Parental Control Administrator Password

I have setup parental control for a user account (used by my kids), and activated only the time control options. When my son tries to start an online game, the system prompts him for the administrator password. Is there anyway to disable the prompting just for this game/program alone? I have already tried the following, trial and error, although i am not sure if it helps or i am doing it wrongly.

- Install the game using this user account, so that it has ownership to the folder and files.
- Edit the security settings of the startup file to give full control to this user account.

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How To Get Full Control Of Administrator Rights?

User accounts -how can i get full control of administrator rights? My son gave me a new laptop & the only thing that he had done on it was. I to fill in his user a/c (i am not sure if he had it as admin or standard use, i. T is an assus running windows 7 home premium 64 bit. The 1st thing that i did was to fill in my user a/c and put myself as administrator and then i deleted my sons a/c, i then deleted trend micro security that came with the laptop and loaded avg (as i had on my old laptop running xp), i then loaded firefox to enable me to get wot (web of trust) & then i deleted firefox as i did not want it as my web browser, i then downloaded drivers from hp to enable me to load my printer which i did through the cable & this worked, i then tried to load the software for the printer & at the end of the installation a box came up telling me that this software cannot be installed using the "run as" command & to logon as user with admin privileges (which i was already logged on as), i then tried to install an artwork programme which it did but when i tried to access it i was told that requested registry access is not allowed. After all this i really wished i stayed with xp anyway i started to search the microsoft forum for any answers & i got a lot about uac & i saw a posts answer recommending a download from itknowledge24 this being uac controller tool v1. 0, i downloaded it & the icon for it was put on my taskbar but this has now disappeared, i am not a newby on computers but neither am i a geek, there seems to be a lot of people with similar or the same things that i am experiencing, i just want to know how i can get full control of administrator rights on my computer to allow me to do what i want as i could do on my xp, incidentally i never ever got any infections or malware on my previous laptop.

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Forgotten Administrator Password

So couple hours ago i set a password on my administrator account and now i can not remove the password because it tells me its invalid. The account is still in desktop and i looked around microsoft support for help. I came across this link and think it's useful. (i'm thinking this also works with the windows 7 ultimate os).

The question i want to ask is what things will i lose once i reset the password. Would all my programs, files be deleted? Or only passwords?

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Problem: User Account Control - No Place To Enter The Password

While trying to load a game for my granddaughter i couldn't get autoplay to work so i switched to admin user and tried loading the program there but was unsuccessful. So i thought i'd go back and delete the admin acct. Which i did. I then tried to load the game again but couldn't. Now when i go to "add or manage user account" i get a uac window stating the following: to continue, type an administrator password, and then click yes". The problem is there is no administrator acct and no place in the window to enter a password. Yes is currently grayed out, no is available. How do i get rid of this request window. I deleted the administrator account while in the "safe" mode per some other questions in this forum.

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Problem With Re-creating Administrator Password

I removed my password of the administrator account before using the companion dvd of windows 7. I was supposed to do this before upgrading to windows 7 but i didn't know that. It wasn't my fault however, because i learned that i'm supposed to do this only after i read the instructions that appear when you launch the companion dvd; i didn't see this particular instruction when i launched the upgrade disc. The removal of the password is required because the computer needs to restart many times during the upgrade.

But i still removed my password because i thought that this would be required for the installation of the features of the companion dvd. And now when i try to use my old password by going to control panel -> user accounts and family safety -> add or remove user accounts -> administrator -> create a password, i get the following message: "if you do this, sally will lose all efs-encrypted files, personal certificates and stored passwords for web sites or network resources. To avoid losing data in the future, ask sally to make a password reset floppy disk. "

What do i do?

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Reset Password Without Administrator / Disk

I just got my new computer and powered it on. Windows asks for my passwords, and i enter them both (i am sure i entered the same password both times). Windows 7 boots up, goes through the set up. Then says there are a couple updates, to restart the computer. I restart the computer. Now when i try to log in, it says my username/password are incorrect and i can't reset it because i haven't even been able to set up an administrator account or a password reset disk. How do i fix this?

