Ie Auto Switching To Compatibility View

I am developing a web page but when clicking a certain link, it causes the following message to appear:- "a problem displaying [address] caused internet explorer to refresh the webpage using compatibility view". The page renders fine in every other browser i have tried (firefox, google chrome, safari, opera), it is only ie that causes this message. The page still renders fine, but i want to stop the message coming up.

I have identified the code that is causing this to happen

If i remove the overflow:scroll bit of the code it stops the problem, but this breaks my site since the part of the page no longer has scrollbars even when the size of the contents means they are needed - so users cannot see some of the page.could you please confirm if this is a known issue with ie and if there is a workaround?

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Unable To View Thumbnails Using Detailed View

I am unable to view thumbnails in windows explorer while i am using detailed view. I only can see them when they are extra large. I can't see them in small, not in list, not in medium, just in extra large. I hate them extra large. I want to view them in detailed view. This is what i have done so far:under folder options/view i "unchecked" the "always show icons never thumbnails".

That did not work. I did go through tons of problems regarding thumbnails in the forums, but could not find a solution to my problem. I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit. I never had a problem with thumbnails in windows xp. Now i am struggling and i want to view my thumbnails again. I just don't know what else i can do. I must be missing something in the settings; but what?

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Fast Cd Switching

When i remove a cd from my drive the explorer window for it disappears (of course). Sometimes when i am looking for something in my archives or moving a series of zip files from cds i don't want that window to disappear and have to open a new one. I think it should go blank, but stay, either for a set period of time or until the drive is closed, whichever comes last. If a new disc is entered it should appear immediately. Is there any way to accomplish this? If not i think there should be one.

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Switching Computers

I recently purchased a copy of windows 7 for 2 computers in my home. Both installed and ran without issues. Today, one of the computers failed to boot and appears to be a fatal issue in the bios and the death of one computer. With that, i'm am off to purchase a laptop though any laptop i look at already has windows 7 installed. That leaves me with a copy of windows 7 that was purchased only 3 months ago, (i still have my receipt as well) that i can no longer use. I do intend to replace my motherboard on the currently dead computer, but with the laptop, i can use that computer for different things.

With that, i plan on getting a new more capable hard drive though i have read that copy of windows gets registered to the hard drive itself. I have seen reports that this can be corrected when replacing computers but i can not seem to locate how to accomplish this. If anyone has any information on where i can go in order to reinstall my copy of windows onto a new computer would be appreciated.

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Switching Motherboards Under Win7

I am looking to switch motherboards. I am currently running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. My motherboard right now has an nforce 980a chipset. I am trying to achieve the amd dragon platform, and to do so i need a 790fx chipset.

So i am looking to move from this motherboard, msi nf980-g65 am3 nvidia nforce 980a to this motherboard, msi 790fx-gd70 am3. I hear different things from different sites and forums and would like some help or assistance in this process. Yes, i know you can reformat and reinstall, but who wants to do that? Thats just a hassle. Besides reformat-reinstall path, are there any other ways i can go about trying to replace a motherboard.

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Taskbar Window Switching

Under win7 if i'm running excel with say 5 different workbooks active they're all shown on the task bar as one excel icon. Then when i click that it shows the 5 active workbooks and asks me to select one to activate.

Is there some way to tell win7 that when i click on the excel icon i just want the most recently active version immediately activated? Or to display separate icons rather than all stacked up as one?

This isn't just an excel issue, but many other programs where there are multiple instances or data sets open. I just want to go to the most recently used one which is correct 95% of the time. Can i eliminate the extra step?

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Kvm Switching Issue

I have two computers that are sharing a single monitor/ keyboard and mouse.

Computer a is a sony viao laptop running win7
Computer b is an hp rp3000 desktop
The monitor max resolution is 1280x1024

When i switch from the laptop to the hp, there is no problem, but switching back , it would seem that the laptop (when the monitor isn't active will swap to an 800x600) thusly rearranging all my items to the upper left hand corner and then after about 20-30 sec, it will revert back to the 1280x1024 , but now the icons are in random places. Can anyone lend any help with this please? I am using a trendnet kvm model tk-209.

