Icons And Thumbnails Have Turned To Generic

When i click on a link to send an e-mail, it won't send without clicking "sync" which is hard to find
This is about the 10th problem i've had with windows 7. None of which have been able to be solves, waiting 6 months. Would like to know if there is someone at microsoft to help me. I can't get these solved through the forum. Mostly involving icons, all turned generic, thumbnails in my pic file, all turned generic. I would like to have vista back.

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Program Icons Have Been Replaced With Generic Icons

While trying to install adobe cs4 on my desktop i kept receiving errors on not being able to write to the c:windowsinstaller file. I had to change folder settings to see system files first then once i found it i could not do anything to it and had only limited rights. I turned off norton and made sure i had administrator rights and even tried to execute the file "run as administrator" with no luck. So i took ownership of the c drive and made sure that the system and myself that full control (probably not the right thing to do but i was out of ideas).

The install finally worked. However, now all of my programs do not have their standard icons (word, excel, quickbooks etc. ), They have generic icons and not all the same type of icon but they are all generic windows icons. All the programs work just fine but i would like to have have the original ones back.

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Icons Have Changed To Generic Icons

For some reason after i changed my windows desktop background and then later restarted my pc i noticed that cpu-z, pc wizard, & eleet no longer had 'icon art' to them and they looked like generic icons. They still worked but i was wondering what would cause this and how to fix. Also, another change that i did was to pin shortcuts to these programs in my taskbar. All other programs were fine. For some reason this was highly annoying to me. Any suggestions?

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Desktop Icons Turned Into .lnk Files

My desktop icons and program links listed in all programs have turned into windows media player . Lnk files. Whenever you try to open them, media player opens followed by an error box stating the mp cant run this type of file. I can access all my files and programs by going to c>programfiles or documents. This all happened right after i used the mp to play a dvd for the very first time. I had used it for viewing pictures and internet files. I am running windows 7 professional with virtual pc and windows xp mode.

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Video Thumbnails

I am running a gateway nv52 computer that originally was installed with windows vista x64. I received a free upgrade to windows 7 x64. Now that i am running windows 7 i noticed that none of my video files' thumbnails are appearing only the icons. I have tried several things to fix this:

1. ) Running sfc /scannow

2. ) Deleting thumbnails (disk cleanup)

3. ) All options are correct within folder options ( display icon files on thumbnails on; always use icons, never thumbnails off)

I also had a problem with the preview pane within explorer. I used a program called previewconfig to fix this and now it [preview pane] works fine. However i still have the issue with the thumbnails.

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Aero Thumbnails Not Working

I am using windows 7 home premium with the latest updates. My task bar thumbnails have stopped working. First of all, my computer locked up, and upon restarting, all my desktop icons were gone. My computer is only a couple of months old, so i called hp tech support. They did remote access and we did a restore point. Desktop icons are back. While picking a restore point i noticed there was a critical update on april 10 and my problem started on april 11.

Anyway, i found this website and got to thinking maybe i should have called microsoft instead of hp. I ran the aero trouble shooter and it can't fix the problem. I got the message "close programs using mirror drivers", and mentions windows remote assistance. I don't have any programs open except ie8 and i unchecked "allow remote assistance", but still no thumbnails. Any suggestions?

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Internet Site Thumbnails

My new dell computer came loaded with windows 7. I am using internet explorer as my browser. When i first started using this computer, i set the mouse over the internet explorer symbol on the bottom left of the screen all of the internet sites i was currently logged into would appear above the symbol as a thumbnail of the particular page i was on. Somehow that has disappear and now what i get instead of a thumbnail, i get a sentence description of the page. How can i get back to view thumbnails?

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Aero Thumbnails Stopped Working

My task bar thumbnails have stopped working and i get the message "close programs using mirror drivers", one of those being windows remote assistance. I only have ie8 open, and i unchecked the "allow remote assistance" box. I did have remote assistance a couple of days ago, with hp, but i didn't find any programs installed on that date. I did a restore point, with hp, and noticed there was a critical update on april 10. My problem started on april 11 when all my desktop icons disappeared. They are back now, but i do miss the taskbar icons. Any suggestions?

