Win 7 Fails To Boot Fully

My windows 7 install has started failing to boot fully. It is now stopping at the animated windows flag screen just prior to loading the desktop. I have tried the normal fixes like booting with the install disk and trying to 'repair installation'. This will find the correct install but i cannot get any further than that screen as i get the wait cursor and cannot hit the next button. I have tried the restore last known good configuration to no avail also. I have not added any new hardware or software recently and have not updated any drivers recently either. The machine is up to date on patching.

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Win 7 Fails To Detect 2nd Monitor On Boot

Clean install of win7 with ati radeon hd4550 pci express graphics card. Running a mitsubishi diamond plus 100e monitor and a sony multiscan 500ps monitor, both off the 4550 card. On boot, the primary (mitsubishi) monitor is detected and the second (sony) monitor is not. I can open the control panel for screen resolution and see both monitors correctly identified. If i select extend these displays, windows re-labels the sony monitor as generic pnp and the sony monitor then activates and works properly.

As soon as i shut down the computer and reboot, the sony monitor is again undetected and i have to go through the whole process again. I have deleted all ati drivers and reinstalled current catalyst drivers (8. 732, 5/26/2010), as well as current motherboard drivers. (Motherboard is gigabyte ma790gp-ds4h). Integrated graphics card on motherboard is currently disabled, although this made no difference to the problem.

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Win 7 Fails To Boot - Autochk Program Not Found, Skipping Autocheck

A couple weeks ago, i bought a new 7200rpm hard drive for my laptop to replace the 5400rpm one it came with. Cloned the disk, stuck it in. This laptop had a windows vista 32 bit partition, a windows 7 64 bit partition, and an extended partition with several linux ext3 partitions. I had kept vista around in case i needed to use something that didn't have 64 bit drivers (mostly just ti connect), but now that i had two copies of it (i haven't yet reformatted the old drive) i figured last weekend that i'd delete the vista partition on the new drive and extend my 7 partition backwards to reclaim some space.

I knew that some of the boot files were on the vista partition, and sure enough it didn't boot after deleting that partition so after i deleted it i ran the windows 7 system recovery to install the boot files to the 7 partition. Rebooted, so far so good. Then i tried to extend the partition leftward to fill in the space that the vista partition used, but after rebooting i keep getting this error:

"Autochk program not found, skipping autocheck"

After which it seems to blue-screen for a split second before rebooting. The files are more or less all there, from what i can tell. I've tried using system recovery from the 7 install disk to no avail. It just says no problems found. Any ideas what could be causing this problem? A lot of results online mention security software like norton causing this problem, but i've never used any of the programs mentioned. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Worst case though, i'll just re-clone the old hard drive and then copy over the documents i edited in the intermediate two weeks.

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X10 Remote Not Fully Working

My medion (akoya md 8828)pc cam with an internal receiver for the x10 remote. It had windows vista.
When i upgraded my pc to windows 7 i didn't had any problems, actuality it was better and faster than before but, since like a few months my x10 remote control did not pause my media center the only functions that are working are: hibernate, the arrows and ok button, the i(right click) button and the number keys.

P. S. The control panel part (wireless remote settings) does recognize the commands that the receiver receives.

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Error - Stop: Bios Not Fully Acpi Compliant

Good morning all, i've recently been encountering the above bsod error at random when booting my pc. Rebooting seems to resolve the issue temporarily but it is still a concern. I'm using a gigabyte m57 sli-s4 motherboard with the fhh version of the bios (updated from fe after this error was encountered the first time). The windows 7 site indicates that the motherboard is fully compatible. The bios also has all the applicable settings for acpi and is set on s3. The system is patched up-to-date via windows update. If anyone has any thoughts on how to fix this i'd be grateful.

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Gateway Nv59c How To Fully Clean Out Hard Drive?

Since around february this year i had gotten a couple viruses that just wouldn't go away. I had done a factory default restore at that time but the viruses had followed me. I had let it go for months and now i have around 10 to 11 viruses in my hard drive. Yes, i'm not joking. They're deep in the installation files so i obviously can't just remove them. I have 3 gateway recovery discs and i have no idea if there are also installation discs that i should have before i do this. The gateway model i have (which is also the type for the discs) is gateway nv59c. Does anybody have advice, tips, etc. Before i do this and know if i'm supposed to have installation discs as well as my 3 recovery discs? And if i should use all 3 or do i just need to use 1?