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Warning Message When Setting Password For Administrator

I want to set a password for my administrator account but there is a message that says "if u do this the user will lose all efs encryption files, personal certificates and stored passwords for websites or network resources". What is the meaning of this warning? Does this mean that i cannot set a password for my administrator account?

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Administrator Password Required To Delete Win 7 Old Files

When i attempt to delete the "old'files i receive a notice saying administrator authorization required. There is no option but either 'try again' same results or 'quit'. I have read a couple of items here on the subject but not on actually deleting the file. I need the space back on c drive. The files are also to large for the recycle bin. Do you have to delete a few hundred at a time. As i have been working on the laptop it seems like some of the files are still being used rather than they have become redundant, that so?

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User Account Control

I recently had a new hard drive installed on on my dell xps computer. Prior to having the new hard drive installed i had no problem with the vista home premium running in 64 bit mode. Since having the new hard drive installed i have had a number of issues, first whenever i try to download files from the internet it will not let me also i cannot view videos via ie8 "you tube, msnbc, etc). I have found that whenever i turnoff user account control (uac) everything works just fine.

Is there a way i can have uac turned on and still have everything work? Or do i really need uac turned on. My guess is that who ever reinstalled the system on my computer did something that makes them the primary account, although it shows that i am the only account and the administrator. I have tried correcting this issue via advanced tools in ie8 with no luck.

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Vista Looking Like Control Panel

Question: i like the flavor of win7ult; however, i also like vista's original control panel home. Everything is easy to find and not so confusing like the new win7 control panel. Is their a way to change this back to a vista looking feel?

2: how do i get rid of all the pesky window when trying to eject a simple usb stick from my pc? I you look at it, ms takes the user for a ride when trying to eject a device.confusing and not useful for users. Can you help, or do you have registery hack to make these changes permanent.

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Screen Color Control

I've used computers for some 30 years. I've just upgraded to win 7. I need to adjust on-screen and menu-bar colors, to fit with a high-contrast color scheme. I use a black application background and want to use white letters, in all applications. This minimizes eye strain.

When i select "white" for the "application text", i get also get "white" for the button text. As the buttons are a very pale gray, the white letters are unreadable. Is there a step-by-step procedure: (a) to change the color of the button top, so making white letters legible or (b) to de-link the button text from the application text, so that i can have white letters for use in applications, and, say, blue letters for button text?

Further, on the menu bars, the baseline colors are gray letters on a milky white background. For me, this is next to unreadable, especially as the icons are tiny.

Is there a way - on the menu bars - to have a black background, with white letters. If so, is there a step-by-step procedure, that you can share? I don't mind editing system files, but need to know - keystroke-by-keystroke - what needs to be changed in each file.

My high-contrast color set up mimics that of air traffic controllers' screens: the background is black. The symbols are colored. This allows controllers to stare at screens for hours, without getting eyestrain. The only illuminated pixels are those with information.

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Control Panel Tabs Are Gone

When i press ctrl + alt + delete, i go into my control panel. Yesterday, i did just click on a tab(you know, there are tabs, like process and everything) i clicked processes, and all my tabs are gone now i cant get them back. I only see a tab with services only, and it only shows that.

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Control Panel Program Locks Up

I purchased a new dell inspiron with windows 7 installed on it. Every time i go to the control panel the program locks up. I exit out and immediately go back to the control panel and everything is fine. Is there a fix for this frustrating issue? This issue has been there since the first day the computer was purchased.

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Could Not Go To Control Panel / Programs To Uninstall

After installing a few programs from a web site, i noticed that i could not go to control panel/programs to uninstall. I get a message that says windows has stopped working. I went to system tools/restore and picked a date/time before i installed the last program, and restored the system. It still fails on selecting control panel/programs. I went back further to the point i started first thing in the morning and restored again. Still cannot use control panel/programs. How can i get the control panel/programs function to work?. Can i just upgrade this program?

