Stop The Prompting For Updates To Download

Windows update keeps prompting me to download and install ie8. I am happy with ie7 and would like to stop this harassment, especially now after reading some of the threads on ie8. I thought there was a way with xp to stop the prompting for updates you choose not to download, is this the case with vista?

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Laptop Restarts After Installing Updates Without Prompting

I just purchased a new laptop with windows 7. It has several times restarted after installing updates without prompting me first so i lose all my work. Vista used to warn me and let me postpone restarting my computer. Is something similar possible in windows 7? Thanks for any suggestions

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Stop Receiving Ms Updates Automatically

My computer is set to receive ms updates automatically. Recently, these do not seem to download & install like they used to ? I now have 4 downloads that keep not installing when i try to do it, why won't they install ? Even when i shut down, it says it's installing them but doesn't, they 'fail'

Kb 974561 word
Kb 973704 security update for office
Kb 973593 security update for excel
Kb 976416 info path (?)

I believe there is a way to do it manually but don't have the expertise.

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How To Stop / Disable Win 7 Updates ?

In windows 7, my outlook ceases to work every time the computer updates. I have tried reinstalling outlook, to no avail. So i disabled updates. Annoyingly, although the updates are completely disabled, my computer still updates frequently, and i now have to restore the system 2-3 times a week just to be able to use outlook. I would like to know if there is a way to really disable all updates in windows 7. Also, if anyone else experiences outlook failures with updates, is there any solution?

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Stop Automatic Updates For Uninstalled Software

How do i stop automatic updates for uninstalled software? Once upon a time, before i knew what net. Framework was, i downloaded it and have been using automatic updates to keep my system current. After discovering exactly what net. Framework was for i removed (uninstalled) it from my system. That process did not remove the automatic update for net. Framework from whatever stores my system update requirements.

I have been looking for something that may rescan my system to make it current, or for some other method of canceling the auto update feature for that application. I have updates set to notify for the time being and would prefer to reactivate it but don't want to download unneeded patches over and over. Running xp pro version 2002 with service pack3 and all updates applied.

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Unable To Download Updates

Using xp sp3 and ie7.

In order to download updates, i have to go to a different computer, download the update and copy them over to this computer.

When i go to the microsoft download/updates section and try to download anything, i get the message "internet explorer cannot display the web page".

So far, i have:
1) reset ie to manufacturer settings.
2) purged all temp files, browser history, etc etc
3) disabled all firewall apps
4) enabled pop ups

What else should i try?

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Updates Not Checked For Download

There are two updates ready for download, but they are not checked. These aren't optional updates. So far, i have only been downloading the checked ones. I have a windows vista home premium 64-bit computer. These are the two updates listed:

Kb977165 (security update for windows vista for x64-based systems)
Kb968389 (update for windows vista for 64-based systems).

I would like to know why these are listed, but not checked. Should they have been checked? As i mentioned, they are not optional updates.

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Technical Support Advised Not To Download Microsoft Updates

I am getting ready to do a complete reinstallation of the vista operating system for my hp pavillion. Hp technical support has advised me not to download any of the microsoft updates and service packs because it may interfere with the settings established by hp at the time of reinstallation. I have always downloaded such updates from microsoft. This is the first time i have been given advice on this kind. Does this make sense?

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Office Updates Will Not Install - Cannot Download Due To Regulation

Win 7 ultimate 64 bit. Office 2007 32 bit. All eight updates for office 2007 failed. The eight windows 7 updates installed fine. The failed updates give an error code 646. The windowsupdate. Log shows "can not download due to regulation". Also shows "update f4ede0d0-1dc7-488f-9290-1542fb99b30f is "priority" regulated and can not download. Sequence 3159 vs accept rate 1430. "

Office diagnostics shows no errors or problems with office installation. A laptop with same os and office installed the updates just fine, but it fails on my main desktop machine. Any suggestions?

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Problem: Cannot Stop "confirm File Download" Dialog From Appearing For Shockwave Flash Object

Problem: cannot stop "confirm file download" dialog from appearing for shockwave flash object. In internet explorer 8, if typing an embedded url from youtube into the address bar: (for example:

A popup appears "file download security warning" for shockwave flash object. Youtube is listed as a trusted site and all permissions i can find are granted to the maximum. Still cannot get rid of this annoying prompt. Ran windows update and microsoft fixit utility to no avail.

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Security Updates Stop Internet Explorer From Connecting To Internet

All ie7 security updates i install (cumulative or not) cause ie7 to not be able to connect to the internet. I have to uninstall the security update in order to connect to the internet. I have windows vista 64, ie7 and cable internet. I have checked for virus's several time using microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes antivirus and it always comes back clean. I am also running windows firewall and have put internet explorer on the exception list as well as turned it off to see if that was causing it from connecting and it did nothing. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.