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Switching From Winxp To Win7

I am preparing to upgrade from win xp to win 7 and would like to know if there are any differences whether i upgrade with a win 7 upgrade package or a win 7 full package. I would like to go for the upgrade package because it is lower in cost since i need to upgrade 5 pc's, but is there a disadvantage in doing this? If i purchase a win 7 pro full package, is it possible to purchase from microsoft, additional licenses for each of my pc's?

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Switching Usb Ports During Backup

I am running a backup and using a usb port in the back of my pc with a hub. After 7 hours i am only 58% done. Can i just unplug the usb cable to the external hard drive and plug into a 2. 0 port in the front of my machine during backup? Also, this is not my first backup and i would like to only backup new or altered files. Is this possible?

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Taskbar - Switching Between Open Windows

My question is regarding switching between many open windows in desktop in taskbar. For example if an excel program is open and i have 10 different worksheet open, when i click on excel it shows me those in thumbnail view but as i open 11th worksheet it switch to a list mode. In thumbnail view my problem is that it does not show full nale of worksheet and i have to wait for a sec to see the full name, i instead like the list view. I want to be in the list mode all the time rather than thumbnail, what is the setting for that? Please let me know the resolution. Let me know if my question is not understandable.

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Trouble Switching Languages In Ie8

Trying to better up my sister's computer, i deleted lots of malware in and fixing problems in registry and error messages on startup.

I fixed also ie8, which didn't worked at all (got stuck every time when i tried to run it). Now ie8 works fine, except one major problem - i'm having trouble switching between languages i type (for example: in the very box - having trouble switching between hebrew and english). It's very weird, because it's not like i can't do it at all: if i'll go to tools > internet options, and then just press cancel, without changing anything, then when i'm back in the box on the current page, i will be able to switch languages.

This problem occurs only on ie8 - in every other software there's no problem switching input languages.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall ie8 few times - didn't work. I tried to run it under safe mode - didn't work. I tried to reset ie under tools > internet options > advanced. I tried to add hebrew and english together on general > languages. All did not worked for me.

Any other suggestions? My sisters really needs ie, and is not completely satisfied with google chrome compatibility, but she cannot work like this.

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Switching Email User Identity

Using outlook in windows xp, my partner and i were able to set up individual email accounts and 'switch identities' on opening outlook so we viewed our own individual messages. Now we have windows 7 we seem to have lost this function. Emails from both of our accounts are present in a single view when we open outlook. Also, should my partner send an email from this shared view, the recipient will see my name as the sender in their inbox. Is the 'switch identity' function no longer available with the newer software or am i missing something in setting up our new computer?

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Problem When Switching Between User Accounts

I am experiencing problems when switching between user accounts/profiles. The problem is when switching to another user account i receive only the desktop background and none of the icons. I need to push power button to go into sleep mode, then back on. At that point i get the user icon-locked. I click and then get into account with icons. If i right mouse click (when only background is available) i can make selections and they are available when i am able to log on correctly. I do not have this problem with windows xp.

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Auto Reboot Problem

I have an acer aspire m7720. It has 6gb ram, a 920 intel core i7 and nvidia geforce gt230 with 64-bit windows 7. I have been using it for 6 months with no problems but lately, actually just today, it started to restart automatically after a few minutes. Sometimes it doesn't even reach the user login page and it will restart. The problem has gotten slightly better, i think, as it only restarts every hour or so now.

I don't think theres a blue screen of death, but i may be wrong, as i have already disabled the 'autorestart in the case of a system failure' option.