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Turn Off User Account Control

How do i turn off user account control popups for certain programs without turning it off for them all? I saw how you can turn it off for all programs but i only want it turned off for those i constantly run like spore and other games. So please don't tell me to:

To stop the prompt run regedit. Navigate to the registry key
Change the value of consentpromptbehavioradmin to 0 (zero) from 2.
Change the value of consentpromptbehavioruser to 0 (zero) from 1.

I did this but i want it to be turned on for other programs especially my e-mail and internet programs.

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User Account Control Issue

I am finding the user account control function to be a total pain in windows 7, because half my programs fall foul of it and half do not.

It seems that i have to either use two account profiles and switch in and out between them depending on which program i am going to use at that moment. Or switch off the user account control function completely.

Neither option seems to be a very satisfactory solution. Is there any way of telling it not to react to the same programs over and over again, but to react to programs that i have not flagged as 'safe' ?

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Window Size Control Issue

My flat screen tv which i also use as a computer monitor via hdmi runs slightly under-scanned and for various reasons i don't want to change that. This means that i don't have visual access to the top rhs and bottom rhs of maximized windows. This makes it difficult to reduce the size of maximized screens. I have had a good look through the help and haven't been able to find a fix.

I thought i was close when i found "windows logo key +shift+up arrow" and discovered that the undocumented "windows logo key + shift + down arrow" also worked . But if the window was maximized then "windows logo key + shift + down arrow" directly minimized the window and didn't reduce the size. Lso i find that if i right click at the top of a window i get a menu that includes a 'size' option but it doesn't seem to work on my stock standard win 7 x64 i5-661 computer using the intel on chip video (gigabyte h57 matx motherboard).

I get a 'move' icon but it doesn't seem to do anything. Everything else, including aero, seems to work. I haven't been able to find any help on this command. By the way it's difficult trying to search help about windows in windows. Is there any easy way to use the keyboard to reduce the size of, but not minimize, a window please? If not are there any other workarounds that spring to mind?

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Lost Java Control Panel

I've lost the ability to run youtube videos for some reason, i have, also, lost my java control panel in the windows control panel. I tried un-installing adobe flash player 10 active x and java 6 update 18, 32bit, even though i have a 64bit vista op sys, i tried the 64bit ver anyway but with no luck. I am running ie8 which i'm assuming is 32bit as it does not say 64bit. Also, when i go to  ie8/tools/internet options/advanced/settings  i see no reference to java at all. Even though java seemed to have installed ok. Any ideas on a remedy would be greatly appreciated.

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Removing Control Panel Icons

I would like to know the best way to remove icons from the control panel. I'm creating windows 7 image for my work place and i would like to remove these icons, so my users can't click on them. I assuming that microsoft hasn't came out with a good tweaking tools for windows 7. So, does anyone know how to remove icons in the control panel.

Windows anytime upgrade windows firewall windows defender parent controls remoteapp and desktop connections credential manager.

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User Accounts Control Mess

I seem to have created a mess in uac and i can't clean it up. When windows 7 opens up, i have buttons for two accounts, one is an admin account. That admin account is new, created yesterday. The other account was formerly my admin account, but i changed it to standard yesterday, and changed the name too. I did this because i have been having problems installing some hp utilities, and one possibility i read about was problems caused by using an apostrophe in an admin account's name, which i had inadvertently done. So i created a new admin account, changed the old one's name, and changed it to a standard account.

Here's the problem:  when i go into the users folder in explorer, the two accounts mentioned above are not listed, but other old ones are, including the old admin account with its old name. That name and another old account have padlocks on them. I'm assuming that can't be good, even though the only problem i've noticed so far is that i'm still not able to install the hp utilities. I'm willing to give up on them, but i'm afraid it's indicative of other problems down the road.

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Remote Control Of Media Center

I want to setup a windows media center station and like to control it remotely, preferably with a touch-screen device. Thought to use some slate or any other device with a 7 or 8" touch screen, e.g. The archos 9 (windows 7 starter) or the dell streaker (android), connected by wifi. I don't just want to control it via conventional 1 way remote control (error's up and down etc. ), But actually i would like to have the desktop of the media center on my touch screen device just as if i would sit in front of the pc.

