, the page says "internet explorer cannot display the webpage". I also tried to update directly through windows update web page but get the same results. Automatic updates is turned on and always has been. Something is blocking me out. My system is infected. I have removed multiple detections in recent days. I also tried to install scanner from windows live but they downloads are also blocked, they only partially load and then freeze up.

I am using malwarebytes anti-malware, super anti-spyware and hitman pro 3. 5 for security. Each has detected and "removed" multiple infected items over the past several days but new detections come everyday. I always scan in safe mode with network and always update them before scanning. I tried a system restore to a little over one month back and that did not help. I fear that since i have not been able to update with windows, these issues are entering through some hole.

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Update Stuck At 18%

I have a problem with the installation of a windows update. It's set to check and install updates everyday at 3:00am. The problem is that in the task bar (the lower right side) it displays a "windows is installing updates" sign, and it has been stuck at 18% for the whole time. (A couple days now. ) The installing update window says it shows that "1 of 8 updates" are being installed. I tried to stop the installation a couple of times, but nothing would happen. It would just show the "stop installation" button faded, but it still shows the installing updates display.

I've tried to disable my firewalls (mcafee and windows firewall) and tried to stop the update, or redo the update, but it still hasn't done anything. I think it might have to do with a microsoft office update, because i was trying to uninstall the trial version of microsoft office today, but it wouldn't install, it just stayed without showing any progress of the uninstall.

The last updates that were successfully installed according to the windows update screen is 8/24/09, and it checked for updates today with no updates available for download/install.

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Update Not Working

My windows update does not work. At all. It asks me every day to install updates automatically but when i click on the icon, it does nothing so i have not gotten my updates. If i go control panel>security etc > and click windows update, so i could do it manually or change my settings, it firstly does not open windows update for like 5 minutes (it gets confused) or restarts windows explorer. When i can finally get to windows update i there is a big red x there or smth and when i press install updates it says that it can not be done because the program does not work and it also does not let me to change settings.

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Update Stalls

I am attempting to run windows update on a dell laptop. Win7 home premium. Historically has been running and updating just fine. Now all it does is stall at the download of updates. Current message is "downloading 24 updates (0 kb total, 0% complete)". The downloads never even start. I have disabled all firewall and other such software with no effect. Other pcs on the network update just fine. Product is activated. Any suggestions on how to get this laptop updated?

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Update Errors

Windows 7 gives me these errors when i try to update code 8007065e code 80070642 code 80071a91  and these are the 12 failed updates cumulative security update for internet explorer 8 for windows 7 (kb980182)

Download size: 7. 3 mb
You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.
Update type: important

Security issues have been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise a system that is running microsoft internet explorer and gain control over it. You can help protect your system by installing this update from microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

More information:
Help and support:
Cumulative update for media center for windows 7 (kb977863)
Download size: 4. 1 mb
You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.
Update type: recommended

Install this update to resolve issues with media center for windows 7. For a complete listing of the issues that are included in this cumulative update, see microsoft knowledge base article 977863. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

More information:
Help and support:
Microsoft browser choice screen update for eea users of windows 7  (kb976002)
Download size: 102 kb
You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.
Update type: important

Install this update to access a choice screen which lets you select whether and which web browser(s) to install in addition to internet explorer. After you have installed this software update it cannot be removed.

More information:
Help and support:
Security update for windows 7 (kb978601)
Download size: 204 kb
You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.
Update type: important

A security issue has been identified that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise your system and gain control over it. You can help protect your system by installing this update from microsoft. After you install this update, you may have to restart your system.

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Update Error

Windows defender message says windows defender is not working properly. I was to go online to get microsoft support knowledge base article (kb) but i did not understand what to do. What prompted my concern was 1) my windows could no longer get updates and 2) a skype message telling me that i had malware on my computer - but i do not know if this message is legitimate. I do  not know for sure if i have the malware or not. In any event i am not able to receive updates.