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No Preview Thumbnails For Avi Files

I'm using 64 bit windows 7. I'm creating some avi animations with the ultra fractal fractal exploration software. These avi files don't show thumbnail preview images in windows explorer, they just show a default image of a piece of film. It seems that if i edit my avi file into a wmv movie file using windows live movie maker, then i do see thumbnail images for the source avi files in windows explorer from then on. But i'd like to see the previews by default. Note that i do see preview thumbnails for most (but not all) files that are in the quicktime mov format. And i do see preview thumnails for all files in the mpg format. But not for the avi files.

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Aero Taskbar Thumbnails Not Displaying Preview

I recently purchased a new laptop with windows 7 running on windows 64-bit os. For some of the applications, the thumbnail previews on the taskbar work great (outlook, ie 8), but others do not. Whenever i open more than one file in an application, the thumbnail display only shows a rectangle with that application's logo in the middle of the box. Can anyone help me understand why this feature works for some applications, but not others, and how to fix this? I've tried all the standard remedies (choosing aero theme, etc. ) To no avail.

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Sound Turned Off Upon Restart

Whenever i restart windows 7 (ultimate), the volume settings of windows 7 have been turned completely off. Therefore, every time i restart windows 7, i have to go down to the lower right-hand corner of the screen (to the volume icon) and turn on the volume once again. This happens every time i restart windows 7. What might be going on? I'm running the latest version of avg antivirus, by the way, and there are no viruses showing up on my system.

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Wireless Capability Turned Off

I was trying to connect to my work's wireless network which has some security i have to get to. I was trying to speed it up by checking the properties of that connection (right-click on the network name, clicked status). There was a button with the administrator logo on it labeled disable, and i accidentally clicked it. I was able to turn the wireless adapter on again, but no networks show up (there were at least five before).

When i hover over the icon in the system tray, it says no connections are available. When i troubleshoot, the only error it has is that it says wireless capability turned off and i can't find where to turn it back on. I'm using an asus notebook with windows 7 home premium installed.

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System Restore Has Been Turned Off By Administrator

System restore has been turned off by your system administrator. I thought my problem was a easy one but not so. I am logged in as administrator windows 7 ultimate, i went to restore my system files and turned them off by mistake, so that i thought was no problem, i did know that it deletes all system restore files, so off i go again to turn them back on and guess what, it says the administrator had to be informed as they turned them off, after trying many ways of doing this, i resorted to no protection on my uac, this did not help, tried a new uac that did not help either, so now i am on my hands and knees hoping that someone out there can help, after such a simple mistake which i was allowed to do because i was administrator, i have gone to not even being able to system restore back on without contacting my administrator!

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Bsod From Wakeup When Wifi Turned Off

I've been getting the bsod other people have, but mine has a definite cause. It will only happen on wake-up from sleep/hibernate (not sure about power-up) when the wifi is turned off. I have a laptop, so there's a little button you can slide left or right to turn the wifi on or off. If the wifi is turned off, but i manage to switch it on before the login screen comes up, i'm ok. But if i forget or i'm too late turning it on, the bsod appears.

I have an hp pavilion dv2610us with windows 7 pro x64. I ran the 64 bit version of the release candidate, which had the exact same problem. I thought it would get fixed with the final version, but i guess not. Is the fix for this a certain wifi driver? If so, anyone know which one?

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Cannot Log Into Xp Mode With Integration Turned On

I am using windows 7 enterprise and have downloaded and installed windows virtual pc and xp mode. I used the standard username of xpmuser and a password. Successfully linked to my company shared drives and installed the applications that need to run in xp mode. Fter a reboot of the main pc i can no longer log into xp mode with the hard drive integration turned on. With integration turned on, when i type in the xpmuser password i get a message "the local policy of this system does not allow you to logon interactively". I'm actually logging in twice. As the virtual machine starts, i enter the xpmuser name and password at a 'security' screen, then the xp session starts, and i get the error message above. Since the vm isn't part of a 'real' domain, i can't use my windows logon id, i am using the xmpuser name and password. I've removed and reinstalled virtual pc and xp mode and get back to this same problem. I get everything installed, but when the hardware is rebooted, i can no longer log in to xp mode.