Now i'm not sure if that works at all (some sort of terminal services), and if yes, which products i need an server as on terminal/client side. I've looked in the product comparisons, but couldn't find any details to those topics.

1. For the media pc (server), do i need windows seven starter, home, premium, ultimate? What about the 'n' versions (as seen on the swiss microsoft webpage).

2. The terminal or client, what kind of operating software is required for connecting to the server: starter, home, premium. ?

3. Is there a possibility to achieve the same with devices not running windows 7, tablets by additional plug-ins or applications (that would greatly enhance the scope of currently available products).

4. Or is there a bi-directional touchscreen remote control on the market doing just this that i haven't found yet on my internet research? (I know there's the logitec stuf, but that's just the usual one-way remote control, not what i'm looking for).

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Cannot Uninstall Programs With Control Panel

I am trying to remove several programs using control panel - add or remove programs. I receive the following error message -an error has occurred while trying to uninstall [name of the program]. It may have already been uninstalled. Windows then gives an option to remove the program from the directory. I did this hoping it would then remove the program itself, but no such luck. The program is still listed under start, all programs and runs properly when clicked on. Any help understanding why control panel thinks the program is uninstalled when it is not would be very helpful, as would a work-a-round.

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Sound Control Panel Not Responding

Windows 7 x64 sound control panel not responding (except for volume). Not working: change system sounds, manage audio devices, playback devices, recording devices. All the sudden my windows 7 sound controls stopped working. I have a asus p6t se motherboard running windows 7 x64. Here's what works:

Audio icon -> volume control options

Which shows the following sound devices:

- Speakers (hd audio device)
- Digital audio s/pdif (hd audio device)
- Digital audio s/pdif optical (hd audio device)
- Ati hdmi output (ati hd audio device)
- Headphones (hd audio device)

What doesn't work (they all produced nothing when clicked on):

Audio icon -> playback devices
Audio icon -> recording devices
Audio icon -> sounds
Control panel view by large icon -> sound icon

Control panel view by category -> change system sounds, manage audio devices

Anybody have any clue how to get these controls back and working?

I tried:-

* Un-installing the audio driver and reinstalling automatically

* Updating the audio driver from asus's web site

The weird thing is it was working last night (apr/16) when i changed the system sound to headphones. When i restarted the computer, the above symptoms appeared and the sound was stuck to my hdmi connected monitor instead of my 5. 1 speakers. When i tried to do a system restore to april 15th, the above symptoms is still there. Weird since it was working after the 15th.

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Error - 46 Could Not Find Or Load Activex Control

After installing itunes [yes, latest version, 9. 2 (32-bit) that is] when i try to start the program i receive the following error - "error 46: could not find or load activex control" os - windows 7 ultimate, 32 bit. Things i have tried: installed the latest version of itunes (9. 2 that is) - yes, 32-bit. No mistakes there. Oh, i did install it in so-called admin mode (right-click > run as admin thingy) it installs fine.

But when attempting to run (open) the program by double-clicking i receive the aforementioned error!Tried removing itunes using this windows installer cleanup utility and another similar program revo uninstaller and reinstalling itunes with admin privileges. No luck again! Error message continues to haunt. Tried it with a new admin user account. Heck! I receive the same error message.

Next up, i disabled my eset antivirus and outpost firewall pro and tried installing the program. It installs fine. But when i try to open - well well, no surprises there! Yes i continued receiving the aforementioned error yet again!I even tried this clean boot procedure next.

Disabled all 3rd party stuff etc. No luck again!Next i disabled uac settings (after a friend's recommendation), installed the program. It installs fine. But while opening, yes, you guessed it - it throws up this haunting error: "error 46: could not find or load activex control" what next?

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Mouse Control And Screen Flicker Problems

Windows 7 mouse control and screen flicker problems with microsoft applications such as word 2007, iexplorer 8, microsoft games (solitaire, freecell etc. ) I just upgraded from vista ultimate 64 to windows 7 ultimate 64 and microsoft applications that worked perfectly with vista are acting strange with win7.