Edit: it may be important to know that since february i have always gotten the "blue screen of death" and as the viruses multiplied so did the multiple blue screens and crashes before it starts up. Often it'll crash 3 times an average day when starting this up to use. Not sure if that's obvious or important to know.

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Selected Project Is Not Fully Compatible With Live Movie Maker

I have in the past made holiday movies in windows moviemaker in win xp. I now try to play the project in windows live moviemaker and it gives me the dialogue"the selected project isn't fully compatible with windows live movie maker, so all the edits might not appear in your new project. The original project hasn't been modified".

The content does play minus the transitions or the music. What can i do to get round this or am i stuck with it. ?

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Every Time I Boot Up I Get Disk Boot Failure Message

I have just installed win7 and every time i boot up i get "disk boot failure" message so i have to put win7 dvd in and go into bois and change boot priority to dvd drive.

Pc spec is quad processor 8 gig of ram three hard drives two dvd drives

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Dual Boot Boot Problem After Resizing Win 7

Boot problem on dual boot after resizing windows 7 (32bit) switched from drive w: to drive g: i have a dual boot system that boots into win 7 (64) (c:drive) or win 7 (32) (w:drive). I needed to increase the size of win7 (64) drive and in order to do so i needed to move the win 7 (32) partition. Now i can still boot into win 7 (64) with no problem but when i boot into win 7 (32) it windows states that it is not a genuine copy and it is actually on drive "g:"! Anyway to change it back to "w:" because i believe this is the problem.

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Dual Boot - Move Boot Image To Second Drive

I have a problem with two different drives both running win7, one 32 the other drive64, on a dual boot system. I want to pull the win32 drive, but it also has my boot information for the win64 drive. When removed it will not boot. I have been working on this for 5-6 weeks. I want to remove the win7/32 and put the boot image of win7/64 on the second drive.

I booted from the win764 install dvd, and went to there pair your computer. The placethat displays the operating systems installed, none will show. I have tried bootsect from the command prompt. It seems to work, but tells me no partition on the second drive. Or on another attribute used, it can not find the path to the drive. I have tried rebuild bcd, fixmbr, etc.

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Boot Takes Minutes, Will Boot In Safe Mode

When i booted up this arvo, the computer took 15 minutes to get to the log in screen. Upon clicking the profile image, i had to wait another 5 minutes of unresponsiveness for even the desktop background to display. Rebooted 3-4 times, still happened, booted in safe mode, (which is how i'm writing this) and initially thought it was msmpeng.exe that was causing me issues, so i removed mse once i finally managed to get it going in normal mode. I thought the problem was fixed when i rebooted, and i had about 4-5 minutes of normal speeds before it slowed right down and became unresponsive.

When the computer is running, the actual computer itself sounds fine (hard disk is chattering away) but when going slow and unresponsive it only makes noises every 1-2 seconds, if that makes any sense, as if it's under a really heavy load. Hard to tell because i cant open anything. Ran a system restore, didn't do anything. I need help soon! I suspect a driver issue, but i'm just speculating. Specs: windows 7 home premium 64 bit 6gig ddr3 ram i7-860 cpu ati 5770 gpu

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Dual Boot - 1 Xp And 3 Win 7 Boot Choices

I've installed win 7 on my d drive, with win xp still on c, with the idea of having a dual boot system. Due to installation problems, i now show the xp boot choice, and 3 win 7 boot choices, with only the most recent valid. How do i purge the b. Boot.ini doesn't appear to be relevant. Win 7 utility boot rewriter program to re-point boot to ntldr will wipe out all pointers to win 7 for booting, but comes back with an extra win 7 pointer, the next time i load win 7.

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New Sata Boot Drive Wont Boot

I have a new 2t sata drive (seagate). It took about 5 days of research to finally get my computer to see it. I used seagate's disk wizard to clone my older drive (ide). The sata drive was supposed to become the c: drive. Disk management does label it as the c drive but in "computer" it sees it as f:i disconnected my older drive and when i booted up the bios kept looking for the ide drive. Although the motherboard has sata built in, there seems to be no way to tell the bios that i want the sata drive to be the primary boot drive.