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Auto Run Directory

Back when i was running xp there used to be a directory that contained links or shortcut of programs that you wanted to start whenever you logged into windows. I'm using windows 7 and am looking for this directory without much success. I have some apps that keep running when i log in that i don't run (like instant messenger) that i want to not start. Don't know what this directory is called and the help isn't much help. Not even sure if windows 7 has this directory or it implements the "auto run" feature another way. Ny help would be appreciated.

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Disable Auto Start Program

How to disable an "auto start" program within windows 7? There are programs i want to disable from the starting of windows, how and where do i find the options to disable certain programs within windows 7?

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Monitor Unwanted Auto Reset

I have recently installed windows 7 premium onto my desktop. It has been performing reasonable trouble free but this latest glitch has me perplexed. It has been hot, but the machine was performing well until i left it for a short time and came back to find that the monitor setting had reset to create a blank screen and the "not optimum mode. Recommended mode:1280x1024 60hz". I have restarted the machine and the program is restarting properly, but there is nothing on the screen, just this message.

The machine has quad core q6600 2. 4ghz *mb cache
4gb dual channel ddr2 800 mhz memory
Nvidia geforce 8600gt - 512 mb pci-e graphics card
Samsung syncmaster 710n monitor

I have encountered this on an xp machine and the solution is to interrupt the boot process get into the a mode where you can change the monitor settings, but this was done by a technician. Any solutions?

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Auto Hide Taskbar Option

Auto-hide option will not retain it's "hide" setting. I can set it to auto-hide, click "apply", click "ok" go ahead and continue working on my laptop and auto-hide stays active. "Shut down". Turn
On later. Desktop comes up and the the taskbar is out of "auto hide" mode.

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Auto Login From Registry Fails

I'm having trouble win7 machines auto-login using a particular user-name and password from registry settings.

These are the following i do to setup autologin from registry:

1) go to hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindows ntcurrentversionwinlogon
2) create/edit defaultusername and enter username
3) create/edit defaultpassword and enter password
4) create/edit autoadminlogon and type 1

Most of the times the windows logins using the credentials set in above step. But occasionally i see failing to logon, what could be the possible reasons?

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Auto Refresh In Windows Explorer

I am having 2 very large issues and i am seeing these issues all over tech site and after just purchasing windows 7 i would like to see a bug fix issued for the problems below:

Windows explorer will not refresh automatically, so when i would create a new folder or erase an existing folder it won't show the change unless i hit the f5 key to refresh.

The other problem is if a process gets hung i go to the task manager to to kill the process i have even tried system internals to kill the process and nothing happens, then i press shutdown and it hangs due tot the hung process, these processes are not only third party but as well as windows games that come with the os.

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Auto Arrange Folders Problem

So i want to arrange my documents in their own order just like on previous versions of windows but someone made a completely stupid decision to take-away user-control. Why on earth would they take away the option for us to control our own damn organization. Incompetent decisions like this don't make me walk away from windows. You guys are literally pushing me away to mac maybe i don't want my entire computer in alphabetical order, or by date, but apparently someone couldn't figure that out

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Add Delay To Auto Hide Taskbar

Windows 7 taskbar on auto-hide, possible to add delay for hidden taskbar to reappear?Hello, i mainly work with my taskbar on top and with auto-hide on. The problem is if i am working with a maximized application and i try to close, minimize, or restore the window. My mouse cursor will sometimes miss and make the taskbar reappear from hiding. Is there any way to increase the timing in which the cursor can re-activate the hidden taskbar?I know it can be done with thumbnail previews of pinned items.

I'm hoping the same could be done to the taskbar either by software application or registry tweak to which i have not found a solution for yet to my specific problem. I am also aware that windows down and windows up will maximize and minimize the current active window, but i find it less of a pain to keep my right hand on the mouse at all times.

