Flash Does Not Work On Ie8 With 64-bit Win 7

I have ie8 64-bit installed, but flash does not work with it. When i try to install ie8 32 the site tells me i am running ie8. I cannot uninstall ie8 via the control panel. Hoe can i install ie 8 32 bit?

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Win 7 64-bit With Ie8 Won't Play Flash

Why won't windows 7 (64 bit), with ie8 play "flash" but both firefox and safari will. Seems rather strange that it will play on other browsers, but not on the microsoft brand?

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Adobe Flash Player Doesn't Work Correctly In Win 7 64-bit

Windows 7 with explorer 8 both in 64 bit. I can not back out of explorer now and go back to explorer 7 nor can i go to 32 bit. The main problem is the flash player from adobe. It is a new computer and pure all the way no conversion at all, so no system faults, just the headache of the internet. Oh yes, give me back my outlook express.

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Win 7 64-bit Doesn't Distinguish Between Ie8 64-bit And Ie8 32-bit

Windows 7 64bit doesn't distinguish between ie8 64 bit and ie8 32 bit when attempting to set a default browser using the control panel default programs 'associate' utility. My new windows 7 64 bit pc (luv that i7 920 intel cpu) came installed with both ie8-64 bit and ie8-32 bit (nothing more need be said regarding the absurdity of having to deal with this in the first place - i†should have gone with the imac).

Anyway, ie64 bit lacks the flash player cuz adobe hasn't released a 64 bit version yet, per their website. So i can't use ie64 with xm online music stream (et al). Ie32, on the other hand, supports flash player, but won't successfully link to various embedded hypertext links, such as those embedded in an email. My initial solution was to use firefox, which served me well until an application from a local vendor will only work with internet explorer. Sigh.

I've used†windows since version 2 back in the 1980s, have become stoic, and can emotionally cope†with having to use 3 browsers to get the†job done.

However, just for fun, my current burning question is, with two different versions of ie8 (64 bit and 32 bit) installed into windows 7, why doesn't the control panel default applications utility seem to aware of the fact that there are indeed two different versions installed? It lists firefox and internet explorer, but†does not differentiate between the two flavors of ie. My goal was to set ie8 64 bit as the default browser temporarily to accommodate the vendor's application.

Fyi, by setting the default, i refer to: control panel | default programs | associate a file type or protocol with a program. Then scroll down to 'http'†and†click on the change program button. So in my case, firefox and only one instance of internet explorer, with no bit distinction, display as selection options.

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To Use Flash Player To View Flash Content On A 64-bit Operating System

I am trying to down load adobe flash to use on windows 7 64 bit but adobe does not support windows 7 64 bit yet so i get the following error message "to use flash player to view flash content on a 64-bit operating system, you must run a 32-bit browser"

Does anybody have the same problem - well all of you that have windows 7 64 bit must have it. So please what did you to solve it?

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Xps M1210 Vista 32-bit Drivers Work For Win7 32- Bit ?

Xps m1210 with vista 32 bit- will the drivers for vista 32 bit work for windows 7 32 bit? I have had very little help from dell on this one- so far from what i have found, it sounds like the drivers for vista should work fine for windows 7, but i want to be sure before i install windows 7 on this computer and end up making it useless for days because a wireless card driver wont work or something. Can anyone tell me with certainty if the drivers will or wont work for windows 7?

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Bought Hp Laptop With Win 7 64-bit But Work Requires Use Of 32-bit

Just bought a new hp laptop with windows 7 64 bit. But work requires the use of 32 bit windows. I'm in big trouble if i cannot download works antiquated system. Can i download 32 bit windows? Will i lose programs by doing this? Can i downgrade to 32 bit windows 7?

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Rdc And Homegroup Do Not Work - Win 7 64-bit And 32-bit Network

I am having problems connecting my windows 7 pc's, i am currently running 64 bit ultimate as my personal pc , another 2 have win 7 32-bit. I also have 3 routers on the same network, but 2 are being used as switches ( dhcp turned off) and 2 other pc's are installed with vista 32 bit ultimate and win xp pro 32 bit on my trusty laptop. The network is stable and everyone has an internet connection. The problems started when i tried to setup a homegroup with the 3 win 7 pcs. The 64 bit win 7 ultimate sees only itself in the network and i cannot set anything up in this state , i have not yet made any modifications to any pc or router and through this forum can hopefully set something up that will accommodate all pc's. I also cannot get rdc to work between 64-bit win 7 and either of the other win 7 pc's. Laptop win xp pro is wirelessly connected and has all updates to date.