Also with the original drive disconnected i get a "ntldr not found. Press control-alt-delete to restart. "I believe mybios is the problem. I have flashed it with the newest bios i could find, (dates from 2005) but no sata adjustments in the bios. How can i make the bios know that i want the sata drive to be the primary boot drive?

Or is there a way to trick the bios into thinking that it is an ide drive? As it is, the computer is recognizing the sata drive as a scsi drive. I read somewhere that this is not a problem. In summary, i want my system to boot from the sata drive. I would like to reformat the original drive.

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Boot Problem - No Boot Device Found

Each time i start up the system the boot file cannot be found. I select the "repair start up" option and it completes it successfully with following detail: root cause found: the partition table does not have a valid system partition. Repair action: partition table repair.completion successfully. After this the system will start up. As mentioned, i have to do this at every start up, so i'm wondering why this partition table disappears when i shut down the desktop. I should mention that this problem started at the time i downloaded and installed the true image backup software.

The installation could not complete and one possible solution to the problem was to stop the antivirus program. At that moment i noticed that the avast antivirus was hanging and i was not able to kill the process. So i restarted the system, using f8 to get the safe start option so that i was able to uninstall the antivirus program. I then tried to install another antivirus application and when installation was almost finished got the message that it was unable to complete installation. I tried to install another backup solution (paragon), but also this one failed. On the other hand, i was able to install the firefox browser.

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Dual Boot - Can't See Win 7 Drive After Removing Other Boot Drive

My mobo (msi p7n diamond 780i sli / 570i sli) has a sata raid controller providing 6 sata interfaces
These are organized thus.

Sata 1 - [partition 1 - windows xp] [partition 2 - windows 7 beta (64bit)]
Sata 2 - ocz vertex - windows 7 home (64bit) retail version
Sata 3 - mirror a
Sata 4 - mirror b
Sata 5 - mirror a
Sata 6 - mirror b

The system was originally running xp on sata 1. I added a partition to sata 1 and installed windows 7 beta some weeks ago. The system dual booted to xp or win 7 beta fine. I then added the ocz vertex drive and installed the win 7 retail version, and i am able to dual boot to all three systems just fine.

However - i really want to do away with the xp and win 7 beta partitions and just run with the ocz drive. However if i disconnect the drive from sata 1 the system will not boot up. Can't find ntldr or bootmgr or something similar. I have changed the boot sequence in the bios to point at just the ocz drive - but it just won't boot from it.

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Standby Fails

I have two systems running windows 7. One is a dvr that primarily runs media center. It has two hdtv tuners and 1 gig network connection to the other system. This system is my main system but occasionally i use it to record programs with media center when i need a third hdtv tuner.

I have noticed that  quite often the main system is on when i check it first thing in the morning. This seems odd because i would assume an idle system should drop back into standby even if it does wakeup. I am wondering if this is really a network activity issue. I have configured the main system to stay awake while streaming. This seems like a useful feature but now that the dvr is configured, i won't be streaming that often. Does anyone have suggestions for ways to really find out what is waking up my system unexpectedly? My next test will involve just unplugging the 1 gig network connection. That will make life inconvenient for a few days but it might be a valuable test.

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What Happens If Activation Fails?

I made an error. My husband purchased the windows 7 upgrade and told me i could use it on my computer, too. (I now know this is an error. ) So, i installed windows 7. At that time i entered the activation code and i thought it was accepted. However, i got the message to activate, tried, did some research and learned that installing this copy of the system on my computer was not allowed. I started with xp, then upgraded to vista, then windows. The xp discs were given away at a garage sale, because i thought the windows 7 activation code had been accepted. So what happens in two days when the 30 days are up? Does my system revert to vista? Xp? Does the system allow the code for windows 7 to be overwritten.

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Printer Install Fails

Have a new dell with w7-64. Am trying to install a brother hl4070cdw laser printer but, like some of the other posts, it gets to printing a test page and fails. Have tried uninstall, reinstall (sometimes with restart(s) between), let w7 install, then update driver to latest bro has on their site, etc. Other computers (xp-32 and vista-64) have no problems.

