Bitlocker Hangs With Duplicate Usb Key

I am using windows 7 ultimate with bitlocker running on the boot drive. My laptop doesn't support tpm, so i am booting successfully from a usb key. Everything has been working great. Today i bought two 'nicer' 8gb usb keys (they look better on my car keyring). I have tried copying the . Bek file to them, i have tried using the bitlocker manager to 'duplicate' my boot key. But nothing seems to work.

My original key works fine. But both of these new keys hang the computer immediately after windows says "windows bitlocker drive encryption key loaded. Remove key storage media. " My original key is a 4gb one. But that is the only difference i can see. Any suggestions?

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Bitlocker Fails With Duplicate Usb Key

I have recently upgraded to windows 7 ultimate. I have done so to use bit locker. I have successfully encrypted the hard drive, changed my group policy and created a key on a usb key. This is all works. I have created a duplicate key on a different usb key, but pc will not boot - it hangs on the following screen windows bitlocker drive encryption key loaded remove key storage media. Removing the usb stick makes no difference. I have verified that the file has copied correctly to the usb stick. I have also tried with several other sticks. Ny thoughts welcome.

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Usb Problem - Bitlocker Will Not Duplicate Key

I used bitlocker under vista very successfully. It also worked fine when i upgraded to windows 7. Using a dell xps 420 however several months after the upgrade my usb key stopped working. I kept getting the message to insert my encryption key when it was already installed. The key itself appears to be fine. I used my hard copy of the recovery key to access my pc, but when i tried to make a duplicate key it simply wouldn't do it. I goto bitlocker manager and select "duplicate the startup key" then i select the drive and then "save". But then nothing is copied to the usb drive and the screen bounces back the "select options to manage" screen. I've tried and tested multiple usb keys.

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Flash Drive Bitlocker Not Recognizing Recovery Key

My flash drive with my bitlocker key died, and my work pc asked me to enter my bitlocker recovery key to boot. No problem, went to the office, got the harcopy of my bitlocker info out and typed in my 48 digit bitlocker recovery key. "Wrong key" reply. I checked, and the recovery key identication on on my hardcopy that i printed out when i installed bitlocker two years ago doesn't match the bitlocker recovery identification currently on the recovery screen. I realize i'm probably screwed, but how would the key change over time without any action on my part?

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Lost Bitlocker Password And Save Key Of External Drive

I've lost my bitlocker password and saved key of my external drive. This happened after i formatted my pc and installed windows 7, i need to unlock the drive badly. What do i do? Previously i had windows 7 and i was testing bit locker on my external drive. Now that i've formatted my pc, my external drive is asking password or the key, which don't have them with me. I need to unlock this drive badly.

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Issue With Encrypted Usb Using Win 7 Bitlocker Function

I've encrypted my usb with windows 7 bitlocker function when i reinsert my usb in my machine having (window 7) it asks for password and then it opens up but when i try to open my usb on some other machines it doesn't opens & doesn't ask for password rather shows only one internet shortcut to information about window 7 bitlock function on What should do so that my usb opens on all the computers running any versions of windows.

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Win 7 Hangs On Usb Broad Broadband Dongle

Windows 7 hangs on usb broad boradband dongle & wlan/lan internet sharing. I am using wireless broadband served via usb broadband stick. When i enable wireless lan and connects to internet, windows start hanging randomly. On sharing internet it hangs more frequently. Disabling wlan/lan, windows work fine, or if i disconnect and removed usb broadband dongle and enable wlan/lan, windows works fine.

You can find the dongle's details on isp'z webste Pk/wirelessbroadband.html

Dongle is made by huawei.

I have used it with xp and vista with no issues.

And yes i have testd it on 2 machines hp tx2 touchsmart 1025dx and hp 2140.

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Win 7 Install Help Usb Key

So, i got a free windows 7 cd in the mail, since i bought a laptop a few months ago with vista prem.
Now, since my laptop is small, it doesn't have a slot i can put a cd in. So i'm trying to put the windows 7 cd into a usb key and install it that way, but it doesn't seem to work. I used this guide: and it keeps saying "could not map drive e: to an associated volume device object" (e is where my usb key is)

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Bootable Usb - Drive Error, Press Any Key

My hard drive running windows xp died on my lenovo s10 netbook. I replaced the hard drive and decided it was a good time to do a clean install of windows 7. I followed and met all of the conditions of the "window 7 usb/dvd download tool" to create the supposed bootable usb key. I went into my bios settings and made sure that the usb is the first boot option. When i start the computer the lenovo title screen pops up and then i can see the s10 accessing the usb.