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Program Running On 32-bit Window Does Not Work On 64-bit

I am a science high school teacher and i have several programs (naming chemical, einstruction) that run only on 32 bit windows. I would like to buy a new computer with 64 bit, but all my old programs won't work on it. How am i going to go about this problem?

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Will 64-bit Product Key Work With 32-bit Upgrade ?

I purchased the online download of the 64-bit windows 7 but have figured out that i need the 32-bit. My brother has the 32-bit upgrade disc and i am wondering if my 64-bit product key will work with the 32-bit upgrade?

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Flash Problem With Ie8

I have a problem with i.e. 8 on my vista ultimate 32bit pc, and†the odd†web site where the flash content is only partially interactive. By this i mean that some flash controls on the page will work, while others will not.

I have contacted the support team for the main site this is happening on (†who have advised me to do the following:

1. Clear your cache and cookies
2. Try using a different web browser (internet explorer, firefox, safari)
3. Try connecting with a different computer (at work, a friend, another computer in the house)
4.connect directly to your cable modem if you are using a router (bypass the router)
5. Disable any firewall you may be using to see if it will go through

I have also†tried adding the site to the trusted list, and ensuring that activex controls are allowed to run in the advanced section.

This problem has persisted through i.e. 7 and i.e. 8 on windows vista and windows xp pro sp3. All my machines are fully patched (i run secunia psi regularly). I don't know what else to try to fix this problem. If anyone has any suggestions i would very much like to hear them.

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Ie8 And Adobe Flash Player

I work on windows xp family. I've already installed adobe flash and macromedia players on my computer. Other browsers (chrome and firefox) work fine. But when i try to open a video clip, youtube for eg, in ie8, it displays a message that i need to install flash player. When i try to install again the later, the activex control warning message remains unresponsive on click and short while later, ie freezes showing the message that the site wants to install a module that can hurt your computer.

Leaving no means to install the player! Ultimately, i am brought to close ie through the task manager. I've uninstalled and re-installed ie8, but the same result!I wonder if ie has got any problem with the flash player? Or is there something that i am missing?Thanks for the reply.

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Can't Install Flash Player In Ie8

Flash player quit working completely over this past weekend and i got the message that i didn't have the current version of flash player installed on my computer. I've tried uninstalling and installing flash player but i all i get in the adobe download manager screen is error: installation failed. I can install flash player through firefox and safari so i believe this is an issue with internet explorer 8. I really need some help. I've tried everything i can think of to fix this issue and spent 3 hours on the phone with adobe support.

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Adobe Flash Player Not Working On Ie8

I have a 64-bit version of windows ultimate vista. Flash videos worked fine before upgrading from internet explorer 7 to ie8, now website videos†such as msnbc, weatherbug display a message that a newer version of adobe flash is required. I install the download from the adobe site (message successful) but the message persists, no video. On 64 vista os, does the ie8 browser upgrade install a 64-bit browser that is incompatible with the adobe flash player?†

Adobe states that 64-bit browser support is pending post version 10, but not currently available. How does one determine if the ie8 browser is 64 bit or 32 bit?†Is it possible to run in 32-bit mode for flash enabled sites? Update 8/6/09. My flash player is now version 10. X and the default ie8 version that i use is 32bit vice 64bit. That combination works with flash video.

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Ie8 Adobe Flash Display Problem

I am having some display difficulties with adobe flash with some ie 8 browsers on both vista and win xp. Here is the description. On a test site we get skewing of some (not all) flash movie modules. The whole module is moved out to the right. The specifics with regard to the environments are – win xp and vista, latest version of ie 8, latest version of the flash player. This doesn't happen with all ie 8 browsers. In fact on one test machine we can log in via one account (an administrator account) and the site displays ok with no skewing.

But when we log in via another account (a non administrator account) it is skewed to the right in ie 8. We haven't seen any such problems with other browsers like firefox. Has anyone seen this? Is the administrator account phenomenon significant? I was thinking of doing some experimentation with the site but i don't really know where to begin. I guess checking the source of the page for the correct display against the skewed one would be a start. Any other ideas?

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Loses Installation Of Flash Player 10 For Ie8

I have win 7 (starter) (32-bit) on a new acer aspire one 532. I always logon to it with†my own profile (this is the only one on the machine and has administrator privileges). Early on i†removed the pre-installed mcafee which was causing problems with ie8 (and other apps. ).