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Non Stop Update

This morning i started my computer a hp laptop, running windows vista ultima 32 bit, once started it showed a windows automatic update notice. I clicked to start it as i always have, never had a problem before. It started the update, i went back to what i was doing, while it was working i was checking my email as i haven't been on my computer since saturday afternoon.

When i finished and the update was finished, i restarted it, where it went to "update configuring: stage 1 of 3". It will not complete "stage 3 of 3- 0% complete", where it hang up, then restarts to start the same thing all over again. But it starts at stage 3 of 3 and will not even get to the password section.

I've spent 5 hours trying everything i could think of, safe mode start, everything i try does the same thing once it restarts it goes directly to the update stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete again. I let it try this 20 times in a row once, checked internet connection with another computer, no problem. Will not go past the update 3 of 3. I guess stage 1 and 2 completed as it always starts with the stage 3 of 3 update.

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Explorer Stop When Copying Files

Windows explorer (and some parts of windows itself -_-) grinds to a stop when copying files from my computer's hard drive to an external hard drive. I am currently using windows 7 enterprise k (x86)

This is a problem i've been seeing from windows xp through windows 7. When i try to copy some files from my computer to my external hard drive windows explorer starts copying the file, then suddenly just stops.

I've seen a lot of programs crash on my computer, and i usually just press ctrl+shift+esc (sorry, i don't know what z‘—'¦¬z is called in english oss) and kill the process that crashed.

But when i try to kill explorer.exe:

1. It won't die. i.e. It's still in the process list, and i can still see the window that crashed
Even if i kill the mother explorer.exe (not just the one that shows me the window, the one that shows me the taskbar and desktop etc. ) The taskbar disappears, but when i start it up again the explorer.exe that crashed is still there.

2. It stays there forever. I've tried ignoring it all day long, and it's still there.

3. Windows becomes very buggy. After explorer.exe crashes, a lot more bugs that wern't there spring up, although i don't remember exactly what. I seem to remember that there were a lot more of those in windows xp than windows 7.

4. Windows doesn't even shutdown. I try pressing shutdown in the start-menu and it either takes forever to understand i wanted it to shutdown, or sometimes ignores me completely. I've also tried entering "shutdown /s" in cmd.exe and it does shutdown, only to get stuck on logging off.
Same with just pressing logging off, too.

And every time this happens, if i force-shutdown and try the same file again, it won't work that time either. Sometimes copying the file to the root of my external hard drive and moving it to the directory i originally wanted to copy it to works, but not always.

This is very, very irritating and i wish there was a way to fix it. I am also posting this question in the korean forum. Ps. I saw a answer to a similar question on the korean forum, and it told the questioner to update to vista sp1 or 2. I've been installing every update (except the optional ones) on my computer and i'm sure thats not the problem.

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Ventrilo Sound Will Stop Working

My sound will stop working. And not come back unless i restart the program the sound came from. Windows & home premium. This started happening about 10 hours ago. I am a gamer and i relay a lot on my sound. When i join a game or do anything that requires sound ie(youtube, ventrillo, games. ) My sound works for a whole 5 seconds then  cuts off.

Ventrillo will freeze up after i lose sound and all other games if i close and re-open them the same thing happens, it has sound for  seconds then nothing. I already tried updating my drivers and it is all up to date. I am running windows 7 home premium.

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Explorer Has Stop Working And Restarting

Every once in a while my windows explorer has stop working and restarting, whenever im putting a dvd or cd on the dvd drive and sometimes when i'm working with my folders.

I just upgraded from vista to windows 7.
I run chkdsk and sfc/scannow and found no problem.

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Programs Stop Working Until Reboot

Ever since i installed windows 7, i've had issues with programs running. Everything works fine until a certain point, where programs stop responding (such as steam and itunes). Also, i can't watch videos (such as youtube videos) or stream music without firefox or internet explorer freezing, causing me to restart the browser, avoiding videos and music in the process.

The only way to fix this issue is by restarting my laptop.
Even then, i don't know when this issue may arise again.
Sometimes, it affects me after a few days, sometimes within a few minutes.

Perhaps something is triggering it. I'm not sure what it is, though. Currently, i'm using windows 7 home premium. I upgraded from windows vista home premium. Is there any way to fix this issue? I would prefer not to do a clean install unless it is truly necessary.

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How To Stop Icons From Flashing On Taskbar?

So i installed window 7 ultimate the other day and whenever i have multiple windows open icons start flashing for no apparent reason. Is there a setting somewhere to turn off icon flashing? If not is there a registry fix?. I found info on another forum that was able to change the number of flashes from the registry. I tried deleting the registry that contained the number of flashes but that didn't help? Can you people help me out here?

