Wireless Network Issue - Two Separate Live Messenger On Two Computers

Hi i am posting this for a friend who has their network set up as follows:-

Pc 1 - a laptop running vista and connected to a wireless router.
Pc 2 - a laptop running win 7 and connected to the same router.

Pc 1 logs into windows live messenger and works ok without second pc switched on.
Pc 2 logs into windows live messenger and works ok without other pc switched on.

When both are switched on then live messenger cannot get logged into on the windows 7 machine. The machines are not networked other than to the router. Can someone help to identify if this is a common problem that cannot be fixed or what can be done to correct this problem.

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Live Messenger Is Crashing

Recently i'm having a problem with windows live messenger. It crashes while the contact list is loading.

The problem details are as follows:

Problem signature:

Problem event name: appcrash
Application name: msnmsgr.exe
Application version: 14. 0. 8089. 726
Application timestamp: 4a6ce533
Fault module name: msnmsgr.exe
Fault module version: 14. 0. 8089. 726
Fault module timestamp: 4a6ce533
Exception code: c0000005
Exception offset: 0026e40f
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 3081

Additional information about the problem:

Lcid: 1033

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Messenger Live Disconnecting

Messenger disconnects every few secs after signing in. Turning my internet connection on and off in the process. Each time it disconnects. Just installed windows 7. Never had this issue with any other os. Looked threw several differnet things. Found nothing that seems similar to my problem. Internet works perfect without attempting to use messenger live.

Ok first off. I messed up with trying to just delete messenger live. Now i can't reinstall it. Since it says i already have it. Plus i can't find a way to use it either. If i do still have it. I have no idea how.

So if i can find a way to get messenger back working again. Then i need to find a way to get the original problem. Of it disconnecting all the time on me. For what seems no reason.

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Reinstalling Live Messenger

After receiving a small spam virus from one of my friends on windows 7 x86 (programme files x86) i removed all windows live messenger aspects from my pc, and went into task manager to neutralize the harmful download. After locating the file in my windows live messenger folder. I deleted it, then going into task manager and removing every other windows live messenger programmes, however. When i try to re-install it, my pc says i already have it installed. Yet there is no trace of it on my pc.

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Live Messenger Keeps Crashing

Wlm keeps crashing even when i try running it, never mind logging on. Every time i click on it, it doesn't open, it just displays a message saying"windows live messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. " And you all know all the stuff it says after that. I tried restarting my pc, which is running windows xp sp3, if that helps. I also tried uninstalling and re-installing the program, twice, and that still didn't help. If anyone could give me advice on how to fix this problem that would be great.

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Cannot Do Network Backup Of Computers

I was able to do a network backup using vista. Now with windows 7 home premium i am unable. Why was this change made. I have 5 computers networked and i don't want to go out and buy an external drive for each computer. Why the change? I cannot do a network back up of my 5 computers that are now running windows 7 premium. If i had known that i could not backup to a network drive, i would have bought the new version.

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How To Network Printer Between 2 Computers ?

My printer is connected to my pc with xp. It can "share", supposedly but my laptop with windows 7 can't find/see the printer or the network. How do i fix this? And i need to know in simple/easy terms.

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Network Computers Not Connected

I have a desk top pc with windows 7 and a laptop with vista. I am unable to get the two connected on the home network. I have a router. The laptop is set up wireless. Neither computer shows the other on the network. Only in the security system (trendmicro) does the laptop show up as being on the network. The laptop shows a second computer with a mac address but it indicates "offline" so i can't determine the ip. The network map on each computer shows this computer - network - internet. Both computers are named the same as is the network. Is this an os compatibility problem?