Anyway in order to view youtube clips and play†other swf files (e.g. Those on the bbc website) i have downloaded and†installed flash player 10 (32-bit) from adobe's website - and everything was ok. At the same time†i downloaded the version for opera, safari, chrome and foxfire. But then†if i†reboot / restart the acer it 'loses' the installation of flash player 10 for ie8 and i then have to re-download and re-install it - time and time and time again.

For some reason the installation(s) for opera, safari, chrome and foxfire remain ok and working. However the version for ie8 is always uninstalled during thre reboot / restart. I have also asked acer customer service but they have ignored my posts (well they have my money so i guess that they don't care).

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Ie8 Favorites Do Not Work

I have the following problems with favorites in ie8:

Adding a favorite creates it twice (once with the url as name, once with the page title as name)
Clicking on any favorite in ie does nothing (no error, no feedback)

Favorites can be deleted without problem
Opening the url file in explorer opens a print window (the print is empty)
Reinstalling ie8 had no effect and no spyware was detected by multiple scanners

Anybody have any clue what could be the cause of this?

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Ie8 Won't Download Or Run Flash

Since upgrading to windows 7, ie8 doesn't run flash and won't download anything. Used another browser to download flash uninstaller & latest version of flash - used both, but still ie8 won't run flash or allow me to download! Ie8 won't download or run flash.

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Ie8 Crashes When View Web Pages With Flash

I've got 2 windows 7 machines, but on 64-bit processors with the 64-bit version of windows 7 installed. On both of them if we go to a web page with flash on it, and then close internet explorer 8, it will, always crash.

Why is that?† I can avoid if, if i go to some other web page without flash on it, but man that can be hard to remember and sometimes the flash isn't obvious because it isn't moving, so its easy to forget to go to some web page withou a flash item on it, but that's not the point. The point is why in heck does ie8 crash just because there's a flash element on the page?

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Flash Player Does Not Work With Gadgets

Windows 7 professional 64bit desktop internet explorer 8 64bit add-on shockwave flash object not available. Therefore, flash player does not work with gadgets because desktop gadgets utilizes internet explorer 8 64bit rather then the 32bit version of interenet explorer. Two points: on the programs tab in internet options while in internet explorer (64-bit) it states: "internet explorer (64-bit) cannot be the default browser. " Internet explorer (32-bit) is set as my default†browser.

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Ie8 Link With Target Not Work

I have windows 7 running ie8. After i installed some software, some links in web pages are no longer working. I notice that those "a"links have a "target" with something like "_blank", which would open a new ie window or a tab. Basically, the phenomenon is, when i click that link, a new tab is created with caption "connecting to ". The tab is always empty, and the address box shows the url of the original page.

However, for those links which open the web page in the same ie window, seem working fine. I would like to repair the ie8 or windows 7. But i donít know how. Itís greatly appreciated if someone can provide some solution.

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Enlarge Picture Will Not Work On Ie7 But Does On Ie8

New computer with windows 7: running ie 8 - cannot download adobe flash player and hyper-links work ok; on ie 7 can use flash-player but then hyper-links don't work. Sites such as ebay - the 'enlarge picture' will not work on ie7 but does on ie8. Seems i can't have flash player†and working hyper-links together.

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Igoogle Doesn't Work With Ie8

Ie will not open my igoogle home page correctly. Using firefox when i sign into igoogle i get the igoogle page that i have created. When using ie 8 i get a igoogle page but it is not the one that i have set up with my g mail address, it does have some of the igoogle things just not any that i have added. I never had this problem with ie 7. When i installed win 7 about a week or so ago i don't believe i had this problem, if i did something i can't figure out what it is. I do get bing and msn ok just not the igoogle home page i set up with the gadgets i put on that home page.

In addition on ie 8 it shows the sing in but will not let me sign out and doesn't show my google e mail id. When i click on that sign in it doesn't go anywhere, do anything like go to the igoogle sing in as it should. I just reset ie for the 2nd†or 3rd time and tried to sign in to igoogle and i got a page that is somewhat like igoogle but isn't my page. I have 3 g mail addresses and i can sign in using firefox with all 3 and they display the igoogle home page correctly.

In addition ie 8 is a hog, slow and who knows what else but at times i need a separate browser and i paid for it and since it can not be deleted from win7 and i'm a stickler for getting what i paid for. In addition i cant install ie7 as it says that ie 7 is not supported on this system. I can't download a new copy of ie 8 as it says i already have it.