I guess i need to clarify my post. Let me explain what i am talking about. When i am working on something like right now while in this forum in firefox i have windows media player open behind it and yahoo messenger behind that and my music folder open also. I have three lit up program icons (media, and my music folder) in my task bar for no reason.

I want to disable the flashing if possible. That is what i am trying to do. I don't think that the best solution is just to try not to keep the window for that applications or applications open. The flashing icons are annoying and obtrusive. None of these programs or folders need attention just because i switch to a different window. It's ridiculous.

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Upgrade Causes Print Spooler Stop

I recently updated my lenovo thinkpad t61 from windows vista to windows 7 ultimate. This upgrade caused my computer to stop being able to print. Previously, i was using an hp deskjet 5650 to print from my computer. Now, i can't even get a the print dialogue box to come up in word when i press ctl p. When i try to add a printer in the printers window, i get the error message "windows can't open add printer. The local print spooler service is not running.

Please restart the spooler or restart the machine. " My printer is supposed to be compatible with windows 7. I have tried downloading new drivers, i have started and restarted the print spooler many times (it always crashes the first time i try to print something, ) and i have gone through hp customer support. Hp told me that the problem was with the operating system, not the printer and that i should contact microsoft for support. What should i do?

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Audio Stop Working After Update

Yesterday i bought a sony vaio vpceb1eoe which came with windows 7 home premium. The speakers are realtek high definition audio. The audio was working fine when i first switched the laptop on and during set up. After i installed some windows updates, the audio decided to to stop working. I have tried troubleshooting, installing a driver manually, configuring settings and nothing has worked. During troubleshooting, the result is saying that the there is no problems with the audio even though there is no sound. I need a solution soon as possible please!

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Desktop Icons Stop Working

With windows 7 the desktop icons stop working after i close internet explorer.

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Compptcvui.exe Stop Windows To Turn Off Normally

I upgrade from vista 64 bits home premium to windows7 home premium 64 easely. But when i turn off my computer there's message "compptcvui.exe" stop windows to turn of normally. Force close program? When i was in vista i did one day , by mistake, the activation of finger recon. I'm in an acer 8930 environment. But i never use it because i do have any administrator in my computer. How can i disable this "finger "function?

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Bsod Stop - Tcpip.sys 0x000000d1

Bsod stop in tcpip.sys 0x000000d1 driver_irql_not_less_or_equal with intel proset/wireless drivers. I have a dell inspiron 1520. I upgraded from vista home to windows 7 ultimate. Since that i had already 3 or 4 bsod on tcpip.sys. Before the upgrade win7 detected 3 incompatibilities:

Skype 3. 8
Intel proset/wireless
Network monitor 3

I would have solved the problems but when i click ok the installation continued. After 7 hours to finish the upgrade (including downloading 1gb+), i was done ie8 was l sometimes crashing randomly. I partially solved the problem moving to firefox but when i forget i still have the problem now and then. Anyway, i need to fix the blue screen of death problems.

After the win7 upgrade, i upgrade the video drivers nvidea 8400gs, skype, network monitor 3 and the intel proset/wireless drivers. I think the problem is in the intel drivers becasue the bsod is on tcpip.sys. I downloaded the drivers here: through the automatic detection.

It now find:
Product detected  intel® wireless wifi link 4965agn 
Current intel® proset/wireless wifi connection utility installed  13. 1. 1. 0 

These are two logs that win7 showed me after reboot after 2 different bsod incidents:

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Usb Devices Stop Responding After Upgrade

After upgrade to windows 7 64 bit home premium, usb connected devices, particularly hard drives, stop responding shortly after start up. Includes iphone, ipod, hp personal media drives. I purchased a brand new hp pavilion e9140f running a amd phenom ii x4 925 chip that had vista 64 bit home premium installed. It was eligible for free upgrade to windows 7 64 bit home premium.

I followed all instructions for upgrade and it went fine, except that now any storage device connected via a usb stops responding during file transfers. This includes my hp personal media drive that is brand new, my iphone, my ipod, etc. The only thing working is the hp pocket media drive which slides into it's own slot. I've tried uninstalling all usb devices in device manager and rebooting. Same problem. So now i can't copy files or back up my pc to an external drive.

I can't transfer music to my ipod or iphone. Basically, my $2, 000 pc is useless. This appears to be a known issue with windows 7 but there's no fix. I have tried everything except reverting back to vista where all these problems didn't exist. My usb devices worked. So this is definitely something to do with windows 7 upgrade. Can anyone help me with this. After 4 hours on phone with hp, nothings been fixed. They can't figure it out.