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Home Network Computers Do Not See Each Other

I have a hybrid home network with a cisco linksys wireless router and linksys voip phone adapter. I say hybrid, because my pc is hard-wired to the router while my laptop is wireless. Both computers are running windows 7. Both computers see the internet and work fine; however, i can't get the computers to see each other on the home network. I tried setting up the home network through windows 7 rules with no luck. I installed the cisco network manager software and the router software will not link the two together either. I have the network wired per the voip phone adapter instructions, which is to capture the modem stream through the voip adapter and send it to the pc. Phone also works fine this way. Anyone got a clue why the computers don't see each other, and if it is because of the way the voip adapter is connected, how should my network be wired?

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Live Messenger Wont Open

problem signature:
Problem event name: appcrash
Application name: windows live messenger .exe
Application version: 14. 0. 3921. 717
Application timestamp: 487fb9bd
Fault module name: stackhash_2264
Fault module version: 0. 0. 0. 0
Fault module timestamp: 00000000
Exception code: c0000005
Exception offset: 01468c2b
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
Locale id: 1033
Additional information 1: 2264
Additional information 2: 2264db07e74365624c50317d7b856ae9
Additional information 3: 875f
Additional information 4: 875fa2ef9d2bdca96466e8af55d1ae6e

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I have latest messenger, windows 7 installed.

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Live Messenger Error 80040154

I know someone who is having some problems with his windows live messenger. He is receiving the error code "80040154" while trying to connect. The problem occurred approximately 9 days after installing the new beta that has recently been released. He used windows live messenger 9 before. I have tried to run through many steps that i have found online that are allegedly suppose to fix that particular error and none have been successful.

I have used these following solutions:re register msxml3.dll re install msxml3.dll installing contacts. Msi from contacts_ship_neutral. Cab installing given contacts. Msi from "c:program files (x86)common files windows live. Cache"re install windows live messenger 9 (same error given for that version)i have tried to uninstall windows live messenger completely, but i cannot seem to figure out how to do so.

There is no reference to it in add/remove programs (i have searched for windows messenger, msn, windows live essentials, windows live reference, etc). I cannot find any uninstall program provided.

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Live Messenger Webcam Problem

When i start a video chat with others they can not see my webcam. I see my webcam and their's, but they get a camera with a red x through it for my camera. If instead of starting a video chat i select "show my webcam" they see my webcam just fine so i know the webcam is working. Here are the things i have tried: verified under tools/options "allow others to see i have a webcam" is checked.

Went in to audio/video setup and tried selecting a different webcam (i have a build in webcam and a usb webcam). I had done everything with just the internal but since i could not get it working tried plugging in the usb webcam but got the same results.

Tried connecting to multiple people and they get the same result (can't see my webcam). I'm running windows 7 home premium, dell inspiron laptop. Haven't installed any special firewall software. Running wlm version 2009 build 14. 0. 8089. 726. I've looked at all the help posts on the internet but seems like most people have a different problem than i do and couldn't find any help.

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Live Messenger Has Stopped Working

Am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Almost every time i start windows 7 from either sleep or from cold boot i get the above message and have to click on close program and then restart messenger. However if i then put system in sleep or reboot again i get the same message again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled windows live multiple times and cleaned up registry files as indicated by ms instructions.

After doing all this work the problem is corrected for a short period and then i'm back to the same old message. This problem has plagued me since the purchase of my machine in december. Other than this problem my system has been stable and i have not loaded or unloaded any additional programs. Any ideas on fixes that will last? 

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Live Messenger Not Staying Signed In

My windows live messenger for the last few months either does not sign in or when it does, it only stays signed in for a few seconds, this happens with both my address's. I have tried uninstalling all of windows live and reinstalling which hasn't helped, and signing in on any other computer has no problems. I have researched this online including your forums but can not find and answer. Please don't suggest i reinstall windows 7 as that is not a option.

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Lifecam Having Trouble With Live Messenger

My lifecam vx-6000 has often given me troubles with wlm but i eventually got it to work after updating the drivers. Somewhat. It appears my webcam will only work if i do an "actual call" as in have my video and audio going. If a contact tries to invite me to show just my webcam (with no sound/microphone so just webcam) on their end it says i have declined the invitation and refuses to work. I dont seem to have a button on my end that invites the person to the same thing, i appear to only be able to do calls. My friend has also gone to another computer and invited me, the same thing happens.