Connections are usb to the individual printers.
Other printers (hp dj5740, brother mfc7840w) work fine.
All suggestions will be welcome.

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File Open Fails

Since two days ago, some programs will not allow file -> open to work. The window flashes but i see no error message, even with uac at maximum. I can still open a file with those programs in win explorer by either double clicking (file associations still work) or right clicking and choosing the correct program. But once i am in a program i cannot open another file directly, i have to go through explorer once again. For instance, neither ultracompare nor openoffice work, but ultrastudio, adobe readerand ms office work

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First Reboot During Installation Fails

When i try to install win 7, the following happens: the installation dvd runs fine. It goes through the copying windows files and expanding alright and installs features and updates. Then the reboot fails. I only get a blinking cursor, which suggests that the boot doesn't start at all. Installing ubuntu on the same disk works fine, so the disk itself seems o. K. I've tried a number of things as indicated below, but so far no success. Please help! Otherwise i've wasted my money buying windows 7.

System overview: amd sempron 3000+ 1. 8ghz; 1. 5gb ram, nvidia geforce fx5200 td 128 (agp); hard drive: 250gb sata maxtor (this drive is win7 compatible according to microsoft).
Things i've tried but didn't solve the problem:

- I've run the system repair tool from the dvd. It detects the win7 os on the hard disk. And i can see that the files are indeed present on the disk. The function startup repair doesn't detect any problem. One of the logs reads "boot status indicates that the os booted successfully".

- Use a different video card: ati radeon hd 2600xt 256 mb (agp).

- Try to install on a different drive (160 gb pata seagate), and with different partitioning (1 partition whole disk, or on 1 of 2 partitions on the disk).

- Using ps/2 mouse en keyboard connectors instead of usb.

- Change some of the bios settings, like disabling usb mouse / keyboard and disabling floppy drive support (fdc controller) is there anything else that might work?

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Kb971033 Fails With Error

I have a new sony vaio z11 laptop with a factory-installed 64-bit windows 7 professional. Recently i tried to install windows xp mode onto it. The installation required a windows validation, which requested to install a file called windowsactivationupdate.exe. I did that, but the installation failed with error code 0x8007054f ("internal error"). I tried this several times, but it always failed (once with another error code, 0x80070bc9).

I get the following 3 message in event log:

Initiating changes for package kb971033. Current state is staged. Target state is installed. Client id: windowsupdateagent.

Package kb971033 failed to be changed to the installed state. Status: 0x8007054f.

Windows update "update for windows (kb971033)" could not be installed because of error 2147943759 "an internal error occurred. " (Command line: ""c:windowssystem32wusa.exe" "c:usersmikkon~1appdatalocaltemp\{6a2d2a19-295b-4df3-bedd-6a3e968d7213}. Msu" /quiet /norestart")

When i go to and click "validate windows", i get the following results:

1. On firefox, it asks to install windowsactivationupdate.exe.

2. On ie8 it just says "windows validation did not successfully complete".

What can i do to install windows xp mode?

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Upgrade Fails And Reverts

I am a microsoft mvp for the windows help technology. I have acquired a new pc that came with windows 7 home premium pre-installed. I have downloaded the iso for ultimate from technet and have attempted to upgrade the home premium using the install from the download. Things seemed to be progressing until the pc restarted. Suddenly i saw a message that the upgrade failed and it is a gateway nv54 - pentium dual core processor and 4 gigs ram.

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Upgrade From Vista Fails At 20%

I purchased the win 7 upgrade (home premium). I'm running vista on my 2 years old hp laptop.

I have opted for the custom install to clean up. I've saved all the docs/pics/mp3 etc and i have the programs i need to reinstall. I've uninstalled my anti-virus as it seemed reluctant to turn off.

I then ran the installation. When i reached the second stage of expanding windows files it throws up the following

"Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install windows, restart the installation"

I've tried this 3 times and same thing happens at 20% of the same stage every time.

I think i need to post an error log but i searched for and could not find what i needed.

I would appreciate any help.