It attempts to read and i get a "drive error, press any key". Pressing any key just generates the same message. I thought it might be that my hard drive is unformatted and is completely clean but that is not the issue. On my work laptop i configured the bios to boot off of the usb and the same message appears. I can only think that the usb as configured is not truly bootable.

I did re-download microsoft .net framework 3. 5 and microsoft image mastering api v2 and uninstall the windows 7 usb and dvd tool and reinstall. I have created a usb bootable 3 times and even tried a different flash without success. Any one have any ideas before i give up and return windows 7.

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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse - Share The Usb Key

Wireless keyboard & mouse bought separately, can they share the usb key? I have bought a ms wireless mouse 4000 and am wondering if i can buy the keyboard separately and have them use the same usb key. I only have 3 usb slots, and don't want 2 of them occupied by a mouse & keyboard. Do i need to buy the keyboard & mouse as a single unit? Or can i mix & match ?

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Duplicate Of Program Files

I have upgraded my windows 7 from 32 to 64 bit. I did a clean install and did a quick format of the drive first. This went ok, but i have duplicate of "program files". One is the usual program files and the second program files(x86). I want to get rid of this. I find that programs that are being installed that don't give an option of an installation location are by default being put into (x86), which i do not want.

I have tried to delete this file but the user accounts control will not allow me to do this, even though the control slider has been moved to the bottom and the computer rebooted. I am the only user and owner of the computer. The (x86) duplicates all the normal microsoft standard programs taking up unnecessary disk space, and now a large proportion of the self installed programs. I don't mind having to reinstall these if this problem can be solved.

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Duplicate Files Will Not Delete

When i upgraded to windows 7 everything on my computer duplicated once or twice. I have done an inventory and am trying to delete the duplicate files. I select files and then either hit the "delete" key or do a right click and choose "delete. "

However. After i do this process for a few files my computer will no longer do this. After selecting the files to delete i press the "delete" key or right click to reveal the list with "delete" and neither works. The delete key does nothing and the right click does not bring up the menu with delete in it.

The only thing that helps (sometimes) is for me to close the "inventory" and re-open it. Then i have to re-sort the list to show the duplicate files and try to delete them. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't i have to close the file and re-open it again. Or turn off my computer and restart it. After deleting a few files it stops working again. L

Deleting all of the duplicate files on my computer is going to take me weeks. Doing when the delete key or delete menu doesn't work could take me forever.

Can anybody help  with this?

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Media Player 12 Duplicate Tracks

Before you even answer. Understand that the music folder has only one copy of each track. So no wild goose chase to delete these extra songs. This has to do with media player 12 and the way it is scanning the folders and checking them against what is already in the library.

I purchased a new computer and i needed windows in order to play the games i had. I was using linux. For as much as i had to pay to get windows 7. Stupid errors like this shouldn't happen at all! I can understand it from the open source guys (of which fewer problems occurred) but not from a product i paid for. There should be a setting or a patch to fix this. Now i notice that when this happens i can close and reopen media player and it goes away until it decides to update the library again. Why by version 12! Does the library features not work properly?

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Reconcile Duplicate Folders In Mail

How to reconcile duplicate folders in mail? I have upgraded from xp to windows 7 and imported from outlook express to windows mail. Now i have the windows mail folders structure mirroring the folder structure of outlook express, so far so good. But i have also a folder called imported folder which has the entire folder structure in it.

I can't simply delete that folder as i realized the duplication only later and saved e-mails into both folder structures. Not only that but also my old sent messages have not been properly transfered and my old messages are still in the old folder. What can i do to fix this mess?

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Duplicate Win 7 Install, How Do Delete One ?

When i installed windows 7 upgrade it installed on two disk drives, it boots and runs ok, however i have two windows on two different drives. The one on drive c is being used, how do i delete one on drive d:.

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Bitlocker Installed But Not Working

I have windows 7 ultimate, 64 bit installed on my lenovo r61, which has tpm. After installing bitlocker, encrypting the drive and rebooting, the drive shows the 'bitlocker locked' icon but i have unfettered access to all data on the drive without having to enter any password (i wasn't asked to insert a password during installation) or inserting the usb stick containing the recover key generated during installation.