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Ie8 Sort By Name Doesn't Work

I keep getting surprised about how the functionality of microsoft software keeps declining. Windows media player keeps getting worse with each version, and now ie8. I barely use it because i'm almost exclusively a firefox user, but firefox fails in scrolling some pages smoothly when zoomed in, and ie8 is better at that. So sometimes i use it only for that purpose, but now having re-installed windows 7 from scratch and having imported the bookmarks from firefox, i realize that in ie8 the "sort by name" functionality in favorites is broken.

When it imported the bookmarks from firefox, it placed all the bookmarks from firefox's bookmark bar into ie8's favorites bar, which is great, except that it placed them in reverse alphabetical order! Are you freaking kidding me? So i think, ok, this is really stupid, a multi-billion dollar corporation didn't have one person in the internet explorer team that saw this?But well, i figured i would just go to the favorites side bar, or the organize favorites box, right click on the "favorites bar" folder, and choose "sort by name". It doesn't work! It simply doesn't work.

It does nothing at all. And it doesn't work on the other folders in the favorites tree. And this is not an old, corrupted installation of windows, it's brand new from two days ago, from a reformatted hard drive, and it barely has any programs in it except for drivers. This is just pathetic, "sort by name" has been on ie since version 4 or 5, and now they took it away, but they are so lazy that they forgot to take it out of the context menu. Dded to this, ie is really ugly on the eyes, with that hideous baby blue color all over the interface, especially on the toolbars and tabs. Firefox at least has the anycolor and personas plugins to bring some decent visual taste to it.

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Ie8 Hangs With Flash Based Banner Ads On Web Pages

Ie 8 hangs with automatic flash based banner "ads" on web pages. I do not know what to check but sometimes ie 8 seems to "hang" when accessing web pages that have automatic loading flash banner "ads. " It seems to occur often on windows 7 and occasionally on windows xp versions of ie 8. I have removed flash player and the activex entries a few times but it did not seem to fix this yet.

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Flash Player Wont Work On User Accounts

I have three home computers running windows 7 (64-bit). Adobe flash player runs on some accounts but not others. It runs on the administrator account on all three computers. It runs on some user accounts on some computers but not on other user accounts.

I have tried some of the solutions suggested elsewhere:
- I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash player; it didn't help.
- I have also tried downloading and running the subinacl program to change the registry permissions; it didn't help.

I understand from another posting that one person got this resolved by spending two hours on the phone with microsoft tech support. Unfortunately, it is not clear exactly what tech support did to resolve the problem.

As far as i can tall, the ie8 settings are identical for the accounts where flash player works and the accounts where it does not work.

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Automatic Image Resizing Doesn't Work In Ie8

When i open an image in internet explorer, if it's larger than the window, it doesn't resize to fit the window. I've tried setting, unsetting and resetting the 'enable automatic image resizing' checkbox in internet options/advanced/multimedia , and it just doesn't work. This doesn't work, in two separate windows 7 machines, one of them an upgrade from xp, one of them a new windows 7 professional 64bit out of the box, so i don't think it's a hangover from an upgrade setting. Any clues on what else i need to do to make image resizing work in windows 7?

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Cannot Run Flash With 64-bit

How can i see videos when adobe says it cannot run flash with 64-bit?

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Remove Ie8 64-bit

After a few hours with my 3rd party antivirus software help folks, they finally told me that their software works with win 7 - 64-bit but doesn't work with ie8 - 64-bit. I have ie8 - 64-bit loaded on my pc, along with the 32-bit version. I need to remove (uninstall) the 64-bit version.

If i remove†ie8 via†control panel | programs & features | turn windows feature on or off, by not selecting it, it's gone after a re-boot. However, when i then turn it back on, both the 32 & 64 bit ie8 appear. I need the ie8 64-bit to not be reinstalled (or uninstall ie8 64 bit ;^)

Anybody have any ideas?

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Installing Flash On 32-bit Win 7

I just purchased a notebook with windows 7 home premium (32 bit) and am having trouble watching videos with adobe flash. I spent some time on adobe's website, but they did not offer a solution to install the latest version. Every time i clicked on "download flash player", it would just return me to the same screen. I also tried going into "manage add-ons" in my ie8, but did not see adobe or flash listed anywhere, as well as enabling java script in the security options within outlook 2003. Any suggestions?

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