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Backup / Create Image Fails

Windows 7 backup/create image fails because it's trying to backup both the system drive and a boot drive that is fat32. The system automatically picks both my system (local) windows 7 drive and my boot drive (another drive i dual boot from) to create an image from. Since image creation cannot be done on fat32 drives the image creation fails with a notice on how to convert the fat32 drive to ntfs (which is not what i want to do).

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Monitor Color Calibration Fails

Before anyone tries, the "solution" at -

- Has been tried, and doesn't work.

On a windows 7 notebook, color calibration fails. Any attempt to set color calibration disappears when the machine hits sleep mode or the screen goes blank from the screen saver timer.

A color calibration profile using a pantone huey has been created, but any attempt to set this as the system's default color profile through windows 7 color management fails. Updating display drivers makes no difference. Uninstalling and reinstalling the display drivers makes no difference.

The notebook uses a mobile intel 965 chipset.

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Oki B4350 Printer Fails

I have an oki b4350 usb printer that works well with xp and vista. Just got a new pc with windows 7. The driver appears in the windows 7 preloaded drivers, and the plug&play install routine appears to work properly. But upon trying to print, nothing comes out, and the printer's display reads "invalid data". The document leaves the print queue, as though printed, so windows does not appear to know there was an error. Any suggestions?

(I checked the oki website, they have nothing for windows 7, and under vista they just say it is preloaded with windows, there is no separate driver download available. ) I have also tried uninstalling the driver and printer, rebooting and reinstalling. Same problem.

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.net Framework 3.5.1 Fails To Install

Environment: win7 professional, 32bit, velocity desktop, 2gb ram, two 1. 5tb drives

For the past several months i have been attempting to get .net framework 3. 5. 1 to install on my system, to no avail. I understand that it is initially installed by default with win7 but somewhere along the line it had been uninstalled. It does not show up in the programs and features window and it is unchecked in the "turn windows features on or off" dialog. I've attempt to check both boxes to have it reinstall and it goes through the motions of installing but then fails with the following message, "an error has occurred. Not all features were successfully changed ".

I've also tried manually installing it using the downloaded file from the microsoft site but it, too, fails with the same message. I've also attempted to repair the system by reinstalling win7 from my installation disk over my existing system but after it completes, .net is still not installed. N oddity is when i used windows update to install .net 3. 5. 1 (kb982526) and check "review your update history", it claims that it updated successfully.

This is a critical work stoppage for me in that i have several programs i need to use that refuse to install due to the fact that .net is not installed. Please advise. Ps: i'm not sure this is meaningful but i have the following two items in control panel>administrative tools>services that refuse to start:microsoft .net framework ngen v2. 0. 50727_x86 (startup type: manual)microsoft .net framework ngen v4. 0. 30319_x86 (startup type: automatic - delayed start)

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Win 7 Ultimate Upgrade Fails

I just purchased a windows 7 ultimate oem upgrade disc. When i attempted the install on my hp laptop (vista ultimate home premium), the upgrade was proceeding well until the very last restart when i got the message the upgrade was not successful and the original version was going to be reinstalled (vista). Then the upgrade got stuck in a loop between this windows 7 error screen and restart. I even tried shutting down my laptop, but when it came back up it returned to the error screen/restart loop?

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Auto Login From Registry Fails

I'm having trouble win7 machines auto-login using a particular user-name and password from registry settings.

These are the following i do to setup autologin from registry:

1) go to hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindows ntcurrentversionwinlogon
2) create/edit defaultusername and enter username
3) create/edit defaultpassword and enter password
4) create/edit autoadminlogon and type 1

Most of the times the windows logins using the credentials set in above step. But occasionally i see failing to logon, what could be the possible reasons?

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Remote Desktop Connection Fails

I am running windows 7rc 64-bit with 2 monitors. I want to see the desktop of my windows xp pro on 2nd monitor. When i start remote desktop connect and input the xp ip, i get the remote screen with a log on box. It will not take the log on info. It says " system could not log you on. Make sure user name and domain are correct, then type password again". I'm not on a domain just a work-group. The user and password are the same on both computers. I can go through network and move files between computers. Remote desktop is enabled and works from another xp computer to my target xp computer, just not from windows 7 computer.

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