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Disable Auto Hide Taskbar From Getting Focus

How do i disable an auto-hidden taskbar from gaining focus when a program opens or requires input?
"Foreground flash count" isn't the answer because that just changes the number of times that the taskbar icon blinks. Foreground-lock-timeout isn't a fix either because that's just a delay before the program steals focus. I want to completely disable/disallow a program icon in the taskbar from gaining focus-ever. Why? Because i don't like the auto-hidden taskbar taking focus, appearing and maintaining that focus until i switch over to the program that has just opened or wants input.

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Total Failure After Latest Auto Update

System was running great, i did a defrag and a virus and spyware scan on thursday and was playing star trek online and browsing the web without issues. As i logged off, i got the message to wait while updates were installed, . Last night i came home to find my desktop different and unable to go online. I checked with my isp and they said it was system issues. Virus and defrag again showed nothing wrong. It will not go to a system restore, it will not troubleshoot, it will not load the windows 7 disc for me to do a fix.

I have tried to start in safe mode, which also does not work. I attempted to remove and install a new video driver and it was unable to do this. I have used all the diagnostic programs in windows and they say there are unable to load. Any ideas as the moments the updates installed i have not had a working desktop.

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Enable Ie8 Auto Address Feature

With windows xp when visiting the web with internet explorer as i typed the internet address, if i had visited before, it was displayed and all i had to do was hit the enter key to visit. I need to know how to set that up with the new internet explorer. I have gone in and set, and reset those options, but i can't get it to work, so i am doing something wrong.

I still have a lower version ie at work and also windows xp and it works there. But get home and i always have to use the mouse to click on the address if it shows in the list. Please help me enable this feature, if it still exists. If it doesn't then i am not a happy camper.

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Language Auto Detect When Installing Programs

I have a windows 7 - 64-bit home premium edition on a new computer (hp). Language and regional settings are set for danish and denmark. I have installed the chrome browser, gimp and vlc media player. The installation completed without problems except for one thing: menus etc. Are in swedish! Why is that?
According to gimp help files, that program uses auto detect to figure out which language to use but get it wrong! What is going on? It seems to me, that there must be an error in the handling of language settings in windows 7. Why else would three programs in a row get their settings wrong?
Any ideas?

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Duplicate Photo Images Auto Saving

When saving photos into the my pictures library everything seems fine, then as soon as i view one of the jpeg images (with a number) it then creates 2 duplicate images - these are then identified as vcm_s_kf_m followed by numbers adn presume size of image. I do not want these duplicates, i don't know why they are created or what purpose they serve. Can someone explain what they are and how do i stop them occurring. When i go into my own personal file and locate pictures there are no duplicates there!?

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Freeze On Boot After Auto Updates Installed

I have been experiencing a very frustrating problem with my win 7 32 bit machine. 3 ghz dual core, 4 gb 800 mhz dual channel ram, 8800 gtx graphics card, 500 gb hd. After installing some unknown set of windows updates, the computer will not boot, but instead freezes on logo screen. Start up repair sometimes suggests restore option, which sometimes works but others does not leaving me no option but to reinstall windows and rebuild. I have tried to turn off auto windows update but it still tries to install everytime, which leads to freezing on next boot.

Please help if i completely turn off updating it seems to not have the problem, e.g. Uncheck all update options. Programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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Auto Sync Recent Documents For Office Applications

Is there any way to auto sync the pinned and recent documents for both the office 2007 applications and their taskbar button in windows 7? I find the jump list from the application taskbar button quite useful for me to access the frequently and always used documents.

I know that the office 2007 applications have this kind of jump list as well from the office button.

However, the list pinned and recently used documents in the office 2007 applications did not seem to be the same as the ones available in the jump list from their taskbar button.

Is there anyway to configure the system to automatically synchronize both of the list from the taskbar button as well as the office 2007 applications?

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Issue: Window Will Auto Minimize When I Open It To Full Screen

When i open full screen, window will help me auto minimize to taskbar. Whatever i do, i restart, i click to maximize it. It will be auto minimize back. So, i am now can't open full screen programs. I have encounter this problem every times after window update! Anyone face the same problem with me? Or anyone can help me?

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