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Update Gone Wrong

I was on my laptop (inspiron 14) when i noticed an update was finished installing. I restarted my computer and now my resolution is all jacked up. (Everything is really large) i tried correcting the computer resolution and restarting but nothing. I went to and downloaded the latest video drivers. I don't know what happened but if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
Here's my last windows update: "cumulative security update for internet explorer 8 for windows 7 x64- based systems. " (Kb980182)

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Update Freezes At 0%

My computer hasn't been working for quite some time now. My automatic updates have not been updating properly, it just remains at 0% when i move over the icon on the bottom bar. Also, when i try restarting my computer or shutting it off it freezes at the "configure updates - please do not turn off computer" screen. I left it on that screen once for 2 days and nothing happened. I have
Also noticed that most of my programs / games no longer work with the exception of programs like pokerstars. I am obviously not great with computers but any help would be great. I use windows vista: home premium 32b operating system.

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Update Not Updating

The latest security update, will not update it gets past stage 3 and appears to start normally then i get a message 89 /89 registry, then reboots and undoes the update and starts normally. I have postpones my antivirus during installation.

Any ideas?

Update :security update for windows vista for x64-based systems (kb978338)
Download size: 2. 8 mb
You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.
Update type: important

A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to misrepresent a system action or behavior without the knowledge of the user. You can help protect your system by installing this update from microsoft. After you install this update, you may have to restart your system.

More information:
Help and support:

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Non Stop Update

This morning i started my computer a hp laptop, running windows vista ultima 32 bit, once started it showed a windows automatic update notice. I clicked to start it as i always have, never had a problem before. It started the update, i went back to what i was doing, while it was working i was checking my email as i haven't been on my computer since saturday afternoon.

When i finished and the update was finished, i restarted it, where it went to "update configuring: stage 1 of 3". It will not complete "stage 3 of 3- 0% complete", where it hang up, then restarts to start the same thing all over again. But it starts at stage 3 of 3 and will not even get to the password section.

I've spent 5 hours trying everything i could think of, safe mode start, everything i try does the same thing once it restarts it goes directly to the update stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete again. I let it try this 20 times in a row once, checked internet connection with another computer, no problem. Will not go past the update 3 of 3. I guess stage 1 and 2 completed as it always starts with the stage 3 of 3 update.

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Repairing Update

When windows update page loads up i get a pop-up "website wants to install add-on; windows update from "ms windows component publisher", if you trust and want, click here. Then the page freezes up. Dd-on won't install. In order to get updates to work i have to set my ie8 security settings to low and then enable the unsecured settings:

Download signed active x controls
Download unsigned active x controls
Initialize & script active x controls not marked safe for scripting

Then i have to refresh the wu page a few times to get it working. I'm using xp media and it i think i didn't have this trouble until i downloaded the last "root certificate" update. I have tried re-installing ie8 and played with the dep, but no luck.

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Update Kb2286198

Windows xp home edition v. 2002 sp3, avg 9, mcfee personal firewall plus, outlook express 6. Please can you helpfter windows update kb2286198 was installed my system was running approx 5 mins before rebooting itself. After the reboot it displayed a boxed error stating "system has recovered from a serious error". This happened a few times during the day before i uninstalled kb2286198. I ran for a while after the uninstall then my screen went blank (power to it was on). The system remained running. The only way to get the screen back was to reboot. Fter a few mins it then rebooted itself with the same box message system error etc.

I ran for a while then lost the use of outlook express 6. It would not run. On 9th aug i decided to restore my system back a long way before kb2286198 and restored to the 28/7/10 system checkpoint. Ll day everything appeared ok. 10/8/10 morning turned system on. It crashed 3 times in a row all at the stage of loading the desktop icons.

The fourth time it displayed the boxed message  system has recovered from a serious error error signature:bccode:c2 bcp1:00000007 bcp2:00000cd4 bcp3:bafaffff bcp4:00740072 os ver:5_1_2600 sp:3_0 product i 768_1 creating temp files mini081010-03.dmp & sysdata.xml

I am not sure what to do next as clearly kb2286198 has affected the os in such a way that restore points do not correct it. Will i have to go back to my orig xp disc and try running a repair or a clean installation?If so what will i lose?

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Update Freezing

I used to have the windows 7 beta. While using it, it constantly gave pointer errors and blue screened after 2-3 min of use. So as soon as it was released, naturally i re-installed it on the laptop. After i installed it, it keeps freezing after about 5-10 min of use for about 15-30 seconds each. While i find this completely annoying it is bearable. Yesterday there was an updated needed to be installed. It kept freezing so a shut-down was impossible. But after awhile i was about to shut down so that the installation of the update could be installed.