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You Either Have Javascript Turned Off Or An Old Version Of Flash Player

You either have javascript turned off or an old version of macromedia flash player. Click here to get the latest flash player. What does this mean? I have tried this download and cannot hear music on myspace.

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Desktop Icons Changed To Excel Icons After Update

"all desktop icons changed to office excel icons after windows update in windows 7". Two of the desktops at my work place installed updates for windows 7 automatically. After restart all desktop icons were office excel icons and were not able to be opened. After a system restore the icons went back to normal and were able to be opened again. I wasn't here for the update and was told of the issue third party. Not sure what update it was but it was a critical update from what i was told.

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Generic Non Pnp Monitor Issue

My installation of w7 went great, but i'm running into a graphics problem. Windows isn't viewing my monitor as pnp, classifying it instead as a "generic non-pnp monitor". This in turn (i think) is forcing my resolution to three options: 1280x720, 1024x768, and 800x600. Now, i thought this might be a driver issue, so i installed numerous versions of the drivers (including the most recent, as far back as four releases ago) for my video card, a geforce 8800 gts. Nothing worked. In fact, it seems that these drivers aren't even being installed.

I say this because when i check the driver properties of my video card after installing the most recent drivers, the driver date is "9/27/09" and the driver version is "8. 16. 11. 9107". It seems as if windows isn't even recognizing the drivers i installed myself, only the ones windows installed automatically. I've checked around for monitor drivers, but there aren't any. Newer monitors, as far as i know, come embedded with drivers in the hardware. The only disk i received with my monitor contained a user manual.

I've run windows update, gotten every file available, still nothing. I've noticed something unusual, however. If i uninstall the drivers windows attempts to load automatically and run my display with absolutely no drivers, i'm able to use resolutions as high as 1680x1050, and my display is referenced as "(default monitor)". If i try to install current drivers once i've uninstalled the automatic drivers, i receive an error, stating "the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit. ".

Processor: amd phenom 9850
Video card: geforce 8800gts
Monitor: chimei 22"

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Cannot Sync Generic Windows Phone

Have just purchased a toshiba laptop with windows 7 installed. Am attempting to load the software for a windows 6 generic cell phone (htc polaris). Windows 7 does not recognize the installation disk for the cell phone. And when plugged in by usb it shows in the 'devices printers' screen as unspecified generic rndis, status- needs troubleshooting.

I have hit the trouble shooting button and it appears to go into search mode, (looking for drivers i assume). I have allowed the system to perform a search for the drivers but after approx 45 mins it had come up with nothing. I have searched the web, xda developers etc and they all say the cell phone should sync to the media player, unfortunately it doesn't. The only thing i have found relates to downloads for vista only.

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Raid And Generic Rndis Not Working

I have windows mobile device center 6. 1, windows 7 64 bit, and an intel dp45sg motherboard. A little while ago the raid controller has come up under "other devices" in the device manager as the drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). That is my first problem. No updates will fix it and it never gets installed. How would i do this?

Second question is after that came up not working the microsoft windows mobile remote adapter has come up under network adapters as not working: this device cannot start. (Code 10). I assume this is the reason i cannot sync my windows mobile 6. 1 phone with my computer. I hope someone can help resolve either of these problems or both.

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Monitoring Windows Backup Through Action Center Has Been Turned Off

Action center might show backup as "monitoring windows backup through action center has been turn off by an administrator or another program. ¯ Even though windows backup has been configured; what does this mean?

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This Program Is Turned Off (windows 7 Defender) Message At Startup

At every boot, i get the same message that defender is turned off. I click on the blue sentence to turn the program on and it tries, but cannot. I have ms essential running with no issues. What has to be done to stop the defender is turned off message at every startup?  Defender application itself will not open so i cannot check anything inside of it. Is there a way to reset defender to its factory settings or remove it and reinstall it without reinstalling the os?

Any advice would be helpful. I've already checked the services running place and found it is set to automatic.