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Dvd Drives Stop Appearing And Working

I installed windows 7 and now my dvd drives do not appear anywhere. I checked in device manager and see them there with a yellow triangle next to it. I'm all up to date on the drivers and they are compatible with windows 7 and there is an error. After installing windows 7 my dvd drives stop appearing and working.

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Stop: C0000135 The Program Can't Start

Stop: c0000135 the program can't start because %hs is missing. Try reinstalling the program. Does anyone know what this is? I've been experiencing other errors and blue screen like kernel debug, but now that i have installed a fresh copy of windows 7, tonight for the first time i experienced a problem, beginning with the screen freezing, then crtl+alt+delete wouldn't work at all, and it ended up with the blue screen saying: ''stop: c0000135 the program can't start because %hs is missing. Try reinstalling the program. . ''

I wonder whether the cause might be because i have installed the windows 7 from a copy cd, not from original windows 7 cd, or maybe i use some music softwares and maybe any of them might cause this.

Whatever the cause is, is there a way of fixing it, or shall i end up with formatting and installing again a fresh windows 7? If any of you would tell me to do a disk check, i have tried before to chkdsk but funnily, windows 7 sucked in it. It was going damn slow, never would end. It would take days or weeks. You can't even make a de-fragmentation with the windows 7's  own defrag program.

My computer has this performances:

Asus n90s
Intel core 2 duo 2. 0
Nvidia geforce gt220
4 gb ram memory
2x500 gb hard disk

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How To Stop Update From Taking Keyboard Focus ?

How to stop windows update from taking keyboard focus when it asks "do you want to restart now?" Windows update often wants to restart the computer after an update. If you say 'not now' (or ignore it?), It will later pop up a question 'restart now?' in a task bar bubble. Incredibly, it will at that moment take keyboard focus from whatever is going on and then accept whatever it gets as the user's response. That means if the user was in the middle of typing something, the next keystrokes will go into the "do you want to restart" bubble instead of whatever application the user was in the middle of using. That's very bad.

Here's what just happened to me. I was in the middle of typing a document when keyboard focus was suddenly taken by the restart question, a fraction of second later, at the next keystroke, it disappeared - i have no idea what keystroke it got. Fortunately i saw the flash and guessed what had happened and quickly pressed 'save' on my application. Seconds later, my application closed as the machine restarted.

I think the windows update bubble should not steal keyboard focus. I think it's dangerous and bad design. What's the best way to communicate this suggestion to the windows update team? Is there a setting to stop windows update from doing that? (Stop it from stealing keyboard focus)

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Powerpoint Program Stop Opening Properly

Windows updates causes powerpoint programs to stop opening properly by trying to use powerpoint viewer instead of my regular powerpoint 2007 program. This happens everytime windows updates. If i remove the updates then powerpoint 2007 opens properly without viewer trying to insert itself. But then when my computer updates again it starts all over.

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Stop 9f Driver Power State Failure

I frequently get stop 9f bug-checks after my system has been running for awhile and i attempt to put it to sleep or hibernate.

Below is the bug-check analysis:

Can anyone help with this?

Driver_power_state_failure (9f)
A driver is causing an inconsistent power state.
Arg1: 0000000000000003, a device object has been blocking an irp for too long a time
Arg2: fffffa80048ec060, physical device object of the stack
Arg3: fffff800045fd518, functional device object of the stack
Arg4: fffffa80043815f0, the blocked irp

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How Do I Stop Ie8 Saving Login Information?

Ie8 apparently automatically saves login details for saved sites without prompting the user if this is desired. The login details are saved and will be used if the original url is visited again so long as a t least one broswer windo has been open since the last visit.

For example
I log on to etrade and sign is with my userid

And password. I then open a second browser window after checking account details on the etrade window i close it leaving the msn window still open. If i start the etrade url again, even a few days later, i am not prompted for login info just directed straight into account status. This will happen as long as i have at least one browser window open.

As soon as i close all the browser windows the cache is apparently cleared as i am prompted for user id and password if i open the url again. If i log out of the site before closing the account window the cache is apparently flushed for that url, however most people, myself included, would believe that just closing the window is the equivalent of logging off.

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Back Button Causes Ie8 To Stop Working

I am running ie8 on w7 home premium 64-bit. When i am viewing a pdf web page in my browser and close the page or use the back button it causes ie8 to stop working. I have disabled my add-ons to see if that would fix the problem but it did not. I am not exactly sure when this problem started but i know it has been in the past 2 weeks because i just bought a new laptop less than a month ago. Anyone got any ideas on what the problem is and how i can fix it because it is getting annoying?

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