My problem is that this was around 8:00 pm last night. I woke up this morning, it was still installing 1 of 2 updates. Now, being 11:15, it is still at 1 of 2 updates with no progress being made it looks like. I'm afraid to force shut it down in this process and loosing my data on the computer. Is there anything that can be done, or corrected for this problem?

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Update Kb977165

I am getting a problem with windows automatic update kb977165. I am using windows 7 premium 32-bit os and the automatic updates keep installing the same update saying it was successful. But when i checked the log it shows that this update is not compatible for the version i have. The microsoft download page ( shows it is for windows xp so i cannot figure why my system is continually trying to download it?
Here is what the log showed, [kb977165. Log]
13. 261: ================================================================================
13. 261: 2010/04/03 09:36:01. 189 (local)
13. 261: c:5fab2a27a41857a9bf45e03fb721d708updateupdate.exe (version 6. 3. 13. 0)
13. 276: hotfix started with following command line:
13. 323: checksystem: major version mismatch:status_nt_version_mismatch
13. 323: doinstallation: checksystem failed: 0xf021
13. 323: the version of windows you have installed does not match the update you are trying to install.
20. 109: message displayed to the user: the version of windows you have installed does not match the update you are trying to install.
20. 109: user input: ok
20. 109: update.exe extended error code = 0xf021
20. 109: update.exe return code was masked to 0x643 for msi custom action compliance.

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Update 3 Of 3 Not Loading

My sons laptop is running on vista business and it did an automatic update the other day, however, when he started it the next time it did updates 1 and 2 but got to 3 and has 0% progress and just keeps starting and shutting down. The lights for the hard drive are active, tried turning wi-fi off, leaving on, f2 to get to menu which when i would exit it would give me the option to start in safe mode but it won't load, just shuts down. Please help he needs this computer to complete an online course.

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Sysprep And Update

I need some windows 7 machines for testing. I have a ten machine license. How do i keep the base machine up to date on windows update? I would like to create a base machine that has windows 7 installed. I would like to keep it up to date via windows update. When i need to do testing i will clone the base vm and create as many environments as needed (up to the ten machine license).

How do i keep the base machine up to todate? Should i create a vm with windows 7 installed and keep it up to date and when i need clones for testing run sysprep and use the syspreped image to create the clones? Is there an easier way to do this? 

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Restore And Update

When you use window restore and restore your pc back to an earlier date. Windows update (i have it set to download but let me decide what updates to install) will re-offer updates that were installed after the date of your restore point. You can see these updates in windows hostory.

Are these window updates being offered because they are no longer installed even though they are shown in history and you should click install, or, are they still installed even though the restore point is before they were offered, and not deleted when restoring to an earlier date and if you select install you are merely over-writing the same update?

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Update Will Not Run

 stops completely but no error message. No data is sent to the net. No update has been successful since feb 5, 2010. I uninstalled all updates for 2010 but this had no affect. Running vista home premium sp2 and new ie8 just re-downloaded. Will not run from start nor anywhere else. Cant figure this out. More info. Installed windows update as stated but no change. Finally got an error code of 80246008, but cant find any information on this.

Microsoft support ran me through the gauntlet in trying to get the update feature to work. Nothing helped. I have given up. The problem is not with the update but with the supporting process itself. Update will come up but will not download anything. That is where the problem is. No further response is required.

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Reinstall Update

In order to try to solve a "software" problem i have "attempted" to reinstall windows 7 upgrade (from vista). Now it displays that i am using an illegal copy of the program. What do i have to do in order to get it to reinstall without the "you are using an illegal copy"? The problem, before the attempted reinstall was the cdrom. It would not read an install file on a cd for a printer. I called dell and was told that it is a software problem, not a mechanical problem. The cd will install on a different computer without windows 7.

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Pc Will Not Boot After Update

Last night my pc did a couple of security updates and did a nvida update - i can't remember if this was for the on-board sound or the motherboard (i assume the later). Now when ever i try to turn on my pc i see the "biostar" logo, for what feels like ages, and then i get a list which ends with "3rd master disk error - press del for bios set-up". In the bios i noticed that i can't add my sata drive into the boot priorities list. When i look at my sata drive it shows as having 0 mb - which is utter rubbish! I've tried setting the sata drive into achi mode - but this just leads to the pc trying to boot from the cd and saying "no media present".