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Generic Non Pnp Monitor Sound Trouble

I got this dynex tv for christmas so i wanted to so i want to extend my desktop to the tv it worked fine using vista until i updated to windows 7. Now the tv screen would flicker when a windows sound goes off, it would flicker only one time for the sound like when i open a folder or something. I can disable the sounds and then the screen would stop flickering but i want to know if i can get it to work properly with the sound.

I don't have this problem with the laptop screen only the tv screen. Im also using a vga cable. The laptop is about 2 years old if that helps any. Im not sure where to put this thread it seems like a hardware problem.

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Generic Ieee 128.4 Printing Support

Puts fax into feeding tray and enters number and then gets message that scanner is warming up. After that receives the error message above. At this point he will unplug the cords and replug. Sometimes this works and other times it doesn't. In addition the message says. There was a problem installing this hardware. An error occurred during the installation of the device.

The driver cannot be installed because it is either not digitally signed or not signed in the appropriate your hardware vendor. Click finish to close the wizard. He also uninstalled hp laserjet 3300/3310/3320/3320n/3330 mfp and reinstalled it. It currently is on the computer. I recently installed microsoft office 7. I am a novice when it comes to computers but learning.

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Program Icons Changed To Unknown Icons

Just recently, my computer's icons for programs such as windows live messenger, microsoft office (all programs and documents for those programs), steam, pdf files, are all changed to unknown icons. Im not sure what i happened and i restored my computer, but after another day or so, it reverted back to the same thing. I believe it might have been due to running disk cleanup and im not sure if i restored to before running disk cleanup. But these missing icons only displaying the unknown icon for all those programs and their files. Can anyone please help me?

Faulty icons: microsoft office and its documents, pdf files, windows live messenger, steam, itunes these are the ones that i see, there could be more for all i know.

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Generic Non-pnp Monitor - Can't Change Resolution

I installed the windows 7 nvidia drivers ( 190. 62 ) and it works fine, except i cant change my resolution to 1680 x 1050 for my v7 r22w02 22inch lcd screen ! It shows up as 'generic non-pnp monitor'. When i update the drivers it says that the non-pnp drivers are up to date. The maximum i can choose is 1600x1200 wich makes it all squeezed. My monitor is plug n play and i cant run the drivers from the v7 website because they're 32bit.

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Mce Remote With Generic Ir Usb Receiver Pairing

I have just upgraded a box from winxp media center to win7 to be used exclusively for media center. I have a microsoft media center remote that i'd like to use with this box, but use a 3rd party ir usb receiver. The original ir transmitter is in use on a new win7 mc and uses my logitech 880. The remote that came with the ir receiver works, but is poorly designed and i'd like yo use the original mce remote (with the green button).

Does anyone have a suggestion for telling the computer to respond to the mce remote instead of the junky one? Or do i need to buy an official mce remote and usb ir receiver if i don't want to use the cheap remote? 

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Some Desktop Icons Appear As Broken Icons

I had to reconfigure some connections inside my box, and inadvertently switched the order of my sata drives. In short, windows loaded with my optical and 2nd hdd swapped, so it assigned them letters. All the icons that looked in d: switched to the "broken" icon. I've since switched drive letters and rebooted, multiple times. Right clicking on the icon and selecting properties displays the correct icon under the "shortcut" menu. How can i get that icon to show on the desktop now?

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Program Icons Reverting To "windows Default" Icons

Some of my icons have reverted to the windows default icon, regardless of where they are placed (quicklaunch/startmenu/random folders). I have searched the forums for solutions and found several ideas. They do not disappear after a certain time, they just simply didn't appear one day. The last program/game i installed was alien vs predator. Uninstalled that one without any effect.

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Unable To View Thumbnails Using Detailed View

I am unable to view thumbnails in windows explorer while i am using detailed view. I only can see them when they are extra large. I can't see them in small, not in list, not in medium, just in extra large. I hate them extra large. I want to view them in detailed view. This is what i have done so far:under folder options/view i "unchecked" the "always show icons never thumbnails".

That did not work. I did go through tons of problems regarding thumbnails in the forums, but could not find a solution to my problem. I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit. I never had a problem with thumbnails in windows xp. Now i am struggling and i want to view my thumbnails again. I just don't know what else i can do. I must be missing something in the settings; but what?

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