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Duplicate Photo Images Auto Saving

When saving photos into the my pictures library everything seems fine, then as soon as i view one of the jpeg images (with a number) it then creates 2 duplicate images - these are then identified as vcm_s_kf_m followed by numbers adn presume size of image. I do not want these duplicates, i don't know why they are created or what purpose they serve. Can someone explain what they are and how do i stop them occurring. When i go into my own personal file and locate pictures there are no duplicates there!?

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Duplicate Programs Folder In Start Menu

I've noticed that ever since i upgraded from vista to windows 7 there is a duplicate programs folder in my start menu under all programs. It consists a duplicate of all the shortcuts and folders already in my menu. I remember a fix when i had the same problem a long time ago, where you go to properties of the start menu and uncheck the default program box. Solution explained here:


However this solution doesn't work for windows 7 and i've gotten the same or atleast a similar problem again. Is there anyway to fix this?

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Computer Has Duplicate Set Of Program Files

New gateway computer/all in one/64bit/more space than i've ever had and operates okay. The computer files reflect "program files" and then "program files (86)". Many appear to be duplicates. If i merge these files, will it adversely affect the performance of the computer? Can some of the files in the "program files" that are the exact same files as are in "program files (86)" be deleted or would that automatically be done with a drag and drop manuever? I'm really confused. I did ask gateway, but they would not answer the question and just referred me to the manual. It does not address this issue. Can anyone out there help me with this intriguing but irritating mystery?

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Live Mail Duplicate Emails Appearing In Inbox

I am running windows 7 ultimate (x64) and i seem to be having some issues with windows live mail. I've read through the few topics i was able to find and have tried the solutions others have posted including disabling my anti-spam as well as mail anti-virus (kaspersky internet security). I have also made sure i have no duplicate email accounts setup. Right now i have three accounts tied into windows live mail, all of which are gmail accounts setup to handle mail using imap. Others have suggested turning off the "leave a copy on server" option off, but this option no longer appears to exist within windows live mail. Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it?

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Error - Bitlocker Drive Encryption Cannot Be Used

Windows will not let me partition, shrink ore expand drives. Error: "bitlocker drive encryption cannot be used because critical bitlocker system files are missing or corrupted. Use windows startup repair to restore these files to your computer. When i go to disk management to shrink my main partition i enter the amount needed to shrink by and that error appears. Even when i use startup repair the error remains. Is there anyway to use disk management without restoring.

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Deleted Encrypted Bitlocker Partition

Here's the clearest description i can can up with:

Was running: seagate 320gb hd -60gb storage partition (d:) -240gb windows & everything else partition (c:) -additional 100mb "system reserved" partitions -hidden? Partitions (not sure, because i was using bitlocker) windows 7 ultimate 64-bit w/256 aes bitlocker encryption on both partitions.

It had been a while since installation, and i was receiving bsods every time i restarted/shutdown. I figured i would do my normal routine: backup all my documents from my windows partition (c:) to my storage partition (d:), delete, recreate, and format the c: partition, and reinstall windows. After installation, i could simply type my password into the d: drive and unencrypted it. I've done it this way dozens (yes, that's accurate) of times.

This time, however, when i deleted the c: partition (using the windows installation disc), all (let me dwell on that for a moment. A l l . )Of my partitions were deleted. After a few brief moments of turrets syndrome, my instincts kicked in, and i shut off all power to the drive to preserve as much as possible. No formatting was done. It simply says that i have 290ish gb of unallocated space.

Using another computer, i ordered and received a 2tb western digital hd. I removed the old hd, installed the new one, and installed windows without a hitch. I attached the old hd using another sata hookup (they are both sata). I have tried using easeus to recover the hidden storage partition (d:). I have found numerous variations of 294gb, 100mb partitions, and even found a partition with 60gb (bingo!) But it won't let me retrieve it.

So here's the bottom line: is there any way i can recover my partition, encrypted or not (i have the key), using my new hard drive and old hard drive? Gimme anything. Program names, processes, something please?

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Duplicate Program File Folders On Win 7 Pro 64-bit

I clean installed win7 pro 64 bit os from win7 pro 32 bit on my laptop and duplicate program files folders (with and without x86 designation) have been created. The duplicated files are windows programs, internet explorer, windows defender, windows mail, windows media player, windows nt, windows photo viewer, windows portable devices and windows sidebar. Does this mean that these duplicate windows apps are needed for 32 bit and 64 bit software to be able to work with that type of software respectively? Do i really need a 32 bit and 64 bit versions of internet explorer, windows defender, mail, media player, nt, photo viewer, portable devices and sidebar?