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Update 800706be

I tried to install a single update: security update for windows vista (kb972270). As the history log shows, that update failed: installation date: 1/16/?2010 12:46 am—installation status: failed; error details: code 800706be.

I rebooted for a clean start. After a very long shut down, the system crashed, did a memory dump, and then asked how i wanted to restart. After "start windows normally" the system seemed to be ok.
I again tried to reboot, with the same result: long shut down, crash, memory dump, restart. Since then, i have not been able to get a clean start.

The update installer apparently did not set a restore point. The most recent useful restore point is 4 days ago. I tried downloading the update to try again, using the version specified for windows vista: windows6. 0-kb972270-x86. Msu. But the installer reported "this update does not apply to your system. " How can i get past all that and secure a clean restart?

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Cannot Boot After Update

My laptop performed a windows update but crashed half way through, now when it boots and after i enter my windows 7 password it just hangs, eventually it loads my desktop but it took 3 hours to fully load it and my icons but everytime i clicked an icon it took about 15 mins to open and froze the laptop at the same time. I cannot load in safety mode and when i finally got to the restore option it says no restore points are available (which is strange is i created one at the weekend)
I have also tried booting from the windows 7 disk and using all the restore options available to no avail.

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Update Restarts Computer

Each night windows update restarts my computer and updates my driver software for wireless. I have to roll back the driver to get the wireless to work. Not sure why this is happening or what the root cause is, but each night the driver is updated by windows update and the wireless radio won't work. I then go and roll back the driver to the previous version and it works perfectly. I have 64 bit windows 7 hp laptop with an atheros ar9285 802. 11 b/g wifi adapter. If i click update driver in the device manager the same thing occurs.

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Linksys Update For Wusb100n

My linksys wusb100 wireless n usb network adapter keeps getting updated to ralink version 3. 0. 1. 0 driver date 5/25/2009. However microsoft version 3. 0. 0. 61 driver date 2/26/2009 has more features and gves me speeds of 270mbps whereas the ralink driver only gives me a maximum of 54mbps. I would like to know if there is away to keep windows update  from updating this particular piece of hardware but still update the rest of my machine. My operating system is windows 7 ultimate.

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Program Problems After Update

I have been having trouble with updates on 7. The last big trouble was with outlook not opening, even with system restore. I used this to fix outlook, enter on "run" command >> outlook.exe/reset navpane, i tried similar things for the desktop gadget for weather it did not work. I have the clock and the calender, they came back, but the weather went away and now i can not open, even with admin, the desktop gadget gallery. This was after the latest auto update a couple days ago. Restore does not fix it.

I need a fix like i got for outlook. But i forget where i found it, i may have searched online and came across it. Who knows what other programs don't work that i just have not used! Why are the updates messing up my system? 7 came on this machine. It is an upper mid range acer. Ok, hope somebody has some wisdom. Updates messing up programs, fixed bug with outlook, now a bug with desktop gadget gallery and who knows what other programs i haven't tried.

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Monitor Not Working After Update

Came home last night, and the monitor was black, and wouldn't wake up. Turned off computer, and tried again this morning. The fan on the computer is working, but the monitor kept saying it wasn't connected to the computer. So after a few re-tries, i tried a different cable. Then a different monitor. Still nada. I'm guessing its after an update restart as one was due. Its a new computer on windows 7 x64, any thoughts? And no; i haven't gotten round to making the recovery disk either.

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Cannot Get .net Framework Update

I still have .net 1. 1 because microsoft cant figure what is going on with there .net issues. Can someone help me with getting my .net framework up to date? Updates not working correctly and nobody wants to take responsibility for it. I still have .net 1. 1 because microsoft cant figure what is going on with there .net issues. Can someone help me with getting my .net framework up to date? Updates not working correctly and nobody wants to take responsibility for it.

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Update Scrambled The Keyboard

After receiving the automatic updates this morning, i came back to my laptop, tied to log in, and found that the keyboard was doing things it shouldn't. For example: lets say my password was apple. 'a' key worked fine, but the 'p' key functioned as an enter key, so i couldn't finish the password. The alt key (which shouldn't do anything at all) puts in two characters, the '9' button turns on caps lock. It's all a mess!I haven't a clue what's going on, and it's effectively locked me out of my new laptop. Nyone know what the problem is? And how to fix it. I haven't touched any settings, and everything was working fine before the update.

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