I first noticed this issue while playing solitaire. It starts out ok, but after a short time, when i try to move cards around, i can select the card with my mouse, but i can't drag it. It won't move. When this happens, the solitaire window flashes or flickers once or twice and the solitaire icon in the taskbar is jumping sideways to the right and back again. This problem is documented in a thread on the games portion of this forum. Eventually i can move the card, but the problem happens over and over.

At first i thought it was just an issue with solitaire, but today when i was working on a word 2007 document i had very similar issues when i was trying to adjust indents by dragging the indent stops on the ruler. The same type of behavior occurred i.e. Screen flicker and could not drag the stop. I have the word shortcut pinned to the taskbar and it wasn't jumping sideways.

Similar problem trying to resize browser windows in explorer8. I can grab the window and start stretching, but the screen will flash and i drop the handle on the window. What i have tried so far is a clean boot, disabling start up programs and ending all but microsoft processes using msconfig. This didn't change a thing. I have the latest win7 ati video card driver (radeon hd 4890) and win7 mouse and keyboard drivers (microsoft wireless desktop elite). Batteries are good inthe mouse and keyboard. Any help with this would be appreciated. Any ideas?

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Control Panel / Devices And Printers Issue

My computer stopped accessing my laser printer after i shut off all power to my system when i went away for a weekend. The printer worked ok before that.

My inkjet printer is shown under printers on win 7's control panel/devices and printers page, but my laser printer is within a folder(?) Under devices (control panel/devices & printers/ken-office), and not under printers. Double-clicking on ken-office shows my motherboard manufacturer, gigabyte technologies, as the manufacturer of the ken-office device.

The inkjet has a usb connection, while the laser is on a parallel port (lpt3). The computer can access the inkjet, but the docs sent to the laser just stack up in the queue.

Thinking that i needed to install the laser again, i did so. Now i find that i have hp laserjet 4l and hp laserjet 4l (copy 1) both assigned to lpt3, and don't know how to delete one. It seems that dealing with this group of problems would be easier if the laser was out under printers instead of in the ken-office device.

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Ie8 Keyboard Latency In Activex Control

We have a customactive-x control which is not much more than a windows multiline text box wrapped upas a . Ocx that we use for text entry on an intranet application. On ie7 is works fine, and has for years, but on ie8 we get this annoying latency between typing in the text box and the text rendering. There are no keypress or onchange events handled by ie, although those events are exposed to the container, there's nothing connected to them in ie, just a text box to type into. Need a solution fairly soon since our users are all upgrading to ie8, and the .net rewrite of the app is months away.

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Control Panel Doesn't Show

I have just upgraded from vista to windows 7. When i try to open the control panel, the icon shows on the tool bar and right click shows the options within the control panel, but nothing actually opens up. If i click on one of the choices i see a box fleetingly flick across the screen , only to disappear off the screen to the right. If i use the toolbar icon to close that option, the missing screen flicks back from beyond the right of the screen to the tool bar icon. If i start in safe mode i can use the control panel without any problems, but not if i start normally.

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Lost Ati Control Center During Upgrade

I recently upgraded from vista to windows 7, and i deleted the windows. Old folder because it was taking up massive amounts of space. I thought i had gotten everything i needed out of it but i forgot the ati control center. In the detailed view of the control center i could tweak every little aspect of video, but now all i can do is select a resolution, there's no detailed graphics interface. I would love to have it back.

There was also a creative audio control panel that had 3d, bass, eax effects, and an equalizer that i would really enjoy having again. It was vital to getting the best sound out my 5. 1 hd sound system. Windows 7 is great so far, but without these third party applications, i don't have anything but basic control of my video and sound. What should i do?

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Blank Start Menu / Control Panel

My computer is acting weird lately and i had a really nice desktop with icons, and a background. Next day, i logged on to my computer and only the recycle bin was on my desktop and a black background i didn't change it. And when i go to start menu its all blank. Even control panels is blank. Everything is blank! And my youtube is not working i have full strength internet but its not playing is it part of this problem?

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