It would have been nicer just to have one set of these windows applications that works with both 32 bit and 64 bit software. These windows applications use a lot of hdd real estate. It would also be good to be able to have the option of uninstalling one of the duplicate sets. Is the ability to do just that available now?

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Bitlocker Message - Do You Want To Scan And Fix Drive

I'm using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on a 3 drive desktop pc, using bitlocker to encrypt drives d and e. After several weeks without any issues i'm now finding that every time i unlock drive d after booting up i get a message saying there are disk errors and asking me whether i want to scan and fix drive d. Or continue without doing so. If i confirm a scan and fix, the pc will take about 90 minutes to complete the task but then report that no errors are to be found, yet the next time i reboot the machine, exactly the same message appears.

If i continue but ignore the 'error' there's no problem until a scheduled backup to drive e is due, which then fails, telling me it can't backup drive d because there are errors on it:( i've run registry mechanic to fix any registry errors but this hasn't eliminated the problem, and i'm now at a loss to know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions what steps to take to resolve this? 

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Bitlocker Unable To Unlock Fixed Drive

i am using windows 7 rc.

I have encrypted 2 fixed drive (e:) & (f:)

Drive (f:) is working fine with bitlocker lock-unlock function.

At the time of encryption of the drive (e:) my laptop went out of battery and the encryption was not 100% done.

After restart i didn't got any option to continue encryption of the drive (e:)

Then i tried to unlock the drive (e:), as i command unlock, it asks for  a password, after providing password the computer freezes and the drive doesn't open. The size of the drive is 30 gb.

I have tried from the command prompt to unlock it but it is not possible.

Please help me unlock the drive or recover the data in the drive, it is very important for me.

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Unlocking Bitlocker In Win 7 Ultimate 32-bit

Operating system : windows 7 ultimate (32 bit)
Make and model of laptop : compaq 510
Error: the request could not be performed because of an i/o device

After installing windows 7 ultimate (32 bit) . I used bitlocker to lock my hard disk (d) drive, which has data(size approx 100gb). While locking the drive it prompted me to enter the password and i entered the password. I still remember the password and have recovery key aswell saved on my desktop. What went wrong: while enabling the bitlocker i got a small window which was loading (encrypting). I waited for 10 mins and canceled it bcoz it was loading slowly after i did that when i tried to open my hard disk drive (d) using the password that i entered while the configuration of bitlocker i got error saying " the request could not be performed because of an i/o device error" . Then i tried forgot password option using recovery key but it didn't help. I have all my data in that drive which is encrypted. So please help me to recover my data.

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Bitlocker Drive Encryption Error Tpm Was Located

When trying to start bitlocker drive encryption, i receive error message that tpm required but that no tpm was located? Recently i updated my computer (an hp pavilion dv6 notebook pc with bios: hp f. 04 09/10/2009) from windows 7 home premium (x64) (build 7600) to windows 7 ultimate (x64) (build 7600) on 12/10/09 with the intent of using the bitlocker drive encryption. However, when i try to run bitlocker, it tells me that a tpm is required but none was found. What do i need to do in order to take advantage of the bitlocker feature in windows 7 ultimate?

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Error - The Parameter Is Incorrect - Decrypt Bitlocker Encrypted Drive

While trying to unlock the encrypted partition getting error as the parameter is incorrect. I am using win7 ultimate, even tried to restore . But no result, it shows the volume as unlocked but not able to see the files and so on. Please giv me a solution. All my softwares are there with that drive.

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Problem Configuring Bitlocker Drive Encryption With Piv Card

I am trying to use the piv card for bitlocker drive encryption. The smart card has an encryption certificate and authentication certificate. I get an error message that "a certificate suitable for bitlocker cannot be found on your smart card". My encryption certificate has no enhanced key usage field and the key usage attribute is set to key encipherment. As per the microsoft documentation 10).aspxit should work, but it does not. Any ideas/suggestions?

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Re Enter Activation Key - Product Key Invalid

I've just purchased a new pc and now using the original software of windows 7. That operating system has been used before on my previous pc, but i took the hard drive and put it into my new pc slot which makes my previous pc left with no hard drive. I installed the software using the original copy and try to re-enter the activation key, but it does not work, what should i do? I though that it will work because i am still using my previous hard drive.

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