The problem must be on my end. This is rather upsetting, the webcam appears to work with any other application but it has this one little problem with windows messenger. I would just like to be able to see my friend without having to do a "full on call" which can be rather bandwidth heavy on my poor internet.

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Remote Shut Down Of Network Computers

We are a public library. We are now running 10 public computers-6 with windows 7 and 4 with windows xp. We were shutting down all the public computers from our main circulation (xp operating system) with psshutdown. I can't get the new windows 7 computers to shut down this way. What can i do? Is there a program? Could i set up something similar psshut down on one of the windows 7 machines to shut those 6 machines down? What do i need to do to make that possible?

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Live Messenger / Skype Wont Connect

Both instant messaging systems say they cant connect to server. Windows live says its my firewall and proxy settings which ive gone through a million times with many other troubleshooting methods. I allowed both through windows firewall, cleared my lan settings (which there weren't any anyway), ran scv/scannow which found no problems.

Following one tho, when running 'regsvr32 softpub.dll initpki.dll wintrust.dll' it states that the module initpki.dll failed to load, specified module could not be found. Would this affect trying to sign in to an instant messaging program? The program itself downloads without a problem, but as soon as i try to sign in or create an account with the actual server, thats where theres problems.

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Live Messenger 2009 Webcam Problem

I have a problem with wlm2009. Basically one minute, the webcam settings working fine, i can do a video call no problem and i can just show my webcam. The next, an update occurs, either for wlm itself or messenger plus! Live, not entirely sure which one my memory isn't too good with other things 'cept revision during exam times :p. Anyway, now there is literally no option to select 'show my webcam', it's vanished.

When i click on the webcam symbol by my display picture, or that of the persons im talking to, it goes straight to video call without giving me the option to 'show my webcam'. In addition, by pressing alt and then selecting activities, video, it is not there either, giving me the video call option or 'get a webcam' (which i obviously have). Also most recently, i don't know whether or not this is related, but now video call results in two grey boxes when its connected.

To try and sort this out, i have reinstalled wlm2009 and its components along with messenger plus! Live, which has given me no problems in the past at all, yet i still do not have the 'show my webcam' option anymore, and i don't know why.

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Web Browser And Live Messenger Pausing

I have recently upgraded to windows 7(clean install) however i have been getting very frequent pausing from google chrome and windows live messenger. It pauses while i type and then a few seconds later all the words just appears. This happens on both chrome and on windows live messenger, i have tested on ie and mozilla and still the same thing.

The most easiest way to test if the problem still exists for me would be to just open a contacts on wlm, it will pause for a second, the contact screen being completely white and then it will appear. Does anyone have any solutions? So far i have tried reinstalling and also another thing to note is that recently i accidentally changed a background for a contact during a pause and now i cant seem to change it back, as everytime i try, the screen goes unresponsive for a very long time and eventually crashes.

Here are my active programs: avira antivirus, ad-aware, comodo firewall, winamp, skype. I will post my dxdiag if you guys need it, but so far i have tried many forums and no one seems able to help me. I truly hope this forum can solve my problem once and for all.

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Can't Install Windows Live Messenger

Okay i tried to install the new windows live messenger essentials beta it gets to 100% then fails for some reason so it reverses all the changes and now msn doesn't work at all after the reverse so i uninstalled it completely, then went for the non beta version it goes to 100% then fails with a bunch of errors for the whole of essentials. I have no idea why it's doing this. The error messages are just codes with numbers all different like windows live messenger error 200x900 stuff like that. I have tried beta and the norm one and they wont work on my laptop. I have win 7 home premium and im way above in the specs so it should work but i have looked everywhere and cant find a fix.

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How To Remove Windows Live Messenger In Win 7 ?

I am sick of having to find "sync" every time i respond to another e-mail. I just want it gone.

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Live Messenger Winks Require Adobe Flash 10

I have installed the new version of windows live messanger, to be able to use the winks i had too install adobe 10 i did that but it keeps asking me to install adobe flash, any ideas i am running windows 7 home premium.

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Live Messenger Stopped Working - App Crash

Every time i try and open my windows live messenger it comes up with it has stopped working. Ive tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it i tried downloading it again and so on. The problem that comes up is:-

Problem signature:

Problem event name: appcrash
Application name: msnmsgr.exe
Application version: 14. 0. 8117. 416
Application timestamp: 4bc935af
Fault module name: wldcore.dll
Fault module version: 14. 0. 8117. 416
Fault module timestamp: 4bc93503

Exception code: c0000005
Exception offset: 00002ee5
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 3081
Additional information about the problem:
Lcid: 1033

What can i do to fix it?

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Built-in Webcam On Laptop Not Working With Live Messenger

So i tried to live chat using my windows live chat account with windows 7, for some reason i am not able to use the webcam the only option that is offered is to "get a webcam" in other im settings i am able to access my webcam built into the computer. Why is windows 7 messenger any different? I dont want to buy an additional webcam when my computer already has one any suggestions?

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Connecting 2 Computers In Lan Network With Cable - Win 7 And Xp

How can i connect 2 computers in lan network (with cable) if one is running windows xp professional and the other is running windows 7 ultimate? Please, step by step answer.

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Adding Wireless Win 7 Pc To Existing Xp Pro Wireless Network

Have an existing wireless network of windows xp pro (3), want to add a windows 7 machine. Existing network is still up and running, all machines on. I can ping all machines from any other, all workgroups names are the same, file sharing is on and ip are in safe or allowed by firewalls. Windows 7 machine shows none of the network except the router. Any suggestions?

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Cannot Connect To Wireless Network Using Usb Wireless G Adapter

Using linksys wusb54g wireless adapter.connected fine when win7 first installed. Now i cannot connect via wireless, using ethernet cable. Win7 diagnostics thinks everything is fine, but can't connect. How do i get in & reset my wep password? Drivers all up to date, i believe.

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Sharing Wireless Network Between Win 7, Xp, Wireless Printer

I had no trouble sharing my wireless network when the desktop was xp and the laptop was xp. Since replacing the desktop with a new windows 7 unit, i cannot manage to set up a network. I just purchased a new wireless printer, and i cannot set it up wirelessly either. I can network the printer to work with the win7 desktop if i connect the printer to my router with a ethernet cable. My router sees all 3 devices and i can ping the printer and the laptop from the desktop. The desktop is connected to the router via ethernet cable.

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Wireless Router, One Pc Will Not Network

I have new 4 hp desktops set up on a wireless network thru a westfall wireless router that have been in use for several months without using any of the windows 7 network - home/work group capabilities. I was asked to connect a hp wireless printer through the same router so all four pcs could print to the one printer. The printer set up was easy. However, all but one pc is able to network. I can map the other pcs and printer.

I can access the printer webpage and change printer preferences but i can not use the printer. When i am in the network settings, the full network map setting shows the other pcs and printer but when asked to show devices connected to the network it shows zero items. I have checked all firewall, internet and file sharing settings on all four pcs and they are the same. This is my first experience using windows 7. Is there another feature that would block sharing or networking access?

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Trouble Seeing Particular Wireless Network

I upgraded an hp laptop from vista to windows 7. Now it will not "see" a wireless router in a government building but will see other routers and networks. I changed routers (apple to linksys dual band) and exactly the same thing, even changing from 2. 4 ghz to 5. 0 ghz because of possible cordless phone interference. Ll other portable computers can see the network but not this hp. And this hp sees other networks in the building. I upgraded the wireless adapter drive from broadcom but no change.

Totally perflexing to me. - This is a public forum so never post private information such as email or phone numbers!Ideas:programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem?

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